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Chapter 878

It can be seen that Enderia Shen really longs for Zhou’s mother to live in his own home.

As for the reason for this, is it because the family is too deserted and I want to find someone to come over, or it’s because of Dustin Zhou. I think that after Zhou’s mother comes to live, her relationship with Dustin Zhou will be much closer, then it’s unclear. .

Dustin Zhou didn’t think too much and agreed directly. After all, he originally planned to let Zhou Mu live here.

“Then I will arrange it,” Dustin Zhou took out the phone, “By the way, your body doesn’t matter.” Dustin Zhou asked with some concern.

In any case, the current Enderia Shen is regarded as a wounded, and the body injured by Chang Hao has never recovered.

Originally, Dustin Zhou intended to send Enderia Shen to the hospital directly, but Enderia Shen refused.

Because Enderia Shen believes that these are just skin injuries, and there is no need to be hospitalized.

“The body is okay, I can hold it.” Enderia Shen showed a reluctant smile, and his eyes flickered when he looked at Dustin Zhou.

“What? Do you have anything to say?” Dustin Zhou put away the phone and said with a smile.

Enderia Shen bit his lip and stopped talking.

“What’s wrong? Just say if you have anything, is there anything we can’t say between us?” Seeing Enderia Shen’s attitude, Dustin Zhou became more and more curious.

When did the usual careless Bingberg president have such a side?

Even though Enderia Shen didn’t look like an iceberg in front of Dustin Zhou, he still belonged to that kind of very powerful woman, very aggressive.

But in this way, she is a shy little girl at all!

This does not fit her personality at all!

“Dustin Zhou, didn’t you find that there are only two of us in this entire villa?” Enderia Shen gritted his teeth and said this sentence as if he had made some determination.

After saying this, her face turned red instantly, even to the root of her neck.

Dustin Zhou froze for a moment, and quickly understood what this sentence meant!

Looking at Enderia Shen with a shy expression on his face, the heat in his heart surged, and even his breathing became much faster!

Neither person spoke, but there was no doubt that the atmosphere became a lot hotter.

Enderia Shen suddenly raised his head and looked at Dustin Zhou with dodgy eyes, “Actually, we are all grown up. Some things are normal in the adult world.” Enderia Shen didn’t specify what it was. , But Dustin Zhou understood it easily!

Because after some struggle, the clothes on Enderia Shen’s body are a bit torn, and a large amount of snow-white skin is exposed to Dustin Zhou. With the seductive words of Enderia Shen just now, Dustin Zhou’s big

The brain is also a little chaotic.

I think I’m not too young anymore, even after three years of marriage, I have never touched Mira Xie.

Is this fair?

Like Enderia Shen said, this kind of thing should be very normal in the adult world!

But I have never experienced it before!

How many people are like yourself in this world?

At this moment, how many men and women in this world are working together?

Why have I never experienced it before?

He couldn’t help it.

Enderia Shen’s eyes didn’t dodge too much, and after staring straight at Dustin Zhou for a while, he suddenly closed his eyes.

This action is even more deadly, although Dustin Zhou has never experienced such a thing, but Dustin Zhou still understands what this action means.

He completely lost the ability to think, and then closed his eyes, slowly leaning towards Enderia Shen.

The two of them just touched each other and couldn’t help but hug each other.

Dustin Zhou couldn’t manage that much anymore. The gentleness in his arms made him lose all his sanity. All he has left is instinct.

When he was about to follow his instinct to make the next move, Enderia Shen suddenly pushed him away.

“Huh?” This push made Dustin Zhou sober again.

He was a little embarrassed, and at the same time, he didn’t quite understand how he pushed it away properly!

Haven’t they all agreed?

What does this climate mean to push me away!

Enderia Shen was also very embarrassed, and the move of pushing Dustin Zhou away was not actually her intention.

She accepted Dustin Zhou from the bottom of her heart, and no one resisted Dustin Zhou.

It’s just that she had experienced this kind of thing for the first time, and the movement just now was also subconscious.

“Yes, I’m sorry.” Enderia Shen tidied up her clothes in a panic, “Well, I haven’t taken a shower yet, wait for me, and wait for me to come out after taking a shower.” After speaking, she hurried to the bathroom.

Dustin Zhou was left sitting on the sofa in a daze. It took a long time to react, and a wry smile crossed his mouth.

I have such a day!

He shook his head somewhat self-deprecatingly. When faced with the temptation, he really lost his mind.

In fact, with Dustin Zhou’s current status and status, it was easy for him to want a woman.

It is very easy to change one even in three days.

But that was not the life he wanted.

For Enderia Shen, Dustin Zhou did not dare to say that he had no feelings, which was also one of the important reasons why he lost his mind just now.

