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Chapter 710

And in the past six months, Dustin Zhou Chang Hao did very well when he was away from Enderia Shen. Not only did Mingyang make steady progress in Donghai’s sales, but it also added a lot of sales outlets. At present, Mingyang’s sales outlets, Almost all over Donghai City. However, this is the case. So far, the famous company in Putuo District has only nine sales stores. Okay, now there is only one. And Chang Hao’s words immediately attracted a lot of people’s attention. Concord. “Yes, Mr. Shen, Xu Fan doesn’t know this or that, he doesn’t deserve to continue to be the Director of the Department of Commerce.

“President Shen, let’s change people, otherwise, we will have a lot of difficulties in this crisis.”

“… Enderia Shen listened quietly, looked at Chang Hao, and saw that his eyes were clear, and he sighed slightly in his heart. Actually, for Xu Fan, Enderia Shen doesn’t have that much to blame. However, in this situation, everything is because of himself. Has not done a good job, and Chang Hao takes the lead

, Many other executives also echoed.

It seems that the dismissal of Xu Fan has become a certainty.

At this moment, Xu Fan’s face was pale, and he looked weakly at Enderia Shen.

From the moment Chang Hao spoke, Xu Fan knew that all his destiny was in the hands of Enderia Shen alone.

Enderia Shen is the president and the major shareholder of the company. Her words have absolute authority.

Even Chang Hao couldn’t fight against Enderia Shen.

However, Xu Fan was disappointed.

He did not see a trace of retention in Enderia Shen’s eyes, only the endless desertedness.

It seems that Enderia Shen doesn’t care about his stay or stay at all, and doesn’t care, as if he Xu Fan is in a well-known company.

“Xu Fan, you should rest for a while first.” Enderia Shen spoke slowly and finally dealt with Xu Fan.

In fact, although Enderia Shen only asked Xu Fan to go back and rest for a while, anyone with a discerning eye knows that this rest may be impossible to return for a lifetime.

And heard the result of Enderia Shen’s treatment.

Chang Hao, many executives nodded in satisfaction.

Xu Fan’s complexion was instantly pale, with his head down, he didn’t dare to speak at all.

And all this was seen by Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou frowned slightly, feeling that Enderia Shen’s handling of it at this time was not very good.

But he didn’t say anything.

On the one hand, Chang Hao first proposed this result, and Dustin Zhou still values ​​Chang Hao very much.

Before, Dustin Zhou also asked Asher Chen about Chang Hao, and Asher Chen also gave Chang Hao a very high evaluation.

On the other hand, since Enderia Shen has already said it, then Dustin Zhou will interrupt Enderia Shen and refute Enderia Shen’s words, and then Enderia Shen’s prestige will be greatly affected.

“Well, Xu Fan, you can go back first.” Enderia Shen said in a deep voice, and let Xu Fan leave the office and the company directly.

After all, next, everyone can discuss together what should be done next, and Xu Fan is obviously not suitable to continue listening.

Xu Fan stood up sullenly, looked at everyone, was silent, and left the office directly.

Xu Fan, who had left the company, stood on the square in front of the company’s gate and looked back at the company building. Finally, his face was no longer pale or worried.

On the contrary, Xu Fan’s face was full of gloom and ferociousness, and his eyes were full of hatred.

“This is all you forced me, don’t blame me!” Xu Fan left a cold sentence and left directly.

No one cares about where Xu Fan will go after leaving the company. Right now, everyone is in the office discussing countermeasures.

The opponent’s hand came too suddenly, and the speed is too fast


Even Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen only learned about the situation in these two days.

Not to mention, Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen also concealed many senior executives for several days.

Now that Enderia Shen suddenly heard this, everyone naturally needs a little time to think.

Enderia Shen didn’t persecute everyone, but just gave everyone some time to think.

However, no matter what, since we have gathered everyone here today, we must come up with a solution within today.

Otherwise, no one knows when the other party will take the last sales store.

…… Time has passed, all the executives are meditating, occasionally discussing one or two with each other.

Chang Hao frowned, feeling a little tricky in his heart.

The most important thing is that just listening to Enderia Shen’s words, he doesn’t know anything about the person behind the scenes.

It is said that knowing oneself and the enemy is only victorious in all battles.

But now, Chang Hao didn’t even know what the other party came from and what methods they used to win the eight stores, how could he think of a countermeasure in such a short time.

Chang Hao is like that, let alone other executives.

At this moment, everyone was blinded with two eyes, and they didn’t even know where to start.

“President Shen, we don’t have any information from the other party. If this is the case, there is no way to start.” Someone sighed, looking at Enderia Shen, very helpless.

