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Chapter 827

As one of the four major families in Beijing, the Zhou family is also the top super family in the whole country, far from the Sun family, Su family, and Ding family.

Apart from other things, in terms of scale and force, the Zhou family has the energy to compete with a hidden family like the Xu family.

Even, in many respects, the Zhou family is even stronger than the Xu family.

Therefore, in a very important city like the East China Sea, the Zhou family also arranged many industries, which corresponded to the Zhou family’s nationwide layout.

In addition to the Mountain Mist Club, Avaria, and Zhou’s Testing Institute, there are also several industries.

And these, Asher Chen told Dustin Zhou, and Shui Bingyue also told Dustin Zhou.

This time, Dustin Zhou decided to contact those in charge of those industries first.

As for the attitude of the other party, that is not what Dustin Zhou needs to consider now. If he does not visit, then it will never be possible to know their attitude.

But this time, if you want to destroy the Xu family, relying on the Su family alone may not be enough.

Therefore, for the sake of safety, Dustin Zhou made this determination.

Dustin Zhou, Asher Chen, and Sun Lian set off from the Mountain Mist Club and headed for the first destination.

Tiandi Financial Building.

Located in the center of the East China Sea, it is the largest financial building in the East China Sea. Even if it is located in the whole country, it is a giant.

Among the financial companies that emerged from the Tiandi Financial Building, there are more than ten listed companies alone, and most of them have assets valued at more than 10 billion.

With such qualifications, Tiandi Financial Building has a very high prestige in the industry.

And this financial building is exactly the Zhou family’s industry in the East China Sea, and it is the strongest and most obvious industry in the East China Sea.

Anyone who can come into contact with the Zhou family at the level of existence knows that the Tiandi Financial Building has a very close relationship with the Zhou family in Beijing.

And Dustin Zhou’s first stop was the Tiandi Financial Building.

“This Tiandi Financial Building, even in the Zhou family, has an extraordinary status. It can be regarded as one of the top five industries in the Zhou family. The person in charge is an elder of the Zhou family. Zhou Weihai can be regarded as the uncle of the Patriarch. It is you. The great uncles.” Asher Chen said in a deep voice, looking at the towering building in front of the Tiandi Financial Building.

“What kind of person is Zhou Weihai? I mean, what is his status in the Zhou family and how is his relationship with the Patriarch?” Dustin Zhou asked softly, for such a person, he naturally dare not care, nor Dare to despise.

Able to run the world finance

How could the existence of a behemoth like Xia be a simple figure.

And the reason why he asked like this was also thinking about how to talk to each other when he saw him.

After all, Dustin Zhou didn’t know Zhou Weihai at all and couldn’t start at all.

Only after learning about Zhou Weihai’s situation in Zhou’s family, especially his relationship with Zhou Hengtian, can he perform better.

“Zhou Weihai has no heirs, and he is considered a relatively neutral existence in the Zhou family. Because of his very strong ability, he can firmly hold the world financial building. And because Zhou Weihai has enough seniority in the Zhou family, there is only one above that does not come out. The ancestors of the matter, so the Zhou family dare not do anything to him.” “As for his relationship with the Patriarch, I can’t say that, because when I left the Zhou’s family ten years ago, Zhou Weihai and Patriarch The relationship between them doesn’t seem to be very big. I heard that the two were still in a stalemate for a while, and I don’t know what happened afterwards.” “However, Zhou Weihai can be regarded as one of the people you are going to visit this time. If you can’t even deal with him, then the possibility of other people, you want to persuade them all, is very slim.” “But if you can deal with Zhou Weihai, then there is him, other people, more or less , Will give him a bit of face, and it will be easier for you to convince those people.” Asher Chen said in a deep voice, also very cautious in his expression, not daring to speak too absolute.

After all, more than ten years ago, he knew that Zhou Weihai and Zhou Hengtian had a conflict, and it seemed to have caused quite a stir in the Zhou family.

