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Chapter 785

If it was in the past, Su Wei would not be too lazy to come over after such a thing, even if the Su family fell, it didn’t seem to have much to do with him.

But now, Su Wei feels that since he is the son of Su Shiming, since he is the heir of the Su family, and the future Patriarch of the Su family, he now needs to consider the future of the Su family.

Cooperation with Dustin Zhou is the most suitable method that Su Wei thinks, and it is also the most important factor that Su Wei believes that the Su family can still stand upright in the East China Sea in the future.



Everyone was silent.

Su Shiming did not speak, nor did the four worships.

What Su Wei said just now really touched their hearts.

At this time, many worships are slightly looking at the future Patriarch.

In their impression, Su Wei has always been a dude, but now it seems that he is not.

Not only is it not, but Su Wei’s remarks just now shocked many people. It was something that even them did not expect.

Yes, the strength of the Su family is not as good as before. The various industries in the family are undergoing reforms. Whether it is good or bad is still invisible.

Although there is now a Xu family, and the Su family is facing the wooing of the Sun family and the Ding family, in fact, either party just wants to use the Su family.

“I think maybe I can find Dustin Zhou

Have a talk.

“The Three Worships Su Nanan suddenly said. And when the Three Worships opened their mouths, a few more worships started immediately. “Yes, anyway, the Sun family and the Ding family are going to be three days later. We will call Dustin Zhou for a few days. Talk and see if he has any good solutions.

” “I agree.

“I agree too.”

“… Six or seven offerings in a row all agreed, and even the four offerings to Su Changge slowly nodded in agreement. “Okay, in that case, then Su Wei, you can contact Mr. Dustin Zhou and ask him about it. Suggestions, please come to Su’s house to see you.

“Su Shiming said in a deep voice, setting the tone for this discussion. … When Dustin Zhou received Su Wei’s call, he was still a little confused. He had been waiting in Lvjingwan City for several days, but it was Tiger Lord. There was still no news from Bian, as if it was a sudden news. However, Dustin Zhou was not so anxious. There is no sign of Xu family coming out to look for him. He can wait a few more days. And this time, it is not only right. Dustin Zhou, it is a huge opportunity for the people like Tiger Lord. If they succeed, they can enter the Xu family and become the main line of the Xu family. Lost, the big deal is going to the East China Sea, where the world is so big. No. So, for the past few days, Dustin Zhou has been thinking about what he should do if Tiger Lord agrees to better deal with the thunder methods of Xu family. At this time, Su Wei’s phone number was Called over. “Let me go to Su’s house?

Dustin Zhou was a little surprised. He didn’t know what Su Wei asked himself to go to the Su family at this time. Could it be that the Su family already knew about the things between himself and the Xu family? This shouldn’t be. If the Su family knows, then other things. A first-class family should already know it. And according to the grievances between Dustin Zhou and them, especially the Sun family and the Ding family, they all have a lot of grievances. At this time, it is impossible for them to do nothing. What’s matter?

Dustin Zhou asked in a deep voice. “It’s about the Sun family and the Ding family, big brother, do you know the Xu family…” Su Wei cautiously said what happened in the lobby just now, without any concealment. Facts Su Wei had no reason to conceal it. In his opinion, Dustin Zhou is a big man, omnipotent, even if he has something to hide, Dustin Zhou can quickly see through it and leave a grudge in his heart. This is nothing to anyone. Good thing. What’s more, this time Dustin Zhou was asked to come to the Su family, but the Su family asked for help. It was a consultant, and Su Wei was even more unlikely to do anything that would be detrimental to the Su family. Dustin Zhou listened quietly, but he was surprised. It seems that the emergence of the Xu family is far from simple, even a first-class family like the Su family

It was alarmed, and it also aroused the vigilance of the Ding family and the Sun family.

“Okay, I see, I’ll be there tomorrow.” After hanging up the phone, Dustin Zhou fell into thought again.

The time for contemplation this time was much longer than the time for contemplation last time.

The matters between the Su family, the Sun family, and the Ding family are far more complicated than those between the Hu Ye and the Xu family.

First of all, the matter between Lord Tiger and the Xu family is very simple. To sum up, it is one point, hatred. Lord Tiger wants to overthrow the current Xu family. His own line moves into the Xu family and becomes the main line.

What happened between the Su family, the Ding family, and the Sun family was nothing more than the difference in their hearts from the appearance of the Xu family.

Under such different psychological factors, the three companies reacted differently.

And this is also a very complicated point.

Now it seems that the Sun family is tough and the Ding family is casual, but who knows whether their attitude will turn around in the end.

Perhaps the Sun family, after seeing the strength of the Xu family, would choose to be a turtle like the Ding family.

