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Chapter 857

(2) What is this concept?

To put it bluntly, if the Su family is so big, it is completely impossible to prevent the Xu family from deploying an industry in the East China Sea.

Yes, even if the three Su Clan were added together, they would not have that much influence.

But Dustin Zhou said, is he going to find someone?

What is the origin of the other party?

Su Shiming endured the excitement in his heart and looked at Dustin Zhou with hope.

“Dustin Zhou, what you are looking for is…” Everyone looked at Dustin Zhou, waiting for him to say the other party’s name and origin.

After all, in the entire East China Sea, there is almost nothing that can do this.

“Haha, I won’t sell you anymore. In these three days, I first went to the Tiandi Financial Building, and then to the Sainty Wharf. I saw two elders, Zhou Weitian and Zhou Weihai…” Dustin Zhou said slowly, taking my own three. Some experiences of the day are briefly mentioned.

Among them, he just picked some of the exciting news for everyone, after all, he did not say how much he had eaten behind closed doors.

This is so, as Dustin Zhou gradually said, the room was extremely silent, and the needles could be heard.

Up to Su Shiming, down to the core members of the Su family, one by one looked at Dustin Zhou, dumbfounded, his eyes were full of shock, and even his mind was buzzing, and he couldn’t digest what Dustin Zhou just said.

“Dustin Zhou, is this true of what you said?” Su Shiming stood up directly excitedly, pacing back and forth in the hall, his expression extremely excited.

The others were also excited along with it.

After all, what Dustin Zhou said, even for them, was extremely shocking.

In just three days, Dustin Zhou persuaded the old man Zhou Weihai of the Tiandi Financial Building and the old man Zhou Weitian of the Sainty Wharf. The two old men agreed to help and suppress the Xu family’s layout in the East China Sea.


If someone else said this, everyone would definitely not believe it, and even laugh at that person for not knowing what is good or bad, and being whimsical.

However, Dustin Zhou said this, and everyone in the Su family chose to believe it inexplicably.

After all, Dustin Zhou’s previous strength has already gained most of the trust and admiration.

It seems that there is nothing in this world that Dustin Zhou cannot do.

“Haha, of course it is true. The two old men are too old to come forward, but they promised to send an assistant secretary over to assist us. Don’t worry.” Dustin Zhou was very satisfied with the reaction of the Su family and smiled faintly. Tao.

And the reason why he is telling this matter now, there are actually two considerations.

First of all, it was to frighten the Su family and let them know that Dustin Zhou was the one who contributed the most to the Xu family, so if he wins later, he should get the most spoils.

Secondly, it can be regarded as a shot tonic for the Su family, so that they will not be so flustered and restless, so that they can prepare well to meet the thunderous anger of the Xu family.

After knowing that Dustin Zhou was prepared, everyone was in a good mood, and the atmosphere in the chamber was also a lot of joy in an instant.

At least, Su Shiming and the Big Four, who hadn’t laughed so much in the previous few days, were also smiling at this time, looking relaxed and confident.

Next, Dustin Zhou and everyone discussed some plans for the real face-to-face with the Xu family, so that everyone has rules to follow, so that things don’t come to an end and get in a hurry.

… The entire discussion session lasted for nearly three hours, and Dustin Zhou and Su Jiazhong had similar plans.

Now, they only need to wait for the Xu family to be born.

Time passed day by day, and another week passed in the blink of an eye.

The Xu family still showed no signs of being born, and there were signs of coming out to find Dustin Zhou trouble.

It seemed that after knowing that Dustin Zhou and the Su family had joined forces, the Xu family had disappeared all at once, as if they were afraid of Dustin Zhou and the Su family’s cooperation and did not dare to be born.

At this time, the atmosphere in the East China Sea became more solemn and confusing.

Dustin Zhou and Su’s family still acted in accordance with their previous plan. Before the Xu family was born, they would assume that nothing happened. What they had to do before, continue to do what they did now, it is right when the cooperation between the two parties does not exist.

Dustin Zhou also came to Mingyang to work step by step.

No matter what the Xu family wants to do and what reaction he has, he has already decided to immediately start Mingyang’s third project and develop the third flagship product to eliminate the scarcity and monotony of Mingyang’s flagship product.

In this atmosphere, many families in the East China Sea gradually have other voices.

“What the hell is going on with the Xu family?

It has been more than ten days, and there is no reaction at all.

“Yes, it shouldn’t be afraid of Dustin Zhou and the Su family joining hands, and dare not be born?”

“It’s hard to say, otherwise, why hasn’t the Xu family moved yet? After all, the turmoil made by Dustin Zhou and Su’s family has caused the entire East China Sea to boil over. Family forces, large and small, are all aware of this. There is no reason why his Xu family didn’t know.

