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Chapter 641

But at this moment, Maserati, who was parked at the entrance of the hotel, made Xie’s mother puzzled.

She hadn’t seen this car before, so she couldn’t tell if Enderia Shen was here.

After all, counting the time, they should almost be there.

Sure enough, when Maserati stopped, the door opened, and when Enderia Shen and Mira Xie got out of the car together, Xie’s mother’s eyes lit up, and a smile suddenly appeared on her face, without concealing it.

“Hehe, Mr. Shen, you are finally here.” Mother Xie almost trot all the way to the front of Enderia Shen, and stretched out her hand to take Enderia Shen’s arm.

Looking at Enderia Shen, the more I look, the more excited he gets.

At first glance, Enderia Shen and Mira Xie went out yesterday, showed up together today, and also came by in a car. This is obviously a very good relationship.

This is undoubtedly great news for Xie’s mother.

“Haha.” Facing the enthusiasm of Xie’s mother, Enderia Shen smiled faintly, but responded slightly, and didn’t think there was anything.

On the contrary, Xie’s mother’s attitude made Enderia Shen feel disgusted.

This seems to have been deliberately pretended to have some ulterior motive.

“I have people ready for the banquet. Since it’s here, hurry in, otherwise the dishes will be cold after the meeting.” Mother Xie said with a smile, beckoning to take Enderia Shen and Mira Xie into the hotel.

“Mom, there’s one more person.” Mira Xie couldn’t help seeing her mother look like this, but she was her mother after all, and she couldn’t help it.

Now that Xie’s mother was about to take the two of them into the hotel, she didn’t ask Dustin Zhou in the car at all, and was a little dissatisfied that she didn’t even glance at it.

“There’s another person? Who? Is it also the leader of the famous company? Ha ha, don’t you ask them to get off the car as soon as possible.” When Xie mother heard it, her heart suddenly became puzzled.

She didn’t remember anyone else coming, she just invited Enderia Shen alone.

After all, as the president of Mingyang Company, Enderia Shen has the highest position in Mingyang Company. As long as she is pleased with her, others can simply ignore it.

And just now, Xie’s mother vaguely saw that there was another person in the car. At first, she thought that was the driver, but now it seems that it is also a famous company

Of a leader.

Now that he is here, and he is also the leader of a well-known company, it is not a big deal to go in for a meal together, as the right is just to make up the number.

Seeing Mira Xie’s gaze, Dustin Zhou had no choice but to get out of the car slowly.

And the moment Dustin Zhou got out of the car, Xie’s mother also really saw the third person in the car.

At first, she thought she would be a leader of the famous company, but she did not expect Dustin Zhou to come out of the car.

It turned out to be this waste!

At this moment, Mother Xie was extremely angry.

She gave Mira Xie a fierce look, feeling very dissatisfied.

She called Mira Xie, only that she would invite Enderia Shen to dinner. Just now Mira Xie said there was another person. Xie’s mother thought it was the leader of the famous company, so she didn’t care.

But now, it was Dustin Zhou who got out of the car.

This trash, is it worth inviting him to dinner?

Bah, it’s a dream. Even if she feeds everything to the dog, it is better than let Dustin Zhou eat.

“Why is it him? Just this rubbish, what did you let him do?” Xie’s mother was not happy at once, naturally she would not be merciful, and ridiculed Dustin Zhou severely.

Even with that, she looked at Dustin Zhou’s eyes, and she was extremely disgusted, as if Dustin Zhou was an inconspicuous thing.

“You rubbish, who let you come? I tell you, don’t think that Mira is a little bit good to you. If you ask you to come over with a kind heart, you will think that you are someone. I tell you, this is impossible! As long as I’m here today, don’t think about going in, you rubbish.” Mother Xie pointed to Dustin Zhou and snarled, the anger on her face eased slightly.

The moment she saw Dustin Zhou just now, her lungs were almost exploding.

