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Chapter 491

Sister Ling stopped and guarded Jiang Yan behind her, looking indifferently. She knew that Jiang Xingyuan must have called over to stop her, and she must be able to protect Jiang Xingyuan at all times. She must be strong. But Sister Ling is not afraid. “Are you sure you want to stop us?”

“Sister Ling said coldly. To be honest, Sister Ling didn’t want to make trouble in Jiang’s family, nor did she want to do things in Jiang’s family, and didn’t want Jiang Yan to be in a dilemma. Although Sister Ling just saw everything, she also saw Jiang Xingyuan ruthlessly. She slapped Jiang Yan. But Sister Ling was not 100% sure of Jiang Yan’s thoughts at the moment. She didn’t know how Jiang Yan recognized Jiang Xingyuan’s father, even when Jiang Yan was slapped. Yan did not resist or argue too much. This point made Ling sister a little hesitant. In fact, in sister Ling’s heart, if Jiang Xingyuan was her father, she dared to slap herself casually. Then I’m sorry. Regardless of this father before How good he was to himself, this father slapped himself indiscriminately without making a mistake. Then, this estrangement is inevitable. If he doesn’t fight back, he already gives his father a face. But. For Jiang Yan, the situation is different from Sister Ling. Moreover, Sister Ling also knows that Jiang Yan has a different personality from her own. Compared with her vigorous and lively character, Jiang Yan is more restrained and treats others more peacefully. , Almost never voluntarily conflict with others. Even if someone misunderstands her, Jiang Yan will generally try to explain clearly without incurring contradictions and misunderstandings. So at that time, Sister Ling did not take the initiative to stop Jiang Xingyuan. But I saw Jiang Xingyuan playing

When Jiang Yan slapped Jiang Yan and wanted to continue to criticize Jiang Yan, Ling sister couldn’t help but choose to stand up.

She wanted to take Jiang Yan away from Jiang’s house.

Sister Ling felt that the current atmosphere of the Jiang family was not suitable for Jiang Yan to be here.

Moreover, Sister Ling is also confident, and the Jiang family must not be able to stop herself.

“So, you are determined to take our way, right?” Sister Ling looked at the three nursing homes that surrounded her. In the situation that she had just warned once, she still didn’t retreat. Yan Wei was in the middle, and he understood in his heart.

Jiang Xingyuan was still cruel to Jiang Yan after all.

This has nothing to do with her sister Ling at all.

Otherwise, with Jiang Yan here, these nursing homes need to take care of Jiang Yan’s emotions no matter what.

Don’t they worry that Jiang Yan will look for their troubles afterwards?

“Xiao Yan’er, you have also seen that your father is really cruel to you, now you should be sober? Sometimes, there are things that you can do without wishful thinking.” Sister Ling Pursing her red lips, she suddenly thought of leaving the family and coming to Changsha, Hunan Province alone.

The reason is how similar it is to Jiang Yan’s situation.

“Since you don’t retreat, I can’t blame me.” Sister Ling snorted and pushed Jiang Yan back a little, then she tiptoed her toes, and hurried towards the nursing yard directly opposite her.

“Get out!” With a loud shout, one of Ling’s legs had already reached the chest of the nursing home in an instant.

This speed is so fast, not only the nursing home did not see how Sister Ling rushed over, but also the other two nursing homes did not see clearly.

“Be careful!” In a hurry, the other two nursing homes could only exclaim, and then rushed towards Sister Ling together.

Although Jiang Yan is alone now, she is the eldest lady of the Jiang family after all. Before the family head of the Jiang family has given the final punishment to Jiang Yan, the identity of this eldest lady is real and effective.

Therefore, these nursing homes will not easily attack Jiang Yan.

And the strength that Ling sister suddenly showed, really surprised the three nursing homes.

They have a thought in their hearts, that is, facing Sister Ling alone, there is no chance of winning.

“Boom!” “Boom!” Two booms.

Sister Ling kicked the nursing home directly across from her leg.

At almost the same time, the other two nursing homes also caught up, and one person raised his hand and slightly blocked Sister Ling’s foot.

The other person was protecting the nursing home directly opposite Ling sister, and quickly retreated back.

“Ahem…” Even so, the nursing home facing Sister Ling at first was kicked by Sister Ling, and after taking a dozen steps back

Before he stood firm, his face suddenly became flushed, and then he coughed violently, and a stream of blood slowly flowed out along the corner of his mouth.

At this moment, the other two nursing homes looked shocked.

The three nursing homes know each other’s strength.

Among the three, the nursing home that blocked Sister Ling’s kick was the strongest, while the one who was hit by Sister Ling was about the same strength as the other one.

And now, after Sister Ling’s foot was slightly blocked, the nursing home still vomited blood.

This shows that he still suffered serious injuries in this situation.

