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Chapter 821

After thinking about it for a while, Dustin Zhou already had a plan in his heart, and he began to talk to everyone.

As Dustin Zhou said more and more, everyone’s expressions became more solemn.

Even if it’s Tiger Lord and the others, they have a face right now


They don’t think that people like them can absolutely suppress the people of the Xu family’s main line by force. If this is the case, it is naturally excellent to open up another battlefield and share the spirit and attention of the Xu family’s main line.

… Time passed by, and it took almost an hour before Dustin Zhou finished talking about the plan in his mind.

In this plan, whether it is Dustin Zhou, Tiger Lord, or Su Shiming and the Su family, they have their own clear status.

Dustin Zhou even arranged specific tasks for each.

The task is not difficult. As long as you do it, you will be able to complete it with a high probability. The key is determination and courage.

Dustin Zhou was not worried about the determination and courage of the Tigers.

Now that they have decided to get to know the main line of the Xu family, they will naturally spare no effort to suppress the main line of the Xu family in all aspects, so even if Dustin Zhou doesn’t say anything, they will try to do something to interfere with the main line of the Xu family. pulse.

Dustin Zhou was really worried about Su Shiming and the others.

After all, what is different from Dustin Zhou is that the Xu family has a big family and there are so many people in the family, which is particularly conspicuous.

Unlike Dustin Zhou, being alone, the only thing that needs attention around him, in the eyes of the Su family, there may be only one mother.

This situation gave Dustin Zhou a lot of room for change.

In the event of an accident or an uncontrollable factor, Dustin Zhou has a bigger retreat.

For the Su family, the plan mentioned by Dustin Zhou just now was not a difficult task, but it required great courage and determination.

Su Shiming couldn’t make up his mind for a while.

And the four major offerings couldn’t come up with ideas for a while.

They didn’t have the courage and determination to be desperate, and the great Su family came to take this risk.

Dustin Zhou naturally saw the contemplation and hesitation on the faces of several people.

To be honest, Dustin Zhou could understand the thoughts and hesitations of the Su family.

Putting himself in the situation, Dustin Zhou felt that if he were in the situation of the Su family, he would definitely have similar ideas and hesitate in his heart.

After all, even if Dustin Zhou said so much just now, the analysis of various aspects between the two sides even guaranteed that the force is not weaker than the Xu family, but who can say this kind of thing accurately.

Dustin Zhou laughed inwardly, knowing that he should give some of them a meditation pill.

“Everyone, I know you are very hesitant, thinking that my plan is very risky, and I Dustin Zhou is a lonely man, but there is a huge Su family behind you, so I hesitate, I can understand all of these.” Dustin Zhou said slowly. , With a faint smile on his face, as if hesitated to the Su family and didn’t care at all.

“But, everybody, this is a great opportunity, not just for the Su’s

The influence of the Xu family is even more due to the destruction of the Xu family. For your Su family, there are also endless benefits.

“As far as I know, among the first-class families in the East China Sea, the Sun family is the top level, and there are several families that are stronger than your Su family. After all, the status of your Su family in the first-class family , Not very high.

“And this time, it’s an opportunity to change the status of your Su family.

“I know you have doubts about my plan, and even think I am bragging.

“But what I want to tell you is that although my plan sounds extremely risky, the benefits are also huge.

“I think there is one thing that I still need to tell you.

“In addition to our three parties, President Asher Chen from the Mountain Mist Club will also support us. In addition, I am still a little bit thin in Hunan Province and can still get some support.

“Even though the Xu family is a hidden family, but it is not born all the year round, there is definitely no detailed information about the outside world, and these will become one of the many conditions for us to destroy the Xu family.

