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Chapter 1031

After seeing Lord Tiger with his own eyes, although there were not too many surprises, Xu Shengsheng still had a gloomy face.

He opened his mouth and directly allowed himself to stand on the commanding heights of morality, “Xu Tianhu, you, the scum who was expelled by the Xu family, have the face to come back!” “Furthermore, even helping a foreigner like Dustin Zhou, you say, what are you doing? What kind of abacus!” “What kind of abacus?” Tiger Lord sneered, “Uncle, your mouth is really good at talking. It’s a big fool that can turn black into white.” “Back then, you used it too. This is a deceitful grandfather.” “Killed my mother and forced my father to commit suicide. Over the years, have you really not blamed yourself at all?” Hu Ye asked, staring into Xu Shengsheng’s eyes.

This is a problem that has troubled him for many years.

Why can a person be so cruel?

Can he really not regret or blame himself?

That’s his uncle!

Unfortunately he was disappointed.

He saw panic in Xu Shengsheng’s eyes, saw escape, saw cover-up, but he didn’t see regret and self-blame.

Xu Shengjing’s eyes rolled a moment, and he hurriedly calmed his mind, “Xu Tianhu, don’t talk nonsense here!” “You have been expelled from the Xu family. The fact is that you are an abandoned son who was expelled from the Xu family. , But brought a large group of people with foreign surnames to Xu’s family, you said, what is your idea!” Xu Shengming tried his best to cover up the facts of the year, and put all the responsibility on the head of the tiger.

Hu Ye shook his head.

Originally, he still had some illusions about Xu Shengsheng.

But now it seems that this is completely unnecessary.

Although this man is his uncle, he is more hateful than anyone.

It turns out that there are really people in this world who can have no conscience at all.

“Well, now, there is no need to argue about who is at fault and who is right,” said Tiger Lord faintly. “Even if you can say that black is white, you can All the mistakes made today are said to be mine, which can conceal all the truth, but what can be done then?” “Today, will there be a grandfather who will give you justice?” Hu Ye asked rhetorically.

Xu Shengming was stunned for a moment, and showed a cruel smile, “It’s really such a thing, it seems that you, Tianhu, have grown up pretty well these years.” That’s right, as the tiger said, it’s all right. Nowadays, it doesn’t really matter who is right or wrong.

Back then, Xu Shengming and Xu Shenglong had to make a distinction between right and wrong. Xu Shengjing could win the victory by covering up the facts and fabricating a lie, because the real authority of the Xu family was the ancestor of the Xu family.

At that time, as long as you can reverse black and white, you can win.

But now, they

Both are representatives of the other’s forces, so who can you turn black and white to show?

To put it bluntly, it doesn’t make much sense to say who is right and wrong. The key is to see who has the bigger fist.

As long as Xu Shengsheng can kill Tiger Lord today, then he can tell the world that Lord Tiger has unpredictable intentions and wants Dustin Zhou to destroy the Xu family. Even if he is dead, Lord Tiger will bear a lifetime of infamy.

Just like he forced Xu Shenglong to death back then, except for a few people who knew the truth, who knew that he Xu Shenglong had done such a thing?

What is right and wrong?

As long as no one knows and no one dares to speak out, the person who wins will always be right.

Therefore, Xu Shengsheng no longer concealed anything, but began to provoke Lord Tiger.

“Unexpectedly, you little evil seed will one day stand in front of me and say such things to me.” “It seems that you shouldn’t have left you as evil seed at the beginning. After your grandfather died, I I should have taken someone to kill you as soon as possible. It seems that I was careless.” “However, today is not too late. If you kill you now, no one will know this secret again, right? Hu shook his head, “The truth is right, and you have always done this, uncle.” “But you didn’t understand a sentence, what is meant by multiple acts of injustice, you will kill yourself? Like you People are destined to not die well.” “Let’s take a good look, how many people are willing to stand on your side?” After Tiger Lord’s voice fell, ten martial masters left the Xu family’s camp. Come out, stand behind Hu Ye.

Obviously, these ten people were Xu Mira’s rebellion.

Xu Mira also took a step forward and stood by Hu Ye’s side, and said to Xu Shengsheng, “Xu Shengsheng, hurry up, you are already wrong and irreparable!” “If you go on like this, the Xu family will be destroyed sooner or later. Hand!” Xu Shengming looked at Lord Tiger, then at Xu Mira, and snorted coldly, “It’s a good method, this hand is something I didn’t expect.” “But you think that this can subvert my Xu Shengjing. “Don’t forget, I am the representative of the Xu family’s orthodox! The heritage of the Xu family for thousands of years is in my hands!” “Fight me!” Xu Shengming made a cry, and the Xu family’s disciples rushed. Up here.

