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Chapter 899

Sure enough, everyone in the Xie family began to fight back.

“Second Sister-in-law, what do you mean by this?” “Are you saying that the entire Xie family belongs to you? Are you kidding? We didn’t contribute money, did we not contribute?” a Xie family said.

Mother Xie wants to say that’s right. You really didn’t pay any money. Can you calculate the money if you pay out 200,000?

As for the contribution, what’s a joke? From the establishment of Mira Xie’s company to today, what contribution have you done apart from borrowing money?

It’s nothing more than coming over for a meeting today, can this be considered a contribution?

She wanted to say something like this, but she couldn’t say it, because no one else gave her a chance to speak.

“Second Sister-in-law, if you really say that, then you really didn’t treat us as a family.” “In this case, then you don’t need to sit here anymore, just go home and guard your house. Mira, what are you doing sitting with us?” Everyone nodded, and for a moment, Mother Xie suddenly realized what it was like to be isolated.

These people are just making unreasonable demands.

However, only oneself knows that everyone else is as expected.

This scene seems a bit familiar.

But she still didn’t think that this was what she used to be, that’s how she dealt with Dustin Zhou.

She just felt that she was not wrong, nothing wrong, she just felt wronged.

“How can you say that!” “Okay, you have to say that, right? Then return Mira’s company to us. If this family is not established, please!” Xie mother stared at these familiar faces desperately, hoping There was a hint of sympathy in their eyes.

It’s just that these people’s eyes are all indifferent.

Someone even sneered.

“Second Sister-in-law, what are you kidding? Return your company to you?” “Now this company is not yours anymore, don’t you understand? Now this is called the Xie Group!” “We all contribute money and work hard. , The company has expanded so much, and we have given Mira Xie 30% of the shares. You are not at a loss at all!” “Mira Xie has already agreed, what are you talking about here?” “Just don’t understand anything. Don’t be ashamed here, go home quickly.” Mother Xie could only turn her eyes on the uncle of the Xie family.

Uncle Xie sighed.

He didn’t think the Xie family had done too much, on the contrary, he felt very happy.

It is precisely because of Xie’s family that he can get the most benefit.

At the cost of a mere ten million, he successfully won the company of Mira Xie and became the owner of the family.

However, he also saw through the true colors of the Xie family.

This group of people can use it, but they can never really put the shares in their hands.


Otherwise, he would not be the Patriarch for a few days, and the Xie Group would go bankrupt.

That’s why he sighed.

This sigh meant that there was not even a good person in the Xie family, and at that time, he would become a lonely person again.

However, this does not matter.

It was originally a group of insignificant relatives. When he completely took down all the property of the Xie family, he would purge these people one by one. Isn’t it a good thing for him to enjoy the power alone?

So he relaxed again and looked at Xie’s mother.


“Well, yes, the Xie Group has been established, and it is too late to say anything.” “And Mira Xie is now leaving midway. I seriously suspect that she is not sufficiently loyal to the family. Therefore, I decided to use the authority of the Patriarch. She took back 20% of the shares in her hand and distributed it to everyone in the Xie family.” Uncle Xie said righteously.

Now he still uses the people of the Xie family, so he is not afraid to distribute more shares.

Anyway, he can take it back sooner or later.

Hearing these words from Uncle Xie’s family, there was a burst of cheers in the box.

Now, Mira Xie only has 10% of the shares left in his hands!

It can be said that they have completely driven Mira Xie out!

Xie’s mother’s face was pale.

But what can it do?

People from the Xie family will not sympathize with you just because you look bad!

Mother Xie didn’t understand this, and she didn’t know where to start if she wanted to argue, she could only be driven out by others.

At this point, the Xie family was formally established.

Mira Xie’s ov beauty also officially changed its name to Xie Group and became the headquarters of the group.

Mira Xie owns 10% of the shares, and Uncle Xie’s owns 50% of the shares.

And Xie’s mother returned home alone, and she hasn’t figured out what the problem is.

Why did those relatives suddenly target her? Could it be that she did something wrong?

Bowing your head like a strong man is Xie’s mother’s mastery.

And the Xie family who united to exclude her was an insurmountable power for her. She didn’t like being excluded, so it was rare that she began to reflect on what she had done wrong.

“Blame Dustin Zhou!” She came to a conclusion.

If it were not for Dustin Zhou to leave with the money, if Dustin Zhou directly transferred 20 million to her, then she would definitely not be squeezed out!

Here, Mira Xie followed Dustin Zhou back to Lvjingwan City.