“… Dustin Zhou spoke slowly, and said one sentence from his mouth, as if he was talking about a common thing, very common, and things that happen almost every day. However, these words are for Su Shiming and for Su Shiming. As far as the four major consecrations are concerned, it is undoubtedly extremely impactful. Let alone the others, what risks and opportunities coexist. These do not need Dustin Zhou to explain, they can understand, otherwise, if there is no great opportunity, then they Why take such a big risk? What everyone in the Su family really cares about is the last few sentences of Dustin Zhou. In addition to these forces present here, Asher Chen from the Mountain Mist Club will also support it, and there will be people in Hunan… Su Shiming watched Dustin Zhou, a glimmer of light flashes in his eyes. Su Shiming is naturally clear about the relationship between Dustin Zhou and Asher Chen in the Mountain Mist Club. The previous time, Su Shiqin wanted to challenge his position as the Patriarch. Su Shiming asked Dustin Zhou to come. Help, at that time Asher Chen seemed to be behind Dustin Zhou. Moreover, Su Shiming suddenly thought of an incident, which he had selectively forgotten most of the time before. But now that I think about it, the shock in Su Shiming’s heart has become more intense. He still remembered that in the Su family’s small attic, Asher Chen calmly said that Dustin Zhou was his young master. Who was Asher Chen? He founded the Mountain Mist Club in the East China Sea for more than ten years, and became a first-class power overnight. The ability to destroy the family. Such a person seems to be the top group of people in the East China Sea. Even Su Shiming didn’t dare to take a big shot when he saw each other. But that’s how Asher Chen said

Call Dustin Zhou the young master.

So what exactly did Dustin Zhou come from?

Su Shiming has never heard of Asher Chen’s family background. In that case, where did Dustin Zhou come from?

Su Shiming knew that it was not the time to think about these issues by himself, but he just suddenly thought of this in his heart, and he couldn’t control himself immediately.

Because he discovered that he seemed to have discovered a very great secret, which is likely to affect the entire East China Sea in the future.

That is, Asher Chen and Dustin Zhou both come from a mysterious family.

And Asher Chen’s energy might not be a big deal in that family.

And Dustin Zhou does not show the mountains or the water, but that family


Coupled with Dustin Zhou’s understanding of the Xu family’s current situation, Su Shiming’s eyes on Dustin Zhou became brighter.

At this time, Su Shiming even guessed whether Dustin Zhou also came from a hidden family, a hidden family that did not deal with the Xu family.

Otherwise, there is no one in Donghai who knows the current situation of the Xu family so well. Why do you know?

Chapter 822

And no matter from that aspect, you Dustin Zhou shouldn’t have such an understanding.

In addition, Dustin Zhou’s inexplicably many martial masters came out around him.

And this eye-catching Tiger Lord.

Isn’t it true that Dustin Zhou’s hidden family came out to support Dustin Zhou?

The reason why Dustin Zhou said that he wanted to destroy the Xu family was simple. It was that Dustin Zhou’s hidden family had great hatred with the Xu family. He wanted to take advantage of the turbulent moment when the Xu family wanted to be born. The Xu family destroyed the Xu family.

And these, almost all make sense.

Su Shiming’s heart trembled. He tried his best to endure himself, not allowing himself to show more changes in his expression, and Dustin Zhou found some clues.

He felt that he had discovered the truth of the matter, and Dustin Zhou didn’t say it because he wanted to be surprised.

Thinking of this, Su Shiming suddenly relaxed a lot.

If his guess is true, Dustin Zhou is from a hidden family, then this time the plan against the Xu family has a great probability of success.

“Shiming, what do you think?” “Yes, Shiming, you are the head of the family, so you still have to make your own decision.” The three worship and the fourth worship were beside Su Shiming, whispered.

They were actually very excited about the plan Dustin Zhou just mentioned and wanted to try it.

But this Su Family Patriarch is Su Shiming after all, so he still has to make up his mind in the end, and their opinions and ideas can only provide a reference idea.

“Ah? Oh, I know.” “Dustin Zhou, our Su family agrees to your plan!” Su Shiming said seriously.

At this moment, the four great worships all trembled in their hearts. They knew that since Su Shiming had agreed, then once they followed this plan, there would be no way out.

