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Chapter 1094

“Yes, I’m sorry, maybe I’m too sensitive.” Dustin Zhou said to Lin Ziyu.

“It’s pretty much the same,” Lin Ziyu obviously felt better after receiving Dustin Zhou’s apology, and then asked again, “Then tell me, what happened?” “You are not like this normally.” With Lin Ziyu’s sincere look, Dustin Zhou gave a wry smile and lay on the chair.

“Speaking of you may not believe it. In my memory, you have always been called Enderia Shen.” “Looks the same, voice is the same, and personality is exactly the same. I clearly remember all the things that happened between us, but in my memory,

In my memory, in those things, you are all called Enderia Shen.

Dustin Zhou said with a wry smile. Lin Ziyu was also silent for a while, and then said half-jokingly, “You bastard, to put it bluntly, you don’t even remember the name of the old lady.

“This question reminded Dustin Zhou. How could he not remember Enderia Shen’s name! Two people have been together for such a long time, how could he remember Enderia Shen’s name by mistake! He just put down his guard, and suddenly mentioned it again. Watchful heart. There must be something wrong here! He is not sure who this Lin Ziyu is, but he knows that things must not be that simple! At this time, Lin Ziyu spoke again, and his tone was very serious, “Dustin Zhou Ah, you said, could this happen because you are too sensitive?

“Actually, after listening to what you just said, I was a little bit worried… You said, did you have a problem here?

“Lin Ziyu pointed to his head and said. “You said I was crazy?”

Dustin Zhou asked. “No, no, I just said that you might be overstressed, which may have caused confusion in your memory.

“Anyway, I think you need a little psychotherapy.”

“Lin Ziyu said. Psychotherapy? Dustin Zhou snorted in his heart, how could he remember this kind of thing wrong? “This is unnecessary,” Dustin Zhou refused directly, “Don’t worry, now, I will For the time being, accept the fact that I remembered your name incorrectly.

Dustin Zhou stared into Lin Ziyu’s eyes and said, “However, in a short time, I will not give up searching for the truth. If you are really a fake Enderia Shen, it’s best to do it yourself.”

“Looking at Dustin Zhou, who had a good attitude just now, he suddenly said something like this. Lin Ziyu’s expression was also slightly taken aback, and then showed a wry smile. “Whatever you want, but I suggest, this kind of thing, it’s almost enough to toss. Otherwise, it will get deeper and deeper.

“Is this good? I will give you a week to investigate. If there are no clues, just listen to me and get psychological treatment.

“Lin Ziyu’s voice is still full of concern. This kind of care once made Dustin Zhou feel that he might really be wrong. But in his heart, there is still an obsession. The shadow of Enderia Shen is the same as Lin Ziyu’s. The shadows gradually overlap. He doesn’t care what the truth of the matter is. But he absolutely does not allow a one in ten thousand chance of making a mistake. What if his memory is not wrong? The Lin Ziyu in front of him really has nothing to do with Enderia Shen. The real Enderia Shen, I don’t even know which corner he is at this time. She asks everyone for help, I’m Enderia Shen, I’m the famous Yang Gong

The chairman of the company!

But others said, who is Enderia Shen?

Isn’t Ming Yang’s chairman Lin Ziyu?

You are really interesting as a woman. You have a plastic surgery like Mr. Lin, and you want to grab the property of Mr. Lin?

If you can succeed in this way, is there any reason in this world?

Master has a facelift to become the world’s richest man!

Enderia Shen could only wander alone, and no one in this world would recognize her identity.

How pitiful she is then.

Dustin Zhou, how could Enderia Shen be allowed to suffer such pain?

He must find out the real truth!

After leaving Lin Ziyu’s office, Dustin Zhou’s first thought was to go to Shen’s house.

Enderia Shen’s biological mother is no longer there. Her father found a stepmother for her, and the stepmother gave birth to a younger brother.

Because of such a living environment, her stepmother and younger brother always bullied Enderia Shen, so Enderia Shen moved out of the Shen family long ago and severed all ties with the Shen family.

But even so, that old man of Enderia Shen is also a real father!

Dustin Zhou didn’t believe it, could that old fellow forget Enderia Shen?

But when he found the Shen family, he was completely disappointed.

There is no Shen family, there is only one Lin family.

The story is basically the same as that of Enderia Shen, except that everyone has changed a name.

It’s really interesting.

Dustin Zhou sat in front of the Lin’s house and smoked a cigarette silently.