You know, at that time Zhou Hengtian was not the Patriarch of the Zhou family.

Now that more than a decade has passed, even Asher Chen didn’t know what Zhou Weihai was thinking.

“Well…” Dustin Zhou felt a little heavy.

He did not expect that he had heard such bad news before even seeing the first person.

This week, Zhou Weihai unexpectedly had conflicts with Zhou Hengtian, and even caused quite a stir in the Zhou family.

In other words, there is a contradiction between Zhou Weihai and Zhou Hengtian, and it is very likely to involve himself.

At this time, Dustin Zhou came to visit and wanted Zhou Weihai’s help. That would be idiotic.

Dustin Zhou’s face was a little ugly, but he had already arrived at the Tiandi Financial Building, and he couldn’t give up until the final result was obtained.

Moreover, from Asher Chen’s words just now, Dustin Zhou also analyzed a few points.

First of all, Zhou Weihai has no heirs, so in Zhou’s family, he has no absolute appeal for interests, and he will not have any disputes with Patriarch Zhou Hengtian over family power.

Secondly, Zhou Weihai has strong ability and high seniority.

Strong ability shows that Zhou Weihai is a general-minded person who knows when to do things, what problems he encounters, and what to do.

The seniority is high, indicating that as long as Dustin Zhou persuaded Zhou Weihai, whether it was the destruction of the Xu family this time, or his coming to the Zhou family in the future, Zhou Weihai would be able to provide considerable help.

Dustin Zhou didn’t have any reason to give up on such a double strike.

Thinking about this, a few people soon came to the Tiandi Financial Building.

Dustin Zhou’s eyes lit up as soon as he walked into the building.

This Tiandi Financial Building, just the lobby on the first floor, covers an area of ​​more than 1,000 square meters, which is much larger than the famous company building and Hengfeng Building.

And this is enough to show the strength of the Tiandi Financial Building. Even the lobby on the first floor has such a large area. One can imagine the strength of the Tiandi Financial Building.

Moreover, this building, with a full 148 stories, is the tallest building in the East China Sea, and it is also among the top three in the whole country.

Just to build this building itself, the capital and strength required are beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

Even if the Sun family, the Su family, or the Ding family are allowed to come, no one family can afford such a huge project alone.

As for the combination of the three, it is not enough.

The three came to the lobby and ran directly to the service bar to explain their intentions to the staff.

“Sorry, if you don’t have an appointment with our Zhou Dong, you can’t go up.”

Chapter 828

After listening to Dustin Zhou’s intention, the staff had a very calm face, but they looked up and down on Dustin Zhou’s three people, and said lightly.

This attitude cannot be said to be close, but it is definitely not alienation. It seems to be silently telling Dustin Zhou and three people that Zhou Weihai can be seen when you meet.

In the entire East China Sea, and even across the country, there are so many people who want to see Zhou Weihai every day. If there is no appointment, everyone can go and see Zhou Weihai. Then Zhou Weihai shouldn’t be busy?

Then the Tiandi Financial Building has closed down long ago and no longer exists.

“I’ll do it.” Asher Chen said softly, then took out a business card, handed it to the staff, and asked him to pass it to Zhou Weihai or Zhou Weihai’s assistant secretary.

The staff didn’t care at first, and even looked at Asher Chen with a little contempt.

From the perspective of this staff member, Dustin Zhou and the three people probably wanted to ask for investment from Zhou Weihai.

And such people, he has seen so many years, not one or two, but hundreds of thousands.

However, in terms of professional quality, he still took over Asher Chen’s business card.

When he read the content on the business card, his face suddenly changed and his heart

Very shocked.

Asher Chen, General Manager of Mountain Mist Club.

A few words are simple, but they represent a heavy weight.

As a person who has been working in the Tiandi Financial Building for a long time, he naturally knows what the Mountain Mist Clubhouse Asher Chen means. It is a first-class power in the East China Sea, and is about the same level as Zhou Weihai.

