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Chapter 938

The woman does seem to be in a hurry. Although she dislikes Dustin Zhou very much, she is still unwilling to wait for the next car. Although she chose to be the same as Dustin Zhou In a car, but she obviously blamed the driver and Dustin Zhou for this fault. “You two humble and inferior people, just wait for me!

“A stinky driver and a dead tramp dare to offend me. After arriving at the Brilliant Hotel, I want you to kneel down and apologize!”

“The woman said viciously. “This smelly tramp also went to the Brilliant Hotel?

What is he going there for?

Want food?

“My man is an internal member of the Brilliant Hotel. I tell you that after arriving at the Brilliant Hotel, none of you can escape!

Dustin Zhou was really stunned by this woman, and the more important reason was that Dustin Zhou discovered that the very enthusiastic driver suddenly

not talking anymore.

The driver’s eldest brother’s face was blue, and even the hands of the driver were shaking.

Obviously, he was scared by the woman.

The crash just now emphasized the power of the Brilliant Hotel. Don’t provoke the Brilliant Hotel easily.

Now, he personally violated this iron rule.

In order to help Dustin Zhou, he chose to provoke a woman who had a relationship in the Brilliant Hotel. Obviously, he was afraid.

Seeing this scene in front of him, Dustin Zhou finally couldn’t help it, and gave the woman a slap backhand.

“You, you stinky tramp dare to hit me!” the woman yelled in disbelief.

“Oh, I dare not.” Dustin Zhou said as he slapped another backhand.

“You, you still fight! Didn’t you say you dare not!” The woman was shocked.

Is this stinky beggar crazy?

How dare to do something to him?

When the key asked him, he still said he dare not?

“Yes, I mean I don’t dare.” Dustin Zhou slapped it again.

“Do you think I told the truth?” Dustin Zhou asked.

“Say, are you telling the truth?” The woman was a little dazed, covering her swollen face.

“You, you dare to lie to me!” She suddenly realized that Dustin Zhou was lying to her!

Dustin Zhou clearly said that he did not dare to hit her, but he never stopped!

“It’s not that I lied to you, but you are so stupid.” Dustin Zhou said silently.

He slapped the woman a few more times before he said boringly, “Are you stupid? I’ve already slapped you, so you still ask me if I dare.” “Then you asked. , I said I didn’t dare to chant, or else you would lose face even if you didn’t show up?” “Of course, this doesn’t stop me from continuing to beat you.” Dustin Zhou said lightly.

The woman wanted to explain something, but as soon as she spoke, Dustin Zhou slapped her, “Shut up, as long as you say a word, I will slap you!” Dustin Zhou threatened fiercely.

He didn’t want to listen to women’s nonsense.

It’s nothing more than some unnutritious threats. Dustin Zhou listened too much.

The woman did want to threaten Dustin Zhou, but after a few slaps, she was obviously more honest.

She can only accumulate all the grievances in her heart.

After thinking about waiting at the Brilliant Hotel, I must take revenge!

A thousand times and ten thousand times to return!

Her hatred for Dustin Zhou reached its extreme, and she had anticipated 10,000 ways to kill Dustin Zhou. Only in this way could the resentment in her heart dissipate.

Dustin Zhou can ignore her, as long as this woman shuts up, everything is easy to say.

At this time, the driver beside him calmed down a bit, and secretly gave Dustin Zhou a thumbs up.

Dustin Zhou smiled slightly, not paying attention.

The car is fast

He came to the door of Brilliant Hotel, and the woman in the car began to scream again.

Because she saw a large crowd of people standing in front of the door of No.1 Brilliant Hotel!

And one of them, her man, she saw at a glance.

“Haha, you are dead! Have you seen it, that’s my man!” The woman pointed to a man in black next to Lord Tiger.

Seeing this scene before him, the driver’s face became cold again.

And Dustin Zhou…Dustin Zhou is fine, still looks like a painful idle, and gave the woman another slap on the backhand.

“You, dare you hit me!” The woman was shocked.

This is all at the entrance of the Brilliant Hotel, this tramp dare to beat her!

“It’s okay, now you can talk,” Dustin Zhou said lazily, “I am not beating you because you gossiping, but because I simply want to play with you.” “Just say whatever you want, I If your hands are itchy, you will slap you twice.” “Hmph, I think you can still be proud of it for a few seconds!” The woman’s eyes flashed with resentment, then she put her head out of the car window and shouted to the crowd outside, “Dear Yes, I am here!” The man in black standing next to Lord Tiger saw the woman and immediately whispered a few words to Lord Tiger. After getting the head of Lord Tiger, he quickly ran towards the taxi. .

And the driver stepped on the brake with a green face.

