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Chapter 674

Dustin Zhou shook his head slightly, looking at Li Mingfeng with a hint of playfulness. In fact, Dustin Zhou had already thought about it. Although he saved Liu Xue, he offended Li Mingfeng and Cai Xiong. Two people. These two people are important figures in the three generations of the Li family and the Cai family. They have extraordinary weight in the family, and they are also very powerful in mobilizing the family. Dustin Zhou feels that he is better, the Li family and the Cai family. I don’t dare to be so blatant to have trouble with myself. What’s more, there are Niu Chuan beside me, and most people don’t need to be afraid. However, Liu Xue is different. From beginning to end, Liu Xue is the number one in this matter. The victim is also a person with the weakest identity background. Such a person is the easiest to become the target of Li Mingfeng and Cai Xiong’s revenge. Even some people who want to please Li Mingfeng and Cai Xiong will take the initiative to find Liu Xue’s trouble. Therefore, Liu Xue is no longer suitable to stay in the East China Sea. Her best choice is to hurry up and get Li Mingfeng’s compensation, leave the East China Sea quickly and return to her hometown, or change a city to start a new life. After all, since Li Mingfeng paid the compensation, it will definitely not be a small amount, and it will be enough for Liu Xue to switch to another place to start life again. “It’s compensation, it’s easy to say, you say how much you want, I will pay for it!

“When Dustin Zhou only asked for Liu Xue’s compensation, Li Mingfeng was relieved, and the dignity on his face was slightly relieved. As long as it is money, it is easy to say that Li Mingfeng also wants the Li family, the least lacking. It’s money. How much can a mere woman make up for? This little money is not even considered by Li Mingfeng, but it’s just a month’s living expenses. “How much do you think should be compensated?

Dustin Zhou looked at Li Mingfeng playfully, and didn’t directly say how much compensation he would need. “How about one million?”

After all, this beauty did not suffer.

“Li Mingfeng pondered slightly, and said a compensation amount that he thought was reasonable. One million. This million, for Li Mingfeng, is naturally not a big money, and sometimes Li Mingfeng needs to hold a party.

The fee is more than this amount.

However, for Liu Xue, this one million may be money that she has never seen in her entire life.

This, Li Mingfeng can see from Liu Xue’s clothes.

After all, although the clothes on Liu Xue are not bad, they are probably only a few thousand yuan when added together, which can only be regarded as an ordinary level.

“As long as you promise that this matter will pass, and you will not pursue it in the future, I will immediately compensate this beauty with one million!” In order to prevent Dustin Zhou from disagreeing, Li Mingfeng promised to give the money directly to Liu Xue.

“Hehe, one million, that’s too much.” Dustin Zhou smiled, his tone indifferent.

Li Mingfeng thought Dustin Zhou had agreed, and the nervous expression on his face instantly disappeared and he became relaxed.

“Just agree, then I…” Li Mingfeng wanted to say something, but Dustin Zhou interrupted him directly.

“Are you sending a beggar? Are we missing you this million?” Dustin Zhou’s words were thunderous, with an invisible momentum, directly rushing towards Li Mingfeng.

And Li Mingfeng was stunned for an instant.

Dismiss the beggar?

one million?

Who spends a million to send beggars?

At this moment, Li Mingfeng didn’t know in his heart, this was Dustin Zhou’s disgust.

Li Mingfeng forcibly resisted the dissatisfaction in his heart, trying to put on a look that was sometimes negotiable on his face.

“Then how much compensation is needed, Mr. Zhou, please tell me a number.” Li Mingfeng gritted his teeth slightly and gave Dustin Zhou the right to decide the number.

After all, how much a mere compensation can be, at best, is no more than five million, which is nothing to Li Mingfeng.

“Hehe, not much, fifty million.” Dustin Zhou brushed his sleeves and said lightly.

As soon as the voice fell, everyone was stunned.

Li Mingfeng was stunned, his face was shocked and unable to speak, his chest was constantly rising and falling.

