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Chapter 569

Dustin Zhou whispered. He half believed what Zhao Cheng said. On the one hand, he did know that Kong Hui, and Wang Wei and Kong Hui had a good relationship. At the opening ceremony, Dustin Zhou had not yet found the Rocket Girl. Before, the person Wang Wei recommended was Kong Hui. However, there was a problem later, Dustin Zhou shot Kong Hui and then changed to Rocket Girl. In another room, the identity of Kong Hui, according to Wang Wei Said, it’s not a big deal at all, it’s just a little well-known singer. You might be able to mix well in Liushi, but if you go out, you might be confused by everyone. For a while, Dustin Zhou fell into thought. No! Suddenly, Dustin Zhou seemed to have thought of something, and his expression became dignified. Because all the news about Kong Hui, whether it was Kong Hui’s identity or what, Dustin Zhou learned from Wang Wei. However, if Wang Wei didn’t explain in advance , Or conceal Kong Hui’s identity from time to time, as Zhao Cheng said, there is a certain possibility. Or, Kong Hui didn’t explain his true identity to Wang Wei from the beginning. It’s just that Wang Wei has a different heart, and Kong Hui sees a needle. , And then revealed his identity in front of Wang Wei. However, whatever it is, one thing may indicate that Kong Hui’s identity may not really be as simple as Dustin Zhou knew. However, from Zhang Jie’s mouth, Dustin Zhou did not listen. Speaking of the existence of the Kong family, in addition to the five major families in Hunan Province, if other families really have such a strong strength, it is impossible for them to be famous and not known to outsiders. Thinking of this, Dustin Zhou

He had already guessed a little bit, but he was not sure yet, he still needed to confirm.

However, these are not what needs to be done now.

“I don’t know what the purpose of Mr. Zhao telling me is.” Dustin Zhou looked at Zhao Cheng deeply and said lightly, without any change in expression on his face, as if what Zhao Cheng said just now had no effect on Dustin Zhou.

Zhao Cheng was silent.

He didn’t expect Dustin Zhou to hear what he said, but he didn’t even react, as if he already knew everything he said.

But Zhao Cheng knew it was impossible for Dustin Zhou to know.

Because these words just happened in the morning.

And the people who knew were only seven people. Except for themselves, the other six people stood firmly together, and it was impossible to reveal to Dustin Zhou.

“I don’t have any other purpose. I just hope that Mr. Zhou will not hold Wang Wei’s side after me.” However, Zhao Cheng had to say again.

He deliberately contacted Wang Dalu and asked him to make a connection. He also deliberately came to Changsha to see Dustin Zhou. Didn’t he just want Dustin Zhou not to pursue Wang Wei’s side.

Otherwise, in Hunan Province, Dustin Zhou may not be able to treat him.

But what about going back to the East China Sea?

You know, Dustin Zhou’s energy in the East China Sea is greater than in Hunan Province.

Almost all of Zhao Cheng’s careers are in the East China Sea.

Once Dustin Zhou is held accountable, it is almost impossible for him to escape.

Therefore, before returning to the East China Sea, Zhao Cheng must obtain a forgiveness from Dustin Zhou.

At least, let Dustin Zhou not attack him.

“Hehe, I’m not a person with a small belly and chicken intestines. Mr. Zhao is lost and knows how to return. I naturally welcome it. As for the investigation, it is simply nonsense. What position do I have to pursue Mr. Zhao for you?” Dustin Zhou smiled lightly and said. Waved, not paying attention.

If Zhao Cheng came today and the purpose was just this, Dustin Zhou would not care at all.

Even the remaining few partners, he didn’t have any thoughts to pursue them.

I am afraid that only Wang Wei was the only one who made Dustin Zhou a little angry.

However, Dustin Zhou is not a ruthless person after all.

Even if Wang Da was defeated and returned to the East China Sea, Dustin Zhou would not drive him to ruin.

At best, it’s just a little interest.

“Huh! Then I would like to thank Mr. Zhou.” Zhao Chenggong breathed a sigh of relief. Although he didn’t know whether Dustin Zhou’s words were true or false, it was a verbal guarantee at least, and at least he could feel relieved for a while.

