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Chapter 977

Xu Fengtian’s face was contemptuous, and his body was full of slight coercion.

Although he had been warned by Su Shiming, he still put forward this very excessive condition.

After all, giving up one-half of one’s property is not the same as extermination.

If Su Shiming does not agree to his terms, there is a high possibility of extermination!

Xu Fengtian believed that Su Shiming could make a clear choice in this regard.

He also believes that his conditions are not excessive.

“Patriarch Su? What do you mean?” “Did you really decide to be an enemy of our Xu family?” Xu Fengtian continued, “If you have made up your mind, now you can take the four warriors of your Su family The grandmaster called over, and try to keep the old man behind.” “But one thing is very certain. Whether you can leave the old man behind or not, you Su family will definitely not see the next day. The sun is over.” If the Xu family really made an all-out effort to destroy a first-class family like the Su family, it would really only take one night.

Xu Fengtian did not exaggerate.

Su Shiming gritted his teeth and said with a struggling face, “Elder Xu, please don’t force me.” “Our Su family is absolutely sincere. We did say that we would destroy the Xu family before. We are also willing to pay for this.” “But you said that you want one-half of the entire Su family’s property, isn’t it a bit too much? This condition is definitely beyond the Su family’s ability!” The deputy struggled to the limit and couldn’t help but burst out.

He had to adopt this attitude to warn Xu Fengtian that if Xu Fengtian really didn’t give in, then the Su family would not be able to promise Xu Fengtian’s terms even if he tried to fight for a deadly death!

“Elder Xu, you should be very clear, if you really give up one-half of the property, what this means to the Su family, it means that we will be reduced to the existence of a second-rate family.” “But the former pattern of the Su family. , The contacts are all concentrated in the first-class family, so if the Su family really becomes a second-rate family, it will not survive at the second-rate family level.” Su Shiming gritted his teeth with a look of death, “So, this condition is the Su family. I absolutely can’t agree to one-half of my property.


“Our Su family would rather work hard!”

It can be said that Su Shiming’s acting skills are very lifelike. His eyes are blood-red, his teeth are grinning, and his anger is attacking. It seems that if Xu Fengtian talks nonsense, he will immediately fight the opponent. But who is Xu Fengtian? Little tricks can’t fool Xu Fengtian. He smiled faintly, looking at Su Shiming like a monkey. “Patriarch Su doesn’t need to be so excited.

“You said that if you want half of your wealth, you want you to die.

“But have you ever considered that the mistake your Su family made is a capital crime in itself, and the Xu family can absolutely not say hello to you this time. There can be more than two brothers who will come this time.”

“It can be said that, even if our condition is all the property of your Su family, but leaving the lives of your family members is our Xu family’s kindness to you!

“Xu Fengtian and Xu Fengjun simply stood up, looking down at Su Shiming from a high level and said. “Patriarch Su, consider it carefully, if you really make up your mind, even if you let the four offerings of your family stop the old man and the other brothers It doesn’t matter.

“If they can stop it.”

After Xu Fengtian finished speaking, he turned around and left. He didn’t say anything big. There were four martial masters in the Su family, and only two of them came. If the two sides are fighting each other, they will definitely die. But if they If they don’t fight with the Su family at all, but just run away, the Su family may not be able to stop them! Even if they stop, they can change the conditions and allow the Su family to lose a little less. He received Su Shiming’s warning, but for Xu Fengtian, he was basically in a state of confidence. This is why he was so arrogant, he didn’t retreat! And Su Shiming here was in a entanglement. He also knew himself. The four martial masters in the family may not be able to stop Xu Fengtian and Xu Fengjun. After all, these two men are also among the top martial masters and have been famous for a long time. But this is not his most entangled place. Even if he stopped, he would at most eat the other’s two martial masters. There was no obvious change in the difference in strength between the two sides. Their Su family was completely against the Xu family. Although they themselves It was the enemy of the Xu family. But at that time, he came back because of Dustin Zhou. Dustin Zhou showed a strong and mysterious side. From time to time there would be a few more martial masters around him, which gave Su Shiming great confidence. But now, Dustin Zhou disappeared for two months. Even after returning, he didn’t come to their Su’s house, with an unclear attitude, which made Su Shiming dare not make up his mind easily.

Finally, he gritted his teeth and stopped Xu Fengtian and Xu Fengjun, “Elder Xu, please stay.” “I was abrupt just now. I shouldn’t say something like that and go to Elder Xu Haihan.” “Our Su family, willing Promise your terms, the Su family, and the Xu family will be good friends.” Su Shiming said with a decadent expression.

After agreeing to Xu Fengtian, their Su family can only be regarded as a second-rate family.

And Xu Fengtian’s face showed a satisfied smile.

