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Chapter 1061

While these people regretted, they were rejoicing, fortunate that they had followed Dustin Zhou.

With such a rich second generation, that’s really promising!

The key is that Dustin Zhou’s mentality is too stable. With such an identity, he has never actively mentioned it.

At this moment, they even more believed that Dustin Zhou is absolutely promising!

At this time, Dustin Zhou stopped them, causing a second topic.

“I plan to return to Zhou’s family.” Dustin Zhou said flatly.

This sentence, like a thunder, exploded in front of a few people!

Return to Zhou’s house!

what does that mean?

It means Dustin Zhou really wants to inherit the Zhou family?

After that, wouldn’t they know the Patriarch of the Zhou family!

That’s too powerful!

Several people became excited instantly.

But Dustin Zhou poured cold water on them again, “Returning to the Zhou family does not necessarily mean entering the Zhou family.” Dustin Zhou said, “I am not interested in the position of the Zhou family’s patron, but the important thing is, The Zhou family must give me an explanation and give my mother an explanation.” “This process may not be very smooth, because many people in the Zhou family will treat me as an enemy, and I need your help.” Dustin Zhou is very Speaking of your purpose clearly and simply.

To put it bluntly, when he started to make money, when he developed his own strength, he had the consciousness he has today.

He cultivated the Su family and helped Master Tiger enter the Xu family. In fact, he was not simply trying to destroy the previous Xu family.

Although the previous Xu family had hatred with Dustin Zhou and even wanted to kill Dustin Zhou at one time, Dustin Zhou could take his mother to run away at any time if he wanted to.

He chose to stay and fight against the previous Xu family, in fact, he was making arrangements.

He wanted to become stronger and cultivate his own power after setting up a big game. Obviously, he did it.

These people in front of her were her own forces.

And the main reason for cultivating these forces, of course, is to have a certain amount of capital when they return to the Zhou family.

Because he didn’t want to beg for pity from the Zhou family and ask the Zhou family to take him in. He wanted to return to the Zhou family in a strong posture.

Ask the Zhou family for an explanation!

Now that the time has come, Dustin Zhou naturally stated these goals.

He needs the help of Lord Tiger, Sun Family, and Xu Family, because it was his original purpose to cultivate these three families.

And hearing Dustin Zhou’s words, the three people did not hesitate too much, and directly agreed.

This can be seen from the time they were able to help Dustin Zhou to block Zhou’s wind.

They are a true alliance!

And in a sense, they are Dustin Zhou’s subordinates!

Choosing to withdraw at this time is betrayal, but for a group of people who have experienced so many things, they have no intention of betraying Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou nodded, lay on the sofa and rubbed his temples and said, “Okay, let’s do this for the first time.” “When I really plan to return to Zhou’s house, I will discuss with you specifically. Donghai City, I still have some things to deal with.” Although I have made up my mind to return to Zhou’s family, this is certainly not a matter of a word. This kind of thing is in a hurry. For example, Mingyang Company is still leaving. Don’t open him.

After dealing with the mess, Dustin Zhou rested at home for a day, and ran to work early the next morning.

He hasn’t dealt with Mingyang’s affairs for a long time, and he hasn’t even come to the office for a long time. Even when he accompanied Enderia Shen to a meeting last time, he went to Xu’s house just after the meeting.

So as soon as he came today, he went straight into the office and began to annotate his documents.

After working for about two hours, Enderia Shen knocked on the door and walked in.

“Hey, isn’t this our Chief Zhou, why can you come to work with such a leisurely sentiment today?” Enderia Shen said with some sarcasm.

After all, Dustin Zhou’s position in the famous company can be said to be very important.

Three consecutive generations of explosive products can be said to be the pillar products of the famous company, all of which are solely responsible for Dustin Zhou.

It can be said that the current Mingyang company has no problem leaving Enderia Shen, but it will definitely not work if it leaves Dustin Zhou!

And this guy is the company’s second largest shareholder.

But under these circumstances, Dustin Zhou often came to work one day for several weeks, which made Enderia Shen’s teeth itchy.

This company can’t live without you. Can you give a snack to the company too!

Fortunately, even if Dustin Zhou doesn’t come to the company, he will handle some things remotely and develop a general framework for the company’s development.

But even so, Enderia Shen was still very unhappy.

