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Chapter 893

“Our Xie family will be established with your company as the main body in the future. There should be no problem, right?” Uncle Xie said righteously.

This is basically a fact that has been finalized a long time ago. After all, the entire Xie family has no fixed industry that can be sold.

Also Mira Xie’s ov beauty is still a well-established company.

Although the uncle came back from abroad this time, he can’t move the foreign industry from abroad. What he can bring over is only some money in the bank card.

As for money, there is actually not much money. The reason is very simple. The reason why the uncle of the Xie family came back from abroad is only because he can’t stay abroad.

Everyone looked at Mira Xie, and Mira Xie nodded helplessly.

After all, she had received the news a long time ago, not without mental preparation.

Moreover, if the Xie family is established as a family with its own company as the main body, it will not do much harm to ov beauty.

On the contrary, after injecting a lot of funds, ov beauty makeup will be even better.

The only question now is, if ov beauty is the mainstay, what kind of operating status will the entire Xie family be like.

This is the issue that Mira Xie is most concerned about, and it is also the issue that the Xie family should solve most.

As the head of the Xie family, the uncle of the Xie family should have an answer.

Mira Xie turned his attention to the uncle of the Xie family.

Sure enough, in the face of this problem, Uncle Xie coughed slightly, and he was confident.

Bamboo’s appearance began to slowly tell of his grand vision.

“First of all, the most important point is that your company is incorporated into Xie’s family, and it becomes part of Xie’s assets. In this process, one thing that is inevitable is that the company is no longer yours.” Say, ov Beauty can be renamed to become the Xie Group. At the same time, you have to take out the shares in your hand and share it with everyone present, that is, all the Xie family members. It became hot.

Mira Xie is undoubtedly the best in the entire Xie family, he has a cosmetics company worth tens of millions.

Over the years, the people of the Xie family have been playing Mira Xie’s ideas all the time.

Although they all got more or less benefits from Mira Xie’s hands.

For example, his eldest aunt often visits Mira Xie’s house, or borrows money, or takes a few pieces of jewellery along with her when she leaves.

For example, a child from Sanshu’s house gets married and borrows money from her.

…… There are too many phenomena like this, but it simply cannot satisfy the ambitions of this group of relatives.

Their real goal is always Mira Xie’s company.

Get the company’s shares, or simply take the company as your own!

This has been the goal of these relatives, but what is troubled is that ov beauty was founded by Mira Xie and has nothing to do with the entire Xie family. This gives them no chance to start.

But now, the opportunity is here!

Mira Xie’s company will become the entire Xie family!

Her shares are going to be shared!

At this moment, there is no doubt that everyone’s idea is how to get Mira Xie to spit out all the shares, and then he gets the most shares.

It’s just that the share distribution plan has not yet come out, and they temporarily suppressed their restless heart.

Quietly waiting for the uncle’s next words.

“Of course, I know that doing this will make you feel a bit disadvantaged,” the uncle of the Xie family continued, “but don’t think so, this is for our Xie family to go further in the future!” “To show our sincerity! , I will also put out 10 million to inject into your company. By that time, your company’s value will be doubled. Even if you only hold 50% of the shares, you still have as much money as you now. Isn’t it right?” Uncle said courageously.

Mira Xie’s face did not change, and he nodded.

Although the value of her company far exceeds 10 million, if her uncle really injects 10 million into the company and asks her to take out 50% of the shares, she is not unacceptable.

But I am afraid that the uncle has other conditions.


I just finished speaking. After seeing Mira Xie nodding, the uncle

An imperceptible smile flashed in his eyes.

“Of course, what I said just now is just a metaphor.” “Look, you have a company worth tens of millions, and I took out 10 million in cash. The contribution of the two of us can be said to be comparable, right? “Can the two of us directly take up all the shares? This is obviously inappropriate. Otherwise, today’s family dinner will become a pure business cooperation between the two of us. What does the Xie family have to do?” Mira Xie’s face changed slightly, but he continued to nod.

What the uncle said is still reasonable.

However, it sounds like it is cheaper than most people who have not contributed.

But in the same way, the uncle also paid a lot.

If the uncle is really willing to sacrifice a lot just for the rise of the Xie family, then Mira Xie doesn’t mind following him to help the entire Xie family.

“You continue talking.” Mira Xie said.