“Yeah, now the enemy is in the dark, we are in the light, the situation is very unfavorable to us.” “But we don’t even have any information from the other party, what should we do?” “Yes, Mr. Shen, you say Come on, after all, we certainly don’t know as much as you.” … Everyone said one after another, their voices very low.

And this also makes the atmosphere of the office more heavier.

Enderia Shen looked at the dejection of everyone, and he was also anxious.

However, what everyone said is right. The current situation is that the enemy is in the dark and I am in the dark. They don’t know who the other party is, when they will act, and how they will act.

“I don’t know if there is any news from Zhou Zong?” And at this moment, Chang Hao suddenly spoke.

Everyone was shocked, and everyone still trusted Chang Hao’s abilities.

When I heard Chang Hao speak, I thought he had some ideas and maybe he could find a way to deal with it.

However, everyone didn’t expect that when Chang Hao opened his mouth, he actually asked Dustin Zhou directly.

Everyone was surprised and looked at Dustin Zhou.

Indeed, almost none of the people here are unaware of Dustin Zhou’s abilities.

Dustin Zhou was very mysterious in their minds.

In addition to being the company’s second largest shareholder and the person in charge of the whitening factor and the new plant project, Dustin Zhou seems to be in the East China Sea, and has considerable capabilities.

the amount.

Hearing Chang Hao talked about it, everyone suddenly realized.

Yes, maybe with Dustin Zhou’s ability, there is some news that everyone does not know.

Dustin Zhou looked at everyone’s eyes and was silent.

He was also a little surprised. He didn’t know if Chang Hao mentioned himself intentionally or accidentally, or he really thought he knew something that everyone didn’t know.

However, Dustin Zhou couldn’t tell why.

Chapter 711

The news that Dustin Zhou knew, Enderia Shen also knew.

And just now, Enderia Shen had already told everyone about the situation, and Dustin Zhou naturally had nothing to say.

However, Dustin Zhou’s silence, in the eyes of everyone, there is something wrong.

In the eyes of everyone, Dustin Zhou is not only a high-ranking person within Mingyang, but also with Enderia Shen all day long. Every word and deed can have a big impact on the company.

What’s more, you Dustin Zhou still has such a big influence in the East China Sea.

Regardless of this matter, Dustin Zhou should know some insider information.

But now everyone is waiting for your news from Dustin Zhou, but you are silent.

What does it mean?

Everyone’s eyes gradually became suspicious, and their dissatisfaction with Dustin Zhou gradually grew.

But because Dustin Zhou’s prestige within the company is a bit high, no one has dared to stand up and criticize him.

“Mr. Zhou, I believe you know some information. If you do, please tell us. Otherwise, we won’t have any way to guard against each other.” Chang Hao said in a deep voice, every word. Lead to Dustin Zhou.

It’s like, leaving Dustin Zhou’s message, the other party will soon take down the last sales store, and Mingyang will also go bankrupt.

For a time, everyone’s focus was on Dustin Zhou.

“What are you doing? Chang Hao, Dustin Zhou and I know the same thing, and I have already mentioned the situation just now, he doesn’t know other things.” Enderia Shen saw so many people looking at Dustin Zhou, the situation is very good for Dustin Zhou Not optimistic, suddenly a little dissatisfied, looked at Chang Hao, and said coldly.

She didn’t know why Chang Hao had to bring the topic to Dustin Zhou, but with her, Enderia Shen, she would definitely not let Dustin Zhou suffer the unsuspecting disaster.

What’s more, Dustin Zhou also said before that he has no other news, and Enderia Shen believes in Dustin Zhou.

“President Shen, I am only concerned about the company’s situation. The situation in Putuo District is already very critical. If we still don’t know any information about the other party, it will be very dangerous.” Chang Hao said righteously. Said.

“Yeah, Mr. Shen, the situation is so critical now, if anyone knows the news but does not say it, then we have no way to go.

To solve this problem, should we watch the last sales store in Putuo District fall into the hands of the enemy?

“That’s right, Mr. Shen, this time, Mr. Zhou is indeed a bit too much. He knows the inside story, but he doesn’t want to say it. Does he treat Mingyang as his home?