Cai Xiong’s eyes widened, looking at Dustin Zhou, his face was gloomy.

Asher Chen looked at Dustin Zhou and Liu Xue with an inexplicable smile on their faces.

Liu Xue looked at Dustin Zhou in surprise and wanted to say something, but seeing Dustin Zhou’s determination, she held back what she wanted to say.

As for the lobby on the first floor, as well as everyone in the lobby on the second floor, they don’t even know what to say at this moment, and many people even touch their ears, suspecting that there is a problem with their ears.

They couldn’t believe what they had just heard.

Fifty million!

As compensation!

Just because Li Mingfeng was disturbed by Liu Xue, Dustin Zhou wanted Li Mingfeng to compensate Liu Xue with 50 million!

Yes, Li Mingfeng is not short of money, and the Li family is not short of money.

But this is fifty million, not fifty thousand, five hundred thousand, five million.

Even if it is five million, Li Mingfeng gritted his teeth, he may not be unable to take it.

Come out to compensate Liu Xue.

But this is fifty million, and Li Mingfeng’s annual living expenses are not so much.

And all the assets he has now put together, I am afraid that there are not so many.

Not only Li Mingfeng, but at this time,

Everyone was thinking secretly in their hearts.

Among so many people present, who can directly put out 50 million without blinking, I am afraid that Asher Chen is the only one.

Other people, even Cai Xiong, couldn’t get it out at all.

“Why? A lot, you don’t want it?” Dustin Zhou asked with a smile, and he naturally noticed the eyes of other people.

However, this is nothing to Dustin Zhou.

Today, Li Mingfeng must use these fifty million as compensation to Liu Xue.

As for the fifty million, where Li Mingfeng is going to get it, it is not Dustin Zhou’s problem.

He only asked, and Li Mingfeng did the rest.

“Haha, not much, not much.” What can Li Mingfeng do at this time?

Saying 50 million is too much, can you make a little less and get a discount?

In this case, Li Mingfeng not only has no face to say it, but also has the courage to say it.

He always felt that there was an invisible pressure on himself, it seemed that as long as he changed something, the person who had been putting pressure on him would immediately do it.

“Give you an hour, I need to see 50 million, one point is missing, you don’t leave here.” “Okay, call.” Dustin Zhou finished speaking, and ignored Li Mingfeng’s reaction. It was looking at Liu Xue.

“Mr. Zhou, I actually don’t need this, thank you so much…” Liu Xue was already shocked at this moment and could not say anything.

Her mood is also ups and downs.

And Liu Xue didn’t even think that Dustin Zhou wanted to compensate Li Mingfeng for 50 million for herself.

This is fifty million, not fifty thousand.

For Liu Xue, she had never seen so much money in her entire life.

For a moment, Liu Xue was a little panicked, not knowing what to do.

Chapter 675

“It’s okay, don’t worry, the fifty million is all his compensation for disturbing you. You can take it with ease. By the way, you will go upstairs with me first, and we will come back when Li Mingfeng collects the money.” Dustin Zhou put his hands on Liu Xue’s shoulders, exerting a slight force, trying to restore Liu Xue’s mood.

After comforting Liu Xue, Dustin Zhou ignored Li Mingfeng, nor Cai Xiong.

He had said something to Cai Xiong before, but since Cai Xiong couldn’t remember it, Dustin Zhou would naturally let him know.

And now, obviously it is not the time to honor that sentence.

“Okay, everyone is gone.” Dustin Zhou took Liu Xue up to the third floor.

Asher Chen waved lightly to everyone, and followed them up to the third floor.

Many people looked at Dustin Zhou and Liu Xue with envy. At such a young age, they could have an irreversible relationship with Asher Chen, and they could even reach the third floor directly.

This is

How many people have a lifetime dream.

… Time passed quickly. Before one hour came, Li Mingfeng blushed and let people tell him.

Fifty million is ready.

