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Chapter 1124

I am really Dustin Zhou! A hundred causes must be fruitful, and your retribution is me. For the current Qi Xinghua and Dustin Zhou, this sentence is probably the most appropriate description. As a rich second generation, Qi Xinghua Do whatever he wants for more than 20 years. Over the past 20 years, he has bullied too many people, and he has had some wonderful stories with many, many girls. Many times even when the girls are reluctant But it doesn’t matter, because he is rich enough. Whether the girls are voluntary or not, they will eventually become voluntary. In the process, many people begged him, kneeled down and begged him. Can open the Internet. But the request of those people is just a comical performance for Qi Xinghua. He likes to see the expressions of those people’s powerlessness and fear. This expression will only excite him, not

Make him a little bit soft.

But today, this expression also appeared on his face.

He also wanted to plead with Dustin Zhou, and he tried every means he could, “Brother Yang, Brother Yang, I was wrong. I absolutely didn’t mean to look down on you, but I really don’t know how to do this magic!” Yes, I apologize to you, you just let me as a fart, OK!” He knelt on the ground and said very humblely.

He feels that he is already pitiful enough, humble enough, everyone should let him go!

But Dustin Zhou just glanced at him coldly, “Apologize? If an apology is useful, why do you want to catch it?” “Catch it?” Qi Xinghua stood up as if he had caught some life-saving straw, “Then you report the arrest. Hurry up! Brother Yang, I beg you, you report to the arrest and arrest me!” Dustin Zhou slapped him to the ground, “Report to the arrest? What place do you think this is? You are me Who is it?” “To deal with you, do I still use the report to arrest it?” This sentence is also what Qi Xinghua said to Dustin Zhou not long ago, and now Dustin Zhou has returned it to him intact.

“Listen, don’t quibble, what you said wrong, say the wrong thing in front of me, are you trying to play me?” “I just look down on me when I play, and I never force you, but you said it before me. It’s not a problem, right?” Dustin Zhou continued, “If you can’t do this, then I can only do it myself.” What is the concept of Dustin Zhou doing it myself?

As I just said, everyone in Qi Xinghua’s family, including the industry, will suffer a disaster.

They will lose all their property, and for people like them, once they lose all their property, honest people who have been bullied by them before will definitely retaliate wildly.

In other words, for Qi Xinghua now, it is death to perform magic to eat the cup, but even if he refuses to perform, not eating the cup is a death.

If he doesn’t perform, he will not be the only one who will die, and everyone in his family will suffer.

In this case, he gritted his teeth and sacrificed himself!

Qi Xinghua picked up the cup in his hand and handed it to his mouth hesitantly.

If you eat these glasses, you will definitely die!

But if you don’t eat it, you will definitely die!


As soon as he closed his eyes and bit his teeth, he started to work.

But at this time, someone stopped him.

“Stop!” Lin Ziyu stood up and stopped loudly.

Dustin Zhou looked at this little lady in surprise, what’s up?

Can’t you see that he is a bad guy?

Why stop?

Such bad people should be made from the perspective of the victim

Consider it once!

However, Lin Ziyu ran over firmly, and then snatched Qi Xinghua’s glass residue.

“Then, Master Qi, this is a joke we made to you just now, don’t take it to heart.” Lin Ziyu smiled and apologized to Qi Xinghua.

Hearing Lin Ziyu’s apology, Qi Xinghua was blinded, and the other rich second generations present were all dumbfounded.

Dustin Zhou was kidding them?

How could they make Dustin Zhou joke about them?

What’s more, they even tried to start with Dustin Zhou just now!

Rumor has it that Li Dahai, the richest man in Donghai City, was just because his son slightly offended Dustin Zhou, and later the entire Dahai Clothing Group disappeared.

Obviously, Dustin Zhou is definitely not a person who likes to make jokes!

But this Lin Ziyu, in the eyes of everyone, is also a person who can represent Dustin Zhou.

So they were all confused and looked at Dustin Zhou with confused eyes.

“What are you talking about! I’m not joking! Give me the cup quickly!” Dustin Zhou said deliberately with a grimace.

Qi Xinghua subconsciously grabbed a handful of glass ballast from the ground.

Lin Ziyu slapped the glass ball off, then looked at Dustin Zhou, “Dustin Zhou, what are you going to do! Are you crazy?” “On this little thing, are you going to kill the child?” Lin Ziyu side As she said, she came to Dustin Zhou’s side, and she reached out and pinched Dustin Zhou’s waist in a place that was not noticed by others, and said in a low voice, “What are you doing, you really think of yourself as a big boss Dustin Zhou!” “Don’t forget that you are just a fake, don’t make things too big!” Even now, Lin Ziyu still feels that Dustin Zhou has nothing to do with the legendary Dustin Zhou.

