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Chapter 1052

Isn’t this the place where Dustin Zhou lives!

The same community, and then walk inside, it seems to be the same unit!

As he walked forward, he finally saw the place where the crowd gathered in front.

Then, he also saw the monkey and Dustin Zhou’s familiar face!

Monkey idiot!

Dustin Zhou turned out to be really offended!

He quickly trot all the way and slipped past.

Seeing Xu Yilei’s arrival, the monkey immediately ran over to greet him with excitement. Before he left, he said to Dustin Zhou, “Boy, you are done!” “No matter how much better you are than me, you can never be the opponent of the martial master!” “Do you know what Martial Master means? If you do, I suggest you kneel down and apologize now, maybe it’s still too late!” After saying that, he greeted Xu Yilei, “Lei Lord, you can count it. That’s it!” Xu Yilei ignored him at all, but went straight to Dustin Zhou, nodding respectfully and bowing his waist, “Mr. Zhou, why are you here?” This scene shocked everyone again.

Of course the monkey was shocked because he knew Xu Yilei

The identity, the genuine martial master, in this Donghai City, wherever he goes, he should be regarded as a guest of existence!

Even in front of Lord Tiger, Xu Yilei doesn’t need to respect him!

But Dustin Zhou’s status is much higher than Tiger’s.

Of course Chang Wei was also shocked. He didn’t know Xu Yilei, but he also knew what the monkey background meant.

Whatever happened to him in the past, as long as he moved out of the monkey, the monkey didn’t need to call people at all. It was just that he was a member of the Brilliant Hotel, and basically everything would be solved.

But now, the monkey directly moved his biggest backer at the Brilliant Hotel, but that backer nodded and bowed to Dustin Zhou. Doesn’t this mean something big is about to happen!

Chang Wei couldn’t imagine what kind of great god he had offended.

As for Liu Qingshi and the others, they felt like a few toads at this time.

What is this called!

Originally they came so arrogantly to trouble Dustin Zhou and vowed to tell Dustin Zhou that no matter how good you are, Dustin Zhou is a beaten brother in front of us. We will always be the big brother who can surpass you!

But now?

They called the big brother Chang Wei, and their big brother Chang Wei called the big brother monkey.

The monkey called their eldest brother’s eldest brother again, and this eldest brother called Dustin Zhou the eldest brother!

This is how many generations are missing!

They dare not think about it at all, because they feel numb.

They have never noticed that their own identity is so small, it is so humble that it is even worse than dust.

And their behavior is so ridiculous.

They only understood now that if Dustin Zhou wanted to kill them, it was really just a matter of moving his fingers.

At this time, Dustin Zhou was looking at Xu Yilei with a condescending attitude.

“Why can’t I be here? This is my home.” Dustin Zhou said lazily.

Xu Yilei was a little embarrassed suddenly, he wanted to slap himself in both mouths, can he speak!

Why do you want to ask such a stupid question!

“Haha, that’s right, this is Mr. Zhou’s home, I was abrupt.” He said embarrassingly.

Dustin Zhou looked at him amusedly, “This is not the key to the problem, right.” “The key to the problem shouldn’t be, what are you doing?” “Could it be that you came to say hello to me?” Xu Yilei’s face After sinking, I thought I still couldn’t escape.

He looked at the monkey directly, and then slapped it up with a slap, “You are not timid! You dare to blackmail Mr. Zhou!” “Don’t kill you!” Xu Yilei looked at the monkey with a gloomy expression, it seemed to be true Angry.

The monkey was holding his face in fear and didn’t know how to explain it.

, And then he looked at Chang Wei, “Chang Wei, you are so bold!” “You dare to blackmail Mr. Zhou, are you tired of your life!” Chang Wei could only look at Liu Qingshi.

Liu Qingshi had no choice but to kneel down directly to Dustin Zhou.

They don’t have any confusion now, they have very clearly realized the gap between themselves and Dustin Zhou.

“Dustin Zhou! Daddy Zhou! Grandpa Zhou! We were wrong!” “For the sake of all of us, spare our lives!” Liu Qingshi and others said with tears of tears. Now they are really scared. Extremely!

Except for their crying, Xu Yilei, Monkey, Chang Wei and others all remained silent, and no one dared to intercede for them.

Just kidding and pleading, these people lowered their heads one by one, for fear that they would be implicated. At this time, they had already scolded Liu Qingshi and the others bloody!

Dustin Zhou walked over silently, squatting in front of them, with no pity in his eyes, looking at them like a few dogs.

