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Chapter 689

On the other side, Zhang Yong and Tong Yan completely widened their eyes, staring at Gu Ming who was kneeling, they couldn’t believe what they saw.

Zhang Yong blinked his eyes vigorously, trying to confirm whether what he saw was true.

Tong Yan also rubbed her eyes fiercely, wanting to see if her eyes were blurred.

However, no matter how many times they rubbed them, they opened their eyes again, and what they saw was that Gu Ming just knelt in front of Dustin Zhou.

how can that be!

Both of them were completely shocked and couldn’t speak at all.

Tong Yan is a little better. After all, she has never had any contact with Gu Ming, nor does she have any direct feelings about Gu Ming’s true status in Mingyang.

Therefore, although she is shocked in her heart, most of it is based on the reaction of her boyfriend Zhang Yong.

Zhang Yong is different.

He has been in contact with Gu Ming for a long time, nearly half a year.

Therefore, Zhang Yong knows Gu Ming very well.

It is precisely because of his understanding that Zhang Yong is so shocked now.

Zhang Yong opened his mouth slightly, wanting to say something, but found that he couldn’t speak at all, and he didn’t know what he should say.

Zhang Yong looked back and forth on Gu Ming and Dustin Zhou, and suddenly found that his brain was not enough.

Why? Originally aloft, even if I spent a huge price, I was just a person who got on the line with the other party and reached a secret cooperation. At this time, he would kneel on the ground and apologize to others.

And the son-in-law of that cousin’s family, a useless rubbish, an ordinary employee of the famous company, at this moment is like a superior king who can decide the life and death of others at a glance, standing in front of Gu Ming, watching Gu calmly. Ming knelt down, apologized and admitted his mistake, but the expression on his face remained unchanged, like an ancient well.

At this moment, Gu Ming’s heart trembled fiercely. He wanted to hear Dustin Zhou speak, he wanted to hear Dustin Zhou say to forgive himself and let the past go.

but none.

Not a word.

Dustin Zhou seems to be looking at himself, examining


At this moment, Gu Ming suddenly felt that he had not done enough, he just kept apologizing and admitting his mistakes, but all of this was not just his own fault.

In a well-known company, cooperating with some outsiders to get some benefits, and at the same time help the company expand sales channels, so that hello and good things are originally a hidden rule.

So, why is Dustin Zhou only angry with himself?

Is that because I just prepared to teach that Liu Xue?

And Liu Xue said at the beginning that she was waiting for someone here.

Before Gu Ming didn’t believe it, he thought it was a lie that Liu Xue didn’t want to talk to herself and deliberately made up.

But now it seems that Liu Xue and others are clearly Dustin Zhou.

And the reason why I provoke Liu Xue was because Zhang Yong encouraged him.

That’s right, Zhang Yong.

At this moment, Gu Ming seemed to have found the real culprit, suddenly raised his head, looked at Dustin Zhou, a trace of determination flashed across his face.

A dead fellow is not dead.

After all, people like Gu Ming, who have worked hard in the workplace for so many years, have long ignored friendships and everything, and they must pay attention to interests in everything.

If you can bring benefits to yourself, then everyone can naturally be called brothers.

However, not only do you have no interest in yourself, but you may bring disasters to yourself. Naturally, you will do it as fast as you can.

“Dustin Zhou, I didn’t mean to offend Miss Liu Xue, it was him, Zhang Yong, and he encouraged me.” “Zhou, Zhang Yong is just an ordinary partner of the company, a new company, from Our company took the goods to deal with it. I immediately contacted the company for its cooperation with him, and apologized to Miss Liu Xue.” Gu Ming said hurriedly. For fear of speaking slowly, Dustin Zhou would interrupt him directly, not speaking to him. Strive for opportunities for yourself.

At the same time, Gu Ming discovered the point of the matter.

It seems that as long as Miss Liu Xue’s dissatisfaction is resolved, then some of Dustin Zhou’s anger can naturally be eliminated.

