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Chapter 1175

Although Dustin Zhou showed an unyielding spirit, facing the crushing power of Heavenly Dao, the martial arts coalition still showed an expression of fear.

What can be unyielding?

Is it possible for them to win?

“Everyone, I know what you think in your heart.” Dustin Zhou was aware of everyone’s thoughts and said with his back to them, “but please listen to me, this battle is related to the life and death of all of us.” “I must win. Admit it, that bastard in the sky is a bit too strong.” “But what can be done? If we don’t struggle, we will undoubtedly die. Even our civilization will disappear with us and be buried in this place.” So what is there to be afraid of? We have no retreat, and there is nothing to lose.” Dustin Zhou said lightly, “Fight with the determination to die, even if you die, you have to give that guy one. A tough lesson, let the bastard understand that humans are not that easy to bully. Is there a problem?” Dustin Zhou’s remarks aroused the blood of many people.

Just ask, in life, who doesn’t care about anything?

Or few friends and relatives who care?

Heaven is going to destroy them now, if they give up now, they will

There is no doubt about death, there is no doubt about it.

But just like Dustin Zhou said, since no matter what, that way of heaven will destroy everything about himself.

Why don’t you struggle to death?

Even if he died, he still had to teach that guy a lesson!

Along with Dustin Zhou’s marching into the sky, the entire martial arts coalition army suddenly shouted and screamed!

“Kill!” Countless immortal masters rose into the sky, surrounding the incarnation of Heavenly Dao from a distance, while Dustin Zhou came straight to the incarnation of Heavenly Dao.

This is the combat plan they made at the beginning. The immortal divisions used long-range attacks, while Dustin Zhou held the incarnation of Heavenly Dao face to face.

When the long-range attacks and Dustin Zhou’s strength are exhausted, there are still tens of thousands of martial masters and martial emperors waiting to engage in close combat with the incarnation of Heaven.

Last stand!

Even if you die, you have to teach God a lesson!

They have no choice!

“God? Are you ready to welcome the anger of humans?” Dustin Zhou said with a grin, “I’m curious, you guys should be emotional, right?” “Do you know what anger feels like? “That’s really pleasant!” Dustin Zhou said softly.

The incarnation of Tiandao frowned slightly, obviously not understanding what Dustin Zhou meant to express.

“It is impossible for a mortal to be an opponent of God.” The incarnation of Heaven said, “You must convict your sins and make atonement to me.” “Shut up, you! No one should atone for your sins!” Dustin Zhou shouted, “The Emperor” The domain of the emperor, activate!” The only way to fight against the incarnation of Heaven is now the domain of the emperor.

Although Dustin Zhou’s Emperor’s Domain didn’t seem to have any effect on the incarnation of Tiandao.

But that was because Dustin Zhou’s strength was still too weak.

But this time is different.

Burn life, blood, sacrifice yourself!

Dustin Zhou directly gave everything, all used to concentrate on manipulating the Emperor’s Domain, and at this moment, his strength has become unprecedentedly powerful.

“God, have you ever knelt down?” Dustin Zhou said faintly, “Kneel me down!” The turbulent energy instantly swept the Tiandao avatar, and the Tiandao avatar was still expressionless, he even wanted to wave his hands casually to resolve Fall out of Dustin Zhou’s imperial domain.

But this time, he failed.

Unparalleled power condensed around him, forcibly wrapped and controlled him, the body of the incarnation of the heavens plummeted downward, and he could no longer float in the air, and quickly planted on the ground.

“Do it!” Dustin Zhou gave an order, and more than a hundred immortal masters floating in the air shot at the same time.

Countless energy attacks exploded on the body of the incarnation of Heavenly Dao, and Dustin Zhou also fell to the ground.

The incarnation of Tiandao fell to the ground on one knee. It could be seen that he was bearing a very heavy threat.


That was pressure from Dustin Zhou, but the long-range attacks of more than one hundred immortal masters did not seem to cause him any harm. Although the clothes and corners were a little messy, he was indeed unscathed.

“Mortals, you have caused great sins!” the incarnation of Heaven roared.

“It turns out that you will kneel down too. You are not invincible to love you, right?” Dustin Zhou said coldly.

“I don’t understand what you mean. Kneeling is just an action. Now this posture can make it easier for me to withstand your pressure. It doesn’t mean anything,” said the incarnation of Heaven. “But, dare to move to God, you , Are you ready to endure God’s anger?” “Aren’t we always preparing?” Dustin Zhou sneered.

In fact, now his self-confidence has recovered a lot.

Although Dustin Zhou also knew that he would not live long.

Can have the current results, that is the damage caused by burning his life.

