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Chapter 1112

Dustin Zhou has always believed that he is invincible in the domain of the emperor.

But today, this so-called King of the Immortal Master really shocked Dustin Zhou.

The turbulent qi surged out, and even resonated with the qi in the air.

What kind of conceptual power is this?

Dustin Zhou’s imperial realm was so powerful because part of the true energy in his body radiated out.

Controlling this part of the true energy by the divine sense is as if he used his own strength to draw out a field. In this field, the rules are set by himself. To a certain extent, he can even control gravity.

But the king of the immortal teacher is completely opposite to Dustin Zhou.

He released his true qi, did not isolate himself from the nature, and divided his own domain.

He has integrated himself into nature!

Of course, the space they are now in is already covered by Dustin Zhou’s imperial domain, that is to say, the current rules of this space belong to Dustin Zhou.

So in a sense, Dustin Zhou’s imperial realm just restrained the king of the immortal master, but even so, this guy made a lot of noise.

The part of natural energy that resonated with him actually tore Dustin Zhou’s imperial realm abruptly, opening up a space of his own.

This kid is indeed a cruel man.

Dustin Zhou could only say that, the king of the immortal master who had finished the explosion, he was enveloped in a layer of natural energy, and he stood in front of Dustin Zhou again with his own domain.

“The person I want to kill has never survived,” said the king of the fairy master.

Dustin Zhou smiled slightly.

“Coincidentally, no one who wants to kill me has ever succeeded.” The fairy teacher said you are nonsense, if someone can succeed, you will not stand here now.

But in the picture before her, she could only think about these words in her heart, and couldn’t say it at all.

It was shocking.

Both men are carrying their own domains. The battle has not yet begun, and the energy between the domains has begun to collide.

Only the energy leaked between domain collisions, I am afraid that it can kill the general warrior emperor.

Even a character at the level of an ordinary fairy master did not dare to approach easily.

“You are determined to lose, my energy is endless, and the energy in your body will always be used up, right?” The fairy king said again.

This is not an exaggeration. The current king of immortal masters integrates himself into the rules of nature. To some extent, he

It represents this space.

Natural energy is constantly surging, even if the energy in this space is used up, the energy in other places will be replenished immediately, so his physical strength is almost truly infinite.

“You stuff is a bit similar to the fairy model.” Dustin Zhou said thoughtfully.

The so-called immortal master is to understand the existence of natural rules.

Dustin Zhou suddenly understood that the fairy master in the metaphysical world is very much like the fairy model in the comic book Naruto.

The king of the immortal master is even more powerful. The ordinary immortal master only comprehends some natural rules, while the king of the immortal master is directly incarnate into nature.

If this is the case, what is the opponent’s weakness?

Dustin Zhou racked his brains, but he concluded that there was no weakness.

For humans, nature has no weaknesses.

The only way to defeat the king of the immortal master is to break through ten thousand magic with one force.

The tyrannical strength, before the king of the fairy master could not absorb the natural energy, beheaded him!

Head-to-head battles seem to be inevitable.

Since he couldn’t escape… Dustin Zhou also had an excited smile across his mouth.

Just breaking through the emperor’s ultimate, I ran into the king of the fairy master, it was really interesting.

Is the emperor’s ultimate stronger, or is the king of the fairy masters who can blend in with nature stronger?

“Man will conquer the sky!” Dustin Zhou roared, not talking nonsense, and rushed up directly.

The two sides quickly fought together. This was a battle that detached themselves from mortals, and even detached from immortal masters. They were not only fighting, but also fighting in the field.

Dustin Zhou has been trying to completely cover the king of the immortal master with his emperor’s domain, and the king of the immortal master is forcibly breaking away from Dustin Zhou’s domain of the emperor.

From this perspective, it seems that Dustin Zhou has the upper hand because he has always been on the offensive side.

But in fact, every time Dustin Zhou tried to control the Emperor’s Domain, it was a huge consumption for him. At the same time, he was also wasting his spiritual consciousness, and he would inevitably be distracted in battle.

But the King of the Immortal Master is different. He only needs to maintain a high state, and when the true energy in his body has been erupting, he can automatically impact Dustin Zhou’s imperial domain.

He doesn’t need to be distracted, and after opening the envelope of Emperor Dustin Zhou’s domain, the true energy in his body will also recover.

Under such circumstances, the two hadn’t fought for a few rounds, and Dustin Zhou was seriously injured, using the emperor’s true energy in his body to repair his body madly.