As for whether he will be retaliated against after returning to the East China Sea, that is a funeral.

“Okay, Mr. Zhao’s affairs are over, let’s talk about your affairs now?” Dustin Zhou smiled, not caring about Zhao Cheng’s reaction.

But soon, his eyes fell on Ye Fang.

He knew that since Ye Fang chose

Choosing to come with Zhao Cheng must have her own purpose.

Otherwise, if according to Ye Fang’s words, she chose to withdraw from the beginning, so why didn’t she return to the East China Sea for so long, did not come to see herself, or even showed up in Liushi.

Hearing Dustin Zhou’s words, Enderia Shen, Zhao Cheng’s eyes fell on Ye Fang.

Enderia Shen was a little surprised. She didn’t know what Dustin Zhou meant. Is there really something wrong with Ye Fang?

But at this time, Enderia Shen discovered one thing. Ye Fang seemed to be the woman who went to Dustin Zhou’s room the day before the opening ceremony.

At that time, she also asked Dustin Zhou, but Dustin Zhou kept silent.

Now it seems that it should be this Ye Fang.

Suddenly, Enderia Shen’s eyes shifted between Dustin Zhou and Ye Fang. She wanted to know if there was any other relationship between Dustin Zhou and Ye Fang.

“Zhou, Wang Wei chose to betray, are you not angry at all?” Ye Fang smiled lightly, leaning forward slightly, a few minutes closer to Dustin Zhou.

“Angry? Why should I be angry?” Dustin Zhou smiled. He was really not interested in what Ye Fang said. How could he be fooled with such an obvious aggressive method and no technical content.

“Wang Wei is against you, and if you don’t put you in your eyes, can you see it?” Ye Fang didn’t want to be forgiving, as if Dustin Zhou had to say something.

“Have you ever seen a sparrow barking in front of a goshawk, will the goshawk pay attention to it?” Dustin Zhou said lightly.

Ye Fang smiled when he said this.

Although Ye Fang is over thirty and is moving towards the threshold of forty, but because of the proper maintenance, it looks like he is only in his twenties, but the charm that exudes from his body is very attractive.

“Although you can’t do anything with Mr. Zhou, I can’t stand Wang Wei’s anger, so I came over and wanted to cooperate with Mr. Zhou.” Ye Fang raised his legs and changed his face with a more enchanting sitting posture. To Dustin Zhou, there was a confident smile on her face.

This point made Dustin Zhou somewhat unexpected.

Ye Fang is so confident?

You know, before Dustin Zhou did not come up with the means, there was nothing to do with Wang Wei.

But how could Ye Fang have such a great confidence?

Is she ready to mobilize her energy in the East China Sea?

Dustin Zhou glanced at Ye Fang slightly, wanting to see something from her face, but unfortunately, Dustin Zhou looked at it for nearly a minute, but couldn’t see anything.

It seems that this confidence is engraved in Ye Fang’s bones.

Chapter 570

“Is President Zhou watching enough?” Ye Fang’s red lips lightly opened, and the quiet fragrance followed, making Dustin Zhou a little startled.

“I’m curious, Miss Ye, that’s it

Have confidence?

Dustin Zhou smiled. He probably already knows why Ye Fang did this. “That’s natural. Wang Wei thought he was a big man, but he didn’t know that Mr. Zhou himself was a big man.”

“Ye Fang smiled lightly, his eyes staying on Dustin Zhou’s body slightly, and he glanced at it with a deep meaning, then turned to him. “Huh?

Dustin Zhou was taken aback, and looked at Ye Fang in surprise. When Ye Fang said that, Dustin Zhou’s heart was stunned. Did Ye Fang know his identity? But Dustin Zhou thought about his identity in the East China Sea. There are very few people in Hexiang Province, and every one of Mei has a very close relationship with him. It is impossible for them to disclose it. In that case, does Ye Fang have other channels? Dustin Zhou doesn’t know, but he can be sure , That means Ye Fang is not hostile. Moreover, what Ye Fang said just now might have other meanings. After all, when Ye Fang first found Dustin Zhou, he didn’t mention it. Instead, it’s now, in front of Dustin Zhou. To say that Dustin Zhou is a big man, this has to make people think more. “I don’t know how Miss Ye will cooperate.