This Dustin Zhou is simply a shame to the Xie family. As a son-in-law, he has done everything he can. It is a shame to the Xie family, and it also made Mira Xie lose the opportunity to marry the big family company.

“And you dead girl, who asked you to bring this waste over, you really want to piss me off.” Mother Xie pointed to Mira Xie, with a tone of hatred for iron and steel, and her face seemed to be covered with writing. dissatisfied.

“Hehe, Mr. Shen, let you watch the joke, let’s not be disturbed by a trash, let’s go in first, there are still people waiting inside.” After Xie’s mother finished speaking, she seemed to feel relieved and stopped paying attention to Dustin Zhou. , But looked at Enderia Shen with a smile.


After Xie’s mother finished speaking, the room was quiet.

Enderia Shen did not speak, Dustin Zhou did not speak, and Mira Xie did not speak.

Mira Xie’s face was a bit ugly. Although she had anticipated a possible conflict between Dustin Zhou and Xie’s mother, she didn’t expect that Dustin Zhou had just got out of the car this year, and Xie’s mother had only seen Dustin Zhou, so she yelled at him without showing any face.

Mother Xie didn’t give Mira Xie

Opportunity to persuade.

Dustin Zhou had already expected this, so he didn’t feel anything in his heart.

It’s just that Xie’s mother is still the same as before, with a small mind and a high vision, but she has no confidence.

“Haha.” With a sneer, Dustin Zhou completely ignored Xie’s mother’s cynicism, and walked towards Enderia Shen.

The reason why he agreed to come, apart from Mira Xie’s reason for coming to him, probably has a lot to do with Enderia Shen.

Dustin Zhou knew well about Xie’s mother’s character and character. For Xie’s mother had only met Enderia Shen once and wanted to invite Enderia Shen to dinner, Dustin Zhou was very curious and wanted to see what Xie’s mother was thinking.

So Dustin Zhou came.

Rather than accompany Mira Xie to come here, it is better to say that she came with Enderia Shen to prevent her from having an accident.

Mother Xie’s expression became even more ugly and grim when she saw Dustin Zhou approaching her.

“You trash, what are you doing here? Are you deaf? Didn’t you hear me? Get out quickly, otherwise don’t blame me for looking for a security guard to blast you out.” Mother Xie looked contemptuously, took two steps backwards, and looked disgusted. .

It seems that Dustin Zhou is a monster and cannot be approached.

“President Shen, hurry up and stay away from this waste, otherwise who knows what this waste will do…” Mother Xie wanted to pull Enderia Shen back together, but she couldn’t pull it anyway, and looked at Enderia Shen with surprise. Before he could ask the question, he opened his mouth and looked surprised.

Mother Xie watched Enderia Shen, and actually smiled at Dustin Zhou’s trash.

Moreover, this smile is not that kind of casual perfunctory, but a very sincere smile.

Mother Xie felt that her mind was down at this moment, and she didn’t know if anything had changed in this world.

Who is Dustin Zhou?

It was just a son-in-law of her Xie family, nothing more than a waste.

Chapter 642

But who is Enderia Shen?

Not to mention the daughter of the Shen Group, it was a matter of father and daughter, and she could not interfere with this outsider.

However, Enderia Shen is the president of Mingyang Company, and he is in charge of such a behemoth as Mingyang Company. In Donghai City, he is almost in a dominant position.

Even some time ago, Xie’s mother saw the news even more, and Mingyang even opened a branch to Hunan province.

Under such circumstances, Enderia Shen’s status and status as the major shareholder and president of the famous company are naturally rising. In Xie’s mother’s eyes, he is even more a nobleman.

Moreover, now this nobleman even smiled at Dustin Zhou’s trash.

What’s wrong in this world.

Mother Xie froze in place, watching Enderia Shen slowly walking towards Dustin Zhou, feeling even more shocked in her heart.

Her mind was blank, and she couldn’t understand why Dustin Zhou was a trash.

Do you know Enderia Shen?

Did they know each other before?

Yes, it must be so!

Suddenly, Xie’s mother thought that Dustin Zhou seemed to be working in Mingyang before.