At this moment, Su Wei suddenly broke in.

As soon as he entered the door, he said loudly, “Dad, don’t promise them!” “We still have big brothers. If we promise them, our Su family will be completely finished, but as long as Dustin Zhou comes back, we will take the whole The Xu family stomped to death. At that time, our Su family is the Su family!” Su Wei said sincerely.

Hearing Su Wei’s words, the three people in the yard were stunned at the same time.

Then, a mocking smile appeared on Xu Fengtian’s face.

“This is the noble son, right?” Xu Fengtian said lightly, “It seems that my brain is not very bright, but now I still believe in Dustin Zhou’s trash.” “You Su family, how can you teach such an unreasonable heir? What? It turned out to be called Dustin Zhou as a big brother. He Dustin Zhou is just a waste!” “Cooperating with your Su family, you should be the younger brother of your Su family. How can you be your big brother?” Patriarch Su, I suggest that you take good care of your noble son, otherwise, the Su family is afraid that one day it will be destroyed in his hands!” Just after Xu Fengtian finished speaking, Dustin Zhou walked in.

Chapter 978

Dustin Zhou alone stepped into the Su family compound.

As a first-class family, the Su family would naturally not be without guards at the nursing home, but these people only knew Dustin Zhou.

After all, two months ago, Dustin Zhou was still the top partner of the Su family, and these nursing homes themselves wanted to inform Su Shiming, but Dustin Zhou rushed in and they were not blocked by death.

“Home, Patriarch…” The two nursing homes wanted to explain something to Su Shiming.

Su Shiming waved his hand, causing the two nursing homes to retreat.

There were only Xu Fengtian, Xu Fengjun, Su Shiming and Dustin Zhou in the yard.

With a faint smile on Dustin Zhou’s face, he gently slapped his slap, “Okay, that’s great.” “Elder Xu, I haven’t seen you in two months. I have improved a lot in this mouth. I said, continue talking. Ah!” Dustin Zhou said, looking at Xu Fengtian with a playful smile on his face.

After seeing Dustin Zhou, Xu Fengtian’s face flashed solemnly.

But Su Shiming’s complexion is a bit complicated.

Dustin Zhou finally appeared, but he didn’t know that Dustin Zhou’s current appearance

Now, what’s the point, and he came here alone, without even a martial master.

Su Wei was excited.

He doesn’t care if there are any martial masters around Dustin Zhou, he only knows that as long as Dustin Zhou appears, then they will definitely win!

Because Dustin Zhou has never lost!

“Big brother!” Su Wei ran to Dustin Zhou excitedly.

Su Shiming opened his mouth, and did not stop.

Xu Fengtian sarcastically said, “Yeah, this is not the famous Dustin Zhou. I haven’t seen him for two months. I have gained a lot of courage.” “Two months ago, I didn’t dare to speak in front of me. Now I dare to take the initiative. Appeared in front of me.” Xu Fengtian said sarcastically, “I don’t know what you are doing this time? Do you really think it can prevent the Su family from cooperating with our Xu family?” Two months ago, Dustin Zhou went to Sheng Before the mountain, Xu Fengtian had met Dustin Zhou.

At that time, Dustin Zhou had just led someone to kill Xu Feng.

And Xu Fengtian, precisely because Dustin Zhou killed Xu Fenglai, broke into the office of the famous company Dustin Zhou and warned Dustin Zhou.

I have to say that Dustin Zhou at that time was a bit embarrassing.

Although he didn’t show too much ugliness by virtue of his strong psychological quality, the difference in strength between the two was too great at that time, and Dustin Zhou breathed heavily in front of Xu Fengtian.

Even when Xu Fengtian asked Dustin Zhou if he killed Xu Fenglai, Dustin Zhou didn’t dare to admit it in the end.

That’s right, it’s not a tactic, he really dare not admit it, can’t admit it.

Therefore, when we met today, Xu Fengtian satirized Dustin Zhou in this way.

After all, Dustin Zhou, who was not long ago, was still a jumping clown in front of him, which gave him a great sense of superiority.

“If I were you, I should stay at home obediently at this time, and wait quietly for our Xu family to come to the door instead of taking the initiative to come out and die.” Xu Fengtian said disdainfully, he doesn’t know Dustin Zhou’s true strength at all. , So it was very easy to mock, and there was no pressure at all.

Xu Fengjun on the side also laughed. Obviously, the two had already regarded Dustin Zhou as a fool.

When the mud bodhisattva crossed the river and couldn’t protect himself, this stupid boy didn’t say that the people who desperately avoided their Xu family would dare to come out to take care of their business?

Su Shiming’s expression on the side was even more ugly.

Originally, he also expected that Dustin Zhou’s mysterious identity could put pressure on Xu Fengtian and Xu Fengjun.