“For a long time, Dustin Zhou said faintly. And when he said this, Ye Fang’s eyes suddenly brightened, and his face was filled with a brilliant smile. Because she knew that Dustin Zhou said this, it means that the other party agreed with him. Suggestion. Thinking of what the person who found him the other day said to him, Ye Fang was shocked, and his gaze at Dustin Zhou became full of respect and complexity. “It’s actually very simple, that’s opposite Liushi Beauty. , And then reopen a branch of a well-known company.

“Ye Fang is full of self-belief. And this time, not only Dustin Zhou, but also Enderia Shen and Zhao Cheng were surprised. They never thought that the way Ye Fang said to deal with Wang Wei was this. In Liu Another branch of a famous company is opened on the opposite side of City Beauty. You know, the branch they opened in Liushi Pedestrian Street before, in fact, whether it is the pre-publicity or the opening ceremony, the signs used are all famous The company’s. It can be said that the famous company’s sign is here and has been used in Liushi. Moreover, after the incident of Wang Wei’s betrayal, Liushi Beauty also caused quite a stir in Liushi. Some internal speculations in Yang’s company also made many people in Liushi sneer. Now, Ye Fang’s opinion is that it should open another branch in Liushi. Can this work? Enderia Shen and Zhao Chengdu looked at Ye Fang with a face. Curious and doubtful. On the contrary, Dustin Zhou’s face was surprised at the beginning, and he quickly returned to normal. It seems that he didn’t feel anything about Ye Fang’s suggestion.

What is wrong, or there is any doubt.

“It seems that Zhou is always optimistic about my proposal.” Ye Fang has been observing Dustin Zhou’s expression. After seeing Dustin Zhou’s initial surprise, she was actually somewhat proud.

Because of this opinion, she actually came up with painstakingly in the hotel these days. Besides, she didn’t know what other means could be used to attack Wang Wei better.

Even if the energy of the East China Sea was used to attack Wang Wei’s industry in the East China Sea, Ye Fang could not smooth the dissatisfaction in his heart.

However, when Ye Fang saw that, except for the initial surprise, Dustin Zhou quickly recovered his calmness. After that, there was no change in expression on his face, so he was stunned.

Don’t Dustin Zhou believe my opinion?

This was Ye Fang’s first thought.

But soon, this idea was ruled out by her.

Based on what she knows about Dustin Zhou, Dustin Zhou is an extremely confident person. Moreover, some things learned from that population a few days ago also made Ye Fang think that Dustin Zhou would not doubt what she had just proposed.

Then, there is one possibility left.

Dustin Zhou had thought of this method a long time ago, and even if Ye Fang didn’t propose it himself, Dustin Zhou would start to arrange it later.

And only in this way, Dustin Zhou would be surprised at the first moment. It was not a suspicion, but a surprise that Ye Fang’s opinions were exactly the same as his thoughts.

Thinking of this, Ye Fang had confidence again.

Since Dustin Zhou himself had this idea, the two thought to go together. As long as Dustin Zhou was not stupid, they would naturally agree.

“Dustin Zhou, what do you think, is it possible to reopen a branch in Liushi now?” Enderia Shen also asked with some doubts.

She didn’t think as much as Ye Fang. After all, as the president of a famous company, there were very few decisions made in the company, and most of the things were handled by Dustin Zhou.

What’s more, this branch project was originally produced by Dustin Zhou and prepared to cooperate with the Zhang family.

Enderia Shen is just a general idea.

“It’s okay, but Miss Ye, you were just forced to quit Liushi Beauty Makeup by Wang Wei. How can I believe that Miss Ye can manage the reopened branch well and fight Liushi Beauty?” Dustin Zhou nodded slightly. Looking at Ye Fang, his eyes were deep, as if he was exploring Ye Fang’s mind.

