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Chapter 1016

In fact, before this meeting, many people secretly united and must run on Famous company. Therefore, this time Li Changhe’s strategy is so easy to succeed, because these people chose to stand on Li Changhe’s side at the beginning. The purpose of their gathering together is actually to get a bigger word Right, but if according to Dustin Zhou’s current statement, they choose to yield, then the situation in the future will only be more inclined to famous companies. This is what most people don’t want to see. This is a very strange Dustin Zhou didn’t do anything wrong. He researched and developed products well to make his company very strong. However, in

In this world, even if you have done nothing wrong, as long as you become strong enough, you must squeeze the living space of others and affect the interests of others.

So generally speaking, the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility.

Even if Dustin Zhou did nothing wrong, he has become a public enemy of the cosmetics industry.

It’s not that other people don’t know right or wrong, but that this kind of thing involves their own interests, and they must be responsible for themselves, it’s that simple.

“We must not let Mingyang continue to be so arrogant,” one person stood up and said, “If we agree with Dustin Zhou’s statement today, then the entire cosmetics industry in Donghai City will be the only famous company in the future, and we, They all work for the famous company!” “So even if they are really dead, we must stop them!” This person’s words were approved by a large group of people.

Of course, some people hold the opposite view.

“Zhou Zong did not do anything wrong in this matter. I believe in the words of justice and freedom, so I decided not to play with you.” “I believe that with people like Zhou Zong, he will definitely not treat us badly.” Such people are naturally scolded with blood, thinking that such people have betrayed them.

But Dustin Zhou saw all these things in his eyes, and nodded secretly.

“Well, you guys don’t quarrel anymore.” Dustin Zhou looked at the group of people who opposed him and said lightly, “I know that you are not wrong. It is absolutely right to fight for your own right to speak.” It has never been denied that Mingyang has the important responsibility of shouldering the entire cosmetics industry. We have corresponding responsibilities for all companies, and we cannot prevent you from pursuing your right to live.” “But if you do this for this The purpose is unscrupulous, abandoning my own principles, and using some despicable means, then I can only tell you that I am sorry.” “You probably don’t deserve to be mixed in this industry, so I don’t care if you are an enemy. Dustin Zhou glanced at the crowd and continued, “Now you have chosen to stand on his side, haven’t you?” “That’s very simple. Today’s meeting, we can split it into two.” You and us are in the same faction. From then on, we are enemies with each other, and we will never die!” “Donghai City’s cosmetics industry, you and we can only leave one.” Dustin Zhou said in the calmest tone. The most arrogant words.

At this moment, Li Changhe and others’ complexions changed completely.

“Dustin Zhou, do you have to do so absolutely?” Li Changhe shouted angrily.

Others also said anxiously, “Zhou

, You can’t do this!

“You are not moral at all!”

“The group of people was incompetent and furious, so they could only swear at Dustin Zhou. But their swearing was meaningless, because Dustin Zhou ignored them at all. Just when they thought things were about to go away, Brilliant Hotel Another group of people appeared in the lobby of Mr. Tiger. It was Dustin Zhou who sent him a text message to get him down. Mr. Tiger ran over with a group of people from the Xu family and asked, “What’s going on here? ?

“When Lord Tiger figured out the ins and outs of the matter, he couldn’t help but laughed. “Mr. Zhou must look at Mr. Li’s face to enter the Brilliant Hotel?

“It’s ridiculous!”

Mr. Zhou is the top guest of our Glory Hotel, and what is Mr. Li, what are you?

“The Tiger Lord is merciless, pointing to Li Changhe’s nose and asking, What are you? This scene shocked everyone. Who is Tiger Lord? Even in the entire Donghai City, it is also a resounding top class Man! Now, he actually came forward to speak for Dustin Zhou himself! Li Changhe was so speechless, he finally had to look at the little security guard with a look for help. After all, it was all because of the little security guard that he could do it. This kind of thing. What does he have to do in the Brilliant Hotel? It’s just that he bought a small security guard. “Lord Tiger, don’t be angry, this time, it is actually a misunderstanding!

“Li Changhe said, “To put it bluntly, this matter basically has nothing to do with me, this little brother, he doesn’t know your distinguished guest!”