He just thought Dustin Zhou was pretending to be a tiger.

But if you look like a tiger, you must have a degree!

You are relying on other people’s fame. If you really killed others because of this, then what if the real Dustin Zhou starts to investigate?

This is what Lin Ziyu fears.

Dustin Zhou sighed helplessly, and then said, “Don’t worry, I am really Dustin Zhou, no one will trouble us.” “Okay, you are still pretending to be addicted, right?” Lin Ziyu said, “I Knowing that you are pretending to look alike now, you really confuse all these people.” “But you can’t fool yourself, right!” Lin Ziyu said earnestly.

Dustin Zhou was completely helpless, and he turned his head to look at Qi Xinghua behind him, “Hey, kid, am I Dustin Zhou?” Qi Xinghua nodded in a daze, wondering if you are not Dustin Zhou, can you still be a disguise?

Came to this place to pretend to be Dustin Zhou. Isn’t that a death or something?

“So you listen to me or her?” Dustin Zhou

He pointed to Lin Ziyu and continued to ask.

Qi Xinghua swallowed. In fact, he really wanted to say that Lin Ziyu was listening, after all, Lin Ziyu saved his life!

But he didn’t dare, so he said in a nonchalant manner, “Of course I listen to your brother Yang!” Dustin Zhou looked at Lin Ziyu again, “Look, I’m really Dustin Zhou, right?”

Chapter 1125

“Since you listen to me, then you don’t need ink stains, and quickly eat that wine glass for me!” Dustin Zhou said deliberately with a straight face.

In fact, the reason he did these things, he had no other intention at all, it was purely to make Lin Ziyu play.

Lin Ziyu felt that he was a fake Dustin Zhou, so Dustin Zhou did his best to do some very domineering things.

But the more Dustin Zhou was like this, the more Lin Ziyu felt that Dustin Zhou was acting.

“Okay, you have pretended to look alike, but after all, you are a fake tiger, you must have a degree!” Lin Ziyu said hurriedly, “Stop your naive behavior! Hurry up and apologize to others!” It’s a big trouble!” Dustin Zhou shrugged and looked at Qi Xinghua and said, “Okay, don’t eat that wine glass.” “That’s right, I am actually not Dustin Zhou at all. I just pretended to be it, so you don’t need it at all. You don’t have to obey my orders if you are afraid of me.” Dustin Zhou obeyed Lin Ziyu’s meaning.

But Qi Xinghua over there didn’t believe it.

In the entire Donghai City, probably except for the wealthy people like Lin Ziyu who live in a small circle, everyone else knows that Dustin Zhou, who is famous for the company, is Dustin Zhou who is the powerful Donghai.

The whole Donghai City is just one Dustin Zhou.

So Qi Xinghua is very sure that Dustin Zhou is Dustin Zhou!

So Qi Xinghua didn’t put down the wine glass directly, “Brother Yang, do you really forgive me? Don’t joke with me.” “I didn’t forgive you, I’m just not the Dustin Zhou you imagined.” Dustin Zhou said again.

“Don’t tease Brother Yang, if you say that, I will have this wine glass today!” Qi Xinghua also said.

The performance of these two people is actually Lin Ziyu who is most anxious to get angry.

What is this called!

She originally just wanted to make Dustin Zhouhu a fake tiger, and quickly signed a few contracts to run away, but now it’s all killing people, isn’t it?

“You said that you young man is not open to it! He said that he is not Dustin Zhou, he is really not Dustin Zhou!” Lin Ziyu hurried over to stop Qi Xinghua, “Don’t eat the wine glass, this thing just passed. “Brother Yang, this…” Qi Xinghua grievedly looked at Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou stretched out his hands helplessly, “Forget it, don’t eat.” “Just as I forgive you.” Hearing this, Qi Xinghua was completely relieved and collapsed on the ground panting.


God knows what he just experienced.

Dustin Zhou can decide his fate, life and death with just one sentence.

This kind of feeling is really uncomfortable. At this time, he didn’t really think of the people who had been hurt by him before, and how desperate those who were held in his palms were.

However, he probably won’t do that kind of thing in the future, because next time he tortured others, he will probably remember his current feelings.

Forgive others and forgive others.

Dustin Zhou and Lin Ziyu walked to the hall inside under the respectful gazes of a group of wealthy second generations.

But now Lin Ziyu’s mood is different from when he first came.