Because the biggest intersection between him and Dustin Zhou is that they share a company.

But now Dustin Zhou often doesn’t come to the company. She seems to have less contact with Dustin Zhou, so she came to ridicule Dustin Zhou.

And Dustin Zhou is also a little helpless

, Said embarrassingly, “President Shen, am I busy? You see, I am free, and I will come to work soon.” “What can be more important than the company’s affairs? Do you believe it or not I will fire you? Ah!” Enderia Shen said angrily.

“Hey, of course I believe, so don’t I know that I am wrong? Mr. Shen, please forgive me and don’t fire me!” “I have old and young people, just point to this work and life. Yeah.” Dustin Zhou said jokingly.

The conversation between two people feels like a boyfriend coaxing his girlfriend.

Enderia Shen was not angry anymore, pretending to snorted coldly, and then said, “Let’s go, go to a meeting with me.” “Your big boss finally came this week, I won’t have to hold a high-level meeting. Welcome You?” After Enderia Shen finished speaking, he took the lead to walk outside, and Dustin Zhou hurriedly followed.

The content of the meeting was fairly simple. It was nothing more than making some detailed planning based on the pattern formulated by Dustin Zhou, and then each department reported on the results and difficulties encountered.

Just when the meeting was about to end, Enderia Shen suddenly said, “This is the end of today’s meeting, but don’t leave yet. Let me introduce you to our famous company’s new shareholder, the third largest shareholder.” “At the same time, This shareholder will also hold a certain position in our Mingyang company. We are discussing the specific position.” Everyone looked at each other. Mingyang has the third largest shareholder?

And still hold a position?

Who is this third largest shareholder meeting?

At this time, the door of the conference room was pushed open, and everyone had a blank expression, only Dustin Zhou’s eyes were slightly narrowed.

Zhou Feng!

What is this kid doing?

Chapter 1062

Dustin Zhou squinted his eyes and looked at Zhou Feng who was standing in the middle of the meeting room with interest.

What does this kid want to do?

Dustin Zhou thought that he was taught a lesson yesterday. This arrogant and rich second generation will definitely return to Zhou’s house in despair, and then find a chance to move the soldiers and retaliate against him.

After all, he saw too many such people.

These rich second generations who have never suffered any wrongdoing, when can they accept such a failure?

Could it be said that this kid has no hatred for himself at all?

Or is it that he deliberately sneaked into the famous company, just to use another means to avenge himself?

Dustin Zhou is not worried about Zhou Feng’s revenge. If he is worried, then he would not directly treat Zhou Feng like that last night.

But he was a little worried that Zhou Feng would do anything unfavorable to Mingyang Company this time. If that was the case, Dustin Zhou was really unpredictable.

After all, Zhou Feng’s identity is still the third largest share of the famous company.


It was really interesting. Dustin Zhou didn’t speak, but just watched quietly. What surprised him was that Zhou Feng didn’t even look at him. From start to finish, he didn’t seem to know him.

Zhou Feng at this time was standing in the middle of the conference room, talking to everyone.

“Everyone, the reason why I became a shareholder in a famous company is because I am too optimistic about this company. Through my research, I found that our company has risen like a miracle. Every new product is born. There is a trend in the cosmetics industry!” “So I think the potential of our company is endless. One day in the future, it will definitely be able to go international! So I took the advantage of becoming the third largest shareholder by now. It is also that Mingyang Company is not willing to sell more shares, otherwise I will directly buy this company and become the largest shareholder.” Zhou Feng said boldly.

With her remarks, the girls from the company who directly provoked starry eyes.

No way, Zhou Feng himself is handsome. I don’t know if it is because of his growing up environment or his own cocky character. In short, when this guy goes out, the three words “Fuerdai” are pasted on his head.

Sustained and generous, if someone else says that Mingyang is unwilling to sell more shares, or else just buys Mingyang directly, others will sneer and think that this person is joking. .

If you have enough money, are you afraid that you won’t be able to buy a well-known company?

Don’t you just have to pretend to be approved and then give yourself a step down.

But when these words came out of Zhou Feng’s mouth, these people believed all of them. Everyone felt that Zhou Feng must be really not bad for money. When this person stops there, others will feel that it is really not bad for money. .

What is this called?

This kind of thing is called temperament, Zhou Feng’s body has this kind of temperament of rich second generation, high wealth and handsome.

