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Chapter 1082

In Zhou Feng’s view, Li Dahai was a low-level person, a low-level person not worth mentioning, while Dustin Zhou was a strong person who even he must respect.

So the two are not at the same level at all.

However, the way Dustin Zhou talks with Li Dahai seems to be equal.

This method is beyond Zhou Feng’s understanding.

Dustin Zhou glanced at him with a smile and said, “The reason why you stayed at Mingyang Company is that you want to learn from me?” “This is my style of doing things. There are no real subordinates in my place. Individuals sit on an equal footing, and everyone can say what they want.” “This is not good… In this case, your rights will be lost a lot, and others will never respect you again…” Zhou Feng said with some confusion.

“Respect is not the same as fear. The respect in your eyes is actually an expression of fear. People who obey you because of fear can betray at any time, especially smart people.” Dustin Zhou said lightly.

Indeed, with great strength, many people can be afraid of you, and they can also be firmly controlled.

But those who dare not reach the old man because of fear are definitely some numb, thoughtless people, truly smart people, he can obey you for a while for fear, and will never obey you for fear.

So if you want to control smart people, you can’t rely on strength to suppress them.

This is Dustin Zhou’s point of view, but he didn’t say this, but Zhou Feng had to realize it himself.

Only when you have realized it, you can truly remember it.

“Okay, that’s it. As for what choice Li Dahai will make, we can wait and see.” Dustin Zhou slapped his hands, “Come on, even if this matter is completely over.” Zhou Feng hasn’t reacted yet. Dustin Zhou had already left.

He hurried to catch up again, “Brother Yang, wait for me, where are we going next?” “Where are we going? Of course, I went back to work. You think your position as deputy security captain is just for you to sit.” It’s fun!” Dustin Zhou gave him an angry glance and said.

Zhou Feng scratched his head in embarrassment. He really didn’t take his position to heart.


After all, he is the eldest son of the Zhou family, no matter how he lowers his status, he will never really think that he is really a deputy security captain.

After each returned to work, Dustin Zhou was finally completely immersed in his work, processing part of the work that had been hoarded these days.

Life seems to have really returned to normal. He went to work during the day and returned home to take care of his mother at night. He spent one or two days like this.

On the third day, Dustin Zhou started to lose his mind, because he was waiting for Li Dahai’s reply.

Li Dahai is a wise man, logically speaking, Dustin Zhou should give him more money to win him.

But Dustin Zhou did not do this, because Li Changhe offended him after all.

On the basis of basic equality between the two parties, Dustin Zhou must also maintain his own dignity, and Li Dahai must not be allowed to think that Dustin Zhou is really good at talking.

Moreover, the salary he paid was not too small, seven billion. Suddenly, his phone rang, and he subconsciously thought it was Li Dahai, but after turning on the phone, he found that it was Mira Xie.

Mira… Dustin Zhou was lost for a moment.

My wife, the wife in name, and at the same time, Dustin Zhou’s favorite woman, seems to have not been in contact for a long time.

It’s not that Dustin Zhou didn’t want to contact her, but Dustin Zhou was really busy, and Mira Xie seemed to avoid him intentionally or unintentionally.

This made Dustin Zhou very helpless.

He really loves Mira Xie, but those relatives of the Xie family, including Xie’s mother, hate Dustin Zhou very much. This makes it very difficult for Mira Xie to be a man in the middle, and Dustin Zhou is also at a loss.

If you really give up all the worldly views, and don’t care about the views of Xie’s mother and the relatives of Xie’s family, Dustin Zhou can naturally be with Mira Xie very happily. After all, the two are married couples.

But Mira Xie couldn’t do it, and she felt that Dustin Zhou had many good women around her, and she felt that she was not worthy of Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou didn’t have a better way to solve this problem, and the relationship between the two people has been dragged down.

But seeing Mira Xie willing to call him, he was still very happy to answer.

“Wife, what’s the matter?” Dustin Zhou asked.

There was silence on the phone.

Dustin Zhou vaguely realized that something was wrong.

“What’s the matter, wife? Are you talking?” After a while, Mira Xie’s voice finally came out of the microphone, even with a faint cry, “Dustin Zhou, help me, I really can’t help it!” What’s the matter? You speak slowly.” Dustin Zhou can confirm that Mira Xie is indeed in trouble.

What is the trouble?

What trouble can Mira Xie have now?

The last cosmetics industry exchange meeting

Dustin Zhou set aside 20% of the agency rights for Mira Xie’s company.