“Li Changhe put all the responsibilities on the little security guard. Poor little security guard, he really didn’t know Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen. But because he didn’t know him, he shouldn’t have offended these two people for the rest of his life.” Therefore, he deliberately made things difficult for them. To put it bluntly, it was because of Li Changhe’s acquisition. Unfortunately, after something happened, Li Changhe put all the responsibilities on his head. He hesitated to look at Lord Tiger, and said for a long time. There was nothing to say. Master Tiger glanced at him, and said with a gloomy face, “You don’t have to try to explain anything, because you’re done.

“However, if you are honest now and tell me the cause and effect of the matter, I might consider handling it lightly.”

“The words of Lord Tiger put a lot of pressure on the little security guard. Soon, he couldn’t bear it directly, and he told all the truth, telling everyone how Li Changhe bought him, and how he made him make things difficult for Dustin Zhou. And Enderia Shen’s. The group of people who had been clamoring Dustin Zhou to practice hegemony stood in silence. Because in front of the real witnesses, they had no way to argue.

“You are bloody! You have no evidence, why do you say that I bought you!” At this time, Li Changhe was still trying to die.

Moreover, he took out evidence to speak again.

It seems that he really likes the evidence.

Then, the security guard took out the evidence, that is, their information and chat records, including the transfer of Li Changhe to him!

This is the ironclad proof!

Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but laughed, “I just can’t figure it out. You are a person who is full of weaknesses and has done so many things to your heart. How can you be so confident that others can take evidence?”

Chapter 1017

It can be said that Li Changhe was slapped in the face this time. He had done so many bad things, but he was still able to pretend to be righteous and awe-inspiring, asking others to show evidence.

In fact, this is a characteristic of many bad guys.

Because they have done too much bad things, they have no conscience at all.

In their world, there is no such thing as right or wrong. They only consider whether they will be discovered by others.

Therefore, no matter how maddening they have done, they can do it without blushing or heartbeat. As long as they are not discovered by others, they are right.

But now, under his strong request, the little security guard has directly produced the evidence, and this time, he is completely helpless.

“Is there anything else to say?” Dustin Zhou looked at him with a faint smile, “It’s really interesting, and it’s really hard. You have been able to hold on for so long.” “Obviously you are a trash, but you can still be strong in front of me. Pretending to be righteous and awe-inspiring for so long, I have to say something to enter the Brilliant Hotel just by looking at your face.” “Did I tell you, a person, I must have a definition of myself in my heart.” “You What kind of person can you do what kind of things? You are a rubbish, so don’t pretend to be very bullish, understand?” Dustin Zhou mocked Li Changhe unscrupulously, which can be regarded as a little bit for him. Little lesson.

Although Dustin Zhou is not a bad person, he is also not a saint.

People don’t offend me and I don’t offend people. When no one offends Dustin Zhou, Dustin Zhou will basically not take the initiative to provoke someone. Losing others’ interests will bring certain benefits to him.

This point was fully manifested in the second pass of the Xu family’s test.

At that time, he only needs to be cruel to hurt the killer, kill the woman in the second level, and he can pass the level directly.

But because the woman didn’t offend Dustin Zhou, even if Dustin Zhou risked his life and smashed at that level for several hours, he still didn’t hurt that woman’s hair.

But at the same time, he is never

What a saint.

He will not take the initiative to hurt others, but it does not mean that if others hurt him, he can also laugh away.

Many people think that things can be divided into big and small. Although others hurt you and hurt you deliberately, they did not cause you much loss, and you are much stronger than the other party. At this time, you should let go. Don’t care too much.

But Dustin Zhou didn’t think so.

Why should I not care about too much?

Master is strong, it is Master himself, it has nothing to do with the matter itself!

In this matter, that is Li Changhe’s mistake!

Regardless of whether he has caused any loss to himself, he is the bad guy who plots wrongdoing. Dustin Zhou will never forgive such a person easily!

Therefore, now he will stand in the perspective of a winner and ridicule Li Changhe wildly.

