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Chapter 371


The atmosphere in Changsha became extremely tense for a while.

Many people with many sources of information already knew that something big was about to happen in Changsha.

And big families like Dustin Zhou, Chen’s, and Ding’s knew more accurate information.

It’s not so much that something big will happen in Changsha, it’s that something big will happen to the Jiang family.

Half a month has passed since the Jiang family dinner.

In the past half month, many people and families who attended the dinner that night asked the Jiang family for an explanation.

Especially, without knowing who did it, Jiang Yan left Jiang’s family at the dinner, just not wanting to meet them, and suddenly angered almost everyone.

Everyone knows that Jiang Yan, your appearance and talent, is a matchless in Hunan Province.

In normal times, everyone is willing to give you face.

After all, she is a big beauty, not to mention her reputation, she is the daughter of Jiang Xingyuan, the second master of the Jiang family.

The coexistence of fame and background has made many people admire and even eagerly sought after.

Generally speaking, a principle that everyone adheres to is hello, me, and everyone.

But now, you Jiang Yan left Jiang’s family at the dinner party and didn’t want to see us. Who on earth did you look down on?

Still think that with so many young talents of us, none of us is worthy of you?

It can be said that it was this sudden that Jiang Yan’s status in the minds of the young talents of Hunan Province plummeted, and she no longer had the glory of the goddess back then.

What followed was everyone’s dissatisfaction with the Jiang family.

Since Jiang Yan dared to do this, there must be Jiang family behind him.

So, for a time, everyone’s spearhead was all directed at the Jiang family.

The Jiang family naturally felt this kind of atmosphere.

Even Jiang Fanliu, the head of the Jiang family, personally intervened.

Jiang family, meeting hall.

At this time, Jiang Fanliu was sitting in the top position, and Jiang Xingyuan and Jiang Xingguang sat beside him.

Yu Hua from the Yu Family, Du Wen from the Du Family, and Tang Wen from the Tang Family are all listed.

They formed an alliance with the Jiang family. Now the atmosphere in Changsha is not right, and someone is faintly targeting the Jiang family, so naturally they cannot ignore it.

In addition, many important children of the Jiang family were also present.

Since the dinner party ended half a month ago, the Jiang family has been quiet.

Even the issue of Mingyang’s flagship store has slowed down.

The three families will not urge Jiang Xingyuan at this time.

Now the Jiang family is in a crisis. Once it fails, the consequences will be something that their three families don’t want to see.

But once they succeed, they can use the momentum of success to suppress Zhang Family and Dustin Zhou in one fell swoop.

Therefore, everyone is not very anxious at this time.

“You should also be able to feel the current situation. There are many forces outside, all watching our Jiang family.” Jiang Fanliu said lightly, and glanced at everyone in the meeting hall.


In fact, at the beginning, he handed over the suppression of Zhang Jia Meichen’s makeup to Jiang Xingyuan.

And he also believed that Jiang Xingyuan had the ability to handle it well.

However, the sudden appearance of the famous company disrupted Jiang Xingyuan’s deployment and made him passive.

Especially, under such circumstances, the Yu family, the Du family, and the Tang family have been putting pressure on Jiang Xingyuan, and he has to find ways to target the famous company.

In this case, Jiang Xingyuan targeted his daughter Jiang Yan.

But a miss!

Jiang Xingyuan himself did not expect that Jiang Yan would leave Jiang’s family silently on the night of the banquet, leaving Jiang Xingyuan and Jiang’s family to lose face.

Not only faced the accusations of all the guests, but even apologized one by one afterwards.

After this action, the Jiang family’s aura was overwhelmed.

Even families like the Chen family and the Ding family took the opportunity to get rid of the Jiang family’s control.

“Father, I think we should take a strong stand and suppress their arrogance, otherwise they really think that our Jiang family can let them be so presumptuous!” Jiang Xingyuan said coldly.