The strongest nursing home stepped out a few steps and came directly in front of the two of them. He stretched out his hand to check the nursing home’s injuries, his face became extremely solemn.

“The injury is a bit serious, and the internal organs have shifted a bit. Take him to the side to rest. Hurry up and contact the medical team. I will try this woman.” The most powerful nursing home said solemnly, with a palm slowly slapped. Injured the chest of the nursing home.

After that, the face of the injured nursing home also became a lot easier, and the blood that overflowed from the corner of his mouth became much less.

During this time, Sister Ling had been watching coldly.

She is not in a hurry, she has confidence in her own strength, and thinks that this Jiang family has not yet been able to retain her.

However, after seeing this hand in the nursing home, sister Ling’s face also became weird.

“Interesting, do you want to push the acupuncture hand?” Sister Ling muttered, looking at the nursing home with some curiosity.

Sister Ling hasn’t seen such a technique before, but everyone who can push acupuncture hands with this trick is an old man over 60 years old.

But this nursing home, it seems, is only in his thirties. Although this technique of pushing acupuncture hands has not yet reached home, it is not easy to have this effect.

“This lady, your shot is too heavy! This is the Jiang family. Do you think you can leave safely after your shot hurts someone?” The nursing home retracted the acupuncture-pushing hand and exhaled deeply, then slowly Standing up, looked at sister Ling solemnly.

“Is it heavy? I don’t think that you stopped in front of me. I have warned you twice. You are not going back. In that case, I can only take action. Is there anything wrong?” Ninety-two

Chapters 492

Sister Ling smiled faintly, and didn’t care about what the nursing home said.

If you can make yourself succumb by just relying on a mouth, that would be too small for her.

“Furthermore, even if I take a heavy shot, can you keep me?” Sister Ling glanced at Jiang Yan behind her with disdain. She saw Jiang Yan until now, her face hasn’t changed much. Regarding everything in front of her , It seems to not care at all.

Sister Ling suddenly felt relieved.

She was worried that Jiang Yan would misunderstand her when she saw this scene, and alienate her.

Sister Ling couldn’t accept this.

“But, you kid, the trick just now should be the acupoint pusher? I’m curious about who you learned from. You can learn the acupuncture pusher at a young age. The Jiang family is so impersonal, not as good as you. Follow me and leave. I will definitely find a good place for you, which is ten thousand times better than Jiang’s.” After Sister Ling relaxes, the state of her whole person has improved a lot, and she is not looking so seriously. Nursing home, but began to make up the idea of ​​this nursing home.

After these words were said, the nursing home looked surprised, and did not expect Sister Ling to say that.

But there was no hesitation on his face, instead, he resolutely rejected Ling’s proposal.

“You don’t care about who I study, and you don’t care about it, and my current identity is the Jiang’s nursing home, you don’t have to tell me anything else, I will just say one thing, leave Miss Jiang, and I will let you go. Leave!” The nursing house looked cold, unmoved by Sister Ling’s words.

“Hehe, then there is no need to talk? But this is good, I still have some hesitation in saving. If this is the case, then I don’t have to keep my hands. If you can keep me and Xiao Yan’er, that is what you have. Skilled.” Sister Ling sneered, turned around and took Jiang Yan in her arms, and rushed forward.

The speed at this time was even faster than the kick just now. When the guardian who could push acupuncture hands saw this, his face changed drastically, and he wanted to stop him, but he didn’t have the confidence to stop Sister Ling at all.

“Stop!” With a loud shout, the blue veins on the neck of the nursing home violently slammed at Sister Ling, trying to keep Sister Ling behind.

“Hehe, with this strength, don’t be embarrassed!” With a sneer, Sister Ling didn’t give the nursing home a chance at all. She punched the nursing home and slammed back and took Jiang Yan away quickly. Jiang family.

After the nursing home was blasted back by Sister Ling, his face suddenly became flushed, and then a stream of blood spurted out, and then the whole person collapsed to the ground with a decadent expression, his chest rising and falling, his face became heavy, panting. Very pale.

Just now, he banged against Sister Ling, and the force from Sister Ling’s fist was something he had never seen in the past thirty years.

Even his master, I’m afraid he can’t bear that force.

“Who is this woman? What is the purpose of her coming to Jiang’s house?” The guardian looked puzzled, and had already made up his mind in his heart. When he recuperated, he must tell his master about this woman and let him deal with this. woman.

Sister Ling took Jiang Yan and left Jiang’s house without any hindrance.

And along the way, that

Seeing the aura of the two of them, some of the Jiang family evaded them one after another.

After Sister Ling took Jiang Yan and left Jiang’s house completely, Sister Ling really relaxed in her heart.

Moreover, Jiang Yan’s current state does worry her a little.

From the beginning, until now, the Jiang family hasn’t said a word, just like a puppet, she will not resist at all, and she doesn’t mean to resist at all.

