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Chapter 935

The old man is naturally unwilling.

Of course, he could have died easily, he could die contentedly.

Because he always thought that his punch had seriously injured Dustin Zhou.

However, now he knew that his punch had no effect on Dustin Zhou at all. In other words, he was dead in vain, which made him not reconciled anyway.

“I didn’t expect you to be so strong!” The old man said in shock. After all, he just heard what Niu Chuan said.

Dustin Zhou is now the emperor of warriors!

This made him even more desperate.

“Kill me, you have succeeded,” the old man said.

No matter how unwilling, but now he can only choose to actively seek death.

It’s just that he couldn’t understand it anyway, isn’t Dustin Zhou just a waste?

How could he become the emperor of warriors directly after his transformation?

If this continues, I am afraid that the entire Xu family will be defeated by him.

Dustin Zhou didn’t know what he was thinking, but just looked at him jokingly.

“Not reconciled?” Dustin Zhou asked.

The old man said that you are not nonsense, how can I be willing to die when I am about to die.

But he didn’t say this, because he knew Dustin Zhou was mocking him.

But he is already so miserable, what else can be ridiculed?

Now he only hopes that he can die with a grievance.

If you want to die, you have to die unwillingly!

But even so, that’s just what he expected!

Dustin Zhou, he didn’t plan to let him die so easily!

“This old guy, take it to Zhao Bing, let Zhao Bing guard him, it will be useful in the future.” Dustin Zhou said to Niu Chuan.

Niu Chuan nodded, put the old man on his shoulders and walked out.

The old man was struggling on Niu Chuan’s shoulder, “Dustin Zhou! You devil!” “If you have a seed, let me die! I’m all like this, and you have nothing to do with arresting me!” He doesn’t want to live anymore. , Now he has no value in living, and it is better to die than to live.

So he resisted.

However, his resistance obviously had no effect.

“Don’t worry, you won’t live long.” Dustin Zhou waved his hand, ignoring the old guy.

Live and suffer, but if you can live forever, there is still hope.

However, Dustin Zhou told him that he would not live long.

For the old man, this is undoubtedly another bolt from the blue.

From now on, he will be in torment every day, pinching time to figure out when he will die.

That’s a way of life even more terrifying than hell!

After Niu Chuan left, Dustin Zhou went to help Enderia Shen from the ground.

Looking at this beautiful face in front of him, Zhou

Young feels distressed.

He saw it all.

The reason why Enderia Shen was beaten like this was all because she tried her life to stop the old man from entering the villa.

Logically speaking, she is just an ordinary woman, and the two old men are martial masters. Even if she fights for her life, she should not be able to stop the two old men at all.

However, human beings are the most amazing life in the universe.

As we all know, even ordinary people have endless potential hidden in their bodies.

There are many such examples. For example, in the textbook of the textbook, it is said that a girl was crushed underneath by a car.

In order to rescue his daughter, the girl’s father abruptly lifted the several-ton car in a rage.

This seems like an impossible thing. How can an ordinary man lift a car weighing several tons?

But this kind of thing really happened.

Because the girl’s father exploded out of the potential in his body in an emergency.

When he rescued his daughter and asked the father to lift a car with the same weight, the girl’s father could not do it anyway.

Even giving him a bonus of 20 million can’t do it.

Because the 20 million bonus is far from making him fall into a crazy state, it is a state that abandons himself and only has one goal in his mind that can be stimulated, exploding all the potential in his body.

At that time, Enderia Shen had just entered that state.

There was only one thought in her mind, no matter how to keep Dustin Zhou’s mother, no matter what, she couldn’t let the two old men step into the villa.

As a result, she unleashed all her potential.

In that case, although she is not the opponent of the two martial masters, she can still use her perseverance to hold them firmly.

It was precisely because Dustin Zhou saw this that he was extremely moved.

Being able to do this proves that Enderia Shen really treated Dustin Zhou’s mother as his own.

And Dustin Zhou, because of this incident, felt that he was extremely ashamed of Enderia Shen.

Enderia Shen burst out of all his potential, and was kicked by the old man again. He had not fainted at that time.

But after Dustin Zhou arrived, she let go of the breath in her heart, and soon fainted directly.

Dustin Zhou quietly looked at the beauty in his arms, and after wiping the teardrops from the corner of his eyes, he sent some energy into Enderia Shen’s body.

As the emperor of warriors, the energy in his body is extremely pure and he can repair human injuries as quickly as possible.

Soon, Enderia Shen with a weak face slowly opened his eyes.

She was stunned at first, because Dustin Zhou in front of her was also a little embarrassed, like a tramp.