In other words, now Mira Xie’s ov beauty is already the largest agent of the company.

Under such circumstances, Mira Xie’s company will basically not encounter any troubles, and Mira Xie’s own assets have rapidly doubled.

Now that she is so rich, what trouble can she run into?

Could it be that which family troubled her?

That’s even more impossible. Although Dustin Zhou did not contact Mira Xie for a while, he still greeted Lord Tiger.

With the help of Lord Tiger, which family would dare to trouble Mira Xie with such a short eye?

Soon he was relieved, because Mira Xie’s answer was, “My mother found me a blind date, and insisted on forcing me to get married. I really can’t help it!” It turned out that the pressure came from the Xie family. .

Dustin Zhou collapsed on the chair, showing a helpless smile.

It’s really ironic.

With Dustin Zhou’s help, almost no one in Donghai City can trouble Mira Xie.

But Mira Xie’s mother still tried every means to break away from Dustin Zhou.

This is an upright robbing of his own wife!

How could Dustin Zhou agree to such a thing?

He sneered and said, “Wife, do you hate me?” Mira Xie’s voice paused, then slowly said, “No, I don’t hate you, Dustin Zhou, no, husband, I love you!” I love you !

These three words almost made Dustin Zhou float up.

Having been married to Mira Xie for so long, it was the first time he heard these three words from Mira Xie’s mouth.

It seems that stress is really a catalyst for emotions!

Chapter 1083

Dustin Zhou felt that perhaps he should thank his mother.

Because of Xie’s mother’s pressure, Mira Xie finally faced her feelings.

I love you, these three words deeply touched Dustin Zhou’s heart.

“Wife, I love you too! Wait, I will not let you marry anyone else!” Dustin Zhou said firmly.

Before, he had been reluctant to expose his strength in front of the Xie family, because Mira Xie was also unwilling to let him be exposed, and he was also unwilling to use Xie’s mother to like it.

But now it’s different. Both he and Mira Xie recognize their feelings at the same time!

No matter what happens, they must be together!

They should be frank with each other and show the truth about each other!

Dustin Zhou stood up a little excited, he was even a little overwhelmed with excitement, jumping and jumping in the office.

For a de facto hegemon in Donghai City, this behavior is a bit naive.

It can be seen that Dustin Zhou is really happy

To a certain extent?

But he didn’t notice at all. Outside the office door, Enderia Shen, who was about to knock on the door, flashed a touch of loss on his face and silently retracted his jade hand.

Enderia Shen left Dustin Zhou’s office in despair, no one knew what she was thinking.

On Dustin Zhou’s side, after being excited for a while, he quickly recovered his calm, informed Lord Tiger, Su Shiming and Sun Qiankun, and then quickly came downstairs and drove Enderia Shen’s car toward Xie’s family.

Upstairs, Enderia Shen clearly watched Dustin Zhou drive her car away, but she said nothing, just sighed silently, and then returned to her position.

Xie family.

Mira Xie curled up on the sofa, holding a pillow in his arms, looking disappointed.

And Xie’s mother and some other relatives of Xie’s family sat opposite her, chattering endlessly.

“Mira, don’t be so stubborn anymore, okay! What’s wrong with Master Feng that makes you look down on it so much!” “Yes, if I want to say, this Mira is stupid, making money and making money. The old saying goes well. A woman without talent is virtue. This woman just can’t let her start a company by herself, or she won’t know her position anymore.” “Don’t you just have a little money? But women want What’s the use of money? Isn’t it about getting married and having children? No matter how big your career is, don’t you still have to let go?” “Finding a rich man is king!” These words have been repeated countless times by relatives. Up.

In fact, to put it plainly, they have talked about the past, that is, these words, they can’t say any new tricks.

But they still chattered endlessly, as if they never knew they were tired.

Mira Xie finally couldn’t help it, and said, “Didn’t I tell you? Dustin Zhou’s business is very successful now. He is no worse than the Feng Gongzi in your mouth. Why can’t you wait? Wait for him to come and prove himself. Isn’t it all right?” Mira Xie actually doesn’t know how successful Dustin Zhou is now, but just as the project leader of a famous company, he is definitely a successful person.

But none of these relatives believed.

“Mira, stop making trouble, Dustin Zhoucheng was unsuccessful, don’t we know?” “Just a year ago, he was still a pure waste, and he has to continue to take money from your house, which will also be moved from your house. What can he achieve after going out for a year?” “Also, because of his virtue, if he has any achievements, can he not show off?” “He is different from you!” Mira Xie said angrily.

