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Chapter 974

Obviously, Su Wei respected him and Niu Chuan very, very much, so he always looked for himself.

As for myself, since I arrived in Donghai City, I have been busy dealing with all kinds of messy things. I even dealt with the affairs of the Hua family in order to help an unfamiliar driver. However, I did not go to the Su family. It’s not authentic anymore.

It wasn’t that he couldn’t squeeze out the time… but he really didn’t treat this as a thing, and felt that the Su family could go anytime, so Dustin Zhou felt a little bit embarrassed when answering Su Wei.

“Okay, don’t talk nonsense. If you have any business with me this time, please quickly say, I’m still busy here.” Dustin Zhou said hurriedly.

In order to conceal the fact that he did not take the Su Family to heart, he had to pretend that he was very, very busy, which made Dustin Zhou a little guilty.


Sure enough, in order to round a lie, it is often necessary to create more lies.

Fortunately, Su Wei didn’t take it too seriously.

In other words, he was not in the mood to take it seriously anymore.

Su Wei’s voice soon became serious.

“Boss, something happened, the Xu family has come to our Su family.” Su Wei said.

“What are you talking about?” Dustin Zhou stood up all of a sudden, “What’s the matter? You tell me clearly?” This is too serious. There are only four martial masters in the Su family. How could it be Xu family? opponent?

If the Xu family directly attacked the Su family, it might lead to the direct destruction of the Su family!

Although the destruction of the Su family has nothing to do with Dustin Zhou… but that is after all his ally, and the Su family has always performed very well. He has never done anything sorry for himself, and Dustin Zhou has never thought of giving up. Su family.

That’s why he wanted to know what was going on.

Has the Xu family really made a move?

To what extent has the Su family persisted now?

How many people are still alive?

Su Wei said at this time, “Big brother, don’t get excited. It seems that there is nothing wrong for the time being. Only two people came from the other party.” “Even if we really fight, there are four martial masters on our side. Don’t be afraid of them.” Su Wei suddenly lowered his voice, “But boss, they are not here to fight at all this time, I feel like they are here to win over the Su family.” “Would you like to come over and see? I am worried about me. Dad can’t handle the pressure!” Su Wei whispered.

The whole world knows how powerful the Xu family is, and of course Su Wei also knows, but he still firmly believes that Dustin Zhou can defeat the Xu family.

So the scene he didn’t want to see was that the Su family defected to the Xu family.

But this possibility is very, very large.

After all, in the eyes of the Su family, Dustin Zhou was already a bit unreliable, and his reputation score could be said to be poor.

He was obviously the leader of the alliance, but disappeared without a trace on the eve of the war.

Although Dustin Zhou told the Su Family before he left, he was going to find a way to defeat the Emperor of Martial Arts.

But it took more than two months to leave, and there was no news. During these two months, the Xu family was born.

At this time, how much pressure did the Su family face?

No one knows.

The Su family talked to Dustin Zhou early in the morning to destroy the Xu family.

Now that the Xu family was born, their Dustin Zhou and Dustin Zhou in the Su family alliance have disappeared without a trace.

For more than a month, Su Wei’s father, Su Shiming, has been worried about the Xu family coming to him.

Fortunately, the Xu family had forgotten them, and never troubled them.

Just when Su Shiming thought there was nothing wrong, the Xu family came!

Although only two martial masters came, this

Two people represent the entire hidden family Xu family!

It can be said that he didn’t handle this matter a bit badly, and it would bring the entire Su family into a place where it was impossible to recover!

Su Shiming actually knew that Dustin Zhou had returned to Donghai City.

Because Su Wei was the Niu Chuan I saw two days ago, he told his father when he returned home.

But Su Shiming didn’t know what Dustin Zhou’s attitude was.

Obviously he has returned to the East China Sea, but has not contacted their Su family, what does this mean!

That’s why in the eyes of Su Shiming, Dustin Zhou is no longer so reliable, and his reputation is poor.

Now the Xu family has come to the door, even if he contact Dustin Zhou, it is too late.

Fortunately, the Xu family only came to two martial masters this time, and the purpose was not to destroy the Su family, but to draw in. This was a good thing for Su Shiming.

But how to make a choice?

Is he going to refuse Xu’s wooing?

If they refuse, Dustin Zhou’s attitude here is not clear. By that time, their Su family will undoubtedly die!

Do you agree with Xu’s invitation?

If he agreed, he would betray Dustin Zhou.

It’s just that now that Dustin Zhou has betrayed, there seems to be no big problem!

