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Chapter 983

The invitation of the Xu family! In fact, Dustin Zhou is a very reasonable person. The reason why he is so strong now is that Su Shiming did something wrong.

Betrayal, this is a very harsh word.

Some people say that in this world, a teammate who can betray you is 10,000 times more hateful than an enemy.

This sentence is actually not unreasonable. No matter how excessive the enemy has done to you, it is normal. Because you are enemies, you should kill each other.

As an enemy, how can others be used to you?

Do whatever it makes you uncomfortable!

But for the betrayal, it can easily chill.

Even if it didn’t bring you any substantial harm.

However, you give your trust to the other party, but the other party understates your trust. This behavior is the most excessive.

So now Dustin Zhou is very angry, which is why he is so strong.

Facing Dustin Zhou’s strength, Su Shiming did not dare to refute anything, after all, he was indeed wrong.

He sat down opposite Dustin Zhou honestly, and didn’t dare to let out the atmosphere.

“Don’t want to say something? Patriarch Su?” Dustin Zhou asked lightly.

Just this sentence scared Su Shiming into a spirit, knelt directly on the ground, and said in panic, “Mr. Zhou, I am wrong with Mr. Zhou, please give me a chance!” Dustin Zhou, who was not afraid, sat in front of him. , That’s a real warrior emperor!

The only warrior emperor in the entire East China Sea!

It can be said that Dustin Zhou only needed a word to make their Su family perish.

Originally, he had the opportunity to become a partner with Dustin Zhou, and he has soared since then.

But this opportunity was destroyed by his own hands.

Because he didn’t believe Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou watched Su Shiming quietly for a while, and suddenly lost interest.

Originally, he was very angry.

Because the Su family is one of his few partners in Donghai City.

But Su Shiming betrayed him, which gave Dustin Zhou a feeling of sincerely feeding the dog.

But now he looked at Su Shiming who was kneeling on the ground, and suddenly he no longer had any interest in thinking about it.

What if you kill Su Shiming?

He didn’t care what happened to the Su family.

Even if the entire Su family was destroyed, it would not bring much fluctuation to his heart.

On the contrary, he still admires Su Wei very much. If the Su family is destroyed, Su Wei will be very unhappy.

That being the case, it would be better to sell Su Wei’s face and let the Su family go directly.

Of course, Su Shiming did not pay the price completely.

The price is that Dustin Zhou will never trust him again!

Although on the surface, he didn’t seem to pay any price, everything in the Su family was fine.

But without Dustin Zhou’s trust, their losses would simply be incalculable.

“Get up,” Dustin Zhou said, “Patriarch Su, what happened today depends on Su Wei’s face.

Come on, I don’t need to embarrass you Su family.

“But I don’t want another time. If there is another time, even if Su Wei will be unhappy, I won’t let your Su family go.

Su Shiming simply doubted his ears. Dustin Zhou let him go so easily? He even made a plan to pay Dustin Zhou one-half of his wealth! But Dustin Zhou let him go! This let him go! Excited, he hurriedly said, “Yes, Mr. Zhou, don’t worry, if there is another time, I don’t need you to do it, I will definitely apologize in front of you!

“This sentence, Su Shiming really wants to say. Because now he has regretted it, before Dustin Zhou spoke, he had made plans. Even if Dustin Zhou asked him to lose one-half of his property, he would not Blame Dustin Zhou, on the contrary, he must remain absolutely loyal to Dustin Zhou in the future! As a man, he can’t be a slogan. As long as the lineup is selected, he must support it without hesitation. Su Shiming believes that Dustin Zhou is definitely a person worthy of his support. Therefore, He has also made up his mind now that he will never betray Dustin Zhou in the future. However, Dustin Zhou did not take his guarantees in mind. What Dustin Zhou wants is practice, performance, not simple guarantee. In this way, Dustin Zhou Leaving the Su family, he returned to Mingyang and continued to develop the third generation of explosive products. Through the sales of the first two generations of explosive products, Mingyang has accumulated a lot of wealth this year. You know, masks That kind of thing is a consumer product. If a person finds the brand of Mingyang company, she will buy it several times a month. A piece of mask is calculated at ten yuan, because Mingyang company makes high-end masks, and the price is In fact, it is far more than ten yuan, but they are the original manufacturer, so the profit is relatively small. That is to say, Mingyang company can make two yuan for every piece of mask sold. They are in the entire east, there are about three There are about 10 million fans, these 30 million people are all girls who have recognized the brand of the famous company and only buy their company’s facial masks. 30 million people, each person uses ten facial masks a month, that is to say One person will create a profit of 20 yuan for Mingyang every month. Thirty million people, that is, a net profit of 600 million! A net profit of 600 million a month, a net profit of 7.2 billion per year Profit! It can be called a horror! So the total market value of Mingyang has reached more than 40 billion. As the second largest shareholder of Mingyang, Dustin Zhou’s worth has finally exceeded 10 billion. Now, he is still developing. If the third-generation explosive product succeeds, Mingyang’s assets are likely to double. At that time, Mingyang may directly enter the Hundred Billion Club.