But this also shows that the incarnation of Heaven is not invincible.

As long as the power burst out by burning his life is enough to confine all the rules he controls.

Maybe it can win.

This is the collision of two civilizations. If there is no sacrifice, it is impossible. Dustin Zhou is ready to sacrifice.

“Go to hell!” Dustin Zhou roared and rushed towards the incarnation of Heavenly Dao.

He wants to tear this guy apart!

“The Way of Heaven is imprisoned!” But at this moment, the incarnation of the Way of Heaven broke away from the comfort of Emperor Dustin Zhou’s domain.

Moreover, he imprisoned Dustin Zhou.

“Human civilization is really the origin of sin.” “Everyone is going to die!” The incarnation of Heaven said as he rose into the sky again.

And this time, he also controlled Dustin Zhou to fly.

“What I want to judge is only the sins of human civilization. I have never said that we will destroy the entire civilization of mankind.” “But now, since you dare to act against God, your sins are already unforgivable and you are ready to meet God. Get angry!” What kind of trouble is this?

He didn’t intend to destroy human civilization in the first place?

Everyone looked at each other.

“No matter, do it! Anyway, it’s too late to stop!” someone shouted.

All the fairy masters do it again.

But after countless energy attacks, the incarnation of Heavenly Dao walked out unscathed and came to Dustin Zhou.

“First of all, I want to judge the most sinful you.” “The emperor of mankind, you shouldn’t represent mankind.” As the incarnation of Heaven said, he ruthlessly used his arm to penetrate Dustin Zhou’s heart.

This time, Dustin Zhou’s injury could not be recovered.

His true energy was imprisoned, unable to repair his injuries, and he himself was in a state of burning life.

Dustin Zhou opened his eyes wide and gradually lost his look.

Thousand and one hundred

Chapter 1176

Dustin Zhou, who was already in a state of burning life, his vitality was fading all the time.

It is no longer a problem of repairing his injuries. The attack of the King of the Immortal Master only accelerated the passing of Dustin Zhou’s life, and he has no possibility of survival.

Dustin Zhou opened his eyes wide, and at this moment, the passage of time became slow.

He felt the passing of life in his body, and watched the colorful world in front of him turn black and white. He moved his mouth to say something, but in the end he didn’t say it.

Is this death?

It turns out that death is such a merciless thing.

The eyes of the incarnation of Tiandao were still cold, and he slowly retracted his arm, which was stained with Dustin Zhou’s blood.

Watching Dustin Zhou fall to the ground like a broken kite.

It was quiet all around.

Not long ago, the martial arts coalition, which was still enthusiastic, quieted down.

Even their spiritual pillars were killed by such an understatement.

Is it really possible to win?

It turned out that the incarnation of Heaven was not unable to defeat them, so he kept talking nonsense with them without killing them.

Heaven is only punishing their sins.

They were not guilty of death, and Tiandao let them go, but now, Tiandao has determined to kill them, and his life seems so fragile at this moment.

Even Dustin Zhou, the only emperor among mankind, was instantly killed!

“Why, how could it be like this…” someone muttered blankly.

“This is too outrageous, how should we fight this?” The martial arts coalition forces that had just aroused their fighting spirit, all their fighting spirit was wiped out at this moment.

Although Dustin Zhou told them very clearly, they are about to lose everything anyway, so they might as well let go and teach the incarnation of heaven a severe lesson.

But judging from the current situation, what lessons did they teach others?

It would be better to wait obediently for death.

In the face of absolute coercion, most of them will choose to give up.

Rather than struggle with pain, it is better to die happily.

What civilization, what interests, what revenge, what does it have to do with them?

After he died anyway, he no longer had any consciousness.

Once this kind of thought arises, it will be difficult for these people to have fighting spirit.

“Forget it, even the emperor is dead, what are we struggling with?” The first man dropped his weapon.

Soon everyone gave up. The entire martial arts coalition was like a silly wooden man, staring at the incarnation of the heaven, and no longer had the slightest idea of ​​resistance.

“Human civilization is a kind of filth, and it shouldn’t exist in the world!” At this moment, the incarnation of Heaven spoke again.

“Judge you in the name of God.” “Do you have any opinions?” No

People speak.

Because they are desperate.

In this desperate atmosphere, the incarnation of Tiandao stretched out a hand again.

“The Spear of Judgment!” The huge spears of energy gradually converged and formed.

The incarnation of Heaven raised his hand slightly, and the spear that shone with light turned towards the martial arts coalition and flew over.

The spear itself turned into countless small spears, stabbing more than one hundred fairy masters floating in the sky.