And this person is actually the legendary Asher Chen?

The staff did not dare to neglect, his face was suddenly full of smiles, looking at Dustin Zhou and the others, he was no longer as perfunctory as before.

“A few wait a minute, I’ll notify you to go up.” After a few words of comfort, the staff quickly got through the inside line and reported the situation here.

“I just reported it to Jay Chou’s assistant. He will come here later. I also invite a few people to sit here and wait for a while.” The staff guide Dustin Zhou and three people came to the rest area beside them, and hurriedly Pour water on the three of them.

Regardless of whether this Asher Chen is true or not, he can’t neglect. At least, the person who can get Asher Chen’s business card is definitely not an ordinary person, at least not that he can provoke.

Dustin Zhou and the three sat down. Just after drinking two sips of tea, a middle-aged man strode over here.

“Mr. Chen, why are you here?” The person here is Zhou Weihai’s assistant, named Zhou Shiming, who is Zhou Weihai’s adopted son. He has been trained by Zhou Weihai over the years.

And these, Asher Chen whispered to Dustin Zhou when he saw each other.

“Hehe, I came to visit Mr. Zhou, how about it, does Mr. Zhou have time?” Asher Chen stood up and reached out and shook a hand tightly with Zhou Shiming.

While Dustin Zhou watched from the sidelines, his heart suddenly brightened.

When he saw Asher Chen and Zhou Shiming shaking hands just now, they were very close, which shows that the relationship between the two is also very close.

And on the side

Upon seeing this, the staff sighed and secretly thanked that he did not offend these people. He did not expect that Asher Chen from the Mountain Mist Club would actually come to the Tiandi Financial Building, and there was no news before.

“Hehe, isn’t this Sun Lian? Why, you two…” Zhou Shiming and Asher Chen greeted for a moment, and then they looked at the faces of Dustin Zhou and Sun Lian for a moment.

For Dustin Zhou, a young man in his twenties, Zhou Shiming had subconsciously neglected. After all, a young man in his twenties was nothing in Zhou Shiming’s eyes.

It was Sun Lian who gave Zhou Shiming a second glance before recognizing it, and immediately surprised her face.

And Zhou Shiming’s eyes looked back and forth on the faces of Asher Chen and Sun Lian, his eyes were full of shock, and finally his eyes suddenly fell on Dustin Zhou’s face, and his eyes suddenly brightened.

“This, is your child? This is fast enough!” Zhou Shiming said in surprise, the shock on his face was not concealed.

He did not expect that he and Asher Chen had not seen each other for more than ten years, and Asher Chen even had a son, and he was born with Sun Lian.

Ten years ago, when Zhou Shiming finally met with Asher Chen, Asher Chen was not with Sun Lian at that time, and Asher Chen left the capital in angrily because of Sun Lian and came to the East China Sea.

At that time, Zhou Shiming was still very sorry, thinking it was a pity that Asher Chen and Sun Lian missed this marriage.

But seeing each other after more than ten years, Zhou Shiming felt as if he had been cheated.

This is where Asher Chen had a conflict with Sun Lian. Not only was there no contradiction, the two even had a son, and they were so old.

“Hehe, good boy, I didn’t expect your movements to be quite fast. Then Zhou Shaohua is still not as good as your boy in the end.” Zhou Shiming gave Asher Chen a light hammer, his tone was full of teasing, like Asher Chen It was such a good thing to be with Sun Lian and let Zhou Shaohua fail.

“Uh…” Dustin Zhou on the side listened to Zhou Shiming talking to himself, but he was a little embarrassed.

He also didn’t expect that Zhou Shiming should be so serious, where would he be like Asher Chen and Sun Lian?

Moreover, he is now in his twenties, and he is only a teenager between Asher Chen and Asher Chen. Could it be that Asher Chen had children when he was a teenager?

