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Chapter 731

“This!” “The security guards don’t listen to Chang Hao’s orders at all.” “Yeah, Zhou always has the ability. Chang Hao is a fart, even the security guards order

Do not move.

“I heard that the security guards were all set up by Mr. Zhou at the beginning, especially the security captains and the ministers of the security department. It seems that they were all invited by Mr. Zhou. They have very close relations with Mr. Zhou. it is good.

“Yes, last time I saw them eating barbecue and drinking with Zhou Zong on the roadside.”

“… There was a lot of discussion, and the faces of the security guards changed slightly. In the past, although everyone was very polite to the security guards, they still looked down on the security guards in their hearts. But now it seems that those security guards actually have a relationship with Dustin Zhou. So good, it can be said that as long as Dustin Zhou said, those security guards may become their own superiors. Many people are secretly thinking in their hearts that there will never be any meaning to look down on the security guards in the future. “Dustin Zhou…” Chang Hao is simply He was going to explode. He never thought that a few security guards would just violate his orders, but he was so obedient to Dustin Zhou’s words. In this comparison, he Chang Hao and Dustin Zhou’s status in the minds of those security guards , Isn’t it just a judgement. Isn’t you the vice president of the company better than a project leader? “Chang Hao, you have to remember that you can be a vice president of this company, not only because of the meaning of Enderia Shen, but also I mean, I just need a word, you have to get out of this company obediently!

“This time, Dustin Zhou did not show Chang Hao any face. Chang Hao today made it clear that he would bring all his personal grievances to work, and he would also harm others. Especially, if Chang Hao is left alone, then His temperament is very likely to disrupt Dustin Zhou’s previous arrangements at Hengfeng Building, allowing Xu You and others to take the initiative, leaving him, Mingyang Company, and Hengfeng Building all passive. “Haha, Dustin Zhou. , You are the biggest joke I have ever heard in my life. Who am I, Chang Hao? I graduated from Ivy League University in the United States and is a world-renowned school. How can you compare to the garbage school that you don’t know what the hell is going on?

“Besides, don’t forget that President Shen is the company’s largest shareholder, and I was invited by her to visit the cottage.

“Don’t say that Mr. Shen won’t drive me away. Don’t you think that when Chang Hao came to make a name for the company, it was so easy to be called and left?”

“Chang Hao shouted. At this moment, his face was full of confidence. When facing Dustin Zhou, there was no trace of fear. On the contrary, he looked at Dustin Zhou with a slight contempt. Yes, he Chang Hao is Who? Excellent graduates of American Ivy League University, students from world-renowned universities, have worked in the United States for many years, and have worked for many years after returning to China. They have achieved outstanding results and are also a big man in the industry.


And he was invited by Enderia Shen to visit the thatched cottage in person.

Given Chang Hao’s current status in China, even if Enderia Shen wants to dismiss him, he must have a suitable reason, otherwise, Chang Hao’s so many contacts and resources will not be in vain.

“It seems that you are very arrogant and you want to give it a try.” Dustin Zhou said slightly, not caring about Chang Hao’s confidence.

Others may be surprised by Chang Hao’s resume, and there will be a touch of worship in their hearts.

But this does not include him Dustin Zhou.

In Dustin Zhou’s eyes, this Chang Hao was basically like a naked person, and Dustin Zhou had already held all the information in his hands.

Ivy League graduates are good, but they are not outstanding graduates. Even Chang Hao almost couldn’t graduate.

As for his so many and such brilliant work experience abroad, it is even more a joke. It is just a gimmick by Chang Hao to whitewash himself. Out of ten, eight out of ten are fake.

All this is just a fake resume that Chang Hao deliberately fabricated in order to get better development and attention in China.

Chang Hao was stunned. He looked at Dustin Zhou’s playful gaze with a trace of hesitation.

I don’t know if it was an illusion, Chang Hao actually felt a trace of banter and playfulness from Dustin Zhou’s eyes.

It was as if he was really going to kick him out of the company.

However, what Chang Hao said before is also reasonable.

Having worked in China for so many years, I have accumulated a lot of resources and contacts.

If you were driven out of Mingyang Company in this way, not to mention let Mingyang Company go bankrupt, but let Mingyang Company, Dustin Zhou, and Enderia Shen not be able to walk around and give them a blow.

Thinking of this, Chang Hao’s heart calmed down a bit, and when he looked at Dustin Zhou again, he didn’t feel the same as before.

“Hmph, no matter who it is, even if it is Mr. Shen who comes in person, I will expel all of them a dozen. With them, Chang Hao without me, Chang Hao without them! I know Mr. Shen will do the right thing. As for your choice, Dustin Zhou, you don’t need to intervene in this matter!” Chang Hao said coldly, with an unusually firm attitude.

