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Chapter 803

They don’t want to fight head-on with the Xu family, they want a stable, Su Shiming can understand.

However, his Su family has never been harsh to these small families on weekdays. On the contrary, they often take care of these small families. Whenever they have any business, they will also take these families with them.

But now, they haven’t said their final decision, and the two families have begun to rebel.

If this is the Su family facing the real life and death, wouldn’t they be faster than anyone else?

“Hmph, we have already made a good decision, but we haven’t had time to say it!” Su Shiming coldly snorted. The more he looks at Ding Zhengyi now, the more he feels that the other party is not a good thing.

In the past, Su Shiming still believed that the Ding family was an established family that had been rooted in the East China Sea for decades, and Ding Zhengyi, as the current speaker of the Ding family, was not very effective, but it was not annoying.

Only now, when Su Shiming looked at Ding Zhengyi, he felt nauseous.

“Oh? You made a decision long ago? It’s better to talk about it, let us all listen to it!” Ding Zhengyi’s eyes lit up, but he quickly returned to the state of squinting.

However, Ding Zhengyi’s words were agreed by everyone.

Now only Su Shiming and Dustin Zhou did not express their final attitude, and the attention of everyone was naturally higher.

“You said, what is the attitude of the Su family?” “I don’t know, but the Su family is inferior to the Sun family. It’s half a catty to the Ding family. I guess I will be the same as the Ding family. Choose to just watch the changes.” “Ah, then. Didn’t those two people offend the Su family for nothing?” “This is not good, maybe Su Shiming suddenly became stupid, his brain was congested, and he wanted to talk to the Xu family.


“… Listening to everyone talking in a low voice, the two people from the Ding family just turned their heads, their faces are so ugly at this moment, they can’t wait to find a place to get in. If they had known that the Su family would be the same as the Ding family, what were they doing? They have to switch over. Now it’s alright. They have completely offended the Su family, and I’m afraid they won’t feel better in the future. “Dustin Zhou, come on.

Su Shiming looked at Dustin Zhou and said softly. This can be regarded as a tacit understanding between them. In fact, when he came today, Su Shiming knew that the Su family had not yet reached an agreement. The second and fourth worships both hope that the Su family can follow Ding. The family is the same, don’t care about the birth of the Xu family and just watch the changes. However, coming here today, facing the aggressiveness of the Sun family and the Ding family, Su Shiming knows that as the current Patriarch of the Su family, he must come up with the ultimate Decided. That’s why Su Shiming suddenly said that he had cooperated with Dustin Zhou. Now letting Dustin Zhou announce their attitude is to show everyone an attitude. Dustin Zhou is at the same level as his Su Shiming, so naturally it is also with him. Sun Qiankun and Ding Zhengyi exist at the same level. After Su Shiming finished speaking, everyone’s eyes were gathered on Dustin Zhou’s face, and everyone looked different. Obviously, for Dustin Zhou, everyone’s understanding still remained in that he was just a famous company. For the sake of shareholders, don’t say that they are at the same level as those of big families like Sun Qiankun and Ding Zhengyi. Even if they are compared with those of their small families, everyone still feels a little disdainful. However, since Su Shiming said so, Everyone will naturally not be in trouble now, but they want to hear what Dustin Zhou will say. “Haha, it seems that everyone is looking forward to our decision-making attitude.

Dustin Zhou chuckled. He naturally saw everything just now, and he also had a relatively good understanding of everyone’s mentality at the moment. Strictly speaking, most families want stability, they don’t want to. Toss, and can’t stand toss. For the birth of a hidden family like the Xu family, in fact, it does not have much to do with these families. Because whether it is the Xu family’s dominance at the top, or the Sun family, Ding Family, the Su family is restricted by them, and their living environment has not changed. The only ones who are being affected by the birth of the Xu family are the first-class families such as the Sun family, the Ding family and the Su family, with some strengths. Very powerful top second-rate family. Because before that, their right to speak in the East China Sea was very strong, no one can pose any threat to them. But now is different, the Xu family may be born at any time. And the existence of the Xu family’s hidden family , Not only the mystery, but also the foundation and strength

They are much stronger than these families. In this way, families like the Sun family will be restricted by the Xu family.

Even if the Xu family does nothing, just discovering it step by step will invisibly suppress the development of the Sun family.

After all, there are so many resources in the East China Sea. If the Xu family takes up part of the normal development, the Sun family will lose one point. In this way, the Sun family is naturally unwilling.

In addition, Sun Qiankun is an extremely conceited person, even in the face of the Xu family, he is arrogant to think that the Sun family may not be able to compete with the Xu family.

It is precisely because Dustin Zhou has seen this that he has not had any conflict with Sun Qiankun today, until now.