If they fail in a head-on confrontation with the Xu family, the future of their Su family will be bleak.

Su Shiming said that he was decisive, and he seemed to agree with Dustin Zhou’s plan, and believed that this plan would be a success.

This determination made Dustin Zhou a little surprised.

He had prepared a set of excuses to make Su Shiming agree to this plan, but now it seems that Su Shiming still has determination and courage.

After all, even in Dustin Zhou’s view, it was not easy to make this decision.

“Very good!” But since Su Shiming did this

Dustin Zhou naturally wouldn’t question others about his decision. He just needed the Su family to have this determination. As for whether the Su family would have any other ideas, Dustin Zhou was not worried.

Even if the Su family had any other thoughts, after they confronted the Xu family head-on, these other thoughts would instantly disappear.

“If this is the case, then the plan between us has been formally finalized. After we go back, you can start preparing.” Dustin Zhou smiled and stood up.

And this also means that the discussion between them has ended.

After nearly an hour and a half of negotiations, the two sides finally made a plan.

“Okay, let’s go back and make preparations.” Su Shiming was also very excited.

Thinking of the surprised Sun Family and Ding Family’s gazes on the day when the Xu family was destroyed, he felt that he must do Dustin Zhou’s plan well and make it perfect, so that he could not give the Xu family a chance.

When it comes to force, the Su family will naturally not be the opponent of the Xu family in the hermit family.

However, Dustin Zhou and Hu Ye helped contain the Xu family’s force, so in other respects, Su Shiming did not think that the Su family was inferior to the Xu family.

Whoever is the one who will kill you, you have to fight with real swords and weapons to know.

Soon, Su Shiming took the four major offerings and left the Shenglong Pavilion directly.

Dustin Zhou did not leave with him for the first time, but sat quietly in the Shenglong Pavilion for a while.

“Dustin Zhou, are you really so sure? You know, your plan is very thrilling. If you make a mistake, the consequences will be disastrous!” Lord Tiger looked at Dustin Zhou and said in a deep voice that the goods arrived.

He had listened to Dustin Zhou’s plan just now, and there was always a huge doubt and shock in his heart.

But the Su family was still there just now, so he didn’t show it.

Now that the Su family has left, there are only two people in the Shenglong Pavilion, he and Dustin Zhou, who can naturally speak freely without any scruples.

Dustin Zhou’s plan is very good, and it has a very large operability.

But again, behind this very beautiful plan, there is a huge risk.

Once the Su family made a mistake while implementing the plan, the consequences would definitely not be borne by a small Su family.

“Don’t worry, I’m still at ease with the Su Family’s abilities. What’s more, this time, I am not unprepared for the success. The Su Family is just a pretense of attracting the Xu Family in front. I have not yet found the real success. , Don’t worry.” “But what we need to pay attention to now is how many martial masters the Xu family will send out this time. I estimate that this number should not be less than six. So after you go back, you have to remind Xu Wei and the others. With a sigh, let them always pay attention to the Xu family’s movements and don’t be negligent.” “Moreover, Xu You is still in the Brilliant Hotel

In the face, I think the Xu family will be able to detect this fact, so when the time comes, the Xu family will definitely go to the Brilliant Hotel to VIP. At that time, there is a good chance that you will reveal your identity. I think you should think about it. How to deal with it, I think the best way is to temporarily release Xu You and let him return to Xu’s house, or to go with the new Xu family this time.

“Xu You doesn’t know your identities, but just knows some general circumstances around me. When he meets the people of the Xu family, the information Xu You gets will definitely have a lot of interference with the Xu family. And this period of interference is the time we can use.

Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice, looking at Lord Tiger with a solemn expression. The identities of Lord Tiger and the others must be kept strictly confidential and cannot be revealed at all. Otherwise, let alone Lord Tiger and the others, everyone will have immeasurable consequences. Xu If the family is really frantically retaliated, even if they use some of the Xu family’s wealth to exchange something with other hidden families, Dustin Zhou and the others may not be able to support it. “I see.