“Hehe, let me say, haven’t you seen it? Since Dustin Zhou and the Su family joined forces, they have assumed that nothing happened, what should they be doing, and they are not worried at all, and the Sun family and Ding The same is true for the family, do you think this Xu family has no intention of being born, everything is made up by the Sun family, the Su family, and the Ding family, trying to scare us?

“… As time goes by, all kinds of speculations and doubts are exaggerated, making the atmosphere between the big families in the East China Sea even more strange. And just when everyone did not know, Hengfeng Building, A group of guests were ushered in. On the eighteenth floor, in Ren Feng’s office, Ren Feng gloomily looked at the dozen or so people standing in front of him. These people are the first group of guests welcomed by Hengfeng Building today. The only group of guests. Because after the dozens of people came to Hengfeng Building, they immediately isolated the Hengfeng Building, blocking the front and back to prevent anyone from entering or leaving. However, Ren Feng had no confidence to refuse at all. Because, the dozen people in front of me are all from the Xu family. There are a dozen people, led by four old men, and four old men sitting on the sofa, looking at Ren Feng sitting behind the desk, with a cold expression. The dozen or so young people around them also looked unkind, staring at Ren Feng, as if they were about to kill Ren Feng with their eyes. “Everyone, I don’t know what is going on when you come here this time?

“Ren Feng took a deep breath and asked in a deep voice. He vaguely guessed what these people came for, but now he can’t show what he already knows. In that case, he might become suspected by them. The goal, like that, is not good news for Ren Feng and Ren Feng’s family. But the news that has caused a sensation in the entire East China Sea recently is nothing more than Dustin Zhou and the Su family’s joint efforts to threaten to destroy the Xu family. Eight hundred Fifty-eight

Chapters 858

Ren Fengyuan had heard about this incident in Putuo District, and even many people around him were inquiring about it. When he thought of Dustin Zhou, Ren Feng suddenly became silent. That was a courageous young man, at least in Ren Feng’s opinion, the person who could deal with Xu You’s people so calmly would not be a person who was incapable. And some of the lists after him are now let Ren Feng beat him. In my heart

Dustin Zhou looked at him with admiration.

Of course, among these, her granddaughter Ren Qingqing kept chanting Dustin Zhou’s name at home.

Thinking of the recent state of his granddaughter, Ren Feng looked sad, but in front of so many people, he still hid his other emotions well.

“Huh, what’s the matter? Ren Feng, don’t ask you knowingly!” A young man suddenly shouted, without any respect because Ren Feng is an elder, but instead glared at Ren Feng with a bad expression.

“I don’t believe you don’t know what happened in the East China Sea during this period of time.” “Besides, the last time my brother came to you, why hasn’t he returned yet?” The young man’s name is Xu Di, Xu You’s younger brother. .

The last time the Xu family was sent by Xu You, but after such a long time, Xu You had no response at all, and even had not sent a message to the Xu family for a long time.

This also made the Xu family instantly vigilant. As a younger brother, Xu Di has been paying attention to this matter.

As the young of their family, Xu You is the only martial artist. He has a promising future in the Xu family and is likely to become a consecrated existence in the future. In that case, their family will rise in the Xu family.

But now that Xu You’s whereabouts are unknown, the Xu Di’s family instantly became gloomy, praying day and night that Xu You is okay.

And this time, the four offerings came out together, and Xu Di also begged to follow them together.

He vowed to find his brother, whether it was life or death, at least there would be a result.

As the last person contacted before Xu You News disappeared, Ren Feng was naturally the most suspicious.

Therefore, Xu Di would not give Ren Feng a good face at all. If it weren’t because there are four enshrines here, Xu Di would protect their face and not make Ren Feng too embarrassed. Xu Di even wanted to punch him directly. In the past, this old immortal was given a severe lesson.

“Are you?” Ren Feng looked at Xu Di in surprise and asked with a look of surprise.

“Huh, I’m Xu Di, and my brother is Xu You, don’t tell me you don’t know my brother’s name!” Xu Di was very upset.

“It turned out to be Xu You, I know, it’s just that your brother didn’t go back. What does it have to do with me? It’s impossible for me to lock up your brother. What’s more, your brother is a martial master. Looking at the entire East China Sea, almost Where he can’t go without him, where would he go, how do I know.” Ren Fenglao said, as if he really didn’t know Xu You’s whereabouts.

“Furthermore, although I am in the East China Sea, I am almost all nestled in this one-third of my land. Regarding things outside the Putuo District, I have always been reluctant to ask more. Could there be any major events in the East China Sea recently?

But I don’t know, why don’t you tell me?

“Ren Feng said lightly. It’s nothing more than a Xu Di, his strength is not up to the realm of the martial master, and he is still so young, so pretending to be so forceful in front of him, where Ren Feng will be used to him, don’t teach him, let him know this world Sinister, Ren Feng is already looking at the face of the Xu family’s four offerings. “You are immortal, I’ll step on a horse…” Xu Di is a violent temper. How could he bear it when said by Ren Feng? Live, there is going to be an explosion immediately, so he has to rush to teach Ren Feng. “Huh?