“Go, I’ll take you to get compensation. Didn’t you come to attend the class reunion today? When you get the compensation, go first. When it’s over, I have something that I want to talk to you. Then, you will come to Lvjing Go to Wancheng, I’ll be waiting for you there.” Dustin Zhou patted Liu Xue on the shoulder and smiled faintly.

“Mr. Zhou, Ms. Liu, this is 50 million. All are in the card. You can check it at any time.” Li Mingfeng’s face was flushed at the moment, with large drops of sweat left on his forehead, and his body trembled. He arched his waist. A black bank card was handed over.

Dustin Zhou only glanced at it faintly, then took it indifferently, and then involuntarily stuffed it into Liu Xue’s hand.

Dustin Zhou believed that Li Mingfeng would not dare to rape and skid at this time.

What’s more, Dustin Zhou knew that black bank card.

That is the black gold card of Universal Bank, and very few people can apply for it.

Just one basic condition, at least 50 million in the Black Gold Card, is enough to stop a large number of people.

“Okay, you can get out. If you feel unconvinced and want revenge, then you can find me, I will wait and see.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, and regardless of Li Mingfeng’s reaction, he pulled Liu Xue. Hand down to the lobby on the first floor.

At this moment, the lobby on the first floor and the lobby on the second floor have long been restored to their original state.

Some traces of fighting and some blood stains had already been cleaned up.

And the crowd of onlookers had long since dispersed.

Dustin Zhou estimated in his heart that it probably won’t take much time for the whole East China Sea to know what happened here.

“Okay, go find your classmates, I’ll go back to the community first.” Waved to Liu Xue, Dustin Zhou left the Mountain Mist Clubhouse directly.

However, as Dustin Zhou left, many people in the Mountain Mist Club went out directly with them, and even many people started to make calls.

Holding the bank card in her hand, Liu Xue watched this scene and wanted to remind Dustin Zhou, but when the words came to her lips, she found that she couldn’t speak at all.

Suppressing the worries in his eyes, Liu Xue knew that even if he reminded him now, it would not have any effect.

And since Dustin Zhou can know Asher Chen, then he must have a more extraordinary identity, maybe she doesn’t need her reminder at all.

Standing at the door of the private room, Liu Xue took a deep breath, touched her face, and found that there was nothing unusual, and then she stretched out her hand to open the door.

However, before Liu Xue opened the door, the private room door was opened from the inside.

“Ah, Liu Xue, are you back?” A surprised voice sounded as the private room door was opened.

Xu Mei looked at Liu Xue who was standing at the door of the private room, and there was a gleam of light in her eyes, pretending to be surprised and shouted.

And this sentence immediately attracted the attention of everyone in the private room.

“Hey, Liu Xue, where did you go just now?” “Yeah, it’s been an hour. I even went to the bathroom to look for you, but I didn’t find it. Are you okay?” “Liu Xue, come in quickly and disappeared?” For such a long time, shouldn’t you punish yourself for three cups?”… After all, Liu Xue is still a class flower in college. What’s more, she has only graduated for half a year, and Liu Xue’s appearance is just right when she is resistant to fights. Naturally, it is the same as usual. The focus of everyone’s attention.

The corner of Liu Xue’s mouth raised slightly, as if nothing happened just now, and she walked into the private room.

“Nothing. I met an acquaintance and talked to him.” Liu Xue smiled lightly, and then sat down.

When Xu Mei heard Liu Xue’s words, a strange flash suddenly flashed across her face, and she glanced at Huang Gang, and she saw a hint of deep meaning in the other’s eyes.

As for what happened to Liu Xue just now, everyone here, as long as Xu Mei and Huang Gang knew.

It was precisely because of this that the two of them knew that what Liu Xue said, meeting and talking to acquaintances, was a lie at all.

As for why Liu Xue said such a lie, after Xu Mei and Huang Gang looked at each other, they both saw the answer in each other’s eyes.

Xu Mei opened her eyes and smiled, looking at Liu Xue’s back, her face was full of contempt, and there was a fierce flash in her eyes.

Huang Gang’s face was gloomy, his lips were slightly pursed, and he looked at Liu Xue, lost in thought.