Of course, the most important thing is that Dustin Zhou and the Sun family and the Ding family have grievances. At this time, this matter is involved, and even Dustin Zhou can’t guess the changes.

However, no matter what, the Su family still has to go this trip.

However, listening to what Su Wei said just now, the Su family actually had two opinions.

One is to choose the same as the Sun family, and the other is to choose the same as the Ding family.

Dustin Zhou knew that it was probably because of such differences that Su Wei would come to him for help.

The next day, Su Wei took Niu Chuan and Zhou Feng and rushed to Su’s house together.

The reason for bringing Niu Chuan and Zhou Feng is very simple. Since the Su family is a first-class family, and after encountering this incident, the family will have two opinions. One of them, like the Sun family, wants to follow Xu. Hold it on the front side

From this alone, Dustin Zhou could see that there was definitely a martial master in the Su family, otherwise the Su family would not have such thoughts.

Moreover, Dustin Zhou guessed that the Su family may have more than one martial master.

So for the sake of safety, and to prevent conflicts after the meeting, and to let the two sides exercise restraint, Dustin Zhou took Niu Chuan and Zhou Feng with them.

In any case, it is two martial masters.

Even traveling with two martial masters, how strong Dustin Zhou’s background would be.

Dustin Zhou wanted to create such an illusion for the people of the Su family, especially those martial masters, facing Niu Chuan and Zhou Feng who were also martial masters, they would definitely feel jealous, and would not be so unscrupulous.

The last time I came to the Su family was half a year ago. At that time, he helped the Su family resolve their internal struggles, helped Su Shiming formally become the Su family’s head and master the Su family.

Now that he came to Su’s house again, Dustin Zhou didn’t have much trouble in his heart.

After all, the Su family is nothing but a first-class family.

Chapter 786

And Dustin Zhou has not been to such a first-class family.

In Hunan Province, the Jiang family and the Zhang family are also first-class families. Dustin Zhou still went in and out several times. Not surprisingly, that’s probably the case.

Dustin Zhou was here, and the news spread quickly in the Su family.

Su Shiming, there are many worshippers waiting in the lobby.

So as soon as Dustin Zhou came in, he saw more than a dozen people staring at him. Some of them were full of scrutiny, some were amazed, and some were disdainful.

Dustin Zhou naturally didn’t care about such gazes.

“Patriarch Su.” Dustin Zhou gave Su Shiming a fist, saying hello.

“I’m very happy that Mr. Dustin Zhou can come. Come and sit down. I haven’t thanked Mr. Dustin Zhou for taking care of Su Wei.” Su Shiming smiled and let Dustin Zhou sit under him.

This is regarded as the highest respect for guests.

As for Su Shiming’s thank you Dustin Zhou for taking care of Su Wei, Dustin Zhou didn’t take it seriously.

I have heard the polite remarks, and Dustin Zhou will be able to understand the meaning of what others say.

“It’s okay, Su Wei is also a good child, and he will definitely be able to develop the Su family in the future.” Dustin Zhou also said with a smile.

The so-called flower sedan chair, people carry people, say good things, no one can think.

“Mr. Zhou, I invite you to come home this time. I think Su Wei has already told you that I want to listen to your suggestions.” Su Shiming straightforwardly brought the topic to the current situation.

When Su Shiming said so, the dozens of consecrated eyes once again looked at Dustin Zhou, wanting to hear what Dustin Zhou had to say.

“Haha, Su Wei has already told me. To be honest, when I heard it at first, I was a little surprised. I didn’t expect that you also knew about the existence of the Xu family.” Dustin Zhou chuckled and said lightly. There was a little surprise in his tone, as if he was really surprised.

Dustin Zhou said this lightly, but listening to the ears of the dozens of offerings made many people feel dissatisfied.

This kid is too arrogant.

“Huh, my Su family is a first-class family in the East China Sea, and the strength is also at the top level in the East China Sea. What is strange about knowing the existence of the Xu family, but you, I am afraid that you don’t know anything about the Xu family! Do you want me to give it to you? Tell me about the origin of the Xu family?” A burly man snorted coldly and looked at Dustin Zhou squintly with a look of disdain.

His name is Su Tai, a half-strength martial master, and his status in the Su family is not high. He was initially dissatisfied with asking Dustin Zhou to come over. Now that he heard Dustin Zhou say this, he still didn’t hide his heart.

Of disdain.

“Haha, the Xu family, the Hidden Family, who doesn’t know?” Dustin Zhou glanced at the other person, and said lightly, disapproving.

When Dustin Zhou said this, many people were suddenly surprised.

The Xu family was a matter of the hidden family. They didn’t say anything about it yesterday, and Dustin Zhou was notified by Su Wei. Su Wei didn’t know that the Xu family was a hidden family, so naturally it was impossible to tell Dustin Zhou.