So as soon as he said such pretending words, those girls showed their starry eyes.

“Ah, I’m dead, this is too handsome!” “It’s a real domineering president! How rich is Mr. Zhou!” The girls exclaimed.

At this time, Zhou Feng stretched out his hand and placed a slight bet in front of him, and said, “It’s such a thing, money is just a string of numbers to me, which has no meaning at all.” Don’t talk about money in between. Let’s talk about other things, such as life ideals. The main reason why I want to hold a position in our company is to find my life ideals in our company.” “I want to experience the feeling of chasing dreams in such a positive company atmosphere. If you always talk about money, then

It’s meaningless, what’s the point of money?

“Zhou Feng said very stinky again. But this stinky fart just said what he said was very stinky, but when it came out of his mouth, it was so natural and it didn’t seem to be exaggerated at all. These words are natural and yet again. It made the little sisters feel dizzy and even feel that they have reached a state of happiness. What kind of personality is this? The rich man came to experience the personality of life! This is simply the overbearing president himself, OK! Zhou Feng said again “So the current theme is what position should I hold in the company? Just say, I think no matter what position, President Shen will not object to it, right?

“Zhou Feng looked at Enderia Shen and said. Enderia Shen smiled and nodded, “Yes, you can just give this newcomer Zhou some advice, as long as he is not allowed to replace me as the real chairman of the company, no matter what I will agree to the position.

“Wow, there is such a good thing!”

“What do you know, Mr. Zhou is here to experience life. Of course it is normal to have this kind of treatment. You don’t know how much money he injected into the company!”

“A girl said. Dustin Zhou also came in interest. The position under the chairman was randomly chosen, and Enderia Shen agreed so happily. How much benefit did this guy give Enderia Shen? Dustin Zhou stabbed Enderia Shen with his elbow and said, “Hey , Mr. Shen, where did you dig a baby from? Are you afraid that he will ruin your company?

“I have to say that Zhou Feng’s way of appearing this time is a bit too popular. This is to clarify the rules of the company. As the third largest shareholder to hold a position, and this position, you can choose whatever you want. , And it was Enderia Shen, the chairman of the board, in front of everyone, and promised to let him choose at will. Although in this kind of limited stock company, the third largest shareholder can indeed do whatever position he wants, but there are basically a few The decision-makers can negotiate secretly, and no one will say anything when the matter is finalized. However, the fact that such fanfare as Zhou Feng and Enderia Shen’s acting with him are actually has a certain negative impact on the company. This makes it easy for the company’s employees to think that hard work is of no use, and it is better to find a way to get promoted faster. Therefore, Dustin Zhou is very curious about what Zhou Feng has done to make Enderia Shen play with him. Enderia Shen Covered his mouth and chuckled lightly, and said, “This is not the baby I dug up, he found it by himself.

Enderia Shen looked in Zhou Feng’s direction, “I don’t know where this guy came from. It’s weird and ruthless. As soon as I found me, he asked for five times the price.

Buy our company directly.

“When I told him that Mingyang wouldn’t sell and could only become the third largest shareholder, he became the third largest shareholder at ten times the price!”

Chapter 1063

Enderia Shen’s eyes flashed with curiosity. Obviously, she was also very curious about Zhou Feng’s identity. Mingyang Company is a potential stock. There is no doubt that everyone It can be seen that Mingyang has great development potential. However, the value of this company has already included its potential. For example, the current Mingyang company is valued at about 30 billion yuan, but Their equipment and products are actually less than 10 billion yuan. The valuation of a company is, to a large extent, related to its potential and brand value. A super company like Mingyang For potential companies, the value of the brand has swelled to twice the value of the entity. In this case, even if most people want to acquire a well-known company, they definitely want to lower the price, but it is absolutely impossible to raise the price. Because your potential is already in the valuation, and in fact, no matter how potential a company is, there is absolutely the possibility of loss. In other words, a well-known company is actually worth only 30 billion, at most But when Zhou Feng found Mr. Shen Bi this time, he opened his mouth and it was 150 billion. That was 150 billion! In the entire East, how many people can casually take out 150 billion? It is said, Ah The chairman of the company of raccoon’s father has been the richest man in the East for several consecutive years, and his personal worth has reached more than 250 billion. It seems that there seems to be no problem with 150 billion. After all, those two Thousands of billions are just his personal worth. If you take out 150 billion, he can still have 100 billion left. But in fact, for Ali’s father, let him take out one at random. Fifty-five billion is definitely not that simple. Because he is only worth more than 200 billion, and most of that worth is the value of stocks, not cash. Of course, his stocks can be cashed out and directly exchanged for cash. But that absolutely required a process. It is impossible to say that 150 billion yuan was actually used that day. But when this young man named Zhou Feng talked with Enderia Shen, he actually took out the check directly. Enderia Shen checked it, and it was true. In other words, this young man named Zhou Feng really deposited 150 billion yuan or more in the bank. At that moment, Enderia Shen was shocked. She is a strong woman, but to think about it from another angle, she is also a strong woman with a higher level than ordinary people! Where did she come into contact with such exaggerated numbers?