“What nonsense is your kid talking about, I don’t have any children with Sun Lian.” Asher Chen was very dissatisfied, pushed Zhou Shiming’s hand away, and said very dissatisfied.

“What? This is not your child?” Zhou Shiming seemed very surprised, his eyes looked back and forth between the three of Dustin Zhou, and he didn’t quite believe what Asher Chen said.

“Well, no matter what you think, I will come today

, I’m looking for Mr. Zhou, is he in the office?

“Asher Chen said seriously. Time is pressing, so he doesn’t want to waste time here with Zhou Shiming. Moreover, the situation between him and Sun Lian is very complicated, and it is far from being able to be clear in one or two days. At least, Asher Chen thinks it is still It’s not the time to tell Zhou Shiming so much. “The old man is upstairs. The meeting has just finished, and now it just happens to have time. Let’s go up with me.

Zhou Shiming also saw Asher Chen’s serious expression, and immediately stopped joking, and directly led Dustin Zhou upstairs. Zhou Weihai is the chairman of the Tiandi Financial Building. His office has always been in the middle of the building. On the eighteenth floor, one entire floor is Zhou Weihai’s office area. The daily affairs of the entire Tiandi Financial Building are basically solved on the eighty-eighth floor. The three of Dustin Zhou went up to the eighty-eighth floor and opened the elevator door. They went through a total of three inspections in front of Zhou Weihai’s office.

Chapter 829

Even, even if Zhou Shiming is leading the way, their inspections are essential, and those inspectors are basically Ignoring Zhou Shiming, it’s as if he doesn’t exist. But this time, Dustin Zhou and the three people have no bad thoughts, so they are naturally not afraid of inspection. “Okay, the old man is inside, you follow me in.

Zhou Shiming said softly, motioning for the three of them to move a little bit, and then directly clicked the office door. “Come in.

“A tired voice sounded from the office. “Squeak.”

Zhou Shiming directly opened the door of the office and walked in. When the three Dustin Zhou saw this, they also walked in together. “Master, do you see who is here.”

Zhou Shiming walked into the office, came to Zhou Weihai’s side, said softly, with a smile on his face. “Huh?

Zhou Weihai raised his head slightly, looked forward, and saw Dustin Zhou’s trio. And his gaze stayed on the faces of Dustin Zhou’s trio for about the same time. Even, Dustin Zhou felt that Zhou Weihai’s gaze stayed on his face for a long time. One point. “Asher Chen, Sun Lian?

After all, Zhou Weihai has not seen Asher Chen and Sun Lian for more than ten years, but for these two younger generations, he is still very impressed. Now that he just thinks about it for a while, he immediately remembered. “Hehe, the old man remembers now.” Good things are so good.

“Asher Chen said with a smile. Obviously, he was very happy that Zhou Weihai could remember him. “Hehe, I am old, I didn’t expect to see you, come, sit down, talk to me. , What have you done in the past ten years? Why are you coming together now?

Are you together?

That said, Shao

Was that kid Hua still not working?

“It seems that Zhou Weihai is getting older, and when he sees his acquaintances again, he talks a lot and keeps talking. “Hehe, father, guess who is that kid?”

Seeing this, Zhou Shiming coughed slightly, pointed at Dustin Zhou, with a narrow smile on his face. “Huh?

Hmm…” Zhou Weihai looked in the direction Zhou Shiming was pointing, and saw Dustin Zhou. His eyes stayed on Dustin Zhou’s face for a moment, as if he was reminiscing something, but he just mumbled softly. There was nothing else. Zhou Shiming felt a bit boring. Originally, he planned to make Zhou Weihai mistakenly believe that Dustin Zhou was Asher Chen’s son. However, since the old man didn’t want to say anything, he stopped asking himself for being boring. He just found a place and sat quietly. Come down. Asher Chen said that this time he came to see the old man because he had something to talk about, so Zhou Shiming would naturally leave the time to Asher Chen. “Old man, after I left Zhou’s house that year, I went directly to the East China Sea, and Sun Lian went there too. Hunan Province…” “…and we only met again at the end of last year.