I’m afraid Enderia Shen and Dustin Zhou met in the company.

However, for a small person like Dustin Zhou, Enderia Shen probably only has a superficial impression.

Thinking of this, Xie’s mother felt better.

Such two people, whether they are tens of thousands of miles apart in strength or status, can’t really have a deep relationship.

I’m afraid that Enderia Shen’s smile at Dustin Zhou was just out of politeness.

After all, a beautiful president like Enderia Shen can understand the affinity of his employees.

“Dustin Zhou, you…” Enderia Shen walked to Dustin Zhou and started to say something, but before he could say anything, he was stopped by Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou came today as a guest. What Xie’s mother thinks of him is nothing to him, nor does it matter.

With his current status and strength, Xie’s mother was nothing in Dustin Zhou’s heart.

If it weren’t for Mira Xie’s relationship, Dustin Zhou walking on the road would probably treat Xie’s mother as a passer-by, and would not stop at all. Even a glance would be impossible.

“Don’t say so much. Today you are the protagonist. I just came to see you. You won’t be wronged by her. You can do it as usual and treat me as an ordinary employee of your company. After all, in her eyes Here, I’m afraid I’ve always been a small employee of the famous company.” Dustin Zhou smiled lightly, his tone was flat, it seems that Xie’s mother’s vicious words just now did not affect him at all.

“Okay.” Enderia Shen could see that Dustin Zhou really thought so.

Now that Dustin Zhou made this decision, Enderia Shen would naturally not make superfluous things.

Besides, she herself wanted to know what exactly happened when Xie’s mother invited herself to dinner.

Moreover, I seemed to hear Mother Xie say that someone inside had been waiting for a long time.

Could it be that this time thanking her mother was more than just inviting her?

Nodding slightly, Enderia Shen regained his indifferent expression and looked at Xie mother again.

At this time, Xie’s mother’s hanging heart relaxed.

Looking at it this way, Enderia Shen is really out of the affinity of the leadership, so he greeted an ordinary employee like Dustin Zhou, and let Dustin Zhou be grateful for Dade and do things well.

“Hehe, waste is really a waste. The president of my company is here. He doesn’t even know that he will go up and down. He deserves to be a small employee and waste a lifetime.” He spit out softly, and Xie’s mother stopped paying attention to Dustin Zhou.

Since Mira Xie has brought Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen is here, she is naturally no longer able to drive Dustin Zhou away.

just in case

Enderia Shen had a lot of impressions of him, and if he didn’t do the next thing well, it would be more than worthwhile.

Xie Mubai glanced at Dustin Zhou and led Enderia Shen into the hotel.

Dustin Zhou and Mira Xie walked behind, as if the two of them did not exist at all. At this moment, Xie’s mother only had Enderia Shen alone.

“Dustin Zhou, I’m sorry, I didn’t expect that my mother would be like this.” Mira Xie walked to Dustin Zhou’s side in two small steps, lowered his head, and said in a low voice, full of apologies.

“You don’t need to apologize. I haven’t experienced such things. I have been used to it in the past three years.” Dustin Zhou chuckled lightly. He didn’t mean to blame Mira Xie, but he was used to it.

For three years, Dustin Zhou would be scolded by Xie’s mother almost every day. If one day, Xie’s mother did not scold Dustin Zhou, Dustin Zhou would not even get used to it.

For a long time, even Dustin Zhou himself thought he was a waste.

If it hadn’t been for the sudden knowledge of his true identity, Dustin Zhou would still be confused and not awakened at all.

“Moreover, this is just your mother’s opinion, not your opinion, unless you also think I am a trash, Mira, you shouldn’t think so.” Dustin Zhou turned his head, looked at Mira Xie, and smiled lightly.

On Dustin Zhou’s face, there is no longer the feeling of inferiority and shame every time he was scolded by Xie’s mother in the past three years.

After such a long time, Dustin Zhou himself understood.

If you want to be respected by others, you must be strong enough.

