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Chapter 1064

Dustin Zhou’s body was shocked, thinking not, Enderia Shen can even see this? In fact, even if he confessed his identity… it seems that there is nothing wrong with it. However, Dustin Zhou didn’t plan to confess now. After all, it’s not certain how the matter between him and Zhou’s family would be resolved. So he decided to hide it for a while, “What’s the matter with this? It’s just a coincidence that people with the surname Zhou also have two names.

“Although Dustin Zhou said so, in fact, there is still a little nervousness in his heart. Enderia Shen looked at him with a chuckle, and said, “But I don’t know why, I feel that you two are both long. It’s a bit like it.

” “looks like?

“This next week, Yang is really a little panicked, “You are dazzled!

“In fact, he is quite similar to Zhou Fengchang. It’s just that other people didn’t connect Zhou Feng and Dustin Zhou in the first place, because the temperament difference between the two people is too big. Dustin Zhou is restrained, if it is a large gathering. If he doesn’t take the initiative to speak, it’s hard for others to notice his kind. But Zhou Feng is different, Zhou Feng is simply too blatant. In a large gathering, even if he doesn’t say a word, Ken

It must be the one standing at the center of the crowd.

Therefore, even though Dustin Zhou and Zhou Fengchang are very similar, no one has connected them for the time being.

Unexpectedly, Enderia Shen actually saw it.

If I want to explain this, it’s a bit far-fetched.

I can’t say it’s a coincidence!

Enderia Shen suddenly laughed and said, “Look at you like that, I just said casually. What are you nervous about!” “Of course I know that you have nothing to do with him, and I don’t look at how big the gap between the two of you is!” “People can easily come up with over 100 billion Young Master Brother, what about you? It’s just a few billions of people who are exhausted, and it’s not a level at all!” Dustin Zhou breathed a sigh of relief.

Zhou Feng on the other side probably finished his introduction, and then waited for others to give him an idea.

He turned to look at Enderia Shen, “President Shen, I think you are the main one in this company, or else you can take the lead and give me an idea to see what position is more suitable for me?” Zhou Feng said with a smile.

Enderia Shen was taken aback for a moment, and he quickly reacted, and stood up very generously and naturally, “If you want me to say, it’s quite appropriate for you to be the vice president of the company.” “After all, you came to the company to study.” In the position of vice president, you can look at the structure of the entire company. At the same time, when you are really undecided, there is also a general manager above you can consult. It must be the position that has made the fastest progress. What do you think?” The former deputy was always a bastard, the bastard who kidnapped Enderia Shen once, and now that the guy was expelled, the position of vice president of Mingyang Company was vacant.

That’s why Enderia Shen made this proposal.

After listening, Zhou Feng did not directly agree, but instead looked at Dustin Zhou.

“This gentleman, I think you have been sitting next to Mr. Shen all the time. I want to come to the top of the company. I don’t know what you think about my affairs?” Zhou Feng said to Dustin Zhou with a smile.

The expression is very natural, it seems that the two people really don’t know each other.

“Zhou, do you think this is a coincidence? The one in front of you is also Mr. Zhou, named Dustin Zhou, who is the second largest shareholder of our famous company.” Enderia Shen hurriedly stood up and explained, “In addition, the previous one of our company The three explosive products are all in charge of Mr. Zhou!” “Oh! Mr. Zhou! Admiring for a long time!” When Zhou Feng heard this, he immediately extended a hand to Dustin Zhou and said, “Mr. Zhou, I can I have really admired you for a long time!” “I want to know what do you think about my job in Mingyang? What position do you think I am suitable for?” Zhou Feng said very enthusiastically.

The employees are stealing again

They all praised Dustin Zhou for his different faces. Zhou Feng was not so polite when facing Enderia Shen, but when facing Dustin Zhou, he was like a little fan of asking for advice.

Everyone looked at Dustin Zhou, wondering what kind of position would he arrange for Zhou Feng?

Dustin Zhou stared at Zhou Feng for a while with half-squinted eyes.

He was really curious about what idea this ostentatious second generation ancestor had made.

Really came over to take up the post?

This is not like the style of a second generation ancestor!

“Captain of the security.” Dustin Zhouyu said without alarmingly.

Dustin Zhou’s voice was very flat, but everyone was stunned.

What the hell?

Captain security?

Every time you make a mistake!

This Zhou Feng Zhou, he should be the kind of super rich second-generation young master. Enderia Shen said that he was given the position of vice president. It was natural, but what did Dustin Zhou say about the security captain?

Can such a person become a security captain?

