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Chapter 521

Lao Ding raised his face and looked at Dustin Zhou, who was almost a head of himself, without feeling shameless.

On the contrary, Old Ding’s face was full of arrogance.

Although he lost in the drag racing with Dustin Zhou, his old Ding is the celebrity in front of Brother Hao, who can earn a face for Brother Hao.

Most people can’t compare to him at all.

“Boy, tell you, our brother Hao is attracted to those two beauties. If you know each other, bring those two beauties over. Our brother Hao must get to know them well, otherwise, we will let you know that you have offended Brother Hao. Consequences.” Old Ding

Said proudly, then pointed at the group of security guards who fell on the ground, triumphantly.

After all, they had Xue Manzi here, and it was nothing to deal with a few security guards. What’s more, a little Dustin Zhou was almost caught.

“Haha, Lao Ding, speak well. We must be gentle with beautiful women.” Brother Hao patted Lao Ding and smiled faintly.

Immediately he looked at Dustin Zhou, with a dangerous atmosphere in his eyes.

“Boy, do those two beauties also live here?” Brother Hao’s tone was calm, but in fact, his heart was extremely hot.

It’s really nowhere to find anything to break through the iron shoes.

He didn’t expect that he was only here to find Dustin Zhou, but he saw this racing man here, and since he is here, then the two beauties must be here.

When I thought of the beauty of those two beauties, that cold look, Brother Hao felt hot in his heart.

If I can get those two beauties, then I will be a ghost even if I can.

Brother Hao coveted in his heart, watching Dustin Zhou’s gaze gradually became hot.

But this shocked Dustin Zhou.


Under what circumstances, this guy is inexplicable. If he doesn’t say these things, his gaze has become so weird.

Is this a gay guy?

Thinking of this, Dustin Zhou took a step back subconsciously. He was a normal person and didn’t want to be involved in any relationship with gays.

You know, he has a beautiful wife, and there are several beautiful women around him.

With such good conditions, how could you have an inexplicable relationship with a gay guy.

However, Dustin Zhou’s backward movement fell in the eyes of Brother Hao, but he looked down upon him.

In an instant, Brother Hao’s expression turned gloomy.

“Boy, do you look down on me?” Brother Hao said coldly, exuding a dangerous aura.

Dustin Zhou’s eyes condensed slightly, a little surprised.

This Brother Hao looked unremarkable, but the breath radiating from his body at this moment made Dustin Zhou also surprised.

This breath is at least comparable to the Liu Feng that Dustin Zhou met before.

And Liu Feng, a very famous bodyguard in Changsha, is an important nursing home in the Jiang family.

Moreover, at that time, Dustin Zhou seemed to have heard that Liu Feng was a high-ranking expert in Changsha.

Is this brother Hao also a master?

Dustin Zhou couldn’t help getting serious.

Since he was a master, Dustin Zhou would not slack off anyway, otherwise he would be greatly embarrassed if he had an accident and missed his hand.

What’s more, Xue Manzi on the side doesn’t seem to have weak aura, and he has a strong body and is not an ordinary person.

Neither of them seem to be good.

Dustin Zhou couldn’t help getting serious.

“Despise you? No

It’s not…” Dustin Zhou looked at Brother Hao, raised his brows slightly, and stretched out a finger, shaking again and again. “I don’t look down on you, but, what are you?

Talking like that in front of me?

I need to give you face, I need to look down on you?

Dustin Zhou smiled and finished, then smiled faintly. For an instant, the audience was quiet. The entire hotel lobby was quiet in an instant. The gangsters looked at Dustin Zhou dumbfounded. They didn’t expect that someone would follow Brother Hao. To say this. And the security guards who were knocked down on the ground are equally stunned. The strength of this group of bullies, these security guards have learned, let alone Xue Manzi’s strength alone, even those bullies, ten A few people together is also a force that cannot be underestimated. Even their security guards, under the leadership of Liu Fusheng, were all defeated. And there is only one person on the other side. Why did he say such a thing? Where did he come from? Brother Hao looked at Dustin Zhou coldly, and smiled with anger. “Haha, haha, good job, dare to say such things in front of me, you are the first one, very good, very good, Xue Manzi, be nice to this person Talk to him and let him know what he said wrong.

