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Chapter 1085

That’s right, in the eyes of everyone in the Xie family, Mira Xie and Xie Mother, has always been a representative of a fool. Although Mira Xie is rich, no matter how they bully Mira Xie and Xie mother, Mira Xie will never say anything. What is this not a fool? As for Xie’s mother, let alone. That’s a stupid fool. Even if you give her a slap and give her a thumbs up, she will believe that she is beautiful. It is precisely because of this situation that they can do whatever they want blatantly. It doesn’t matter if all of their ugly faces are exposed. Anyway, Xie’s mother is a lie, and Mira Xie doesn’t say anything. Over time, they have developed a habit of speaking shamelessly in front of everyone’s eyes. But Unexpectedly, today Mira Xie was exposed to them all. This made them a little guilty for a while. It turns out that these bad things they did were still known to somebody. But soon someone spoke, “Mira Xie, don’t talk nonsense, we are Relatives, we are all for your good!

“As soon as these words came out, there was a moment of silence in the living room, and then everyone babbled out, “That’s right, Mira Xie, do you still want to order?”


“I’m really an unfamiliar white-eyed wolf, we are all for your own good, but you actually said that we are greedy for your advantage!”

“They quickly reacted, even if Mira Xie exposes their crimes? Anyway, there are so many people, and the black ones can be said to be white! Mira Xie fell into deep despair as he looked at the scene before him. This is the reason why she was unwilling to fight before. “Since you are not greedy for my family’s advantage, since you also know that I am a white-eyed wolf, then, in the future, can you just leave it alone?

“Mira Xie threw out the last killer. She was unwilling to fight before because she knew that her relatives would not be reasonable. And she couldn’t bear to really sever the relationship with these relatives. But today, she made up her mind. Isn’t there anything wrong with you? Can’t you still put on an aggrieved attitude and say that I am a white-eyed wolf? Then we will never meet again from now on, so don’t we have to hurt each other? Mira Xie is cold Said. The living room fell into silence again. Cut off the relationship? That wouldn’t work! The money they usually abducted from Mira Xie’s house is higher than the work income of the whole family! “Mira, stop talking nonsense, you Even if it is really a white-eyed wolf, we will not leave you alone!

“That’s right, if you want me to see, you are just confused by this guy Dustin Zhou, and I don’t know what shameful means this guy used to fascinate you like this.

“Don’t say anything, we won’t abandon you, and we won’t let Dustin Zhou snatch you away!”

“Those relatives, once again showed that what is shameless is never a bottom line. Yes, I just want to say that you are a white-eyed wolf, but I still want to stick to you! No way, I am such a good person, moved? Moved? The touched Mira Xie had already cried, and two lines of helpless tears flowed down the corners of his eyes. At this time, Dustin Zhou had already endured to the limit. He had always known that the relatives of the Xie family were shameless, so he gradually Far away from the Xie family, and even the relationship with Mira Xie gradually estranged. But the uncle can bear it, and the aunt can’t bear it! Thinking of Mira Xie facing such a rogue every day, Dustin Zhou instantly understood why Mira Xie kept a distance from himself . It’s these bastards! Absolutely unforgivable! “Get out of here!

Dustin Zhou’s cold voice sounded. “Listen, you are all right.”

“Mira is a white-eyed wolf, you are great good people, and I, Dustin Zhou, is a bad person who poured ecstasy soup on Mira Xie.”

“These are all true, but today, I am Dustin Zhou

If you don’t make sense, whoever dares to stop me, don’t blame me for being rude!

“Speaking, Dustin Zhou directly took Mira Xie out! “Stop!”

“A relative stopped him. “Get down to the Lord!”

Dustin Zhou directly pressed the guy’s head, causing him to fall to the ground fiercely. This time, his head came into contact with the floor directly, and he fell with a muffled sound. “Master has been waiting for this moment for a long time.” , All come up to stop me!

It’s hard to beat one!

“Dustin Zhou scanned the surroundings and said fiercely. There was a drooling sound around. They didn’t expect that Dustin Zhou would be so vicious. “What, what?

“Yes, or forget it.”

“Someone looked at the living example on the ground, and didn’t know whether it was life or death, and they were immediately stunned. It didn’t matter that the morale fell in an instant, and everyone was stunned. They backed silently and did not dare to speak. But they did not dare to speak out, but Dustin Zhou became excited. Just when he pushed the guy who was blocking the road to the floor, he realized that he was so relieved. “Forget it?