Even Zhou Feng himself was visibly stunned, looking at Dustin Zhou in a daze.

Dustin Zhou ignored other people’s reactions and still looked directly into Zhou Feng’s eyes and said, “How about? You should be able to fight very well. I think the position of security captain is suitable for you. What do you think?” “What, this is not. Are you kidding me!” “That’s right, Zhou always didn’t bully this newcomer Zhou a little bit. He stepped back and said that the newcomer Zhou is also the third largest shareholder of the company. How can a shareholder be a security guard? Everyone talked a lot, wondering why Dustin Zhou made such a decision.

Enderia Shen on one side also looked at these two people with interest.

Zhou Feng froze for a while, then shrugged his shoulders, “Ah, security captain, I also think that the job of security captain is quite good, but it seems a bit different from my purpose.” “I came to the company mainly for I learned, but the position of the security captain…” Obviously, Zhou Feng didn’t really want to be the security captain.

But Dustin Zhou didn’t let him finish the sentence and interrupted him directly, “If you think you are a shareholder and you have to exercise your right to choose a position by yourself, that has nothing to do with me, and I have no opinion.” If you want me to give you advice, then my advice is the security captain, because someone like you, Mr. Zhou, you can sit on no matter how high you are. You can experience it whenever you want, and when you want to. Learn when you study.” “But sitting at a high position, some things are not as clear as the bottom level, so I suggest you, if you want to learn, start from the bottom!” One thousand and sixty

Chapter 1065

Dustin Zhou looked directly into Zhou Feng’s eyes and said loudly


The entire conference room fell into silence.

No one thought that Dustin Zhou would say such a thing.

This is… too domineering!

Zhou Feng made it clear that he was a gold master. It is not too much to say that he came to the company to play. Zhou Feng knew that he was a good money owner, and naturally he would not care if the famous company can bring him. How much profit.

In fact, it is the same. If Zhou Feng really wanted to make money with Mingyang, he would not give Enderia Shen so much money.

Given so much money to Enderia Shen, he doesn’t know when he wants to return to his original form, let alone make money.

Therefore, Zhou Feng really came to play, but Dustin Zhou, let him be a security captain!

“It’s over, do you think Zhou Fengzhou will fall out with our Dustin Zhou Zhou directly!” “It’s impossible to think about it. How can a person like Zhou Fengzhou be a security guard? Captain security, that is also a security!” Everyone said one after another.

But at this moment, Dustin Zhou actually spoke again.

“Oh, when I think about it, the security captain is already there, so even if you go, you can only be a deputy captain.” “But the deputy captain is also very good. It is always the same to let you be the deputy with President Shen. It will give you a lot of room for improvement, what do you think?” Dustin Zhou’s words made the meeting room explode again.

“What? The captain doesn’t let anyone be the captain, let someone be a deputy captain!” “This is definitely not appropriate, even if it is Dustin Zhou, President Zhou, can’t make such a request!” Dustin Zhou’s position in the famous company is natural. It is very high, and these employees respect him very much.

But this time, even these employees who respect Dustin Zhou felt that Dustin Zhou had done a little too much.

It’s just that Dustin Zhou ignored them at all, just staring at Zhou Feng quietly, as if he hadn’t heard anything.

On the other side, Zhou Feng also looked at Dustin Zhou quietly, ignoring other people’s voices.

After a long time, Zhou Feng showed a smile, then nodded and said, “As expected of Mr. Zhou!” “It coincides with my idea! What I have always thought is that the best position to be able to enter the grassroots is to be the deputy captain of the security guard. “That’s it!” “Unexpectedly, Mr. Zhou said it in my heart. Okay, then I will choose a position. Deputy Security Captain, Mr. Shen, do you have any comments?” Zhou Feng asked Enderia Shen.

“Huh?” Enderia Shen looked blank and did not react at all. Zhou Feng actually agreed to that?

The reactions of other people were not much better than Enderia Shen, all of them looked like they had just woke up.


What just happened?

Why did Zhou Feng agree?

How could he agree to such a request


Everyone felt that there was a problem with their ears.

At this time, Zhou Feng asked Enderia Shen again, “Mr. Shen, do you have any opinions?” This sentence awakened everyone from their contemplation, and they reacted. It turns out that all this is true. Zhou Feng really agreed. Dustin Zhou!

“Ah, I, I have no opinion.” Enderia Shen also reacted and said hurriedly.

In this way, Zhou Feng’s position was completely determined.

But this process seems so inexplicable.