Many people looked at Su Shiming, if someone told Dustin Zhou, then this person could only be Su Shiming.

Seeing everyone’s gaze, Su Shiming shook his head slightly, and the smile on his face slowly became serious.

Seeing Su Shiming shaking his head, everyone was even more surprised.

Su Shiming didn’t tell Dustin Zhou, how did I know Dustin Zhou?

“How did you know?” Su Tai said in a deep voice, looking badly.

He didn’t expect Dustin Zhou to know the Xu family, and he even knew that the Xu family was a hidden family. These were definitely not something ordinary people could know.

Now that Donghai knows that the Xu family is the family and power of the hidden family, it will definitely not be more than one hand.

But among them, Su Tai thinks that there is absolutely no Dustin Zhou.

“Of course I met. Just a few days ago, I fought against the Su family. I naturally knew something about the Xu family.” Dustin Zhou said lightly, the expression on his face looked unpredictable. .

And the more Dustin Zhou was like this, the more the Su family’s many worships became more frightened, looking at Dustin Zhou one by one, with inexplicable expressions on his face.

This kid actually fought against the Xu family?

And it’s so good to stand here.

What this means, the Xu family can’t even handle a person like Dustin Zhou, so the strength of the Xu family is probably the same.

All of a sudden, several worshippers were relieved.

It now appears that the Xu family should not be as powerful as in the legend, and their Su family now has four martial masters, and they should be able to deal with a Xu family with ease.

“However, at that time, the Xu family only sent a martial master, which was not enough to see, tsk.” Dustin Zhou said again, and while talking, shook his head, as if the martial master of the Xu family was only enough for Dustin Zhou to appetite.

“Huh, mad, what kind of existence is the master of martial arts, can you imagine it?” Su Tai said coldly, looking at Dustin Zhou with sarcasm.

This kid, are you used to boasting, dare to say anything.

There is only one martial master, not enough to see.

Do you kid know what the martial master is?

Do you know what martial master means?

Their Su family now only has four martial masters, but relying on these four martial masters, the Su family becomes the East China Sea’s

First-class family.

As long as there is a martial master in a family, then this family can definitely become a big boss.

But Su Tai thought about it all over his head, and never thought of when there would be a Zhou family in Donghai.

Obviously, Dustin Zhou is bragging.

“Martial Master? Is it difficult?” Dustin Zhou smiled faintly, and nodded slightly to Zhou Feng.

Immediately, Zhou Feng walked out from behind Dustin Zhou, slightly letting go of the martial arts master’s aura.


In an instant, everyone’s eyes converged and fell on Zhou Feng.

Everyone was surprised, the momentum just now was the martial master, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

However, this old man walked out from behind Dustin Zhou just now. He had always stood behind Dustin Zhou before, like a servant.

Such a person turned out to be a martial master, and in their Su family, they can become the top five worshippers, and their status is much better than Sutai.

Su Tai was stunned, he looked at Zhou Feng blankly, and his heart twitched.

But at the same time, not only Sutai, but also many other worships looked at Dustin Zhou’s eyes very complicated.

Even any servant is a martial master, what is the origin of Dustin Zhou?

“Haha, little friend Dustin Zhou, I’m very curious, how did you clashed with the Xu family and fought with each other?” When everyone was surprised, the Sifu Su Changge suddenly spoke, looking at Zhou Feng, full of Dignified, but when looking at Dustin Zhou, he returned to a relaxed look.

Chapter 787

And the four offerings to Su Changge immediately attracted the attention of other offerings.

Yes, how did you Dustin Zhou deal with the Xu family?

You know, even for their Su family, which is very prominent in the East China Sea, so far, there has been no conflict with the Xu family.

But, Dustin Zhou, you said that you had already fought against the Xu family. This is unavoidable for people to doubt.

“Haha, it’s a little bit of a private matter, but it’s not important. What’s important is that among the first people sent by the Xu family, there is only one martial master. Now I have taken it down. I believe it will not be long before the Xu family will Send out the second group of strong men.” Dustin Zhou said lightly, without any change in expression on his face, as if those martial arts masters were as common as drinking water.

However, this word fell in the ears of other people, it was like a bolt from the blue sky, making everyone’s eyes widened and staring at Dustin Zhou.

The four worshippers of Su Changge stared at Dustin Zhou with wide eyes, wanting to see a clue from Dustin Zhou’s face.

But he was disappointed. Su Changge could not see any change in Dustin Zhou’s face. On the contrary, the expression on Dustin Zhou’s face was full of confidence.

As if he

What I said just now is true.

But is this possible?

That is the martial master.

You know, how powerful the martial master is, and his Su family has only four martial masters, the first-class family in the East China Sea.