As if all the clues were broken, even Enderia Shen’s biological father did not admit that there was such a person as Enderia Shen.

Do you want to give up?

The answer is of course no, because Dustin Zhou thought that the real Enderia Shen might be experiencing despair now, so he could not give up anyway.

If you don’t give up, the most important thing is to find a direction for investigation.

When a cigarette was almost finished, Dustin Zhou finally thought of a new direction.

In the class of ordinary people, it is impossible for him to find clues, because all clues have been cut off, and the other party’s arrangement can be said to be dripping.

Then he uses reverse thinking.

Who is most likely to do such a thing.

Who has the ability to do such a thing!

Dustin Zhou understood that if his memory was true, then he was definitely an extremely powerful opponent.

This opponent is powerful enough to modify everyone’s memory and erase one’s existence out of thin air in this world!

This ability is beyond Dustin Zhou’s cognition.

With the power of science and technology, it is almost impossible to do this kind of thing. If there is this kind of technology, then the world will be messed up long ago.

Well, the power of warriors.

Dustin Zhou is now the emperor of warriors, and can be said to be the pinnacle of warriors.

But he is very concerned about the ability to modify human memory in large quantities

Ability is also unheard of.

In other words, if it is the power of a warrior, the strength of this opponent far exceeds Dustin Zhou.

Fairy teacher!

Only an opponent of the fairy master level can do this kind of thing.

The next thing is much easier.

First of all, according to intelligence, Dustin Zhou knew that the number of immortal masters still alive is extremely rare.

Then, first find out all these immortal masters, and then filter from these people, which immortal master is most likely to do such a thing.

Dustin Zhou took out the phone, and after a moment of contemplation, he dialed Zhou Feng’s number, “What do you know, how many immortals exist in this world?”

Chapter 1095

Dustin Zhou himself had come into contact with the immortal master, but he was basically not a living person… For example, the ancestors of the Xu family, and even Baiyue who claimed to be his wife in his previous life.

But the ancestors of the Xu family are already dead. What they left in this world is just a ray of consciousness. As for Bai Yue, whether Dustin Zhou is alive or not is not certain, but she is indeed several hundred years old.

Moreover, Dustin Zhou felt that the white moon did not seem to be a human being in this world.

And she also promised Dustin Zhou that she would not interfere with her life.

In fact, the most important point is that even if Dustin Zhou wants to find Bai Yue, he really doesn’t know where to find it.

So he gave up this idea and called Zhou Feng directly.

The Zhou family can be called the super family of the first family in the East, and the head of the four imperial capital families. If there are still active families in the world, then the Zhou family should have been in contact.

And Zhou Feng, as the elder son of the Zhou family, should also have some understanding of the immortal masters that exist in the world.

However, Zhou Feng’s answer disappointed Dustin Zhou.

“Master?” Zhou Feng said in surprise, “Brother, are you kidding me?” “How do I know how many immortal masters there are in this world, let alone contact.” Calling immortal masters is not just a respect for his strength and realm, but because they have left the world and become immortals!” “People who can be called immortal masters are basically not in ours. Living in the world, but living in an independent small world.” “The Zhou family did have immortal masters in the past 100 years, but those immortal masters only left the Zhou family with some background, they completely got rid of the Zhou family and went to A small world.” “So the answer is, there is no fairy master in this world.” Hearing this answer, Dustin Zhou fell into a moment of loss.

There is no fairy master in this world.

Then if this is the case, who is the person who turned Enderia Shen into Lin Ziyu?

Originally good

The easy-to-find clue seems to be interrupted again.

No, small world!

Dustin Zhou suddenly remembered, Xu family leader, why did you bother yourself in the first place?

Because I got a piece of jade!

And that piece of jade is the key to the small world!

In other words, in fact, the person closest to the immortal master is himself!

Dustin Zhou thought for a while, and went straight back to the house, and found the jade.

Seeing that ordinary or even extremely ugly stone, Dustin Zhou fell into contemplation again.

This thing… how does it work?

Mami Mami coax?



Ollie give it?

Will the black fertilizer be grayed out?

Red carp and green carp and donkey?

Dustin Zhou tried to recite dozens of spells on the stone, but the stone remained motionless and did not react at all.

Headache, he clearly got a key in his hand, but he didn’t know where it was locked.

Perhaps the Xu family would know?

After all, they were looking for themselves to grab this jade.

Moreover, Xu Jiazu has indeed seen many immortals.

But when he consulted Lord Tiger, the answer he got was no.