It’s over, this time is really over. The driver thought so, and then looked at Dustin Zhou, “Brother, you run quickly, I didn’t do anything to her, they won’t do anything to me.” “Run, run,” Dustin Zhousheng I shrugged my shoulders, “Why do you think there are so many people standing here?” “Why? Aren’t they all here to beat us? That’s it, you can’t run if you want to run.” He came with us, but he didn’t come to beat us, but came to pick us up.” Dustin Zhou said pretentiously.

The driver was speechless, thinking that the realm of this tramp was different. He was dying and he didn’t forget to brag.

Really bragging is more important than fate!

And that woman also looked contemptuous. In addition to contempt, she was more excited because the man in black ran over!

“Dear you today… Your face is so big today…” The man in black looked at his woman hesitantly and said.

Why is this face two laps bigger than usual?

“My dear, it’s this guy, this guy bullied me in the car, and he beat my face like this!” The woman pointed to Dustin Zhou.

The man in black also looked at Dustin Zhou, his expression gloomy.

“Hey, hello.” Dustin Zhou greeted him with a smile.

“Boy, you are very bold, even my women dare to move, believe it or not, I hacked you to death!” The man in black is vicious


Obviously, he didn’t know Dustin Zhou.

“I don’t believe it,” Dustin Zhou shook his head simply, “You have come out so many people today, what’s the matter, won’t I delay your business if I cut it?” The black man’s face became stiff.

That’s right, so many people came out today, but they were all to welcome Dustin Zhou.

It stands to reason that Dustin Zhou should be coming soon at this time. If Dustin Zhou comes when he cuts someone, it would definitely be a very impolite behavior.

Lord Tiger is afraid that he will chop him off.

So he really didn’t dare to act on Dustin Zhou at this time.

But this does not mean that he has nothing to do with Dustin Zhou!

“Boy, get out of the car with me obediently, and when the matter is over, I will let you know why the flowers are so red!” “I can’t get down, let your boss come to pick me up.” Dustin Zhou said.

Chapter 939

The man in black does not want to act on Dustin Zhou at this time, but this does not mean that he has nothing to do with Dustin Zhou.

“Boy, do you think you can sit in the car without getting out of the car?” The man in black waved his hand to the back, and immediately two other men in black ran over. It was obvious that they were Want to drag Dustin Zhou off the car forcibly!

“Husband, please don’t let him go! This kid dares to do something to me, I must make him better than dead!” the woman yelled next to her again.

“By the way, the driver is not a good thing. I have to catch them both!” “Don’t worry, my wife, today they can’t escape even if they have their wings. I really thought I would take them while sitting in the car. They can’t help it.” The man in black said vowedly.

The driver on one side also felt a little speechless. He was surprised at Dustin Zhou’s big heart. This mentality is too good. The other side was standing densely with dozens of people, and he even dared to sit in the car and brag about it.

Moreover, the other party ran over to two men in black. Now, even if they want to stay in the car, they can’t do it.

The driver panicked.

But he still bite the bullet and sat with Dustin Zhou.

The two men in black were getting closer, finally came to the front of the car, and said to the first man in black, “Chong brother, what’s the matter?” Obviously, the woman’s husband is the first black man. Yiren is Chong brother.

It seems that under the hands of Master Tiger, he still has some status, and he can instruct several younger brothers.

“Drag me these two guys from the car!” Chong Ge pointed at Dustin Zhou and the driver and said.

The two men in black promised to do it directly.

“Hold on!” At this moment, Dustin Zhou spoke again.

There was a dangerous light in his eyes, “You guys, are you sure you want to ask me to get off the car in this way?” The man in black who originally planned to drag Dustin Zhou and the driver off the car by force, saw this

After this look, he became scared involuntarily.

What kind of look is that?

How could there be such a strong pressure?

Even if it is Tiger Lord, he has never given them such a strong pressure!

For a moment, they hesitated.

“My dear, what are you doing! Drag them down quickly!” The woman said again.

Brother Chong gritted his teeth. Although he realized that Dustin Zhou might not be an ordinary person, he couldn’t help thinking about the current situation.

“I want to drag them down and take them away!” Brother Chong said.

The other two men in black didn’t hesitate, and planned to do it directly.

At this moment, Lord Tiger, who had been watching not far away, came over.

“Achong, what’s the matter? What are you dealing with for so long, don’t you let Mr. Zhou come here to read a joke?” Tiger’s majestic voice sounded.

Brother Chong was taken aback and hurriedly said, “It’s nothing Tiger, just two small people who don’t open their eyes. I’ll take them aside to deal with it.” “You two, do it now!” Brother Chong gave another order.

The two men in black had no ink marks, and they opened the door directly to pull Dustin Zhou and the driver out of the car.

However, Dustin Zhou didn’t use them to drag him, instead he got out of the car and greeted Master Tiger.