The Sun family may be better than the Su family, but at most it will not exceed six martial masters.

The Ding family will not be less than three martial masters.

In the eyes of these first-class families, the martial master is the cornerstone of the family and an unshakable existence.

Not to mention taking down the martial master, even if a martial master wants to defeat another martial master, it is not so easy.

But Dustin Zhou now said that he had taken down a martial master of the Xu family, and most of the people present did not believe it.

If the martial masters were so rubbish, then the world would have gone everywhere with martial masters long ago, and how could it be like now, such a big East China Sea, such a big Su family, and only four martial masters.

“Little friend Dustin Zhou, you have said a little too much. Even if there is a martial master around you, it is not that simple to win a martial master!” Sifu Su Changge said in a deep voice.

Although he wasn’t very cold towards Dustin Zhou at first, when Zhou Feng came out and showed his martial master aura, Su Changge regarded Dustin Zhou as a son of a big family like the Su family.

But now that Dustin Zhou said such things, Su Changge was still a little unhappy.

In Dustin Zhou’s eyes, isn’t the martial master so worthless? He even said that he would take it. He didn’t know the heights of the world, thinking that there was a martial master by his side, his eyes were above the top, and he couldn’t see the sky and the people outside.

“If it is one-to-one, it is naturally not that simple, but I never said that when dealing with others, it will be one-on-one.” Dustin Zhou smiled lightly.

Immediately, Niu Chuan walked out slowly, his aura instantly exuding.


Once again, everyone was shocked.

Martial Master!

Another martial artist, and so young!

At this time, not only the four worship of Su Changge, but the other three worships of the martial master realm have also looked sideways, the surprise on their faces is self-evident.

If there is a martial master around Dustin Zhou, and they can still accept it, then now there is another martial master, which really shocked everyone.

That’s the martial master, not Chinese cabbage.

Even the Su family now has only four martial masters.

As for Dustin Zhou’s body, there were only two of them brought out, half of the Su family.

How many have not been brought out yet?

Everyone found that their brains couldn’t turn around at all, and they couldn’t imagine what kind of background Dustin Zhou was behind.

The four worshippers Su Changge didn’t speak any more, just took a deep look at Dustin Zhou and nodded secretly.

That’s right, Dustin Zhou was right.

One-on-one, it’s not easy to win a martial master, but if it’s not one-to-one, two-to-one, or even more martial masters against one martial master at the same time, then the odds of winning will be much greater, even the other side. You can’t even escape.

However, Su Changge also knew that Dustin Zhou brought two martial masters to the Su family, and he would definitely not do it casually.

It is impossible for him to go out and bring the two martial masters with him like this.

However, even though he thought so in his heart, when he saw the two martial masters around Dustin Zhou, Su Changge still couldn’t help but twitch.

The appearance of the two martial masters, Niu Chuan and Zhou Feng, also changed the eyes of everyone present at Dustin Zhou.

If they had looked at Dustin Zhou with contempt in their eyes before, then now, their eyes on Dustin Zhou have become hot and solemn.

The hot reason is that as long as Dustin Zhou can cooperate with the Su Family, then the Su Family will increase the combat effectiveness of at least two martial masters. That way, even when facing the Sun Family, the Su Family’s confidence will be more sufficient.

The dignified reason is that Dustin Zhou now has two martial masters, so Dustin Zhou’s identity and background must not be simple. Before anyone knows Dustin Zhou’s true confidence, cooperating with Dustin Zhou is likely to be a tiger seeking skin. The Su family did not help.

Even if the Su family had conducted a survey of Dustin Zhou before, and knew Dustin Zhou’s life in the East China Sea, he also knew that Dustin Zhou had been dependent on his mother since he was a child, and now he has joined Zuixie’s family and has become an unwelcome door-to-door son-in-law.

However, who knows whether these are true or not, or these are basically what Dustin Zhou wants others to see.

Otherwise, how do the two martial masters, Niu Chuan and Zhou Feng, explain?

If the previous investigation of Dustin Zhou is true, then this martial artist is too worthless.

Everyone in the Su family thinks they are not stupid, so a little bit of logic can still be imagined.

“I heard Su Wei talk about you, but what I want to know is, how do you want to cooperate with me?” Dustin Zhou said lightly, looking around the faces of many worshippers, and finally fell on the face of the lord Su Shiming. .

Regardless, Dustin Zhou must look at what Su Shiming said.

“Well, things are more complicated. What I said just now is just a one-sided thing. What Su Wei told you may not be very comprehensive.” Su Shiming pondered for a moment, and said in a deep voice. What happened, it seemed that I hadn’t seen it at all.

In any case, Su Shiming is conscious of his relationship with Dustin Zhou

The relationship is very delicate.

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