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Chapter 839

The big deal is that Dustin Zhou will recruit Xue Donglai and let him work in Mingyang. It happens that Mingyang will usher in a huge development in the past few years. It is the time when there is a shortage of talents.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Zhou will not blame you. That’s a big deal. If you are to be blamed and driven away, I can introduce you to one.


Dustin Zhou said indifferently. “Heh, what a big tone, I really don’t know where you are. If it weren’t for the sake of you being a junior of Old Chen, I can just blast you out right now!”

“Xue Donglai was also angered by Dustin Zhou’s attitude, and he immediately reprimanded him. If Asher Chen’s face were not taken into consideration, Dustin Zhou would really be blasted out. However, Xue Donglai’s reaction made Dustin Zhou a little surprised. It seems that this Xue Donglai does not want to. They saw Zhou Weitian. But, why? This Xue Donglai has a very good relationship with Asher Chen, why should we stop them from seeing Zhou Weitian? Moreover, Dustin Zhou doesn’t know the rule of not seeing guests after 6 o’clock, even Asher Chen didn’t have it before. Speaking of it, it seems that he didn’t know. Dustin Zhou suddenly became suspicious. The person in front of him was indeed Asher Chen’s college classmate and an old friend of more than ten years, Xue Donglai, but more than ten years have passed, and this person in front of him, It’s not the same person ten years ago, no one knows. “Haha, it’s not a big tone. It doesn’t count if you say it. We want to see Mr. Zhou Weitian. I’m afraid you can’t refuse on behalf of the man?

Besides, I have already said that if you are driven away because of letting us meet the old man, I can introduce you to a place and I will definitely not let you down.

“Dustin Zhou said coldly, with a hint of chill in his tone. If this Xue Donglai is still obsessed, then Dustin Zhou wouldn’t mind trying to teach him a lesson, even if he is Asher Chen’s college classmate, the two have had a friendship for more than ten years. , It has no effect. “Hehe, it’s a big tone, then you are talking about, what will not let me down?

Xue Donglai’s face was already very gloomy. He tried to suppress his anger, wanting to hear what Dustin Zhou could say. “Famous company, have you ever heard of it?”

Dustin Zhou said with a soft smile. He also doesn’t want to turn his face with Xue Donglai directly. After all, he still has to take into account Asher Chen’s face a little bit, so he decided to give Xue Donglai a chance. If Xue Donglai is acquainted, Dustin Zhou can not pursue his attitude just now. But. If Xue Donglai is still ignorant and insists on preventing them from seeing his father Zhou Weitian, then Dustin Zhou may have to take action. “Famous company?

“Xue Donglai was a little surprised. He didn’t expect that Dustin Zhou would say it would be a famous company. Xue Donglai has been in the East China Sea for several years. Naturally, he is very clear about the big and small family forces in the East China Sea. But for the most recent part of it. Xue Donglai is no stranger to the well-known company that has risen to fame over the years. In fact, Xue Dong

I have also inquired about some of the well-known company. For a company that has developed so rapidly in a short period of time, if Xue Donglai is not impressed, it is impossible.

However, between Sainty Wharf and Mingyang Company, Xue Donglai finally chose Sainty Wharf.

Because he doesn’t have any acquaintances in Mingyang, even if he can enter Mingyang, his career will not be high.

This did not meet Xue Donglai’s expectations at all.

“What is your relationship with Mingyang Company?” Xue Donglai said suspiciously.

“I am a shareholder of Mingyang Company. With a word of mine, you can work for Mingyang Company.” Dustin Zhou said lightly. He had already anticipated Xue Donglai’s reaction, so there was nothing strange.

As long as Xue Donglai is not stupid and has no other purpose, then he will have no reason to refuse the conditions given by Dustin Zhou.

After all, what the shareholders of the company promised personally will be done.

And Xue Donglai didn’t need to pay any price at all.

“You? Shareholders?” But when Xue Donglai heard Dustin Zhou’s words, he sneered, with a look of doubt.

The tone was also full of disdain.

It seemed that he didn’t believe Dustin Zhou’s words at all.

After all, even if Mingyang is not a super-large company, in just a few months, its turnover has exceeded tens of billions and its profits have reached several billion. The value of shares in such a company can be imagined.

And Dustin Zhou seemed to be just a 20-year-old boy, how could such a person have shares in a famous company and even let himself be employed.

Even if Dustin Zhou is indeed a shareholder, how many shares can this so-called shareholder have?

Could it be that Xue Donglai could still make him the general manager?

So Xue Donglai didn’t believe in Dustin Zhou so much.

“Why? You don’t believe it?” Dustin Zhou said playfully.

He saw Xue Donglai’s intentions, but Xue Donglai still seemed a little skeptical.

