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Chapter 554

Thinking of this, Shen Hai and Zhao Cheng looked at each other, and both saw a touch of joy in each other’s eyes.

They are right!

“How? You should believe me now, right? Even without Dustin Zhou, no

Mingyang company, we can also manage this store well, it may not be the next famous company!

Wang Weiwei said awe-inspiringly, stretching out his arms and embracing Fang Qiu in a gesture of reprimanding Fang Qiu. “Haha, what are the words of President Wang? Haven’t we been with President Wang all the time?

Ding Junfeng laughed and said, his eyes flickered slightly, and he glanced at Shen Hai and Zhao Cheng, and then quickly avoided them. “Yes, I didn’t expect President Wang to have this relationship. There is Baolishi.” Even if there is no famous company’s products, we don’t have to worry at all!

“That’s right, Mr. Wang, it seems that this time, Dustin Zhou’s face is about to be slapped by you. If this spreads out, your face will be extremely glorious!”

“Haha, everyone knows that Dustin Zhou is an arrogant and domineering person. He has never cared about other people’s feelings and opinions. Now President Wang has ridiculed him fiercely to let him know that this world is not about leaving him. Can’t turn.

“… With Ding Junfeng taking the lead, the other people naturally followed the flattery. Soon, only Shen Hai and Zhao Cheng were left in the room without talking. “Why?

Shen Hai, Zhao Cheng, do you have any comments?

Ding Junfeng cast his eyes slightly, and there was a trace of sarcasm from the corners of his mouth, which was not hidden. When the others saw it, they also looked at Shen Hai and Zhao Cheng with deep eyes. Shen Hai and Zhao Cheng smiled bitterly in their hearts when they saw it. I should have thought that I would be treated like this for a long time. Actually speaking, I really stayed in the same boat with Wang Wei, Ding Junfeng and the others, and Shen Hai and Zhao Cheng just got on the bus halfway. The two were still standing on Ye Fang’s side and confronting Wang Wei. Now that Wang Wei and the others are prepared for them, it’s normal. “Yes, Mr. Wang’s methods are so good. Isn’t it right to come to Dustin Zhou? I would think that Mr. Wang has this kind of relationship with Baolishi.

“Congratulations, Mr. Wang. From now on, this Liushi branch, but you alone have the final say. I will definitely take your lead!

Shen Hai and Zhao Cheng were helpless and could only offer a compliment. After all, everyone is on the same boat, and it is naturally not a good thing to be treated so differently by others. Seeing that they are so obedient, Wang Wei and Ding Junfeng agree. After a glance, the corners of the mouth raised slightly, very satisfied. And because of the presence of Polyx, coupled with the appearance of the Rocket Girl and the ambassador on the opening ceremony, the traffic and attention brought to the Liushi branch, even if There is no famous company product in the branch, and it has not affected the popularity of the branch in the slightest. One week passed quickly. During this week, the business of the Liushi branch was very hot. Although it has not reached the East China Sea, Changsha

The flagship store is as popular, but it is also very popular. Looking at the entire pedestrian street in Liushi, there is no store that can compare with the Liushi branch.

In order to express his determination to draw a clear line from Dustin Zhou, Wang Wei directly changed the name of the Liushi branch.

“Liushi Beauty Makeup.” Wang Wei looked at the rebuilt plaque with a smile of excitement at the corner of his mouth.

This week, although the business in the store was very good, the daily turnover and profit were very generous, but Wang Wei was always vigilant.

Although Dustin Zhou previously said to give Wang Wei a chance, let him play by himself.

But Wang Wei was not a kid, and he wouldn’t really think that Dustin Zhou would do nothing and just convince himself.

So this week, Wang Wei has been sitting in Liushi Beauty, carefully observing the situation inside and outside the store to prevent Dustin Zhou from leaving behind.

But to Wang Wei’s surprise, this week has passed and there hasn’t been any accident in Liushi Beauty, and no one has come to ask for trouble, as if this is a normal store, doing normal work.

No one will bother business.

