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Chapter 1046

To put it bluntly, Dustin Zhou didn’t think much about his childhood, but he felt a little disgusted with people like Liu Qingchao.

It just so happened that the other party came to the door again, and Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but teach him a lesson.

But with this lesson, the other party directly cried out, which made Dustin Zhou lose interest and drove him out.

Originally thought that as long as this guy was driven away, everything would be over. He felt that it was impossible for Liu Qingchao to dare to come again.

He returned home and chatted with Zhou’s mother casually, during which Zhou’s mother did not scold Zhou.

Yang was rude to Liu Qingchao.

Zhou Mu knew very well that it was because she had no abilities when she was young, that made Dustin Zhou suffer a lot.

Now Dustin Zhou has the ability to be so rude to people he once hated, and it is not too much.

The mother and son were talking in the room one after another. After about half an hour, there was a knock on the door again.

And the voice this time was even more arrogant than the one that Liu Qingchao came.

Dustin Zhou was taken aback for a moment, thinking that this guy is really bold, really feel that he has no temper?

As soon as he stood up, there was a rude shout outside the door, “Dustin Zhou, Dustin Zhou, get out of here! Don’t pretend to die inside!” Dustin Zhou’s footsteps paused slightly. Hearing this voice, it was not Liu Qingchao who had just left. what.

Is there anyone else besides him?

Today is really wicked. I just settled the Xu family, and it stands to reason that I am standing at the top of Donghai City. Why are there so many people who find fault?

He came to the door unhurriedly, and then opened the electronic iron door.

Good guy, not just one person came this time, but just stood four or five, one by one, shirtless, holding all kinds of weapons, and some with cigarettes in their hands, with arrogant faces. Looking at Dustin Zhou.

“Yeah, are you Dustin Zhou? I can’t see it, the changes are really great.” The leader tapped Dustin Zhou’s shoulder with a baseball bat and said jokingly.

Dustin Zhou looked at his shoulder, did not avoid it, let this guy knock twice, then raised his head to look at the four people.

“Yes, I have changed a lot. Why are you here again?” “Huh? What are you doing?” The headed person asked in a weird way, and then said to the person behind him, “He asked us where we are. What are you doing!” “Haha, what a silly brain!” “Don’t you see this? It’s just to beat you up!” The people behind suddenly burst into laughter.

Dustin Zhou was speechless for a while, what’s so funny about it?

Where are these people’s laughter?

But he quickly recalled, as if these people were like this when they were young.

If you play tricks on others, throw a stone at an old man passing by, you can get a large group of people together and laugh for a long time.

It seems that he and them are really not the same creature.

Although Dustin Zhou didn’t recognize who was called by what name, he still had a general feeling that these people were all his childhood, the group who bullied himself with Liu Qingchao when he was a child.

The headed one is called Liu Qingshi.

When he was young, this guy was also the leader of this group of punks.

Now it seems that after so many years, they still follow

The same “good brother” before, probably they themselves should be very moved by their friendship.

After Liu Qingshi laughed loudly, he turned his head and looked at Xiang Dustin Zhou, with a hideous flash at the corner of his mouth, “Okay, don’t you want to know what we are here for today? Then I will tell you that I am here to beat you today. Yes!” After the words fell, Liu Qingshi directly waved the baseball bat in his hand and hit Dustin Zhou’s head.

It’s really cruel to start… If Dustin Zhou is an ordinary person, even if he doesn’t die with this stick, he will be half disabled, and it is normal to become a vegetative cerebral hemorrhage, even the lightest one has to be a concussion!

It’s really… what kind of hatred or grievance?

Dustin Zhou sighed silently, turned his head slightly to avoid the stick, and then said, “It turns out to be like this.” “But I’m really tired of it.” After playing Liu Qingchao, Dustin Zhou was scornful to this group of himself. Has completely lost interest.

Unexpectedly, the other party would come back again.

This is sincerely not wanting him to be stable.

“Tired? Boy, do you really think that you are a big mess? Give me such foreign words at every turn.” “Don’t give me these useless arrogances. I will tell you, if you beat Liu Qingchao, then you have to Lose money! Today there is no two hundred million, don’t want to let our brothers leave!” Liu Qingshi said with a little surprise seeing Dustin Zhou avoiding his stick without changing his face.

He stopped attacking and started asking for money.

To put it bluntly, their main task is still to ask for money. As for bullying Dustin Zhou, it was just a matter of convenience, anyway, they did it before.