Ren Feng glanced sideways and didn’t respond. It was one of the four offerings, and he quickly grabbed Xu Di, his face a little uneasy. “Xu Di, Hugh is presumptuous. This is not your place to mess around, let me go. go with!

If you are presumptuous, you can go back to the family!



“This offering reprimanded Xu Di, not showing any affection. He had no temper at all, and his face looked even more so. Ren Feng saw everything in his eyes and kept silent. He knew that the offering just now A few reprimands of Xu Di were meant to really scold Xu Di, but also to show it to myself and let myself down. But Xu Di was just a young man, and it was nothing at all, so Ren Feng naturally didn’t bother to worry about him. , Waved his hand at random, and his expression recovered. “Ren Feng, we came out this time because of the recent rumors in the East China Sea. You have been in the East China Sea for a long time. Tell us carefully.

“An old man wearing a blue long-distance runner said in a deep voice. When he spoke, the other people, and even the other three offerings, all sat up in a dreadful manner, afraid to look a little different. Ren Feng glanced slightly at the talking offering. , I already know in my heart that he should be the leader of the Xu family this time, and he is the most powerful person among the four worships. For others, Ren Feng can deal with the past casually, even not talking at all, but for For such a person, Ren Feng could not do this, otherwise he would leave the Xu family with a handle, so that it would be easier for the Xu family to find excuses to clean up himself. However, Ren Feng did not intend to take everything he knew. Speaking of it, he would at least leave Dustin Zhou some buffer time. After a moment of indulgence, Ren Feng said. “Nothing special has happened in Donghai recently, but there is a rumor.

” “Oh?


What rumors?

“The leading consecration asked in a deep voice, his eyes fixed on Ren Feng, and all the changes in the expression on Ren Feng’s face were in his eyes. If Ren Feng had a trace of concealment, or a trace of emotional fluctuations, he They can be caught immediately. “It is rumored that Dustin Zhou, the shareholder of the famous company, and the Su family, the first-class Donghai family, have reached an alliance. The two parties joined forces and threatened to destroy the Xu family, and the location was in Avaria, and there were except Dustin Zhou and Dustin Zhou. The Su family, the Sun family, the Ding family, and the East China Sea family forces, large and small, are close to hundreds, and they all know this.

“And this is what I heard from a friend, but I don’t know the truth.

After Ren Feng finished speaking, he slowly picked up his teacup and drank it in small sips. The consecrated gaze stayed on Ren Feng’s face for nearly half a minute before slowly retracting it. His gaze stayed at Ren just now. On Feng’s face, he saw all the changes in Ren Feng’s expression. He didn’t see any emotional changes in Ren Feng, and knew that what Ren Feng should be telling was the truth. “That Dustin Zhou was the person Xu You came to find before. , Since you know Dustin Zhou

, And Xu You was with you before. Now Xu You’s whereabouts are unknown, Ming, do you know?

“In the end, the offering asked about Xu You. Obviously, asking about Xu You was also their important task this time.

Chapter 859

After asking about the offering, Xu Di immediately Staring closely at Ren Feng, I want to see something on his face. It has been nearly a month since Xu You lost the news.

In the past month, the Xu family only asked about it at the beginning, but did not ask more later. After all, the most important thing for the Xu family right now is birth.

So later, most of the time, Xu Di’s family was looking for news about Xu You.

However, Xu Di and the others still don’t have any news about Xu You, as if Xu You is really lost in the world.

This made the Xu Di family restless.

Xu You is the pillar of the family, and it is also the pillar of the family’s rise to become an important member of the Xu family.

Now as soon as Xu You disappeared, even the Xu family who came out with Xu You at the beginning are nowhere to be seen. They all put the blame on Xu You.

This makes the Xu Di family’s situation in the Xu family even more difficult.

So this time, Xu Di came out with the worshippers to find Xu You.

Questions have already been raised about the great worship, and Ren Feng, whether he knows or does not know his whereabouts, has to give an explanation.

Ren Feng saw Xu Di’s expression in his eyes, but his face was expressionless.

“I don’t know.” Ren Feng said lightly.

“A**hole, how could you not know, my brother came to you when he came out, but he didn’t go back for nearly a month, so you didn’t know?” When Xu Di heard this, he was furious and cursed, and he was about to rush over to teach Ren. seal.

In his eyes, even though Ren Feng is a 50 or 60-year-old man, he doesn’t care about this at all. He just wants to know the whereabouts of his brother.

“Wait, listen to him.” Enshrine took Xu Di and said in a deep voice, looking at Ren Feng with extremely sharp eyes, as if they could tear the fog and restore all the truth.