At this moment, many employees boiled again, the gazes looking at Chang Hao became fearful, the gazes looking at Dustin Zhou became a little confused, and the gazes at the dozen or so people were full of sympathy.

“I don’t believe it! I want to appeal to President Shen, and President Shen will definitely not agree with you to do this!” When the dozen or so people heard this, their expressions suddenly dimmed and their heads dropped. They had given up their last hope.

In front of Dustin Zhou, if Chang Hao dared to say such confident words, it shows that he is sure that he is inseparable, and they are just ordinary employees of the company, at best

It was just a small supervisor, and he didn’t even get into Enderia Shen’s eyes.

Choosing between them and Chang Hao, even if they were, they all felt that Enderia Shen would definitely choose Chang Hao.

After all, even if people like Chang Hao are in the country, they are not too many. If one is missing, then there is really one missing, one is offended, and it is not just one person who offends.

And these employees are just ordinary employees, regardless of their status, social status, background, contacts, etc., they are all vulnerable.

“Haha, do you expect Mr. Shen to give up on me and choose you? Then you too value yourself.” Chang Hao disdainfully looked at Chen Sheng, his face indifferent.

“Mr. Shen?” Chen Sheng’s face was full of anger, but in this situation, he seemed to have no other way except to do it.

But in the next second, Chen Sheng’s eyes widened immediately and stared at the company’s door with an incredible expression.

Chen Sheng didn’t expect that he said Cao Cao, Cao Cao arrived, he just mentioned Enderia Shen, and Enderia Shen appeared at the door of the company.

Chapter 732

“Huh, Mr. Shen, today is the first day of the Chinese New Year. How could Mr. Shen come to the company? Stop playing tricks. Even if Dustin Zhou is here, you must get out of the company today!” Chang Hao sneered. Chen Sheng didn’t care about the change of expression at all, he just thought it was Chen Sheng’s last unwillingness.

However, when he saw not only Chen Sheng, but even other people looking behind him, his eyes became surprised, Chang Hao felt nervous for no reason.

With a sudden heart, Chang Hao slowly turned his head to see the person who came, his face was full of shock and surprise, and even a hint of panic.

Chang Hao did not expect that Enderia Shen would come to the company at this time.

And looking at her face, it was very ugly, and it was obviously suffocating anger.

Chang Hao panicked when he thought of his righteous Ling Ran’s words just now.

Enderia Shen shouldn’t really give up on himself.

However, this thought was just born, and was directly suppressed by Chang Hao.

“You must have confidence in yourself, you must be self-confident, but you are Chang Hao, Enderia Shen three visits to the thatched cottage, how could she give up on herself so easily.” Chang Hao calmed down a little by constantly cheering herself up.

Before Enderia Shen made the final decision, he Chang Hao had absolute confidence.

“Mr. Shen, why are you here?” Indeed, when facing Dustin Zhou, Chang Hao can be tougher and not give Dustin Zhou face.

That’s because, besides being a shareholder of the company, Dustin Zhou’s position in the company is only the project leader, and his position is much lower than that of Chang Hao.

But Enderia Shen is different.

Except for

The company’s largest shareholder is also the company’s president. No matter where it is, Enderia Shen must override Chang Hao.

“Hmph, I’m not coming, are you going to turn the company upside down?” Enderia Shen glanced at Chang Hao coldly, snorted, and went directly past Chang Hao to the dozens of people, looking at them quietly.

“Let’s talk about it, what happened, why did Chang Hao fire you?” Enderia Shen’s tone was cold, as if he was angry, trying his best to endure.

When the voice fell, a dozen people did not speak.

Because they didn’t know what Enderia Shen was thinking.

In case Enderia Shen is partial to Changhao, then if they say something wrong, won’t they be held accountable.

However, Chen Sheng was not a temperament that could stand it.

Chen Sheng, who had no hope at all, would hesitate when he heard Enderia Shen say this, and simply explained the ins and outs of the matter.

“Presumptuous, what are you talking nonsense! President Shen, they can’t believe what they say, I…” Hearing that Chen Sheng wanted to clarify the ins and outs of the matter, Chang Hao suddenly became anxious.

It was precisely because he did not want to spread the insults he suffered in front of Hengfeng Building, that he directly expelled these people cruelly and prevented them from telling the matter.

And now once Chen Sheng speaks out, the blow to Chang Hao will be unprecedented.

“Chang Hao, you shut up, I’m asking him now!” However, Enderia Shen gave Chang Hao a stern look before sternly.

Such an attitude immediately made Chang Hao’s face a panic.

However, Chen Sheng seemed to have received great encouragement, and he directly explained the ins and outs of the matter clearly.

“… Mr. Shen, this is the case. He will fire us just because he is afraid that we will tell him what happened. Moreover, if we can’t tell the matter, we will be held accountable.” Chen Sheng Looking at Chang Hao, there was a cheerful look on his face, and the anger in his heart was almost vented.