After all, his attitude towards the Xu family is also very tough.

The Xu family wanted to trouble him, and Dustin Zhou also reached a cooperation agreement with the Xu family members of the Tiger’s line, destined to be hostile to the Xu family’s line.

That being the case, then maybe the Sun family is still his partner.

After all, everyone’s enemies are the same and have common interests.

“As we all know, the Xu family is a hidden family with strong strength and profound background. It is far from comparable to ordinary families. Even any family in the East China Sea, even the first-class families such as the Sun family, Ding family, and Su family, alone Facing the Xu family, there is no chance of winning.” Dustin Zhou looked at everyone and said slowly.

In fact, he just told the facts about many things, even if he didn’t say it, everyone would understand the truth.

The Xu family is a hermit family, very powerful, this is an accepted fact.

Otherwise, the Sun family, Ding family, and Su family would not gather here to discuss how to face the birth of the Xu family.

“Although most of you have a mindset of watching the excitement and don’t want to do anything to the Xu family, and there are so many families supporting the Ding family, I have to say that what you think is really naive.” Dustin Zhou As soon as his voice fell, Shenglong Pavilion suddenly became noisy.

Many people sneered at Dustin Zhou’s words, thinking that he was just sensational.

The Xu family is a good family in the hidden world, but when the sky falls, there is a tall man against it.

If the Xu family takes action against the big and small families in the East China Sea, they will be the first to take the Sun family, Ding family, and Su family. As for their small families, they are not so conspicuous and will not attract the attention of the Xu family. Living environment and space.

Chapter 804

“Perhaps you may think that a hidden family like the Xu family will not do anything to you at all, but what I want to tell you is that you are wrong, and the Xu family is not as kind as you thought!” The attitude of the Su family is that they will do their best to stop the Xu family, and even destroy the Xu family at all costs!” The voice was sonorous and powerful.

, The breath is calm, as if coming from the heart.

Well, well said, well said!

Puff… At first, everyone didn’t react, but after someone was tasting, they suddenly woke up, looked at Dustin Zhou, dumbfounded, and suddenly couldn’t speak.


For an instant, there was silence in the Shenglong Pavilion, and it lasted a long time.

No one thought that Dustin Zhou would say such a thing.

Not only Ding Zhengyi and a large number of people who supported the Ding family, but even Sun Qiankun, who had a similar goal with Dustin Zhou, didn’t expect that they all looked at Dustin Zhou in surprise, with their mouths open, and they couldn’t close.

What did Dustin Zhou just say?

Do your best to stop the Xu family, even at the expense of the Xu family?

Is he kidding?

But it’s not funny at all!

“Pump…” Suddenly, one of them didn’t hold back, and directly spouted saliva.

And all of a sudden, it was like stabbing a hornet’s nest. In an instant, everyone laughed.

“Haha, this is really the funniest joke I’ve heard this year!” “Who does Dustin Zhou think he is? Just because he wants to fight the Xu family? Does he think there are several martial masters around him? Is the world invincible?” “Yes, Dustin Zhou is still too young, a bit arrogant, and can’t recognize reality.” “Yes, even the Sun family wants to unite with the big families in the East China Sea to dare to fight with the Xu family. With some thoughts, just this, the Sun family just wanted to win the upper hand for their family, but didn’t think about what to do with the Xu family. This week, Dustin Zhou was too crazy to talk about his identity.” “Dustin Zhou, does anyone believe what you said? You shouldn’t think that everyone is a big fool like you.” “Dustin Zhou, do you know how the Xu family exists? Do you know what the hidden family means? Is it?” “…” … For a time, everyone cast ridiculous eyes and words on Dustin Zhou.

In their opinion, Dustin Zhou must be crazy to say such a thing.

You know, even in the powerful Sun family in the East China Sea, they dare not say such things, but want to unite the big and small families in the East China Sea, unite together to resist the Xu family, and never dare to want to destroy the Xu family.

But what about Dustin Zhou?

He was so bold to say such a thing.

Why is he?

Is it because he cooperated with the Su Family Alliance?

Does it rely on the four martial masters around him?

Everyone sneered, and no one was optimistic about Dustin Zhou. Everyone’s face and eyes were full of sarcasm and disgust, as if Dustin Zhou was here, just lowering their grade.

Even Sun Qiankun, who wanted to be in front of the Xu family, looked at Dustin Zhou like a fool.

Better than their grandson

Sun Qiankun did not dare to say such a thing, why did he dare to Dustin Zhou?

“Hahahaha, Dustin Zhou, you really opened my eyes. Who gave you so much courage to say something like this?” Ding Zhengyi suddenly laughed and looked at Dustin Zhou with disdain.

He never thought Dustin Zhou would say such a thing.