“Hey, I said we don’t want to go back to Jiang’s house, we can go directly to Liushi, you have to come back, now look at this Jiang’s family, where is there any human touch? The big family has always been a party.” Sister Ling sighed lightly. , With Jiang Yan, went directly to Liushi.

Although Jiang Yan’s current state is difficult to appear at the opening ceremony of the branch of Liushi Mingyang Company, Ling sister thought about it and felt that Jiang Yan should be brought to Liushi.

Anyway, I have to give Dustin Zhou an explanation and let him know that she and Jiang Yan did not intentionally release Dustin Zhou’s pigeons.

At the same time, Sister Ling was also thinking about Jiang Yan’s current state, Dustin Zhou could help her unravel.

Jiang family.

Jiang Xingyuan was pacing in the small courtyard, his expression a little hesitant, but also a little worried.

Just now he slapped Jiang Yan and slapped Jiang Yan. This was something he didn’t expect, all of which were actions he made on impulse.

Now think about Jiang Yan’s reaction just now, and the situation of the woman who suddenly appeared, Jiang Xingyuan regretted it, and he wanted to explain to Jiang Yan.

“Second Lord.” The nursing courtyard walked in with a pale face, with some emptiness in his steps, and the whole person was also unsteady, shaking slightly.

But Jiang Xingyuan didn’t care about all this, or he didn’t care about it at all.

“How about it? Did you send the young lady back?” Jiang Xingyuan said anxiously, taking a step forward and going to Jiang Yan’s room.

“Second Lord, we didn’t stop that daughter and asked her to take Miss Jiang Yan away.” The nursing home lowered his head and looked very ugly.

The three nursing homes did not stop a woman and let her take Jiang Yan away. This undoubtedly means that the three nursing homes are incapable.

And strength, in the nursing home, especially in the Jiangjia nursing home, is a very important thing.

If you have no strength, then your dignity, status, treatment, everything about you will become very small and very low.

“What?” Jiang Xingyuan, who had already taken a few steps, his expression stiffened when he heard this, and the action under his feet suddenly stopped. He turned around and looked at the nursery with an ugly expression. A pair of yin-eyed eyes were full of anger.

“The three of you didn’t stop a woman?” Jiang Xingyuan asked again with an incredulous expression.

“Second Lord, I’m sorry, that woman is very strong, she shouldn’t be from Hunan Province, I will tell Master and let Master handle it.” The nursing home lowered his head, not looking at Jiang Xingyuan, but said solemnly.

Right now, even the people he can’t deal with can only be solved by Master.

And the meaning of his existence with Master is to take care of the Jiang family.

Now, without knowing whether that woman is an enemy or a friend, since he can’t deal with it, he can only ask the master to come out.

“You guys…” Jiang Xingyuan was furious, stretched out his hands, and wanted to shoot at the nursery, but when he thought of the identity of the nursery, Jiang Xingyuan held back, but his face became very ugly.

“Well, you go down.” In desperation, Jiang Xingyuan could only say angrily.

He knew the identity of this nursing home, which was different from the other nursing homes of the Jiang family. He was not simply the Jiang family’s nursing home, but came to help the Jiang family with some tasks.

Chapter 493

Jiang Xingyuan is not very clear about the specific reasons.

But he was arranged to follow him, and it was also arranged by Jiang Fanliu.

“Dustin Zhou!” Since there was no way to vent his anger with the nursing home, and Jiang Yan was taken away by the woman, Jiang Xingyuan immediately vented all his anger on Dustin Zhou.

If it weren’t for Dustin Zhou, then Jiang Yan would never have become like this. Even if she did something wrong, she still didn’t know how to repent, and she didn’t care about the Jiang family’s face.

First, Jiangbei was abolished, and he forged an enmity with the Jiang family. Then he rioted at his own dinner party, and even approached Jiang Yan several times.

All this shows that Dustin Zhou had a premeditated plan and had a bad heart towards the Jiang family.

“You think that if you confuse Jiang Yan, you can cause some damage to the Jiang family. You think too much, Dustin Zhou, since you use Jiang Yan, then I will let you know that Jiang Yan is not as simple and as you think. It’s so annoying!” Jiang Xingyuan thought fiercely, then his eyes flashed, and he walked directly towards the small courtyard where Jiang Fanliu was.

On the other hand, Dustin Zhou, who was completely unaware of what happened to the Jiang family on this day, was now accompanying Wang Wei and others to do the final inspection.

Since the Liushi branch chose to open on Christmas Day, it was because of this day that there were more people coming out to watch the excitement and the festive atmosphere was also very strong.

Therefore, Christmas Eve the day before Christmas is naturally a time point they need to take care of.