Chang Hao, don’t you want us to shut up, and you want your humiliation to be sealed up and not be known by others.

Then I want to tell it, let everyone know, and see how you hide it.

Chen Sheng finished speaking, the whole hall on the first floor was extremely quiet, and the needle drop could be heard.

Everyone was shocked, turning their heads to look at Chang Hao, with surprise, curiosity, and sympathy on their faces.

Chang Hao is the vice president of the famous company. If this identity is mentioned, many people in the East China Sea will rush over to curry favor.

However, Chang Hao, who was in front of Hengfeng Building, was beaten by someone and knocked over the trash can and passed out.

This… Many employees don’t even know they should

How to describe my current mood, I just feel that Chang Hao is miserable, but I feel very happy in my heart.

Enderia Shen also raised his eyebrows, looked at Chang Hao, and lightly opened his red lips.

“Chang Hao, is this true?” For a while, Enderia Shen’s aura was full, and the temperature in the entire first floor hall seemed to drop a lot.

“President Shen, don’t listen to him nonsense, how could I do that.” Chang Hao gave a dry laugh and quickly denied.

Of course he has to deny it, otherwise, if he sits down to the ground, then Chang Hao, what else will he do in the future.

Unless you leave the famous company, leave the East China Sea, or even leave the country.

But does he dare?

Is he willing?

“Zong always didn’t talk so well just now. On the contrary, he was very irritable and arrogant.” Dustin Zhou also walked over and said with a smile.

He also didn’t expect that Enderia Shen would come over suddenly, and with everything in his hands, even showing a slight dissatisfaction towards Chang Hao.

This is rare.

After all, Dustin Zhou also knew that Chang Hao was invited by Enderia Shen to visit the thatched cottage in person. It took a lot of effort to invite him to come. In the domestic cosmetics industry, it also caused a lot of trouble.


Many people know that Mingyang has invited Chang Hao over. For a time, Mingyang has become famous in the eyes of many colleagues.

“Dustin Zhou, you…” Chang Hao shouted in a low voice, he wanted to refute, but in front of Enderia Shen, he always had to restrain himself.

Otherwise, once Enderia Shen really leaves a bad impression, it will be very unfavorable for his future development.

“Enough, I already know what happened, Chang Hao, if you dismiss them, it is your means of handling, then you may not be suitable for famous companies.” Enderia Shen said coldly, his face extremely cold.

As soon as this was said, everyone was surprised.

What does Enderia Shen mean?

If Chang Hao insists on expelling these more than a dozen people, then Chang Hao is not suitable for famous company.

In other words, if Chang Hao dared to fire the dozen or so people, Enderia Shen would drive Chang Hao out of the prestigious company.


In an instant, the needle dropped in the lobby on the first floor.

All employees looked at Enderia Shen incredible.

And the dozen or so people suddenly raised their heads, their faces were full of joy and excitement, and they looked at Enderia Shen with gratitude.

Chapter 733

With Enderia Shen’s words, they don’t have to worry about making things difficult for Chang Hao in the future.

Chang Hao was the only one, looking at Enderia Shen in disbelief, his mouth opened slightly, but he didn’t say anything.

Chang Hao was stunned. He didn’t expect that Enderia Shen would actually say such things to himself for these dozen people.

If I dare to fire them, I am not suitable for famous companies?

This is clearly a threat.

Chang Hao was very angry, but he was also very calm. He knew that if he didn’t restrain himself at this time, then Enderia Shen would never give himself a good face.

“I see.” Chang Hao said with difficulty, his face extremely gloomy, but at this time, he can’t be anything different or mean to refute.

And hearing Chang Hao’s words, the dozens of people were even more excited.

“Thank you Mr. Shen, thank you Mr. Shen!” “President Shen can rest assured, we will definitely work hard and repay you!” “Yes, President Shen can rest assured, we will definitely not disappoint Mr. Shen your expectations.” Several employees saluted Enderia Shen one after another, and the joy on each face was not concealed at all.

“Okay, there is nothing for you, let’s go down to work.” Three Hundred Years nodded, waved his hand, let them disperse separately.

Seeing that the matter here has almost been resolved, the onlookers left one after another and went busy.

At this time in the lobby on the first floor, only Dustin Zhou, Enderia Shen and Chang Hao were left.

Chang Hao’s face is iron

Qing, clenched his hands tightly together, the flesh of the palms was almost bleeding from the nails.

However, at this time, it was not easy for him to argue with Enderia Shen.

“Why are you here?” Dustin Zhou didn’t have so many scruples. If it weren’t for Chang Hao’s staying in the company and he could indeed play a significant role, he would not be the first to tolerate Chang Hao.

However, the sudden arrival of Enderia Shen made Dustin Zhou a little surprised.