“Master Tiger, it’s been a long time since I saw you.” “Did you greet me in this way?” Dustin Zhou asked with a slight smile on the corner of his mouth.

Hu Ye was a little confused.

What’s going on?

Why did Dustin Zhou get out of the car?

Didn’t you mean two little people who didn’t open their eyes?

Dustin Zhou is one of those little people who don’t open their eyes?

“Zhou, Mr. Zhou, what is going on?” Hu Ye could only ask with an awkward smile.

“What’s the matter? I should ask you this.” Dustin Zhou’s eyes instantly cold.

He was very disappointed with Lord Tiger.

Although the former Tiger Lord has provided him with a lot of help.

Dustin Zhou is also a person who knows his gratitude. He has a very good impression of Lord Tiger, and he plans to strengthen the cooperation between the two sides.

But he suddenly discovered that he and Lord Tiger might not be the same passer-by at all.

First of all, Tiger Lord used to have an underground background, and his hands can be said to be very dirty.

Dustin Zhou didn’t really care about this. People with an underground background can also be very righteous and have certain principles of behavior.

But Tiger’s team is obviously not like this.

The driver’s eldest brother said before that he had a little niece who was bullied at the Brilliant Hotel. When they went to seek justice, they were directly driven out by the Brilliant Hotel.

Also this time, this woman who bullied others didn’t have a certain reason. She bullied some ordinary people for no reason. It was because she had a background in a brilliant hotel!

Indulge your subordinates

Do whatever you want!

There is not a little rule of law, bullying the soft and fearing the hard, if the tiger’s subordinates are such a team, then Dustin Zhouke must carefully consider whether to continue cooperating with the tiger.

The so-called Tao is not conspiring.

Lord Tiger has helped him, so he can help Lord Tiger in the future.

However, it is absolutely impossible for both parties to work together.

If these things happened today, Lord Tiger doesn’t give him an explanation.

Obviously, Lord Tiger was also a little dumbfounded, he immediately looked at Brother Chong, “A Chong, what’s going on?” Lord Tiger asked with a gloomy look.

How could Dustin Zhou become a little person who doesn’t open his eyes in Brother Chong?

A Chong must give him an explanation about this!

But in fact, Brother Chong is also dumbfounded.

What a joke, if he knew that the tramp-like person in the car was Dustin Zhou, he would not dare to do such a thing to death!

So he looked at his woman.

Brother Chong’s woman looked at the circle of people around her, and finally looked at Dustin Zhou.

“What the hell are you talking about? This tramp, he hit me!” “I asked Brother Chong to avenge me. Is there anything wrong?” “Aren’t you the invincible glorious hotel in the East China Sea? Isn’t that a lesson? It’s just a tramp, why is it so troublesome?” “A Chong, can you do it!” The woman said with a look of contempt.

A Chong’s expression was a bit ugly, but Dustin Zhou clapped with interest.

“Interesting and interesting, the invincible glorious hotel in the East China Sea?” “Master Tiger, did you say that?” The tiger’s face turned dark, and he looked at A Chong, “A Chong, who taught you this?” A Chong gave his woman a slap on his backhand, “Trash, who made you nonsense!” “From now on, we will break up! How far can you go to me!” A Chong said with an angry face.

The woman who secretly scolded herself is a trash, can’t you see the current situation?

Still talking nonsense there!

The woman was stupid by this slap.

She couldn’t accept it. Just now, she was slapped a dozen or so slapped by a tramp, and now she was beaten again!

Chapter 940

The key is that the person who beat her this time was her patron!

The reason why women develop the habit of bullying the weak and taking a bite of a lowly inferior person is obviously inseparable from Brother Chong.

Because Chong brother supported her, she was able to do whatever she wanted.

But today, her backing seems to be useless.

Obviously the other party is just a tramp!

And her brother Chong unexpectedly slapped her for this tramp!

Also break up with her!

The woman yelled frantically, “Achong, are you going to break up with me just for this tramp? Don’t regret it!” “Look

Get up, you have nothing to do with Brilliant Hotel!

” “To shut up!

When A Chong heard this, he was immediately furious. “A Chong, you must give me an account of this matter.”

“Master Tiger said too. A Chong nodded hurriedly, and then someone dragged the woman down. Now this woman, it’s not that easy to get out. “Master Tiger, Mr. Zhou,” A Chong turned and charged. The two said, “Don’t worry, this time the thing is that my prodigal lady has no eyes, and I will definitely give you an explanation afterwards.

“Hu Ye looked at Dustin Zhou, “Mr. Zhou, I made you laugh.”

“But this matter is just a small episode, let’s not take it to heart, don’t let some flies disturb the mood.

