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Chapter 671

“Hold on!” At this critical moment, an indifferent voice suddenly sounded.

Everyone showed a different look. Could it be that at this time, someone would stand up and speak for Dustin Zhou.

However, Cai Xiong didn’t seem to hear it at all, and the speed under his feet was not reduced at all.

“Humph!” And the moment Cai Xiong kicked Liu Xue, a bright light flashed suddenly.

No one saw what it was, and no one reacted.

Everyone is wondering what the light is, where it is emitted from, and where it will be emitted.

“Ah!” But, at this moment, a low growl suddenly rang.

Everyone followed the voice and looked over, and when everyone saw it clearly, their eyes suddenly tightened, and their faces were full of shock and horror.

At this moment, according to normal circumstances, Cai Xiong’s kick should have hit Liu Xue, and even if Liu Xue is not dead, at least he will be seriously injured.


But now, Liu Xue still stood in front of Dustin Zhou safe and sound.

On the contrary, Cai Xiong, who was like a rainbow just now, was holding one leg, trembling all over, and his face was pale.

And everyone saw that a leg held by Cai Xiong was pierced by a flying knife at this moment, and blood was flowing.

“Hey!” “Isn’t this the leg that Cai Xiong kicked out just now?” “Is the light just now the flying knife?” “But, who did this? Is it the sound just now?” … The faces of everyone are full of horror.

Especially when they saw Cai Xiong’s leg being pierced by a flying knife, blood was flowing, and it seemed very painful to see Cai Xiong’s appearance.

In an instant, everyone thought of the voice just now.

When Cai Xiongfei kicked out and was about to kick Liu Xue, a voice suddenly sounded, causing Cai Xiong to slow down.

However, Cai Xiong didn’t seem to hear it, or even if he heard it, he didn’t care at all.

Therefore, the owner of that voice was very dissatisfied, so he threw a flying knife to express his dissatisfaction with Cai Xiong.

Everyone immediately looked around, wanting to see who it was.

However, what disappointed them was that no new faces appeared on the first floor or on the second floor.

This means that this is not what they do.

So, who will it be?

“Who is it, come out for me!” Cai Xiong suffered from a pain in his leg, his forehead was sweaty, and his body was trembling.

Others only saw the flying knife pierced through his thigh, with blood flowing, but they didn’t know that there was a real energy on this flying knife.

The zhenqi remained on the flying knife and penetrated through Cai Xiong’s thigh. The zhenqi took the opportunity to ravage Cai Xiong’s meridians, making his meridians not smooth, and even felt that there was a stream of air rushing across his body.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for Cai Xiong to become like this with a flying knife.

With a violent shout, Cai Xiong quickly found a step and sat down.

He couldn’t pull out the knife. Once he was careless, the true energy would stay in his body forever, causing endless damage to him.

And Cai Xiong knew even more that only the martial master can do it to retain the true energy on the flying knife.

In other words, the person who throws such a flying knife, even if he is not the martial master, at least knows the martial master.

However, even so, Cai Xiong could not bear such torture.

If he was scrapped because of this flying knife, then the entire Cai family would be crazy and would definitely fight the murderer to the end.

So now, Cai Xiong doesn’t care who threw the throwing knife.

Because no matter who it is, he has already had an enmity with the Cai family.

“Some people really forgot the rules here.” At this time, a cold voice came out.

A figure slowly walked down from the third floor, looking sharply at Cai Xiong, his face full of majesty.

“Hey!” “It turned out to be him!” “I didn’t expect it, I almost forgot. This is the Mountain Mist Clubhouse. No trouble is allowed.” “Then why didn’t he show up just now?” “I don’t know, could he really dare Can you fight against the Cai family?” … Everyone looked at the figure, took a deep breath, and their faces were full of shock.

Asher Chen.

The owner of the Mountain Mist Club.

No one thought that at this time, Asher Chen, the owner of the Mountain Mist Clubhouse, would actually show up, and looking like this, listening to his tone, he seemed to be on Dustin Zhou’s side.