Thinking of this, Gu Ming didn’t care about anything else. He just knelt on the ground and climbed in front of Liu Xue, crawling under Liu Xue’s feet, and kept begging for mercy.

“Ms. Liu Xue, it was all my fault just now. It was my fascination. I was blinded by lard. It was my fault. Please have a lot of it, please forgive me.” After speaking, Gu Ming was on the ground. His head knocked.

And when Gu Ming raised his head, a burst of blood flowed down his head.

Just now, Gu Ming’s knock was not light.

In addition, the square is full of concrete pavement, which is extremely strong, and it’s already lucky to just knock out a wound.

However, this is not the end for Gu Ming.

After raising his head, Gu Ming couldn’t care about what was on his forehead

The tingling from the scars, raising his slap, directly greeted his face, and he didn’t mean to show mercy at all.

“Papa!” “Papa!” “Papa!” … Suddenly, one after another loud applause sounded in this square.

Liu Xue held her hands on her chest, her eyebrows were lightly furrowed, Qiong’s nose was lightly furrowed, and she did not speak, but it was obvious that her face was not very beautiful, and she was probably frightened by Gu Ming’s series of actions.

Dustin Zhou did not speak either, he did not intend to speak.

All this is a decision made by Gu Ming himself, he will not interfere.

However, in comparison, Zhang Yong and Tong Yan on the other side, and even some people in the famous company, as well as some passersby, were completely shocked to see this scene.

“What’s the situation?” “I don’t know. Someone will slap themselves?” “Yeah, isn’t this a bullying?” “No, I see the fat man, just It’s not a good thing.” “Yes, I saw it just now. The fat man molested the other girl, and then his boyfriend came over, as if he had taught the fat man a bit harder…” Passers-by were a little far away, and could see It’s not really true, but I can guess a lot by touching it. At the same time, many people picked up their mobile phones and took pictures of this scene, ready to post it online for others to see and get a little attention.

The security patrolling on the third floor of Mingyang Company Building had seen what happened on the square, and immediately came over to deal with it.

After all, what happened in front of Mingyang Company Plaza would also affect the reputation of Mingyang Company.

The leader today is Zhao Bing.

Zhao Bing and Niu Chuan used to work as security guards in the Xiejia community, but later they all came out with Niu Chuan.

Since Niu Chuan was strong enough, he basically stayed with Dustin Zhou.

And Zhao Bing has been staying at the headquarters of Mingyang Company. Several people are in charge of the security department to protect Mingyang Company from infringement.

Chapter 690

Zhao Bing led a small group out of the gate and saw Dustin Zhou from a distance.

“It’s Mr. Zhou.” Zhao Bing whispered, his pace quickened a bit.

If something happened to Dustin Zhou here, then Zhao Bing, who is on duty today, must not be able to get rid of the relationship, and even the other brothers will not let him go.

When the other security guard heard Zhao Bing say that it was Dustin Zhou, he immediately became energetic, as if he was about to do meritorious service, followed Zhao Bing’s footsteps, and rushed toward Dustin Zhou.

“Zhou, here…” Zhao Bing was about to speak, asking about Dustin Zhou’s situation, but before he finished speaking, he saw Gu Ming kneeling in front of Liu Xue and constantly slapped himself.

And at this moment, Gu Ming,

The cheeks on both sides have long been swollen. If Zhao Bing is not very familiar with the company’s employees, he would not even recognize it as Gu Ming.

And seeing Gu Ming doing this, Zhao Bing also reacted immediately, and he kept silent, and paid a salute to Dustin Zhou in a neat manner, and immediately returned to the company with other security guards reluctantly.

“Boss, we just left? What if something happens to Mr. Zhou?” A security guard whispered, taking a few steps, and then looking back at Dustin Zhou.

Such a good opportunity to perform meritorious service is gone, and even to really meet Dustin Zhou, there is no chance to say something. I am afraid that I will feel a little regretful in my heart.

