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Chapter 1028

“I understand. From the moment the Xu family planned to attack you, the Xu family has already begun to be destroyed.” Xu Mira said with emotion.

The current Dustin Zhou, in his eyes, is simply a god-like existence, which can be described as omnipotent.

He no longer wondered if Dustin Zhou had any background, because it didn’t make much sense.

What he knows very well now is that Dustin Zhou is definitely an outstanding wizard. He doesn’t need any background, just by virtue of talent, he can already beat the Xu family.

Therefore, the Xu family was destined to perish since the moment it hit Dustin Zhou’s attention.

Dustin Zhou neither agreed nor opposed to this view, but he added, “Perhaps I am indeed a factor that hastened the demise of the Xu family.” “But believe me, even if I do not appear, the Xu family will one day It will perish.” Dustin Zhou’s words are a bit meaningful, and Xu Mira carefully tasted it, and he was convinced.


After contacting Dustin Zhou and Hu Ye for a short period of tens of minutes, Xu Mira found that his pattern level immediately went up.

He can jump out of many things and look at it with a more long-term perspective.

Sure enough, listening to your words is better than studying for ten years. He who was in the Xu family back then did not have this consciousness.

Thinking about it now, the Xu family’s virtues continue to develop, and even if Dustin Zhou fails to take action, it will be destroyed sooner or later.

Seeing Xu Mira’s performance, Dustin Zhou also nodded secretly. This Xu Mira’s consciousness is still very good.

If this continues, he will surely understand a lot of things, and in the future, he will not easily betray Tiger Lord.

Lord Tiger also spoke, “Okay, Xu Mira, listen to me. I ask Mr. Zhou to let you stand up, so that you can better atone for your sins. For the Xu family, don’t forget this!” Tiger The master didn’t pretend, instead of calling Xu Mira Uncle Mira, he called his name directly.

No matter how broad-minded Lord Tiger was, the old man in front of him was one of the main culprits who killed his father!

It is basically impossible to forgive this old man.

And Xu Mira is indeed determined to make atonement now.

Although Lord Tiger’s attitude towards him was not very good, he still nodded sincerely, “Tianhu, I understand, if you have anything, just order it.” “If you are in good health, how much can you mobilize the Xu family? People!” Lord Tiger asked.

Xu Mira thought for a while, “Probably, ten or so.” “But I can guarantee that none of these ten people will betray you, because before cooperating, I will tell them that they are going to go to you.” Xu Mira added One sentence.

Master Tiger nodded, ten martial masters, that’s not too small.

You know, Xu Ling Yuce turned ten martial masters, which means that the Xu family main line lost ten martial masters!

One trades up!

Lord Tiger looked at Dustin Zhou again, “Mr. Zhou, we can call up 15 martial masters on our side, so that it will be about 25 or so.” “And the main line of the Xu family, there is probably this remaining. The number should be between twenty-five and thirty. The problem of the martial artist’s master should not be too much pressure.” “The other issues are all left to you.” Tiger Lord said very sincerely.

Hu Ye and Dustin Zhou are planning to launch a general attack on the Xu family.

This was also decided by Dustin Zhou and Hu Ye on the road.

Because both felt that this was definitely the best opportunity.

The Xu family, who was originally decadent and defeated, broke up again because of the affairs of the noble lady.

If you don’t take action at this time, when should you wait?

So the plan of the two is for Master Tiger to instigate Xu Mira

After the two sides joined forces, together with Dustin Zhou’s power, they directly launched a general attack on the Xu family!

These are things that have been discussed for a long time, Dustin Zhou will naturally not refuse, nodded and said, “Okay, don’t worry.” “As for the martial master, I will also transfer four from the Su family. Let me reduce the pressure for you, who knows if the Xu family has any other players.” Dustin Zhou said with a light smile.

But the speaker was unintentional and the listener intentionally, Xu Mira on the side suddenly spoke.

“By the way, Mr. Zhou, if you don’t say anything, I would have forgotten it.” “Because the Xu family has not had a fight for too long, so those methods have not been used for too long, but if the Xu family really has an extermination level In the event of a disaster, those means will definitely be used.” “Huh? Means?” Dustin Zhou became interested.

Is it possible for the Xu family to have any unreleased cards?

They claim that they can kill the martial master’s test formation, Dustin Zhou has successfully passed.

Besides, what other means does the Xu family have?

“You passed the test formation?” Xu Mira was shocked again after hearing Dustin Zhou’s words.