Su Wei thought that his father would probably think so, so he sneaked out and called Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou, who received the call, also took it very seriously, and immediately agreed to go over and take a look.

Su’s living room.

The two martial masters of the Xu family and Su Shiming sat opposite each other.

The martial masters they came this time were surprisingly Xu Fengtian and Xu Fengjun!

“Patriarch Su, it’s really not as well known as seeing each other, he shows talent.” Xu Fengtian said with deep meaning.

Su Shiming smiled awkwardly, “Where and where, Elder Xu still has the most demeanor of everyone, what kind of talent I can count.” “Patriarch Su Guoqian,” Xu Fengtian also smiled. Suddenly, his words suddenly changed. “But a shrewd talent like Su Patriarch should not make some stupid decisions?” “I heard a while ago that your Su family and Dustin Zhou have formed an alliance, pretending to destroy our Xu family. Is there such a thing?” Xu Fengtian asked without a smile.

Su Shiming’s heart was startled, and he said that it really came.

He certainly didn’t think that Xu Fengtian and Xu Fengjun came to have tea and talk.

After all, the Su family had said before that they would destroy the Xu family!

It’s just that he didn’t expect Xu Fengtian’s questioning method to be so sharp.

This made him unable to answer at all.

After all, the Su family once said that they would destroy the Xu family. That was something the entire Donghai City knew, and it couldn’t be faked.

He denied it at this time, it didn’t make any sense at all.

But, to admit


Directly say to Xu Fengtian, “Oh, yes, we said we would kill you, because we have seen you not pleasing to your eyes for a long time.” Is this?

Say a fart like that!

After saying this, even if the Xu family wants to win over the Su family again, both sides will definitely become enemies!

So Su Shiming was a little embarrassed for a while and didn’t know how to answer this question.

After all, deep down in his heart, he is more inclined to defect to the Xu family!

Chapter 975

Su Shiming looked at Xu Fengtian with a bit of embarrassment and paused before saying, “Elder Xu, I don’t want to lie. I have to clarify what you said.” “That’s not a rumor.” “I did have a relationship with Dustin Zhou. They have joined forces, and they have indeed released words to destroy the Xu family.” Su Shiming said very honestly.

No way, he can’t fake this thing, because the whole world knows that he has clearly said this.

But he was very shrewd and said that he had joined hands with Dustin Zhou as “have joined hands.” The meaning here is completely different.

Having joined forces, doesn’t mean that they are still joining forces now!

Facing Xu Fengtian’s tough questions, Su Shiming chose to play a word game.

But he was still whispering in his heart, the Xu family only sent two martial masters over, isn’t it the one to win him over?

Why do you have to say such strong words to win him?

Shouldn’t you be more friendly?

This attitude now seems to come to Xingshi to inquire about sins, but what is the intention of sending only two martial masters to come here?

Although the whole world knows that Su Shi has clearly stated that he will destroy the Xu family, if Xu Fengtian doesn’t mention it this time, everyone can pretend to be ignorant!

When the time comes, the Xu family will draw in at will, and Su Shiming will follow the boat’s promise, isn’t it a pleasant cooperation?

Why must it be so rigid?

Su Shiming didn’t quite understand.

When Xu Fengtian over there heard Su Shiming’s words, he squinted his eyes meaningfully.

“Patriarch Su really said this sentence, then you can understand, what does it mean to say this sentence?” Su Shiming was completely confused.

What does this mean?

Is it possible that this Xu family really didn’t come to win him, but came to inquire?

If he came to inquire about sin, then Su Shiming had no choice but to continue to stand on Dustin Zhou’s side.

If it is this choice, then today Xu Fengtian and Xu Fengjun, two martial masters, don’t even think about going back!

Su Shiming’s eyes flashed fiercely, and he pretended to ask casually, “What do you mean by Elder Xu? Are you here to ask the teacher today?” Xu Fengtian squinted again.

Jing, looking at Su Shiming’s appearance, he knew that he had probably reached the limit and could not continue to suppress it.

Then he showed a big smile, “Patriarch Su, don’t be nervous.” “Xu came here today to inquire about sins, but not to inquire about sins, but to make friends.” “The whole world knows that Patriarch Su said you. If you want to destroy our Xu family, if you don’t give us an explanation on this matter, then our Xu family really won’t be able to be a human being. You can understand this.” Su Shiming was taken aback for a moment. Started to say good things?

You said something nice, what did you do just now?

I almost couldn’t help asking someone to cut you off!