“Before I thought I was a bully, so I came to ask for money. Now I see that I’m not bullying, so I kneel down, right?” “Grandpa Zhou, we know it was wrong!” Liu Qingshi didn’t dare to refute anything, but He kept apologizing.

“It’s wrong, you have to pay the price.” Dustin Zhou said lightly.

He hates this kind of confession.

If I’m sorry it’s useful, what are you going to do?

Before Liu Qingshi and the others called people, Dustin Zhou was not disgusted, because he felt that if you can call people, that is also part of your strength.

People who do things wrong are actually not annoying.

Everyone makes mistakes. At this time, you have only two choices.

First, use your own strength to obliterate your mistakes.

If you are unwilling to admit your mistakes, then let all those who think you are wrong or who think you are wrong shut up!

Second, bear the price for one’s own mistakes, and bear what kind of price you should pay.



Is this really a man’s behavior?


This is Dustin Zhou’s most annoying performance.

He didn’t intend to spare Liu Qingshi and the others, but called Xu Yilei who was just aside.

“Call Lord Tiger and ask him to send one hundred million in cash.” Dustin Zhou ordered.

Xu Yilei didn’t dare to ask why, so he called directly.

And here, Dustin Zhou called Su Shiming and Sun Qiankun separately and asked them to send 50 million in cash.

It is difficult to get a lot of things like cash. For each force, it is almost impossible to get 200 million in cash at once.

That’s why Dustin Zhou sent the three forces at the same time.

Soon, three luxury cars stopped at the door of Dustin Zhou’s house, a Rolls

Les, two Maybachs.

The person Dustin Zhou called also walked down carrying large and small safes.

Chapter 1053

“Mr. Zhou!” Hu Ye carried two suitcases in his hand, and behind him, four men in black were carrying two large suitcases.

Tiger Lord himself brought a full 100 million in cash!

One hundred million in cash, what is the concept?

The weight of a hundred-yuan bill is about 1.5 grams.

It doesn’t seem to be multiple.

But one hundred million yuan is a full one million hundred yuan bills!

One million!

Multiplying by 1.5 grams, it also weighs 1.15 million grams. In other words, a weight of 100 million yuan is enough to weigh a ton!

Just this weight, to be honest, give it to five ordinary people, they can’t take it.

Fortunately, there are basically no ordinary people around Tiger.

The two suitcases in his hand are five million in one suitcase, and two suitcases are ten million.

The five million boxes were already a bit exaggerated. Lord Tiger carried two boxes and placed them in front of Dustin Zhou, and the four men in black behind him also put down the two huge boxes.

A full 100 million in cash is placed together, which is comparable to the volume of a large dining table.

Imagine that there is a huge pile of money like a large dining table in front of you, densely packed and solid, what is it like?

That’s not even counted, Su Shiming and Sun Qiankun each brought another 50 million, a total of 200 million!

Two hundred million are put together, and they are taller than a person when stacked. As for the volume, it is still the kind of size that a person can’t reach with open arms.

The 200 million employees’ cash is enough to fill the toilets in ordinary households!

For Liu Qingshi and the others, two hundred million seems to be a matter of open mouth.

They heard that Dustin Zhou was worth over 10 billion, and they wondered if it would be too much to ask for 200 million.

But they have no idea about the two billions. Until now, when the two billions are really in front of them, they realized what the power of real money is.

Just this money is enough to make countless people crazy!

This money can buy at least ten lives!

Liu Qingshi didn’t doubt it at all!

What made them even more terrifying was the people who gave Dustin Zhou money.

Through Xu Yilei’s greetings with the monkey, he learned the identities of these three people.

The real master behind the scenes of the Brilliant Hotel, Lord Tiger!

Sun Qiankun, the head of the first family of the first-class family in Donghai City!

Su Shiming, the head of the second family of the first-class family in Donghai City!

Of course, at this time, Su Shiming’s status was already above Sun Qiankun, but Liu Qingshi and the others must have not understood it yet.

They only know

, These two families are both powerful to the legendary existence.

Especially Tiger Lord, for them at the bottom of the society, that is the ultimate idol of a lifetime!

The real underground world boss!

The first underground person in Donghae City!

But these people turned out to be respectful and respectful in front of Dustin Zhou, and they were obedient, which made Liu Qingshi and the others directly despair.

What is Dustin Zhou’s identity?