“The Tiger Lord is of course hurried to say something nice. He wants to discuss with Dustin Zhou, but he faces a behemoth like the Xu family leader together! In other words, the things they discuss may change the pattern of the entire Donghai City, and the amount involved can reach. Hundreds and hundreds of billions! In the face of such a major event, the woman just now was really small like a piece of sand. In order to continue to cooperate with Dustin Zhou, even if the woman asked A Chong to kill her, it would be the tiger’s mouth. It’s definitely not because of that little thing that will affect major events! At least, Master Tiger thinks so. But Dustin Zhou doesn’t think so. He squinted his eyes and looked at Master Tiger and A Chong. “Small things?

Dustin Zhou asked. Master Tiger was taken aback for a moment, and he noticed something wrong in Dustin Zhou’s tone. “Mr. Zhou, what do you mean?”

“With the friendship between the two of us, is it possible that we can still hurt our feelings for this matter?”

“Hu Ye asked. “Could it be that you have to stop what we will discuss next for this matter?”

“The Tiger Lord looked incredulous. What are you kidding? Before discussing the whole East China Sea situation, how can we terminate cooperation just because of such a stupid woman? It’s like the two sides have to negotiate a big deal of hundreds of billions. , And after this transaction is negotiated, there will be tens of billions of profits for both parties. However, after one party went to the company and found that the company’s air-conditioning temperature was not 23 degrees but 22 degrees, they demanded to terminate the contract! Is there such an outrageous reason? Hu Ye couldn’t believe it. But Dustin Zhou was very serious. He opened the door of the taxi and invited the driver out of the car. Pointing to the driver, he said, “It may be a trivial matter from your point of view, but In my opinion, this matter is not small at all!

Dustin Zhou looked at A Chong again, “You have to drag the two of us away indiscriminately for that woman.

“This ran into me today. If there is no me, will he be dragged by you?”


“A Chong couldn’t say a word when asked by Dustin Zhou, because he really planned it that way. Lord Tiger’s expression was a bit solemn, he looked at the taxi driver and asked, “This is?

“This is my eldest brother!”

“Dustin Zhou said loudly. A word, shocked the audience! Dustin Zhou’s eldest brother! Everyone present knows what status Dustin Zhou is. That was the elder who killed their family, and they have to catch up with the existence of cooperating with Dustin Zhou. What kind of existence is Dustin Zhou’s eldest brother? Everyone wondered, it seems that A Chong really got into a big disaster this time. As for the driver himself, he was completely stupid. He couldn’t even think of killing him. Dustin Zhou is not bragging at all! He always thought Dustin Zhou was a tramp! He even thought that Dustin Zhou was going to ride in his overlord car and had no money to pay for the fare! But what’s the situation now? Among the dozens of people, everyone respected Dustin Zhou! At this moment, the driver felt that his three views had been subverted. “It turned out to be Brother Zhou.

“Hu Ye said to the driver in awe. “No, no, I’m not a big brother Zhou.

“The driver said with trepidation. “Mr. Zhou, I will definitely give you an explanation about what the matter is like. But now, it is not good for so many of us to stand here. Please move inside and talk about it. .

“Hu Ye looked at Dustin Zhou again. Dustin Zhou also nodded. He did want an explanation, but he didn’t have to embarrass him about such trivial matters. The group of people entered the Brilliant Hotel in a mighty manner, and the driver was there. On one side it feels like a dream. The Brilliant Hotel, that was his unattainable dream. In his dreams, he wanted to spend one time here, and he wanted to be a master, so that the entire Brilliant Hotel would treat him respectfully. . But he also knows how humble his identity is. Don’t say that the consumption here is respected by the people inside. His little niece is bullied by the people inside, and he has no place to reason and can only break it. He swallowed his teeth in his stomach. But now, his dream has really come true! Don’t talk about the staff and younger brothers of the Brilliant Grand Hotel, the one who is following him now is the deity of Lord Tiger! Because he has been in contact with Brilliant Grand Hotel, so the driver also knows that the real helm of the Brilliant Hotel is Tiger Lord, and it is also the legendary backer of Brilliant Hotel. Once Tiger Lord, he was a big man that the driver could not even think of. But now, that Tiger Lord, Followed behind him in a respectful posture! The driver couldn’t help but slap himself twice to confirm whether he was dreaming. He couldn’t help but pinch himself.

, It hurts, it looks real.

And it was Dustin Zhou who brought him all his dreams today!

He carefully looked at Dustin Zhou on one side, full of curiosity.

What kind of man is this?

Obviously he is a tramp, but it can make so many people respect him.

Now if Dustin Zhou is an ordinary person, then he is a fool.

The group went directly to the top floor of the Brilliant Hotel, and sat down in Hu Ye’s own private box.

For the driver, it was the first time for him to come to such a luxurious place, and he couldn’t help thinking about how much he would cost at least once again.

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