“Especially the Chen family and the Ding family, if they don’t teach them a severe lesson, I’m afraid that the family that clings to our Jiang family will also give birth to dissatisfaction.” For the dinner party, the Chen family and Ding family took the opportunity to embarrass him. , Jiang Xingyuan has never forgotten.

Even in the past half month, Jiang Xingyuan has already begun to arrange people to do some precautions against the Chen family and the Ding family.

Once these two families had different hearts and changed, then he would be able to react to it in the first time and give him a hard blow!

“Yes, father, I think so too, and that Dustin Zhou is simply too rampant. Not only is there a big dinner party, but it is the culprit that brought my Jiang family into the current situation!” Jiang Xingguang also gritted his teeth.

For Dustin Zhou, as long as Jiang’s family, there is almost nothing that does not hate.

Since the abolition of Jiangbei, Dustin Zhou seems to have competed with the Jiang family and has been looking for trouble.

But now that the Jiang family is in a passive situation, Dustin Zhou’s role in it cannot be underestimated.

“Uncle Jiang, in fact, I don’t think we are thinking about Dustin Zhou right now. No matter how capable he is, he can’t really confront our family. After all, his roots are in the East China Sea.” At this time, Yu Hua said.

“Now the situation in Changsha is unclear, how many people are hiding in the dark, how many people will be our enemy, we are not very clear, so at the moment, the most important thing is to distinguish the enemy from us!” “Yes, I also agree, if we follow the current situation Judging from the situation, our enemies are the Zhang family, the Chen family, the Ding family, and Dustin Zhou. Who else is there?” “This may require the Jiang family to think about it.

After all, the possible enemies are almost all in Changsha, and more or less, they are all related to the Jiang family.

Du Wen and Tang Wenzhong also expressed their own opinions. In fact, with Jiang Fanliu, they can only express their own opinions and can hardly do anything. After all, Jiang Fanliuguang is a seniority, which is one generation higher than them. You can say to them as an elder. “Boom! Boom!

Suddenly, the door of the meeting hall was knocked from outside, and was very anxious. “Go and see, what happened, so panic!”

Jiang Fanliu didn’t speak, Jiang Xingyuan frowned, and said to a person near the gate. Soon, the gate opened, and a servant ran in panickedly. Every cosmetics shop was checked.

The subordinate looked flustered, and his breath was unstable when he spoke. At first glance, he knew that this was coming all the way. “What’s the matter?”

“Jiang Xingyuan’s face was stunned, and he didn’t know what the servant said. “You speak well.”

“Erye, our four large cosmetics stores in Changsha have been sealed up by the health department, saying that the products are substandard and must be tested!”

“The next person swallowed a bit of saliva, and this made things clear.

Chapter 372

Look at him collapsed!

“Fart!” Jiang Xingyuan snapped.

Of course, Jiang’s industry also includes the cosmetics industry.

Although it is not as good as Zhang’s Meichen beauty makeup, it can also be ranked high in Changsha, and even in Hunan Province, it is also very famous.

In recent years, the Jiang family’s cosmetics industry has always been orderly and dare not make any accidents.

The health department, how could it be possible to find his Jiang’s head, and without any notice, it directly sealed it up!

“Second Lord, how could I lie about this kind of thing? Now that the four stores have been closed down, everyone outside knows it!” The subordinate said with a sad face.

He also wanted to cry without tears, and he was doing his own thing well, but he was arranged to report the news.

He knew that once the news came out, the Jiang Family Patriarch and several elders would definitely be furious, and if they could not, they would spread the anger on his head.

“Okay, you go down.” Jiang Xingyuan wanted to say something, but Jiang Fanliu spoke directly and let the servant go down.

When the next person left with trepidation, there was silence in the meeting hall.

The Jiang family is still in shock and disbelief.

They are very clear about their own affairs, even those of the Jiang family who are not in charge of the cosmetics industry can feel it at this moment. Among them, there is absolutely no such simple seizure.

When it comes to problems, they can’t guarantee that the Jiang’s cosmetics store is 100% free and can withstand any inspection.