After all, such an idea, in the eyes of outsiders, is a very crazy idea.

Even for insiders, it is a shocking idea.

Unless it is a national chain, a large group company that ranks high in the country, it is possible to do so.

Even a company of this size can derive several brands internally, allowing several brands to appear on the same street at the same time, or even next to each other.


As far as Dustin Zhou knows, very few have done this in China.

Although many companies can do it, the risk of doing so is not small.

Among them, Dustin Zhou knew that a mobile phone manufacturer in China did just that.

In the streets of many cities in China, people often see two well-known mobile phone brand stores next to each other. Even if they are a little farther apart, they are just separated by a road.

In the end, as long as you stand in front of one of the stores and look around, you will definitely be able to see the sign of the other store.

And Dustin Zhou knows that this company, relying on this trick, has made these two mobile phone brands well known in a short period of time, and its market share has also increased step by step.

And now, the opinions proposed by Ye Fang are different from those of that company, but they are similar to each other.

“That’s why I have to cooperate with you, Mr. Zhou.” Ye Fang smiled lightly.

Immediately, under the eyes of several people, Ye Fang took out a document in the bag he carried with him.

As soon as this document was taken out, Dustin Zhou laughed.

He knew that during this time, Ye Fang had no news, and he didn’t even show up, probably because of this document.

At the moment, Dustin Zhou didn’t hesitate to pick up the file and look through it.

Chapter 571

As Dustin Zhou looked through the documents, he also knew Ye Fang’s specific plan.

And these plans are not much different from what Dustin Zhou thought in his heart.

It can be said that if Dustin Zhou hadn’t made sure that he hadn’t told anyone what he thought in his heart, he would have doubted whether Ye Fang had the ability to read his mind and could read all the thoughts in his heart.

However, the difference is almost the same, but there is still a slight difference, and in Dustin Zhou’s view, these differences are not that important.

There was only one Wang Wei, at best, there was another Kong Hui, another Kong family, and Dustin Zhou hadn’t paid attention to it at all.

Therefore, the few remaining differences are not so important.

“Cooperation can work, but since it is not like Wang Wei, Miss Ye will not be like Wang Wei.” Dustin Zhou closed the document and looked at Ye Fang with a faint smile, his eyes full of profoundness.

It seems that there is endless attraction in Dustin Zhou’s eyes, which makes Ye Fang lose consciousness for a moment.

“Couldn’t it be that Mr. Zhou can’t believe me so much? If that’s the case, then Mr. Zhou will have a good condition.” Ye Fang finally recovered, there was already a trace of sweat on his forehead.

But she brushed her hair lightly and wiped off the sweat without a trace.

For a while, the room fell into silence.

Only the breathing of four people.

Among them, Zhao Cheng slowed down as much as possible.

The sound of breathing, don’t disturb Dustin Zhou’s thoughts.

After a long time, Dustin Zhou chuckled.

“I’m just joking. Since Miss Ye is so confident, I am naturally willing to accompany her.” Dustin Zhou chuckled lightly and handed the documents back to Ye Fang.

“I will discuss the specific details later. In the next few days, let’s watch a good show.” When the voice fell, Ye Fang and Zhao Cheng looked at each other, and both saw a trace of confusion in each other’s eyes. They didn’t know. Dustin Zhou suddenly said what this Fan Hu meant.

Watching a good show?

What kind of good show?

However, such confusion only lingered in their minds for a while, and they immediately thought of something.

They came to see Dustin Zhou today, isn’t it just to remind Dustin Zhou that Wang Wei and Kong Hui are teaming up to deal with Dustin Zhou.

But now Dustin Zhou is talking about watching a good show, besides this good show, will there be others?

For a moment, Ye Fang and Zhao Cheng were shocked, and they also suddenly germinated a trace of curiosity, wanting to see what Dustin Zhou had to do, and want them to watch a good show.

In the next two days, Dustin Zhou also asked some staff from Mingyang’s headquarters to come over to discuss with Ye Fang.