Hundreds of billions of clubs, the dream of many big people, now Dustin Zhou seems to be close at hand to achieve this goal.

He temporarily focused all his attention on his work, because he knew that sometimes money can really mean everything.

As long as he has money, he can defeat a hidden family like the Xu family without blood.

As long as he has money and even has enough wealth comparable to the Zhou family, he will not encounter any obstacles when he returns to the Zhou family.

What a joke, who would reject an heir who is richer than his entire family?

Therefore, he is not rich enough, he must continue to work hard to make money!

Finally, Dustin Zhou’s third-generation R&D products finally made decisive progress, and Enderia Shen also invited him to formally attend the industry exchange meeting the next day, but Dustin Zhou suddenly received the invitation from the Xu family.

The Xu family contacted him by telephone, “Mr. Dustin Zhou, right? I am the head of the Xu family.” Dustin Zhou was taken aback for a moment, and then said after a moment of silence, “That’s really a rare visitor, what can I do? “I don’t know if Mr. Zhou has time, we would like to invite you to Xu’s family as a guest.”

Chapter 984

On the opposite side of the phone, there was an old voice, which sounded very calm and powerful.

Even with a mobile phone, Dustin Zhou could imagine that the Patriarch of the Xu family should be an old man with the bones of Xianfeng Dao. He looked like 70 or 80 years old, but he had a calm temperament. I have seen through everything in the world a long time ago, no matter what I face, I can maintain absolute peace.

Regardless of the opponent’s strength, from the perspective of xinxing, the opponent has definitely reached the point where “Taishan collapsed in front of him without changing his color”.

Not to be underestimated!

Dustin Zhou made such a comment in his heart, and then said faintly, “Sorry, I don’t have time.” This sentence almost made the Xu family Patriarch on the opposite side of the phone spit blood.

Who is he?

Patriarch of the Xu family!

It can be said that before Dustin Zhou became the emperor of warriors, he was the most powerful symbol of Donghai City!

What sh*t the Sun family of the first family, the Su family of the second family, etc., in front of him can only be the younger brother of the younger brothers!

And who would he call again?

Dustin Zhou!

That is the only warrior emperor in Donghai City!

Called the true first person in Donghai City!

The two of them represent the pinnacle of the entire Donghai City, and he can call Dustin Zhou, which means that there is definitely a big movement that can shock the entire Donghai City.

He considers himself a big man.

So he also has the proud self-esteem of a big man. Even if he knows that his strength and status are slightly inferior to Dustin Zhou, he can still remain calm and calm.

Called Dustin Zhou.

Because big people like them who stand at the top must have the attitude of believing!

In his concept, Dustin Zhou should be the same as him.

So the sentence he asked if there is time is actually just a polite sentence, just ask casually.

In a call with their identity, they must be involved in a big event that shocked the entire East China Sea. How could they refuse to go to the appointment because they don’t have time?

So he had long thought about how Dustin Zhou would answer, “Oh? Since Patriarch Xu personally invited Zhou, it is better to be respectful than his fate.” He has already figured out the wording for Dustin Zhou. After all, the dialogue between big people is not. Should they all look like this?

What’s the matter if I don’t have time?

What are you busy with? You don’t have time?

Don’t you understand how important it is for us to meet?

Is there anything more important than meeting us in Donghae City?

This is the true feeling of the head of the Xu family, so when he heard Dustin Zhou’s answer, he almost vomited blood out of anger.

“Mr. Zhou, aren’t you afraid?” The Xu family Patriarch said in a cold voice, he was using the radical technique, because he thought that Dustin Zhou just now was also using the radical technique.

He deliberately told him that he didn’t have time, just to show that he didn’t take the Xu family seriously.

Therefore, he said that Dustin Zhou was scared. This was also an agitation. He wanted to see who could hold his breath.

He didn’t think Dustin Zhou really had no time, because he felt that for Dustin Zhou, nothing was more important than meeting him.

In fact, this is why he is a bit narcissistic, and he has a lot of plots in his mind.

Dustin Zhou said that there is no time. It is really no time. After all, he will accompany Enderia Shen to the peer exchange meeting tomorrow morning.

If you accept Xu’s invitation, at least tomorrow will be passed.