“How long can you hold it? How much true energy is there in your body?” The King of the Immortal Master said coldly.

“You are indeed very strong, at least you are the strongest of the people I have played against, but it is still far from enough.” “Not enough, not enough! The difference is too far!

Isn’t there a human being able to fight?

“A flash of madness flashed in the eyes of the king of the fairy master. I don’t know why, Dustin Zhou always feels that he is struggling. Isn’t there a human being who can fight? Brother, are you not a human? But Dustin Zhou has no time to complain, because the fairy master The king has decided to kill. He put a hand on Dustin Zhou’s head, and a strong murderous intent emerged in his palm. This is not a joke. If you eat this trick so close, Dustin Zhou will die! “Since you are like this! Weak, then there is no need to survive.

“I’ll help you end this humble life.”

“The king of the fairy master said. Humble? In the eyes of this guy, is his life humble? Dustin Zhou gritted his teeth. No, it’s not the time to end. “Death to the Lord!”

“Dustin Zhou stopped repairing his body, exploded with the last force, used a mopping leg, and successfully knocked him to the ground. Then Dustin Zhou didn’t get any ink marks, bullied himself up, hit the iron while it was hot, and directly choked his neck. “Boy, your thoughts are a bit dangerous.

Dustin Zhou was full of blood, but still grinned, “You seem to have drawn the line between yourself and humans.”


Is it because you are too strong?

Because it’s too strong, it feels like it’s not human?

“It’s not that I am too strong, but that you are too weak,” the fairy master king said blankly. “The weak are not qualified to survive.”

Chapter 1113

The weak are not qualified to survive. This sentence sounds familiar. In this world, it seems to be like this. It’s not that the weak really deserve to die. Put it in reality. In life, the life of the weak is indeed very humble. The rich can live in villas, and there can be dozens of villas. The rich can drive luxury cars, and even go to some holy places to take photos. It is easy to settle. On the other hand, what about the weak? The weak have worked hard all their lives and may not even be able to buy a house. If the weak do something wrong, such as stealing toilet paper or something, they may have to squat in for three to five years. Of course not to say Stealing toilet paper is the right behavior. But in life, there are indeed many families of the weak who have worked so hard throughout their lives, but because they have done a little bit of work, the whole family has been broken. The weak are not qualified to survive, does that mean? Dustin Zhou Some thoughts of loss, because he was also a weak one. “If you have any dissatisfaction with this situation, stand up and change it!

Dustin Zhou roared. “Listen, I don’t care why you became like this, but today you fell into my hands. If you don’t reflect on it, don’t try to escape.

The palm of my hand!

“Naive, do you really feel like you are controlling me?”

“The king of the fairy master smiled coldly. “How much power do you have now?”

Even if you pinch my neck, what can you do?

“You are the last to die.”

“The King of the Fairy Master said, completely ignoring that Dustin Zhou was pinching his neck, and proactively stretched out a hand to pinch Dustin Zhou’s neck. “You said, which of us will die first?”

“This guy is really strong. Dustin Zhou didn’t expect the other party to do this. In fact, even if he thought of it, he couldn’t stop it. Because now he has indeed lost, and he can’t lose again. The king does not resist, standing there and letting him fight, he has no strength to defeat the king of the immortal master. “You are the weak one, so go to death.

“The king of the fairy master said. Dustin Zhou closed his eyes, because he also felt that he might really be planted here today. But it is not wrong. Who is the other party? The king of the fairy master! The small world is supreme. Ruler! It can be called the first person in the sky and the earth! And Dustin Zhou can only be regarded as the ultimate emperor. It is already his limit to fight the existence of the immortal master with a mortal body. Against the king of the immortal master, it is obviously not enough Look. My life is over! Dustin Zhou thought. But he closed his eyes and waited for a long time, and he didn’t see any actions from the King of the Fairy Master. What’s up? Is it possible that this kid is playing with himself? Want to see himself begging for mercy? It shouldn’t be. Is it possible that this majestic king of immortal masters also has this habit? This kind of behavior does not conform to his personality. From Dustin Zhou’s look, this king of immortal masters is like a wayward child. No feelings. It’s just doing whatever you want, doing whatever you want. Dustin Zhou opened his eyes tentatively. In an instant, he felt that the atmosphere was wrong. He even wondered if he was dazzled. The king of the fairy teacher still pinched. Dustin Zhou’s neck, but his attention has been completely lost on Dustin Zhou’s body. His other hand is firmly holding his head, his expression is grim and painful. What’s the situation? This child has a brain disease. Is it sick? Obviously it is not the case. Dustin Zhou estimated that the reason why the king of the immortal teacher appeared in the present situation was related to the woman standing at the door. A woman appeared at the door of the hall, standing against the light, some of her appearance was not clear. , Can only see the figure clearly. The figure is absolutely the best, and she slaps the female fairy standing aside. Although she can’t see her face clearly, Dustin Zhou still recognizes who the woman is at a glance. , And at the same time the person Dustin Zhou was looking for. Enderia Shen. Mira Xie apparently also recognized Enderia Shen, in Enderia Shen’s body