Xu Fengtian continued, “The Xu family is a super family in the hidden world. This birth will arouse the vigilance of many secular families. We are not incomprehensible.” “However, even so, the dignity of the hidden family still does not allow challenges. “Since Patriarch Su said the ridiculous words to destroy our Xu family, he must pay a corresponding price, can you understand?” Su Shiming faintly understood what Xu Fengtian meant.

It’s just a cunning old fox!

At first, he had an attitude of inquiring about sins, and then in the course of the subsequent conversation, he also constantly emphasized the words of the Su family that they would destroy the Xu family.

The purpose was nothing more than to put the Su Family in a state of panic, a state that always felt that Xing angered the Xu Family and wanted to make up for it.

Next, he should offer all kinds of excessive conditions.

Su Shiming was secretly vigilant in his heart, but on the surface he asked, “Oh? Now that Elder Xu has said so, can I dare to ask, after saying that, what will our Su family do? The price?” “Exterminate the clan!” Xu Fengtian slowly spit out two words.

“Destroying a small Su family is a piece of cake for our Xu family. I think Patriarch Su would not doubt this.” Xu Fengtian put pressure on Su Shiming again.

“Since we dare to provoke the dignity of the hidden family, if we don’t give you the Su family a severe punishment, who else will put the hidden family in the eyes in the future?” “How can we Xu family gain a foothold in the East China Sea in the future? Said, it is almost certain to destroy the Su family for you.” Xu Fengtian said in a final word, and then quietly watched Su Shiming’s face.

But Su Shiming’s face did not change much.

Because he had expected Xu Fengtian to say that.

So Su Shiming said without pain, “It sounds serious, but Elder Xu, if we want to exterminate the Su family, you two don’t seem to have the qualifications yet.” Su Shiming’s face was pale.

“It might not be difficult for the Xu family of the hermit family to destroy our Su family. But at least some more martial masters should be sent here.” “If only one or two people are sent here because of underestimating the Su family, I I’m afraid that I will not go back.” In these words, there is a slight threat in it. If only one or two words are sent, it is very likely that they will not go back. What does this mean?

Now the Xu family only sent two martial masters, Xu Fengtian and Xu Feng sitting in front of them!

Is it possible that these two people will never go back?

If Xu Fengtian continues to threaten, then Su Shiming dare to let them come back and forth!

There was basically no concealment of this threat. As an old fox, Xu Fengtian naturally understood it all at once.

But after understanding Xu Fengtian, he whispered in his heart that Su Shiming was an old fox.

According to his thinking, Su Shiming should be panicked now, and should be anxiously asking him what to do, and then he logically made some excessive demands.

But obviously, Su Shiming saw through his intentions and did not follow his script.

“Old fox!” Su Shiming and Xu Fengtian cursed each other in their hearts at the same time.

In fact, everyone is the core management figure of the big family. In this basic dialogue trap, everyone is an old fox, and there is not much difference between them.

It’s all old foxes, it’s not wrong, but they have to get together to play some chat, that is their fault, the current situation is already in embarrassment.

“Haha, Patriarch Su, you have been worried. In fact, we came here this time to tell you that we did not intend to destroy the Su Family!”

Chapter 976

“As the Su family master said, if our Xu family really intends to destroy the Su family, then it is definitely not our two brothers who are here this time.” “We know that the Su family is a first-class family in Donghai City. There are four in the family. Martial Master.” “So, if we plan to destroy the Su Family this time, the people who come to the Su Family will be at least eight martial masters!” Xu Fengtian said lightly, his words full of pride and threat.

Although, Su Shiming didn’t take his deeds and apologized directly, waiting for him to make terms.

However, in negotiating with the Su family, Xu Fengtian believes that the Xu family will always be the strong one.

Su Shiming also nodded.

He also acquiesced to this rule.

Naturally, the Xu family is the strongest one. If the Su family really decides to go to the Xu family, then the Su family must be on the weak side.

After all, they are the Su family and can only be a younger brother, and the two sides cannot truly sit on an equal footing.

And the reason why he resisted and struggled to threaten Xu Fengtian just now was just to remind Xu Fengtian not to go too far.

If Xu Fengtian’s request cannot be accepted by their Su family, then even if he fights against the Xu family, he will keep both of them.

The Su family, you can be a little brother, but you must not let anyone knead!

This is Su Shiming’s attitude, and Xu Fengtian also understands this very well.