Everyone found it incredible, and even everyone felt sorry for Zhou Feng.

Only the two parties, Zhou Feng and Dustin Zhou, seemed to have nothing to do, and the atmosphere was quite harmonious.

However, this is only the surface.

Zhou Feng said that he would go to his job to take a look, and Dustin Zhou suggested that he should lead the way.

The two people left the meeting room side by side in the dull eyes of everyone in the meeting room.

Then came to the corner, Dustin Zhou suddenly grabbed Zhou Feng by the collar, pulled him into the stairs, pressed his neck and asked, “Let’s talk, what are you doing here?” “I’ve already said it. You are not welcome here, don’t try to challenge my bottom line.” Dustin Zhou said.

He always felt that Zhou Feng came to Mingyang Company with absolutely no good intentions.

Zhou Feng smiled. When facing Dustin Zhou this time, he actually lost the arrogance on his body. There was a hint of flattery in his expression and said, “Big brother, don’t worry, don’t worry.” “Don’t rush, listen to me Say, I really didn’t come to trouble you, I just want to learn from your side.” “Really?” Dustin Zhou asked with some confusion.

What’s a joke, such a second-generation ancestor, a rich second-generation arrogant, would put down his body and run over to learn from him?

But looking at Zhou Feng’s eyes this time, it doesn’t seem to be lying.

For a while, Dustin Zhou really couldn’t figure out whether Zhou Feng was a lie or a fact.

“Really big brother, you see that you are so strong, you are one year younger than me, but you have reached the level of the emperor of warriors. The most important thing is that you have only entered the world of martial arts for a year! “A genius like you, I’m not a fool, why should I stand on the opposite side of you! The smartest way, of course, is to be your little brother!” “Learn more with you, then He doesn’t fragrant anything!” Zhou Feng said smugly.

I am proud of my wit.

Dustin Zhou is a little speechless, eldest brother, you seem to praise me, what are you doing so proud of?

But this is also normal. For Zhou Feng, it is impossible for him to reach Dustin Zhou’s level of talent.

The gap between two people is like an ordinary person facing a genius.

Well, yes

For ordinary people, what is the smartest way?

Follow in the footsteps of genius!

For an ordinary person, being able to make such a decision is a success!

Therefore, Zhou Feng now has reasons for his pride.

Dustin Zhou still feels a little awkward. This is probably the first time anyone has worshiped him this way since he grew up.

Unlike the previous worship of Su Wei, although Su Wei worshiped Dustin Zhou, he did not understand what Dustin Zhou was.

And this Zhou Feng, his original level, can be said to be higher than Dustin Zhou!

Such a person would praise Dustin Zhou for his value and excellence, making Dustin Zhou a little doubtful, am I really so good?

I don’t feel this way myself!

The answer is obvious. Because of Dustin Zhou’s character, no matter how good he is, it’s hard to be praised by others. Others either fear him or treat him as an enemy, and have always ignored his own success, relying entirely on him. What a remarkable achievement this is from my own efforts.

But as he grows, there will be more and more people who can discover his talents.

Chapter 1066

To put it bluntly, Dustin Zhou’s previous achievements were not too great, and the people he came into contact with were not the same, coupled with his own personality, so no one cared much about Dustin Zhou’s success.

But as his achievements get higher and higher, more and more people will realize that Dustin Zhou is definitely an irreplaceable genius.

The current Zhou Feng is just a beginning.

Zhou Feng looked at Dustin Zhou cautiously and said, “Big brother, don’t be angry with me, I won’t study with you in vain, I have money, I have a lot of money!” “Just let me stay in the company Inside, all money-related matters in the company are covered by me!” This can be said to be very sincere.

But Dustin Zhou is no longer a poor person.

His face eased a little, and he let go of his hand holding Zhou Feng’s collar and said, “That’s your business.” “Actually, as long as you don’t make trouble in the company and don’t hit the people around me, I’m fine. Opinion.” “Also, aren’t you one year older than me? I have to call you elder brother according to seniority, so you don’t need to call me elder brother anymore.” This guy has already called Dustin Zhou several times, although Dustin Zhou deliberately ignored what he hadn’t heard before, but in fact he still felt awkward.

To put it bluntly, Zhou Feng is after all the son of Dustin Zhou’s uncle’s family. If they were placed in an ordinary family, they would be two brothers who were very closely related by blood.

Such a brother dangling in front of him all day calling himself eldest brother, Dustin Zhou felt a little uncomfortable.