However, for all stores, are there any stores with the slightest problem?

Even if Dustin Zhou’s newly opened flagship store of Mingyang Company, I am afraid he is not immune.

However, the Jiang family is a big family after all. Although acting recklessly, in many respects, it also considers more thoroughly.

There can be no big problems, but these stores have some small problems, and they don’t care much.

However, at this point, the health department caught the painful foot and seized it in one fell swoop.

Yu Hua, Du Wen, and Tang Wenzhong glanced at each other, and they were all silent.

Although they don’t know the specific situation, they have their own minds, and at the same time they are secretly serious.

Since these people who are hiding in the dark will do something about the Jiang family, their big families will inevitably encounter such a situation in the future.

But compared to Jiang’s family and Tang Wenzhong, Yu Hua and Du Wen appear more confident.

The two of them are the best among the five big families. Not to mention their own strength, few families or individuals dare to provoke them.

Moreover, their family acts without dripping water, and it is difficult to be grasped.

“Uncle Jiang, I am afraid that the other party is not good. Do you want to send someone to investigate and see what the reason is?” After thinking about it, Yu Hua returned

Is the first to speak.

He is indeed an outsider, but at this time, he is also tied to the Jiang family, and they have a common enemy.

In addition, this time the four major families placed their main battlefield in Changsha, which also meant to rely on the Jiang family.

Now that the Jiang family is facing a problem, they can’t stay out of the matter, and they still have to contribute.

“Well, let Fang’er go and take a look. I want to see, what Xiao Xiaoxiao, dare to take action against my Jiang family at this time!” Jiang Fanliu nodded and said coldly.

Although Jiang Xingfang was disqualified from competing for Patriarch because Jiangbei was abolished, his ability is still good, and he has won Jiang Fanliu’s trust.

Looking at this period of time, Jiang Xingfang was very sluggish, looking utterly helpless, Jiang Fanliu felt that he should find something for him to do.

And now that happened to happen, Jiang Fanliu thought of his eldest son for the first time.

But when he thought of Jiangbei, Jiang Fanliu sighed deeply.

At the same time, the hatred in Dustin Zhou’s heart became clear again.

“Second, you go to your eldest brother and let him do things well. After this period of time has passed, I will go to your second uncle and let him see if he can recover Jiang Bei.” Jiang Fanliu said in a deep voice.

But this word fell in the ears of people, and it was immediately shocking.

Jiang Xingyuan and Jiang Xingguang’s expressions flickered, their eyes flickering.

The Jiang family’s children also thought about it in their hearts.

Yu Hua, Du Wen and Tang Wenzhong secretly thought in their hearts that the second uncle Jiang Fan said was probably the one who left the Jiang family early.

If there was that second uncle, with his influence, he would be able to provide great help to the Jiang family.

Thinking of this, the three of them had already faintly praised the Jiang family a lot.

At the very least, none of their three major families has any influence, and there is the Er Uncle that Jiang Fan said.

Everyone in the meeting hall continued to discuss matters.

But in the Jiang family compound, Jiang Xingfang was stunned when he heard the second brother’s words, and he recovered for a long time, his expression was greatly lifted, and he was extremely excited.

“Really? Father really said that? Let the second uncle see Jiangbei’s injury?” Jiang Xingfang looked excited, grabbed Jiang Xingyuan’s arm, and asked excitedly, wanting to confirm again, for fear that he had heard it wrong. .

“Brother, this is my father’s

The original words, but now someone is secretly targeting my Jiang family. Our four cosmetics stores in Changsha have been closed by the health department. My father asked you to check what is going on.

Jiang Xingyuan felt an unprovoked anger, but he knew that at this time, he decided not to be too obvious. He knew that his father had a strong control over the entire Jiang family. As long as he showed any abnormal emotions, Almost Jiang Fanliu will know right away. “Okay, I will check it out, second brother, go tell my father, I must do this well!