Brother Hao sneered and waved at Xue Manzi, watching Dustin Zhou’s eyes full of danger. When Xue Manzi heard this, he immediately let go of Liu Fusheng, and walked towards Dustin Zhou with a grinning smile. He also heard what Dustin Zhou said just now, and his heart was full of anger. It just so happened that Brother Hao issued the order, so he must let Dustin Zhou know what the price would be if he couldn’t control his own mouth. “Boy, since you can’t control your own mouth, then I will help you.

Xue Manzi is a tall man, nearly two meters tall, and weighs more than two hundred and fifty catties. Just looking at his size, he is a behemoth. Now Xue Manzi is walking towards Dustin Zhou with a grinning grin. In Dustin Zhou’s vision, It’s like seeing a humanoid tank rushing towards you, the impact is indeed very strong. “Mr. Zhou, be careful!

Seeing this, Liu Fusheng shouted loudly, his face full of anxiety. As the security captain of the hotel, he naturally had a certain understanding of the people staying in the hotel. As for Dustin Zhou, Liu Fusheng knew even more. The hotel leader personally took care of it and provided the hotel with a comprehensive and unconditional service that satisfies Dustin Zhou. So when he saw Dustin Zhou get off the elevator and appeared in the lobby, Liu Fusheng was shocked. This group of people came to Dustin Zhou. Yes, and Dustin Zhou appeared in front of them now. If they did it directly, Dustin Zhou would not be able to resist it. But to Liu Fusheng’s surprise, this group of gangsters didn’t seem to know that he was Dustin Zhou, but thought he was another person.

In this case, Dustin Zhou’s safety can at least be temporarily guaranteed.

Chapter 522


A dull voice sounded.

Brother Hao smiled slightly. He stood behind Xue Manzi, only to see Xue Manzi punch out, directly hitting Dustin Zhou, and smiled.

He knew that with Xue Manzi’s power and fist, Dustin Zhou would not say he was killed directly after this punch, but at least half his life was gone. Now maybe there is still a breath of breath left.

“Yes, Xue Manzi, how many times have I told you that we are civilized people. We should act lightly. What if we die?…” Brother Hao seemed to continue talking, but suddenly, he found that everyone around him There seems to be something wrong with the expression.

Whether it was his younger brother or the security guards who fell on the ground, they were all dumbfounded at this time, looking at Xue Manzi and Dustin Zhou in surprise.

This made Brother Hao’s heart jerked, wouldn’t he really be killed?

If it is really killed, even if it is his brother Hao, I am afraid there will be no good fruit.

“Xue Manzi!” Brother Hao was furious, pushed away the old Ding on the side, rushed to Xue Manzi angrily, was about to scold him, but suddenly froze on the spot, looking at the scene in front of him, his heart trembled.

Brother Hao didn’t even dare to imagine what he saw.

Xue Manzi’s powerful punch really hit Dustin Zhou.

But this punch hit Dustin Zhou’s hand.

Moreover, Dustin Zhou also received Xue Manzi’s punch.

Brother Hao was trembling at the sight, felt a little dry, his throat rolled, and he swallowed his saliva carefully before he moved his gaze to Dustin Zhou.

In the next second, Brother Hao’s pupils shrank, and his legs trembled subconsciously.

Dustin Zhou not only accepted Xue Manzi’s punch, but also looked effortless. He simply extended his hand and then accepted Xue Manzi.

Head, the punch went down, Dustin Zhou didn’t say he was killed directly, but at least half his life was gone, and now maybe there is still a breath of breath left.

If it is really killed, even if it is his brother Hao, I am afraid there will be no good fruit.

how can that be!