But Zhou Feng

But he said, “It’s okay, I am the younger brother, and you are the eldest brother!” “Age is meaningless. In terms of strength, you are definitely my elder brother!” Zhou Feng is actually such a person.

To put it bluntly, lack of education.

Why was he so proud before?

Because of the whole world, he has never encountered an opponent!

This opponent doesn’t mean that no one can beat him.

But those who can beat him must be older than him!

The background must be smaller than him!

Moreover, basically no one dared to beat him!

That’s why Zhou Feng cultivated such an unbeaten arrogant character in the East. He felt that all the people in this world were not worthy of his eyes.

But since he was educated by Dustin Zhou last time, he suddenly opened the door to a new world.

It turns out that there are such people in the world!

It turns out that there are people in the world who can hang him in all aspects!

Not only is his strength stronger, his age is also younger!

The talent has dumped him 10,000 streets!

If you insist on your background, your younger brother, although nominally an abandoned son, is the first heir to the Zhou family!

All aspects of sling!

Zhou Feng felt a feeling that he had never had before.

That feeling is fascinating, completely different from those who nodded and bowed to him before!

Zhou Feng seemed to have discovered a new world-like surprise. He went back that night and thought about it for a whole night. In the end, he couldn’t restrain his inner excitement and made up his mind to follow Dustin Zhou.

He wants to see how this real genius lives!

Zhou Feng has always been called a genius by others, but he feels that he is quite ordinary.

Those who call him a genius are as stupid as pigs.

So he is arrogant, he looks down on anyone, because no one is worthy of him.

But Dustin Zhou is different, Dustin Zhou hangs him!

He feels that he has found his way in life!

Dustin Zhou is the real genius!

Zhou Feng thinks so.

It’s just that his fanatical appearance made Dustin Zhou subconsciously want to avoid it.

He doesn’t like being so admired by a man.

“Come on, I already know that you are not here to make trouble.” Dustin Zhou said.

“You can stay in the company and do your own thing well, and I won’t embarrass you,” Dustin Zhou added, “Don’t call me, brother. We will call each other’s names in the future.” After that, he sent Zhou Feng to Niu Chuan.

Now Niu Chuan is the chief security officer of the famous company.

Moreover, Niu Chuan had also heard about Zhou Feng, and after seeing Dustin Zhou arranging him here, he immediately nodded in his heart.

After Dustin Zhou left, Niu Chuan called Zhou Feng to his office


“People from the Zhou family?” Niu Chuan asked.

“Yeah.” Zhou Feng nodded.

“Master Martial Artist?” Niu Chuan asked again.

“Yeah.” Zhou Feng still nodded.

“Why did you come to the company?” Niu Chuan narrowed his eyes, his eyes sharpened.

“Ah? I, I came to the company to study, mainly because I want to stay with Brother Yang.” Zhou Feng thought for a while, and suddenly found that something was wrong.

Although Zhou Feng is a rich second generation, this does not mean that he is a short-sighted fool.

There is something wrong with this Niu Chuan!

He is just a security captain!

How could a small security captain know the Zhou family?

How do you know these things like the martial master?

He narrowed his eyes slightly, and suddenly found that Niu Chuan was also surging with a powerful internal force!

Martial Master!

Good guy, a small well-known company, is a security captain hired by the martial master level?

Are you kidding me?

Even if it is their Zhou family’s industry, they don’t have such a big hand!

Where did the martial master go without being a guest?

How could you be willing to be the security captain in a small company?

Moreover, the martial artist in front of him is about the same age as himself!

This also means that the talent is comparable to oneself!

No, the talent is even higher than himself!

After all, he is the eldest son of the Zhou family, and the huge amount of resources he has received since childhood is not something ordinary people can reach!

This Niu Chuan, without the same resources as himself, achieved the same achievement as himself.

It’s weird.

Zhou Feng felt that Niu Chuan must have hidden his identity, and the undercover agent lurking in the famous company has an ulterior motive.

Niu Chuan also felt that Zhou Feng came to the company with the same ulterior motive.

When Dustin Zhou brought Zhou Feng to himself, Niu Chuan felt that he must be trying to teach Zhou Feng a lesson.

The two of them were pregnant with ghosts, and the atmosphere in the office became heavy.

“State your purpose.” The two people suddenly said in unison.

“Oh? Preemptive? It’s interesting.” The two said in unison.

“Cut, in this case, let’s not ink anymore, just do it!” The two said in unison again.

After saying this, the eyes of the two sides fought together instantly, and then the tiger roared and they fought together.

I don’t know if it was because of fear, both of them converged their internal strength, but the movement did not make a big noise.

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