At that time she realized that this young man named Zhou Feng was absolutely extraordinary.

It is estimated that it is not aimed at the potential of the famous company.

Enderia Shen did not sell Mingyang, but instead offered to let Zhou Feng buy a share.

Zhou Feng happily agreed and directly bought all the shares that Mingyang could buy. Except for the shares in the hands of Enderia Shen and Dustin Zhou, everything else became his own!

In other words, the current famous company has only three shareholders!

Then Zhou Feng made another request, “Although I am a third shareholder, I think I should also have the right to find a position in the company.” Zhou Feng said to Enderia Shen politely.

Enderia Shen couldn’t figure out where Zhou Feng was going. Such an inhumane young man was so polite when facing himself, as if he was treating some distinguished guests.

Enderia Shen would naturally not put on airs, and said politely, “That’s natural, it should be all right.” “You can have any position you want. If you are not very good at it, we can also hire an assistant for you. Well.” Enderia Shen also noticed that this week Feng was here to play 80%.

So he was thinking, give him whatever position this guy wants, and then he doesn’t have any real power, just give him a nominal assistant.

For this proposal, Zhou Feng refused, “President Shen, if I take up a certain position, it must be for the purpose of studying well in this position. You give me an assistant, and I don’t have to worry about anything. It’s all assistants. What do you want me to do when you do something?” “In this way, you can feel free to let me take the position. If something I didn’t do well causes loss to the company, I will compensate the company.” After speaking, he Directly squeezed the 150 billion in his hand to Enderia Shen, saying it was a deposit.

Ensure that he will work well in the company.

What else can Enderia Shen say?

They are already the third largest shareholder, and they have sufficient rights to participate in the management of the company.

In this case, when someone holds a position, not only did they fail to discuss salary or remuneration with you, but instead gave you a deposit of 150 billion yuan.

It is directly equivalent to five times the value of the entire company.

How could Enderia Shen refuse?

So today’s scene appeared, Zhou Feng chose the job as he wanted in the company, while Enderia Shen was still cooperating with him.

“One hundred and fifty billion, the shot is really generous.” Dustin Zhou said with his chin resting on it, feeling even more confused about what Zhou Feng was going to do.

At this time, Enderia Shen suddenly said, “Actually, the reason why I chose to cooperate with him is not complete.

It’s because this guy has a lot of stupid money.

“Enderia Shen directly said that Zhou Feng had a lot of stupid money. Yes, after this series of cooperation, Zhou Feng seemed to get no benefit at all…The advantage is that he became the third largest shareholder of the famous company. But this shareholder His identity is almost negligible compared to what he paid. It seems that he spends money entirely for the sake of spending money. Isn’t this a stupid person? What is it? Such a person goes to any company to cooperate, and it is impossible to get rejected But Enderia Shen said, “Although this guy is stupid and has a lot of money, I think there is nothing wrong with this cooperation, but in fact, our famous company is now quite stable.

“In other words, although he is stupid and has a lot of money, in fact, I am not so interested in money. What if he buys 20% of the shares at five times the price? ?

What if we inject a huge amount of capital into our famous company?

“The fifteen million is bluntly his own, but he has been here for a while. In fact, his influence on our famous company is not that big, and it may be a time bomb.

“The reason I chose to work with him is because his name is very interesting, Zhou Feng.

“Enderia Shen said while looking at Dustin Zhou meaningfully, “Don’t you think so?”

You see, both of you have your last name Zhou, and your names are both two characters.

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