“Haha, acquaintance? Liu Xue, what place do you think this is? Do you have acquaintances here?” Tong Yan couldn’t help being the first to say nothing, and she sneered directly with a look of disdain.

Just an hour during Liu Xue’s absence, her Tong Yan became the most concerned person in the entire private room.

Everyone looked at her with a trace of love and envy in their eyes.

This makes Tong Yan extremely enjoyable.

However, just now, Liu Xue disappeared for an hour, and as soon as he came back, he immediately attracted the eyes and attention of almost everyone.

This made Tong Yan suddenly feel left out.

Such feelings make Tong Yan feel very uncomfortable.

“Yeah, Liu Xue, I haven’t heard that any of your friends will come in here.” “Hey, I remember Xu Mei said before that Liu Xue came with a man today. Is that man?” “No, isn’t that man Liu Xue’s boyfriend?” … At this time, everyone was surprised

, I quickly thought of what Xu Mei said before.

“Haha, you don’t know anything. When Liu Xue has been away for an hour, where did he meet an acquaintance? I think it is clear to go fishing for a beetle-in-law.” While everyone was still talking about it, Xu Mei said something like The stormy waves shocked everyone at once, and looked at Liu Xue coldly, with an incredible face.

Chapter 676

Catch a beetle?

When Xu Mei said this, everyone was stunned.

Even Huang Gang, who knew the inside story, was shocked for a moment.

But after he saw a hint of cunning and pride in Xu Mei’s eyes, he suddenly understood.

Xu Mei is discrediting Liu Xue’s reputation.

After all, everyone is who you are, even if you don’t know the roots, but they are all the same.

And who are the people who can enter the Mountain Mist Clubhouse?

Rich is expensive.

What does it mean to catch a golden turtle here?

Put it nicely, it’s called fishing for beetles.

However, the uglier thing to say is that it is fishing for triumphs.

And who is Liu Xue?

But the class flower in college not only attracted the love of many boys in the class, but even the college, and even the whole school, had many admirers.

In addition, after Liu Xue graduated, she went to work in Lvjingwan City, and many people believed that she had found a good job.

But now, Liu Xue even took advantage of the class reunion held in the Mountain Mist Clubhouse, openly fishing for the golden turtle son-in-law here.

In an instant, the image of Liu Xue collapsed in the hearts of most people.

Only a few people still looked suspicious and didn’t believe Xu Mei’s words at all.

Tong Yan looked at Liu Xue, chuckled lightly, and her chest was trembling, attracting a lot of attention.

“Oh, this is really surprising? Liu Xue, I didn’t expect you to be fishing for a beetle-in-law here. It really surprised me. Why, are you here, Liu Xue, too?” Tong Yan said. It can’t be said to be unscrupulous.

“I used to treat you Liu Xue as a competitor before, but now it seems that Liu Xue is nothing more than that. What’s the difference between this behavior and a b*tch?” Tong Yan finally found her superiority at this moment. sense.

Although she also found her boyfriend Zhang Yong by way of triumphant, but this is not known to everyone, and most importantly, Tong Yan herself succeeded.

But what about Liu Xue?

Not only did everyone know, but looking at her like this, it was a failure.

In this way, Tong Yan felt that the charm between herself and Liu Xue was high.

Liu Xue didn’t deserve to be compared with herself!

At this moment, Tong Yan was extremely confident.

And many others are heartbroken at this moment.

“Is this not?” “Yeah, what about Liu Xue?

Is it possible to catch a beetle-in-law here?

With her looks, what kind of man would she not find if she wanted to find?

“Yes, it’s a pity, but seeing Liu Xue like this, is it unsuccessful?”

“Hey, I didn’t expect my goddess to be such a person.”

