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Chapter 632

The man knew that even if he wanted to strike up a conversation, he had to distinguish the occasion.

This is what Enderia Shen wanted to express in his eyes.

The man greeted him, and he saw Enderia Shen’s cover-up looking at him coldly, his heart suddenly tightened.

Did you get rejected?

It shouldn’t be, I used to have so many times, all without a hand, there are not many women who can bear their charm.

“Hello, two beauties, I am…” The man smiled slightly, adjusted his smile slightly, and prepared to say hello again.

“f*ck!” However, with a soft “roll” word, it was spit out from Enderia Shen’s mouth, like a loud slap, slammed on the man’s face, making his face flushed and breathing quickly. There is no place for self-confidence.

Enderia Shen let out a soft voice, but his tone was very bad.

The man couldn’t tell the situation, so Enderia Shen naturally didn’t mind reminding him.

After speaking, Enderia Shen ignored the man.

When the man saw the appearance of Enderia Shen, he also found that he failed to strike up a conversation. He was immediately upset. However, many people in the coffee shop had already looked at him at this time. The man resisted his anger and gave Enderia Shen a vicious look. This is not reconciled to leave.

With the man hitting the wall, the other people in the coffee shop also realized that Enderia Shen and Mira Xie were not good targets, and they also converged a lot.

Although there were still people behind, cheeky coming up to talk to each other, they were all shunned by Enderia Shen.

And Enderia Shen has been guarding Mira Xie, waiting for her to get out of the horns.

…… At the same time, Dustin Zhou and famous companies are being discussed in many places in the East China Sea.

Many people from Dustin Zhou and Mingyang Company went to Hunan Province. It is not a secret. Many people in Donghai know.

Of course, they also know almost all Dustin Zhou’s record in Hunan Province.

Destroying the three generations of Jiangbei, the eldest of the five major families of the Jiang family in Xiang Province, made a big fuss at the Jiang family dinner, beat Zhang Lun and Zhang Tao and his son, and even won the favor of Jiang Yan from the Jiang family. Almost all the people related to Dustin Zhou now know about these kinds of things.

And it is precisely because of these news and these achievements that many people in the East China Sea suddenly discovered that Dustin Zhou was not only very good in the East China Sea, even if he went out of the East China Sea, he was still very fierce in Hunan Province.

Either with the five big families, or with some hidden families.

Moreover, every time, it ended with Dustin Zhou’s victory.

If it weren’t for some sources, many people would think that Dustin Zhou’s people were touting him.

However, it is precisely because these sources are reliable and true that many people are jealous.

Dustin Zhou, what is there?

Such confidence is not only so arrogant in the East China Sea, but also so arrogant in Hunan Province.

“Donghai Evening News” headquarters.

Chen Zhen’s face was gloomy, and he was vomiting clouds in the office, and his whole person was looming in the smoke, looking very ethereal.

In the office, Chen Haonan, there are a few others on the list.

Everyone’s face is not very good.

“Uncle, Dustin Zhou is so powerful, what should we do?” Chen Haonan was a little unwilling. He didn’t arrive first. Dustin Zhou was so powerful. It was enough to be so prestigious in the East China Sea. When he went to Hunan Province, he was still prestigious.

This gave Chen Haonan a sense of frustration.

In particular, Chen Zhen, the deputy editor-in-chief of the East China Sea Evening News, his uncle, did not benefit much in Dustin Zhou’s hands. Instead, he suffered several losses.

For this reason, Chen Zhen scolded Chen Haonan several times, and Chen Haonan kept all these in his heart.

“Shut up, it’s not all because of you, otherwise, how could we have had a bad relationship with Dustin Zhou, how many times have we told you, Donghai Hidden Dragon and Crouching Tiger, don’t provoke others at will, you won’t listen, now all this is because of you! “However, as soon as Chen Haonan finished speaking, Chen Zhen was a big curse, and he did not have any scruples because Chen Haonan was his nephew.

Even if Chen Haonan is not Chen Zhen’s nephew, Chen Zhen may have done it directly.

After Chen Zhen cursed, he seemed to feel that it was not enough to relieve his anger, and he even made a nameless fire.

Chen Haonan was stunned and felt very wronged.

How did he know that someone who offended someone with a word of tongue would be so fierce, and even his uncle could not handle it.

The other people in the office looked very ugly at the moment.

In the past few months, Dustin Zhou left the East China Sea, and Sun Yue also left the East China Sea with Dustin Zhou, so they also had a pretty good time in the East China Sea.

Although they are excluded by the Donghai City Media Industry Association, this does not mean that they are really unable to make progress in the Donghai Media Industry.

On the contrary, by using some of the contacts in the past, everyone still had a good life.

But now that Dustin Zhou is back, can they still be as unscrupulous as before.


This is something that everyone expected, and even Chen Zhen is even more pessimistic that Dustin Zhou may be liquidated for what they have done in the past few months.

After all, bypassing the supervision of industry associations is already a violation of the regulations of the entire industry association. Strictly speaking, it is an industry taboo.