“Don’t worry, Zhou always won’t have any trouble, don’t you recognize the man who kneeled on the ground and slapped himself?” Zhao Bing waved his hand and said lightly.

“Who is it, I don’t know.” “Yes, the face is swollen like that, who can recognize it.” “Boss, do you know?” …… A few security guards are talking about it. Surrounded Zhao Bing in the middle and asked carefully.

“That’s Gu Ming from the Ministry of Commerce, a deputy director-level person. Now you know why I said that there will be nothing wrong with Zhou.” Zhao Bing chuckled slightly, seeing everyone’s faces showing surprise and satisfaction. Head, strode towards the company.

Although I don’t know why Gu Ming would kneel on the ground and slap himself in the slap, it was obvious that Gu Ming had offended Dustin Zhou, so Zhao Bing could almost think of his fate.

At this moment, both Zhang Yong and Tong Yan were shocked and didn’t know what to do or what to say.

Zhang Yong couldn’t think of it. What he had just thought became a reality in an instant.

Gu Ming really knelt down and apologized.

Moreover, Gu Ming knelt down in front of Dustin Zhou before kowtow to admit his mistake in front of Liu Xue, and also slapped himself.

Just listening to the sound of the slap and watching Gu Ming’s swollen cheeks, Zhang Yong knew that Gu Ming’s subordinates were not merciful, they just used all their strength.

All this is too incredible.

Zhang Yong took two steps back subconsciously, even, in his heart, the idea of ​​leaving here immediately came into being.

After all, even Gu Ming has to be so submissive, not to mention him.

However, Zhang Yong suddenly thought that Gu Ming seemed to say that he would cancel the cooperation between Mingyang and his company.

At this moment, while Zhang Yong was shocked, he was extremely angry.

He never expected that he had finally spent money on Gu Ming’s line to make his company flourish.

But now, I think Dustin Zhou is here, and Gu Ming is going to put himself in ruin.


And all this is because of Dustin Zhou’s waste.

At this moment, Zhang Yong’s anger gradually replaced his reason.

His company is everything to him.

Everything Zhang Yong has now, even Tong Yan, who is holding his arm around him, is for his company’s sake.

If Zhang Yong loses the company, then Tong Yan next to him will probably be the first to leave.

Not to mention, Zhang Yong has been accustomed to the life of fine clothes and jade food in the past six months, luxurious villas, a lot of banknotes, and a beauty in a car.

Once he loses the company, then all of this will be in vain, and he will leave Zhang Yong away.

“Gu Ming, do you know what you are talking about?” Zhang Yong was very angry, opened Tong Yan’s hand, walked up to Gu Ming angrily, and asked harshly.

“Gu Ming, I spent millions to get rid of your relationship. You just want to get rid of me with just one sentence. I tell you, don’t even think about it.” Zhang Yong felt that he was telling Gu Ming this way. Not enough, all this is because of Dustin Zhou.

Because of this rubbish, in Xie’s family, for more than three years, it has been treated as rubbish by everyone, as a dispensable person, but now, it seems to be aloof and decide his own destiny in one word.

This made Zhang Yong angry and his face was distorted with jealousy.

“And you, Dustin Zhou, I don’t care what your status is in Mingyang, but in my eyes, you are a waste. In Xie’s family, you have lived for three years for nothing. If it weren’t for my cousin, You and your sick and unclear mother have never known where they died, and now they dare to shake my face.” Zhang Yong pointed at Dustin Zhou, his face full of dissatisfaction, and at the same time there was a hint of cursing at each other. After a good meal.

The nervousness and worry that had been shocked by Dustin Zhou just now disappeared at this moment.

Zhang Yong felt as if he had found his place. Dustin Zhou was in front of him, but he was still a son-in-law of the Xie family, a waste, and he was only worthy of the rubbish stepped under his feet forever.

“Hahaha…” “Bang!” Zhang Yong was still laughing, but halfway through his laughter, he was directly broken his nose with a punch, and blood ran directly.