But now it seems that the Xu family hasn’t paid attention to Dustin Zhou at all.

And Dustin Zhou did not seem to have any right to resist, because he hadn’t defended anything up to now, allowing the two members of the Xu family to ridicule at will, without the slightest intention of resisting.

Su Wei couldn’t help it anymore, “You two old guys just talk nonsense here! Wait a while for the big guy to get angry, and he will tear down all of your Xu family. You have nowhere to cry!” It is to trust Dustin Zhou.

Even Dustin Zhou did not show any advantages at all.

Alone, without any martial masters, but the other party is the two top martial masters!

Hearing Su Wei still speaking for Dustin Zhou, Xu Fengtian finally couldn’t help it. He raised his head and looked at Su Shiming with a heavy expression.

“Patriarch Su, your son still uses such nonsense, do you really want to sit back and ignore it?” “Or, you don’t mind letting the old man take the initiative to discipline your son?” Xu Fengtian squinted his eyes and said, between words, he actually wanted to directly act on Su Wei!

They didn’t directly deal with Su Wei, it was because they had just made friends with the Su family, and he was willing to sell Su Shiming a face on such trivial matters.

Besides, Su Wei is only a junior, so he bears a little bit and doesn’t seem ashamed.

But if Su Wei continues to stand on Dustin Zhou’s side, he will abandon these clutters of human affection and worldliness and directly teach Su Wei.

Su Shiming was also a little helpless, so he shouted Su Wei directly, “Su Wei, come here!” “Dad!” Su Wei was a little anxious, “Aren’t we working with Mr. Zhou?” “I’ll let you come over!” Su Shiming’s face said. After getting cold, “Can’t you still see the situation in front of you?” “If you don’t come back to me now, who can protect you if Elder Xu takes a shot against you?” Su Shiming said, Dustin Zhou is a waste.

Su Wei was on his side, but he couldn’t protect Su Wei’s safety.

In response, Dustin Zhou just smiled faintly, without expressing anything.

He neither reprimanded Su Shiming nor stopped Su Wei, as if everything had nothing to do with him.

It’s just that Su Wei looked at Dustin Zhou anxiously, “Big brother, please explain it quickly!” “Dad, it’s impossible for me to go back. I believe that the only one who can save our Su family is the boss!” Su Wei directed at Su Shiming jumped and said.

“If you don’t come back, cut off contact with the Su Family!” Su Shiming was also impatient.

How could this kid look for Dustin Zhou!

Doesn’t he know how difficult the situation is now!

“Stop it!” Su Wei said with a stubborn neck.

In fact, after finishing talking, he also regretted a little bit.

However, he still believed in Dustin Zhou.

As long as Dustin Zhou can defeat the Xu family, he can still go back!

Thinking of this, Su Wei felt a little better.

Su Shiming has nothing to say.

Su Wei actually wanted to sever ties with him,

Unwilling to leave Dustin Zhou, Xu Fengtian laughed at this moment.

“Patriarch Su, it seems that you really can’t control your son.”

Chapter 979

“In this case, it is better to let me take care of it instead.” Xu Fengtian said.

Su Shiming was a little helpless and could only say, “Please also ask Elder Xu to be merciful. The dog is just confused for a while, so just give it a lesson.” Su Wei is so obsessed, Su Shiming can’t continue to be kidding.

At this time, he could only do his best to beg for Su Wei.

And hearing Su Shiming’s words, Xu Fengtian smiled triumphantly, “Don’t worry, Patriarch Su, the old man will not be as knowledgeable as a child.” “Insulting our Xu family, although the crime is unpardonable, I will save him a life.” Xu Fengtian really enjoyed this feeling.

It’s as if he alone has the final say in everything under the world.

This kind of overbearing feeling a little bit emperor made him feel a little airy, thinking that one day he would become the emperor of warriors.

That’s it for the Emperor of Warrior!

He thought silently in his heart that perhaps, there is no gap between himself and the emperor of warriors.

So he walked towards Su Wei.

Su Wei is just an ordinary person. He learned a little taekwondo before, and then he practiced Kung Fu with Niu Chuan for a while.

However, based on these things, he is still too far behind the real martial master.

Moreover, Xu Fengtian is also the representative of the pinnacle in the martial master!

Therefore, Su Wei retreated out of control, avoiding Xu Fengtian’s pressure.

“Hehe, Xiaowa, you know you are afraid too.” “If you are afraid, why are you so obsessed with it?” “The main reason why you are being beaten is because you support Dustin Zhou.” “But you did it.” Dustin Zhou, who is supported by life, what can he do when you are beaten?” Xu Fengtian said to Su Wei as he walked over.