Because the plan was shattered.

The initial plan was that Dustin Zhou would neither recognize nor deny his identity. After signing the contract, he would announce his identity.

But now it’s useless, Dustin Zhou’s identity has been exposed.

If you use the trick again, I’m afraid it won’t work so well.

Lin Ziyu decided to confess Dustin Zhou’s identity directly. As for whether the contract can be signed, it is not so important.

Anyway, their Ming Yang company is developing quite well now.

The two came to the hall, and the meeting was quickly held.

Dustin Zhou and Lin Ziyu sat at the top of the rostrum. Below were all elite entrepreneurs from all walks of life. They stared at Lin Ziyu… beside Dustin Zhou with fanatical and reverent eyes.

This feeling is very strange. Dustin Zhou’s clothes are very low-key and the colors are simple. It is obviously the kind of feeling that can’t be found in the crowd.

But Lin Ziyu is a famous beauty who is so beautiful that she can attract more than 90% of her head back no matter where she goes.

Men are envious, women are jealous. In short, as long as they are individuals, they will basically look back at Lin Ziyu and lament that there are such beautiful women in this world.

But now, with these two people sitting together, the eyes of the elite group of entrepreneurs under the table are all focused on Dustin Zhou!

It seems that Dustin Zhou is their god.

Lin Ziyu could only sigh, Dustin Zhou really had a good name, and he was stunned by the mysterious boss.

It’s a pity that this halo has been shattered, and Lin Ziyu can’t let Dustin Zhou continue to wear it.

So she said, “Dear colleagues, friends from all walks of life, I am very happy to be here with you today.” “The reason why we are here is mainly that in recent times, everyone here has expressed to our famous company. The intention of cooperation.” “Most of these companies have also taken out the cooperation contract, and I have read it. Once again, our famous company is deeply honored and flattered.” “But here I want to say, So many friends praise the company at the same time

To express the intention to cooperate, we don’t need to hide the reasons for this, because everyone knows that there is a super boss named Dustin Zhou in Donghai City.

“Of course it is a big person who calls the wind and rains, and it happens to have the same name as our company’s President Zhou. I believe that the reason why all of you here choose to cooperate with our famous company is largely because of the name Dustin Zhou. Come.

“Lin Ziyu directly took all these words to the face and said, because only in this way can we avoid embarrassment and unclear trouble to the greatest extent. “But what I want to say today is that I am afraid that I will disappoint everyone.

“Our company’s President Zhou is not the Dustin Zhou that everyone imagined.

“To say a joke, I also very much hope that our company’s President Zhou is the legendary Dustin Zhou. If that is the case, our famous company can certainly rise strongly.

“But unfortunately, this is the fact. Although our company’s President Zhou is also called Dustin Zhou, he has nothing to do with the legendary Dustin Zhou.

“It’s probably such a situation. If you all want to cooperate with our famous company, then I naturally welcome it. We can re-negotiate the contract.”

“If a friend is disappointed and wants to quit, we won’t have any complaints about the famous company. We can continue to be friends in the future.”

“Lin Ziyu said very frankly. The pan was blown up all at once, and Dustin Zhou, still with that indifferent expression, lay lazily on the chair, as if what had just happened had nothing to do with him.

Chapter 1126

Lin Ziyu’s remarks immediately caused the whole hall to explode. What’s the kidding? What’s going on? This week Yang is not the other Dustin Zhou? There are two Dustin Zhou in Donghai City? Then if this is the case, be there. Everyone at, will definitely immediately withdraw the contract sent to Mingyang. They are cooperating with Mingyang, but they have made great concessions! It’s like giving away money for Mingyang to settle in their industry The same. Where can I look for such a good thing! Why do they do such a thing? They didn’t just go for Dustin Zhou’s face! But now you tell me that Dustin Zhou is not the same Dustin Zhou? What a joke, then Why should they give money to Mingyang Company? The people underneath suddenly had heated discussions. “What the hell?

Isn’t Dustin Zhou of the famous company the big figure in the legend?

“How did this rumor come up?”

“What rumors, let me tell you, this is actually a test given to us by Mingyang Company!”

“The famous company’s President Zhou is definitely the legendary Dustin Zhou. Think about it with your head. Where is Li Dahai now?”

Fang work?

“Famous company!”