After standing weakly, did not dare to speak.

After arriving at the Immortal Master Palace, Dustin Zhou did not let Mira Xie follow in, but in this situation, it was obvious that she came in with Enderia Shen.

The scene is a bit awkward and a bit chaotic.

Even Dustin Zhou was a little confused and didn’t understand what was going on.

Originally things were very clear, he brought Mira Xie and the female fairy to find the king of the fairy master.

The purpose is to find the whereabouts of Enderia Shen.

Then he was hanged and beaten by the King of the Immortal Master, very embarrassed. At the most critical moment, Enderia Shen returned with Mira Xie.

Hello, are you sure there is no problem with this script?

Why does Enderia Shen appear here?

And why did the king of the immortal master have such a painful expression after Enderia Shen appeared?

Dustin Zhou blinked, the air was a little quiet, and he had no idea what this was.

Enderia Shen looked indifferent, and there was no feeling in his eyes when he looked at Dustin Zhou.

But when she looked at the king of the fairy master, she still had a little emotion, it was a helpless emotion.

“Let go of him, he is not your enemy.” Enderia Shen said in a helpless tone.

This sentence was obviously addressed to the king of the fairy master.

Dustin Zhou blinked again and looked at Enderia Shen.

Then he looked at the king of the fairy master.

He watched as the King of the Immortal Master obediently took his hand from his neck, and then lay on the ground as if he were to be slaughtered.

He didn’t even plan to fight back.

Dustin Zhou scratched his head, stood up, and then looked at Enderia Shen.

To be reasonable, he has something to say now.

But Enderia Shen’s appearance was too sudden, he didn’t know where to start.

“Hello, have you eaten?” Do you want to pretend to say hello like this?

Still looking affectionate, “Are you doing well? How come you are here, do you know how much I miss you?” Obviously neither of these two methods will work, so Dustin Zhou simply stopped talking. Now, he waited for Enderia Shen to take the initiative to give himself an explanation.

Enderia Shen did come over, but after coming over, she just pulled up the fairy master king on the ground, patted the dust on the fairy master king like an old mother, and then tidied his clothes.

Then, he will take the king of the fairy master away.

“Hey, are you planning to leave like this?” Dustin Zhou finally couldn’t help it.

Now the whole world thinks that I am crazy, that you do not exist at all, and the boss of the famous company is a woman named Lin Ziyu.

Master risked his life and was treated as a fool by everyone and ran out to find you.

You left without saying a word when you met?

Anyhow, explain what is going on?

Enderia Shen’s footsteps did pause for a while, and then he said

A sentence that made Dustin Zhou speechless.

Chapter 1114

“What can I say? Did I ask you to come to me?” Enderia Shen said coldly.

This sentence caused Dustin Zhou’s heart to fall to the bottom in an instant.

The original anger, the words that I wanted to talk to, now after hearing these words, they all disappeared.

Now that the other person has this attitude, what else is there to say?

Dustin Zhou shrugged, shook his head with a wry smile, and walked towards Mira Xie.

In that case, go home.

The female fairy on one side was completely stunned by the ball.

He came to see Dustin Zhou being hammered!

How can things develop to such a degree?

It feels a little bit bloody, is there!

And who is the woman who suddenly appeared?

Why does it seem to be able to control the king of the fairy master?

Can the king of the fairy master be controlled by others?

The female fairy is full of question marks.

Dustin Zhou here had already come to Mira Xie’s side, and then took Mira Xie’s hand, and the two walked outside.

After a dozen steps, Mira Xie suddenly stopped moving.

“What’s the matter, wife?” Dustin Zhou asked back.

“That woman, who you call Enderia Shen, is indeed exactly the same as Lin Ziyu.” Mira Xie said thoughtlessly.

