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Chapter 1151

“What did you see him doing?” Mother Zhou lowered her head, pretending not to care, “Oh of course, I didn’t mean to blame you.” “Your father, he does have some skills. If you follow him, you can learn something. , It’s okay.” “But don’t cheat his money to spend it for me, I don’t want to spend his money.” Zhou Mu said word by word, it can be seen that she is trying to suppress her emotions.

Dustin Zhou was silent for a while, “Mom, if you hate him, I will kill him.” Kill him!

This sentence, although on the surface did not answer Zhou Mu’s question, in fact, he has already answered the question from the side.

That is to say, Dustin Zhou is now stronger than Zhou Hengtian!

He wasn’t trying to mix money with Zhou Hengtian at all.

Mother Zhou raised her head fiercely and looked at Dustin Zhou in disbelief.

As the former daughter-in-law of the Zhou family, she knew very well what kind of family the Zhou family was.

That’s why she kept silent about the entire Zhou family for so many years.

But unexpectedly, his son could say such a thing today!

How powerful is his son?

“Child, don’t talk nonsense!” Zhou’s mother said subconsciously.

“No nonsense,” Dustin Zhou grinned, “I’ve been to the Imperial Capital. Anyway, now, as long as I say a word, everyone in the Zhou family will kneel in front of me and ask for my forgiveness.” , He has no need to cover up with Zhou Mu anymore.

I didn’t dare to tell the truth with Zhou Mu before, because he still had opponents, he was afraid Zhou Mu was worried.

But now it is completely unnecessary, even if the Zhou family, the strongest family in the East, is not Dustin Zhou’s opponent with the power of the whole clan, what is so terrible about Dustin Zhou?

What else should I hide from Zhou Mu?

So he said it all, and Zhou’s mother confirmed the authenticity of this sentence after a simple reaction.

She knew Dustin Zhou would not lie to herself.

“Good son, you are so prosperous now. Seriously, Mom never thought you would be so prosperous one day.” “In my eyes, you have been

They were all children, and during the first two years, I had to borrow money from my daughter-in-law’s home for medical treatment. At that time, I felt very guilty.

“Mom, that’s all over.”

“Dustin Zhou also smiled slightly. Yes, just three years ago, he had to borrow money from Mira Xie to treat his mother. But now, everything has changed. Zhou’s mother’s words changed.” Good, good!

Now that you have a good life, then I can rest assured, being a mother must be happy for you!

“But those things about your father, we won’t talk about it anymore.

“No matter how promising you are now, the Zhou family where your dad is located is not something ordinary people can deal with.”

“Since you have a good life, you will stay at home in the future. Will our family live a good life?”

We just need to stay out of touch with them.

“Mother Zhou was very pleased to pat the back of Dustin Zhou’s hand and said. There is nothing happier than making a mother see her son’s success. This happiness can completely make up for the scars left by Zhou’s family. But Dustin Zhou But shook his head, “Mom, this is not what you said.

“I have made arrangements for the Zhou family. You must go and take a look. The entire Zhou family must be dissolved.

“You go over and take a look to see who they deserve to die and who can stay.

“If you don’t say anything, then I will leave the Zhou family alone.

Dustin Zhou said lightly. This sentence has shocked Zhou Mu for a long time. But Zhou Mu is also a person who has seen the world, knowing that Dustin Zhou’s level, it is not surprising that she would say this. Just kidding, Do you think you have a family? If you can reach Dustin Zhou’s level, how could you have not experienced the pain of life and death? How could there be no cruel means? She would never say something stupid to Dustin Zhou. It is wrong to say this. Zhou’s wealthy wife, Zhou Mu knows very well what kind of life state is at the top level of society. So she was shocked by Dustin Zhou’s strength. It is not surprising that Dustin Zhou is so cruel, and she also understands that Dustin Zhou can really speak out. Jian. God knows what he has experienced. “It’s too much to leave one alone… there is no need at all.

“Mother Zhou said. “Then you can go to Zhou’s house with me.

Dustin Zhou said, that’s how Zhou’s mother agreed. Actually, it’s okay to follow Dustin Zhou. It’s impossible to say that there is no resentment. Zhou’s mother kept silent to Zhou’s family only because she understood that she was in Zhou. There is nothing in front of the family. But now that the son has paved the way, then she goes to ask for justice, and there is nothing inappropriate. Then Dustin Zhou here,

Mira Xie was contacted again and asked her to bring Xie’s mother over.

Xie’s mother is now a lonely family member. When she sees Dustin Zhou, she has a conscientious expression, and she no longer contacts her former relatives.

If Dustin Zhou’s family were gone, it would not be appropriate to leave her here alone.