“It’s another two hundred million,” Dustin Zhou shook his head, “Didn’t Liu Qingchao persuade you to tell you not to come?” “Stop talking nonsense! Get money quickly!” “I tell you Dustin Zhou, don’t think you have it now Two small coins can save our brothers!” “Have you forgotten the appearance of being beaten by us when you were young? If you don’t pay for it today, I don’t mind letting you remember it!” Even if you are rich, don’t pretend to be a big-headed ghost in front of our brothers. In front of our brothers, you will always be beaten!” Liu Qingshi said rather arrogantly.

Because he really thought so.

When he heard that Liu Qingchao was beaten by Dustin Zhou before, he laughed at Liu Qingchao severely.

In his mind, Dustin Zhou?

Isn’t that the target of the beating!

As long as a few people move forward, the silly boy will be completely stunned, only stubbornly clenching his fists and clenching his teeth, he will not even fight back!

That look is as funny as it is!

Liu Qingshi thought so, so he hurried over with a few other hairies.

Seeing Dustin Zhou now seems to be true

It was a little different from before, but he didn’t pay too much attention to it, he still looked very arrogant.

Dustin Zhou sighed again, then took a step forward and came to Liu Qingshi.

“I was the one who was beaten? Then you beat me.” “Huh? Do you think…” Before Liu Qingshi finished speaking, he was slapped and flew away.

Dustin Zhou directly used 2% of his power in this slap.

After Liu Qingshi’s body was rotated in the air several times, he fell heavily to the ground.

“What are you going to say? Keep talking?” Dustin Zhou asked slowly after the slap.

Chapter 1047

Dustin Zhou lost his patience, and when he shot, it was Wang Zhan directly.

The power of 2%, this kind of power, is not something ordinary people can bear.

Liu Qingshi was slapped, his brain buzzing, he got up from the ground and looked around blankly, without realizing what had happened just now.

He just felt that half of his face was about to lose consciousness.

“What’s going on.” He covered his face and raised his head to look at his companion.

The companions looked at him with horror, and then at Dustin Zhou.

Fighting things happen very often to them who have no academic qualifications and are not enterprising.

But they also saw such a terrifying picture for the first time.

Dustin Zhou had a harmless expression on humans and animals just a moment ago, and when he casually shot, he fanned Liu Qingshi into the air and turned a few times in the air!

Is this really something that everyone can do?

You know, to a certain extent, this is no longer the size of power.

You are powerful, and it’s just a slap on the face of others. How can you slap people up and fly around in circles?

Even if you pull his neck off, you can understand it. What’s the situation now?

Everyone showed a look of horror, Dustin Zhou still had that calm expression, and slowly walked towards Liu Qingshi.

“Come on, keep talking.” “Didn’t you say that I was the one who was beaten? Do it.” Dustin Zhou said lightly.

Liu Qingshi realized that he was beaten just now.

There was also a flash of panic in his eyes.

But like Liu Qingchao, he just got a slap in the face, and now he still can’t realize how terrifying Dustin Zhou is.

Dustin Zhou’s weak appearance in his mind is still deeply rooted, and it will be impossible to erase it for a while.

So he showed an angry look.

“Okay, Dustin Zhou! You are really good at it! You really dare to do something to me!” “I don’t kill you today, you will have your surname!” With that, Liu Qingshi got up from the ground like

Dustin Zhou rushed over.

But just as he stood up, Dustin Zhou kicked him to the ground again, and then stepped on his head.

“Stand up.” Dustin Zhou’s playful voice sounded.

“You, you have something to get me up!” Liu Qingshi struggled to growl.

Dustin Zhou was speechless again.

He seemed to realize why he couldn’t play with this group of people when he was young.

Dustin Zhou felt that their reaction was unreasonable.

We are now rivals, brother!

You said you were going to kill me, big brother!

So I have stepped you under my feet now. Isn’t this normal?

Why did you ask me to get you up?

Why do you think I will promise you?

If Dustin Zhou was bullied by others, he would clenched his fists, remember his weaknesses, and then prepare for the opportunity to make changes.

So he and people like Liu Qingshi are not the same creatures at all. That’s why they can’t play together.

But Liu Qingchao can play with them, because when Dustin Zhou stepped Liu Qingchao under his feet before, the guy’s reaction was exactly the same as the current Liu Qingshi…It really was a nest of snakes and rats.

Dustin Zhou shook his head, “It’s boring.” He kicked Liu Qingshi in the stomach, because he now understands the way to deal with this kind of person, that is, just hit him until he is convinced, which is actually very simple.

The strength of this foot is not small, and Liu Qingshi also curled up in pain while clutching his stomach.

Looking at Dustin Zhou’s indifferent expression, he finally realized that Dustin Zhou was powerful.