And the more than 10,000 martial arts coalition forces on the ground were hit by that huge trial spear.

The Spear of Judgment did not specifically target anyone, but exploded in the center of the martial arts coalition.

Energy swept all the martial arts coalition forces.

After a while, the smoke and dust dissipated, the martial arts coalition forces suddenly became crooked, and the battlefield was in a mess.

There may be people alive, but it is not much different from death.

Most of the martial arts coalition forces lost their lives in this fatal blow.

There was a weak cough in the battlefield. It was the last sound of a person who was still alive.

Enderia Shen survived, because before Dustin Zhou was dead, when the martial arts coalition had the will to fight, someone took her far away.

Because Enderia Shen was just an ordinary person, everyone knew that she had no fighting ability, so they sent a martial artist to take her out of the battlefield.

At this time, Enderia Shen was awakened by the explosion and woke up.

What is this place?

Vaguely, Enderia Shen remembered.

Because although he was in shock before, it was because the soul power was too weak, which made it impossible to wake up, but she could still sense the outside world.

She remembered everything. She left the Mingyang company and followed Ba Ye to the small world to accept that woman’s boarding.

Today Dustin Zhou came to rescue her, and an unprecedented battle began to break out.

Her heart suddenly became flustered.

In the end what happened?

How is the situation on the battlefield now?

Is Dustin Zhou still alive?

The location of the battlefield is not that far away from her, and the situation on the battlefield can be sensed here.

Enderia Shen began to gallop and ran towards the battlefield.

She wanted to take a look at Dustin Zhou and see how Dustin Zhou was going.

But there was an unclear premonition in her heart, as if she would never see Dustin Zhou if she didn’t run faster.

“You must catch up! Dustin Zhou! You must wait for me!” “You tried desperately to save me, but now I’m back, you must not die!” Enderia Shen thought like this, while desperate Rushed to the battlefield.

On the battlefield, the incarnation of Heaven looked indifferently at the martial arts coalition forces who were still alive.

“You are going against the sky, your sins are unforgivable, get ready to accept punishment!” “A**hole, we are not one

Are you always being punished?

What the hell is this guy talking nonsense?

“Someone said with a wry smile. But they just complained and didn’t resist. They even thought in their hearts, how good would they be if the destructive blow just killed themselves. They are ready to die, now I have to die a second time. It’s really funny enough. The incarnation of Tiandao stretched out his hand and shook it forward, “Heaven is imprisoned!

Those who were still alive were immediately caught by an invisible big hand, and then slowly floated into the air and came to the face of the incarnation of Heaven. “Judgement!

The incarnation of Tiandao spoke again, a spike of invisible strength burst from the bodies of the still alive martial arts coalition forces. The blood flowed out, and the people who were still alive opened their mouths and their eyes gradually lost their expression. After solving these problems, Tiandao. The avatar stretched out a finger and gestured downward, and the martial arts allied forces fell down one after another. At this point, the metaphysical civilization, the martial arts allied forces, and the whole army were destroyed! The battlefield was silent, only the distant Lord Shen Bi was still going here. She was running. She was out of breath, her running mouth was dry and her limbs were soft, but she still didn’t stop, and she didn’t even slow down. She always felt that she still had things to do that she hadn’t finished.

Chapter 1177

The incarnation of Heaven is suspended in the air, and his eyes are slightly low, like a statue floating in the air. What is he thinking? Does God have any thinking? The meaning of God’s existence is also What? No one knows. No one knows. After a while, Enderia Shen came to the battlefield, staring at the mess in front of him dumbfounded, and couldn’t believe what was happening in front of him. At this time, the incarnation of heaven opened up. With both eyes, looked at Enderia Shen. “Mortal, you shouldn’t have come here.

Enderia Shen looked up at him. She was very familiar with the young man in front of her. After all, she had suppressed the young man for a while. She also knew what this young man was, the incarnation of heaven, the only god. “You killed them all?”

“Enderia Shen asked. “If you have mastered the civilization that is against the sky, your sin is inexcusable.”

Said the incarnation of heaven. “Where is Dustin Zhou?”

Where is Dustin Zhou?

“Enderia Shen began to look around, “No, I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it, Dustin Zhou will die too!”

“She stumbled around in the crowd, but there are more than 10,000 martial arts coalition forces. When will she find it? She doesn’t know, but she knows that she must find Dustin Zhou. In any case, she will also see Dustin Zhou’s last look, even if it was a corpse. The incarnation of Heaven did not stop her, she just looked at it coldly. Time passed by, Enderia Shen’s

Both hands were broken, but she still did not stop looking.

“Dustin Zhou, where are you!” Enderia Shen cried out, crying while desperately continuing to search.