Jiang Xingfang was very confident at this time. How could he not be excited when he learned that Jiangbei had the possibility of recovery. This not only means that he has a successor in Jiang Xingfang’s house, but it also means that he still has the opportunity to regain the position of Patriarch. After speaking, Jiang Xingfang was ready to go without waiting for Jiang Xingyuan to leave. Although he had been silent for a long time because of Jiangbei’s abandonment. But after all, he is Jiang’s family room and he has a lot of background. Soon , Jiang Xingfang was ready to leave Jiang’s house with several nursing homes. At this time, in Changsha, the news that the four cosmetics stores of Jiang’s family were closed has been spread. Many people looked different and were shocked. Someone would actually take action against the Jiang family? And looking at the posture, there is no intention to take action secretly, this is simply the bayonet being shining brightly. At the Double Happiness Hotel, Dustin Zhou stood by the room window and looked downstairs. On the street, people come and go, cars come and go, and I can’t help but sigh. “Look at him raising a tall building on the ground and watching him collapse.

Chapter 373

Jiang Xingfang!

Jiang Xingfang took the people and quickly rushed to the cosmetics store closest to Jiang’s house.

At this time, the store had been sealed, the door was closed tightly, and a seal was put on it.

Outside the store, everyone was watching, with different expressions on their faces.

Some people are surprised, some are excited, and some are indifferent… “Tsk tusk, I didn’t expect that even the Jiang family’s store was shut down, who is so capable?” “Cut, don’t talk nonsense, Didn’t you see what the health department inspected from inside?” “Yes, thinking about it now, I still have lingering fears, but cosmetics are used on the face. If something goes wrong, wouldn’t it be necessary? Disfigured?” “Haha, I don’t believe it. I have bought cosmetics here before, and there has never been a problem. Maybe someone has planted and framed it. Isn’t this what happened to Meichen Beauty before?” “But Renjiamei Chen Meizhuang has clarified, and invited professionals to conduct live testing to give the public an explanation. Can this Jiangjia store do it this time?” “It’s not a lot to say, Jiangjia is not much worse than Zhangjia. , They must have a way.” … Jiang Xingfang stood in the crowd.

After a period of deep living and simplicity, he did not have the rich and arrogant aura of a big family child at this time, and he looked like an ordinary middle-aged person.

He silently listened to the people around him, and came up with several main meanings.

The first is that the Jiang’s store was indeed sealed by the health department, and things that were very unfavorable to the store were also found out, and even disfigured.

At this moment, Jiang Xingfang thought about what Jiang Xingyuan had directed against Zhang Jia Meichen’s makeup.

At that time, Jiang Xingyuan also used this method to make people pretend to use Meichen Beauty’s cosmetics, causing disfigurement, and then crying loudly at the door of Meichen Beauty’s flagship store to expand their influence.

But this time, it was different from Jiang Xingyuan’s last time.

Jiang Xingyuan’s time, although it came suddenly, it was a civil dispute at first.

Even if it is influential, it even affects the survival of Meichen Beauty.

But after all, it can be regarded as a civil level, and the attention is very large, but after all, the level is limited, and there is no harm to Meichen Beauty.

That’s why Meichen Beauty can pass a simple live test to minimize the impact of this incident.

But this time it was different. Jiang Xingfang didn’t know who the other party was.

The other party secretly shot and hit the Jiang family by surprise.

Moreover, the other party did not use disfigured people to make noises, but directly let people from the health department check.

In front of everyone, under everyone’s eyes, check out things that can disfigure people.

In this way, the evidence is solid, and no one wants to believe that Jiang’s family wants to imitate Zhang’s previous live test.

Most importantly, this time, it attracted official attention.

Then, Jiang Xingfang couldn’t use some actions that couldn’t be on the stage, and Jiang’s family couldn’t use it.

This is a conspiracy!

Everyone can see that someone has shot the Jiang family.

But so what?