So this time I went to the imperial capital, Zhou Mu also had to take it.

“In-law! It’s been a long time since I saw you! But I want to kill me!” Xie’s mother was very enthusiastic when she saw Zhou Mu now.

She didn’t dare to talk to Dustin Zhou at all, and she didn’t even have the courage to please Dustin Zhou, so she could only please Zhou Mu.

Thinking back to Xie’s mother being mean to Zhou’s mother in the past, Mira Xie couldn’t help feeling a little fever on her face.

But this situation is the best ending.

Although Mother Xie was in power, as long as Dustin Zhou showed enough strength, she would never ask for trouble.

It’s also pretty good.

A group of four people drove two cars and headed to the imperial capital.

The three-day agreement has passed, and the atmosphere in today’s imperial capital is extremely dull.

Everyone knew that something big was about to happen.

Because after the Zhou family discussed a strategy for Dustin Zhou, they no longer conceal their defeat in the Zhou Group that day.

The Zhou family voluntarily admitted that all the rumors were facts, and the Zhou family was defeated by the Zhou group.

Three days later, that is today, the Zhou Group will negotiate with the Zhou family for the last time.

The first reason why the Zhou family did this was to show sincerity to Dustin Zhou.

On the surface, they have accepted the attitude.

The second is to restrain one’s own people.

The clansmen have been too arrogant these past two days, and when they saw that the Zhou family had been defeated, they would beat them up.

Now that the Zhou family took the initiative to admit the defeat, all the emperors knew that the Zhou family was about to change, and the Zhou family naturally became more honest.

Today, everyone in Zhou’s family all got up early and gathered in the yard, waiting for Dustin Zhou’s arrival.

Chapter 1151

Three of the four major families, it can be said that there is no movement at all today.

They are very smart, and they don’t want to provoke Dustin Zhou to this murderous god.

Today, they even tentatively scheduled all the business activities of the family.

The entire imperial capital seemed a lot deserted at once.

Dustin Zhou and Mira Xie drove two cars quietly on the Imperial Road, and finally came to the door of Zhou’s house.

The Zhou Family Courtyard, a thousand-year foundation, and its appearance and position have never changed.

Mother Zhou looked at the familiar but unfamiliar building in front of her, tears welled up in her eyes.

This place represents her youth, but it is not beautiful youth.

As for Xie’s mother, this girl was dumbfounded.

She knew Dustin Zhou was rich now, but she didn’t know Dustin Zhou was so rich.

What is this place?

In the imperial capital, in front of you

It turned out to be a super huge manor!

There are also many bungalows!

And what did she see?


There were more than a dozen helicopters waiting in battle, quietly parked on the tarmac.

As for things like luxury cars, she was numb all the way here.

And when she got out of the car, the moment she stepped into the Zhou family compound, she had a new definition of the word rich.

What is a rich family?

This is called a giant!

Culture, historical heritage, antique architecture, huge courtyard.

Even a superficial person like Xie’s mother felt the level of this place, and the rich people she had come into contact with before were like a heaven and an underground!

And now, these noble people living here, after seeing them and a group of people come in, nearly a thousand people actually bend over and bow together!

“Welcome the young master back!” This is the first sentence of the first family in the East, the Zhou family, after seeing Dustin Zhou.

Mother Xie was silly looking directly, and almost knelt down and repaid the courtesy.

Mother Zhou was also very excited in her heart. It seemed that everything her son said was true!

He actually did it!

But Dustin Zhou on one side was indifferent.

He coldly looked at the nearly a thousand people in front of him, and a smile flicked across his mouth.

“Master? I said, are you misunderstanding something? I’m not your master.” Dustin Zhou said playfully.

Want him to be Zhou’s young master?

Is Zhou’s worthy?

He came today to ask for justice!

Dustin Zhou continued, “As for my identity, I don’t think I need to introduce myself. Everyone in this room knows better than me.” “Today, the abandoned son Dustin Zhou, come to ask for justice! You Zhou family, what do you think? Something to explain?” After thinking about it, Dustin Zhou decided to give the Zhou family a chance to explain.

He was unwilling to listen to Zhou Hengtian’s explanation before because he was in a irritable mood.

But after three days of calming down, Dustin Zhou wanted to understand that since he was bringing his mother to seek justice, he should naturally clarify what happened in the past and calculate right and wrong.

As for the Zhou family, there was also silence for a while.

At the beginning, they chose to express their sincerity directly to Dustin Zhou, such as bowing all to welcome the return of the young master.

This kind of treatment, in the history of the Zhou family, only a handful of respectable patriarchs can have.