If it were placed in ancient times, it would be condemned by word of mouth.

Even in modern times, once such a thing is done, it is tantamount to extinction from the entire industry.

However, let Chen Zhen and the others wait for Dustin Zhou to come to the house for liquidation, and let them wait and die, they can’t do it.

Not to be the last

They will not be willing to struggle.

“Those things are not done by our family. There are also those people who have a share. Never think about getting out. I will contact them. Even if Dustin Zhou really wants to do something with us, we have to weigh it. , Does he have that confidence?” Chen Zhen said coldly, with a sneer on his face.

Chen Zhen has this confidence.

Dustin Zhou is very powerful and established an industry association to restrict the Donghai media industry.

But, does he really dare to turn against those people?

Chen Zhen didn’t think so, Dustin Zhou didn’t have the guts.

And hearing Chen Zhen’s words, everyone else was shocked.

Chen Haonan was also shocked.

He naturally knew what Chen Zhen said.

Therefore, Chen Haonan was very excited at this moment.

As long as Dustin Zhou doesn’t know what is good or bad, and dares to fight against those people, he will definitely not end well. At that time, all his enemies will be reported.

… The Su family.

Su Wei’s return naturally caused quite a stir.

The whole Su family is full of lively weather.

Su Shiming, the Patriarch of the Su family, looked at Su Wei with a flash of relief in his eyes.

After going out, Su Wei seemed to have become more mature, more stable, and he seemed to have his own demeanor between his gestures.

Sure enough, the child has finally grown up, knowing that the responsibilities on his shoulders are enormous.

Chapter 633

“Haha, Xiaowei, tell your dad what you did in Hunan Province.” Su Shiming was very happy, and even more smiled at Su Wei’s reception banquet.

He really wanted to know what Su Wei did in Xiang Province, what he learned from Dustin Zhou, and why he changed so much from before.

Su Shiming has even made a decision, and he must take Su Wei to Mingyang tomorrow, and thank Dustin Zhou.

“I didn’t do anything, I was boring, it was all the big guys doing things. I was bored sleeping in the hotel, eating and drinking, occasionally going out shopping, chatting with a few beautiful girls, talking about life ideals…” Su Wei was vague. Said, it seemed that I didn’t care.

After all, I used to do such things often before, and Su Shiming also knew it.

However, Su Wei hadn’t noticed that Su Shiming’s face was gloomy now, and his eyes looked at Su Wei who was still eating and drinking, full of consternation and upset.

You dignified the only son of the Su family, the future heir of the Su family, ran from the East China Sea to Hunan Province, just to sleep in the hotel, eat, drink and play, chat with the young lady, and talk about the ideals of life?

“Girl! Still thinking about eating and drinking, don’t you have enough to eat when you are in Hunan Province?” Su Shiming yelled and grabbed the chicken leg from Su Wei’s hand.

The ground fell to the ground, glaring at him.

But Su Wei still had a dazed look, and he didn’t know what had happened, or why his father suddenly went crazy.

… For a long time, after Su Wei knew what his father meant, he nodded slightly to express his understanding.

At the same time, Su Wei suddenly came to mind all the things he had experienced with Dustin Zhou, and said to Su Shiming one by one.

Many of these things were not attended by Su Wei, but he listened to other people.

Of course, there are several things in it, and Su Wei has also experienced it personally, so he knows more and explains in more detail.

After Su Wei finished speaking, Su Shiming took a deep breath and kept digesting the news in his heart.

Of course, as the head of the Su family, and the only son under his knee is also in Hunan Province, Su Shiming is naturally well aware of the news about Xiang Province and Dustin Zhou and his party.

It is precisely because of this that Su Shiming lamented Dustin Zhou’s tyranny.

It’s not enough to have such a strong strength in the East China Sea, after all, the home of the famous company is the East China Sea.

Moreover, Asher Chen from the Mountain Mist Club also supported it.

Not many people dare to offend Dustin Zhou.

However, Hunan Province is different.

Not to mention that Dustin Zhou and the others went to Hunan Province, almost nothing.

At that time, Mingyang didn’t even have a branch in Hunan, and Asher Chen was almost invisible.

And almost all Dustin Zhou’s achievements in Xiang Province were made by him alone, representing absolute strength.

“It seems that Dustin Zhou’s success was not accidental.” With a low groan, Su Shiming was lost in thought. He now needs to think about the relationship between the Su family and Dustin Zhou before, and in the future, what kind of relationship should be between the two parties.

Is it cooperation or clinging.

If it is clinging, who is clinging to whom?

Looking at it now, it is natural that Dustin Zhou clings to the Su family. After all, the foundation of the Su family is unimaginable, but it definitely exceeds the famous company by a lot.

However, judging by Dustin Zhou’s current development speed, it is hard to say who will cling to in the future.

The most important thing is that Dustin Zhou now has a lot of help around him.

These, after Dustin Zhou really rises, will get very rich returns.

And such people are limited in number.

When the number is full, there will be no other people’s positions.

So if you want to occupy a position, you must layout early.

Su Shiming lowered his head, his eyes flickered, and he was lost in thought.