Not just Brother Hao, those little gangsters, those security guards, Liu Fusheng, now they all looked at Dustin Zhou like a monster, and there was a deep shock in their eyes.

They knew Xue Manzi’s strength, and it was no problem to single out dozens of people.

Moreover, just by looking at Xue Manzi’s figure, most people would feel timid and would not dare to face him directly.

But now, Xue Manzi’s punch was well followed by Dustin Zhou, and it didn’t seem to take much effort at all.

“That’s what you said, help me manage my mouth? Tsk tsk, it’s a pity, you don’t seem to be able to control it anymore.” Dustin Zhou squeezed Xue Manzi’s wrist so that he could not move, smiled and looked at Xue Manzi again, He glanced at the sluggish brother Hao, and smiled faintly.

“However, since you have said that, if I have a little expression, I can’t explain it at all, so let’s talk about courtesy.” Dustin Zhou smiled lightly, and then slammed his hand hard.

At this moment, Xue Manzi’s “click” sound from his wrist was very clear.

“Ah!” Xue Manzi yelled, pinching his wrist with a pale face, backing back again and again, sweating profusely on his forehead, looking up at Dustin Zhou’s eyes, full of fear and fear.

Others don’t know, but Xue Manzi knows it himself.

The opponent’s men are merciful.

Otherwise, as long as the other party starts a little harder, one of his own hands will be abolished and there is no possibility of recovery.

When I thought of just now, I blasted out with a punch full of confidence, and was caught by the opponent lightly.

Xue Manzi was full of fear in his heart.

Such people, such strengths, shouldn’t appear in Liushi at all.

So, what is the purpose of such a master in Liushi?

Xue Manzi knew it very well, but others didn’t.

They only knew that Xue Manzi’s hand was abolished by this person.

Moreover, everything looks relaxed, as if there is no effort at all.

“Guru.” I don’t know who swallowed suddenly, which suddenly broke the state of shock and shock.

Everyone immediately breathed in air-conditioning, their eyes looking at Dustin Zhou were full of shock and fear.

Such a person is not even Xue Manzi’s enemy of one move. They are even more not opponents. It is even possible that the opponent does not need to make a move at all. Just a look can make everyone stay away and dare not step forward.

“You…” Brother Hao was shocked and backed away again and again.

Now even Xue Manzi is not Dustin Zhou’s opponent, and the others are even worse.

As for himself, others don’t know, but Brother Hao is as transparent as Ming Jing.

Xue Manzi can be said to be his biggest reliance in the willow market.

As one of the top ten masters in Liushi, Xue Manzi is full of awe.

And because Xue Manzi was born in his own childhood, Brother Hao didn’t worry that he would defect.

Even in the face of those who are also ranked in the top ten, Xue Manzi still has the power to fight.

But Brother Hao didn’t expect that just now, Xue Manzi would lose so easily.

Seeing this scene, Lao Ding shrank his neck repeatedly, moved lightly, and moved slowly among the gangsters, wanting to hide inside.

After all, he took the initiative to explain Dustin Zhou’s identity, and if Dustin Zhou really wanted to retaliate, he would definitely find him in his head.

As the saying goes, a gentleman does not stand under a dangerous wall.

Lao Ding felt that he was a gentleman and should not be in a dangerous situation, so it is reasonable to avoid Dustin Zhou’s edge for now.

Liu Fusheng, the security captain on the side, was extremely surprised.

Fortunately, he reminded Dustin Zhou out loud at the beginning, he didn’t expect Dustin Zhou to be so strong, even Xue Manzi was not his opponent.

But isn’t Dustin Zhou the boss of a cosmetics company?

Even with the care of hotel leaders, how can a cosmetics boss have such a strong strength?

“Hehe, Brother Hao, right? I can’t control my mouth. I don’t know if you can help me. Or, you just said something wrong?” Dustin Zhou smiled and raised a hand slightly , Two steps closer to Brother Hao.