Apart from anything else, if Dustin Zhou only wants to rely on the Su Family and the four martial masters around him, then Dustin Zhou is simply a big fool.

With this kind of strength, in front of the Xu family, let alone destroying the Xu family, it is impossible to even slightly block the Xu family’s offensive.

Even as soon as the two parties contact, Dustin Zhou will be wiped out in an instant.

Ding Zhengyi never thought that there were families and forces in the East China Sea that could compete with the Xu family.

And this is also the main reason why he has always stated that he takes a quiet attitude.

Otherwise, if anyone can really shake the Xu family, he just decided to take refuge in the first place.

Able to be the master of his own house, who wants to have a hidden family on top of his head.

“Don’t you think that you can fight with the Xu family by cooperating with the Su family? Dustin Zhou, you are so fancy!” “Don’t say you lose the entire Su family, even if you have four more martial masters beside you now, then It’s also a delusion!” Ding Zhengyi said mercilessly.

The attitudes and thoughts of others were the same as Ding Zhengyi, thinking that Dustin Zhou was nothing but whimsical.

If the Xu family is really so easy to deal with, wouldn’t their combined strength be stronger than Dustin Zhou and the Su family’s combined strength?

You know the truth, but when dealing with people, you must also focus on the bright spots and know who you can provoke and who you can’t provoke.

And what Dustin Zhou said at the moment was to provoke people he couldn’t afford.

“It seems you don’t believe it!” Dustin Zhou helplessly spread his hands, and glanced at Su Shiming. He also saw a trace of doubt in Su Shiming’s eyes.

Dustin Zhou was very helpless. He simply said his thoughts and attitude, but everyone seemed to think he was crazy.

Even Su Shiming looked at him with something wrong.

Could it be that even Su Shiming thought I was a fool, and my head was abnormal?

Dustin Zhou sighed deeply, very helpless.

“Dustin Zhou, what the hell is going on with you? You didn’t say that you would destroy the Xu family before. The Xu family is a hidden family. Do you know what this means?” Su Shiming whispered, and there was a little worry in his words.

He made the decision that the Su family cooperated with Dustin Zhou, but he never knew that Dustin Zhou actually wanted to destroy the Xu family.

How to destroy?

Who to rely on?

Su family?

Su Shiming was playing drums in his heart, not to mention his Su family, the whole East China Sea united together, maybe even

Able to compete with the Xu family.

But now, Dustin Zhou is not talking about fighting against the Xu family, but about destroying the Xu family.

If it weren’t for a twitchy mind, how could he say such a thing.

“Don’t worry, I have been prepared, if there is no absolute confidence, I would not say such a thing.” Dustin Zhou softly soothed.

At this time, he still couldn’t show the cooperation between him and Hu Ye. After all, who knows if anyone here has contact with the Xu family, and will secretly tell the Xu family what happened today.

If that is the case, then knowing his cooperation between Dustin Zhou and Hu Ye, then the Xu family is likely to make a move in advance, and all of a sudden by thunder means, go all out.

At that time, even if Dustin Zhou and Hu Ye cooperated with them, they would probably face a very dangerous situation.

“I just show my attitude. As for whether I can do it or not, it has nothing to do with you.” “Of course, if anyone wants to be with us, I am naturally very welcome!” Eight hundred

Chapter 805

(1) Dustin Zhou glanced at everyone, and said lightly, his eyes focused on those who supported him.

After all, these people chose to support themselves when they still expressed their opinions.

Now that I have said my attitude and decision, what other choices these people have is not for Dustin Zhou to decide.

Dustin Zhou’s voice fell, and an uproar was instantly set off in the Shenglong Pavilion.

After all, everyone might think that Dustin Zhou would make the same decision as Sun Qiankun.

But no one thought that Dustin Zhou would say things like destroying the Xu family.

Destroy the Xu family?

That was something that he couldn’t even think about. How could he dared to say it directly and grandiosely?

Many people who originally supported Dustin Zhou and Su Shiming left one after another, choosing to stand on Ding Zhengyi’s side and support the Ding family’s claims.

At this time, the two people who had turned to the Ding’s camp before were also grateful, looking at Dustin Zhou and Su Shiming with disdain, and even with a hint of gloat.

Fortunately, they turned their backs quickly, otherwise they would be so desperate to make a new choice, and it was even more ridiculous.

Now, the eyes of everyone looking at them are no longer mocking, but with a hint of admiration.

After all, they had turned their backs before Dustin Zhou expressed their opinions. No matter how they looked at it, they seemed to have a little bit of foresight.

“Hehe, in my opinion, Dustin Zhou still doesn’t know how much the Xu family exists, and it is only natural to say such arrogant and irrelevant words.” “Who said no, because I just thought I supported the Ding family at this time. It doesn’t support the Su family, it’s a bit immoral and unrighteous, but now it seems that I’m really too prescient

Know it, otherwise, are we going to die with them?