But Dustin Zhou didn’t give them face.

Dustin Zhou still claimed to be an abandoned son.

This defeated the Zhou family’s first plan.

There is no other way but to come forward to explain, and then compensate, no matter what conditions Dustin Zhou put forward, as long as they can keep their Zhou family, they can agree.

If it doesn’t work, they can only communicate with the fairy master and follow

Dustin Zhou fought a dead fish and the net broke.

Zhou Hengtian stood up and said, “Yang…Mr. Zhou, Linger, as the head of the Zhou family, I, on behalf of the Zhou family, will pay you first. Our Zhou family does owe you an explanation for what happened back then.” Next, Zhou Hengtian I repeated the story of driving Dustin Zhou and Zhou Mu out.

This time, he took all the responsibilities on himself.

“Zhou…Mr. Zhou, the matter of driving your mother and son out of Zhou’s family was all my fault. I was too selfish. I wanted to be the patriarch of Zhou’s family, so I would act like this. “However, now I know that I was wrong. If you want, I can divorce my current wife and take you back to Zhou’s family again to rectify your names!” This second sentence is probably the Zhou family’s attitude towards Dustin Zhou. The compensation of mother and child.

In fact, they couldn’t come up with any special compensation, after all, Dustin Zhou was already too strong.

The rectification of Dustin Zhou’s mother and son was the only compensation they could think of.

But after hearing Zhou Hengtian’s explanation, Dustin Zhou shook his head, “Done?” Zhou Hengtian was taken aback, “Say, I’m finished.” Isn’t that clear?

The reason why such a thing happened back then was explained very clearly. It was all Zhou Hengtian’s own mistakes, and the attitude of admitting mistakes and the people who took the responsibility also came out.

In the end, he was willing to rectify Dustin Zhou’s mother and son, and even the plan to make up for it came out.

Is there anything else to say?

A simple paragraph, but Zhou Hengtian and the elders of the family decided after a long time.

This passage is concise and powerful, and absolutely encompasses everything from explanation to apology to compensation. Shouldn’t the so-called apology be just such a process?

Zhou Hengtian didn’t understand where he was wrong.

Dustin Zhou sneered, “It’s great, is this the Zhou family?” “It really is a big family, clearly organized and logically convincing.” This sentence sounds like a compliment. Zhou family, but everyone in the Zhou family felt something wrong.

How does this praise sound weird?

Sure enough, before they could fully react, Dustin Zhou spoke again.

“You said the things back then were all your fault, um, very good, I also think you deserve to die.” Dustin Zhou nodded and said.

Zhou Hengtian’s expression suddenly changed. Although he knew that the cost of assuming responsibility would be very serious, he couldn’t believe that Dustin Zhou would really take his life.

Dustin Zhou didn’t do it directly, but continued, “But if you think you deserve to die by yourself, isn’t that a bit too naive?” “From your explanation, I can’t hear the slightest sincerity, you

What we think is how to escape responsibility, how to minimize the loss of our family, how to stop my mouth and calm my anger on the basis of seemingly reasonable.

“But you never thought about being responsible for my mother and caring about what my mother has survived over the years!”

“The Zhou family?”

Is it amazing?

Just because you are a big family, you can decide a woman’s life at will, right?

“Dustin Zhou asked coldly.

Chapter 1153

Dustin Zhou’s questioning echoed throughout the Zhou family, but no one dared to stand up to refute. In fact, someone who can listen to Dustin Zhou’s doubts , Very rarely, the reason why they dare not refute is simply afraid of Dustin Zhou’s strength. In fact, the person who listened to Dustin Zhou’s words was Zhou Hengtian alone. Zhou Hengtian stared at Dustin Zhou in a daze, and suddenly he didn’t know what to do. How do you open your mouth? Because every word Dustin Zhou said was like a sharp sword that pierced his heart. Dustin Zhou was right. From the beginning, when Zhou Hengtian drove Dustin Zhou’s mother and son out, he didn’t think too much. Many. Because this is the Zhou family, this is a wealthy family. With his intelligence and status, he is definitely the most powerful competitor for the Patriarch. But don’t simply think that this is a good thing, as the Patriarch’s most powerful competitor. , His end is often only two. First, successfully ascend to the position of Patriarch. Second, the family is ruined. If you can’t be the Patriarch, then you are a threat to the new Patriarch. So your fate It will be very miserable. This is an iron law. Zhou Hengtian has not thought about why such an iron law appears. He only knows that all the rich and powerful do this. So he did not hesitate to choose to drive Dustin Zhou’s mother and son out of Zhou’s family. In exchange for his position as the head of the Patriarch. He doesn’t think he has done anything wrong. Anyway, if you don’t drive Dustin Zhou’s mother and son away, he will also end up in ruin, and Dustin Zhou’s mother and son will not have a better life. Dustin Zhou returned to Zhou’s family, Zhou Hengtian, and even the entire Zhou family’s core high-level staff. When they considered issues, they all considered the problems from the perspective of interests, completely neglecting them. In the end, Dustin Zhou is Zhou Hengtian’s flesh and blood! Dustin Zhou is the real direct descendant of their Zhou family! And Zhou Mu, that is also his Zhou Hengtian’s wife! But he has never considered this, He only sees benefits, losses, and these digital things. Now, Dustin Zhou has completely awakened him. Mother and son Dustin Zhou, how did you live these years? “You said very well. There is compensation and compensation.