In fact, she probably already knew that Dustin Zhou was dead.

Heartbroken despair arose in her heart, and she was now like a machine that had lost consciousness.

Besides Dustin Zhou, is he really dead at this time?

It should be dead, right?

Dustin Zhou who died had indeed lost consciousness for a long, long time.

But I don’t know when he started, he has a little bit of perception.

“Am I still alive?” Dustin Zhou thought so, trying to move his fingers.

But he failed because he could not perceive the existence of his fingers!

He can’t feel the existence of his body at all!

What’s happening here?

Is it because I was injured too badly?

He opened his eyes. There were no eyes, but he did see things.

It is darkness, darkness is actually a perception.

He wanted to explore something, but his consciousness floated past.

Because he has no body, only perception.

In fact, to put it bluntly, he now looks at things like a third-person perspective.

His consciousness did not know how long it had been floating, and a bright light suddenly appeared in front of his eyes.

Dustin Zhou’s heart was overjoyed, and he quickly drifted towards that light.

Under the dim light, dense crowds lined up in the dark to fight, and in front of these crowds, there was a young man sitting cross-legged.

What’s the situation?

Who is this kid?

Is it such a big row of noodles?

It seems that this young man sitting cross-legged is like the boss of the crowd.

Dustin Zhou floated over curiously, and when he fixed his eyes, he was shocked.

That young man actually looks like himself!

“You’re back.” The young man said lightly.

What the hell?

Who is he talking to?

Dustin Zhou thought so.

“I am you, you are me, we are the only emperor.” The only emperor?

At this time, Dustin Zhou could be sure that this guy was talking to himself.

But what does this one emperor mean?

Since ancient times, there have been countless emperors of warriors, even the ultimate emperor, there have been several, what exactly does this one emperor mean?

But soon Dustin Zhou understood it, because that young man had told him all the secrets.

With human strength, no matter how you improve your realm and develop your strength, in fact, you can’t be the opponent of Heaven.

Dustin Zhou’s thinking is correct, because the two sides are not at the same level at all.

Only the civilization of mankind can be compared to the way of heaven.

But can all the martial arts people unite to represent the metaphysical civilization itself?

Do not,

This is not the case. There is only one person in the incarnation of the Tao of Heaven, so the incarnation of metaphysical civilization can only be one person.

This person is called emperor.

Only the emperor can match the way of heaven!

Since ancient times, two spiritual wisdoms have been born in heaven and earth.

The two spiritual wisdoms mastered their power and began to fight. The spiritual wisdom that won among them turned into a heavenly way, and was in charge of the operation of all laws.

However, the spiritual wisdom that lost did not completely fall. It was lodged in a group of intelligent creatures and recovered its power through the development of biological civilization. Therefore, civilization is to discover and master the rules of nature. process.

But at the same time, the power of Heavenly Dao is also incomplete. He has also suffered a lot of injuries and needs time to recover.

So when a civilization is just developing, there is no time to interfere with the way of heaven.

Only when civilization has developed to a certain level and has a certain ability to control the rules of nature, will Heavenly Dao awaken a part of its power and use it to destroy this civilization.

And now Dustin Zhou’s state is integrated into the body of human civilization.

“You are the only emperor, and you have a mission to bear the responsibility of the entire metaphysical civilization.” “From now on, you are my incarnation. All the creatures of metaphysical civilization will contribute to you.” Although it is a creature, in fact, , Only humans can master civilization.

These are the people in front of you.

These people are the people who died in all metaphysical civilizations from ancient times to the present, including the martial arts coalition that just died.

As soon as the voice of the metaphysical civilization’s incarnation fell, the silent people in front of them slowly raised their hands, and countless energies gathered towards the metaphysical civilization.

This is a rather long process, because the energy is too huge.

I don’t know how long it took, all the energy was absorbed, and the silent people fell one after another, turned into a dust, and dissipated in front of Dustin Zhou’s eyes.

And Dustin Zhou’s consciousness was also absorbed into the incarnation of metaphysical civilization at this moment.

The majestic energy filled the whole body, Dustin Zhou’s whole body was agitated, he quickly reacted, and he actually came back to life.

He was born again, and this time he was born again, completely different from the past.

It may not be too much to say that he is no longer Dustin Zhou.

On the battlefield, the incarnation of Tiandao was still floating in the air, watching Enderia Shen holding Dustin Zhou’s body crying bitterly.

Enderia Shen finally found Dustin Zhou’s corpse, without any vital signs.

But at this moment, Dustin Zhou suddenly opened his eyes and looked at the incarnation of the heavenly path in the sky with a chuckle, “Hey, God!”

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