“Things are right, everything is solved. These people have all determined Dustin Zhou’s identity. Originally, they all knew that Dustin Zhou, who was famous for the company, was Dustin Zhou who called the wind and the rain in Donghai City. Now it is said by Lin Ziyu. Really dumbfounded. But from the current situation, this may really be a test given to them by Mingyang. Don’t think that they are sending money to Mingyang, and there is no need for any test. What a joke, The President Zhou of the famous company, but the Su family, the Sun family, and even the Dustin Zhou who is above the Xu family of the first-class world! Just these people, they usually don’t have the qualifications to see Dustin Zhou! Does anyone want money? Obviously impossible! If you want to send me money, you have to go through my test before I can decide whether you want your money! As expected, Mr. Dustin Zhou, it is grand and heroic, Sure enough! Lin Ziyu’s remarks have formed such an impression in the eyes of these entrepreneurs. It seems that you have to correct your attitude. You can’t think that you are here to give money, so you really talk to Dustin Zhou. It’s a relationship. Before the money is sent out, it’s still one thing whether people want to leave! Especially those who just wanted to leave, now they have lingering fears and sit down and secretly rejoice. Fortunately, they didn’t leave. If you turn your head and leave, you won’t be able to give out the money today! After about two or three minutes of discussion, all the people underneath became quiet and looked at the rostrum with zeal again. ,” Lin Ziyuqiang said with a smile, “Is any of you leaving now?

“If we say we are going to leave now, we have absolutely no complaints about our famous company, and we will all be good friends in the future!”

“It was quiet underneath, no one answered, and no one moved to leave. Lin Ziyu is a little confused, what’s up? Didn’t I tell you all? This Dustin Zhou is not the Dustin Zhou you imagined. What are you doing here? Do you want to continue to send money to Mingyang? No, Dustin Zhou is not our company anymore. What are you still sending money to? “What? Everyone is willing to give us Mingyang company face. I’m really relieved to leave.

“Lin Ziyu said again, “It’s just that, what I want to say is that the reason why we are hosting this banquet today is actually to discuss cooperation.

“Then anyone of you still wants to continue cooperating with our famous company?”

Of course, we can talk about the conditions, and we will definitely guarantee cooperation on the basis of fairness and justice, mutual benefit, equal sharing of interests, and equal risk sharing.


“Lin Ziyu looked at the group of people below with expectant eyes. But after hearing what she said, no one gave her an accurate answer, and everyone began to whisper and talk in a low voice. What are you up to? Leaving now, you don’t leave, and you can’t give you an accurate answer if you want you to discuss and cooperate together. What are you doing here sitting here? Lin Ziyu is a little confused. After a while, there is finally one The individual raised his hand and said weakly, “Um, President Lin, I don’t know whether to say something inappropriate.

“Okay, sir, please tell me!”

“Lin Ziyu agreed very happily, and finally someone took care of her. She didn’t have to be so embarrassed. “That’s it. In fact, our company really wants to cooperate with Mingyang.

“But we are afraid we cannot agree to the conditions you just put forward.”

” “Ok?

“Lin Ziyu was taken aback for a moment, secretly cursing that this guy is not something. A fair and just way of cooperation, and the terms of cooperation with equal benefits and risks cannot be agreed. What do you want to do! This front foot has to give money to the famous company. As soon as he turned his face, would he start to bully the famous company? But fortunately, Lin Ziyu did not say these complaints directly, but quietly waited for this guy to follow. “This is Mr. Lin, our company, not before. Has a contract been drawn up for Mingyang?

“Our company still hopes to cooperate in accordance with that contract, rather than re-drawing up a fair and just way of cooperation.

“The one who stood up and said honestly. Lin Ziyu suspected that he had heard it wrong. What do you mean? According to the previous contract, doesn’t it mean that you have to send money to Mingyang? Why? I told you all. Well, Dustin Zhou in front of you is not a bigwig! Why do you want to give Mingyang company money? Lin Ziyu couldn’t respond. At this time, other people also spoke. “We, Donghai Transportation Co., Ltd., Also agreed to cooperate with the previous contract!

“Tokai Tea Ceremony Company, also apply for the previous contract!”

“Donghai Construction Company, plus one!”

“Donghai Jewelry Company is willing to amend the contract, but the previous regulations remain unchanged, and our jewelry company will invest another 30 million yuan!

“The big guys from all walks of life have spoken, and the conditions are surprisingly consistent, that is, the benefits of Mingyang must not be less than half! There are even many companies that continue to increase investment, that is, to give more to Mingyang companies. At this time, Lin Ziyu was completely dumbfounded. How could this happen? What are these people doing? What is the magic of the famous company?

Force, let these people rush to send money?

Could it be because of Dustin Zhou?

Thinking of this, Lin Ziyu turned his gaze to Dustin Zhou.

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