“Is Dustin Zhou really subdued?” Wang Wei was suspicious, but after a week passed, Dustin Zhou did not hear any movement.

But Wang Wei knew that with Dustin Zhou’s character, if he wanted to retaliate against someone, he would definitely retaliate against him as soon as possible.

So this week has passed before Wang Wei is sure that Dustin Zhou will no longer deal with himself and Liushi Beauty.

“Hmph, I thought you had any means, but that’s nothing more.” Wang Wei thought triumphantly, tidying up his things and preparing to go to the appointment.

Tonight, he and Kong Hui agreed to eat together, and Kong Hui even said that he would take him to meet some friends.

Wang Wei knew that since Kong Hui said so, the few friends in his mouth would naturally not be ordinary people.

With Kong Hui’s identity and status in the Kong family, the friends he talked about must be people of the same level.

Wang Wei’s eyes changed, and Ding Junfeng and the others were instantly thought of in his mind, but after gritting his teeth, he shook his head abruptly and stopped thinking about it, leaving Liushi Beauty by himself.

But Wang Wei didn’t know. At this time, Changsha Kaiyuan Hotel, Dustin Zhou was standing in the room, looking at the endless crowds under the window, and the bustling traffic, the corners of his mouth were unexpectedly opened.

“For such a long time, it should be enough. If so, that dream should have woken up.” Dustin Zhou closed the window, closed the curtains, took out the mobile phone, and made a few calls directly.

As soon as Dustin Zhou finished the phone call, Enderia Shen rushed in anxiously, seeing Dustin Zhou, his eyes lit up.

“Are you going to make a move?” “Yeah.” Dustin Zhou did not deny it, and admitted it directly. After all, this is not a secret, and there is no need to cover it up now. Even if you don’t say it, everyone will do it in another day. found.

“Okay! Huh, I’ve seen Wang Wei upset for a long time, I didn’t expect you to take action until now.” Enderia Shen jealously rolled Dustin Zhou’s eyes, stepped on Heng Tian Gao, and left the room directly.

At the same time, the first heaven private club in Liushi.

Standing outside a box, Wang Wei carefully sorted his clothes. With a slight glance, he saw two men in black standing behind him.

The two men in black were staring at Wang Wei, and Wang Wei believed that as long as they acted unscrupulously, they might have to take action.

“Cough cough.” After two soft coughs, Wang Wei smiled and pushed open the private room door and walked inside.

He knew that this time, his destiny was about to change.

“Young Master Kong, I am here.”

Chapter 555

The beauty Wang Wei walked into the private room, and his eyes fell on Kong Hui in the middle of the sofa.

At this time, Kong Hui was holding a delicate beauty on his left and right, joking with the people on the side.

“Kong Shao.” Seeing Kong Hui talking to a few people he didn’t know, Wang Wei didn’t say too much, he just said hello and sat aside.

Of course, with Wang Wei’s identity and status, he can only sit on the edge of the sofa now.

But even so, Wang Wei felt he had a great honor.

After all, what kind of existence the Kong family was, he also knew something from Kong Hui.

Even the Jiang family, one of the five largest families in Hunan Province, dare not really do anything in front of the Kong family.

“Hehe, Wang Wei, your kid is here finally, come, let me introduce you two friends.” Kong Hui smiled and looked at Wang Wei, patted the two beauties in his arms on the hips, annoying The two beauties snorted, and then they got up and left with reluctance.

“This is my college classmate. He has a good relationship. It’s called Wang Wei. He used to work with Dustin Zhou’s group. The Liushi branch was the one who got up. Of course, it’s working with me now.” “Wang Wei, this It’s Jiang Feng, Jiang Shao, the son of the Jiang family in Changsha.” Kong Hui smiled and introduced Wang Wei and Jiang Feng.

However, his introduction was not so casual, but rather focused.

When Kong Hui introduced Wang Wei, he was very casual, as if he was introducing a dispensable passerby.

On the contrary, when he introduced Jiang Feng, his tone was a little serious, as if he was warning Wang Wei that he must respect Jiang Feng, let alone show any disrespect to Jiang Feng.