“Well, thank you, Dustin Zhou.” Mira Xie was taken aback, and then he was relieved.

Dustin Zhou said that, it shows that he did not take the matter into his mind at all.

Although he felt very powerless to curse Dustin Zhou against his mother, Dustin Zhou could have such a mentality, and Mira Xie felt that there might not be no chance for relaxation in the future.

The group came to the second floor of Jingtai Hotel.

This time, Xie’s mother booked a private room on the second floor of Jingtai Hotel.

When Dustin Zhou and the others came in, there were already many people in the private room.

The originally noisy private room suddenly calmed down when Xie Mu, Enderia Shen, Dustin Zhou and Mira Xie came in.

Everyone looked outside the private room and saw Xie Mu and Mira Xie. There was no special look on everyone’s faces.

When they saw Enderia Shen, everyone was happy, and even if it wasn’t for someone to stop him, someone rushed over at this moment.

Naturally, some people saw Dustin Zhou.

Suddenly, many people’s expressions changed, and their originally excited expressions instantly became ugly and disgusted.

Dustin Zhou was immediately happy when he saw the people in the private room.

He knows all the people in this private room, and

And it’s still dealing with.

However, all the previous dealings, the people in this private room, looked down upon Dustin Zhou.

Although she didn’t swear every day like Xie’s mother, every time she saw it, it was all kinds of ridicule.

“Dustin Zhou, do you know these people?” Enderia Shen seemed to have noticed the changes in the expressions of the people, and he also noticed the changes in Dustin Zhou. He immediately turned his head and asked softly.

“They are all acquaintances, they are all relatives of the Xie family. They have seen them in the past three years. This time, they have also come here. It seems that there is a good show.”

Chapter 643

Are all acquaintances?

Are all relatives of the Xie family?

Enderia Shen glanced at the people in the private room in surprise, his eyes a little strange.

This time, Mother Xie originally said that she was going to invite her to dinner. Because of Mira Xie’s face, Enderia Shen came here.

However, she did not know that there would be so many so-called Xie family relatives here.

Moreover, looking at the expressions of these people, they looked excited and excited, as if they had seen some precious treasures.

“Hehe, come here, let me introduce to you, this is the president of the famous company, Miss Enderia Shen, hehe, he is a good friend and good sister to our family Mira.” Xie mother introduced with a smile, her face She couldn’t hide her pride at all, and the gaze she looked at those relatives was in addition to being proud.

It seems to be saying, look, this is the president of a well-known company, and our family Mira Xie is a good friend and a good sister relationship. If you have such a person, you are envious.

“It turns out to be President Shen. It’s a great honor to meet you.” “Yes, Dong Hai is as young and aggressive as President Shen, but there are very few people with strong ability.” “President Shen, hurry up and come here. “… When everyone saw Xie’s mother introducing Enderia Shen, they were indeed exactly the same as they had guessed at the beginning. They all became excited and kept saying good things, and they even welcomed Enderia Shen to the seat.

You know, the seats are usually the highest status, or the highest standing people can sit down.

And these people do it, no doubt that Enderia Shen is the person with the highest status here.

Enderia Shen nodded slightly. Although I have heard a lot about the virtues of these relatives from Dustin Zhou, now, when others are greeted with smiles, she will naturally not give people a face for no reason.

With a perfunctory laugh, Enderia Shen glanced at Dustin Zhou slightly, then walked to the upper seat and sat down directly.

Enderia Shen sat directly in the upper seat, looking at Dustin Zhou, the meaning in his eyes was very clear.

By her side of Enderia Shen, only Dustin Zhou could sit down today.

Dustin Zhou touched his nose

Sharp, somewhat helpless.

Originally, in this private room, except for Enderia Shen and Mira Xie, who were not so hostile to him, everyone else basically looked down on Dustin Zhou, and even felt that being with Dustin Zhou was an insult to them.

Therefore, Dustin Zhou originally didn’t want to attract attention, and just finished the meal quietly.