It’s too late, now it’s not up to you!

Dustin Zhouxie laughed and walked directly towards the happiest relative. “Didn’t you just yell very cheerfully?”

keep going?

“Say, who is the white-eyed wolf and who is the shameless person?”

“Dustin Zhou directly pinched his neck and asked. “I, I, what I said, can you let me go?”

“The man asked only conscientiously. “Answer wrong, next one!”

Dustin Zhou grabbed the guy and slammed it against the wall. He grabbed the next one. “You said.

“I, I am, all of us are.

“With the lessons learned, this person said very happy. “The answer is correct, the next one!

“Dustin Zhou threw him out again. Now Dustin Zhou is basically in a state of half anger. Although he is deliberately controlling his strength, he is a warrior emperor after all. How can ordinary people be able to hold him if he makes a move? All the people he fell out screamed like a pig, and suddenly felt that his internal organs were shattered. However, Dustin Zhou had not stopped. There were a dozen people in this hall, and Dustin Zhou fell out three in an instant. Four. “What are you going to do!

What we say is a dead right?

“The fifth person asked with a cry. “You are clever.”

“Dustin Zhou sneered, “So, you go to die too!”

“He fell out again, like falling a worthless toy. At this time, the remaining seven or eight people finally know what fear is. The scheming, dirty tricks and tricks they usually play with, Dustin Zhou is completely useless here.

Chapters 1086

They have tried all the methods, unreasonable, black and white reversed, but what can be done like this?

Dustin Zhou admits that he is a bad person. It is because he is a bad person that I have to beat you up. Is there a problem?

These relatives of the Xie family have never encountered such a situation.

Moreover, they still face a waste that they think they can knead at will.

Dustin Zhou, this waste in their eyes, can only be left to their bullying existence, but today it has brought them boundless fear.

“Come on, let’s go together.” Dustin Zhou pulled open the collar and said, staring at the Xie family.

“To deal with people like you, to reason with you is a very stupid choice.” “Since everyone is unreasonable, I will let you try today and feel unreasonable!” To be honest, these Xie’s family has felt it.

They want to admit their mistakes or kneel down to apologize.

Because no matter what they say, they can only get a beating.

Actually, think about it from another angle. They used to be like this?

Have they ever given Dustin Zhou and Mira Xie a chance?

They never did, they just acted according to their own ideas.

No matter what Dustin Zhou and Mira Xie said to them, they couldn’t listen.

Today, this kind of retribution finally landed on them.

Just when these Xie family members were desperate, there was a sound of footsteps outside the stairs.

Since Dustin Zhou came to Mira Xie’s house, the door of the house was open, so the footsteps in the corridor could be heard very clearly.

Soon, a young man in a suit and leather shoe carrying a briefcase appeared at Mira Xie’s door with a shocked look.

“Oh, my god, what happened?” “My dearest aunt, aunt, aunt, oh, why are you all lying on the ground?” “Oh my god, what is going on? What’s going on? My spirit jade baby, you are okay, thank goodness, you are okay.” “Huh? Who are you stuffed buns? My God, I swear to God, I have never seen a stuffed bun like you, How can you hold my spirit jade baby? Let go of your dirty hands!” The young man said with a very exaggerated expression and tone.

“Master Feng is here!” After seeing this young man, all the relatives of the Xie family cheered up, as if they had seen a savior.

This is their savior!

Young Master Feng, there are billions of rich young masters in his family. In front of him, Dustin Zhou will be crushed like an ant!

“Master Feng! This is this guy, this guy is blocking your marriage with Mira, and today you injured all of our family members. You

Don’t let him go!

Immediately someone shouted. “Huh?

My goodness, is my opponent such a stupid pig?

“I said that as soon as I entered the door, I felt a dirty breath. It turned out to be emanating from you, my God, I have never seen such a tasteless person!”

“Tell the truth, young man, as my opponent, you are stealing women from me. That is really the greatest misfortune of your life!”

“Young Master Feng looked at Dustin Zhou with contempt, and walked towards Dustin Zhou step by step, “Hey buddy, of course, don’t get excited just because I call you buddy. I’m very fraternity, even if I see a little cat. The dog will also bark buddy.

“Man, I said, quit now, before you are completely embarrassed.”