But he understands that now he absolutely cannot have any relationship with Enderia Shen!

Because now he can’t give Enderia Shen any name!

If you do this, I am also sorry Mira Xie!

Dustin Zhou didn’t want to be a scumbag, and he didn’t want to be a bad guy.

Soon, Shen

Bijun came out after taking a shower.

With wet hair and a white bath towel wrapped around her body, she exudes endless charm.

Even Dustin Zhou, who had made up his mind, couldn’t help swallowing after seeing the scene before him.

Enderia Shen did not speak, but went straight to the sofa and sat down. It seemed that he was still a little flustered.

But obviously, this time, she did not reject Dustin Zhou. She seemed to be looking forward to continuing with Dustin Zhou to do what she had not done just now.

However, Dustin Zhou made up his mind to end this matter.

He took a deep breath and pretended to say, “You put on your clothes first, you can catch cold easily.” Enderia Shen looked at Dustin Zhou in surprise, as if he couldn’t believe his ears.

Dustin Zhou turned down her!

Is this man really so desireless!

Or is it that you are so unattractive in front of him?

He was completely ready, he even let himself go to dress!

Not right, he was clearly hooked just now, that is to say, he is still attractive to him.

When she thought of this, Enderia Shen suddenly became a lot bolder. She teased the broken hair in her ears and blew a hot breeze in Dustin Zhou’s ears.

“What? Are you trying to pretend to be a gentleman in front of me?”

Chapter 879

Come here!

Who can stand this!

It is undeniable that Enderia Shen is a beauty, and she is the top beauty.

Even if she only shows her as the president of Bingberg, she can attract the pursuit of countless men.

Even if she puts on an attitude of rejecting people thousands of miles away at all times, there are countless men who fall for her and dream of wanting to spend the night with her.

And now, she actually got rid of all her aura and completely turned into a little woman!

Whether it’s the tone or the look in the eyes, whether it is the action or the tone, Dustin Zhou’s heartstrings are always plucked!

Who can stand such a Enderia Shen!

Dustin Zhou, who had just made up his mind, almost collapsed at this moment.

Fortunately, he resisted, and said bitterly, “Mr. Shen, don’t be kidding.” “Our relationship is not right now, I can’t give you any status!” “And you know, I’m married. Now, if this matter is known to Mira Xie, I can’t imagine what that will end up!” In order to resist Enderia Shen’s temptation, Dustin Zhou couldn’t take care of that much at this time, and said all the true thoughts in his heart.

These words would of course hurt Enderia Shen’s heart, but Dustin Zhou had nothing else to do.

Sure enough, after hearing Dustin Zhou’s words, a faint resentment flashed in Enderia Shen’s eyes.

But this faint resentment quickly passed. She squeezed a smile, rearranged her state, and said to Dustin Zhou, “Haha, I just made a joke with you.” “There are many people chasing my old lady. Go, why, do you think I can really post you upside down, do you really think that no one will want to leave you?” Enderia Shen said forcefully, using this method to hide his guilty conscience in details.

However, the clothes on her body completely exposed her.

Just after taking a shower, I wore a bathrobe and sat directly next to Dustin Zhou.

Combining what happened between the two and Enderia Shen’s attitude, everything proves that she is ready!

As long as Dustin Zhou did not refuse, the two of them would be happy now!

Only Dustin Zhou refused, and Enderia Shen could only say so.

And Dustin Zhou was also very witty and didn’t reveal her, “Haha, of course, you are the famous President Shen, the number one beauty in Bora Street, Enderia Shen, who doesn’t know your name!” “I am out of luck.” Dustin Zhou said awkwardly.

The atmosphere between the two fell into silence again. Suddenly, Enderia Shen raised his head again, looking at Dustin Zhou with a gleam in his eyes.

“Although we didn’t break through the final bottom line, we still hugged each other. You said if I told Mira about this, how would she react?” “What? Don’t, Mr. Shen!” Dustin Zhou jumped suddenly.


What a joke!

How can such things be told to Mira Xie!

Originally, Mira Xie was extremely sensitive to the relationship between Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen. If he knew about this, Dustin Zhou would know what would happen without thinking too much.


There is no doubt that according to Mira Xie’s character, when she knows about this, she will not cry or make trouble, but will very firmly request a divorce and give Dustin Zhou to Enderia Shen.

And this is something Dustin Zhou would never want to see, because he was sure that he loved Mira Xie, and he didn’t want to lose Mira Xie.

“Haha, am I teasing you, as to panic like this?” Enderia Shen said with a big smile.

It’s just that there was a little bleakness in this laugh, which she didn’t even notice.