“Yeah, fighting the Xu family head-on is a matter of life and death, and now they still want to destroy the Xu family, isn’t it the same as sending them to death!”

“… Everyone sneered. They looked at Dustin Zhou and Su Shiming one by one with sarcasm, as if they were looking at two fools. Sun Qiankun and Ding Zhengyi looked at Dustin Zhou and Su Shiming with a smile, and they were very happy. Both. Fool, say such a thing, as long as the Xu family knows, the first person to be attacked is you! At this moment, the same idea came into being in both of them. Moreover, Ding Zhengyi even wondered if he took the initiative to do it. This news tells the Xu family that perhaps after the birth of the Xu family, they will not suppress the Ding family. Su Shiming’s mouth twitched slightly, his face calmly looked at Dustin Zhou, but his heart was dripping blood. He didn’t even know Dustin Zhou would say it. In this case, I was not prepared at all. When I was in the lobby of the Su family, Dustin Zhou didn’t say that. Dustin Zhou only said that there had been some conflicts with the Xu family, and he was destined to not be kind to the Xu family. However, he was in Su at that time. Shiming and the Su family’s consecrations seemed that Dustin Zhou was probably only trying to make the Xu family unhappy at best, and let out a sigh of disgust in their hearts. However, who would have thought that Dustin Zhou would say it in front of so many people today In this case, Su Shiming could even think that at this moment someone might have already communicated what happened here and all the news. Maybe, before they leave Avaria, the Xu family will have received the news. This Su family The face of the three worshippers on the side of Su Nanfang was also pale. He also felt that he, Su Shiming, and the Su family had been severely put together by Dustin Zhou and used by Dustin Zhou as a target to attract hatred. Such things, Dustin Zhou had basically Mieyou mentioned it to them. But as Dustin Zhou said before that he wanted to destroy the Xu family, the first one who worshipped the southern part of Jiangsu would stand up and oppose it, even if there were already four martial masters around Dustin Zhou, no one knew it would There will be no other martial masters. There are four, six, eight, or even ten. So what? The other party is the Xu family, the hidden family, the strength is too strong to imagine. Three worship Su The South vaguely remembered that there was a first-rate family member in the East China Sea that offended the Xu family and was removed from the East China Sea overnight. The whole family seemed to disappear overnight, as if the world had evaporated. Until now, this matter has not had a result. Although everyone can guess something more or less, no one can say anything without evidence. What’s more, as the Xu family who is most likely to do such a thing, who dares to offend


“Dustin Zhou,

Are you serious?

“Su Shiming whispered. He wanted to confirm again, in case Dustin Zhou made a mistake. “Well, of course what I said is true. Everyone, I don’t mind telling you that before this, I actually There has been a conflict with the Xu family, and the Xu family also sent a martial master to deal with me, but I still sit here now.

Dustin Zhou said with a smile, his voice increased a lot unconsciously, his eyes looked at everyone, and his words were very powerful, as if to show that he was the most truthful and would not change his decision. “I’m not just talking, but I really want to destroy the Xu family. Of course, if anyone wants to support it, I am naturally very welcome, but if anyone wants to block, or even block it, then I will not be polite.

“Dustin Zhou’s tone was very cold, it seemed like a sharp blade, passing between everyone’s eyebrows, making everyone’s heart chill. And his words also made everyone fry the pot again. “This week, Dustin Zhou has been with Xu. Has a conflict at home?

“And listening to what he said, it seems to have gained the upper hand in the conflict with the Xu family, and the martial master sent by the Xu family can’t help him?

“This is really hard to say.”

“Tsk tusk, I heard that some of the famous company’s sales stores in Qingfeng District and Putuo District had problems some time ago. Could it be the Xu family?

“Huh, is there such a thing?”

Go back and inquire carefully. If it is true, then there may be a lot of things we don’t know.

“… Everyone was whispering, looking at Dustin Zhou one by one, their expressions changed from time to time, but there was a trace of doubt in everyone’s eyes. After all, Dustin Zhou’s words were too crazy for them. “Haha, that sounds right.” Well, I didn’t expect Dustin Zhou to be so emboldened. Originally, I thought that my Sun Qiankun dared to fight the Xu family head-on one or two, it was already great. I didn’t expect you to be really great. If you really want to destroy the Xu family If you do, although I can’t help much, I will definitely support you in the future. You dedicate yourself just to fulfill us. You are a great man!

Sun Qiankun laughed, then stood up suddenly, looked at Dustin Zhou and Su Shiming, with a general expression on his face, and then extended his thumb to Dustin Zhou and praised him.

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