Originally, Dustin Zhou was just a simple answer, but he discovered something very interesting.

Originally, he thought that the Patriarch of the Xu family had cultivated to the realm of seeing through the red dust and being calm, so the tone of voice could be so calm when talking to himself.

But he just answered that he didn’t have time, which made him a little bit irritated. On the contrary, it seemed that he was a bit high on the other person.

In fact, in a realm like Dustin Zhou, he can say whatever he thinks in his heart, and he doesn’t deliberately pretend to be undisturbed by holding a shelf, and he is truly close to returning to the original.

The Patriarch of the Xu family is just a pretended aura, and in fact he has not reached that state at all!

Dustin Zhou curled his lips in disdain. Since he became the emperor of warriors, he found that the Xu family

The veil of mystery and terror gradually disappeared.

On the contrary, judging from several contacts, the performance of the Xu family can be said to have disappointed Dustin Zhou.

Bad, it’s just too bad!

That’s it?

The dignified family of the Xu family, this is it?

Dustin Zhou thought how ruthless it was before!

A group of short-sighted little people!

Dustin Zhou chuckled and said faintly, “Patriarch Xu is too worried. If Dustin Zhou is afraid, the first thing to do is to leave Donghai City, not tell you that there is no time.” “I said there is no time, but there is really no time. , I will have an exchange meeting tomorrow.” Faced with the excitement of Xu Family Patriarch, Dustin Zhou remained unmoved, because what he said was always the truth.

There is no guilty conscience at all, he is not afraid at all, why should he be excited?

He just wants to accompany Enderia Shen to a meeting!

Meeting the Xu family is no more important than being with Enderia Shen!

The Patriarch of the Xu family was speechless again.

He didn’t expect that his radical method would not be effective.

After biting, he said again, “Tomorrow? That is to say, Mr. Zhou has time now, right?” “That’s not as good. Take time to come to my Xu family to sit down and make sure you won’t delay your second. A matter of heaven!” Didn’t you say that there is no time?

Didn’t you say that the day is busy?

Then I invite you to come over now!

Dustin Zhou also froze for a while, but he did not expect that the Xu family could not wait.

Originally, he wanted to go home and have a good night’s sleep, but thinking about it carefully, it seems that there is nothing wrong with the past.

After all, he really wanted to meet the legendary Xu family for a while.

So he agreed.

The Patriarch of the Xu family over the phone was very happy when he heard Dustin Zhou’s promise. He felt that his radical method had succeeded.

Didn’t you Dustin Zhou pretending not to take the Xu family to heart?

I invite you now, don’t you come here now!

In fact, Dustin Zhou is really very idle, just come over and take a look.

“Okay Mr. Zhou, in order to save time as much as possible and not affect your work, we will send a helicopter to pick you up.” “I don’t know if Mr. Zhou has ever been in a helicopter? I hope you won’t get airsick.” Xu Jia The owner said with some pride.

The reason for emphasizing helicopters, to put it bluntly, is that he is purely showing off.

This is the strength of our Xu family!

A random action is to dispatch a helicopter!

Chapter 985

Dustin Zhou naturally heard that the Patriarch of the Xu family was showing off, but in his state of mind, he would never take this kind of thing into his heart.

Because of his assets, he can buy countless helicopters. Although he does not have a helicopter now, and he has never been in that thing, it does not mean that he will really envy him, or even


This is like a local tyrant going to elementary school for a stroll, and the pupil envy him that he has a mechanical pencil sharpener is a concept.

The local tyrant does not have an automatic pencil sharpener, but it does not mean that he will really envy the pupil.

Since the other party wanted to send a helicopter to pick him up, it did save him a lot of trouble, so he calmly agreed.

The head of the Xu family hung up the phone depressed, because he deliberately emphasized the helicopter in his family, but Dustin Zhou did not have any special performance, which made him feel like a punch on the cotton, which was very uncomfortable.

But this was upset, he could only taste it silently by himself, and then sent a helicopter to pick up Dustin Zhou.

Sara Ye knocked on the door of Dustin Zhou’s office in the Mingyang Building where the Mingyang company was located. “Zhou, there is a document here that you need to sign.” Sara Ye’s eyes looked at Dustin Zhou, filled with faint resentment.

Originally, she could be said to be one of Dustin Zhou’s closest women, but now, as Dustin Zhou’s assistant, she rarely sees Dustin Zhou.

I don’t know why, it is a good thing that my boss often does not come to work, because that means she is much freer.

But Sara Ye was very depressed, and Dustin Zhou’s shadow often appeared in her mind.

She often missed Dustin Zhou and couldn’t fall asleep, but the distance between her and Dustin Zhou was getting farther and farther.