I have to apologize and apologize,” Dustin Zhou continued, “But who on earth has really considered what my mother has lost over the years?

“She left Zhou’s house alone with the flesh and blood of Zhou’s family. In the eyes of others, she is a widow!”

“But what did she do wrong?”

Should be treated like this?

“Your focus is only on the helplessness of what you did back then, but who has ever considered what has happened in the past two decades?”

“To drive our mother and child out of Zhou’s house, is it just a momentary thing for you?”

“You just made a wrong decision at that moment, but our mother and son have endured twenty years of torture!”

Dustin Zhou cleared up the account with them, and let Zhou Hengtian choose for himself, “You said, you represent the Zhou family and want to apologize to our mother and son, then, this Qian, what are you going to do?

It’s no exaggeration to say that Zhou’s family ruined Zhou’s mother’s life. When Zhou’s mother had just given birth to Dustin Zhou, she was expelled from Zhou’s family by Zhou Hengtian and the Presbyterian Church. Moreover, after being expelled from Zhou’s family, they also demanded Zhou. The mother can’t remarry. As for the reason… because their Zhou family is a wealthy family. Even if Dustin Zhou’s mother and son were the ones who were driven out by them and the ones who were abandoned by them, they must live forever according to this identity and must not have other identities. It’s so ridiculous, so shameless, Dustin Zhou’s mother gave birth to Dustin Zhou, what else can she have for work energy? Is it possible to take care of children casually? How many blindfolds did Dustin Zhou suffer when he was a child? Irresponsible birth , This is the scourge of the gods, otherwise, you can not give birth at all. If Zhou’s mother married into Zhou’s family for one or two years, Zhou’s family felt that Zhou’s mother was not worthy of last week’s family, so she would be kicked out directly. Dustin Zhou can’t say anything. Feelings are consensual. Since you think I’m not worthy of you, it doesn’t matter if you drive me away. But you hurt me, and you still look high, stipulating that I can’t have other things in my life In his life, he can only be like ants at the bottom of the society. What is the truth? “When such a thing happened, your focus is actually the reason for driving us out back then?

“Do you think that you have explained that reason clearly, and let me know that you were forced to drive our mother and son out of helpless circumstances. This matter can be over?”

Facing Dustin Zhou’s question, Zhou Hengtian lowered his head silently, and he chose to avoid this question. Because he really couldn’t answer it. At this time, he has already realized his problem and realized what he committed. Faced with this kind of mistake, he was speechless. But he was speechless, anyone else would dare to say


For example, those who didn’t listen to Dustin Zhou’s words at all.

In their hearts, how are you, mother and son living together, do you care about us?

How are your lives? It is a matter of your own ability. Of course, we only explain the reasons why we do things, and then we can bear the corresponding price!

The great elder stood up, “Mr. Zhou, seeing Hengtian calling you that, then I will call you that for the time being. I think that what you just said is a bit wrong.” “The future life of your mother and son No, it doesn’t have much to do with our Zhou family.” “Although our Zhou family restricts you from having a new life and a new identity, to put it bluntly, even within our limits, you are completely You can live better.” “For example, your mother can start a company, but she can’t start a company. It’s not our Zhou family’s fault.” “Our behavior is only to drive you out of the Zhou family. It’s just one piece.” The Great Elder said plausibly, without blushing at all.

Because this is the fact he believes, he does not feel remorse for his mistakes, and at the same time, he will not consider the problem from the perspective of Dustin Zhou’s mother and son.

Dustin Zhou squinted at him for a while.

He suddenly realized that he had committed a stupid problem.

Why give these people a chance to explain?

Is it necessary?

Let them explain, is it because they still have any expectations?

In other words, in the bottom of my heart, still feel a little distressed for these so-called family members?

Dustin Zhou didn’t speak, he lifted his steps, and walked towards the Great Elder step by step.

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