She laughed again, “Sure enough, it’s you.” Dustin Zhou nodded, “It must be me, how could I watch you in desperation.” Enderia Shen shook his head and said softly, “I mean, you It’s really ugly.” “Before I fainted, I saw an ugly shadow rushing over. I thought it must be you bastard, and then I fainted.” “Ordinary people, it’s not like that. Ugly.” “Huh?” Dustin Zhou was a little depressed, not knowing how to answer the conversation for a while.

Wasn’t it good just now?

Isn’t the atmosphere very moving?

Shouldn’t two people say something touching at this time?

Why are you so ugly?

Besides, is he so ugly?

Although it was a bit embarrassing to stay on the holy mountain for two months, it wouldn’t be so ugly.

He touched his nose and felt that it was not to refute Enderia Shen, nor would it be to refute Enderia Shen.

Enderia Shen stared straight at him.

After a while, Enderia Shen spoke again, “I did it, I’ll take care of my mother.” “We, my mother?” Dustin Zhou hesitated for a while, and suddenly thought that this was probably what Enderia Shen said deliberately.

Does she want a reputation with herself?

If it were placed before, Dustin Zhou would definitely refuse without hesitation, but now, he can’t say that.

Chapter 936

How much did Enderia Shen give for himself?

Dustin Zhou couldn’t figure it out himself. He had blocked the knife for himself, and even stood by his side at all costs in many public occasions.

But this time, for the sake of himself and his mother, he was almost beaten to death by those two old men.

Dustin Zhou was very sure that Enderia Shen was a woman who could pay her life for him.

He owed Enderia Shen too much, and if necessary, he could also pay his life for Enderia Shen.

But now, Enderia Shen just said “my mother” casually. This may represent Enderia Shen’s small wish, a request. Can Dustin Zhou refuse it?

He felt that he could not refuse.

So he said, “Yes, yes, you did it, you guarded our mother.” Enderia Shen looked at Dustin Zhou’s eyes and suddenly showed a small smile, “Are you trying to take advantage of me?” “Ah?” This time it was Dustin Zhou’s turn to be stunned.

Sister, didn’t you talk about our mother first?

I just agree with you, how come I take advantage of you?

“No, no, why did I take advantage of you,” Dustin Zhou said with some embarrassment, “I just said a mother, why did I take advantage of you?” “Do you think of me as your wife?” Enderia Shen asked, expectant light in his eyes.

“I… yes, I took you in front of my wife.” Dustin Zhou gritted his teeth and said cruelly.

No matter what Mira Xie explained over there.

This time, in any case, he could no longer be sorry for Enderia Shen!

Hearing Dustin Zhou’s words, Enderia Shen looked very happy.

But she said, “Hmph, even if you didn’t take advantage of me, you all regard me as your wife. I am not your wife.” She knew the relationship between the two people very well.

She likes Dustin Zhou, she is more certain than anyone else.

But Dustin Zhouxi didn’t like her, she was not sure, but she also knew that Dustin Zhou also had feelings for herself.

It’s consensual.

However, Dustin Zhou already has a wife, which Enderia Shen will never forget.

She could take advantage of her mouth and molested Dustin Zhou, but before Dustin Zhou divorced Mira Xie, she would never officially express her feelings with Dustin Zhou.

Therefore, although she was satisfied that Dustin Zhou could call her his wife once, she could not admit it herself.

“I call my mother, not because I think of myself as your wife, but because I really treat your mother as my mother.” “In my mind, she is my biological mother. It has nothing to do with you, so don’t think too much.” Enderia Shen said with a soft smile.

It’s just that this smile is somewhat bitter


At this time Dustin Zhou didn’t know what to say, so he could only follow along, and then said, “Okay, don’t say more, I’ll send you to the hospital to check your body.” Although he recovered Enderia Shen’s injury with his qi , But a person’s body has been so badly injured, it certainly can’t be healed all at once.

If it is Dustin Zhou himself, with the powerful physical quality of the Emperor of Warrior, it can naturally be regarded as nothing happened.

But Enderia Shen’s body is too weak.

Even if Dustin Zhou recovers from her injury, her body still needs some conditioning.

Enderia Shen didn’t refuse, after all, she was injured in this way, so she would be a fool if she didn’t go to the hospital.

But before going to the hospital, she seemed to remember something again, so she took out her mobile phone and called Zhou’s mother.

“My mother is still waiting in the villa, I have to explain to her, otherwise she will be worried!” Dustin Zhou was taken aback for a moment, then nodded, moved by Enderia Shen’s care.

Zhou Mu had indeed been waiting in the villa.

And she kept looking at the door.

She saw Enderia Shen walking out of the gate, but the door remained unclosed, and then Enderia Shen did not move.

“Could it be something wrong? This little girl goes out without closing the door?” She doesn’t believe that Enderia Shen is out, because with Enderia Shen’s personality, if she really wants to go out, she will definitely tell her. Then, close the door again.

