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Chapter 1145

“Tiger of the East China Sea, I allow you to be arrogant now,” Patriarch Xuanyuan said, “but corresponding to your current arrogance, it is the price you will pay for a while!” “The last time dozens of martial masters failed to give you Is the lesson right? Okay, I admit it.” “And you see this time, our number is smaller than that of the previous generation.” “But do you know what we are all? The patriarch of the family and the emperor of the three warriors!” “East Sea Tiger, don’t think that our number is small this time, you have to be careless, are you sure you still have to fight us?” Patriarch Xuanyuan said coldly, still in his tone. Show off with a little bit.

With their lineup, they can scare Lord Tiger to death!

Donghai Tiger Lord?

Has he seen what the Emperor of Warrior looks like?

And this time, they dispatched three emperors of warriors in one breath!

But then Zhou Feng interrupted him, “Hey, don’t take me! It has nothing to do with me!” Zhou Feng said to Patriarch Xuanyuan very dissatisfied, and then looked at Lord Tiger, “Hey Lord Tiger , Long time no see, I’m with you.” After living in Donghai for a week, Zhou Feng and Hu Ye are also very familiar.

Naturally, Lord Tiger responded with a kind smile, “Xiao Feng, it’s really been a long time.” During the conversation between the two, Patriarch Xuanyuan’s face twitched.

How can I still see my family tear down the stage?

But he didn’t dare to teach Zhou Feng, so he said to Lord Tiger, “Hmph, don’t think you know

Zhou Shizi can escape, Donghai Tiger, I kindly remind you that it is too late to kneel down and kowtow!

“The efficiency of big people’s work is high. Everyone doesn’t talk too much nonsense. Their purpose here is to find things and break up the Zhou clique. There is no need to rectify those vain things, just need to be in the momentum. Suppress it and see if you can defeat a soldier without a fight, and then you can do it directly. But, how can this be possible with a soldier without a fight? Hu Ye also sneered, “Oh, it’s really scary. , It turned out that the patriarchs of the four major families gathered to visit our company. That really made our company a little flattered!

“That’s the case, because your status is too noble, our company really can’t offer anything worthy of your status to entertain, just ask you to have a closed door.

“f*ck off, before we rush you!”

“This is the collapse of the talk. Both parties are unwilling to make concessions. Even if they speak more harshly, there is no need to continue. The atmosphere in the hall suddenly becomes tense. At this time, Zhou Hengtian said, “Okay. Now that everyone knows each other’s bottom line, there is no need to waste time.

“Lord Donghai Tiger, you are not qualified to sit here and talk to us, but since you are sitting here, it proves that you should have some confidence.”

“Call out your confidence, or we will do it here.”

“Our lineup is the emperor of three warriors.

Zhou Hengtian said faintly, there is a kind of overbearing in his words. It is worthy of being the head of the Zhou family, the head of the four big families. Tiger Lord also took a look at him, thinking that this guy is Mr. Zhou’s father. But it doesn’t look as handsome as Mr. Zhou at all. “Well, since Patriarch Zhou said so, then I can only have a showdown.

“The three emperors of warriors are indeed very big cards. As for my confidence, you must have guessed it.”

“Mr. Zhou, someone called you.

“Master Tiger yelled behind him. Nothing happened. But Master Tiger was not embarrassed either, he just stared at Zhou Hengtian and the others with a smile. Zhou Hengtian and the others also stared behind Tiger Master a little nervously. Dustin Zhou is one after all. Although the emperor of warrior is only one person, the emperor of warrior is definitely not a tolerant existence no matter where he goes. However, no one appears behind the tiger master. “Huh, it shouldn’t be a fool!

Patriarch Xuanyuan spoke again, “Yes, we know what the brat is.

“Isn’t that the abandoned son of the Zhou family?”

It seems to be a little talented, he has achieved the realm of the emperor of warriors, but in the final analysis, he

Only one person!

“I see, he just didn’t come today, let alone he didn’t come, even if he does, we can’t be afraid of him!”

“We have three emperors of warriors here!”

Patriarch Xuanyuan said in a brash manner. But Lord Tiger still smiled without any reaction. At this moment, someone patted Patriarch Xuanyuan on the shoulder, and then a voice rang from behind him, “Old man, you can eat rice indiscriminately.” , But you can’t talk nonsense!

” “I thank!

What the hell!

Patriarch Xuanyuan was taken aback, and turned around in a hurry, and then it was as if he had seen a ghost. Dustin Zhou actually appeared behind him! And I don’t know when, even the three martial emperors, It’s also a blank look! “What is a little talent? If you have the ability, you can also become an emperor of warriors. Come and see, I have only practiced for less than three years.