It can be seen that Mira Xie’s heart is very heavy.

“Am I very unfilial?” Mira Xie asked with a tragic smile, looking at Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou shook his head distressedly.

It used to be for Mira Xie, so

He has endured thanking his mother for so long.

But obviously, the person Xie’s mother is not the one who tolerated her and treated her well to change her.

“You are not unfilial, just the former you, foolish filial piety.” “If you do this now, you are considered filial piety.” “Let her see the true face of the Xie family. At that time, you are going to be filial to her. True filial piety.” Dustin Zhou expressed his thoughts.

Mira Xie also nodded slowly, but she didn’t know her heart. Will Xie’s mother really change?

If she knew the conclusion that Xie’s mother had finally reflected on, she was afraid that she would vomit blood and die on the spot.

Fortunately, she doesn’t know at all now, and she won’t know for a while, because she plans to live with Dustin Zhou in Lvjingwan City for a while.

“You won’t drive me away, we are a husband and wife, you have no right to drive me away!” Mira Xie cheered up, pretending to be nonchalant, and said a joke that was hard to tell by himself.

Dustin Zhou was slightly taken aback.

He didn’t expect Mira Xie to make such a joke with himself.

Although he wanted to agree, but he couldn’t directly agree.

Because, he will not live in this villa for long, and soon, he will go to the holy mountain with Niu Chuan.

Just as he was thinking about how to explain, Mira Xie suddenly discovered something.

“Where is our mother? Aren’t you at home?”

Chapter 900

Mira Xie had no idea that Dustin Zhou had sent his mother to Enderia Shen.

Dustin Zhou didn’t dare to let her know… After all, Mira Xie was her wife.

What is the matter of sending the mother of the details to another woman’s house?

But when Mira Xie was taken over, he didn’t think so much at all.

Now when Mira Xie started to ask questions, he was suddenly shocked and hesitated to find excuses.

“Because I have to travel far away in the past two days, it is not appropriate for my mother to live here alone, so I arranged her with a friend.” Dustin Zhou tried to pretend to be natural and said.

But Mira Xie was still suspicious.

“Is it inappropriate for my mother to live alone? When we went to Hunan Province together before, my mother also lived here by herself.” “You said it was arranged with a friend? Which friend?” Great, it’s not convenient for you to let her live with a friend. Now I’m back, let me take care of her.” After speaking, Mira Xie suddenly remembered something, “Right, you said you are Going to a far door in two days? Where to go, why haven’t you heard that before?” These are all terrible questions!

Dustin Zhou can’t talk about these issues!

He suddenly felt that his head was two big.

“My wife, don’t think so much. You have to answer each question one by one, right.” “I went out because of a private matter and it was decided temporarily, so I didn’t say anything.” “As for my mother, I have already Once the arrangements are made, don’t worry about it.” “If possible, you should think more about how to deal with Xie’s affairs. You can never really sever the relationship between mother and daughter with your mother.” Dustin Zhouyi His face was serious, and he seemed to care about Mira Xie’s appearance.

In fact, he was just changing the subject.

Of course, this topic shifted very cleverly, and Mira Xie was fooled.

Indeed, she didn’t really intend to completely sever mother-daughter relationship with Xie’s mother.

The reason why she left with Dustin Zhou was only because she was really disappointed with Xie’s mother, so she wanted to give Xie’s mother a lesson.

Now that the lesson has been given, how can she repair the relationship with Xie’s mother?

As well as your own company and the entire Xie family, what should be the future of these things?

According to the current trend, Mira Xie has seen the appearance of the Xie family’s demise.

Of course, with the demise of the entire Xie family, there are also companies founded by oneself.

She feels very distressed, but in fact, she also knows that she has no power to recover from the demise of the Xie family.

Those in the Xie family are really hopeless!

“Dustin Zhou, I plan to start a company, what do you think


“Mira Xie raised her head to look at Xiang Dustin Zhou, and slowly expressed her inner thoughts. She planned to sell the shares in her hand, and the money she got was completely separated from Xie’s family, and then re-opened a company. As for Xie’s mother In fact, she was not too worried. The two were mother and daughter after all. They said that the relationship was stalemate, but it was a silly problem. As long as Xie’s family was ruined and Xie’s mother had no money in her hands, she would definitely come home. Come to find yourself, Mira Xie is very confident about this. “The question is, will the Xie family allow you to sell shares?

Dustin Zhou smiled slightly and pointed out the problem with Mira Xie’s plan very plainly, “If you have this plan, I advise you to act as soon as possible.”