“… Everyone couldn’t help but feel frustrated. For Liu Xue, many people’s disappointment was directly shown on their faces, and they did not hide it. At this moment, in the private room, there were not many people who could still maintain a little calm expression. Xu Mei smiled, as if nothing happened just now, and she didn’t say anything, but her gaze fell on Liu Xue, and she suddenly felt relieved. Huang Gang’s eyes were deep, and when she looked at Liu Xue, it seemed to be I was thinking about something, but what was different from before was that at this time, Huang Gang looked at Liu Xue’s gaze instead of the desire at the beginning, but became full of erotic desires, leaving only erotic desires. The other person was Tong Tong. Yan’s boyfriend Zhang Yong is now. Unlike the others, Zhang Yong and Liu Xue didn’t know each other before, and they weren’t a classmate relationship. If it weren’t for Zhang Yong to accompany Tong Yan to attend a class reunion today, he would have been I won’t see Liu Xue. Therefore, Zhang Yong doesn’t know what Liu Xue was like when he was in college. He only knows that at this moment, Liu Xue is a big beauty, a woman who is more admirable than Tong Yan. Originally, Liu Xue looked high and cold, so Zhang Yong didn’t know where to start for a while. But now it’s different. This Liu Xue is the same thing as Tong Yan. At this moment, it’s in Zhang Yong. In my heart, Liu Xue was no longer an unattainable goddess of coldness, but because Liu Xue failed to catch a beetle-in-law at the Mountain Mist Clubhouse, Zhang Yong thought that Liu Xue was nothing but this. And Zhang Yong has something to do with such a woman. Means. At this moment, Zhang Yong has even planned a plan to attack Liu Xue in his heart. Zhang Yong is confident that as long as he goes out on his own, he will definitely be able to win Liu Xue. Suddenly, Zhang Yong’s eyes on Liu Xue are more aggressive. With a hint of inevitable. Most of the people’s emotions changed in an instant, so in the entire private room, the one who felt the most profound was Liu Xue himself. After Xu Mei said that, Liu Xue immediately said that. The reaction was to look at Xu Mei in surprise. She wanted to question Xu Mei why she said something like that, and what evidence did Xu Mei have to prove. But everything happened too fast. Liu Xue didn’t say anything at all. The changes in the expressions of the people and the whispers made Liu Xue’s expression suddenly change. She knew that after all, she had underestimated the power and influence of Xu Mei’s words just now. If it were ordinary people, or other people, Xu Mei was like this. Say that may bring

The impact is negligible, and even others just treat it as a joke, not taking it seriously.

However, Xu Mei was talking about Liu Xue.

This is why everyone is not paying attention.

“I didn’t!” At this moment, Liu Xue could only say such a sentence firmly, and she already knew that even if she said it, others would not believe it.

Everyone talked about gold, and even, if this misunderstanding is not solved today, then her Liu Xue fishing for the golden turtle son-in-law at the Mountain Mist Clubhouse and the failure will surely spread quickly.

At that time, not only all the classmates of Liu Xue at that time, but also some high school classmates, other students in the college, and even the entire Tunghai University will know about it, and use it as a laughing stock to laugh at that beautiful school girl. .

“Haha, Liu Xue, don’t deny it, but the monitor and I have seen it. Didn’t you pretend to bump into the arms of Shao Li and want to have a perfect encounter with Shao Li?” Xu Mei raised her brows, she Unexpectedly, it was this time; Liu Xue even wanted to deny it.

, However, it is impossible for Xu Mei to turn Liu Xue over.

Now that Xu Mei had already said this for the sake of it, naturally there was an idea of ​​killing Liu Xue, otherwise, once Liu Xue had a chance to turn over, then her Xu Mei would not end well.

“Did you say it, squad leader?” To be on the safe side, Xu Mei even took Huang Gang with her, and looked at Huang Gang. Huang Gang could only nod slightly under the sign.

After all, Liu Xue ran into Shao Li, and it did happen.

Although the specific situation at that time was completely different from what Xu Mei said, this did not prevent Xu Mei from making up.

Otherwise, do you have to explain to everyone that Xu Mei and Huang Gang came forward together at the time, trying to excuse Liu Xue, but only to be frightened by the look of Younger Li?

In that case, Huang Gang still has some face to stand here.

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