“Dustin Zhou said quietly, and walked over from their side to Tiger’s side. Tiger’s master was almost laughing crazy. Dustin Zhou played with this hand for too long, in fact, he has long been silently mixing. Entered the opponent’s team, and followed them together. But this group of people did not realize that there was one more person in the team! Now Dustin Zhou’s movement, the hearts of this group of people immediately hung up, and they looked suspiciously. Looking at Dustin Zhou’s back. It’s hard to imagine what scene would be like if Dustin Zhou had acted on them just now. And the most shocking thing is actually Zhou Hengtian. Is this his son? This growth rate is really far beyond It’s his imagination! Looking at Dustin Zhou’s back, it seems very ordinary, and even gives people a lazy, indifferent, completely out of state feeling. But if you feel it carefully, you can feel a sense of that back. Absolutely confident attitude. It is precisely because of absolute confidence that he will be lazily absent, which is a kind of mockery in itself. Has his son been so strong that he has come out of their ranks, but what None of them, and the whole person is still in a lazy state, all of this shows that Dustin Zhou has become strong to a certain extent, and has not put them in the eyes. But, how is it possible? Even if Dustin Zhou has become a martial artist The emperor, but they have three emperors of warriors here. Is this guy too arrogant? Zhou Feng on one side, looking at Dustin Zhou’s back with excitement. By the way, this is Brother Yang.

Chapter 1146

Almost exactly the same as the Yang brother in his memory, domineering, public, do whatever he wants but with absolute confidence. This is the man who can make him worship Zhou Feng! Dustin Zhoulai Go to Hu Ye and hit him

Only after a palm turned around, looked at Zhou Hengtian’s group of people, and said lazily, “I am the confidence of Lord Tiger.” “What moves do you have, just do it, I will follow it.” “Yang Yang Come on, brother! Fight this bunch of rubbish!” Zhou Feng couldn’t help but shouted.

The people present were full of black lines, eldest brother, if you want to shout, just stand over and shout, OK?

What do you mean by shouting here?

But at this time, everyone’s attention was basically no longer on Zhou Feng.

Dustin Zhou’s way of playing was so special that they still have lingering fears.

Zhou Hengtian stared at Dustin Zhou’s eyes, and said after a long while, “You should have guessed who I am?” “Don’t guess,” Dustin Zhou glanced at him, “I have investigated. Well, the famous Zhou Hengtian, Zhou Patriarch of the family.” “Biologically speaking, he can even be regarded as my father, oh yes, I also want to thank you for the 20 million start-up fund you gave me three years ago, otherwise I really may not have the current achievements. Dustin Zhou said with a smile, “Dare to ask Mr. Zhou, is my answer accurate?” When Dustin Zhou said the words father in biology, Zhou Hengtian’s pupils shrank severely. .

But he didn’t show any strange expressions.

But just like Dustin Zhou, he replied in a flat tone, “It can be said to be very accurate.” “In fact, there are some things, I still want to explain to you.” “But forget it now, you are sure, you have Can self-confidence be able to withstand the pressure of three martial emperors?” “Perhaps you should call out all the martial masters under your hand, or maybe you can help you hold a martial emperor.” Zhou Hengtian said.

Dustin Zhou smiled slightly, “Mr. Zhou, are you caring about me?” Zhou Hengtian’s face changed slightly, “You can understand it this way.” “If you are concerned, then this is unnecessary.” “Although let you The emperor of warrior can come and try. The doglegs between me and you are not a realm of nature.” To say that Dustin Zhou, who has just become the emperor of warrior, will be very strenuous against an emperor of warrior.

Even after comprehending the realm of the emperor, he could only sling one, and if two were together, Dustin Zhou would fall into a bitter battle.

Against the three emperors of warriors at the same time, he could directly escape or surrender.

Unfortunately, this is not what it used to be. Dustin Zhou is now the ultimate emperor, and the three emperors of warriors are not enough for him.

Even ordinary immortal masters would not take it seriously!

“Since you are so persistent, then I won’t say anything.” Zhou Hengtian agreed and stepped back.

The other three Patriarchs also took a step back. Accompanied by them were three martial artists.

The emperor of the emperor jumped out.

Only Zhou Feng, a stupid boy, neither backed nor moved forward. He stood still and shouted excitedly, “Brother Yang, come on! Brother Yang is invincible!” This guy made Dustin Zhou a little embarrassed.

“Let’s do it.” Zhou Hengtian said solemnly.