“After all, this news was known to the Xie family. You are afraid that you will have no more shares.”

“Mira Xie was shocked, thinking that this is really the case, so he quickly checked his own shares. It turned out to be only 10%! Mira Xie was stunned. Not long ago, she still had 100%. Thirty shares! Why did it become 10% in a blink of an eye? She subconsciously called to ask what was going on, but Dustin Zhou stopped it. “Now this call is meaningless at all. Is not it?

“Dustin Zhou said slowly. Mira Xie was taken aback, a trace of loneliness appeared on his face, and then nodded. Yeah, don’t care how the shares are missing, it’s definitely the hands of the Xie family. Don’t worry about those people. What kind of reason did they use their hands? In short, they have already taken the shares, and it would be too difficult to give them back. The overlord clause shouldn’t have been signed at the beginning! The shares of everyone in the Xie family belong to Xie’s family. Under the name of the family, the owner has the right to adjust everyone’s share ratio at any time! Signing this clause in itself means that Mira Xie no longer has any shares. The top priority is to sell all the 10% shares in his hand! But in such a short time, who should she go to? “Do you want to take revenge on the Xie family?

A smirk suddenly appeared on Dustin Zhou’s face. “Retaliation, Xie family?”

“Mira Xie asked. To be honest, Mira Xie hadn’t thought about it that way. Even if the Xie family did such an excessive thing, she never thought about revenge. But she hadn’t thought about it, but Dustin Zhou had already thought about it for her. In Mira Xie’s hands, only 10% of the shares are left. This 10% of the shares are worth three million on the market, and they will not be able to get rid of them for a while. More importantly, , This matter cannot be known to the Xie family. So Dustin Zhou intends to buy the 10% of the shares. The capital contribution is 500 yuan. Mira Xie transfers the shares directly

Give it to him, and he directly transferred 500 yuan to Xie’s account.

Of course, the five hundred yuan was only for the Xie family, and Dustin Zhou would directly transfer the remaining money to Mira Xie’s own account.

After all, those shares are all in the name of Xie’s family. If you want to trade this stock, you can only do so through Xie’s account.

That’s why Dustin Zhou came up with this method.

Mira Xie hesitated at first.

She couldn’t imagine the expression on the face of the Xie family when they received the five hundred yuan.

They would definitely call and scold themselves, this is what Mira Xie didn’t want to see.

But she quickly figured it out again.

The white-eyed wolves of the Xie family, no matter how good you are to them, what is the point?

Should they scold or scold then!

In that case, why would Mira Xie be kind to them again?

Why should we consider their feelings everywhere?

So she didn’t think too much, and agreed directly.

At the moment, a share transfer agreement was signed, and after the transfer, the shares under his own name were transferred to Dustin Zhou’s name.

Dustin Zhou also transferred five hundred yuan to the Xie family, and then three million yuan to Mira Xie.

In the box of Avaria, Mira Xie hadn’t left for a long time, and the family banquet of the Xie family had not ended. At this time, the uncle of the Xie family rang.

Five hundred yuan arrived!

Chapter 901

Uncle Xie’s family frowned suddenly.

Five hundred yuan?

Who transferred five hundred yuan to him?

But soon, he was no longer tangled, and he felt happy.

Regardless of who transferred it, five hundred yuan went to my account!

Although this account belongs to the Xie Family Group and belongs to the Xie Group, in fact, the main person in charge is still him!

Earned five hundred yuan!

Maybe someone turned it wrong!

Uncle Xie’s face turned into a ball of laughter and put the phone in his pocket.

“Yeah, uncle, who did you transfer 500 yuan to you?” Xie Yong also joked, after all, everyone heard the voice of uncle’s mobile phone.

“Haha, the funds for a little business have arrived.” The uncle pulled out a reason at random.

What business is 500 yuan?

Everyone didn’t believe it at all in their hearts, but no one was too concerned.

After driving away Mira Xie’s mother and daughter, they are now happy.

“We now have a total of 90% of the shares. Next, we should plan the development of the Xie Group.” “First of all, I think that if we want the Xie Group to go further, we need a larger amount of capital. Therefore, it is very important for the group to go public.” Uncle Xie’s family painted a grand blueprint for everyone.

Group listing, that is, financing, is an act of taking out the stocks in the group and putting them on the platform for sale.

To put it bluntly, the Xie Group is now worth 30 million, but these 30 million assets are all in the hands of the people in their Xie family, and there is no extra cash at all.