“Well, then, the next step is the focus of today’s meeting.” “What kind of plan should be used to divide the distribution of shares.” “I have an immature draft here. You can take it and look at it. Now, if you have any questions, you can ask me at any time.” The uncle smiled and took out a stack of documents and distributed them to everyone.

Mira Xie also got a copy, but Dustin Zhou didn’t, so he leaned over and took a look with Mira Xie.

At first glance, there seems to be no problem.

Only Dustin Zhou found that there were too many text traps and tricks.

This document overemphasizes a theme, that is, after the Xie family is unified, the assets of the entire Xie family no longer belong to the individual, but to everyone in the Xie family.

Therefore, in the division of shares, we should keep as fair and just as possible so that everyone can get shares.

Although he will be rewarded according to his merits, Mira Xie, who has done the most and contributed the most, can only get 30% of the shares, or even less.

Among them, everyone in the family can also obtain different shares by injecting capital into the family at the initial stage.

In the later stage, you can get different shares according to everyone’s credit in the company.

As for the uncle of the Xie family, as the head of the Xie family, he should own 40% of the shares.

The most important one is that only the owner of the household is eligible to allocate shares.

Even, adjust at any time!

This is the deadliest sentence for women with brain damage.

Chapter 894

In other words, Mira Xie seems to have acquired 30% of the shares.

However, she lost all the right to speak in the entire Xie family.

And Uncle Xie’s family can deprive her of all the shares in one sentence!

It was originally Mira Xie’s company!

Moreover, the value of Mira Xie’s company is not only 10 million, but at least 20 million!

Give up such a big company, but in the end it has nothing!

This clause is simply the overlord clause!

Mira Xie’s face was difficult to look.

But before she came to speak, the uncle began to ask, “Do you have any questions?” “No!” “Basically there is no problem!” Everyone agreed.

The uncle smiled slightly and decided to make a decision directly.

At this time, Dustin Zhou said, “Hold on, I have a little problem.” “You? What are you?” “Yes, you are not a Xie family at all, who made you appear here?” “Appear Just forget it here, and those who dare to point fingers here, get out of here!” Dustin Zhou had just spoken, and before he said his problem, he directly attracted a lot of abuse.

And he didn’t refute, just smiled quietly on his face, waiting for everyone to finish cursing.

“End of cursing?” Dustin Zhou asked, looking around.

“Damn, do you want to show your face!” “That’s right, I haven’t finished cursing! Get out quickly, or I’ll scold you to death!” He said three words and called for another bad curse.

Dustin Zhou still didn’t resist, and asked again after a long time, “Are you finished cursing this time?” Everyone wanted to continue cursing, and Uncle Xie’s uncle reached out and suppressed everyone’s voices.

It’s not a thing at all to keep Dustin Zhou from making noise.

It is more important to solve the problem.

Moreover, he doesn’t mind what Dustin Zhou will say, after all, this is his home court now!

“Tell me, what is your problem?” The uncle looked at Dustin Zhou with a contemptuous and condescending attitude.

“The problem is not too big, but, I personally think that Mira Xie is the one who contributed the most to the formation of the Xie family, not the uncle you!” “Mira Xie’s company has long been worth more than 20 million. You only took out a mere ten million, so why did you become the Patriarch of the entire Xie Family?” “There is no problem in implementing this rule of yours, but the Patriarch must be Mira.” Dustin Zhou said lightly.

The expression is neither humble nor overbearing.

To be fair, the request he made is not excessive at all.

The division of equity is up to you!

Everything is up to you!

It’s just that Mira Xie has established

Is it too much to become the owner of the house above all the rules?

If this regulation is fair enough, isn’t it all the same who is the owner of the house?

Shouldn’t it be the head of the household who pays the most money?

The uncle’s face changed slightly.

Dustin Zhou successfully hit his sore spot.

That’s great!

He didn’t know how to refute!

Because this regulation is simply unfair!

But his face only changed slightly.

Because he knew that even if Dustin Zhou happened to point out the core of the problem, it wouldn’t matter.

“Okay, your opinion is finished, you can go. This is an internal meeting of our Xie family. You have no right to interfere.” “I gave you enough face and asked you to tell your inner problems. You shouldn’t What is not enough.” “As for the question you raised, we will consider it carefully.” A sneer flashed across the face of the uncle.

What if you pointed out the core of the problem?

Didn’t Master let you go with just one sentence?

Without strength, what can you do even if you are not willing?

Mira Xie’s face also changed.

At this moment, she realized that the uncle, and even the entire Xie family, treated her as a fool.