This Dustin Zhou is no longer the one who let him bully when he was a child.

But his current situation is different from Liu Qingchao. Although he was beaten badly, he still has accomplices!

So he yelled desperately, “Help! Kill this kid!” Dustin Zhou was taken aback for a while, hey, this guy is a bit spine.

But in fact, if Liu Qingshi hadn’t brought his accomplices, he would have knelt down at this time.

Because he was carrying an accomplice, he always felt that he still had his hole cards to be useless, so although he was aware of Dustin Zhou’s changes, he did not think that he was not Dustin Zhou’s opponent.

When the few accomplices heard this, they suddenly reacted and rushed up with various weapons.

Of course, without any suspense, they were also beaten miserably.

Soon, all four of them were lying on the ground. At this moment, Liu Qingshi took a sigh of relief and was able to barely get up from the ground.

A companion climbed in front of him and said, “No, no big brother, this kid has obviously practiced, our brothers are not opponents!” Liu Qingshi’s face was gloomy, and things have developed to this level. Of course, he also knows that they are not Dustin Zhou’s opponents. Up


But he still didn’t give up, staring at Dustin Zhou and said, “Boy, wait, dare you let me make a call!” “Do you think you can do whatever you want after practicing two tricks? I tell you, our brother This is a big brother who knows him in this city!” Liu Qingshi and the others live in the suburbs and don’t usually go to the city.

In places like the countryside, a few of them can basically dominate.

But what really makes them proud is that they are the only gang that also has a big brother in the city among the small gangsters in Shili Ba Village!

There is a big brother in the city, what a beautiful thing that is!

When in the country, Liu Qingshi and Liu Qingchao almost turned the big brother in this city into a god.

What do you have thousands of younger brothers in Donghai City? His elder brother watched almost the entire Donghai City.

What if his elder brother single-handedly dealt with more than a hundred people.

They had a lot of blows, and they believed it a little bit. They firmly believed that in the entire Donghai City, there would be nothing that his eldest brother could do.

He hadn’t used his eldest brother too much before, so he invited him to dinner, but now that something really happened, he thought of eldest brother the first time.

“Dustin Zhou, since you are also in Donghai City, you should have heard of my elder brother’s name, now the whole Donghai City, it is my elder brother’s final say!” Liu Qingshi said viciously, “You wait After I made this call, you will be dead!” Dustin Zhou was a little surprised at what Liu Qingshi said about having noses, eyes, and even confidence. There is such a character in Donghai City?

Even if it was Tiger Lord, he wouldn’t dare to make such harsh words.

If anyone in Donghai City would dare to say such a thing and make others meaningless, Dustin Zhou could only think of himself.

But when did he himself become Liu Qingshi’s backstage?

Dustin Zhou smiled slightly, and said with interest, “Then you play.” Is the first thousand and forty-eight

Chapter 1048

The few former “old friends” in front of me really haven’t changed at all.

Including their behavior and habit of speaking, even the routine of calling people if they can’t beat them is the same.

However, Dustin Zhou didn’t dislike others just because he couldn’t beat him.

In this age of laughing at the poor but not at the prostitution, if you have a family, are a rich second-generation, or you are more able to talk, knowing what elder brother can help you, it is also part of your own strength.

What’s more, Dustin Zhou had already figured out the habits of these people. If they were not allowed to call people, they would have been unwilling to do so. Even if they were driven away this time, they would make a comeback. It is better than this. In a calm tone, Dustin Zhou was also a little curious about what kind of character the big brother with hands and eyes that these people knew.

“it is good,

Dustin Zhou, let me make this call. Don’t regret it for a while!

A stern smile crossed the corner of Liu Qingshi’s mouth, and he found out his copycat phone and dialed a number. “Hey, Brother Wei, do you have time now?”

I have a little trouble in Donghai City!

“Liu Qingshi hung up the phone within a few words. It seemed that his eldest brother was really reliable, and he directly agreed to come and help him. Wei brother? Dustin Zhou searched in his mind, as if he didn’t know such a number. People. Who the hell is it? Dare to claim that the entire Donghai City is in his charge. In this way, Dustin Zhou did not answer, but the people on Liu Qingshi’s side were mocking, and time passed. Liu Qingshi saw Dustin Zhou’s absence. Speaking, I thought Dustin Zhou was embarrassed, and the mockery became even more vigorous. About an hour later, their so-called Wei brother finally came. Wei Ge brought two younger brothers behind him, and when they were still far away, they shouted loudly. Screamed, “Kingshi, what’s the matter?