Dustin Zhou was taken aback for a moment, and then gave a wry smile, “Yes, it is her, but you still don’t have the impression of this person in your mind, right.” Mira Xie nodded, “Yes, I don’t know what this woman is. In my concept, there is still only Lin Ziyu who is the chairman of Mingyang.” “But obviously, my memory is wrong. The Enderia Shen you mentioned does exist.” Dustin Zhou shrugged. Shoulder, “So, wife, what are you going to say?” “This is no longer important. We have been tossing for so long, and we should go home, right.” Mira Xie took his hand back from Dustin Zhou. Staring at Dustin Zhou seriously.

“Go home?” “Enderia Shen, shouldn’t it be important to you?” “You can kill her for her sake. Now it’s hard to meet, you just want to give up because of this little thing? Home?” Mira Xie’s words seemed to give Dustin Zhou a blow.

Dustin Zhou looked at his wife at a loss.

Of course he was not reconciled.

But what can he do now?

People Enderia Shen had a very good life, even the king of the fairy master listened to her and was controlled by her.

Now that people ignore themselves, can they still catch up and post them?

Dustin Zhou was also very wronged.

“Wife, how is she, it has nothing to do with me, you see,

She had a very good life, and she didn’t want to talk to me at all.

“Dustin Zhou can only say. “Why do you care about her so much?”

You just left, can you really feel at ease in your heart.

“If you don’t give yourself an explanation, can you really follow me with your heart?”

“At that time, people leave but stay here. This is irresponsibility to everyone!”

“If you are still a man, catch up with her and tell her thoroughly what you should say!”

“Mira Xie said very domineeringly. Seeing this scene before him, Dustin Zhou seemed to have returned to two years ago. When he was the son-in-law of Xie’s house two years ago, he was often scolded by Mira Xie. The only difference is that this time he I was really persuaded. Mira Xie was right. If he left like this, Dustin Zhou would definitely be uneasy. Whether Enderia Shen was willing to talk to himself or not, he should give himself an explanation. He was stunned for two seconds. Suddenly turned around and chased in the direction of Enderia Shen. Enderia Shen did not run far, she just took the king of the fairy master into another somewhat classical manor. When Dustin Zhou broke in, the king of the fairy master He immediately stood up and looked at Dustin Zhou with a vigilant gaze. Dustin Zhou ignored him, but turned his gaze on Enderia Shen. Enderia Shen shook his head and beckoned at will. The king of the fairy master put away his hostility towards Dustin Zhou. Obediently returned to the chair. Now, Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen finally met. Enderia Shen sighed, “What are you doing back for?

There should be nothing to say between us.

“When he opened his mouth, he refused the tone of a thousand miles away. But Dustin Zhou no longer took that tone to his heart. He didn’t come to take a pity. “Tell me, what is going on all this?”

Dustin Zhou asked very calmly. “Are you asking about that?”

“Enderia Shen shrugged and touched the hair of the fairy master king and said, “Why am I here?”

Or why can I control this fairy master king?

“Which two things are you talking about?”

“Both, first of all, why are you here, what is Lin Ziyu below?”

“This is also a question that Dustin Zhou cares most. In the secular world, Enderia Shen seems to have disappeared out of thin air. No one in the world knows the name Enderia Shen. Why does this happen? Enderia Shen gave a very simple answer. , “Because I am the female friend of the fairy master king, so I must come to this small world.

“But you also know that the immortal master can’t show too many methods in the secular world. It will be very troublesome if I disappear out of thin air, so they

Just made a Lin Ziyu to replace me.

“I think it’s pretty good. Lin Ziyu is very qualified. So far, no one has felt anything unusual.”

“This is a big truth. Even Enderia Shen’s own father changed his surname to Lin. He also lost his daughter. He didn’t even notice it, and he always felt that he should be named Lin. But there is one exception. This exception is Dustin Zhou. Dustin Zhou has always remembered Enderia Shen. “If you control everyone through brainwashing, and then fabricate a Lin Ziyu out of thin air to replace your position, why not wash away my memory?

Dustin Zhou asked back. He is even a bit distressed now, why he remembers all this. Facing this question, Enderia Shen was silent for a while, and then said, “In fact, we have tried and worked hard.

“We have tried to brainwash you so that you completely forget about me, thinking that you have always known Lin Ziyu.

“But when we erased your memory that night, when trying to arrange a story in your subconscious mind, you suddenly woke up. When you woke up, you snarled hostilely, “Who dares to move my boss to try?” !

No one can move my boss!

“Enderia Shen said, “So, brainwashing you failed.

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