This family banquet is not so much a family meeting to establish the Xie family.

It would be better to say that it was a looting meeting for the entire Xie family to divide Mira Xie’s company.

Only Dustin Zhou stood up to defend her, and now Dustin Zhou was going to be driven away!

Not only did she look at Dustin Zhou with nervous eyes, can Dustin Zhou still protect her at this time?

“Oh, I’m not from the Xie family, am I?” Dustin Zhou shrugged his shoulders indifferently, even with a faint smile on his face, “You want to drive me away?” “Okay, it doesn’t matter, you can play by yourself , My wife, let’s go.” Dustin Zhou grabbed Mira Xie’s little hand and walked outside.

Mira Xie didn’t react, so he followed Dustin Zhou to the outside by instinct.

At this time, everyone in the Xie family was anxious.

Dustin Zhou can go, Mira Xie must stay!

Their meeting today is plainly about dividing up Mira Xie’s property. If Mira Xie leaves, who will they divide up?

“Stop for me!” At this time, a sharp shout sounded.

The voice is very majestic.



It sounded that Dustin Zhou didn’t take Dustin Zhou seriously. It was a kind of thorough and heartfelt, treating Dustin Zhou as a waste, an inferior person, to make such a sound.

Go back.

It turned out to be Xie’s mother.

This brain-dead woman.

“Dustin Zhou, what are you going to do with this trash! If you want to leave, why do you want to take Mira with you? From now on, you have nothing to do with Mira!”

Xie’s mother was proud.

After being sluggish for a while, the Xie family gave thumbs up to Xie’s mother.


This old lady is simply too awesome!

They had known that Xie’s mother had a brain-dead, otherwise these relatives would have cheated her so many times and even borrowed so many things from her home, and her relationship with these relatives is still so good.

But now, they knew that Xie’s mother was so stubborn.

It refreshed their three views.

I had known it earlier that I should have used more money from her home.

For someone like her, if she has one million, you cheat her for 800,000 and then praise her for being really rich. It is estimated that she will be happy for a long time and will never pursue the 800,000 with you. thing.

At this moment, everyone in the Xie family began to regret it.

I regret bullying Xie mother too little.

Now they are dividing up her daughter’s property in a fair manner. They thought that Xie’s mother would also argue with her, but she unexpectedly stood up and called Dustin Zhou!

“Second Sister-in-law, step up your efforts and let the shameless Dustin Zhou get out of Xie’s house!” Someone cheered Xie’s mother and said.

Soon, everyone in the Xie family united and began to flatter Xie’s mother, “Second sister-in-law, you are simply too mighty!” “That’s right, too majestic, you are completely the wife of the big family. Demeanor!”

Chapter 895

Mother Xie was blown to the sky by these people, making her head bewildered.

She enjoys this feeling so much.

After all, her lifelong dream is to become a rich wife.

This is also the reason why she has insisted on letting Mira Xie marry the rich.

What do these people say about her now?

She is simply the rich wife of the rich!

It seems that her temperament has completely kept up!

At this moment, she felt that she was possessed by the overlord, and Dustin Zhou was more comfortable when she cursed.

“Dustin Zhou, you are just a waste. Now this is the banquet for our Xie family to establish a family!” “Do you know what a family is called?” “After the Xie family becomes a family, they are directly rich! Super family!” You should be content if you have gained knowledge! Now, dare to make trouble? Are you a bit too bloated!” Mother Xie said so much in one breath, and suddenly felt refreshed and domineering.

Dustin Zhou’s face was gloomy. He never expected that this Xie mother was already so mentally retarded.

“Do you know why I took Mira away?” “You have read the document just now. Do you know what it means to Mira if you agree to the regulations?” “It means losing All, Mira has nothing, what do you think you are?” Dustin Zhou kept calm and tried to persuade Xie’s mother to wake her up.

At this moment, Mother Xie did hesitate a bit.

She hadn’t read the document just now.

Because she felt that all the Xie family members present were all her relatives, so she should not lie to herself.

Moreover, she was brainwashed too badly before.

In fact, many of the things I said just now were what the uncle had told her before.

As long as a family is established, the Xie family is considered a rich family.

At that time, with her status in Xie’s family, she would be a proper rich wife.

With regard to the five words, Mrs. Kuo, the rich man, I was directly confused by Mother Xie.

She is full of wealthy wives, no matter where they are so much.

After hearing Dustin Zhou’s words at this time, she subconsciously looked at Mira Xie.