As it is now, if you don’t say a word or the door is closed, there will be no news. Zhou Mu even wondered if Enderia Shen was kidnapped by someone.

Just when she was at a loss, the phone in her hand rang.

“Auntie, Dustin Zhou is back. He and I still have a few things to do, and we will go home in the evening.” Enderia Shen’s voice came from the microphone.

“Dustin Zhou is back?” Zhou Mu didn’t believe it, “Xiaojun, where are you now?” If Enderia Shen says that he has left, Zhou Mu will directly call the police!

Because she firmly believes that Enderia Shen has not left!

“I’m at the door of my house! I close the door and leave.” Enderia Shen’s figure appeared at the door, and then waved at Zhou Mu.

Only then did Zhou Mu relieved her heart, but she was still a little depressed. Dustin Zhou came back, so why didn’t she meet with herself?

“Mom, I’m a bit urgent here, I’ll meet again tonight.” Dustin Zhou’s voice also came out.

He now looks like a homeless man, it is definitely not convenient to meet Zhou Mu.

So Enderia Shen closed the door, and Dustin Zhou drove a car with her back to the hospital.

Dustin Zhou had been busy with Enderia Shen before and after the run, but it turned out that Enderia Shen had nothing to do with him, as long as he recuperated for two.

Just days.

Dustin Zhou bought food for Enderia Shen again, and then let her live in the special-grade ward before it stopped.

“I can go home to recuperate.” Enderia Shen said, “You too underestimate me.” In fact, after this period of recovery, Enderia Shen has already felt much better and can act on his own, but Dustin Zhou still looks like taking care of the disabled. People taking care of her like that made her feel a little dumbfounded.

“Okay, you just stay here honestly,” Dustin Zhou said, “Even if you can go home, then I have to go home with you.” “But just like me, How come you go home with you? So, at least you have to wait for me to go out and buy a set of clothes and cut your hair before you can go home with you.” “Shall we stay here for a few hours?” Enderia Shen thought. Yes, he agreed, and let Dustin Zhou go out to buy clothes by himself.

Dustin Zhou had originally planned to go out to buy clothes, but he had just left the gate of the hospital when he received a call from Lord Tiger.

“Master Tiger.” After seeing the caller ID, Dustin Zhou’s eyes flashed a memory.

For him, Lord Tiger is still a very good person.

At least when Dustin Zhou hadn’t grown up before, Master Tiger helped him a lot.

Logically speaking, Dustin Zhou should also try his best to help Master Tiger.

Dustin Zhou did have this thought.

But I just don’t know what Tiger Lord thinks.

I even said that the phone call I received was not good at asking whether it was a crime. You know, Dustin Zhou killed Xu Tianlong himself when he was on the holy mountain!

Although there was a reason for the incident, Dustin Zhou was still not sure how the Xu family branch would deal with this matter.

Perhaps the two parties will no longer be friends in the future.

He connected the phone with some emotion, “Master Tiger, long time no see.” Master Tiger was silent on the phone for a while, “Your kid is a bit unexpected to me. You grow up so fast.” “Mind to come and sit at home?”

Chapter 937

Dustin Zhou was a little surprised. Could it be possible that even the Xu family’s branch of the family didn’t care about the matter of killing Xu Tianlong himself?

If that’s the case, then the Xu family’s branch line can really be called a reasonable family.

The cooperation with them can go even further.

But Dustin Zhou also knew that these so-called big families could be very righteous and reasonable.

On the surface, it looks like he is inviting myself to sit at home, but maybe it’s a grand feast.

However, for Dustin Zhou now, it doesn’t matter even if it is a Hongmen Banquet. If the other party invites him to have good wine and good food, then he will treat the other party as a close brother.

If this banquet is really a Hongmen banquet, then you should eat and drink yourself, and just kill it.

The emperor of warriors has this confidence!

Dustin Zhou simply stopped buying clothes to cut his hair, and drove a car to the Brilliant Hotel.

Of course he can run over, and it must be faster than a taxi. However, this is a bustling city street after all. He ran over at a superhuman speed all day long, fearing that it will be in the city soon. His legend spread.

In order to avoid this trouble, he still chose to take a taxi.

The taxi master was an enthusiastic person. After seeing Dustin Zhou’s appearance, he couldn’t help but twitched his lips, “I said, brother, you didn’t kid me, are you really going to Brilliant Hotel?” Dustin Zhou was taken aback. Of course I am going to the Brilliant Hotel, where is Tiger’s lair, where should I not go to the Brilliant Hotel?

Is there any problem with this address?

“There is nothing wrong with the address, but I watched my brother, you can’t get in when you get there. Also, you really have money, do you plan to take a bully car?” The driver said in a mocking tone.

It can be seen that the driver’s master is straightforward. Although the words may not sound so good, they are not bad-hearted.