The other party’s behavior is arrogant, upright, and disfiguring things are checked out in your Jiang family’s cosmetics store, so the seizure and rectification are inevitable.

Even if the Jiang family does not handle it well, the strong man will be severed and the entire cosmetics industry will be abandoned.

Heart is cruel!

Jiang Xingfang thought secretly that although he hadn’t seen the other party, only by virtue of this, the other party was worthy of such a label.

Secondly, this time the health department’s inspection was not just for his Jiang family’s cosmetics store, but a city-wide inspection. There was no specific target, and it was a general survey.

Therefore, no one can instruct the health department.

Even the flagship store of Mingyang, which had just opened for a month, was checked.

Jiang Xingfang secretly thought that the flagship store of the famous company was fine, but his Jiang family store had an accident. I am afraid that there must be inextricably linked.

“Let’s go, let’s go to the flagship store of Mingyang Company.” Jiang Xingfang said softly, turning around with a few nursing homes and heading directly towards the pedestrian street.

At this time, Dustin Zhou and several people are working in the flagship store.

“It seems that the health department’s inspection this time is within the city, not against which one.” Dustin Zhou said lightly, but he was thinking of something in his heart.

“But this time only the four major cosmetics stores of the Jiang family have been closed down. As a result, the reduction of cosmetics stores is beneficial to us. Will the Jiang family suspect that we did it?” Enderia Shen frowned. Asked softly.

Her eyes fell on Dustin Zhou, her eyes full of doubts.

She had a feeling that Dustin Zhou seemed to be a little different since the Jiang family dinner half a month ago.

He would often fall into contemplation, frowning sometimes, and sometimes soothing.

Enderia Shen asked, Mira Xie mentioned it intentionally or unintentionally, Niu Chuan asked, Asher Chen also asked.

But Dustin Zhou didn’t say anything.

“Yeah, if something happens to the Jiang family’s store, they will definitely suspect us.” “What are you afraid of? With Zhou always here, are we still afraid of a small Jiang family?” “That is, the Jiang family’s best not to be boring. , Otherwise, we will definitely not show them good looks.” … Many people have different opinions.

With Dustin Zhou, everyone has a backbone, and there is no worry in their hearts.

“Zhou, someone named Jiang Xingfang is looking for you outside.”

At that time, an employee walked in and looked at Dustin Zhou with admiration.

Jiang Xingfang?

Hearing this name, everyone present was shocked and their expressions stunned.

Even the few people who said that they were not afraid at this time looked at each other.

Although they said that, but now that people really come to the door, they are still a little bit embarrassed.

After all, the name of the person, the shadow of the tree.

The Jiang family has been entrenched in Changsha for so many years, and the influence is so great that Dustin Zhou may not be able to imagine it for a while.

Not to mention, this time Jiang Xingfang came here in person.

“He? Interesting, let’s go, we will meet this young master of the Jiang family.” Dustin Zhou smiled, with a playful look, got up and walked outside.

“Dustin Zhou?” Jiang Xingyuan came to Mingyang’s flagship store, explained his intentions, and wandered in the store.

Suddenly I saw a group of people walking towards me, and it was a young man who was headed, just like the person in Dustin Zhou’s photos he had seen, and he knew immediately.

“I heard that Young Master Jiang is looking for me, don’t know what it is?” Dustin Zhou asked directly without delay.

At the same time, his gaze fell on Jiang Xingfang’s face.

The young master of the Jiang family in front of him was Jiangbei’s father. After Dustin Zhou abolished Jiangbei, Jiang Xingfang was unwilling to do so. He wanted to take action against Dustin Zhou several times, but he was counterattacked by Dustin Zhou.

In the end, Jiang Xingfang even hired criminals in an attempt to catch the three rocket girls and force Dustin Zhou to give in.

But many of these things cannot be made public, only they can fight against each other.

Now Jiang Xingfang seems to have not happened in the past, and he came to the door with a calm expression, and Dustin Zhou, who was intolerant, could not think about it.

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