But he soon got used to it, and now he feels that it doesn’t seem surprising that any miracle happened to Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou nodded faintly, “Well, that test is really interesting, but I think you said it shouldn’t be this.” “After all, this test, as long as you don’t take the initiative to enter, he is equivalent to a decoration, nothing Threat.” Xu Mira also nodded and said, “Mr. Zhou is really keen. Although I am shocked at how you can pass the test, what I want to say is that Xu’s hole card is really not this.” “Except for this test. In addition, the Xu family also has a clan guardian formation.” Xu Mira said in a deep voice, “The guardian clan formation is also an advanced method left by the ancestors. Although it can be activated only a few times, it has to go through a hundred Nian’s spiritual energy supplement can be used continuously, but his power is definitely not to be underestimated.” Hearing this, Dustin Zhou’s face also changed slightly.

Needless to say, just listening can imagine how terrifying the power of that formation is.

It only takes a hundred years to replenish the aura. How could that formation be weak?

I am afraid that the emperor of warriors will only be beaten there!

“The Xu family, there is such a method?” Dustin Zhou said with a headache.

“Yes,” Xu Mira seemed helpless. “I guess that Xu Shengming himself has forgotten this kind of thing. After all, the cost of using this formation is very high, and once it is used, it cannot be used again within a hundred years. Now, this is a very dangerous hole card.” “

But the ingenious thing about this formation is that it doesn’t need the Holy Spirit to activate it at all. It is a passive activation formation. When the Xu family is really passive and about to die, the big formation will automatically activate.

Chapters 1029

Originally, the Xu family’s guardian formation was almost forgotten, because the starting conditions for this formation were too harsh. Under normal circumstances, I didn’t dare to take it lightly. Activation. Once activated, it will take a hundred years to cool down. During this one hundred years, the Xu family means that they have lost all of their asylum. But what makes Dustin Zhou a headache is that this large array turned out to be passively activated. It means that even if the Xu family doesn’t have to do anything at all, they must face the threat of this big array. “How can this be good?”

“Master Tiger also frowned. They calculated everything and did everything possible, including the emperor’s test Dustin Zhou also proposed, but they never expected that the Xu family would have such a trick. Sure enough, there are also broken ships. Three thousand nails, a behemoth like the Xu family, his background can’t be measured by common sense at all. It’s impossible to say that even if this guardian array is broken, the Xu family will still pop out some hole cards that they don’t even know. After all, this is a reclusive family that has been passed down for thousands of years! “There is no need to panic. Soldiers will stop.

“Dustin Zhou said lightly. Although, Dustin Zhou was also very afraid of the guardian formation, because he could imagine what kind of formation it was. It would take a hundred years to store energy. However, This must not be the reason for his retreat. The Xu family is immortal, and sooner or later it will be a disaster. Even if Dustin Zhou can let them go, they are also staring at the jade in Dustin Zhou’s hands. “In any case, we just need to be fully prepared. That’s it. If something really happens then I will cover your retreat first.

“This is Dustin Zhou’s guarantee. If the Xu family’s guardian formation is truly irresistible, then even if he sacrifices his life, he will also cover the withdrawal of Hu Ye and others. Dustin Zhou believes that he should still have this strength. , After all, he is also the emperor of warriors who will not appear among the millions of people in China. Rumor has it that there is no place in this world where the emperor of warriors can’t go. It can be seen from this rumor that the emperor of warriors How powerful is the strength? Even if it is really unable to withstand the guardian formation, it should be more than enough to escape. Hearing Dustin Zhou’s assurance, Lord Tiger immediately relieved his heart, and at the same time, he was also moved. Next, Dustin Zhou Dialed Su Shiming’s number. “Mr. Zhou.

After Xu Fengtian’s anti-Su clan incident last time, Su Shiming’s attitude towards Dustin Zhou now is as much respect as he can be. Dustin Zhou is indifferent.

He promised, and then said, “Patriarch Su, are you busy?” “Are you busy or not, what instructions does Mr. Zhou have?” Su Shiming said hurriedly.

At the same time, he was also a little puzzled. What could Dustin Zhou do if he asked him?

What else can they do for Dustin Zhou?

“Since it’s not busy, take the time to bring the four martial masters of your family out,” Dustin Zhou paused, then said, “Let’s go to the Xu family.” “By the way, the Xu family will be destroyed.” “Oh. , OK!” Su Shiming agreed without thinking, and then he let out a scream like a pig, “No, no, what did you say?” “By the way, destroy the Xu family?” Is it so sudden? ?

Without any warning in advance, I just called him and talked about the big event that destroyed the Xu family?

Shouldn’t this kind of thing be planned months in advance?