“So Patriarch Su, you should be able to feel the sincerity of our Xu family. After all, we only sent two martial masters,” Xu Fengtian said, “because we Xu family believes that enemies should be settled and not settled. “The most perfect thing in the world is nothing more than turning fighting into jade and turning enemies into friends. After all, in this world, one more friend is better than one more enemy, right?” “We are not people like Dustin Zhou, obviously. It’s just an ordinary person, but he still likes to exaggerate the words to destroy this family and that family. I think people like him are not far away. What do you think of Su Patriarch?” Xu Fengtian brought the topic to Dustin Zhou.

In fact, this is another small trap.

He didn’t make a direct offer to Su Shiming, instead, he seemed to be talking about Dustin Zhou who was irrelevant.

However, if Su Shiming agreed with his views at this time and followed him to belittle Dustin Zhou, then Su Shiming’s retreat would not be so great.

After all, he personally belittled Dustin Zhou, so he can’t run back to cooperate with Dustin Zhou.

But Su Shiming was also very smart not to be fooled.

“A person has a way to live,” Su Shiming said lightly, “Dustin Zhou’s approach may also have his own opinion, but it may not be necessarily.” “Of course, I personally agree with Elder Xu’s point of view. It’s not suitable for knots. In this world, one more friend is better than one more enemy.” Seeing that Su Shiming was not fooled, Xu Fengtian didn’t get entangled, hehe smiled and continued, “That’s how it is, so this is true for our Xu family this time. He came to befriend the Su family with sincerity.” “Then next, it should look at whether your Su family has this sincerity.” “Since the Su family also said that one more friend in the world is better than one more enemy. , Then Patriarch Su should be willing to show some sincerity.” Su Shiming said heartily.

In fact, this sentence is the focus of today’s conversation.

All the previous temptations, threats, or wooing are all just for the preparation of this sentence.

Su Shiming did not change his face and said softly, “I believe that our Su family also has equal sincerity.” “If you say Xu

If the family needs our Su family to do something, our Su family will do our best.

“Su Shiming expressed his attitude ambiguously. I believe that our Su family is sincere and we will do our best. Next, it depends on what kind of conditions the Xu family wants to put forward! “Haha, Patriarch Su joked. Since we are making friends, of course we can’t ask the Su family ignorantly, right, everyone is equal, after all, they are friends!

“Xu Fengtian said with a smile, “But there is one thing, that is, about the Su Family’s previous claims to destroy our Xu Family. This matter must be dealt with, and the Su Family must give the Xu Family an account.

“Even though my Xu family is generous, it must be to save face, right?”

“You just said that you are going to destroy our Xu family, and we just came over to be friends with you. In this case, how do you let the rest of the East China Sea think about us?”

“I think Patriarch Su can understand this. At the same time, if the Su family really wants to be friends with the Xu family, this should be the most basic sincerity.

“Xu Fengtian said lightly, expanding his reason to the maximum without knowing it. Su Shiming now has no way to refuse, and he must also promise Xu Fengtian a very serious condition. After all, this is them. The most basic sincerity of the Su family! Su Shiming nodded with a gloomy face. After talking so much nonsense, in fact, the bottom line of both sides is almost tested. Now waiting for the final word, Xu Fengtian directly said the request. “Elder Xu It still makes sense,” Su Shiming nodded, “As the Patriarch of the Su Family, I am sorry for the unwise actions of the Su Family.

“At the same time, the Su family is also willing to give the Xu family an explanation, but I don’t know what Elder Xu thinks, this explanation is the most appropriate?

“This sentence is like saying, “I agree to lose money, you can make a price!”

“I think that the Su family must at least transfer half of their assets to the Xu family. This is considered to be able to show sincerity. What does the Su family think?

“Xu Fengtian didn’t write any ink, and directly stated his own requirements. Half of the Su family’s property! This is a bit too ruthless. If the Su family really cuts off half of the property, then he will immediately be taken from the East China Sea. The second-class family fell into the second-class family! But Xu Fengtian said so comfortably. After offending the Xu family, how could it be so easy to get out? Xu Fengtian squinted at Su Shiming, waiting for Su Shiming’s reply. Su Shiming was fierce. The table stood up, “No, no, this is impossible!

Without even thinking about it, Su Shiming directly refused. Xu Fengtian didn’t panic at all.

Instead, he asked with interest, “Impossible?” “I don’t quite understand what Su Family Master means.” “What you mean is that Su Family has no sincerity at all, and is not willing to give us Xu Family one. Explain?” “Or, the Su family thinks that the reputation of our Xu family is worthless. If you speak out to destroy our Xu family, you can easily be forgiven?”

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