“Hu Ye replied in a deep voice, and soon followed and left. Dustin Zhou walked out of Shenglong Pavilion, Niu Chuan and Zhou Feng also followed. And Manager Guo had been waiting outside the Shenglong Pavilion. “Mr. Zhou, you Do I need to meet the water boss?

“Manager Guo is a wonderful person. At least in Dustin Zhou’s opinion, it is true.” “It’s gone first, I still have things to work on, let’s go.”

Waved his hand, Dustin Zhou took Niu Chuan and Zhou Feng and left Avaria directly. When Dustin Zhou and the others walked away, Shui Bingyue in the general manager’s office on the third floor of Avaria took a long breath. He just stood there just now. By the window, I watched Dustin Zhou and the others disappear from the field of vision all the way. Regarding Dustin Zhou’s decision not to come to see her, Shui Bingyue was not dissatisfied.

Chapter 823

(1) Shui Bingyue I also know that the real opponent Dustin Zhou will face next is the Xu family. For such a huge hidden family, anyone must be cautious and very cautious when facing it. There can be no mistakes. So Dustin Zhou needs now. Concentrating and time to deal with the Xu family, Shui Bingyue naturally understands it. But soon, Shui Bingyue’s brows frowned. She was a little weak and felt that she could not help Dustin Zhou at all. The martial artist Zhou Feng, for Dustin Zhou’s help, is nothing but a drop in the bucket, and it is not very useful. However, if she wants to really help Dustin Zhou, she is not enough to rely on her own strength. At the moment, only ask for help. Home, it is possible to help Dustin Zhou more. But when I think of the current situation in Zhou’s family, Shui Bing

Yue’s heart was in a mess, extremely disgusted.

“Well, no matter what, a hidden family like the Xu family, even if the Zhou family meets, it is very difficult. Even if Dustin Zhou can get the support of the Xu family’s branch line, who knows what the Xu family’s branch line is. I still can’t rest assured.” I thought to myself that Shui Bingyue finally picked up the phone and dialed a phone that I hadn’t contacted for a long time.

“Dad…” Dustin Zhou didn’t know what Shui Bingyue was doing at this time, and didn’t want to know for the time being.

After returning to Lvjingwan City, he immediately began to make arrangements.

In the plan that Su Shiming and Hu Ye talked about, there are more requirements for the Su family, but this does not mean that Dustin Zhou does not need to do anything.

Thinking about it, now in the East China Sea, Asher Chen is the only one who can solve his urgent needs.

First, I contacted Asher Chen on the phone, expressing his idea of ​​going to the Mountain Mist Clubhouse today, and what he was going to discuss with him. Dustin Zhou packed up some materials and prepared to rush to the Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

At this time, Dustin Zhou didn’t know that the overseas community in the East had already been very lively.

Regarding the Su family, Dustin Zhou went to Avaria together and discussed the matter in Shenglong Pavilion for nearly an hour and a half, and all the major clans in the East China Sea had already learned about it.

Although everyone knows that Dustin Zhou and the Su family spent an hour and a half discussing things in the Shenglong Pavilion, but everyone does not know what Dustin Zhou and Su Shiming said in the Shenglong Pavilion.

Even if some families wanted to buy out the core members of the Su family, they were invited out by Dustin Zhou at the beginning, and even Su Wei was invited out, so no one would know what happened inside.

After Su Shiming and the Four Great Enshrines returned to the Su family with everyone, they never said what they and Dustin Zhou said in the Shenglong Pavilion.

So, although everyone was curious, they didn’t even know what happened.

It was the Su family and Dustin Zhou who drew a clear line and did not participate in the destruction plan.

Or Dustin Zhou knew that he was arrogant and wanted to change his mind. Ask the Su family to help testify.

Or, the two parties have actually reached an agreement in the Shenglong Pavilion to destroy the Xu family together.