” “Who bullied you?

You didn’t give me my name or what happened?

“When Brother Wei heard Liu Qingshi said that the location was in the villa area, he felt a little bit awkward. In the villa area, there may be a big man in the villa area! But Liu Qingshi assured him that Dustin Zhou absolutely There is no background, just two small coins. And he promised him that as long as he hit Dustin Zhou, he would be given five million. Five million! Wei Ge was tempted, so he rushed over with two younger brothers. There are big people in the villa area, but there are indeed many ordinary rich people! They are very ordinary, but they have caught up with the era of the rise of industries for about two thousand years. There are many people who have seized the opportunity to become multi-millionaires. On the contrary, there are only a few real bosses! Like those ordinary multi-millionaires, there are actually a lot of courages who are very small, the most taboo, that is to offend underground people like them. So Wei brother subconsciously, Think of Dustin Zhou as that kind of person. If you weren’t an ordinary multi-millionaire, how could you even dare to provoke Liu Qingshi’s trash? After Wei Ge arrived, he directly exposed his most underground and most nasty side, because Based on his experience, he knows that the most taboo thing for such an ordinary rich man is to contact people like him. “I want to see who it is. It doesn’t give me face, even my little brother dare to fight!

“Wei Ge walked over very arrogantly. After seeing Wei Ge, Liu Qingshi and the others became excited instantly, as if the injuries suffered by Dustin Zhou were much lighter and ran over, “Wei Ge, you Can be counted!

“This kid is too arrogant, we have already reported your name

, But he doesn’t give face at all!

” “Oh?

“Wei Ge looked in the direction Liu Qingshi was pointing, and after seeing Dustin Zhou, his pupils condensed slightly. How come he is a young man? If it is an ordinary rich man, he became rich by seizing the opportunity when the industry was revitalized more than ten years ago. Ordinary people, that should be a middle-aged talent in their forties or even their 50s and 60s, right! If a young man like this in his twenties is a rich man who works hard on his own strength, then this person It must not be easy! Or, he is a rich second generation. Most likely he is the rich second generation. Wei Ge’s heart calmed down a bit and looked at Dustin Zhou, “Boy, you beat my little brother!

Do you know who I am!

Dustin Zhou shook his head, saying that he didn’t know. Because he really didn’t know, he had never heard of the name Wei Ge. Now after seeing him, Dustin Zhou also confirmed that he did not know him at all. Seeing Dustin Zhou shaking his head, Wei Ge Not angry but happy. It’s right if you don’t know him! Wei Ge’s real name is Chang Wei, and he is quite famous among the gangsters in Donghai City. He gangsters with the monkey, and the monkey is a member of the Brilliant Hotel Errand guy! Don’t underestimate the weight of this errand guy, that’s the errand guy at Brilliant Hotel! And Brilliant Hotel is the most peak representative of the underground power in Donghai City! So, in this little gangster in Donghai City, basically Everyone will sell Chang Wei a face. Even some rich people who have some contact with the underground world have basically heard of Chang Wei’s name. Because what do the rich people contact the underground world for? The hotel, at this time, needs his Chang Wei’s stepping stone. If Dustin Zhou hasn’t even heard of him, it means that Dustin Zhou is really just a very ordinary rich second-generation, and he has no contact with the underground world. Such a person, it is best to fool! He Changwei, just like to blackmail such a rich second-generation! “Huh, don’t even know me, your kid is really ignorant!

“Immediately, Chang Wei said arrogantly, “However, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know me, and I can forgive your ignorance.”

“But, you have hit my little brother now, do you want to give me an explanation for this matter!”

Chang Wei said, “Now, you kneel down and kowtow two heads to me, and then you can compensate me with a loss of one million eight hundred thousand yuan. This matter is over!”

“It was one hundred and eight hundred thousand, and Chang Wei felt that it was already very much. He was very satisfied that he was able to spend one hundred thousand yuan in the past when he encountered such a thing. This time he said eight hundred and eight hundred thousand, and he had no plans. It really needs so much, but is waiting for Dustin Zhou’s counter-offer. When Dustin Zhou makes a counter-offer, he is pretending to be reluctant.

Accepting it with difficulty, he took the money, and Dustin Zhou still felt that he was taking advantage. Wouldn’t it be the best of both worlds?

But Dustin Zhou said, “Are you sure that only one million eight hundred thousand? One million eight hundred thousand is enough?” “Your little brother, but you ask me two hundred million.” “Humph, two hundred million, I, Of course, you can’t talk to my little brother…what are you talking about? Two hundred million?” Chang Wei’s eyes widened instantly.

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