The three emperors of warriors set their positions, “Wind Emperor, Bai Zhantang!” “Lei Emperor, Lei Guangkun!” “Yu Emperor, Hailonggang!” They first declared their homes, and then looked at Dustin Zhou, “Boy, you are Where did you learn Kung Fu?” “You became the emperor of martial artists at such a young age. What is your name?” “So you all like to name yourself?” Dustin Zhou shook his head slowly, “It’s really boring. I don’t have anything like this.” “If you insist, you just call me the emperor.” “Kneel!” Dustin Zhou’s words suddenly changed!

And as his voice fell, the three menacing warrior emperors actually knelt down involuntarily!

The strength of their kneeling is not low, and the powerful action knocked out a big hole on the floor!

“This… isn’t it!” The people present were shocked.

No, what about a good fight?

What about the fierce battle?

What’s the matter if you kneel down for someone just now?

The patriarchs of the four major families suddenly felt as if they had eaten sh*t.

But in fact, the three warrior emperors who are kneeling are much more uncomfortable than them, and they don’t want to kneel!

The key body does not listen to it!

It is one thing to be embarrassed, their hearts are still secretly shocked, they have never encountered such a strong opponent before they have been the emperor of warriors for so many years.

“This, this is…the domain of the emperor!” Fenghuang said in a trembling tone.

None of the three of them can use the realm of the emperor, because generally using the existence of the realm of the emperor is equivalent to stepping into the realm of the immortal master with half of their foot. Such existence can be said to be rare.

Dustin Zhou actually did it.

“No, no, I’m afraid it’s not that simple. Even in the domain of the emperor, it is impossible to oppress the three of us, the emperor of warriors, to kneel at the same time!” Leihuang said with certainty.

The emperor of warrior who can use the realm of the emperor, although talented and strong, but to put it bluntly, he is just a move, and the person who uses this move is definitely the emperor of warrior.

In other words, although your talent is stronger and your strength is purer, to put it bluntly, everyone is the emperor of warriors and is of equal rank, so the gap will not be too big.

How could it be possible that the three emperors of warriors knelt down and couldn’t move as soon as they met each other?

“Xian, Xianshi!” The Yuhuang incident revealed a touch of horror.

If Dustin Zhou were a fairy teacher, they definitely had no chance of winning.


In fact, as far as the current situation is concerned, they have no chance of winning, but it is precisely because of this that the Emperor Yu concluded that Dustin Zhou must be a fairy teacher.

“How can this happen, shouldn’t the immortal master soar to the small world? Why can he still stay here?” Everyone in the four major families suddenly panicked.

Dustin Zhou turned out to be an immortal master, and now they are over. Even if all the forces and all the martial emperors are dispatched, they are definitely not Dustin Zhou’s opponent.

Even if the four major families unite, they can only be as vulnerable as a child in front of Dustin Zhou.

“But, he has only cultivated for three years, how could he be an immortal master? Does this enchanting talent really exist in this world?” Patriarch Xuanyuan still couldn’t believe it.

On the contrary, Zhou Hengtian’s eyes flickered when he looked at Dustin Zhou, as if thoughtful.

At this time Dustin Zhou spoke again, “I am not a fairy master.” “But it doesn’t seem to be important, what do you have to do?”

Chapter 1147

For Zhou’s family, Dustin Zhou can be said to have no good feelings.

If you insist, the Zhou family actually owes him nothing.

Even if he was born and left him aside regardless, Dustin Zhou would not resent them.

He is such a person, the ultimate pride in his heart.

His pride doesn’t allow himself to care about these little things, it’s nothing more than being abandoned. After the abandonment, the big deal is that the two sides will never interact with each other. It is fine that neither one owes each other, and there is no need to resent each other.

Even later, Zhou Hengtian secretly gave him 20 million, and Dustin Zhou was a little grateful.

This gratitude does not mean that he is about to follow the Zhou family desperately and completely sell his life to the Zhou family.

He plans to return 200 million to the Zhou family.

In this way, the two sides still owe nothing to each other.

But one thing is very important. The Zhou family must give their mother an explanation.

If this statement cannot be given, Dustin Zhou will not forgive the Zhou family.

So he opened a Zhou family group in the imperial capital. In fact, the purpose was to replace the Zhou family and force the Zhou family to come to the door and apologize to himself!

Are you not the head of the four major families in the imperial capital?

Then Master created a force larger than your Zhou family, and it is also called the Zhou Clique!

I see what kind of face you have left in the imperial capital!

This was Dustin Zhou’s original plan, but his father predicted that when the Zhou group was halfway open, when there was some limelight, the four major families would take the initiative to come to the door.

Just like now.

At this time, Dustin Zhou needed to act in person.