…… All this, no one knows the truth.

“What on earth did they discuss, does anyone know?” “Who knows this, but I think that after Su Shiming and the others came out of the Shenglong Pavilion, they looked solemn and obviously had a bad atmosphere inside.” “Haha, maybe the Su family I don’t have the guts at all. Today I want Dustin Zhou to cancel the idea of ​​destroying the Xu family.” “Yes, but let’s see what follow-up actions Su Family and Dustin Zhou will have.” “In contrast, I think. Still Sun

The family and the Ding family want to know what happened between the Su family and Dustin Zhou.

“… People from many families and forces in the East China Sea, at this time, are all focused on the Su Family and Dustin Zhou, so that they are not so concerned about the birth of the Xu Family. After all, the Xu Family was born. , Has almost become a fact, even if they want to oppose, they can’t make any waves at all. Instead of that, it’s better to watch the excitement. Sun family. The principal of Sun Qiankun, convened many consecrations of the Sun family in the Sun family’s chamber. There are core members discussing matters. Sun Qiankun sat high on the main seat, and Sun Tian sat beside Sun Qiankun, sitting with a dreadful face, his face solemn. He did not expect that in such a short period of time, Dustin Zhou would set off such a big wave, which attracted the East China Sea. The attention of everyone from the big family forces. “Everyone, I called you here to tell you about the current emergency.

Sun Qiankun looked around with an indifferent expression. He had been advocating that the Sun Family should confront the Xu Family head-on. Even if the Sun Family would not be the opponent of the Xu Family, he must not just be so easy to subdue. They will be looked down upon. But now, if Dustin Zhou destroys the Xu family, Sun Qiankun thinks they might be able to use Dustin Zhou and them a little bit, let Dustin Zhou and the Xu family snipe clam, their grandson family behind, the fisherman has Li. The Sun family has a total of six martial arts grandmaster realm worship, all of them are the Sun family, they are all the elders of Sun Qiankun. At this moment, everyone in the Sun family looks at Sun Qiankun one by one, waiting for him to continue talking. “Dustin Zhou Discussing with the Su family in Avaria for an hour and a half, they just came out and left.

“For this one and a half hour, no one knows what they discussed in it, but our Sun family must not let go of this opportunity!”

“Sun Qiankun said coldly. “What chance, Second Uncle, if the Su Family and Dustin Zhou discussed about giving up the idea of ​​destroying the Xu Family, what shall we do?”

“Sun Tianning asked, his mind was a little confused at this moment, and he was a little upset at the big movement Dustin Zhou made, and he was very angry. The previous time, in the Shenglong Pavilion, he was sentenced by Dustin Zhou to “destroy the Xu family”. Shocked and unable to say anything, after returning to the Sun’s house, he also locked himself in the room for several days, always thinking about what kind of person Dustin Zhou was and why he dared to say how to destroy the Xu family. You know, even if it is better than their Sun family, they only dared to say the slogan of confronting the Xu family head-on, and did not have the idea and ability to destroy the Xu family. But Dustin Zhou, why did he say such a thing? Relying on the cooperation with the Su family? This is simply not possible! The Su family is not as good as the Sun family, even Zhou

If Yang and Su family cooperated, it was not Xu family’s opponent at all.

So now, knowing that the Su Family and Dustin Zhou were once again discussing matters in the Shenglong Pavilion for an hour and a half, Sun Tian knew the doubts he had always had, and perhaps he would have an answer.

“Hehe, they won’t give up. I don’t know Dustin Zhou, I don’t know what other arrangements he will have, but Su Shiming, I know too well.” Sun Qiankun smiled lightly.

“Others say that Su Shiming looked solemn when they left Avaria. They all thought that he had reached an agreement with Dustin Zhou and gave up the unrealistic idea of ​​destroying the Xu family.” “But, in my opinion, this is fundamental It’s that they have made up their minds to behave after the Xu family is destroyed!”

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