He not only had to beat Su Wei, but also put pressure on Su Wei’s heart.

Su Wei shook his head, “The boss will not care about me! Even if you can beat me today, the boss will avenge me sooner or later!” Su Wei also felt that he was going to be beaten today.

He didn’t think Dustin Zhou still had any way to stop Xu Fengtian.

But he didn’t blame Dustin Zhou, because Dustin Zhou’s lack of strength was not a mistake, everyone knew it.

“Vengeance? Kid, you better wake up!” Xu Fengtian snorted, his figure flashed, and he rushed directly at Su Wei!

This guy dared to target their Xu family in this way. In order for Dustin Zhou to insult the Xu family several times as rubbish, he had to show this guy how powerful the Xu family was!

Must let him suffer

The beating of Xu Jiatiequan!

Su Shiming sighed and closed his eyes subconsciously.

Although I feel distressed that my son is about to be beaten, but if you think about it carefully, this may also be a good thing. After all, you can become smarter if you are beaten.

However, he imagined that Su Wei’s screams did not sound, and there was no fierce beating from the courtyard.

what happened?

Could it be that Xu Fengtian suddenly discovered his conscience?

Think it’s wrong to beat up children?

This situation is obviously impossible, so… Could it be that Su Wei was directly beaten to death by a punch, and he didn’t even send out a scream?

Thinking of this, Su Shiming opened his eyes in a panic.

The sight in front of him shocked him.

Dustin Zhou stood quietly in front of Su Wei, and stretched one foot forward blankly.

That foot just hit Xu Fengtian’s chest.

Obviously, when Xu Fengtian went to fight Su Wei, Dustin Zhou stepped in front of Su Wei and kicked Xu Fengtian’s chest with one foot.

How could Dustin Zhou have such a fast speed?

Can you hang the pinnacle of the martial master?

However, this was not what surprised him the most. What surprised him the most was that Xu Fengtian spewed a mouthful of blood!

Just kicking Xu Fengtian seriously injured?

how can that be!

Xu Fengjun on one side also looked silly.

I thought they had the chance to win, but today, when the two brothers of the Xu family had the final say, Dustin Zhou actually showed such a powerful combat effectiveness!

“Puff!” At this moment, Xu Fengtian over there finally took two steps back and spewed out another big mouthful of blood.

He raised his head to look at Xiang Dustin Zhou, his face solemn.

Obviously, he is now aware that Dustin Zhou can kick him seriously, which is definitely not a fluke!

Dustin Zhou’s strength is above him!

He is already the pinnacle of the martial artist, and the existence above him… Is it possible that Dustin Zhou is the emperor of the martial artist?

Xu Fengtian didn’t dare to be in the nursery anymore and directly shouted, “Second, help!” The second child is naturally Xu Fengjun. After hearing Xu Fengtian’s call, he finally reacted.

He was scared silly just now!

“Brother, what’s the situation!” Xu Fengjun asked when he walked to Xu Fengtian’s side.

Xu Fengtian did not answer him, but stared at Dustin Zhou closely, “I look down upon you.” “I want to see what you are capable of, and whether you can survive the direct cooperation of our brothers. !” Dustin Zhou didn’t kill him at all.

What a joke, Dustin Zhou is the emperor of warriors!

Before reaching this state, the understanding of this state is always naive and ridiculous.

For example, Xu Fengtian, although he vaguely guessed, Dustin Zhou’s strength is likely to be the emperor of warriors, or else not.

Kick him seriously with one kick.

However, he still didn’t directly admit the counsel, because he felt that if he united with Xu Fengjun, he would still be able to fight.

He didn’t even know that Dustin Zhou didn’t use his kick at all, it was just a small test!

Dustin Zhou did not answer Xu Fengtian. Instead, he looked at Su Wei and touched his head lightly. He said with some relief, “Good boy, you have the backbone.” “Men should be like this. He has recognized his choice. Never retreat!” “Don’t study like your old waste chai, he has been corrupted by worldly rights, and now his is not a man upright.” Dustin Zhou said mercilessly.

Su Shiming on one side was a little speechless, and Dustin Zhou even directly accused him of being useless in front of him.

But he couldn’t refute it yet.

What rebuttal?

Dustin Zhou hit Xu Fengtian’s existence with a single kick!

At the same time, there was some regret and shock in his heart.

I regretted why I didn’t stand firmly on Dustin Zhou’s side. Now it seems that Dustin Zhou’s identity is still so mysterious and unpredictable. It seems that in this world, there really is nothing to do with him.

At the beginning, Dustin Zhou’s identity was just an ordinary person, but he was able to get the Su Family to bend for him, relying on a mysterious background, and a martial master would appear next to him.

Today, he did not take him alone, but his own strength has beaten the martial master!

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