Can this kind of thing be casually talked about on the phone?

Moreover, the tone is so casual!

What does it mean to take time out, and what does it mean to destroy the Xu family?

That’s the Xu family!

Not one of the top families in Donghai City!

Su Shiming was shocked and speechless. If the person who said this was not Dustin Zhou, he would definitely want to open the person’s head to see what was inside.

But now, he just sighed silently, and then sighed that the big guy is the big guy, and he was afraid that he would not be able to learn this way of speaking.

Dustin Zhou’s voice came from the microphone again to wake him up, “Yes, do you have any opinion on destroying the Xu family?” “No, no.” Su Shiming, who was sober from the shock, agreed again.

“Mr. Zhou, don’t worry, I will be there soon.” Resoluteness and excitement were in his voice.

This is going to destroy the Xu family!

This is definitely a big event that can be included in the history of Donghai City. After this event, their Su family can definitely jump up and directly replace the Sun family and become the first family of the first-class family in Donghai City.

Of course, it is impossible for their Su family to replace the Xu family. Su Shiming is still very self-aware. Even if the Xu family is destroyed, only Dustin Zhou can replace the Xu family. Their Su family will always be the old man. two.

But this is also no way. After all, the Xu family was destroyed, and their Su family was not the one who contributed the most.

He was already very excited to be involved in this kind of thing.

Here, Su Shiming called the four worship elders of the Su family, and at the same time called Su Wei.

On Dustin Zhou’s side, it was very simple. He only brought Niu Chuan.

The lineup on the Tiger’s side is relatively huge, including himself, there are a total of twenty martial masters!

And Xu Mira can also instigate ten martial masters.

In this way, there are more than thirty martial masters on their side.

And the main line of the Xu family, there are probably only about thirty martial masters left.

If only the Martial Master, the two sides seem to be evenly matched, but the battle between the two sides is definitely not such a simple algorithm.

Soon, Dustin Zhou’s people gathered together, all concentrated in the Brilliant Hotel.

Dustin Zhou sat lazily in the chair behind, but Hu Ye, Su Shiming and others stood in front of the crowd yelling loudly.

Dustin Zhou and Su Wei chatted and drank tea while being bored behind.

On the other side, the Xu family.

Xu Shengsheng sat in the middle of the hall with a serious face.

On both sides of him, all the current high-levels of the Xu family were all gloomy.

Everyone gathered together and looked at a young man with a smooth surface in the middle.

“What you just said is true?” Xu Shengjing asked.

The young man nodded hurriedly, “It’s true, Patriarch Xu, even if I have the courage, I dare not use this kind of thing to deceive you!” “Our grandson family has an undercover in the Su family. Now, the whole Su The four offerings of the family have all been taken out by Su Shiming!” “And I have another piece of news. The main force of the Xu family this time is actually your own person in the Xu family. That person’s name is Xu Tianhu!” The young people in the hall said vowedly, as if they knew Dustin Zhou’s actions well.

Chapters 1030

This Sun Shengjie is the most outstanding outstanding among the younger generation of the Sun family.

When the secret of Dustin Zhou becoming the emperor of warriors was revealed, Sun Qiankun held a family meeting to discuss how to treat Dustin Zhou and the Xu family.

At that time, Sun Qiankun came to the conclusion that the Xu family is certainly strong, but that kind of strength can be seen and touched.

Everyone knows that the Xu family is strong, and everyone knows why and where the Xu family is strong.

But Dustin Zhou is different.

Dustin Zhou is like a genius born out of nowhere, from obscurity all the way to his achievements today, no one knows his trump card.

But every time he appears, Sun Qiankun’s three views will be refreshed. Therefore, Sun Qiankun’s conclusion is that Dustin Zhou is even more terrifying than the Xu family.

Would rather offend Xu Jia than Dustin Zhou!

From that time on, Sun Qiankun had actually made up his mind and gradually turned to Dustin Zhou.

But this Sun Shengjie disagreed with Sun Qiankun’s ideas, so he secretly contacted the Xu family and was responsible for helping the Xu family monitor Dustin Zhou.

Of course, small shrimp like him, if

If Dustin Zhou was monitored by means of tracking, he would have been discovered long ago.

But this guy didn’t know whether he was cautious or self-aware. He never revealed his identity as a spy from beginning to end, but only carefully collected Dustin Zhou’s intelligence.

He really found a lot of information for him. For example, through Dustin Zhou’s connection with the Brilliant Hotel, he even dug out the identity of Tiger Lord, and learned that Tiger Lord is the young master of the Xu family.