“Old Xue, this is true. Dustin Zhou holds more than 30% of Mingyang’s shares and is the second largest shareholder of Mingyang. Moreover, Mingyang’s largest shareholder has a very good relationship with Dustin Zhou. Dustin Zhou agreed It must be possible to do this.” Asher Chen said at this time, explaining for Dustin Zhou.

After all, he also saw that his old friend seemed to have a distrust of Dustin Zhou.

But Asher Chen didn’t want his old friend to miss such an opportunity, so he opened his mouth to help Dustin Zhou explain, so that Xue Donglai can make a decision as soon as possible.

After all, he himself had no way of arranging Xue Dong to come, he couldn’t arrange for Xue Dong to come to his Mountain Mist club as a manager or something.

His Mountain Mist Club is just a private club, with a large name in a small area, but it is not large in scale and cannot expand its influence.

Far inferior to a well-known company, if it is managed well, it can even become a brand new international company.

These are things that Mountain Mist Club cannot do.

With Asher Chen’s explanation, the expression on Xue Donglai’s face became a lot more serious, and the look at Dustin Zhou became serious.

He didn’t expect that the young man in front of him would hold more than 30% of the shares in the famous company.

If we calculate this way, then Dustin Zhou’s shares in the famous company at this moment are worth no less than 5 billion!


Xue Donglai was shocked at the same time, but also jealous, feeling that his fate was becoming more and more unfair.

I went to university hard, worked hard, and finally made a huge contribution to a company in Zhou’s family, and negotiated a project worth billions, but the young children of Zhou’s family picked peaches.

And because the other party wanted to cover up the matter, he sent him to the Donghai Shuntian Wharf. Here, my mother doesn’t hurt and my uncle doesn’t love it. Xue Donglai has been squandering for several years.


Chapter 840

But Dustin Zhou, at a young age, was worth billions.

People are really annoying than people.

“It’s really young and promising.” Xue Donglai let out a melancholy, but he still made a decision in his heart.

“Although what you said is very tempting, and I also believe that with Old Chen, you will definitely give me a good home, but I have been here for many years, and I have long been used to it. I don’t want to change places. , Jay Chou is kind to me. I will never allow anyone to break the rules he set. So, Lao Chen, you should come again tomorrow, and you will come again tomorrow. I will show you directly without saying anything. Dong Zhou!” In the end, Xue Donglai rejected Dustin Zhou’s kindness and said righteously.

As Xue Donglai’s voice fell, Dustin Zhou’s smile finally subsided, and his eyes became very ugly.

If he still can’t see that Xue Donglai has a problem, then Dustin Zhou feels that there is no need to contend with the Xu family at all, because if Dustin Zhou doesn’t even have this keen awareness, then he will compete with the Xu family. Then it must be the result of failure.

Not just Dustin Zhou, even Asher Chen’s gaze at Xue Donglai was a bit wrong.

In Asher Chen’s impression, Xue Donglai was not such a person.

But now Xue Donglai makes Asher Chen feel a little strange.

Asher Chen thought about many possibilities before.

For example, Mr. Zhou Weitian was not so good at talking, and he ignored Dustin Zhou’s help.

However, Asher Chen never thought that he would meet Xue Donglai, his college classmate from more than ten years ago, and this Xue Donglai even prevented them from seeing his father Zhou Weitian.

“Old Xue? What do you mean?” Asher Chen said in a deep voice, no longer the joy of seeing Xue Donglai again.

“Hehe, Old Chen, I didn’t mean to prevent you from seeing Jay Chou, just Jay Jay’s order, how dare I disobey him as a small person, don’t embarrass me, besides, I said just now. , You come over tomorrow, I will take you to see Dong Zhou myself.” Xue Donglai said with a smile, like Asher Chen, Dustin Zhou and the others are helpless with themselves, making him very satisfied.

Even, he looked at Dustin Zhou and the three of them, all of them


You Dustin Zhou is a shareholder of a well-known company with a net worth of more than 5 billion, so what?

You Asher Chen is the son of the Chen family in Beijing, from a powerful family, so what?

With me, Xue Dong here, you can never see Jay Chou today.

Xue Donglai was extremely proud for a while, and felt that one day he could finally act in front of people like Dustin Zhou and Asher Chen.

“Uncle Chen, it seems that you, a college classmate, don’t seem to be like that.” Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice, looking at Asher Chen, his eyes full of inquiry.

He wanted to get a feedback from Asher Chen. As long as Asher Chen didn’t have much opinion, Dustin Zhou would let this Xue Donglai know that no one could pretend to be a big deal in front of him.

“Oh, I didn’t expect that Old Xue would have changed so much over the years. In that case, he is no longer the Old Xue I used to know.” Asher Chen sighed, with a bitter expression on his face, and simply turned his head, not looking at Xue Donglai. No matter what Dustin Zhou will do next.