“Young Master Jiang!” When Wang Wei heard this, he was very surprised. He didn’t expect that the person in front of him who had a good chat with Kong Hui was actually from the Jiang family, and also the son of the Jiang family.

Is there such a deep relationship between the Kong family and the Jiang family?

However, these questions only flashed in his mind for a moment, and he quickly stood up and saluted Jiang Feng.

After all, no matter from which aspect, in terms of strength, status, or identity, Wang Wei and Jiang Feng are not of the same grade.

Even Wang Wei himself knew that in terms of his position in Kong Hui’s mind, he was definitely not as good as this Young Master Jiang Feng.

“Yeah.” Jiang Feng just hummed, nodded, and didn’t say much, even, from the beginning to the end, he didn’t even look at Wang Wei more than the moment Wang Wei walked in.

And Wang Wei didn’t feel any dissatisfaction, after all, the gap between the two sides was very large, and it was normal for the other side to have such an attitude.

“Come on, Wang Wei, tell me, what happened to Dustin Zhou? Is there any movement?” Kong Hui is not very attentive to what Wang Wei and Jiang Feng are thinking.

Of course, as long as he pays a little attention to Jiang Feng, there will be no problem. As for Wang Wei’s feelings, it has nothing to do with him, let alone care about Wang Wei.

In Kong Hui’s eyes, Wang Wei was nothing but a man of value.

As for the break between Dustin Zhou and Wang Wei, Wang Wei had already reported it to Kong Hui as early as the beginning, and Kong Hui was behind the arrival of Baolishi.

This week, Kong Hui asked Wang Wei to wait patiently. He wanted to see if Dustin Zhou really didn’t want to care about it.

But today is exactly one week, and Wang Wei is here now. Kong Hui can guess one or two if he guesses anything.

“Hehe, Kong Shao, Dustin Zhou hasn’t moved a bit. Since I have a showdown with him and several partners on my side are on my side, he returned to the hotel and left Liushi the next day and returned to Changsha. “I’m done.” Wang Wei said with a smile, his eyes narrowed, looking harmless to humans and animals, very kind.

“And this week, I have also been staying in the Liushi beauty store, and I didn’t find anything. It seems that Dustin Zhou is going to give up.” Wang Wei is in a good mood. This is not only because he and Kong Hui, The Kong family got a little relationship.

More importantly, he turned the Liushi branch into Liushi Beauty, firmly in his hands.

He ridiculed Dustin Zhou’s face in front of several people.

You know, whether in the East China Sea or in Hunan Province, Dustin Zhou is a godlike existence. Many people have suffered a loss but dare not get angry, and he has almost become the first to get a favor in Dustin Zhou’s hands. Dustin Zhou had no one to fight back.

If this were to be said, it would be a big face for Wang Wei.

“Haha, very good. It seems that Dustin Zhou is nothing more than that. Jiang Feng, I really don’t know what happened to your Jiang family. It almost became a joke in Hunan Province by making Dustin Zhou like that.” Kong Hui laughed. Looking at Jiang Feng, he also grinned and sneered.

In front of Jiang Feng, Kong Hui didn’t worry about speaking badly about the Jiang family, because he knew some things between Jiang Feng and the Jiang family, especially about Jiang Feng’s identity.

“Well, since Dustin Zhou has admitted, then Wang Wei, you can manage Liushi Beauty Makeup. I believe you have so much experience, plus the momentum Dustin Zhou and others have created for you before, Liushi Beauty Makeup will definitely come The better.” Kong Hui said with a smile, and with his hands back, the two beauties just now fell into his arms again in exclamation.

Suddenly, there was a loud sound in the private room.

But at this time, without the knowledge of Wang Wei, a lot of things happened on the Internet.

Weibo platform.

A well-known interactive platform in China, many celebrities, political figures, and even government departments are on it

A personal Weibo was opened to promote some activities.

Just a minute ago, Rocket Girl posted a new Weibo on Weibo.

“Rocket Girl canceled all cooperation with the Liushi branch. The Liushi branch must not use Rocket Girl to make any form of publicity.” There are only a few dozen words, but the information revealed is somewhat different.