The Xu family did have a legend about jade. They knew it was a good thing, but as for how to use it, they didn’t know.

This was also when Xu Shengming launched a fight against Dustin Zhou to grab the jade, but the main goal was how the Xu family returned to make money, and did not stare at Dustin Zhou’s jade.

To put it bluntly, to the Xu family, this piece of jade was just a piece of chicken ribs. It was a pity that it was tasteless. They knew it was a good thing. When Dustin Zhou was very weak, they became greedy.

But this thing is not that important to them, so they did not fight everything and grab Dustin Zhou.

Perhaps the Zhou family will know how to use it?

Dustin Zhou called Zhou Feng again.

“Is there a kind of jade in this world that can be used as the key to open the small world?” Dustin Zhou asked.

“Well, there is such a saying.” Zhou Feng’s lazy voice came over, accompanied by the sound of beauties playing around.

This super rich second-generation, as expected, lives a life like a fairy every day, “It is said that a great power of the immortal master level can enter the small world through its own strength.” “But the scum without the strength of the immortal master, think If you want to enter the small world, you can only use external force. The jade you mentioned is a kind of key. It contains the power of the immortal master, which can tear the space of the same small world once.” Listening to Zhou Feng’s words, it seems very In detail, Dustin Zhou asked, “Then you know how to use this stuff?” “Oh,

Of course, it is enough to use the imperial qi of the emperor of warrior to excite. The principle is very simple. As long as the emperor’s qi of the emperor of fighters resonates with the power of the immortal master in the stone, the stone will automatically be excited… Wait, why are you asking this?

“Zhou Feng suddenly realized something. Hearing the sound, he seemed to slap the beauty around him to one side and stood up abruptly. As for which part of the shot, no one knows. Zhou Feng stood up very anxiously. , Yelled at the phone, “Hey, Brother Yang, you won’t get that rock anymore?

“I tell you, you can’t use that stuff at will!”

The rules in the small world are very dangerous, especially for the emperor of warriors, it is quite unfriendly!

Zhou Feng yelled into the phone, so scared that the circle of beautiful women around him shivered and dared not speak out. But unfortunately, Dustin Zhou couldn’t hear what he said. Because after Dustin Zhou got the way to enter, He hung up the phone directly. Zhou Feng looked at the black screen of the mobile phone and stood there blankly for a while. It seemed that he had been hit hard. The beauty on one side said cautiously, “Zhou, Master Zhou ?

“This clear cry awakened Zhou Feng from his absence. “Brother Yang, he has not gone already, right?”

“But the next moment, he threw the phone aside again, and plunged directly into the beauty’s arms, “Forget it, don’t care about me, Brother Yang, go all the way!

“Brother, I have reminded you!”

Zhou Feng was happy again over there, and Dustin Zhou here did not enter the small world in such a hurry. He didn’t know where the small world was and how long he should go, but he knew that if he If he disappeared so suddenly, Mira Xie would be very anxious. It was as if Enderia Shen suddenly disappeared and he was also very anxious.

Chapter 1096

So Dustin Zhou is responsible for Mira Xie, he can’t just be like that. I disappeared directly, at least, I had to tell my mother and Mira Xie. Zhou Mu’s side is easy to say, after all, she often travels, Zhou’s mother has always expressed support and understanding of her behavior. But Mira Xie’s side, Dustin Zhou But I don’t know how to explain it. To put it bluntly, the reason why he took such a big risk is for Enderia Shen! No matter how pure his thoughts are, Enderia Shen is also a big beauty! He is for another one. The big beauty is going to risk her life. If this kind of thing is known to her wife, she will be happy to hell! But this kind of thing is definitely meaningless, so Dustin Zhou still decided to tell Mira Xie. Yu, I might have to come out

Some time away.

Dustin Zhou dialed Mira Xie’s phone and said. Mira Xie on the phone did not answer directly, but was silent for a while. “Don’t lie to me, Dustin Zhou, I know the situation of your famous company very well. It is impossible now. Let you go on a business trip.

“Mira Xie was silent for a while, and said. Dustin Zhou suddenly felt that one head had two big heads. This wife is really not so foolish! Dustin Zhou also remained silent. Because he really didn’t know how to answer, and, He also doesn’t want to lie. “It’s dangerous, isn’t it?

“Mira Xie asked. Mira Xie is a smart woman. Seeing Dustin Zhou not speaking, she was already keenly aware of something. Dustin Zhou took a deep breath, “I’m not sure. I don’t know whether it is dangerous or not. I don’t know now.