“Then it will be easy.” Dustin Zhou said softly, and then his eyes on Xue Donglai became very cold.

At this moment, Xue Donglai’s heart suddenly shook, but in an instant, Xue Donglai thought that this is the office building of Sainty Wharf, even if it is his home stadium, even if Dustin Zhou and the others are upset, there is no alternative, he doesn’t need to be afraid.

Dustin Zhou slowly got up, stood up, and looked down at Xue Donglai from a condescending position. His body suddenly exuded a powerful aura and directly pressed against Xue Donglai.

And this momentum immediately made Xue Donglai’s body tense, looking at Dustin Zhou, his eyes were full of vigilance, and even a hint of panic flashed.

Xue Donglai was a little worried at this time. What should he do if he promotes that they do not follow the rules and act hard?

When Dustin Zhou took the initiative to clean up Cai Dingtou, Cai Dingtou and the eight security guards were all laid to the ground by Dustin Zhou, and Xue Donglai was in sight.

If Dustin Zhou made another move, Xue Donglai would not be able to resist.

“What do you want to do?” Xue Donglai asked calmly.

Dustin Zhou glanced at Xue Donglai, then slowly said.

“I’m very curious, you keep preventing us from seeing Mr. Zhou. What is your peace of mind? Is Mr. Zhou really having a rule of not seeing guests after six o’clock, or are you just delaying the time, who do you want to tell? “Besides, you vowed to say that you can take us to see the old man in person tomorrow. Will you contact the person who instigated you and complain to him as soon as we leave?” “Let me guess, that instructed you to do this?” Who is it? “I even want you to work in a famous company, but you insist on staying here. If you say that, the person who instigated you should

They belong to the Zhou family, and they are also related to Zhou Lao.

“If I didn’t guess wrong, the person who instructed you to do this was Zhou Lao’s son, right?”

“Let’s go, Zhou Lao has three sons. Which son is the one who instigated you?”

After Dustin Zhou said something, the office was extremely quiet and the needle dropped. Asher Chen and Sun Lian did not wrinkle tightly. Obviously, they were thinking and digesting what Dustin Zhou said just now. But Xue Donglai seemed to have seen a ghost and looked at Dustin Zhou. The face was horrified. “You… how do you know!

“Xue Donglai did not expect that Dustin Zhou would say everything. Although it was a high probability, he guessed it correctly. This made Xue Donglai panicked and felt fear for no reason. In fact, this matter has always been. Until now, no one has noticed. The name of the Zhou family and the reputation of the sea area’s father Zhou Weitian are enough to shock many people. In the past, it was not that no one came to see the father of Zhou Weitian, but Xue Donglai used this method to stop it. When the opponent left, Xue Donglai would contact Zhou Lao’s son and ask him what the other party meant. In all the past, Zhou Lao’s son did not stop him and let the visitor see him. Father Zhou Weitian. And this time, Xue Donglai had planned to repeat the same tricks. But he did not expect that Dustin Zhou and Asher Chen would not like him at all and insisted on seeing Father Zhou Weitian. What made Xue Donglai more shocked was that, Dustin Zhou was able to tell the truth about the matter. Except for which of Zhou’s son was behind, Dustin Zhou almost guessed everything else.

Chapter 841

(1) Xue Donglai’s performance Dustin Zhou saw everything in his eyes, and he knew it all at once, knowing that this incident was actually not much different from what he had guessed. However, Dustin Zhou now doubts that the person who instructed Xue Donglai to do this behind his back was Zhou Lao. Which son, what was his purpose for doing this, and what was he doing. However, Dustin Zhou’s mind turned quickly, and he soon thought of several possibilities. First of all, Zhou Weitian has a very important position in Zhou’s family. He is also in charge of Sainty Wharf. Looking at the Zhou family, he is also of high authority. Every word and deed has a decisive effect. No one, even Patriarch Zhou Hengtian, can easily ignore it. Secondly, Zhou Weitian’s son is also in the Zhou family company. An important position, but compared with Zhou Weitian’s father, it is naturally incomparable. However, Zhou Weitian’s son is very ambitious. Knowing that the Patriarch Zhou Hengtian has no heirs, he thinks that he has the hope of becoming the heir of the Patriarch. Heirs of the Patriarch, rely solely on them

It is absolutely impossible for themselves, and at this time, they need to use the influence of Zhou Weitian’s father in Zhou’s family.

In this way, they placed Xue Donglai next to Zhou Weitian’s father and asked him to monitor all the people who had contact with the father, and then report to them and get their consent to let others see him.

In doing so, they would be able to prevent the rest of Zhou’s family from seeing the old man, taking his relationship with him, and getting his support.