For example, although he said so, he didn’t say anything to drive Dustin Zhou off.

In fact, Dustin Zhou’s current appearance is indeed not very elegant, even if the driver really doubts whether he is going to take the Overlord, it is reasonable.

But this driver didn’t seem to chase Dustin Zhou off at all, and he still liked Dustin Zhou very much.

“It’s okay, I don’t take the King’s car. Even if I don’t have any money, I have friends in Brilliant Hotel. Just get there and let him give you money.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile.

When the driver heard it, he laughed.

“Okay, you can get me all the way. Just like you, the waiter at Brilliant Hotel will never be your friend.”

It’s better not to talk about such bulls. The background of the Brilliant Hotel is unusual. If they hear about your relationship with them, the consequences are still very serious.

“The driver Balabala said a lot, but Dustin Zhou suddenly noticed something wrong when he heard it. The driver’s brother has a story! “Huh?

Why is their background unusual?

If I am caught in a random relationship with them, what are the consequences?

Dustin Zhou pretended to be innocent and asked. Sure enough, the enthusiastic driver began to explain again, “I’m telling you, young man, you don’t want to look like you are not afraid.

“The owner of this glorious hotel is the tiger master who dominated the entire underground world back then. He is extremely cruel.

“I have a little niece who was molested by others at the Brilliant Hotel. When the people in our family rushed past, they were forcibly driven out by the Brilliant Hotel.

“It’s so blatant use of force, even if you report to the arrest, it won’t work!”

“Is there such a thing? But this kind of thing is not difficult to understand. The Tiger Lord did raise a group of thugs around him. The Tiger Lord back then did solve the problem by violence. Moreover, with the Tiger Lord’s status, even if it is fair and honest. If you bullied an ordinary person, that’s absolutely no problem. It’s definitely not that you can bring the Tiger down by reporting it to the arresting officer. It’s just that, it sounds like the Tiger doesn’t do it very authentically. At that time, you will go to the Brilliant Hotel with me, and I will take you to seek justice.

“Dustin Zhou said casually. Of course, this sentence was naturally regarded as a joke by the driver. The driver thought Dustin Zhou, this young man, was quite interesting. He was obviously a tramp, but he was bragging. On the way, they ran into it again. A woman is taking a taxi. “Brother, do you mind carpooling?

“The driver asked Dustin Zhou, “If this woman is on the way, please take her with her. If you take the Overlord car, at least it won’t hurt me.”

“The driver’s tone was still full of ridicule, “Look, this woman is so beautiful!”

“That is indeed a beautiful woman, probably in her early thirties, with a graceful look, wearing a dress, showing two straight and smooth thighs underneath. This woman is very mature, and her every move gives people a kind of behavior. Wife, I feel like technology is good. “Then bring it with you.

“Dustin Zhou said indifferently. Of course, Dustin Zhou’s promise to let a woman get in the car absolutely has nothing to do with the beauty of the woman. “Come on.

“The driver parked the car on the side of the road, and when asked, the woman happened to be heading to the Brilliant Hotel, so she directly let her get in the car. The woman opened the back seat and was suddenly taken aback, “No, you are in the car.

How can there be a tramp!

“The woman apparently saw Dustin Zhou, her face suddenly displeased. “Madam, this gentleman is also my passenger, not a tramp.

“The driver said embarrassingly. “The two of you happened to be heading to the Brilliant Hotel on the way. I thought about it and let you join a car, so that I can also collect your half-price tickets.

” “of course.

If you really mind, you can also get off the bus.

“What are you talking nonsense!”

Is the old lady the one who sent you the ticket?

“The woman was angry, “I’ll give you double the fare, and let this tramp go down for me!”

The driver looked at Dustin Zhou with some embarrassment. Just when Dustin Zhou thought the driver was going to drive him down, the driver suddenly said, “Madam, our tickets are all strictly regulated!”

“Moreover, this passenger got on the car first. If you are unwilling to accept carpooling, you can choose to go on!

Dustin Zhou was taken aback for a moment. He didn’t expect this driver to be so kind. The woman also opened her eyes wide, “You stinky driving, do you know who you are talking to?”

“Are you sure you won’t let this tramp go down?”


“The driver said firmly. As a low-level person, the driver thinks that Dustin Zhou has a great appetite for him. Moreover, he is indeed acting in accordance with the rules of the transportation company. You can’t actively refuse to carry passengers. Dustin Zhouming came up first, so why? Catch Dustin Zhou down! Of course, the rules are like this, but there are so many people in this society who are so sincere and willing to abide by the rules. It’s hard to say. “Okay, you stinky driving, you don’t let him go, right? Then let’s just wait and see.

“Don’t delay my mother’s time. My mother has friends at the Brilliant Hotel. When I get to the hotel, I will have your delicious fruit!”

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