Christmas Eve has always been closely linked to Christmas. If you choose to open on Christmas Day, then the Christmas Eve activities will be arranged on the agenda by Wang Wei and Dustin Zhou.

“Mr. Zhou, this is a Christmas Eve activity plan we prepared before. Take a look.” Wang Wei

A thick document was handed to Dustin Zhou, with a look on his face both worried and expectant.

“Well, let me just talk about it briefly. I will take a look at this activity plan. If I have any comments, I will put it forward.” Dustin Zhou opened the file and looked at it seriously. At the same time, he wanted to hear it. Some of the views.

After all, this Liushi branch is, in the final analysis, the property of Wang Wei and others, but it bears the name of a well-known company.

In fact, the Liushi branch is more like a franchise store.

Regarding the future arrangements and positioning of the Liushi branch, Dustin Zhou always felt that Wang Wei had to think more and more detailed than himself.

“Zhou, this is the case, because it is Christmas Eve, there will be a lot of people coming out that night, plus today is Friday, tomorrow is Saturday, it is a weekend, so tonight, whether it is young people or some already married People in China will definitely choose to come out to relax tonight.” “So, a few of us thought about it. With the current publicity activities already done so well, we can warm up the Liushi branch.” Wang Wei With an excited expression, Wang Wei’s whole body became different when it came to this warm-up, and he became more active.

“What warm-up?” Dustin Zhou slightly raised his head to look at Wang Wei. He also saw the warm-up activity from the activity plan. Although there was a scene in his mind, it was not specific enough. He needed Wang Wei to talk to himself carefully.

“In fact, this idea is relatively simple, but it is very practical.” “Now Mingyang’s reputation in Hunan Province is already very loud, and the frantic and explosive publicity methods these days have made the opening of the Liushi branch become a reality. A focus.” “Especially the people in Liushi, many people will come to the store and check it out.” “So, we discussed a little bit and are going to hold a small, similar concert on Christmas Eve today. The same small activity, interact with the masses, and then send some of our main types of cosmetics to stimulate the masses’ desire to buy tomorrow.”… Wang Wei can talk, the whole person is in good spirits, and he The scene described is indeed very attractive.

Dustin Zhou listened quietly. After Wang Wei finished speaking, he nodded slightly when he looked at Dustin Zhou expectantly.

In contrast to the activity plan, Dustin Zhou can already imagine what this Christmas Eve activity would be like as Wang Wei just said.

“Yes, but, according to what you said, in such a hurry, have you found the performers on stage?” “If there is no reputation, I am afraid it will not attract too many people’s attention, and if the reputation is If it is very high, can the time be right?” Dustin Zhou asked in a deep voice.

“We have already found the candidate. We originally wanted to invite him to perform on stage during the opening ceremony, but suddenly we had the idea of ​​such a Christmas Eve event. Then we told him that there is no problem. Moreover, this People, to be honest, they are still my college classmates.” Wang Wei said with a smile, confident.

With that said, Wang Wei took out his mobile phone, searched the Internet, found the information of his classmates, and handed it to Dustin Zhou.

“Zhou, you see, it is him. Speaking of which, he is still well-known, especially in Hunan Province.” Dustin Zhou curiously took the phone and looked at the introduction of the characters above, and he was relieved.

This person’s name is Kong Hui, a native of Liushi, Hunan province. Like Wang Wei, he graduated from Donghai Jiaotong University.

Speaking of it, this Kong Hui used to study very well, but he was born to like music. When he was in high school, he was already playing a band, and he had already gained a lot of fame in some local bars.

However, due to family pressure, he studied hard in his third year of high school and temporarily quit the band.

Later, he was successfully admitted to Tunghai Jiaotong University, and he was also quite well-mannered in the university.

However, when I was in my junior year, at that time, Hunan TV Station held a music talent show.

Kong Hui, who was struck by his heartstrings, decided to participate.

Later, he participated in this music elective program and also won the third place in the final finals.

In addition, he himself is a native of Liushi, Hunan Province, so he is very well-known in Hunan Province, especially Liushi, and has many fans.

After listening to Wang Wei’s words, Dustin Zhou thought for a while, and he remembered that there was indeed such a talent show, and its popularity in the country was also very high.

However, Dustin Zhou did not expect that Wang Wei and Kong Hui would be college classmates.

Moreover, this Kong Hui is currently well-known throughout the country. In the past few years, several albums have been released, and the sales volume is not bad.

“Okay, since you already have a candidate, then just let him, you contact him first, first determine the time, it is already one o’clock, and it is not a few hours before dark, hurry up and set up the stage.” Dustin Zhou Said with a smile, and agreed to Wang Wei’s proposal.

“Okay, I’m going to contact him now.” Wang Wei was overjoyed and walked out quickly, arranging for his staff to start setting up the stage, while he himself returned to his office and immediately called Kong Hui.

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