“Not the same as us?” Mira Xie’s words angered the group of relatives.

“Okay, okay, I’ll just treat it as a trash now.

, How much money can he make a month?

Can you earn five thousand?

“I think he has a monthly salary of five thousand, or even six thousand and eight thousand, but you compare him with Feng Gongzi, isn’t it a bit too much?

“Do you know how powerful Feng Gongzi is?”

“In fact, Mr. Feng in their mouth is an ordinary person. In terms of assets, there is not even as much as Mira Xie… But it is not important. What is important is that he is generous! Mr. Feng’s real name is Feng Jinjing, and his Father Feng Kaishan is a big man in the tea industry in Donghai City. Among ordinary people, he is regarded as the second child. His position is second only to Li Dahai. The total assets of the Feng family are about four billion. And this master Feng , It was spent a full 20,000 yuan to take care of these relatives of Mira Xie. 20,000 yuan for various clothes for several hundred yuan, dozens of yuan for a box of milk, or fruit, etc. In short, Feng When he came to Xie’s house, he had never come empty-handed, and he could buy something for more than one thousand yuan each time. In this way, Mr. Feng became a supreme existence in their eyes. So they all have People have persuaded Mira Xie to marry this son Feng. As for Xie’s mother, she is a fool. She has long been fooled. In addition, she has always hated Dustin Zhou. Under such circumstances, she began to support Mira Xie. If Mira Xie didn’t marry Master Feng, she would imprison Mira Xie for three full days! And today is the day when the Feng family gave the Xie family a betrothal gift! Neighbors in the neighborhood, even Mira Xie’s Many friends know this. Mira Xie really has no choice, so he will call Dustin Zhou. This is the day to give the bride price. Mira Xie still disagrees with the marriage, so these relatives will gather here to try to convince Mira Xie. Mira Xie simply remained silent. At this time, there was a knock on the door of Xie’s house. Dustin Zhou is here! But the relatives in the house, I don’t know that Dustin Zhou is here. A relative has been guarding the window and saw the building. A Maserati drove down and immediately said, “Wow, look, what a luxury car is that!

“That car has to be several million. Only Mr. Feng can drive that kind of car!”

“Master Feng is here, everyone is ready to meet!”

The crowd gathered at the door, and there was a knock on the door. They opened the door with joy and shouted welcome, but the person standing at the door was Dustin Zhou. The smiles of this group of people solidified in an instant. After the atmosphere was silent for a while, someone immediately cursed, “It’s really bad luck, why is this guy!

“That’s right, what else is this guy doing?”

He also thinks he has something to do with our Xie family


“At this time, Mother Xie also came over, she stared at Dustin Zhou coldly for a while, and then suddenly slapped her over. “Get out!

You are not welcome here!

“Xie’s mother said coldly.

Chapter 1084

This slap of Xie’s mother can be said to be a very pleasant slap. Because all those present were people who looked at Dustin Zhou’s dislikes. The living room was very fast. There was one after another sneer. “Hehe, when I came to the door, I was slapped by my mother-in-law. We don’t know what else is standing here.

“This is the reason you are talking about. Why are there such thick-skinned people in this world?”

What’s the point of having to hang the divorce certificate and refuse to divorce?

He was beaten when he came to his wife’s house, and no one welcomed him.

“The man has done this, it’s really better to die.”

“Everyone said one after another. They all felt very refreshed when they saw Xie’s mother hit Dustin Zhou. At this time, it was a good opportunity to get into trouble. Facing this kind of irony, Dustin Zhou didn’t feel embarrassed. Shameless? Who is the shame? He just didn’t want to be familiar with these people. As for the slap of Xie’s mother who slapped him, he didn’t care at all. First, it didn’t hurt at all, and at most it was a bit of a shame. But there’s one thing to say about losing face. It can be said that Dustin Zhou has no face at all in Xie’s house. The second thing is that he is used to this kind of thing. He has never been beaten by Xie’s mother before. He smiled slightly, glanced at Xie’s mother, and scanned the living room. Other relatives sneered and said, “Don’t worry, I am not here to see you today.

“I’m here to find Mira.”

He looked at Mother Xie again, “This slap, even if we are cleared up, I won’t care about your feelings from now on.”

“Whether Mira should be with me or not is her own choice, and you, I will not allow you to stop our relationship anymore.”