Brother Hao took two steps back quickly, staring at Dustin Zhou’s raised hand with a vigilant look.

It was this hand that not only easily caught Xue Manzi’s punch, but also easily abolished one of Xue Manzi’s hands.

If this hand attacks him, Brother Hao can’t guarantee the next.

And Dustin Zhou laughed when he saw Brother Hao’s appearance.

“Haha, my head is a little itchy, scratch it, scratch it.” After that, Dustin Zhou stretched out his hand and scratched his forehead slightly.

The corners of Brother Hao’s mouth trembled slightly, and his heart was extremely angry.

He didn’t expect that his dignified brother Liushi Hao, who was rampant in Liushi, was now humiliated by an unknown person here.

Moreover, his number one general, Xue Manzi, is not even the opponent’s enemy.

Obviously he only came to Dustin Zhou, and then gave Dustin Zhou a lesson and vented his anger to Brother Hui, but why did he get into this person?

This person, at first glance, is a Lianjiazi, and he is not the kind of casual Lianjiazi. It is likely that he has learned a secret Kungfu since he was a child.

Otherwise, it is impossible to be so young and have such a strong strength.

Chapter 523

Thinking of this, Brother Hao felt sad and indignant, but at the same time he recalled why he wanted to provoke this person.

Brother Hao almost forgot about these two beauties.

“Well, it seems that Old Ding reminded me. Where’s Old Ding?” Brother Hao suddenly thought.

When Lao Ding talked about the identity of this person, Brother Hao recalled what happened yesterday.

“Haha, this brother, it’s a misunderstanding, it’s a misunderstanding, we have admitted the wrong person, I apologize to you.” Brother Hao quickly smiled, then turned around, looked at the crowd, and saw that he was drilling into the crowd, wanting Old Ding covering himself.

Suddenly, a wave of anger sprang up.

“Old Ding, get out of me!” Brother Hao cursed.

It’s all this old Ding. If he didn’t say it, he wouldn’t have thought that this person was the one who dragged him with him yesterday, nor would he have thought of those two beauties, nor would Xue Manzi teach each other or teach himself. Being in such an awkward situation.

“Huh?” Old Ding, who was hiding in the crowd, heard Brother Hao’s scolding, and was shocked. He raised his head blankly and found that everyone around him was looking at him.

Among these eyes, there were dissatisfaction, anger, watching a good show, disdain, and contempt… Especially, in front of the crowd, there was a fierce look full of anger and dissatisfaction.

Old Ding Qiang endured the tremor in his heart, looked over, his eyes suddenly turned pale, and he almost fainted.

That gaze clearly belongs to Brother Hao.

Brother Hao, my old Ding shed blood for you, shed tears for you, in order to cut through the thorns and win the eye of the beauty, you can’t cross the river and tear down the bridge.

At this moment, Old Ding’s heart was very dim, and he felt that his good life was about to end.

However, there was a glimmer of hope in A forcibly in his heart, and Old Ding took a heavy step towards Brother Hao and Dustin Zhou.

“Brother Hao, I…” Lao Ding was about to explain, at least he would say his credit to Brother Hao again, so that Brother Hao would think of his credit. There is no credit, and there is hard work. I also drove Brother Hao for a few years. Can you let me go?

“Pop!” However, before Lao Ding could speak, he was directly interrupted by Brother Hao.

Brother Hao slapped Old Ding directly with a slap.

“Old Ding, you offended this gentleman. If you didn’t admit the wrong person, how could we have a conflict with this gentleman? You must admit the mistake and apologize to this gentleman, and get his forgiveness. Otherwise, don’t blame me. The heart is cruel.” Brother Hao’s determination was vividly reflected at this moment.

Dustin Zhou looked at Brother Hao, and nodded invisibly.

It is worthy of being able to become a character like the elder brother who is rampant in the willow market. The determination and cruelty alone are not what ordinary people have.

In society, especially those like Brother Hao, there is no way to succeed in indecision.