“Zhang Yong, I don’t allow you to insult Zhou Zong like this!” Gu Ming stood up abruptly, his face still swollen, but his fat body, coupled with his fierce gaze, made him look a little bit extra. Grim color.

No one thought that Gu Ming, who had been kneeling on the ground just now and slapped himself, would suddenly get up and punch Zhang Yong at this moment.

Dustin Zhou raised his eyebrows slightly, watching this scene with interest.

He was a little surprised by Gu Ming’s sudden movements.

However, if Gu Ming wants to be like this, he will put all of his

Responsibilities are cleaned up, it is impossible.

Aside from other things, just what Zhang Yong said just now, gave Zhang Yong millions and got a relationship with Mingyang. This is something Dustin Zhou cannot tolerate.

It’s okay that he doesn’t know. Once he knows, he will never give up.

“Gu Ming, you dare to hit me!” Zhang Yong covered his nose and looked at the fierce Gu Ming with an incredulous expression on his face.

He didn’t expect that Gu Ming would suddenly violent at this moment and punched himself.

And he didn’t have any defense at all, and he hit a punch directly with blood flowing through his nose. Even if he held it with his hand, he felt that he couldn’t cover it.

Chapter 591

Zhang Yong had no intention to think about other things at all. He only knew that he had been beaten, and that Gu Ming had beaten him.

Holding his nose, Zhang Yong looked at Gu Ming with an angry expression on his face.

He wanted to fight back, but as soon as he saw Gu Ming’s figure and his hideous look, the thought in his heart immediately disappeared.

“Zhang Yong, are you okay?” Tong Yan was taken aback, and hurriedly ran over to help Zhang Yong, watching Zhang Yong get a lot of blood on his nose, mouth, and even cheeks, and she felt a panic in her heart.

Tong Yan has never seen such a battle.

In the past, although some men were jealous for him, they even fought.

But after all, Tong Yan had always been an outsider, and she had no intention of watching others fight. What’s more, those men fighting for her, Tong Yan didn’t pay attention at all.

But this time it was different. It was Zhang Yong who was beaten, Tong Yan’s boyfriend, and he still saw blood.

At this moment, Tong Yan panicked, and she didn’t know what to do, she could only rush to wipe Zhang Yong.

However, Tong Yan has no experience after all, she can’t stop the blood no matter how she wipes it, and she wipes Zhang Yong’s face back and forth, making Zhang Yong very upset.

“Get out!” Zhang Yong was a little irritable by Tong Yan. Thinking of being punched by Gu Ming just now, his anger was simply too much to hold back, so he must find a place to vent.

The more he thought about it, the more angry Zhang Yong became.

Pushing Tong Yan away, Zhang Yong didn’t care about the bleeding on his nose, shouting, rushed to Gu Ming and punched Gu Ming directly.

Punch to the flesh.

Gu Ming was beaten by Zhang Yong and staggered back several steps. After he was able to stabilize his body, he went mad, rushed over, and fought with Zhang Yong.

For a while, the two fought hard, as if there was an unshakable hatred between each other.

Tong Yan watched from the sidelines, but also helpless.

It was impossible for her to rush up to pull the frame, she could only shout incessantly in place, wanting to stop the two of them.

His face was full of anxiety.

On the other side, Dustin Zhou and Liu Xue quietly watched Zhang Yong and Gu Ming fight, without even going forward to persuade them to pull them away.

And this scene was naturally filmed by many passers-by, ready to be posted online for everyone to have fun.

“Mr. Zhou, we…” Liu Xue looked at Dustin Zhou, but she stopped talking. She felt that watching two people fighting here was meaningless.

Moreover, looking at this, there is no idea when they are going to fight.

It is estimated that no one will give up and will not stop.

Is it necessary to let them all watch and wait here?

That is obviously unrealistic.