Because Wang Wei’s incident was ahead, Dustin Zhou did not find anyone else to cooperate with Ye Fang this time.

Instead, Mingyang will cooperate with Ye Fang as an independent entity, and both parties will occupy half of the shares in the new branch.

As for the other details, Ye Fang discussed with the staff at Mingyang’s headquarters. Dustin Zhou didn’t ask about it and didn’t care.

Although Ye Fang is very confident, Dustin Zhou is not worried.

In the face of absolute strength, any conspiracy and tricks are invisible.

… And Wang Wei has not been idle these days.

Now there are only six partners in Liushi Beauty, and after he took over Zhao Cheng’s shares, his shares directly occupy more than 60% of Liushi Beauty, and he has the absolute right to speak.

So in the past few days, Ding Junfeng and Shen Hai did not dare to violate Wang Wei at all. Even when facing Wang Wei, they had to endure grievances.

In the past few days, almost all the promotion of Liushi Beauty in Hunan Province has been removed. When the Zhang family issued an order before, some media companies may still not remove the promotion of Liushi Beauty for some reasons.

However, after three days, it was rumored that those companies were bankrupt and reorganized.

, Or was acquired.

At this point, Liushi Beauty is in Hunan Province, and there is absolutely no channel for publicity.

Except that people in Liushi may know Liushi Beauty, people in other cities in Hunan Province have hardly paid much attention.

Liushi, Tang Private Club on the first day.

In a large box, Wang Wei looked very ugly.

In the past three days, the situation of Liushi Beauty Makeup has been getting worse and worse. Several media companies he contacted before also almost dissolved in these three days.

But Liushi Beauty still did not get out of Zhang’s ban.

And he had come to look for Kong Hui several times, but every time he came home unfailingly, without any results.

Kong Hui didn’t say to help him, even when he saw him, he kept saying that there was no time.

And this time, it was also the first time that Wang Wei came into the private room in the past three days and saw Kong Hui.

At this time, in the private room, besides Kong Hui, Wang Wei also saw Jiang Feng, the son of the Jiang family, whom he had seen before.

It’s just that, looking at the appearance of the two of them, it seems that they have been in this private room these days and have not gone out.

And the expressions of the two men seemed to have a hint of excitement.

Wang Wei didn’t know what had happened these days, but he knew that as long as Kong Hui was happy, he would have the opportunity to ask Kong Hui for help.

To this end, he does not hesitate to offer more store shares.

“Kong Shao, Jiang Shao, this time, you really want to help me, Dustin Zhou, in cooperation with the Zhang family, blocked all the publicity channels of our store in Hunan Province. Now no company in Hunan Province dares to accept Our propaganda.” Wang Wei’s face was tightly pressed together, as if he was about to cry, it was extremely ugly.

“Hmph, Dustin Zhou won’t be able to reach him for long. You’re waiting for a few days, when the time comes, someone will clean him up.” Kong Hui disdainfully said, his eyes didn’t even stay on Wang Wei’s face for even a second.

When he heard the first half of Kong Hui’s sentence, Wang Wei’s face suddenly burst into joy.

However, when Kong Hui said the second half of his sentence, Wang Wei’s face suddenly became hard to look.

Kong Hui’s words are nice. After a few days, someone will clean up Dustin Zhou, but the problem is not the problem of these few days, but the problem of whether their Liushi Beauty Makeup can sustain it in the past few days.

In this situation alone, Liushi Beauty Makeup is almost precarious, but it has a little popularity in Liushi Pedestrian Street.

But this is the case. Due to the influence of the entertainment industry and the ban on publicity issued by the Zhang family in Hunan Province, the business of Liushi Beauty is also extremely bad.

Even, sometimes, one day’s turnover is not enough for the store’s one day’s expenses.

You know, this is just turnover. If it is counted as a profit, it is just a day’s loss, and Wang Wei is also a little distressed.

Of course, this is not

the most important.

Most importantly, the situation of Liushi Beauty has aroused dissatisfaction with Polyx.

Even, just yesterday, Wang Wei received a call from the general manager of Polyx’s branch in Hunan province.

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