Dustin Zhou grabbed his hair. He felt that he could no longer stay here. If he continued to stay, he really didn’t know what else would happen.

“I’ll arrange for my mother to live with you.” Dustin Zhou stood up and dialed Niu Chuan’s number.

It was fitting that Niu Chuan escorted Zhou’s mother to Enderia Shen’s residence.

After all, the Xu family is now born, and at least there are three martial masters out there, no matter who is allowed to escort Zhou Mu, Dustin Zhou is not sufficiently relieved.

Niu Chuan was originally a soldier, and with the strength that even the martial master is at the peak, no one can follow him at all, Dustin Zhou can be absolutely relieved.

After the arrangement, he quickly left Enderia Shen’s residence.

This time, he came to the company.

In order to deal with the Xu family, he prepared a lot.

For example, they won the Tiandi Building and Sainty Wharf, and they also agreed with the Su family to restrict the Xu family financially.

But he was still not at ease.

Because of these forces, none of them really belong to him!

And in this era, the martial master is one thing.

However, no matter how high the level of the battle between the two sides is, they have long since left the era when they can be the king by relying solely on force!

To fight is to burn money!

To a certain extent, even if you don’t have a martial artist, as long as you have enough money, you can easily bring down the Xu family!

So Dustin Zhou knew very well that no matter what he did, he had to enrich his strength.

And the way to enrich the best strength is undoubtedly to use the platform of the famous company.

As long as the famous company grows up, Dustin Zhou’s identity will naturally rise with the tide.

The third-generation flagship product!

He is now back to the company to launch this product against the clock, and because he has successfully launched two popular models before, he is much easier in terms of the launch of this third-generation product, because In funding and

There is basically no need to worry about external cooperation.

“Zhou, someone is looking for you outside.” While Dustin Zhou was studying the documents in the office, Sara Ye pushed the door and walked in, looking at Dustin Zhou with a strange look.

The reason why her eyes are strange is that Sara Ye heard about Dustin Zhou frantically looking for Enderia Shen today.

And later, she heard that someone saw Dustin Zhou go to Enderia Shen’s villa with Enderia Shen on his back today.

Maybe the two of them have already done something like that. When Sara Ye looked at Dustin Zhou at the thought of this, she couldn’t help feeling strange.

“Oh, let him in.” Dustin Zhou didn’t care about Sara Ye’s gaze, but agreed casually.

He devoted himself to work, not thinking too much at all, and never thought about who the person who came to him today would be.

He thought that it should be just an ordinary businessman who came to cooperate with the famous company.

But when that person walked in, with Dustin Zhou’s concentration, he almost jumped straight upstairs in shock!

After a long time, he reluctantly calmed down and looked at the old man in front of him in surprise.

Xu Fengtian!

This guy is here!

“Hello, you.” Dustin Zhou took off his saliva with difficulty, pretending not to know Xu Fengtian, and stretched out his right hand.

Chapter 880

Dustin Zhou imagined countless ways to meet Xu Fengtian.

Only never thought it would be like this.

This guy has found the office directly!

He was not ready to deal with this guy at all!

Fortunately, after flustering for a while, he stabilized and pretended not to know Xu Fengtian at all.

“Old gentleman, you look very face-to-face, are you here to talk about cooperation?” Dustin Zhou stretched out a hand and said.

Xu Fengtian didn’t shake hands with Dustin Zhou. He looked down at Dustin Zhou’s outstretched hand, then looked up at Dustin Zhou’s expression, revealing a meaningful smile.

“You are Dustin Zhou.” Xu Fengtian said.

Dustin Zhou swallowed.

“Yes, I’m Dustin Zhou, the person in charge of Mingyang’s new project.” “Old man, you should be here to talk about cooperation on new projects.” He tried to change the subject.

“No, no, I’m not here to talk about cooperation.” Xu Fengtian surveyed his office, stretched out his hand and shook Dustin Zhou, “but the scale of your company is beyond my imagination.” “Famous company, Very good.” Actually praised the famous company?

Dustin Zhou became more and more confused about what the old guy was doing.

“The old gentleman is absurd.” He could only bite the bullet and replied.

“There is no false praise, it is really good. You, Dustin Zhou, and this famous company are beyond my imagination.” Xu Fengtian said sincerely.

But that’s it. Originally, his view of Dustin Zhou was that of a wild boy who couldn’t make any waves.

Including the well-known company, Xu Fengtian seems to be a small company that does not enter the market.

But when I saw him today, he realized that he had underestimated Dustin Zhou.

So the compliment just now, he was sincere.

But that’s it!

Even in terms of the current famous company and Dustin Zhou himself, Xu Fengtian’s eyes are very weak.