“… With Chang Hao’s lead, everyone seemed to be more courageous, and began to count against Dustin Zhou. Dustin Zhou calmly looked at everyone. Especially those who followed Chang Hao and focused all their attention on themselves. Dustin Zhou’s impression of them is very vague, and he immediately has a judgment in his heart. These people have joined the Mingyang company recently. Even, many of them have entered the Mingyang company within the last six months. As for the reason, Dustin Zhou can also understand. Enderia Shen recruited Chang Hao and asked him to be the vice president, which would naturally give him considerable authority. And it seems that it is within the right to appoint the heads of some departments. Dustin Zhou said to these people who just spoke about himself If the impression is not very deep, it means that they all joined the company recently, that is, Chang Changhao accepted their fate. In this case, they would be forgiven for following Chang Hao. However, Dustin Zhou is still in the dark. There was something wrong in it. Dustin Zhou respected Chang Hao from beginning to end. Even when Enderia Shen wanted to dig Chang Hao in, he was very in favor. It can be said that if Enderia Shen wanted to dig Chang Hao in the first place. Even if Dustin Zhou is a little unwilling, Enderia Shen will not continue to dig Chang Hao, and Chang Hao naturally can’t enter the Mingyang company, and can’t become the vice president of the Mingyang company. Therefore, Dustin Zhou thought to himself, between himself and Chang Hao, there has never been Any grievances, or even the number of times the two have seen each other, may not even be five times. “I really don’t know more information, but I have asked people to investigate. If there is a result, I will naturally tell everyone the first time. of.

“Dustin Zhou said coldly. Asher Chen has sent someone to investigate the other party’s people. Under normal circumstances, there should be results within a day. At the very least, some basic information of the other party will be checked. However, these are two things. The sky has passed, and there is still no trace of information there. There are two possibilities. One is that Asher Chen did not take this matter to heart, and the people who sent out to investigate did not work hard, so he didn’t even bother to investigate. Naturally There is no result. Another possibility is that the origin of the other party is mysterious and unpredictable. Even the people sent by Asher Chen can not find useful information for a while. In these two cases, Dustin Zhou naturally chose to believe in the second. Dustin Zhou After finishing speaking, ignore other people’s reactions.

He has put his own affairs in place, as for other reactions, to Dustin Zhou, they are not important at all.

Chang Hao’s face was normal, and he couldn’t comment on Dustin Zhou’s words. He just smiled slightly and nodded slightly, which meant he knew.

“However, before the exact news comes out, I have a simple plan here that allows us to deal with the sudden changes that may occur next.” Chang Hao mentioned gold-rimmed glasses and said with a light smile, his tone full of confidence.

And this sentence naturally made others look at him with admiration, and the gaze towards Chang Hao was more full of respect.

Everyone admires those who have the ability. When everyone has no good solutions, Chang Hao can already come up with a plan in such a short time, which is very powerful.

Even if this plan may be just a simple plan according to what Chang Hao said, it can also provide some guidance for everyone’s current work.

“Mr. Chang is still great.” “That’s right, follow Mr. Chang, you can’t make mistakes.” “Mr. Chang, don’t sell it, hurry up, time is waiting for no one.” … Everyone laughed. , The atmosphere in the whole office also eased a lot at once, and it was no longer as dull and depressing as before.

“Actually, this plan is really simple. Now the enemy is dark and I am blaming. This is a fact, but this is our disadvantage and our advantage.” Chang Hao looked around and saw everyone’s eyes converge. He nodded in satisfaction.

“The disadvantage is that our sales store in Putuo District has only the last one left, and we don’t know when the enemy will start working on this last sales store, maybe even when we have a meeting here, the last one. The sales shop has been taken down by the enemy.” “But again, our advantage is here!”

Chapter 712

Chang Hao said that he was full of confidence, as if everyone would be able to cope with the current crisis as long as they followed his plan.

And this time, it really aroused the interest of the executives.

“Zong Chang is really amazing, he deserves to be a top student who graduated from Ivy League University in the United States. This idea really came at one point.” “That’s not it? Otherwise, Mr. Shen will not specially invite Mr. Chang.” “Mr. Chang, you Don’t sell it anymore. Let’s talk quickly. We should do it as quickly as possible. We must strive to complete the deployment in front of the other party.” “Yes, Mr. Chang, what exactly is the advantage you are talking about?” … Looking at Chang Hao expectantly, just waiting for him to continue.

After all, some of Chang Hao’s analysis before, it can be said that every word is on the point, and it is also in the hearts of everyone.

Right now, I

In the light, the enemy is in the dark, it is indeed a disadvantage for the famous company.

They don’t know any trace of information or intelligence about the other party, and they don’t know when the other party will make the next move.

Under such circumstances, everyone can only be anxious.

And, just like what Chang Hao said.

Maybe, just as they are discussing things in the meeting room, the other party has already taken down the last sales store, but the news has not reached their side, they don’t know it.

However, Chang Hao also said that I am in the light and the enemy is in the dark, which is both a disadvantage and an advantage.

Everyone was puzzled, how such a seemingly inferior existence became an advantage in Chang Hao’s mouth.