At least, speaking to Cai Xiong in such an admonishing tone, it is absolutely impossible to be on Cai Xiong’s side.

What’s even more shocking is that if Asher Chen was talking about it, then the flying knife that penetrated Cai Xiong’s thigh at this moment was probably also thrown by Asher Chen.

“Why!” Seeing Asher Chen’s appearance, Cai Xiong’s pupils shrank suddenly and asked coldly.

This is already he is trying to restrain his anger.

If at this moment, another person appeared, Cai Xiong couldn’t guarantee that he would be desperate and would make the other person pay the price.

However, what now appears is Asher Chen, the owner of the Mountain Mist Club.

If it is said that Mountain Mist Clubhouse can become the cause of the fear of most of the East China Sea families and forces, a large part of it is Asher Chen.

Even if the old man of the Cai family is here at this moment, he must give Asher Chen a face.

This is the rule and the deterrence that the Mountain Mist Club used in exchange for the complete disappearance of a second-rate Donghai City family.

Therefore, Cai Xiong couldn’t say much, nor dared to say much, but the resentment on his face kept confiding his anger.

“It seems that many people have forgotten the rules of the Mountain Mist Club.” Asher Chen said lightly, not responding to Cai Xiong’s question, but instead focused on everyone.

Suddenly, everyone felt an invisible pressure covering them.

“Mr. Chen, it is clear that they did it to me first, Brother Xiong was just to help me…” Li Mingfeng said hurriedly, wanting to speak for Cai Xiong.

However, before he could finish speaking, Asher Chen interrupted him directly.

“When is it your turn to speak?” Asher Chen looked indifferent and gave Li Mingfeng a cold look.

But just this look made Li Mingfeng like falling into an ice cave.

In this look, Li Mingfeng saw endless indifference and indifference, and there was still a feeling in the dark, as if he would lie down and leave today if he said a word.

Li Mingfeng immediately closed his mouth, wiped the sweat from his forehead, his heart was throbbing


If it weren’t for Cai Xiong’s still here and many people were onlookers, Li Mingfeng would have run away long ago.

“Thirteen years ago, the Mountain Mist Club was just established. Back then, the Xue family was so unruly.” Asher Chen said lightly.

As soon as he said this, Li Mingfeng’s body trembled even more severely.

Cai Xiong’s body was also stiff, his face was ugly, and even a trace of humiliation flashed under his eyes.

As for the audience, they also thought of the Xue family in an instant, and all of them were silent, for fear that they would offend Asher Chen by saying something bad.

Chapter 672

The Xue family of the East China Sea was once a second-rate family in the East China Sea, and even the family strength is similar to that of the Li family today.

However, the Mountain Mist Club had just been established that year, and the Xue family wanted to reach out for the Mountain Mist Club.

Originally such things are nothing new in the East China Sea, and many families and forces in the East China Sea have also done such things.

In the eyes of others, it is understandable for the Xue family to do this. If you want to come, a new Mountain Mist clubhouse would not dare to resist.

However, to everyone’s surprise and shock, the Mountain Mist Clubhouse was intact the next day, but the Xue family disappeared completely overnight.

What made everyone feel jealous was that after the Xue family completely disappeared overnight, almost all of the Xue family’s properties were transferred to the name of the Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

At that time, everyone knew the real reason why the Xue family disappeared overnight.

It was also at that time that the major clans and forces in the East China Sea acquiesced in a rule.

No disturbance is allowed in the Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

And now, Asher Chen took out the Xue family again and said yes, the meaning of the warning was self-evident.

Everyone suddenly felt that there was a chill behind them, and they dared not look at Asher Chen.

What’s more, he left quietly.

The feelings of Li Mingfeng and Cai Xiong are different.

They could hear that Asher Chen’s words were beating them.

“Mr. Chen, we are not making trouble…” Li Mingfeng quickly tried to explain, but halfway through the explanation, he suddenly thought of what Asher Chen said just now, and suddenly there was no sound.