The master of warrior on Tiger’s side is naturally not ambiguous. In terms of quantity, the master of warrior on Tiger’s side is one or two more than the other side.

But the Xu family has many more ordinary disciples. After all, a family is not only a martial master.

In the end, who will win these people will lose, Dustin Zhou will really not see it for a while, but he is not too worried.

At this time, he was hiding behind him, knocking with Niu Chuan, Su Wei, Su Shiming and others.

Watching the show with melon seeds.

Su Wei and Su Shiming didn’t take action because this kind of battle was nothing to them.

Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan didn’t make a move because they still don’t need them to make a move.

“Big brother, do you think I can go up? I want to go up and try my skills too!” Su Wei said with enthusiasm.

Dustin Zhou glanced at him and chuckled, “You can go up there if you want, but be careful. This time it’s not a joke.” “This time it’s true. It’s similar to what happened to you at school before.” This kind of conflict is different.” Su Shiming also admonished, “Su Wei, what are you going to join in the fun? This level of struggle is not something that you kid can intervene!” Niu Chuan, who was only on one side, frowned as if he was frowning. Thinking about something.

“Brother Yang, I remember you said before that when dealing with the Xu family, the most important thing to be careful about is their clan guardian formation.” “But now, what does it mean that the Xu family has called everyone outside?” Shouldn’t their guardian formation be at home?” Niu Chuan’s words also reminded Dustin Zhou.

This is indeed the case.

Originally, Dustin Zhou’s most worried thing was the Xu family’s guardian formation, but now it seems that the Xu family took the initiative to relieve this worry for him?

Chapter 1032

Dustin Zhou couldn’t figure out what the Xu family’s routine was. Maybe they didn’t know that their family had a big guardian formation.

But if the Xu family didn’t know that there was a guardian formation in their home, then Dustin Zhou really didn’t know why they had to resist here.

For now, their resistance is meaningless.

The number of martial masters on the Tiger’s side is not less than that of the Xu family, and even a few more.

As for the disciples of the Xu family who have not yet become martial masters, they are nothing but cannon fodder.

It was only the battle of the master of the martial arts, the Xu family had fallen into a disadvantage, and it was only a matter of time to lose, not to mention that there were Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan idle on the side of Lord Tiger.

You know, once Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan start their hands, their power is directly comparable to all the martial masters present!

Did the Xu family not understand the situation?

Why resist?

Or do they have any other cards that are useless?

The battlefield in front of me, after about three hours, gradually came to an end.

In addition to Tiger Lord himself, there are three martial masters who can stand on Tiger’s side, including one of the Su family’s elders.

On Xu Shengsheng’s side, except for some high-level people who had no strength at all and did not participate in the battle, only Xu Shengjing was left.

Master Tiger was covered in blood, with a long knife in his hand, looked at Xu Shengsheng.

“Uncle, do you have anything else you want to say now?” Lord Tiger couldn’t help laughing out. “Uncle, I didn’t expect that you would have such a day!” “All you have to do for you The matter has paid the price!” Master Tiger walked towards Xu Shengsheng step by step, “Uncle, are you ready?” Seeing this scene in front of him, Dustin Zhou, standing behind him, narrowed his eyes slightly because he found , Xu Shengsheng, who had always had no pattern, didn’t even panic at this time.

This is not like Xu Holy Spirit’s style at all.

Dustin Zhou remembered too clearly, that guy Xu Shengsheng, there should be a little thing that can scare him to death.

Now that he is about to die, how can he not panic?

Dustin Zhou’s back bowed slightly, his whole figure resembling a lion ready to go, and the aura on his body also exuded a sense of danger, making the two of Su Shiming and Su Wei who were next to him dare not even get out of the air.

Dustin Zhou concluded that Xu Shengsheng would not die so easily.

Maybe, Lord Tiger will still be in danger!

Hu Ye was about to walk in front of Xu Shengsheng, and Xu Shengsheng showed a frantic smile, “Xu Tianhu, don’t you really think that you can kill me?” “I could kill your parents back then. I can kill you now!” “Dare you treat me

Try it yourself?

I can assure you, you are the one who fell!

“Of course Tiger Tiger doesn’t believe this. It’s not just Tiger Tiger who doesn’t believe it. In fact, everyone else doesn’t believe it. You are the only one who can fight with your family. What are you saying? But Dustin Zhou believed this. Master Tiger continued to walk towards Xu Shengsheng. “You mean, I can’t kill you?

“Hu Ye squinted his eyes and asked. Xu Shengsheng nodded, “Yes, that’s what I meant.”