Today is the first day of the Chinese New Year. Just when Dustin Zhou got up, he found that Enderia Shen and the others had left.

“Why can’t I come? Didn’t you come too? Otherwise, I will go back?” Enderia Shen raised his eyebrows and said with a faint smile.

“Okay, I’ll have something to do later, so I won’t go back with you.” Enderia Shen smiled lightly, pushing Dustin Zhou and leaving.

However, before leaving, Enderia Shen suddenly looked back at Chang Hao.

“Seriously, if you want to choose between Dustin Zhou and you, I will only choose Dustin Zhou. As for you, haha…” After leaving such a word to Chang Hao, Enderia Shen pushed Dustin Zhou and left Mingyang directly.

Dustin Zhou naturally heard these words and shook his head slightly, very helpless.

This sentence, when you say it, offends Chang Hao that is certain.

However, Dustin Zhou did not worry that Chang Hao would do anything unfavorable to Enderia Shen. With him, no one could hurt Enderia Shen.

At this time, Chang Hao’s face was already gloomy and it was hard to see the extreme.

Especially the last sentence left by Enderia Shen made Chang Hao feel that he was greatly humiliated.

This kind of humiliation, he has never encountered in the past few decades.

Moreover, when Enderia Shen visited the thatched cottage to invite himself out of the mountain before, how good he said, compared with the present, how bad his words were.

“You wait for me. When I complete the task, you must let you know what it’s like to be humiliated!” Seeing Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen’s backs moving away, Chang Hao’s eyes were dark, and a fierce flash of eyes flashed under his eyes.

… What happened to Mingyang Company today passed quickly. It was just people’s nosy talk.

Even Chen Sheng and more than a dozen people, because of Enderia Shen’s guarantee and promise, they have no fear of Chang Hao at all, and they are devoted to their work to repay Enderia Shen’s trust in them.

And Dustin Zhou had already parted with Enderia Shen.

After leaving Mingyang, he had just given an excuse. Enderia Shen said that he had something to deal with and he could not return to Lvjingwan City with Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou didn’t ask, because he knew that if Enderia Shen was willing to say anything, then he wouldn’t ask, Enderia Shen would also say it.

On the contrary, if Enderia Shen is unwilling to say it, even if he asks more, Enderia Shen will not say it.

Return to Lvjingwan City, Zhou Mu

Su Xiaomeng and Su Xiaomeng are preparing lunch and they are very busy.

Although most of Zhou’s mother was preparing, Su Xiaomeng was also busy with it. The bangs on his forehead were all messy, and there was even a sweat on his forehead.

“Brother Dustin Zhou, you are back!” After Su Xiaomeng found that Dustin Zhou had returned, he immediately dropped what was in his hands, trot to Dustin Zhou, raised his hand covered with ingredients, and was about to lean on Dustin Zhou.

“Slow down, slow down, what are you doing so messy?” Dustin Zhou hurriedly stopped Su Xiaomeng, and suddenly he couldn’t laugh or cry when he saw her appearance.

Su Xiaomeng not only got a lot of things on her clothes, but also got some things on her hands, and even her face, which looked very funny.

Moreover, Dustin Zhou shrugged his nose and even smelled a hint of seafood.

“Hehe, Brother Dustin Zhou, my aunt and I are making seafood. Auntie said you like eating it the most.” Su Xiaomeng said with a smile, and didn’t care if she didn’t rush into Dustin Zhou’s arms. Turned around and ran to the kitchen.

Dustin Zhou took a look. The two of them were indeed making seafood. In addition to lobsters, there were also some marine fish. Just looking at them, they felt that their mouths were full of saliva, and they wanted to start eating now.

“Okay, then I’ll just wait for dinner.” With a chuckle, Dustin Zhou returned directly to his room.

Although it is now during the Spring Festival, most parts of the East China Sea are on holiday, even the Hengfeng Building is quite empty.

However, this does not mean that nothing is happening and it is very safe.

On the contrary, the more so, the more dangerous Xu You’s people will be.

Anyone can think of it when there are fewer people on holiday.

People on their side would think that Xu You and others would not take any action during this time.

What about Xu You?

Will they do the opposite?

No one knows this.

However, thinking of the arrangements he made at Hengfeng Building, Dustin Zhou felt relieved.

Not to mention the presence of a martial master in Niuchuan, and a master of a half-step martial master like Xiaodao, plus Hengfeng Building is located in the prosperous area of ​​Putuo District, where there are frequent pedestrians. Once something happens, others will know the first time.

Moreover, the security force of Hengfeng Building itself is definitely not weak.

Dustin Zhou did not believe that there would be no martial master around Feng.

Moreover, with Ren Feng’s current status and the prestige of Hengfeng Building in the local area, once there is a conflict, there will be official intervention.

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