He originally thought, he himself asked questions, and Ren Feng should tell Xu You’s whereabouts.

But he did not expect that Ren Feng still denied it.

He has nothing to do with Xu You’s life and death, but Xu You still has a certain effect on the Xu family.

After all, it is a martial master, where it is placed, it is an existence that cannot be ignored.

And since the Xu family experienced civil strife more than ten years ago, the Xu family’s current strength has fallen sharply and is not as good as before. Therefore, every martial artist is a guarantee for the Xu family.

What’s more, Xu You is a newly promoted martial master in recent years, with huge potential in the future.

“I really don’t know. After Xu You came to me, apart from asking me some information about Dustin Zhou, I didn’t know what he was going to do, and he basically didn’t stay with me. He stayed with other people in your Xu family. “Ren Feng was also very calm, and said in a deep voice, his eyes seemed to reveal memories, as if he was really trying his best to recall the scene when Xu You came over.

“However, it seems that more than twenty days ago, Xu You suddenly came to me and said that he was going to do something, let

I don’t want to tell the news about him. I didn’t care at the time. After all, he was a martial master, but now I think about it, it’s very likely…” Ren Feng said this, he didn’t go on, but looked at everyone in the Xu family. , They immediately saw their complexions change. Especially the four leading martial arts grandmaster realm offerings, their expressions were gloomy. Ren Feng was awe-inspiring, wondering if these offerings were something he had guessed, or he thought of other aspects. , Regarding Xu You, Ren Feng himself had any good feelings. What’s more, Dustin Zhou helped him solve Ren Nan’s heart knot problem before. Speaking of which, the relationship between him and Dustin Zhou was even closer to his sister. “This is impossible!

You’re talking nonsense, how could my brother leave without saying goodbye, you…” Xu Di was a little anxious. He knew the purpose of their coming out this time, so as soon as Ren Feng said that, there was a hint to Xu You. Can’t help but break free from the worship, and rush directly to Ren Feng. “Since my brother disappeared from you, then you must find him!

With a loud shout, Xu You grabbed Ren Feng directly and wanted to take him down. However, because of that, Ren Feng remained silent. However, before Xu Di approached, Ren Feng had been standing quietly beside him. Ren Hai suddenly moved. Ren Hai is Ren Feng’s secretary. He often stays with Ren Feng. It can be said that he is inseparable. When Ren Feng cooperated with Dustin Zhou before, it was Ren Hai who followed up on this matter. It can be said that, Ren Hai is a person whom Ren Feng trusts very much. Xu Di didn’t expect that the young man who had been standing next to Ren Feng would actually attack him, and suddenly sneered. This young man appeared to be only about 30 years old, and his strength was fundamental. I can’t hold back the meaning of a master. And Xu Di is a leader among the young generations of the Xu family. Although his strength is not yet at the realm of the martial master, he is already infinitely close to the realm of the martial master, a half-step martial master, so he is at all I don’t think this young man can stop him.

With a low drink, Xu Di did not stop, but became more fierce. “Stop!”

Ren Hai yelled and banged his fist on Xu Di’s fist. The two fists banged against each other in an instant, and the two of them all backed away in an instant. Ren Hai looked solemnly and watched Xu Di warily. He didn’t want this Xu Di again. Charged over. And Xu Di looked at Ren Hai in shock. Although the two of them just banged their fists, Xu Di could feel it. Although this young man is not in the realm of a martial artist, his strength is very similar to himself. It can be said that Ren Hai’s strength is almost the same as Xu Di, and he is also in the realm of a half-step martial arts master. Xu Di suppresses his anger and admits.

He really took a look at Ren Hai, he didn’t expect that there was such a person next to Ren Feng.

“Just want to stop me? If you don’t tell me the whereabouts of my brother today, our Xu family will not let go!” Xu Di knew that with Ren Hai, he couldn’t do anything to Ren Feng, only Threatened coldly.

“Enough, Xu Di, take you out, not to make you trouble!” At this moment, the consecration gave a low voice, took a cold look at Xu Di, and then looked at Ren Feng and Ren Hai with some Slightly surprised.

It wasn’t that he was shocked by Ren Hai’s strength, a half-step martial master realm, in front of him as a real martial master, it is not worth mentioning.

It’s just that he didn’t expect that there should be such a person beside Ren Feng.

And so young, given time, I am afraid it will be another Xu You.

“Ren Feng, I want to listen to the truth, don’t think about prevaricating me!” The worship again looked at Ren Feng and said in a deep voice.

“Everything I said is the truth. Then Xu You is a martial master. How can I treat him? But when he came, he was mysterious and seemed to be very interested in something about Dustin Zhou. I don’t know. What is Ao?” “Later, he also fought Dustin Zhou once, and then left directly.” Ren Feng said lightly.

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