Mira Xie nodded at her.

She hesitated for a moment.

But soon.

The rest of the Xie family began to brainwash her again.

“Second sister-in-law, don’t listen to that stinky boy talking nonsense!” “He just doesn’t care about our Xie family!” “That’s right, how can you have nothing! When our Xie family becomes a family and a rich family, you are a rich family. Mrs. Kuo!” “Mira is also a wealthy eldest!” “Mira can be fooled by that stinky boy’s rhetoric, is it possible that the second sister-in-law can’t tell what that stinky boy is talking about?” Everyone had a meal. Touted and even deceived, and some even throw out the killer, “two

Sister-in-law, we are relatives for so many years. Would you rather believe Dustin Zhou’s trash than us?

“Just this sentence made Xie’s mother completely determined. That stinky boy Dustin Zhou must be lying to himself! He bullied him for so many years, and finally kicked him out of Xie’s house. Now the two of them have turned their faces long ago. Dustin Zhou has no respect for her before. How can that kid think about himself? After understanding this, Xie mother said again, “Dustin Zhou, you don’t want to do that, I won’t be fooled by you. of!

“Mira, come here quickly and stay away from that brat!”

“Xie’s mother ordered to Mira. Mira Xie shook her head. At this moment, she also discovered how annoying Xie’s mother was. She was a no-brainer woman who was cheated by others so easily, but she was still unwilling. I believe people who are really good to her. “Mira!

You dare to resist me, right?

“Mira Xie’s refusal made Mother Xie completely annoyed. She felt that her dignity had been provoked. “Mira Xie!

My mother worked so hard to raise you so much!

Are you going to turn your face with me for that brat?

“If you dare to leave today, I will sever the mother-daughter relationship with you, a white-eyed wolf!”

“Xie’s mother used his assassin. This is for Mira Xie’s assassin. She knows too well that her daughter is a kind and filial woman. No matter how unreasonable the request, as long as she threatens Mira Xie and Mira Xie by severing the relationship between mother and daughter. She will definitely agree. Sure enough, this time is no exception. Mira Xie struggled for a while, and when she wanted to say something to Xie’s mother, she suddenly closed her mouth. Because she suddenly discovered that no matter what she said It’s all useless. She couldn’t persuade Xie’s mother at all. It’s not once that she has suffered a loss over the years. To blame, it’s just that she’s got such a mother. She kind of resigned herself to her seat. Dustin Zhou also sighed and followed Mira Xie back. Others continued to insult Dustin Zhou and told him to get out. Including Xie’s mother, they were also telling Dustin Zhou to get out. Mira Xie finally couldn’t help it, “I stay, Dustin Zhou You must stay!

This blocked everyone’s mouths. The meeting continued. “Alright, well, what happened just now is just an episode. Don’t take it seriously.

“The uncle gave Dustin Zhou a triumphant glance, and the meaning is already obvious. Are you not smart? Are you not a cowboy? But what can you do? You don’t think Xie’s mother is so stubborn! As long as there is this stubbornness, You have to lie on your stomach honestly! Dustin Zhou shrugged his shoulders indifferently. He had to admit that this round

, He lost to the uncle of the Xie family.

“Then if there is nothing wrong with everyone, the regulations can be finalized this time.” Uncle Xie continued, taking his gaze back from Dustin Zhou.

He can’t wait to become the head of the Xie family.

By the time he owns the entire Xie family, his assets have increased several times!

“Uncle, I have another question.” At this time, another Xie family raised his hand.

“As stated in the regulations, in the early stage, shares can be obtained by injecting capital into the family. How is this ratio calculated?” “How is it calculated? Of course it is calculated based on the stock price of the newly established group. Isn’t it simple?” Dustin Zhou Said lightly.

There are 100 shares in a company.

And Mira Xie’s ov beauty is worth 20 million.

After the uncle Xie family injected a capital of 10 million, the name was changed to Xie’s Group worth 30 million.

If you want to hold shares in this group, every 1% of the shares are worth an average of 300,000.

This is the most normal algorithm, that is to say, in the early stage, if the Xie family wants to get more shares, they can buy them by taking out their own assets.

At least one hundred thousand one percent of the shares, Dustin Zhou thought so.

It’s just that the person who asked the question ignored Dustin Zhou, but looked at his uncle.

And the uncle, also smiled faintly, “Of course not, we are a family after all, how can we calculate according to the outside calculation method?”

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