“I want to see, how can I not kill you!”

“Master Tiger didn’t have any ink marks. At this time, he was like a God of War returning from the Asura Field. How could he be frightened by such words? Right now, he directly raised his knife and slashed at Xu Shengjin. Everyone His eyes widened, because this knife would be a decisive one. Whether it was the Lord Tiger entering the Xu family or the Xu family continuing to dominate the East China Sea. But just as the Tiger’s sword was about to approach Xu Shengsheng, the two of them suddenly There was a burst of dazzling light, and at the same time, there was a loud noise in the light. Everyone only felt a flower in front of them, and then they were buzzed by the ears of a loud noise, and they could neither see nor hear. When everyone came back to their senses, they saw a magical scene. The tiger’s knife was close to Xu Shengsheng, but in front of Xu Shengsheng, an old man appeared. The old man’s two fingers pinched Tiger’s The long knife prevented him from advancing at all, while in the other hand, he held a whisk and slapped it towards Master Tiger. However, the whisk of the old man did not touch Master Tiger because it was in the hands of Master Tiger. In front of him, a figure also appeared. Dustin Zhou! Dustin Zhou stood in front of the old man, copying his pocket with one hand, and blocking the old man’s whisk with the other hand. This posture… is really too pretentious. They are all hit to this level. They even copied their pockets with one hand. The expressions of the four people on the scene were also different. Lord Tiger and Xu Shengsheng looked shocked to the point of dementia. It seemed that they didn’t even know it happened. What. The old man and Dustin Zhou have their eyes facing each other. The old man’s brows are slightly furrowed and his expression is serious. Dustin Zhou has a faint smile, which seems to be meaningful. “Who are you?”

“The old man said. “Who are you again?”

Dustin Zhou asked back, “It looks like he is not a living person.

“This Xu family is worthy of a thousand-year-old family, and the methods really can be said to be endless. For example, the old man in front of him looks like a fairy, and seems to be no different from a living person. But Dustin Zhou saw clearly that he was A spirit body that ran out of the jade on Xu Shengming’s chest. Just a spirit body, its strength reached the level of the emperor of warriors, and it really should not be underestimated.


Now everyone understands.

This seemingly unsuspecting battle has taken a new turn.

“Master Tiger, step back, leave the rest to me.” Dustin Zhou said lightly.

Only then did Tiger Lord come back to his senses, put away the demented expression, and at the same time retracted the long sword, and promised to step back.

He really didn’t know what happened just now. He only felt that he was about to strike Xu Holy Spirit, when a strong light suddenly blocked him. Then, he felt that he had cut something extremely hard and opened his eyes. I saw that an old man stopped him with two fingers.

And Xu Shengsheng also looked shocked. Although he knew that a spirit body would come out to save him, he didn’t know the way this spirit body came out was so shocking and so close.

Even for an instant in the evening, his head will fall.

Lord Tiger came back to his senses, and Xu Shengsheng came back to his senses. He pointed to Dustin Zhou and said to the old man with the spirit body, “Fight me and kill him!” The spirit body slowly turned his head and glanced at Xu Shengsheng, then nodded. Nodded, “Yes, Patriarch.” Patriarch?

This title surprised Dustin Zhou.

He originally thought that this old man should be an ancestor of the Xu family, but now it seems that this is not the case.

Chapter 1033

This old man who appeared inexplicably even called Xu Shengjing the Patriarch, which made Dustin Zhou a little confused.

Soon, he figured out what was going on.

This old man is indeed not an ancestor of the Xu family, but a subordinate subdued by the ancestor of the Xu family.

The ancestors of the Xu family took out the old man’s spirit body to seal it, and became the amulet of every Patriarch.

In other words, this old man has intelligence, he is not willing to obey the Xu family, but he has no choice because he is imprisoned.

When he heard this story, Dustin Zhou’s first reaction was that the ancestor of the Xu family was afraid it was not a cult!

Why do you always play with such evil methods?

He still remembered the woman he met during the test of the emperor, saying that she was unwilling to oppose him, but had no choice.

Imprisoning others and then manipulating them seems to be Xu Jiazu’s usual method.

However, these things have nothing to do with Dustin Zhou.

Right now, he must defeat this old man.

“Since you are also involuntarily, then I will help you to get rid of it.” Dustin Zhou said lightly, “Old sir, offended.” “Young man, seeing you have such an accomplishment at a young age, the future. It is destined to be limitless.” “I advise you to leave here early, Xu family, definitely not what you can shake, I’m just a small piece of Xu family, the real Xu family, that is definitely a giant you can’t imagine. “What’s more, if you really fight, you won’t even be able to pass my level.” “Go back early, don’t ruin your great life in this kind of place.” The old man is also from his own perspective, yes. Dustin Zhou persuaded each other with kind words.