“… Asher Chen slowly recounted his past over the past ten years, basically telling his experience for so many years. Obviously, Asher Chen did not perfuse Zhou Weihai’s question, but rather It was as serious as the elders who reported his life experience over the past ten years. It was also the first time that Dustin Zhou knew from Asher Chen what he had experienced over the past ten years. At this time, Dustin Zhou discovered that Asher Chen The past was not as simple and relaxed as he imagined. It seems that because he came out of Zhou’s house, everything he encountered was extremely simple. On the contrary, it was precisely because Asher Chen came from Zhou’s house and before he left Zhou’s house, It was because Sun Lian was hurt in the heart, so when he was outside, he never said his identity. But now that Asher Chen has in the East China Sea, he can do almost everything. “Yes, yes, you are good, Xiao Lotus is also good, you are very good match, Shaohua that boy, there is no such blessing.

After Zhou Weihai listened, he kept nodding and looked at Asher Chen and Sun Lian with a look of relief. “Let’s say, in the East China Sea for so many years, you haven’t come to me. Why are you coming to me now?”

Is it for this little baby?

As soon as Zhou Weihai’s conversation turned, his tone suddenly became very solemn, and his body exuded a powerful aura in an instant. “Well, this is Dustin Zhou.

Asher Chen nodded lightly, his expression very serious. “I have seen Mr. Zhou.

Dustin Zhou slowly got up and saluted Zhou Weihai deeply, with a very respectful tone. After all, no matter what.

In other words, Zhou Weihai can be regarded as the elder of his uncle’s generation. The courtesy he should have is still indispensable.

At this time, Dustin Zhou was able to see Zhou Weihai more clearly.

Zhou Weihai is an old man over seventy years old, with white hair, white temples, wrinkles on his face, deep sunken eye sockets and dry skin, but his eyes are very bright and look nothing like it. It is what an old man in his seventies should look like.

At the same time, Zhou Weihai’s superiors are very powerful, even if he is facing the Sun family, Su family, Ding family talkers, facing the existence of the Zhang family Patriarch in Hunan Province, there is no such oppressive feeling. , But at this moment, when facing Zhou Weihai, he felt oppressed.

This powerful sense of oppression surprised Dustin Zhou, and at the same time made him more respectful of Zhou Weihai, not daring to be disrespectful.

“Dustin Zhou…” Zhou Weihai’s gaze fell on Dustin Zhou’s face, he looked carefully, and at the same time he kept chanting Dustin Zhou’s name, and the more he looked at Dustin Zhou, the brighter his eyes became, as if he had seen something extraordinary.

“You…” Suddenly, Zhou Weihai’s body was shocked, and Dustin Zhou’s eyes were full of surprise, shock, and a hint of surprise.

Dustin Zhou’s heart shuddered. He didn’t know if Zhou Weihai knew his identity.

Dustin Zhou looked at Asher Chen, if anyone could tell Zhou Weihai his identity, then only Asher Chen had this possibility.

But Asher Chen shook his head slowly.

Dustin Zhou felt awe-inspiring. He knew that Zhou Weihai had a high probability of knowing his identity, but who had told him?

“It’s really like, it’s like, the world, you go out first.” Zhou Weihai whispered a few words, and suddenly ordered Zhou Shiming to go out first.

At this time, everyone was surprised.

Not to mention Zhou Shiming’s dumbfounded face, he didn’t know what happened, and why it was good that the old man Zhou Weihai wanted to let him out.

Even Dustin Zhou, Asher Chen, and Sun Lian were all surprised. Obviously, they were also confused by Monk Zhang Er’s command.

However, since the old man had said everything, Zhou Shiming didn’t dare to talk back, so he had to leave the office unhappy.

After that, only Dustin Zhou and Zhou Weihai were left in the office.

“Is your father Zhou Hengtian!”

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