With the popularity of Rocket Girl in China and the number of fans, don’t let this Weibo post have been posted for a minute, even if it’s only a few seconds, or even just posted, countless people will pay attention, even many people are. I have been watching the Weibo of Rocket Girl.

“Oh my God, what’s wrong? Who offended our Rocket Girl?” “Hey, this Liushi branch is so familiar, I seem to have heard it from somewhere.” “Upstairs, really bad memory, a week ago, three Isn’t the little girl just having a business show in Liushi? Almost blocked the pedestrian street in Liushi.” “Yes, that seems to be a branch of the famous company. What’s wrong? Is there any conflict? “I just went to look at it. The Liushi branch seems to have changed people, and the name of the store has been changed to Liushi Beauty.” “Tsk tsk, this is strange, but since the three members have expressed their opinions, then we naturally support the three. Little boy, I won’t go to the Liushi branch to buy things anymore.” “Yes, yes, I’ll go to the fan group to call on people in Liushi not to pick up things in that store, even if they have already bought them. Yes, all go back!” “The Rocket Army attacked, there is no grass!” … In just a minute, this Weibo of Rocket Girl quickly rushed to the top of the hot search.

The Liushi branch, Liushi Beauty, were also on the hot search.

However, compared to netizens’ support for Rocket Girls, Liushi Beauty has attracted a lot of abuse from netizens.

There are even local netizens in Liushi who have spontaneously formed a group, calling on netizens not to go shopping in Liushi Beauty.

Changsha, Kaiyuan Hotel.

“Dustin Zhou, this is your success?” Enderia Shen and Mira Xie came to Dustin Zhou’s room together, turned on the phone, found Rocket Girl’s Weibo, and asked with a smile.

“What’s the matter? Is there any problem?” Dustin Zhou raised his brows, a little confused about Enderia Shen’s question.

Is there any problem with Rocket Girl posting this Weibo?

It seems there is no problem.

Anyway, the one being scolded was Liushi Beauty, even if many people also scolded the Liushi branch, it has nothing to do with Dustin Zhou and the famous company.

After all, this shop is now owned by Wang Wei.

“It’s not that there is a problem, but you think this will make Wang Wei punished?” Enderia Shen shook his head, but he was a little confused.

Chapter 556

A simple Weibo can prevent Liushi Beauty’s business from going on.

After all, in addition to some young fans, there are still many local people who go to Liushi Beauty to shop.

As long as Wang Wei and the others do not do anything angry and complain, Liushi Beauty will not have much problem.

Originally, Enderia Shen thought Dustin Zhou would have something to follow, but now only seeing this has disappointed her a bit.

Enderia Shen kept looking at Dustin Zhou, as if he wanted to see if Dustin Zhou was still hiding something.

But Dustin Zhou didn’t change his expression, Enderia Shen couldn’t see anything.

Not only Enderia Shen, Mira Xie, Wang Dalu, Zhou Hao and others also looked at Dustin Zhou with puzzled faces.

After all, they all knew about the affairs between Dustin Zhou and Wang Wei.

It is natural to feel angry. After all, they are regarded as well-known companies and benefited by Dustin Zhou. In addition to reaping great benefits in the East China Sea, they can also follow Dustin Zhou to Hunan Province to open up the market.

However, it was at this time that Wang Wei thought he was clinging to high branches and chose to betray.

This is something they cannot accept and cannot forgive.

Therefore, in addition to stepping up the establishment of the branch, they also contacted the company on the Donghai side to cancel all cooperation with Wang Wei’s company.

As for the liquidated damages, in their eyes, it is nothing.

“Hehe, don’t worry, this is just the beginning.” Dustin Zhou just smiled faintly, as if everything was under control.

Enderia Shen and others looked confused, but when Dustin Zhou said that, they knew that it was useless to be anxious, and there was only waiting.

The Weibo sent by Rocket Girl went on a hot search and caused an uproar on the Internet.

Many people who didn’t know about the Liushi branch or Liushi Beauty have also learned about it, and they also learned the reasons for some things through the reports of other people.