This made her very upset. Today, she finally caught Dustin Zhou, and then sent a dozen documents to Dustin Zhou’s office a day.

Now, taking advantage of the time when she came to the office to deliver documents, she planned to ask Dustin Zhou out to chat.

“Ms. Zhou, this is almost off work, are you not going back?” Sara Ye said softly while watching Dustin Zhou’s figure with her head down and signing the text.

“Well, I’ll leave after signing this contract. It just happens that there is something else.” Dustin Zhou said, put away the pen in his hand, and then looked at Sara Ye and said, “If there is nothing wrong, you can get off work.” “You can get off work earlier.” You must not work overtime.” Dustin Zhou said this as a joke. After he finished speaking, he stood up and walked outside.

But Sara Ye was slightly taken aback.

Is this going to go?

She was caught off guard at all!

He hurriedly called Dustin Zhou, “Well, Zhou, Zhou!” Dustin Zhou turned around and looked at Xiang Sara Ye, only to realize that today’s Sara Ye seemed a little different from the past.

If you want to say it, it is too beautiful.

Sara Ye herself is a great beauty. As Dustin Zhou’s assistant at Mingyang, she is a white-collar worker at the top of the social elite. She lives in a mansion and wears famous-brand clothes. She looks very delicate.

But today’s Sara Ye is more refined than ever, wearing a staff role

Professional clothing, a short skirt that just reached the knee, with a light makeup on his face.

In fact, the biggest difference is her temperament. Today’s Sara Ye looks a little bit shy and charming. In addition to her professional atmosphere, she also has a layer of femininity, which makes Dustin Zhou a little disappointed.

Just kidding, because Dustin Zhou came to the company today, Sara Ye spent the whole day doing makeup and touch-ups!

Hell if there is no effect at all!

Seeing Dustin Zhou’s slightly lost gaze, Sara Ye felt ecstatic in her heart, but her face became even more shy, “Well, Mr. Zhou, I want to say, you haven’t eaten yet, if it’s convenient, let’s have a meal together in the evening. Right.” After speaking, Sara Ye’s blush seemed to be bleeding.

This is almost explicit, not even a hint at all, invite Dustin Zhou out to have some dinner in the evening!

In an adult society, many relationships only happen when you come out to eat at night, especially when you are alone.

That’s why Sara Ye is so shy.

Dustin Zhou was also slightly taken aback.

Seeing Sara Ye’s attractive figure, he was so heartbeat.

Of course, he still refused.

Because he has promised the Xu family’s main visitor.

It’s not that the Xu family is very important in Dustin Zhou’s mind, more important than eating with Sara Ye, but he has always been a man who values ​​commitment.

Even if the Xu family exists in his heart like an ant, since he has promised the Xu family to be a guest at the Xu family, he will definitely refuse to go to the Xu family for all activities. This is Dustin Zhou’s principle of life.

Therefore, he rejected Sara Ye.

Of course Sara Ye was disappointed. She still wanted to struggle to defend something and let Dustin Zhou continue to accompany her, but at this time, there was a huge roar outside the window.

“What’s the situation? What’s the matter?” Sara Ye asked in a flustered manner.

Such a huge roar made her feel a little uneasy, you know, they are on the 72nd floor!

Usually looking out from the window, it is often the endless city skyscrapers and various scenery.

In this building, there is quite a small view of the mountains.

In other words, Mingyang Company is the tallest building nearby, and all other buildings do not reach the height of Mingyang Company.

Therefore, Mingyang is usually very quiet, at least, it is very quiet outside the windows.

What can make noise up to the 72nd floor?

Can there be nothing but the air outside to be quiet?

But now, there was a huge roar outside, which made her feel uneasy, as if the end had come.

It won’t be an earthquake!

Sara Ye looked at Dustin Zhou in panic.

Dustin Zhou’s face was calm, and even a hint of helplessness on his face.

These old guys from the Xu family

, Do you have to be so ostentatious?

The helicopter drove directly outside his office. Is it really that great to have a helicopter?

Dustin Zhou shook his head, walked into the office and opened the window.

The strong wind rushed into the office, Sara Ye now clearly saw the source of the roar, it was a helicopter!

A jet black, ordinary steel eagle-like helicopter, floating in the air with a huge roar.

Only by personally experiencing the operation of the helicopter at close range can we truly understand how powerful this giant machine is.

Sara Ye was secretly shocked, and the scene before her was like a special force in a science fiction film.

And Dustin Zhou stood quietly in front of the window and stared at the figure of the helicopter, which also seemed so magnificent at this moment.

It’s just like a male god!

Then, Dustin Zhou jumped out of the window and onto the helicopter.

Male god, flew away.

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