“Dustin Zhou’s words were full of anger, because he himself was fearless. This time he looked at Mira Xie, “Mira, are you willing to follow me?”

“I do!”

Mira Xie ran over and threw himself into Dustin Zhou’s arms, “Dustin Zhou, take me away, I really have stayed at this house enough, I don’t want to stay any longer for a second!”

“Well, I will take you away today!”

Dustin Zhou nodded, holding Mira Xie’s hand, and about to walk outside. “Stop!”

What a courage!

“You said we’re both cleared?”

Now it is my daughter that you are taking away, I don’t agree, I see how you take her away!

Mother Xie stood up. Other relatives also surrounded Dustin Zhou and Mira Xie unkindly. “That’s right, who are these people? This is a plan to grab it!”

“I really don’t have any brains at all. How about so many of us, can you snatch Mira away?” Dustin Zhou sneered, “Hold it hard? Excuse me, Mira walked with me voluntarily, everything I did. , All have a clear conscience.” “If anyone wants to stop me, you can try.” Dustin Zhou’s eyes were like a cold beast, scanning everyone, and for a while, no one dared to come over and stop him. .

Dustin Zhou walked forward with Mira Xie.

Mother Xie shook her teeth and stood in front of Dustin Zhou, “You just can’t get out of this door today, I see what you can do!” “Get me away!” Dustin Zhou roared and grabbed Mother Xie by the head. Just throw her aside.

This time, Xie’s mother fell so hard, how could he be able to withstand such a toss at such an old age?

Suddenly lying on the ground screamed.

But Dustin Zhou ignored her at all, telling the truth, Dustin Zhou wanted to do it a long time ago.

In the past, it only sold her a face.

But now, Dustin Zhou has already said that everyone has cleaned up, and he will never give her face anymore. This guy is still coming up to find death, so who will not throw her?

Mira Xie glanced back at Mother Xie who was lying on the ground, a touch of unbearable flashes in his eyes, but still did not say anything, and turned his head through gritted teeth.

“Rebellion! You trash dare to beat people in our Xie’s house! You absolutely can’t get out of this door today!” It was the relatives of Xie’s family that immediately became excited.

In their eyes, Dustin Zhou has been sentenced to death!

“Mira, look at this guy, you dare to do something to your mother, are you going to follow this brute?” “Mira, you white-eyed wolf, if you still have a little conscience, you can stay quickly!” While insulting Dustin Zhou, this group put pressure on Mira Xie.

Mira Xie gritted his teeth and finally couldn’t help but speak.

“Enough! Shut me up!” “Shameless? Shameless, it should be your group!” “Don’t think I don’t know why you care about our family affairs so much, not because I have Is it a company? Isn’t it because I have a little money? You call it, it’s nothing more than paying attention to that little money!” “In these years, have you swindled from my house with little money? And the last time it was big? When my uncle said that he was about to start a family, you almost divided up my company!” “At that time, your ugly features were not fully exposed? You even started to bully my mother!” “If it weren’t for Dustin Zhou’s help Now, my company is gone. By that time, what kind of life will my mother and I lead, and will you still care about us?” “The most ridiculous thing is my mother! Facing someone like you

Qi, I have been pitted so many times and even choose to believe you!

If it wasn’t for she was my real mother, I would have slapped her twice!

“It’s so unbelievable, I actually believe in you wolf-hearted people!”

After bullying my mother last time, seeing the company back in my hands, you still have the face to come back!

“You are the most shameless people!”

“Mira Xie gritted his silver teeth, his apricot eyes widened, and said in one breath. These words calmed Dustin Zhou on one side. Dustin Zhou always felt that he was very wronged. He had done his best to Xie Jiaren and liked Mira Xie very much. Because of the Xie family’s obstruction, Mira Xie has been unable to give him a clear answer. This makes Dustin Zhou sometimes wonder whether the relationship is worth it. The Xie family hates herself so much, and in Mira Xie’s heart, her family is also far away. It’s far more important than herself. Dustin Zhou feels that no matter how much he gives, the relationship is fed to the dog. But now he knows what kind of grievances Mira Xie bears. These are all her relatives! She loves Dustin Zhou, but her mother and her relatives are like this, what can she do? Is it possible that she really has to choose between the two? It turns out that the most painful one has always been Mira Xie. And those relatives After hearing this, they all looked at each other. They didn’t expect that Mira Xie was not a fool.

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