As Feng Gongzi said, he stretched out a hand and tried to pat Dustin Zhou on the shoulder, but what was waiting for him was a big mouth. Dustin Zhou backhanded a big mouth on his face, “Tongue straightened.” I’m talking to Master!

“You, do you dare to hit me?”

Mr. Feng held his red face, staring at Dustin Zhou incredulously, “You dare to hit me!”

Do you know who I am?

“I care who you are!”

“Dustin Zhou slapped another slap on his backhand,” said Master when he said something, straightened his tongue and said something human.

“Furthermore, I will talk about Master’s language that is neither human nor bird nor bird, Master greets you only by slap, understand?

Seeing Dustin Dustin’s slap in the air, Young Master Feng chose to compromise. “Your boy is so temperamental, you dare to threaten me!”

” “Do you know who I am?

Mr. Feng said. Dustin Zhou grinned, Yang Qi’s slap suddenly accelerated, and he slapped Mr. Feng’s face again. “I care who you are, don’t you know how to talk?”

“Of course I will!”

But why are you hitting me!

Didn’t you say that as long as I speak human words, you won’t hit me?

“Young Master Feng clutched his face and roared. As the second richest young man in Donghai City, Young Master Feng has never suffered such grievances. Before anything was done, he received three slaps first. Dustin Zhou smiled slightly, “I just ordered you to speak human words, and did not promise that I will not beat you when you speak human words, understand?

“Now it’s okay, let’s talk, what’s the matter.”

Everyone in the Xie family was stunned at the scene in front of them. Some didn’t even understand what was happening. Isn’t that Young Master Feng the second generation of super rich? Isn’t he an elite sea turtle? After he came, he shouldn’t be hanging around Dustin Zhou. How does it look like, but Dustin Zhou has all the initiative? This Master Feng is like a rookie who is only a promise? Actually, the heart of Master Feng

It is also very aggrieved.

But he can’t help it, he has never seen such a routine!

In the past, no matter where he went, everyone was flattering. Even if there were conflicts and conflicts, it was a struggle with family and financial resources. How could anyone beat people up like this!

Wouldn’t it be good not to give him a chance to show off his wealth at all!

He has no choice but to bear it down first, wait for the opportunity to come, and then work hard to move out his family.

He believed that Dustin Zhou would regret it at that time!

And now, this opportunity has come!

“Young man, I don’t know who you are, but you raised your hand with two slaps. You will regret it after a while, because you don’t know who I am!” Young Master Feng stabilized his mind and took a picture. Said the face.

“Oh? Really? Then what is your identity?” Dustin Zhou asked.

“Feng’s son! The second richest heir in Donghai City!” Feng Gongzi said very proudly.

What he said, the people in the Xie family became excited.

Heir to the second richest in Donghae City!

How domineering!

Dustin Zhou smiled again, then slapped it with another backhand.

“So? What then? That’s it? The heir to the second richest in Donghai City, that’s it?” “What do you want to express?” Is this the case for

Chapter 1087

Dustin Zhou stared at this Young Master Feng coldly, and asked jokingly.

To tell the truth, Dustin Zhou is still not sure how this Young Master Feng is. Logically speaking, he should not be punished so much.

But Dustin Zhou knew that this guy was definitely not a good person.

It’s not that this guy opens his mouth and shuts his mouth. It’s the kind of language that doesn’t mean people or birds. Although the kind of person owes a lot of punches, it’s just a personal character and likes to show off.

But Dustin Zhou’s reason for beating him was not because of this. He just felt that this kid knew that Mira Xie didn’t like him, and he wanted to stalk him, even completely ignoring Mira Xie’s feelings. Knowing that Mira Xie was married, he even tried. Give Mira Xie a lottery gift.

Can such a man be a good thing?

This is the reason Dustin Zhou beat him.

“Come on, talk about it, what do you want to express?” “Don’t always keep useless things in front of me.” Dustin Zhou said.

“I’m not talking, can you stop beating people all the time!” Feng Gongzi said angrily, lying on the ground.

He didn’t say anything useless!

He is showing his identity, how important is this, how can it be useless?

“I asked you to talk about it, who asked you to introduce yourself?” Dustin Zhou frowned. “Are you the heir to the second richest man in Donghai City? What does it have to do with me? What do you tell me about this?” you still

Dare to say that what you are talking about is not useless?