“It’s just a mere rubbish, ambition is not small, in fact, I tell you, I have never looked at rubbish like you!” “Collusion with a little security guard, wanting to humiliate me not even entering the hotel door Come on, fortunately you can even think of this way.” “But why can you think of this way? I think it’s because you have personally experienced it. Have you been kicked out when you entered the hotel door? So I feel that this kind of thing is very embarrassing? Did you come up with this method to make me difficult?” Dustin Zhou snorted coldly, one question is more tricky than the other, and Li Changhe who directly asked Li Changhe with red eyes, and a mouthful of blood came out of his face.

No way, he wanted to explain too much, but in front of Dustin Zhou, he couldn’t say a word of rebuttal.

Including what Dustin Zhou said just now, he was indeed driven out directly when he entered the Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

At that time, he realized how embarrassing this feeling was, so today, he would think of this method to make trouble for Dustin Zhou.

Therefore, when Dustin Zhou directly said the pain in his heart, he couldn’t help but vomit blood.

Especially, after the security guard showed evidence, those who had just supported him betrayed him most of an instant and went to Dustin Zhou.

“Zhou, forgive me for my lack of eyesight. The main reason why I stand on Li Changhe’s side is that we have no idea that he really did this kind of thing.” “We can only trust the evidence that we have seen with our own eyes. I hope Mr. Zhou can forgive him.” For these people, Dustin Zhou nodded and expressed his willingness to accept them.

Although he knew that all these people were talking nonsense, these people had known the truth for a long time, and they simply wanted to support Li Changhe.

In other words, these people have problems with their character. They are all people who can sell their bottom line for profit.

Together, if they can receive more lucrative profits, they can betray Dustin Zhou again in an instant.

Dustin Zhou saw this kind of thing very clearly.

But he still accepted these people.

The reason is simple, this world is not all black and white.

As a mature young man, Dustin Zhou knew that he could not be too self-willed to do things.

Becoming strong, in a sense, is to be able to act in accordance with one’s own heart, and to reject all the people that he hates.

But in this world, more than 90% of the people are actually in the right and evil.

Most people are selfish, and at the same time, they also have kindness and compassion.

Basically everyone has made mistakes, and at the same time, has done good things.

It’s like saying that a murderer saved a few stray dogs during his escape.

Therefore, one or two things cannot simply define a person’s good or bad.

For example, the group of people just now, although they violated their conscience for their own benefit, they chose to stand on Li Changhe’s side with their big eyes and nonsense.

However, these people are not truly hopeless.

The cosmetics industry in Donghai City also needs them.

If Dustin Zhou cannot accept them, then all these people will go out independently and fight against the famous company. It will definitely be a major earthquake in the cosmetics industry in Donghai City!

However, to forgive is to forgive them, and Dustin Zhou also made it clear that he accepted them.

However, Dustin Zhou still remembered the looks and names of these people, and he would definitely cheat these people when they negotiated.

Let Carmen know that no matter who it is, there is a price for doing something wrong!

A person’s mistake is not very outrageous, and it can be accepted, but at the same time it has to pay a corresponding price!

Chapter 1018

Dustin Zhou secretly made up his mind that these people who betrayed him can still be accepted, because it is natural for them to betray themselves.

Not to an unforgivable degree.

However, I will also make them pay the corresponding price.

And now, the most important thing is Li Changhe in front of him.

This guy must not be forgiven.

Dustin Zhou stared at Li Changhe with a smile, “President Li, now, do you have anything else to say?” “It’s better to be upright and upright. One day you will ruin your own way.” For example, Mingyang has now announced that it will cancel all cooperation with you. How can you survive?” In the cosmetics industry in Donghai City, if there is any company that Mingyang alone proposes to block, then this company It means completely finished.

The reason is simple, in the east

In Haishi’s cosmetics industry, what can threaten the famous company can only be the forces of other companies. A single company cannot be an opponent of the famous company!

Hearing Dustin Zhou’s words, Li Changhe once again became anxious.

He did not expect that things would have evolved to such an extent!

In the beginning, at least everyone was on his side!

No matter how tough Dustin Zhou is, the two sides will be evenly matched, the big deal is to fight a fish and die.

But how long has passed since then?

In less than half an hour, there are very few people on his side!

Now, Dustin Zhou said to block him, that is, he can really be blocked, and without paying any price!

Li Changhe was anxious. Seeing that he could not tell Dustin Zhou, he shot his idea to Enderia Shen, “Mr. Shen, do you think this is appropriate?” “I, Li Changhe, is the largest agent of the company!” In his eyes, Enderia Shen is definitely a person who is easier to break through. The reason why he was so tough before is because he thinks Enderia Shen is easier to talk.