“Well, they beat them, it has nothing to do with us, don’t worry, Gu Ming, you won’t be harassing you in the company in the future, let’s go.” With a faint smile, Dustin Zhou walked directly into the famous company. Don’t care about Zhang Yong and Gu Ming who are still fighting.

Moreover, Dustin Zhou has made up his mind. In view of Gu Ming’s affairs, he is going to launch an inspection activity within the company to see how many violations are in the company.

Especially, when he and Enderia Shen were not in the company during the past six months, all major and minor matters were basically handled by Sara Ye, Enderia Shen’s secretary, and some of the company’s executives.

During this time, a lot of things must happen, but no one told me.

Dustin Zhou and Liu Xue left.

Gu Ming and Zhang Yong still fight together.

“Gu Ming, you fat man, Dustin Zhou just said he was going to fire you, you still don’t let go!” Zhang Yong shouted.

He regrets a bit now, so he shouldn’t rush to fight Gu Ming.

How could this one with thin arms and legs be Gu Ming’s opponent? Gu Ming leaned on his body and was directly pressed on the ground, unable to move.

“Huh, it’s not all because of you. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t offend Mr. Zhou. I’ll tell you that if Mr. Zhou fires me, I will definitely not let you go.” Gu Ming’s expression became more grim. He naturally heard the reassuring words Dustin Zhou said to Liu Xue just now.

Gu Ming will not harass you in the company in the future.

The implication does not mean that there will be no such person as Gu Ming in the company in the future. Since there is no such person as Gu Ming, it is naturally impossible to harass Liu Xue.

At this moment, Gu Ming regretted his death in his heart, but a resentment also quietly developed.

This resentment was not only for Zhang Yong, but also for Liu Xue and Dustin Zhou.

Not to mention how Zhang Yong and Gu Ming played.

Here Dustin Zhou took Liu Xue all the way into the famous company.

This is also the first time Liu Xue has seen the inside of the famous company so close.

This is also the first time she has entered the headquarters building of Mingyang Company.

In the past, she was just

I have seen some pictures of the famous company’s headquarters on the Internet. Although there are high-definition pictures, from the pictures, it is not as real as the experience of seeing them on the spot.

And almost at the moment when he stepped into the famous company’s headquarters building, an unprovoked emotion made Liu Xue’s heart full.

It seems that I finally found my home.

This place in front of me may be where I will work for the rest of my life.

At this moment, Liu Xue had such a thought in her heart, and at this moment, she had received 50 million from Li Mingfeng, and she hadn’t taken it to her heart long ago.

Even without those fifty million, Liu Xue’s life would still be the same.

“Let’s go, I’ll take you to the personnel department.” Dustin Zhou saw Liu Xue stunned, and shouted with a chuckle, seeing Liu Xue blushing, and then he continued to walk inside the company.

With Dustin Zhou’s personal leadership, Liu Xue’s entry formalities were handled fairly quickly, and the Deputy Director on Duty of the Personnel Department was accompanied by him throughout the entire process, opening a green channel for Liu Xue, and giving priority to all procedures.

“Now that the entry procedures are completed, congratulations, you have become an official member of Mingyang.” Dustin Zhou smiled and stretched out his hand.

And Liu Xue was also satisfied and shook a hand with Dustin Zhou, looking excited and happy.

“But now most of the employees go home on vacation. The company has not left many on duty now. You should wait until the end of the year and everyone will come back to report. We should go back now. My mother should have cooked food. Now.” Dustin Zhou said helplessly.

Obviously, after completing Liu Xue’s entry procedures today, Liu Xue can go back directly.

On the one hand, Liu Xue is now the manager of the Commerce Department of LVGEM. If she wants to work for Mingyang, she still needs to go to the Commerce Department of LVGEM to resign. This time, it will take a long time.

Moreover, changing the working environment and a group of work colleagues is actually quite a big test for one person. Liu Xue also needs time to ease his anxiety.

Regardless of whether Liu Xue has such anxious feelings, she needs to plan ahead.

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