After all, when it comes to knowing the old man Zhou Weitian, his three sons must know very well, knowing that the old man does not like power, and he will not actively help them to compete for the qualifications of the heir to the Patriarch.

… After thinking about this, all the doubts in Dustin Zhou’s mind can be said to be clear and clear in an instant.

However, the Xue Donglai in front of him was the eyeliner inserted by the son of Zhou Weitian, but Dustin Zhou was a little surprised.

Did the sons of the Zhou Weitian father think that just inserting an eyeliner would really prevent all Zhou’s children from seeing the father?

“It seems that the truth is similar to what I thought. You are indeed the eyeliner put in by the father’s son. The purpose is to prevent anyone from seeing the old man at will.” Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice, looking at Xue Donglai with a very bad look.

This person made Dustin Zhou quite sympathetic at first, and even felt that the Zhou family was a little sorry for him.

After all, he originally did a good job in Zhou’s company, and he is likely to become a leader by virtue of his ability.

But because of a project, someone picked peaches and rushed to the East China Sea.

It now seems that all of this is probably self-directed and acted by them, the purpose is to transfer Xue Donglai over without a trace, so that he can monitor Father Zhou Weitian.

However, Dustin Zhou didn’t know how many sons the man behind the scenes was.

“Dustin Zhou, do you say that everything was secretly instructed by one of the father’s sons?” Asher Chen asked in a deep voice. He looked at Xue Donglai with very strange and sad eyes.

The two old friends who had not seen each other for more than ten years met again after a lapse of more than ten years. Under normal circumstances, there should be a lot to say, and the friendship between each other will be stronger.

But Asher Chen didn’t expect that when he saw Xue Donglai again, it would be the result now.

It seems that Xue Donglai had not seen each other for more than ten years, and Xue Donglai had already become a person who didn’t even know him.

Xue Donglai in front of him, if everything is like Dustin Zhou said, then he will no longer be Xue Donglai before.

Judging from Xue Donglai’s reaction, Dustin Zhou’s guess is true in all likelihood.

This made Asher Chen’s heart sink instantly.

“Well, if my guess is good

, The reason why he would do this and keep preventing us from seeing Mr. Zhou must have something to do with his sons.

Dustin Zhou nodded slightly and said lightly. After all, from Xue Donglai’s reaction just now, he should not be able to find out much about his guess. “It’s just that I still don’t know, which son of the old man did this, or, This is a decision made by his three sons together. After all, the old man is in the Zhou family and has a high position. I am afraid his three sons are not worried and ambitious.

Dustin Zhou reminded. He believes that with Asher Chen’s wisdom, he should have thought of a lot of things now. He should also relieve the excitement of seeing Xue Donglai again and calm down. “You guys, what are you talking about, I I don’t even know what you are talking about, Old Chen, are you here today to find something?

We haven’t seen each other for more than ten years. We only met now, so you just let this kid talk to me like this?

When Dustin Zhou was talking with Asher Chen, Xue Donglai also reacted, and immediately changed his state to make himself look a little stronger, and questioned Asher Chen. “Zhou Dong has taken a rest. Today, no matter who you are, you never want to see him!”

“Xue Donglai shouted sharply, as if the pale person who was scared just now was not him. Dustin Zhou looked at Xue Donglai playfully, seeing his stern look, only amused. People like this, Dustin Zhou didn’t know how many he had seen before. No one has ever been able to persist in this way to the end. “Ha ha, do you think you can stop us?

“Dustin Zhou smiled disdainfully. Now that he knows why Xue Donglai keeps preventing them from seeing his father Zhou Weitian, there is no need for Dustin Zhou to continue to fight with him, just be tough, and talk to the old man first. If the old man blames him, Dustin Zhou is a big deal. Apologize again. “Under normal circumstances, the old man should be in the office on the eighth floor now.

Asher Chen reminded softly. “Yeah.

Dustin Zhou’s jaw, gave Xue Donglai a cold glance, then lifted his foot and walked out. “Stop!”

You can’t leave!

“However, when Dustin Zhou had just started, Xue Donglai rushed over and grabbed Dustin Zhou’s arm to prevent him from walking outside. But since Dustin Zhou had already guessed Xue Donglai’s intentions, naturally he would not be merciful. “Go away!

With a yell, Dustin Zhou banged his fist directly, hitting Xue Donglai’s chest, causing him to stagger back and forth, and finally fell directly to the ground with a buttock. In Dustin Zhou’s hands, Xue Donglai had no room for resistance at all, even , Even Dustin Zhou waved his arm casually, and he couldn’t hold it, so he released his hand in shock. “You!

Old Chen, you are going to

Look aside?

Xue Donglai fell to the ground and looked at Dustin Zhou, with a trace of terror flashing in his eyes. He didn’t expect Dustin Zhou to really dare to do something here.

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