“Ah!” Old Ding’s heart trembled, and he was about to intercede with Brother Hao, but when he saw Brother Hao’s eyes suddenly, there was a sudden thud in his heart and realized that the situation was not good.

Brother Hao’s eyes at the moment

God is indifferent.

This means that Brother Hao is really angry and wants to take his old Ding as a victim.

With a tremor in his heart, Old Ding raised his head to look at Dustin Zhou, and said tremblingly.

“This student, it’s all my fault. I admitted the wrong person and caused you so much trouble. Please forgive me.” After finishing speaking, Old Ding lowered his high head and dared not go to see Dustin Zhou and Hao. Brother’s expression.

He kept expecting in his heart now that this gentleman is a generous person who can forgive himself if he is sincere enough.

So, coupled with his own hard work, maybe Brother Hao wouldn’t do anything to him, and he could still go back to the happy and comfortable life of the past.

“Huh? A word is gone?” Dustin Zhou snorted coldly, very dissatisfied.

The old Ding’s apology was too perfunctory, and there was no sincerity at all.

“I…” Old Ding wanted to say something, but found out that he was just a little brother and had no status at all. Just talking with his lips was nothing at all.

In this case, in order to be forgiven by Brother Hao in the future, go back to the easy and happy life of the past.


With a sudden decision in his heart, Old Ding bent his knees and knelt directly in front of Dustin Zhou.

“I’m sorry, this student, it’s because I have a problem with my eyes, I recognized the wrong person, and caused you trouble. I’m sorry, please forgive me.” After finishing speaking, Lao Ding slammed his head three times on the ground.

At this time, everyone was shocked.

Not only Brother Hao, Xue Manzi, Liu Fusheng, those bastards, those security guards, and the two front desks who had already looked stupid, especially Dustin Zhou, were also dumbfounded, watching Old Ding kneeling in front of him.

Damn, this man is so cruel, without saying anything, he knelt down and knocked his head.

Really ruthless, especially to myself, even more ruthless!

“Lao Ding is really a sincere person. I really shouldn’t put all the responsibilities on him. I was also very worried about the two beauties. Alas, when it’s over, I can make up for Lao Ding. For so many years, Lao Ding has done a lot of things for me, think about my few women, which one does not have Lao Ding’s credit.” Brother Hao looked at the kowtow of Lao Ding, feeling inexplicable, and made up his mind. Compensate Lao Ding well.

At the very least, you can’t let people who really do things for themselves feel chill.

“Hehe, don’t apologize to me.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile. He didn’t expect this old Ding to do this.

“Then you forgive me?” Old Ding was overjoyed, and quickly raised his head, looking at Dustin Zhou expectantly, even the corners of his eyes were slightly moist.

“I mean, you didn’t admit the wrong person, I am the person you were looking for.” Dustin Zhou smiled.

Said, there is no pressure, and I think it is quite interesting to talk to these people about mysteries here.

If it weren’t for it to be late, and it was less than 30 minutes before the Rocket Girl three came to Liushi, he might still have fun with them.

“Didn’t you admit the wrong person?” Old Ding suddenly panicked, thinking that the other party hadn’t forgiven himself, and quickly continued to kowtow with a panic expression.

“I’m sorry, I confessed to the wrong person, I’m sorry…” “Enough, you really did not admit the wrong person, I am also the person you are looking for, I am Dustin Zhou.” Dustin Zhou said calmly.

“Huh?” At this moment, everyone did not react.

What do you mean?

Dustin Zhou?

This name is so familiar, I seem to have heard it somewhere, but for a while, why can’t I remember it?

All the gangsters are the monk Zhang Er who is puzzled, don’t know what Dustin Zhou means when he says his name.

“Didn’t you come to Dustin Zhou? I am Dustin Zhou, the person you are looking for, so you didn’t admit the wrong person.” Seeing everyone’s reaction, Dustin Zhou had no choice but to repeat it again.

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