But what he didn’t expect was that Enderia Shen just looked at it lightly

He glanced at him, and then slowly nodded, “I think it’s very appropriate.” “As for you said you are the largest agent of Mingyang Company… I think the most indispensable thing for Mingyang Company is its agent.” “Even without your cooperation from Mr. Li, I believe that people who are willing to become the biggest agent are everywhere.” Enderia Shen’s words once again poured cold water on Li Changhe.

He was incompetent and furious, “You, you can’t do this!” “What did I do wrong! I just played a little bit carefully! Moreover, there are many other people who support me to do this!” “I just committed a crime! It’s just a small mistake, how could you ruin me! Your approach is too much!” Is it too much?

Facing Li Changhe’s incompetent rage, everyone present was indifferent.

What’s going too far?

When things happen, there must always be someone who comes out.

And Li Changhe is obviously the most suitable person this month.

In the eyes of these profit-oriented businessmen, they would not have even a little sympathy for Li Changhe.

Dustin Zhou would naturally not have it either, so for a while, no one paid attention to Li Changhe.

No matter how miserable he is crying, no matter how heartbreaking his voice is, but no one cares about him.

“From today, go back and reflect on how to be a human being. In the future, there may be a chance to rise.” Dustin Zhou patted him on the shoulder, then shook his head and walked forward.

Seeing Dustin Zhou’s departure, everyone else followed closely, and Li Changhe and the little security guard were completely left there.

Seeing Dustin Zhou’s departure, Li Changhe’s eyes not only did not reflect the slightest, but a flash of resentment.

Dustin Zhou persuaded him to be a good man, and he might have a chance to stand up in the future.

But he has been a bad person for too long, and he has forgotten what conscience is.

So until now, he didn’t realize where he was wrong.

He only felt that the reason why he failed was because of the weak and the strong.

It is because Dustin Zhou is stronger than him, so he will fail.

With this kind of appearance, Li Changhe didn’t say anything, because at this time, the more he said, the more embarrassing he was.

He turned and left silently, and planted a moment of hatred in his heart.

As for the little security guard, he was already peeing his pants in shock.

Working at the Brilliant Hotel, anyone knows what Tiger Lord means!

Now, Lord Tiger will punish him himself!

And with the quality of the little security guard, he simply couldn’t bear the pressure that Lord Tiger brought him!

It’s horrible, but the little security guard has nothing to do. After all, you can’t get away from running, you can only secretly regret why you have to take this list.

Why did I want to offend Dustin Zhou when I was so immortal.

As for how Lord Tiger punished the little security guard, Dustin Zhou didn’t know this kind of thing. At this time, he had already arrived in the conference room on the 22nd floor.

Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen sat on the rostrum, while below, there were groups of three to five. The scattered people in the cosmetics industry were basically the bosses of various companies.

This venue is quite proud. The tables below are not arranged regularly, because this is not a serious meeting room, but more like a buffet-style party, where food and wine are placed everywhere.

It’s just that the people sitting below are a little serious… Dustin Zhou coughed, took the lead in picking up a piece of cake, then leaned his legs on the table and said, “Well, let’s relax first.” “Don’t be so serious. Say whatever you want. The so-called exchange meeting should be a place for everyone to exchange experiences, right.” Dustin Zhou said vaguely while eating cake in his mouth.

Everyone looked at each other. Is this guy really Dustin Zhou?

Was it Dustin Zhou who was able to keep his face in the face of all the questions?

It looks like this now… why is it so like a bumpkin who has never seen the world?

But they didn’t dare to say anything, what a joke, who didn’t see Dustin Zhou’s aggressiveness just now?

In a few words, the largest agent before Mingyang was directly blocked!

Now Dustin Zhou left them with the impression that they were moody and cruel.

If Dustin Zhou knew what these people thought in their hearts, he would probably complain in silence… Master is obviously very close to the people, OK!

In the atmosphere of Dustin Zhou’s strong driving force, someone finally dared to stand up and speak, “Zhou, if I take the liberty, I want to ask first, if any of us disagrees with you, will you directly block us? Company?”

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