At this moment, Asher Chen’s attention should be on Cai Xiong, not on him.

At this time, if you came up out of the blue, didn’t you just want Asher Chen to notice him?

Having figured this out, Li Mingfeng calmed down completely, and even hoped to get a little bit in the crowd, wanting to be less conspicuous.

At this moment, all the eyes of everyone in the audience fell on Asher Chen, Dustin Zhou, and Cai Xiong.

Dustin Zhou and Cai Xiong are the parties involved, and the two of them are really doing it.

Now, what should be done to them, almost all are in Asher a thought.

“You said, what will President Chen do?” “It’s hard to say. Although President Chen’s attitude was very tough just now, the Cai family is not a match for the Xue family in the East China Sea. I think President Chen should make a clear distinction.” “This is hard to say, you know, the throwing knife on Cai Xiong’s leg was probably thrown by Mr. Chen.” “Let’s look at it again, don’t talk, lest you get burnt.” … The people just whispered. After a while, he immediately calmed down.

“If you don’t come again, I thought I was going to be here today.” The atmosphere was tense throughout, but at this moment, Dustin Zhou, who was protected by Liu Xue, suddenly laughed, and then looked at Asher Chen. The unhappy face seemed to be blamed on Asher Chen.

Everyone was stunned by this scene.

What does it mean?

Know Dustin Zhou and Asher Chen?

Moreover, the relationship between the two is very good?

Everyone was stunned, they had no idea what happened.

After Cai Xiong heard Dustin Zhou say this, his pupils shrank even more.

He would never, like others, wonder if Dustin Zhou was distracting someone by saying this.

After all, if Dustin Zhou is telling lies, then the first person who will not let him go is Asher Chen.

However, when Dustin Zhou finished speaking, Cai Xiong clearly saw a smile on Asher Chen’s face.

This is true!

At this moment, Cai Xiong’s heart sank completely.

He never thought that Dustin Zhou and Asher Chen would know each other, and the relationship between the two was far closer than he thought.

Even, it is very likely that Dustin Zhou got down from the third floor.

However, before Cai Xiong could think about it, Asher Chen’s next words confirmed his thoughts.

“Just after leaving me, I encountered such a thing. Should I say that you are not superficial, or should I say that you are a troublemaker?” Asher Chen looked at Dustin Zhou, smiled lightly, and shook his head slightly, his face Full of helplessness.

Dustin Zhou had just left his office, and it took less than ten minutes to encounter such a thing, and Dustin Zhou also fought against Cai Xiong of the Cai family.

If it weren’t for the reports from his subordinates, Asher Chen decided to take a look for himself, Dustin Zhou would probably be injured.

When Asher Chen said this, he didn’t feel anything, because it was a fact.

However, this word fell in the ears of everyone, but it was like a bolt from the blue, shaking everyone in place, staring at Asher Chen blankly, and then slowly moving his eyes to Dustin Zhou with a blank face.

Just left from Asher Chen’s office?

No one here does not know where Asher Chen’s office is. On the third floor of the Mountain Mist Clubhouse, there is Asher Chen’s dedicated office and lounge.

This means that Dustin Zhou just

Those who came down from the third floor were not those who could only go up to the second floor.

However, this is not the point. The point is Asher Chen’s tone of voice to Dustin Zhou.

This tone is not indifferent or tough. Although it sounds a bit joking, it is precisely because of this that the relationship between the two is more intimate.

This week, Dustin Zhou was so close to Asher Chen from the Mountain Mist Club!

Everyone took a deep breath, and their heartbeat increased.

This is a result no one expected.

And now, with Asher Chen here, Dustin Zhou will definitely be fine.

At this moment, everyone’s eyes gathered on Cai Xiong’s face, showing sympathy and pity.

With Cai Xiong’s strength and identity, as long as he is not too much in the Mountain Mist Clubhouse, no one will trouble him.

But now, Cai Xiong is feuding Dustin Zhou for helping Li Mingfeng get ahead.

And Dustin Zhou is even more of Asher Chen’s friend.