There is no need to make the Zhou Group to the extreme. Now Dustin Zhou can sling the four big families!

As long as you dare to show up, I will

Dare to make you regret it!

Dustin Zhou stared coldly at the lineup in front of him, “Let’s say, what else do you have?” “Let’s do it together.” “The patriarch of the four major families? The three emperors of warriors? Is it a good name?” If I leave you all here today, what changes will happen to the layout of the entire imperial capital?” Dustin Zhou’s voice was calm, and these words didn’t seem like a threat at all.

But the patriarch of the four major families secretly swallowed his saliva after listening.

Dustin Zhou really has the strength to keep them!

“No, no,” Patriarch Xuanyuan, the one who was the most arrogant before, was also the one to admit the fastest, “Well, that, Mr. Zhou, this time we are abrupt.” “Let us go, we promise , I will never trouble the Zhou Group again!” Patriarch Xuanyuan said hurriedly.

Just kidding and looking for trouble, they are struggling to save their lives now!

A hint of playfulness flashed on Dustin Zhou’s face, “Really? If this goes on, my Zhou Group will replace your four major families.” “The myth that you have dominated the imperial capital for a hundred years is about to end, you Can you be willing?” For the four big families, this is indeed an unacceptable thing.

But if you can’t accept it, you have to accept it too!

Now the situation is very obvious, not to mention that they only sent three emperors of warriors, and they have not tried their best. The four major families have joined forces, but there are ten emperors of warriors.

But even if they send out all ten warrior emperors, they will only end up being beaten.

In the face of absolute strength, what can they do if they are not reconciled?

This question, he has nothing to do with the four big families willingly or not!

Some problems can’t be solved by looking at their mood!

So Patriarch Xuanyuan gave a wry smile and said, “Mr. Zhou, you laughed, do you still have to consider our feelings about this kind of thing?” “You can play it with confidence, and our four big families will promise not to look for you again from now on. Trouble, how?” “Oh, that’s it.” Dustin Zhou nodded.

Then suddenly the conversation turned, “So that’s it, do you think you are quite great?” “It’s kind of generous? From now on, I won’t bother with the Zhou Group anymore. This is great for us. Isn’t it the favor of you?” “This…” Patriarch Xuanyuan couldn’t speak.

He knew that Dustin Zhou would not let him go so easily.

To put it bluntly, it was indeed because they took the lead in provoking Dustin Zhou.

Provoked the opponent, and then found that something was wrong, and immediately wanted to retreat?

There is no such good thing in the world, if there is, then every bad person can provoke unscrupulously.


As soon as you find that your opponent is stronger, you don’t have to bear any price if you recognize it immediately.

Where can I find such a good thing?

So the price must be paid, but Patriarch Xuanyuan really didn’t know what else he could bring out to satisfy Dustin Zhou.

The young man in front of him is an existence standing on top of the world!

The existence of the emperor of warriors!

Is there anything in this world that he can’t get?

The four big families are like a younger brother in front of him, what can they do to make up for Dustin Zhou?

Therefore, Patriarch Xuanyuan could only remain silent.

Dustin Zhou smiled faintly, “Okay, I’m actually not interested in you.” “I’ll talk about the punishment for you later. If you behave well, maybe I will forget it.” The four big families heard, The eyebrows were overjoyed.

This is really a big shot!

They treat their four major families so lightly, but they do not have the slightest dissatisfaction mentality, but feel that they have gotten a great deal.

Think Dustin Zhou is a favor to them.

“Thank you Mr. Zhou!” Headed by Patriarch Xuanyuan, the patriarchs of the other two families bowed to Dustin Zhou, bending over to show respect, “If Mr. Zhou has any instructions in the future, our four families will die!” Whether this is a polite remark is not certain, but Dustin Zhou didn’t care about it either.

He looked at Zhou Hengtian.

And Zhou Hengtian did not apologize to the patriarchs of the three major families just now, but stared at Dustin Zhou firmly.

“My only request today is to remove the Zhou family from now on. I hope to see the Zhou family disband, do you think it is appropriate?” Dustin Zhou asked lightly.

The patriarchs of the three major families were taken aback.

It turned out that this was Dustin Zhou’s goal.

Although Dustin Zhou let them go, he turned his attention to the Zhou family.

At this moment, the three of them suddenly hesitated.

The four big families are good alliances.

But there is a good saying, there are no absolute friends in this world, only eternal interests.

The reason why the four big families form an alliance is because they have similar interests.

But now it’s different, and Dustin Zhou is definitely a dead word.

Under such circumstances, why do they need to stand with the Zhou family?

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