Hearing this, Feng Gongzi was also a little speechless. It turned out that he and Dustin Zhou had never been on the same channel. He had always wanted to emphasize his identity, and Dustin Zhou had always let him talk. Wait, this person What’s going on? Doesn’t he understand what identity means in this society? Young Master Feng suddenly remembered. Dustin Zhou had heard his identity just now, and he had already known that he was the heir to the second richest in the East China Sea. In the end, he dared to beat him. This guy really didn’t put his identity in his eyes. What’s the matter? Is it possible that he is a fool? He has no social experience at all? Or is he a big man with a certain status? Soon, Mr. Feng ruled out the second possibility. Just kidding, if Dustin Zhou is really a super boss, and his status is so high that no one is in his eyes, how could he appear here in this form? Thanks People at home shouldn’t kneel and lick, he must not be followed by ten or eight brothers! Excluding the second one, only the first one is left, Dustin Zhou, is a fool, without any social experience, and does not understand his identity. , What does money mean? “Stop, wait a minute, you want me to say useful things, right? Soon, wait for me for a while and you will know what I am going to say.

Mr. Feng hurriedly moved away from Dustin Zhou, for fear that Dustin Zhou would slap him twice. He stepped back two steps and opened his suitcase. There were red banknotes inside, which were all neatly arranged. “Have you seen it? This is the bride price I prepared for Mira Xie, totaling two million yuan.

“Young Master Feng said with some pride. He stared at Dustin Zhou’s eyes tightly, hoping to see some surprises and fears. But he failed. Dustin Zhou was only disappointed, and then he looked at him like a fool. “What are you doing?

and then?

Isn’t it only two million yuan?

“Young Master Feng was speechless for a while, brother, do you know what two million dollars really means? What you said is easy, do you know how much you can do with two million? Do you know, many people? Actually, I won’t make two million in my life! For example, when you look at these relatives of Xie’s family, your eyes are almost straight! But no way, Dustin Zhou really doesn’t catch a cold with these things. It seems that this little cash is scary. It’s him. Mr. Feng sighed in his heart that this time he really met a stupid and okay person. He took out the phone again, made a call and said, “Wait for me, you will understand what I want to say. What is it?

” “how long?

Dustin Zhou said impatiently. “Ten minutes!

“Master Feng said through gritted teeth. This time

, He must make Dustin Zhou kneel down!

In his opinion, Dustin Zhou is a fool who doesn’t understand the meaning of money and status. It doesn’t matter, he can call a gangster over!

As long as you can call dozens of gangsters, someone like Dustin Zhou who has little knowledge will kneel to the ground in shock at a distance!

“Okay, I’ll wait for you for ten minutes.” Dustin Zhou waved his hand and said.

Ten minutes later, Mr. Feng called a gangster, holding baseball bats one by one, with fancy tattoos on his body, and screaming at his words. It seemed that he was indeed very imposing.

Master Feng immediately became proud, “Boy, you’re giving me a lot of pie!” “Didn’t you just beat me so cool? Come on, you are moving me to try!” “You just said that Is everything I said useless? So now I will explain to you what the words I just said mean.” “Identity, status, wealth, these are the basics of survival, and I’m the East China Sea The identity of the second richest gave me all of this. Therefore, in the entire Donghai City, I am basically omnipotent!” “See you, I can call these people with just one phone call, and you , What if you can fight again?” “Can you beat me alone, can you beat so many of us?” Young Master Feng was very happy, thinking he finally regained the initiative.

But Dustin Zhou nodded seriously and said, “Yes.” “What can?” Feng Gongzi was taken aback.

“I can beat so many of you.” Dustin Zhou said.

Young Master Feng was stunned for a while, and then burst into a burst of laughter. The bastards behind him also laughed, and some others laughed and whistled.

Just when he was about to continue to laugh at Dustin Zhou, Dustin Zhou suddenly moved.

He appeared in front of him like a ghost, “What are you laughing at?” “Is it funny?” His figure appeared in front of the whistling gangster again, “Why are you whistling again?” “Is it fun?” A minute later, all the gangsters Feng Gongzi had called were all lying on the ground, and Dustin Zhou turned them into a wall of gambling.

Mr. Feng was also thrown up by him, while Dustin Zhou squatted on the top of the wall and took out his mobile phone in a haughty manner.

“I know a little bit about the identities and status you mentioned.” “Able to call someone is an expression of status, right, just like you, right.” Dustin Zhou called Master Tiger “Bring more people here.”

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