You know, those who can sit on an equal footing with Asher Chen are at least the second-generation principals of various large families.

Obviously, in Asher Chen’s eyes, Dustin Zhou is on the same level as the second-generation principals of those big families.

Cai Xiong was holding the wound pierced by the flying knife with a look of grief and anger, and blood dripping in his heart.

Feeling the gaze that everyone looked at, Cai Xiong felt even more embarrassed. If it weren’t for the decentness of the Cai family, he really passed out now.

Asher Chen was already on Dustin Zhou’s side, so this time, no matter what reason or reason Cai Xiong had, he could not attack Dustin Zhou again.

Even if a flying knife pierced a leg just now, there was no place to reason.

“I didn’t expect to encounter such a thing, but seeing friends in trouble, not helping is not my style of doing things.” Dustin Zhou shrugged helplessly, leaned on the railing, stood up, moved his hands and feet, and felt good. A lot.

In the next second, Dustin Zhou’s gaze fell on Cai Xiong.

Chapter 673

The entire lobby on the first floor and the lobby on the second floor of the Mountain Mist Clubhouse were extremely quiet.

Everyone looked at Dustin Zhou quietly, wanting to see how he would deal with Cai Xiong.

After all, Dustin Zhou is backed by Asher Chen.

It can be said without prestige that no one can move Dustin Zhou in the Mountain Mist Clubhouse at this moment.

As Dustin Zhou looked at Cai Xiong, many people even held their breath, their faces flushed.

They didn’t know how Dustin Zhou would deal with Cai Xiong, but no matter how to deal with it, the contradiction between Dustin Zhou and Cai Xiong was really settled.

Even this will rise to the contradiction between Dustin Zhou and Cai’s family.

That’s right, Cai Xiong really couldn’t do much with Dustin Zhou in the Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

Even, because of Asher Chen’s existence, Cai Xiong would be suppressed by Dustin Zhou instead.

However, the entire East China Sea is so big, the influence of Mountain Mist Clubhouse is not that

What a big range.

And unless Dustin Zhou stayed in the Mountain Mist Clubhouse and never left.

Otherwise, Cai Xiong will definitely be able to get back today’s place with the help of the Cai family.

What’s more, if Dustin Zhou really kills Cai Xiong.

Even with the support of Asher Chen, the rest of the Cai family, especially the old man of the Cai family, will not give up.

Even Asher Chen, when faced with the old man of the Cai family, could not be so strong.

After all, according to the rumors, the old man of the Cai family is a real martial master, looking across the country, he is a top-notch existence, definitely not comparable to a half-step master like Cai Xiong.

“What do you want to do?” Cai Xiong held on to the railing, his face gloomy, hard to see the extreme.

Feeling Dustin Zhou’s gaze, Cai Xiong felt even more angry.

If it weren’t for Asher Chen, Cai Xiong could easily clean up Dustin Zhou.

When I think of myself being so suppressed by Dustin Zhou, and all the reasons are because of Asher Chen, Cai Xiong’s anger towards Asher Chen and the Mountain Mist Club is more intense.

However, Cai Xiong also knows the reason why people have to bow their heads under the eaves.

Now that he is here alone, it is impossible for him to fight against the entire Mountain Mist Club.

“Do you remember what I just said?” Dustin Zhou said lightly. At this moment, he did not ridicule Cai Xiong.

Because Dustin Zhou knew that the current situation exchange between himself and Cai Xiong was because of the appearance of Asher Chen.

Otherwise, Dustin Zhou would not be able to resist Cai Xiong’s kick just now.

When Dustin Zhou finished speaking, Cai Xiong was stunned.

Not only him, but other people are even more confused by some monks.

Because Dustin Zhou said a lot just now, and now such a problem suddenly appeared, who can remember?

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. If you want to insult me, just let me go. If Cai Xiong frowned today, I don’t deserve to be Cai’s family.” Cai Xiongqiang endured the anger in his heart and said coldly.

Even though the situation is not as good as others, Cai Xiong knows that he can’t weaken the momentum of the Cai family.