Although he praised Dustin Zhou, it did not prevent him from despising Dustin Zhou.

This is like a person who sees an ant lifting a grain of rice, and that person may praise, “It’s amazing, you can lift something dozens of times more than one’s body weight!” But that person will never look down on ants.

This is the attitude of Xu Fengtian now. He sat in Dustin Zhou’s boss chair carelessly, squinting his eyes to observe Dustin Zhou’s every move.

“Since the old gentleman is not here to discuss cooperation, what is going on?” Dustin Zhou couldn’t help asking.

He was always stared at by Xu Fengtian, and he felt a tingling scalp.

“I just want to come and see you.” Xu Fengtian replied.

Then there was a brief silence.

After Xu Fengtian said these words, he stared at Dustin Zhou for a while, and then said slowly, “I

I just wanted to see what kind of confidence the young man who preached to destroy our Xu family!

As soon as Xu Fengtian’s words came out, the atmosphere in the office instantly tightened to the extreme. In fact, to put it bluntly, Xu Fengtian came to test Dustin Zhou today, and put him a little pressure by the way. Before today, Xu Fengtian had never really released Dustin Zhou. In my heart. Even the entire Xu family has never looked at Dustin Zhou squarely. Even if Dustin Zhou came out to unite with the Su family to destroy the Xu family, the entire Xu family never cared. This is also the reason that the Xu family never followed The reason Dustin Zhou had been in direct contact. In their opinion, what Dustin Zhou said was a big joke. Why did they really find Dustin Zhou for a joke? But today is different. Xu Feng is dead. Xu Fengtian suddenly realized At this point, Dustin Zhou, who he had never put in his heart, did not seem to be as unbearable as he thought. Ren Feng’s betrayal, Xu Fenglai’s death, these things all remind Xu Fengtian that Dustin Zhou is not that simple. Especially for Xu Fengtian. What’s shocking is the pattern Xu Feng left before his death. Although the paintings are terrible and very substandard, Xu Fengtian still recognized it. It was the symbol of the Xu family. What does it mean? Xu Feng came to monitor Dustin Zhou When he died, he left a sign of the Xu family before he died! Is it possible that Xu Fenglai’s death has anything to do with the Xu family? Or, what is the relationship between Dustin Zhou and the Xu family? For this reason, Xu Fengtian came to the door and wanted to test Dustin Zhou. “I don’t think you need to pretend, you should know that I am from the Xu family.

“Xu Fengtian continued, “I’m very curious. You are just a shareholder of this small, well-known company. Why do you dare to overthrow our Xu family?”

“Who on earth gave you the courage!”

Xu Fengtian asked sharply. At this moment, Sara Ye outside the door heard the movement and opened the door to take a look, “Zhou, what happened?

Dustin Zhou wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and waved his hand at Sara Ye, “It’s okay, let me talk to this old gentleman alone.”

After sending Sara Ye away, Dustin Zhou also became serious and stared at Xu Fengtian for a while. He figured out the reason. “Old gentleman, first of all, I really don’t know you are from the Xu family.”

“Secondly, I did say that I would destroy the Xu family.

“But isn’t that because your Xu family is provoking first?”

Dustin Zhou went to Hunan Province some time ago. At that time, he had no contact with the Xu family. He had never even heard of such things as the Hidden Family. But when he returned to Donghai City, the company happened one after another. A series of

The changes.

After investigation, I learned that it was Xu Jiadong’s hands and feet.

At this time, Dustin Zhou had completely adjusted his mentality, and was no longer so flustered in the face of Xu Fengtian, “Old sir, I think your Xu family can do this kind of thing, and the words that led me to say this should be normal. “You Xu family are already about to destroy our famous company. I am out of revenge, so I said that I would destroy the entire Xu family. It should be understandable.” “It’s not that I have any confidence, it’s just me.” There is no other way than to say that.” Dustin Zhou smiled, “Of course, if your Xu family is not to provoke our famous company now, then I will naturally declare that I will not offend the Xu family. What do you think?” This sentence is actually a smoke bomb.

First of all, Dustin Zhou did not reveal any useful information at all, and did not show any hole cards.

On the contrary, he appeared to be very embarrassed, saying that his ruthless words were just a last resort.

If the Xu family is willing to let him go, then he is naturally willing to bow his head.

But in fact, everyone knew that the Xu family couldn’t really let Dustin Zhou go.

Because the purpose of the Xu family was never to make a name for the company.

It’s the jade on Dustin Zhou’s body!

Dustin Zhou already knew the purpose of the Xu family, but he pretended not to know.

After hearing Dustin Zhou’s words, Xu Fengtian’s eyes narrowed even harder.

“I have to admit, you are bold.”

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