Liushi Beauty.

In the past week, Mingyang’s products have been withdrawn, and Zhangjia Meichen Beauty’s products have also been withdrawn.

The empty shelves in the store are now full of Polyx.

And Baolishi has a very big reputation in China. It can be said that compared with the two products of the famous company, it is not much better.

So this week, Liushi Beauty’s business has been very good. Coupled with the promotion plan implemented by Wang Wei, customers in the store are in an endless stream every day.

However, on this day, Liushi Beauty’s staff found something wrong.

Wang Wei just left the store, and the other six bosses are still in the office area on the second floor.

According to the usual situation, when the day is three poles, there should be a lot of customers in the store.

But now, there are only a few people, and they are all older women. A young lady

can not see.

“What’s the matter, today is not a working day. On Sunday, don’t you all sleep at home?” “Who knows, let’s wait anyway, maybe there will be guests coming soon.” “Yes. , After all, the reputation of this Baolishi is not to be bragged. I bought several bottles of facial cleanser yesterday. This time the promotion is really good.” …… Several shop assistants gathered together, whispering, but their eyes , But has been staring outside the store.

However, one hour passed, and two hours passed.

They had to change shifts until two o’clock in the afternoon, and there were not many customers in the shop.

“What’s going on? It’s too weird?” “I don’t know, but so far, there have not been many people. Are they all still sleeping? It’s already afternoon.” The clerk looked surprised, yes. Several even went to the door of the store to look around.

However, to her disappointment, there were quite a few people on the pedestrian street outside, but there were almost no people walking towards them.

Even, several people were going to go this way at first, but halfway through, they all turned around and went to other places.

“It’s strange, it seems that everyone is not here anymore.” The clerk didn’t know what happened, so he murmured and returned to the store.

The time passed by one minute and one second, and at 2:30 in the afternoon, when the clerk was about to fall asleep, a clerk suddenly exclaimed.

“Look there, there are a lot of people out there.” “Hey, yeah, they seem to be walking towards us.” “Haha, let me just say that they are sleeping during the day, and now they sleep well before they come here. Buy things, hurry up, everyone is ready, today will be full of money.” … The shop assistants suddenly became excited when they saw a group of people pouring over outside the store.

It was not that they had never seen such a situation before.

This happened after Baolishi settled in and the promotional activities ordered by President Wang were released.

And this time, in the eyes of the shop assistants, it was just recreating the scene at that time.

For this situation, they have experience and are very good at it.

“Haha, welcome everyone, in our shop…” However, when a few shop assistants walked to the door and were about to welcome these people into the shop, they were suddenly interrupted.

“Welcome, what kind of sh*t cosmetics shop is this? Our Rocket Army doesn’t allow you to use Rocket Girl’s promotional photos. Hurry up and remove these photos.” “That is, I wasted the feelings of the Rocket Girl three little ones, and did this We will never forgive the incident.” “Huh, the Rockets attacked and there was nothing left. Everyone was standing in front of the store, blocking the store door, don’t let this black

The heart shop exists!

“… A group of people rushing to the store suddenly stopped in front of the store. Several leaders shouted loudly, while the people behind them followed. There were even a few people who rushed to the store door and shouted. The large promotional photo of the Rocket Girl posted at the entrance of the store was torn down. In this scene, several clerks had seen it before, and all of them were so scared that they did not dare to say a word. They backed away and looked at these people at the entrance in horror, for fear they would charge Come in, what bad things will be done to them. “Hurry up, report to the boss!

“At this moment, the employee leader was holding back his fear and said to a little girl behind him. “Boss, it’s not good.”

“The little girl’s face was pale. She was just introduced to this shop to work, but this was the first day of work. When such a thing happened, she didn’t have any preparations at all, and she was scared. The legs are a little weak. “What is the situation, so panic, what is it like!”

“At this time, in the office area on the second floor, only Ding Junfeng was there, and the others went back. After all, Liushi Beauty has stabilized and the development is good in all aspects, and Dustin Zhou has no What action, so everyone can rest assured.

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