Today, he even learned that Dustin Zhou was going to lead everyone to attack the Xu family, and he ran over to report it.

For the Xu family, this is definitely news similar to a bolt from the blue!

They didn’t dare to ask for a big deal, and directly summoned all the staff.

“That Dustin Zhou, will you really attack our Xu family today?” someone asked anxiously.

“Looking at this posture, there should be no fakes. You see, the Patriarch has gathered everyone together.” “What should I do? Isn’t our Xu family going to perish? But I don’t want to die!” Dang Xu After the Holy Spirit gathered these people from the Xu family, the Xu family suddenly fell into an atmosphere of panic.

These years of decay have caused them to lose their confidence in fighting before they even go to war.

The main reason is that Dustin Zhou came to Xu’s family last time and left them too impressive.

Strong, self-confident, and those temperaments are not possessed by many of their families.

They couldn’t imagine that they could defeat an opponent like Dustin Zhou.

Even Xu Shengsheng had a very guilty conscience. After all, he saw Dustin Zhou survive the test of their Xu family.

“It’s over. If we lose, where should we go to live in the future? Will Dustin Zhou leave us some of the property?” Xu Shengjing mumbled.

“Patriarch Xu, why are you such a posture? It’s just a little Dustin Zhou, don’t you have the confidence to win at all?” Seeing this chaos in the Xu family, Sun Shengjie couldn’t help it. Tucaodao.

He put Baoquan on the Xu family, but the people of the Xu family are so promising?

When he came to see Xu’s family before, he was more arrogant than the other!

How did you face Dustin Zhou and become like this?

“Your Xu family, as a family that has passed on for thousands of years, is it possible to achieve without any foundation?” Sun Shengjie asked unwillingly.

If the Sun family has just this attitude, then the designation is going to lose!

“Background? Yes, hurry up and see if our ancestors have left any other weapons, such as formation pill, etc., take out all that can be taken out!” Xu Shengsheng ordered.

The entire Xu family once again made a mess.

On Dustin Zhou’s side, everyone had assembled, and Xu Mira had already used the phone to instigate the people against him.


There were less than forty people in their party, and they drove ten black Audi cars and headed towards Xu Jiaxing.

Soon, they came to the Xu family’s manor, dozens of black cars, all parked on the big lawn in front of the Xu family.

Dustin Zhou took the lead to get out of the car. He wanted to knock on the door and give the Xu family a surprise, but when he got out of the car, he was surprised to find that the Xu family was already prepared.

All the Xu family disciples, uniformly dressed, stood at the door, and the few headed by them were Xu Shengsheng and other high-level leaders.

In this way, the Xu family is also quite imposing.

“It seems that the news from the Xu family is quite fluent.” Dustin Zhou leaned on the car, stretched out, and walked towards them first.

And the other thirty-odd martial masters followed closely behind him.

“Patriarch Xu, we meet again.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile on his face.

Xu Shengsheng’s face was very ugly, “Huh, Dustin Zhou, you are a horrible thing, dare to come back.” “Since you are here, I will definitely let you come back and forth this time!” People, for the arrival of Dustin Zhou this time, I am also very afraid.

But as the head of the family, he can still do it with a few harsh words before he is completely defeated.

“Last time I let you go, do you really think you are a human being?” “I want to provoke our Xu family’s thousand-year-old foundation, and I don’t know where you have the courage!” These words seem decent, but Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but laughed.

“Well-hearted?” “Patriarch Xu, it seems that from the very beginning, your Xu family has been holding me Dustin Zhou?” “It was not your Xu family who let me go last time, right? Obviously you tried your best to kill me. I died, but I was not able to keep me. Isn’t that the same thing?” “And this time, it’s actually not what I want to do to your Xu family, but I want to introduce some old friends. I’ll get to know you.” Dustin Zhou turned sideways, and Lord Tiger walked over with a group of people from the Xu family.

“Uncle, it’s been a long time.” Master Tiger gritted his teeth, staring at Xu Shengsheng and said.

He wanted to see this face for too long!

His uncle, Xu Shengsheng!

The murderer who personally killed his mother back then forced his father to commit suicide!

The vengeance of killing the father and killing the mother is not shared!

“Do you still know me? I am Tianhu.” Lord Tiger said with a trembling voice, “I didn’t expect it, I’m back.” “Xu Tianhu! It really is you!” After seeing Lord Tiger, Xu Shengming’s face was also suddenly changed. It changed, but it didn’t look unexpected.

After all, he had heard about Lord Tiger from Sun Shengjie.

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