If the stocks of the group are sold to stock investors, the company’s overall assets have not changed at all. However, after stockholders buy the stocks, a large amount of funds will flow into the group, and the strength of the group can be one step closer.

For this, everyone is meaningless. Anyway, even if it is listed, the one who has the most stocks must be the uncle. Who makes his stock the most!

This behavior is also based on proportion.

For example, if a company decides to take out 10% of its shares to go public, it will charge 10% from everyone.

For the majority of the 50% shares, a full 5% of the shares are required.

“Mira Xie’s ten percent, do we really deduct one percent of her shares?” someone suddenly said.

As soon as this remark came out, everyone looked at each other.

According to common sense, 10% of everyone’s shares should be used for listing.

But now, after all, this is another name that collects stocks. With this name, everyone wants to slaughter Mira Xie severely.

Even if the uncle is the head of the family, he still needs a place if he wants to deduct Mira Xie’s shares.

Listed, it just happens to be a good one.

So everyone is thinking whether to deduct some of Mira Xie’s shares.

“Yes, Mira Xie’s shares should be deducted. After all, this company was hers before, and she is also the company’s second largest shareholder!” “If the listing is successful, she will be the one who makes the most profit, so she should pay more.” Xie Yong said nonsense with his eyes wide open.

But this kind of situation was not uncommon in the Xie family, and soon everyone followed suit.

Passed unanimously!

Mira Xie held 5% of the shares, and his uncle held 5% of the shares. The Xie Group took a total of 10% of the shares to go public.

Uncle Xie’s squinted his eyes and looked at the crowd, without saying much, he agreed directly.

After all, Mira Xie is his biggest opponent. As long as Mira Xie is driven out of Xie’s house, he can easily drive out the remaining rice buckets. At that time, the entire Xie’s family, including all the assets, is just him. It’s all alone!

Seeing the uncle nodded in agreement, there was another cheer in the box.

“Then take advantage of this, hurry up to allocate Mira Xie’s shares!” everyone said compellingly.

Although going public is not a matter of a while, they have already determined that they will take away Mira Xie’s shares. This thing can be done now!

The uncle didn’t use ink, so he started playing with the computer right now.

His face soon became cold.

He has no right to move Mira Xie’s 10% of the shares!

Because that 10% of the shares are no longer in the name of Xie’s family, not in Mira Xie’s own name, but in Dustin Zhou’s name!

“Dustin Zhou!” The uncle almost roared out through gritted teeth!

“What’s the matter?” Others also found something wrong.

When they knew that all the 10% of the shares had been transferred to Dustin Zhou’s name, everyone gritted their teeth!

“Uncle, the 10% of the shares belong to Mira Xie, but how come they are in the name of the Xie family!” “Mira Xie alone has the right to give away the shares for nothing?” Xie Yong asked.

In fact, this sentence is a question of nothing.

Although the Xie family established a family.

All shares are also under the name of Xie Group.

But the agreement also made it very clear that everyone has the right to transfer the shares at will.

In other words, Mira Xie has the right to donate his shares.

Of course, the Xie family could use this as an excuse to trouble Mira Xie, but it didn’t make much sense.

“It’s definitely not a free gift. Those shares don’t belong to her, she just has the authority to transfer it!” The uncle said with a gloomy expression.

If Mira Xie sold the shares, a large sum of money would go into Xie’s account and he would not care.

But now, he didn’t receive the money at all, and instead lost his shares in vain, which made him immediately unhappy.

Right now, he dialed Mira Xie’s phone.

Soon Mira Xie was connected.

“Mira Xie, why did you give shares to Dustin Zhou? You know, although you have the authority to transfer those shares, it is because the family trusts you that you will be given 10% of the shares transfer rights. The shares are not yours!” “Even if you sell it, you can’t give it away!” “Uncle, even if I sell the shares, the money belongs to me, right? What does it have to do with me giving it away? The loss is my own money That’s it, it has nothing to do with the family.” Mira Xie said softly.

Sure enough, she received a call from Xie’s family, which made her very disappointed.

“Of course the money is yours, but the shares must not be given away in vain. You are discrediting the image of our group. Can the shares of our group be given away at will?” Uncle said righteously.

But she said no matter how high-sounding, the reason is also inferior to the extreme.

However, this is also the consistent behavior of the Xie family.

At this time, Dustin Zhou took the call.

“Don’t talk nonsense, the shares were not given to me by Mira, but I bought it.” “Didn’t I give you five hundred yuan? Quickly transfer it to Mira, the five hundred yuan is not yours!”

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