Perhaps in his eyes, Dustin Zhou was indeed vulnerable.

And he really didn’t want to help the Xu family much, so he said this to Dustin Zhou.

It’s just a pity that Dustin Zhou would never listen to such words.


That is absolutely impossible.

If he is truly defeated, Dustin Zhou can also admit that he is not a person who can’t afford to lose and is a bully.

But before he fights, let him run away, it’s absolutely impossible!

“Don’t worry, old gentleman, I also have my own life-saving hole cards, and this little Xu family still can’t keep me,” Dustin Zhou said confidently, “but if you can’t fight the old man, you can If I leave, then I won’t be reconciled.” On the court, Dustin Zhou confronted the old man.

The people off the court were also worried about this battle.

“Master, can the boss win? That old man looks a little weird.” Su Wei said to Niu Chuan with some worry.

Niu Chuan also looked solemn, but still said, “I believe

Brother Yang, he will definitely not lose!

“Su Shiming did not speak, but his face was worried. Obviously, the appearance of this old man brought great psychological pressure to the people on Tiger’s side. Coupled with the words that the old man said just now, their pressure was justified. It’s bigger. A spirit body comparable to the emperor of warriors actually said that she was just a small pawn of the Xu family? What kind of methods are hidden in the real Xu family? The tiger master and Xu Mira on one side are also a little at a loss. Xu Mira, what is going on?

“Hu Ye asked in a low voice, “Didn’t it mean that Xu family’s last trump card is only a guardian formation?”

How did this come out of an old man who is comparable to the emperor of warriors?

“Xu Mira shook his head repeatedly, “Master Tianhu, I really don’t know this kind of thing!”

“After spending so many years in the Xu family, I have never heard of the Xu family having such a method!”

“By the way, didn’t the old man just say that he is a talisman belonging to the Patriarch?”

It seems that there are some secrets that only Xu Holy Spirit knows!

“Xu Mira explained aggrievedly that he had no prediction at all about the situation in front of him. On Xu Shengsheng’s side, he looked confident. “Haha, Dustin Zhou, this time I don’t believe it.” He is not dead!

“Xu Shengsheng said triumphantly. “Patriarch Xu is indeed mighty, this is only one of Xu Patriarch’s hole cards, even if this old man can’t beat Dustin Zhou, he will definitely not be able to resist other hole cards!”

“The Xu family, as a hidden family leader who has passed on for thousands of years, is really admirable!”

“This is what Sun Shengjie said. The Xu family’s methods really gave him a lot of insight this time. At the beginning, he informed the Xu family that Dustin Zhou had come to the door, and the Xu family was in a mess in an instant. He was also very disappointed with the Xu family. But then he mentioned a sentence, saying that the Xu family should have a lot of heritage left by the ancestors for thousands of years. Because of this sentence, Xu Shengsheng immediately ordered the Xu family All the weapons, talisman, pill formation, and other things were found. This search doesn’t matter, even the people of the Xu family were shocked by the things they found. There are so many good things in their Xu family. Things! For example, that amulet, which actually sealed a spirit body comparable to the emperor of warriors, when the Patriarch encounters a fatal danger, he will automatically protect it! In addition, similar to this kind of trump card, they have many more Many. Therefore, Xu Shengsheng will have the confidence to win this battle. “Dustin Zhou is over this time. He is also the emperor of warriors, but he has just become the emperor of warriors. The spirit body of our family has already Has become the emperor of warriors hundreds of years ago


“A high-level Xu family said. His words immediately evoked a round of agreement. Everyone felt that Dustin Zhou would be ruined even if he didn’t use other cards this time. “Even if he wins by fluke, all that is waiting for him is Heavier despair, we still have so many hole cards, but he can’t hold any of them!

“So, losing now is a good thing for him!”

“Another person said. There was a burst of cheerful laughter from the Xu family’s camp. It seemed that they hadn’t paid attention to this battle at all. They had already won. At this time, Dustin Zhou and the old man finally got a real move. The breath of the two emperors of warriors exploded at the same time, and even though the melon-eating crowds were tens of meters away from them, their hearts sank suddenly, like the turbulent energy of the two emperors of warriors. They can be swallowed at any time. “Boy, make your sense, I won’t be merciful!

“The old man screamed, and squeezed the whisk in his hand and waved towards Dustin Zhou, “Inexhaustible!

“Inexhaustible, this is the name of the old man’s tricks, which can make his whisks incredibly hard, just like thousands of tough thorns.

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