But now, Enderia Shen actually motioned him to sit next to her, wouldn’t this be equivalent to putting Dustin Zhou on the fire?

However, Dustin Zhou actually didn’t want to sit with other people.

Instead of making yourself unhappy, it is better to sit beside Enderia Shen.

Thinking of this, Dustin Zhou didn’t hesitate, he just thought of walking beside Enderia Shen, and sat down.

And Dustin Zhou walked quickly, almost when Enderia Shen had just sat down, when the eyes and attention of other people were all on Enderia Shen, he had already sat down.


At this moment, the whole private room was extremely quiet.

Except for Enderia Shen and Mira Xie, all the eyes of everyone else fell on Dustin Zhou.

Some are surprised, some are angry, some are surprised, some are shocked, some are unwilling… There are many.

Mother Xie and those relatives saw Dustin Zhou sitting next to Enderia Shen in such a grandiose manner, almost the second noble position in the entire private room. They were all stunned and wanted to rush forward, drag Dustin Zhou down, and give a severe lesson.

“Presumptuous! Dustin Zhou, you rubbish, I let you in, it is already merciful, you don’t look at what identity you are, is there your place here? You dare to sit next to Mr. Shen, it’s simply I am presumptuous and can’t figure out my identity, so get out of me quickly!” Xie’s mother couldn’t care about other things, and she immediately reprimanded Dustin Zhou.

“Yes, Dustin Zhou, is this a place where you can sit? No, look at who you are and get back!” “It’s really a waste. You can’t even see the situation. There are so many people here. It depends on you.” Can you sit next to Mr. Shen?” “Get off now, or be careful I ask the security guard to blast you out!” … Suddenly, all the relatives began to criticize Dustin Zhou, as if Dustin Zhou had done to them, one by one. His face was full of anger, blowing beard and staring.

There is no reason why everyone is so angry.

Today it was said that Xie’s mother invited Enderia Shen to dinner, but they actually invited Enderia Shen to dinner together.

The purpose, naturally, is to ask Enderia Shen for help.

Therefore, to please Enderia Shen is one aspect, and it is also a very important point to bring Enderia Shen closer to him.

Therefore, the position beside Enderia Shen is naturally the top priority.

There should have been two people sitting in this, but now, Dustin Zhou alone occupied one.

It means that they have few places beside Enderia Shen

Then, the chance to please Enderia Shen is also better.

This is a great loss to their own interests and naturally makes them angry.

What’s more, all those present were decent people.

And Dustin Zhou?

It was just a son-in-law of the Xie family. In the eyes of everyone in the private room for the past three years, Dustin Zhou was nothing but a trash that allowed others to insult.

Such a person, everyone saw in the past, all were ridiculed.

Although I don’t know why Dustin Zhou will be here today, but since he is here, it is not easy for everyone to rush people directly.

After all, everyone knows that Dustin Zhou used to work in Mingyang Company as a small employee, and Enderia Shen is the president of Mingyang Company. In any case, a basic face is given to Enderia Shen.

But it’s different now.

Dustin Zhou actually sat directly next to Enderia Shen. Did he think he was a small employee of the famous company, so he could sit with the president Enderia Shen?

Who gave him this face?

“I called Dustin Zhou, he is a well-known company, sitting with sister Bijun, why not?” Seeing that so many people were dissatisfied with Dustin Zhou, even sharpening their swords, he was ready to do something. , Mira Xie said quickly.

She wanted to defend Dustin Zhou one or two.

However, because Dustin Zhou did not want to thank his family for knowing his identity, Mira Xie did not say Dustin Zhou’s true identity.

“Where are you, dead girl?” Mother Xie quickly grabbed Mira Xie, her face full of dissatisfaction.

“Isn’t this rubbish enough to be embarrassing enough, living for nothing in our Xie family for three years, it is of no use. Now I dare to be so arrogant and don’t look at it. Is the position next to Mr. Shen that he can sit?” Pointing at Dustin Zhou, the color of resentment on his face leaped on the paper.

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