“Haha, don’t worry, everyone. I just saw Mr. Zhou not in a hurry. I must have some thoughts in my heart. I don’t know Mr. Zhou is sad and I can’t tell everyone about it.” Chang Hao smiled lightly and suddenly looked at Dustin Zhou. , To lead Dustin Zhou to the topic again.

Although he was in a posture of questioning, no matter his tone or attitude, he didn’t mean to ask at all. On the contrary, he seemed to give Dustin Zhou an order.

And everyone’s eyes followed Chang Hao, and gathered towards Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou frowned lightly, feeling strange in his heart.

He remembered that he didn’t offend Chang Hao, and the number of times he met him together was less than ten times.

But, here today, what does Chang Hao mean by embarrassing himself one after another?

Although he seemed to be discussing matters with Dustin Zhou and asking Dustin Zhou’s opinions, who was Dustin Zhou, how could he not feel Chang Hao’s hostility towards him.

Moreover, at this critical and important time, Chang Hao is still the same.

“What are you doing? Chang Hao, if you have any thoughts, just say it directly, don’t make a bet.” Enderia Shen snorted coldly, feeling upset.

She felt very strange about Chang Hao’s unusual behavior today.

In Enderia Shen’s eyes, Chang Hao did not look like such a person.

But today, Chang Hao seems to focus on Dustin Zhou only. Whenever there is a little chance, he will bring the rhythm to Dustin Zhou.

“Haha, well, since Mr. Zhou doesn’t want to say it, then I will say it.” Chang Hao smiled lightly, not caring, but looked at the crowd again and said softly.

“The enemy is in the dark, I am in the light. It is both a disadvantage and a natural advantage. The advantage is that the enemy thinks they are in the dark, and we are in the light, thinking that we do not know their every move. But in fact, from now on, their purpose We have already seen it.” “As long as their target is nine sales stores in Putuo District, now they have won eight sales stores, and the last sales store will definitely be sold out.


“In that case, why do we have to find out who the enemy is?”

It’s better to focus on the last sales shop. Since the enemy wants to take down this last sales shop, it must be contacted. When the time comes, it will become that we are in the dark, and they are clear.

“Chang Hao said confidently, his face full of confidence, as if everything was under his control. When everyone heard it, they immediately thought about and analyzed it. It is true that the current situation is not very beneficial to the famous company. Enemy Secretly, I coveted the last sales store in Putuo District. It is possible to start at any time and directly take down the last sales store. However, because of the cover done by the other side in Qingfeng District, the enemy thinks it is famous The company’s people are still kept in the dark, so they may not be so vigilant about the famous company. In this case, the other party may relax and give everyone a chance to contact the last sales store. A chance. A chance to comeback. “Okay, it’s Mr. Chang. This is a good idea. I agree.

“I agree too.”

“Since there is no other way, Mr. Chang’s plan is the best plan.”

“… Many people immediately expressed their support. Chang Hao had a faint smile on his face, as if he didn’t care about everyone’s support at all. His gaze lingered on Dustin Zhou as if there was nothing, there was a faint pride In fact, Chang Hao did not intend to target Dustin Zhou in this way. After all, there is really no contradiction or conflict between him and Dustin Zhou. However, Dustin Zhou’s position in Mingyang Company is too special. Obviously, he is the second largest shareholder, but he also serves as the second largest shareholder. Mingyang is currently in charge of the two most important and core projects. It can be said that Dustin Zhou’s every move will cause dramatic fluctuations in Mingyang. Of course, these are secondary. The most important thing is that The relationship between Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen. Enderia Shen is a big beauty. You don’t need Chang Hao to say this. Even if you look at the entire Baolai Street, the entire East China Sea is one of the best. Who doesn’t like such a beauty. Chang Hao Naturally, it is no exception. But after all, Chang Hao has lived so much and has enough experience and everything. He knows that he can’t be too anxious at this time, especially since he has just joined Mingyang Company only half a year, and the number of times he has met Enderia Shen, The relationship between Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen is so good that Chang Hao feels very uncomfortable. Moreover, their way of getting along has also affected Chang Hao’s future plans. What’s more, Chang Hao is now famous for the company. The vice president is supposed to be under Enderia Shen alone. But there is a Dustin Zhoucun

Now, Chang Hao always felt unable to let go.

That being the case, Chang Hao naturally wanted to move Dustin Zhou a bit.

At the very least, Chang Hao should put the positions of the two core project leaders under his own name.

But now is just the beginning, and today’s little tricks are just an appetizer.

Seeing Dustin Zhou’s expressionless face, Chang Hao couldn’t help laughing.

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