“Dustin Zhou, you should know how important you are to me!”

“Mira Xie began to persuade with all his heart, “Can you tell me what the hell is that you must go for?”

“You are now very good. Our Xie family no longer looks down on you. Your status is so high in Donghai City. Why don’t you stop?”

Can’t we live a good life?

“Mira Xie’s voice contained a little bit of pleading. But Dustin Zhou was a little speechless. He suddenly understood that he had misunderstood Mira Xie. In fact, this is also reasonable. Mira Xie’s concept of Dustin Zhou is still more or less stuck. Years ago. Dustin Zhou at that meeting was a waste, a waste that everyone looked down on. Even Mira Xie looked down on Dustin Zhou at that time, because Dustin Zhou spent money and had to borrow from Mira Xie. Later, Dustin Zhou moved out. I went to the Xie family. Since then, Dustin Zhou has changed. In Mira Xie’s mind, Dustin Zhou must have done some very dangerous things to make money. A few days ago, Dustin Zhou showed all his wealth and status. The top tycoons in Donghai City also bow their heads in front of Dustin Zhou! At that time, Mira Xie was thinking about what Dustin Zhou had experienced in the past few years. At that time, she wanted to persuade Dustin Zhou to stop, because Dustin Zhou There was enough money and status. But later, Dustin Zhou simply stayed with her for two months without any contact with the outside world. Mira Xie didn’t say these words. She thought Dustin Zhou had already stopped. Until today, Dustin Zhou made the request for a business trip. Mira Xie thought that Dustin Zhou would enter the underground world again and expand his influence. Dustin Zhou was silent for a moment, “Not for money, wife, of course I know that I am very important to you.

“But in the same way, I am very sorry for my life.

Take your own risk.

“This is the truth. The money Dustin Zhou makes now is enough for him to spend a few lifetimes. It is absolutely impossible for him to risk his life for money. “This time I have other things.” reason.

“Dustin Zhou did not directly tell about Enderia Shen. Because Dustin Zhou knew that in Mira Xie’s mind, he probably forgot the name Enderia Shen. If he had to explain it, too much time was wasted. “Should I go?

“Mira Xie didn’t say much, but asked instead. “You have to go!”

“Dustin Zhou’s answer is sonorous and powerful. “Okay, then I’ll go with you!”

“Mira Xie didn’t talk nonsense and hung up the phone directly. Dustin Zhou looked at the hung up phone, and a wry smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. Going to the small world with Mira Xie? What is this called! What Zhou Feng said, in the small world , Basically it is the living space of the fairy! The emperor of warrior is the most basic condition for entering the small world, because even if you have the key, you must activate the key of the emperor of the emperor to enter the small world. World. I can imagine what a terrifying and magical space that small world is. Mira Xie, what an ordinary woman is going in! Forget it, wait until she comes over to persuade. After Mira Xie hung up, it was really fast. So he hurried back, Dustin Zhou talked about it, and said about Enderia Shen again, “So, my wife, this time I went to that mysterious little world just to find someone, not necessarily dangerous.

“But if there is a danger, it must be a very big danger. You, an ordinary person, follow me in, and you can’t provide me with any help!”

“At first, Dustin Zhou wanted to say that you were a cumbersome, dragging your legs, but after thinking about it, this kind of remark was still said by a beautiful woman. After listening to Dustin Zhou’s words, Mira Xie has not answered. “Wife, do you understand? what?

Dustin Zhou asked. Mira Xie raised his head to look at Xiang Dustin Zhou, and said after a long while, “Dustin Zhou, do you know what my first reaction was after hearing these words?”

” “what?

Dustin Zhou was taken aback for a moment. “You are crazy.

Mira Xie said. Dustin Zhou directly covered his forehead. “I should have expected you to answer that way.

“What Enderia Shen disappeared, there was a Lin Ziyu taking the place of Enderia Shen, really a normal person would not believe it! But Mira Xie said, “It’s not because of this.

“Although this also makes me feel a little strange, because in my memory, there is really no name Enderia Shen. Your boss has always been Lin Ziyu.

“But it doesn’t matter, you mention Shen

The feeling when Bijun was named is still very serious.

“I can trust you. Deep in your memory, there is definitely such a woman named Enderia Shen, and she is very important to you.”

“Mira Xie said very seriously. Dustin Zhouxin said badly, his wife shouldn’t be jealous anymore! “But I don’t think you are crazy because of this.”

“Mira Xie continued.

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