Dustin Zhou ignored their thoughts. Instead, he patted the banknotes in front of him and said to them, “What about the money you want, I have already taken it for you.” “Accept the money first. It’s my punishment for you.” Dustin Zhou didn’t plan to let these people go. He hated the appearance of these people crying and apologizing as soon as they did something wrong, so he didn’t plan to give these people a chance to apologize.

Don’t you want money?

I got the money for you. Now, there is no need for you to apologize.

Dustin Zhou said lightly, “Accept it.” However, how dare people like Liu Qingshi!

Now that two hundred million in cash are in front of them, they can’t afford the slightest idea of ​​greed, but are full of pressure.

It seems that what is in front of them is not 200 million in cash at all, but a big mountain!

“Don’t, don’t, Brother Yang, Brother Zhou, Father Zhou, we were wrong!” Liu Qingshi kept saying, “Forgive us, we don’t need the money!” “Don’t?” Dustin Zhou put these three words Read it silently.

Then he took it out of it and fiddled with it twice.

“You said that you want 200 million yuan. I took so much effort to get someone to send it to you, but you just said nothing.” “What? Do you think it’s fun to play me?” Dustin Zhou asked coldly. Tao.

In fact, this behavior is somewhat unreasonable.

Because before Dustin Zhou asked people to send the money, Liu Qingshi and the others had already admitted their mistakes and apologized.

Dustin Zhou ignored them and forced others to send the money.

But what can be done if it is unreasonable?

Is it necessary to be reasonable with such a person?

When they bullied Dustin Zhou, there were more reasons than this!

Dustin Zhou is already very kind!

Dustin Zhou threw the wad of money in front of them, “Do you think that I might let you go now?” “I really don’t think I have a temper at all? I have been tossing in front of me for so long, now I have money. I’ve got it for you too. If you don’t want it, I can treat it as nothing happened and let you go back safely?” It’s just a joke!

After Dustin Zhou’s words were spoken, even Liu Qingshi themselves realized how shameless they were.


How can they expect Dustin Zhou to let him go?

Probably in their minds, no matter how strong Dustin Zhou was, he still had something to do with the bully silly boy before.

That’s why they have this fluke mentality.

But now they realized that Dustin Zhou at this time had nothing to do with the previous Dustin Zhou.

Whether it is strength or character.

They have no hope anymore and can’t escape.

“What are you going to do!” Liu Qingshi said desperately.

He knew he couldn’t escape, but he didn’t know what exactly Dustin Zhou would use to deal with him.

Dustin Zhou stared at him blankly for a while, then shook his head.

“Forget it, each of you breaks your own arm, and then leave.” Dustin Zhou said lightly.

As soon as his words fell, a man in black immediately stepped forward and threw a short knife in front of Liu Qingshi and the others.

Looking at the dazzling dagger on the ground, Liu Qingshi hit a chill.

What’s a joke, is he going to use this knife to chop off his arm?

How is that possible?

Can things like arms be chopped off with a single knife?

How can it be done!

Liu Qingshi repeatedly shook his head and said, “No, no, it’s impossible, Dustin Zhou, you can’t be so cruel! This is too much!”

Chapter 1054

Although Liu Qingshi knew Dustin Zhou would not let them go, but after hearing Dustin Zhou’s punishment, he couldn’t help but shouted out.

It hurts to let him lose an arm by himself!

“Dustin Zhou! We didn’t cause any substantial harm to you. You are so strong that you are so pretentious with us?” Liu Qingshi shouted.

It’s just that Dustin Zhou was tired of hearing these shameless words, so he didn’t plan to give Liu Qingshi any face.

“Master Tiger, leave it to you.” Dustin Zhou said lightly, then turned and left!

To do this kind of thing, Hu Ye is absolutely professional!

Soon, Liu Qingshi and the others screamed from behind.

“Dustin Zhou…” Liu Qingshi shouted in despair as he watched Dustin Zhou’s departure.

Lord Tiger looked at the few people lying on the ground blankly, and then said coldly, “Now, you can roll away. If you stay here to disturb Mr. Zhou, I am afraid it is not as simple as losing an arm. Liu Qingshi shivered again.

He climbed up from the ground with difficulty. Although Lord Tiger took his arm, he healed his wound by the way to prevent him from bleeding too much.

So these people who lost their arms can all get up from the ground.

After they got up, they walked towards the 200 million in cash.

Both arms

I’ve already lost it, I must take the money!

Even deep in their hearts, there is still some ecstasy now.

They may not be able to make them sever.

But if someone else helped them cut it down, then they feel that they have earned it!

Just throwing an arm away, you can make a full 200 million in cash!