“Hehe, it seems that you forgot, but it doesn’t matter. You will understand when I realize it.” Dustin Zhou didn’t seem to care at all about Cai Xiong’s answer, and could not see any anger at all. Look like.

On the contrary, Dustin Zhou seemed very indifferent.

“Today is to see Mr. Chen’s face, I will not treat you well, but next time, you will not have such good luck.” “Also, since you are helping Li Mingfeng to get ahead, then he If you do something with my friend, you should pay some price.” Dustin Zhou’s words were very light, and they fell in everyone’s ears, but they were like thunder, which shocked everyone.

Are you kidding me?

Dustin Zhou just let Cai Xiong go?

It is also said that Cai Xiong will not have such good luck as he is today?

Everyone’s eyes on Dustin Zhou changed.

If it is said that when Asher Chen appeared, after showing the well-defined relationship between him and Dustin Zhou, Dustin Zhou became unpredictable in the hearts of everyone.

So at this moment, Dustin Zhou seemed to have changed in an instant, becoming a bit stinky and shameless.

If it wasn’t for Asher Chen’s sudden appearance, then it was not Cai Xiong who was suppressed, but Dustin Zhou.

Many people twitched the corners of their mouths slightly. They tested their faces and didn’t want to see Dustin Zhou, for fear that they couldn’t help but say something shameless Dustin Zhou would cause trouble.

Cai Xiong also secretly gritted his teeth and vowed to make Dustin Zhou pay the price.

But Cai Xiong naturally couldn’t say such a vow directly.

If Dustin Zhou heard what he said, if he changed his mind, it would not be good news for Cai Xiong.

However, Dustin Zhou’s second sentence once again attracted everyone’s attention.

At this time, everyone remembered that there seemed to be no direct conflict between Dustin Zhou and Cai Xiong.

The root cause of all conflicts was that Cai Xiong wanted to stand up for Li Mingfeng, but Dustin Zhou didn’t give this face.

Li Mingfeng!

In an instant, everyone’s eyes focused on Li Mingfeng.

Even if he was hiding in the crowd, Li Mingfeng could still feel countless eyes looking at him, and he was suddenly full of spirits. He raised his head somewhat ugly and looked at the crowd with a wry smile.

He would never have thought that things would become like this.

I was just because a little beauty accidentally bumped into me, and I was also drunk for a while, seeing the beauty, and lusting, wanted to take the little beauty to the private room on the second floor for fun.

However, Dustin Zhou appeared first, and his own person was not Dustin Zhou’s opponent at all.

Soon after, Cai Xiong appeared and wanted to give himself a head.

This originally made Li Mingfeng feel very satisfied, and thought that this incident would just pass.

But no one thought that after Cai Xiong uttered his name, Dustin Zhou would actually show no face at all.

Cai Xiong was furious, and he had to act against Dustin Zhou, and Dustin Zhou was indeed not Cai Xiong’s opponent, and even had to be taken by Cai Xiong.

However, who could have imagined that at this time, Asher Chen, the owner of the Mountain Mist Club, appeared, and he knew Dustin Zhou.

Now the situation has taken a turn for the worse, and Cai Xiong suddenly fell into an extremely passive situation.

In such a short ten minutes, Li Mingfeng felt as if he had taken a roller coaster, his mood was ups and downs, and he has not calmed down yet.

But now, Dustin Zhou is looking at him, wanting to hold him accountable for the culprit.

“I have

After the release, what do you want?

“Li Mingfeng had to speak. The eyes of so many people, especially Dustin Zhou and Cai Xiong’s eyes fell on him, so that the pressure on Li Mingfeng’s body suddenly increased by many times. Li Mingfeng even has a feeling, if he doesn’t now If you open your mouth to clear the responsibilities, neither Dustin Zhou nor Cai Xiong would let yourself go easily. “If it weren’t for me, you would let go so easily. Besides, my friend was frightened. Don’t you think that would be the case? So, don’t you plan to make some compensation?

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