This allows them to be divided among the four, but one person can be divided into 50 million!

Enough for them to be happy for a lifetime!

Unfortunately, when they were about to walk in front of the cash, the two men in black stood in front of them.

“What are you doing?” Liu Qingshi frowned, and said bitterly, “These money, but Dustin Zhou promised to give us, is it possible that you still have to stop it?” If it was left before, they would say something to someone like Hu Ye I dare not speak.

But now, they are all hovering on the edge of life and death, and there are 200 million in cash in front of them, which gives them great courage.

What’s more, the current Liu Qingshi understands very well that Lord Tiger looks like a great critic, but he is still Dustin Zhou’s subordinate!

Dustin Zhou promised to give this money to him. Could these people still dare to stop it?

So he moved out of Dustin Zhou, trying to suppress Hu Ye’s men.

But those two people didn’t move at all, still standing in front of them.

At this time, Master Tiger said, “Yes, Mr. Zhou promised to give you the money.” “Now, the money is indeed yours.” Liu Qingshi still frowned, because instinct told him that things were all right. It’s as simple as that, Lord Tiger hasn’t finished speaking yet.

“Since the money is ours, why are you stopping us?” Liu Qingshi asked.

“Because I grabbed the money from you, are you not convinced?” Tiger Lord said with a faint smile.

“Of course, our Su family also has one.” “Including our Sun family!” Su Shiming and Sun Qiankun also stood up.

“Your money will be divided among the three of us. If there is something uncomfortable in your heart, just say it.” “Of course, it is best not to say something bad, otherwise, no one can guarantee what will happen to the next house.” “Or, you can choose to retaliate against us in the future, and we can all wait anytime.” Master Tiger looked at these people with a mocking expression.

Looks like a fool.

He had never seen such a naive person.

Really don’t know what I did?

Even trying to really take the money away?

They should be glad that they are still alive!

At this moment, Liu Qingshi finally understood.

Dustin Zhou gave him money as a random promise.

Even if Dustin Zhou fulfilled his promise, they would not be able to take the money.

For example, Dustin Zhou has fulfilled his promise, and 200 million in cash is in front of them.

Moreover, everyone present admitted that the money really belongs to them.

But the money that belongs to them is placed in front of them, but they are not even qualified to touch it.

This is the gap in strength.

A total of four people came, and everyone lost his arm.

Sacrificed for nothing.

The frustrated Liu Qingshi planned to leave like this.

But the Tiger Lord behind him stopped them.

“What do you want? Is it true that you want us to stay here?” Liu Qingshi finally couldn’t help but yelled out.

At this moment, he was not even afraid of death, because he was so wronged!

The fate of their four little friends is so humble in front of these big people!

Faced with Liu Qingshi’s anger, Hu Ye did not get angry, but smiled at him slightly.

“Nuo, you can take the money.” Master Tiger pointed to the ground with his mouth.

It is a wad of brand new banknotes.

Liu Qingshi remembered that this was a wad of money Dustin Zhou threw on his head when he was kneeling on the ground.

A wad, which is 10,000 yuan.

Four people ran over menacingly, each of whom lost an arm, only to get back 10,000 yuan. In fact, strictly speaking, this 10,000 yuan was a donation from others. For a while, Liu Qingshi didn’t know he should cry. Still should laugh.

Seeing the brand-new 10,000 yuan in his hand, which was still stained with the blood from the time he broke his arm, he finally couldn’t help laughing up to the sky.

He seemed to be smiling happily, and he couldn’t stop at all…because he was crazy.

Unable to withstand this kind of tossing, he finally couldn’t bear to go crazy.

The crazy Liu Qingshi attempted to make some strange moves, and wanted to rush towards the Tiger Lord, but in the end he was stopped by his companion and dragged away.

Tiger Lord and the others looked at each other and smiled, their expressions were as if they had watched a farce, and they each returned to the car with their own money.

But they did not leave, but went to Dustin Zhou’s house.

After all, so many people gathered together, of course, there is no reason to leave so easily.

“Mr. Zhou is really hard. I didn’t expect that someone like this would come to trouble you.” Tiger Ye said with a smile.

Dustin Zhou lay on the sofa, rubbing his temples, and said impatiently, “Believe it or not, this kind of thing will not end yet, I can guarantee that someone will come over.” “No way!” There was a look of shock in his eyes.

Both Su Shiming and Sun Qiankun looked in disbelief.

Are you kidding me, I’ve been beaten up like this, dare to find it?

Are those people fools?

But it didn’t take long before the iron door rang outside.

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