… The Sun family.

Sun Qiankun and Sun Tian stood in the backyard, looking at the faint ice in the pond in front, neither of them spoke first.

Both Sun Qiankun and Sun Tian were ridiculed by Dustin Zhou.

“Uncle, Dustin Zhou is back.” Sun Tian said in a deep voice.

The name Dustin Zhou seemed to become a pressure for Sun Tian.

Whenever someone mentions the name Dustin Zhou, Sun Tian always thinks that he has suffered a lot from the other person.

Even his uncle, Sun Qiankun, who is famous in the East China Sea, and the second master of the Sun family have suffered more than once in Dustin Zhou’s hands.

For such a long time, Dustin Zhou was not in the East China Sea for several months, which made Sun Tian feel a little better.

However, a few days before this good day passed, Dustin Zhou unexpectedly returned.

Moreover, Dustin Zhou’s series of achievements in Hunan province can naturally be collected with the strength of the Sun family.

It is precisely because of seeing Dustin Zhou’s crazy record in Hunan Province that Sun Tian feels more and more pressure, and Dustin Zhou has become a demon of his own.

If he does not get rid of Dustin Zhou’s influence on him, then Sun Tian is almost certain that he will not make any progress in the future, and his life will stop there.

“Don’t worry, this time, we don’t need to act, someone will naturally deal with him. We just need to watch a good show. The East China Sea has been calm for a few months, which is really uncomfortable. Now it is finally going to be messed up again. ?” Sun Qiankun muttered in a low voice.

… On this day, the news of Dustin Zhou’s return to the East China Sea spread throughout the East China Sea.

Some are happy, some are sad.

However, the East China Sea, which had been calm for a few months, caused waves again because of Dustin Zhou’s return.

Secretly, I don’t know how many people are preparing and contacting all parties.

After all, Dustin Zhou had already gained a lot of prestige in Donghai before.

In the past few months, Dustin Zhou’s actions in Hunan Province have been known to many people.

While shocked by Dustin Zhou’s strength, many people are also seeking alliances in order to be able to compete with Dustin Zhou.

This night is destined not to be a quiet night.

However, these things have nothing to do with Dustin Zhou.

In the evening, I had a good chat with Zhou Mu, talked about my heart, and talked about the current situation of myself and Mira Xie, Dustin Zhou went to bed very early.

In fact, flying by plane is a hard work for Dustin Zhou.

No words for a night.

The next day, Dustin Zhou came to Mingyang Company early.

Although there are only a few days before the New Year, Mingyang has already started its holiday, and many employees have already packed up and left.

However, Dustin Zhou still needs to come back and check the current operation of some companies.

When she first came to the company, Sara Ye greeted her.

In the past few months, Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen both left the East China Sea and went to Hunan Province. Sara Ye was responsible for almost the entire Mingyang company.

And Sara Ye did what he was entrusted to do, and handled the company in an orderly manner, without any disturbances.

After all, if a large company like Mingyang is not present,

Even being missing for a few months will more or less affect the company’s operations and morale.

However, these, thanks to Sara Ye’s efforts, no longer exist.

Chapter 634

(1) “Sister Ye, you have become beautiful again after not seeing you for such a long time.” Seeing Sara Ye, Dustin Zhou took the initiative to speak first, and gave Sara Ye a compliment.

After all, in the past few months, Sara Ye has been dealing with many things, big and small, up and down the company, which really made her spend a lot of energy and thought.

Dustin Zhou had all this in mind.

Before people were not in the East China Sea, it was hard to express anything, but when they came back, they naturally had to praise them.

Of course, some rewards are also indispensable.

“Mr. Zhou, don’t make fun of me. You and Mr. Shen left the company and left the East China Sea for such a long time, but it has caused me a hard life.” Sara Ye said with a pitiful expression, and his eyes fell on Dustin Zhou. Let Dustin Zhou’s chicken skin flutter for a while.

The thought of Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen leaving the East China Sea and heading to Hunan Province to be relaxed and comfortable, while she was in the company, working hard and handling all kinds of complicated affairs, Sara Ye felt a little disappointed.

In the past, she was called Sister Qian, but now she is Sister Ye. When I hear this, I know the close relationship.

However, Sara Ye just slandered in her heart, she still knew the priorities, knowing that this time Dustin Zhou and the others returned to the East China Sea, it would certainly not be smooth sailing.

Even at the juncture of the Spring Festival, those people will probably find a chance to make a move.

And now, don’t look at the New Year, but those people will not look at this when they shoot.

On the contrary, it may be because the Spring Festival is approaching, they feel Dustin Zhou has no time to prepare, so they suddenly shot.

“Mr. Zhou, you should stop being so casual. You must know that you have been away from the company for so long, but you have accumulated a lot of things to deal with.” Sara Ye followed Dustin Zhou into the office, took out a lot of folders, and placed them one after another. In front of Dustin Zhou.

“So many?” Dustin Zhou looked at these documents with a little surprise.

He has only been out for a few months, and there is Sara Ye in the company to handle things, so how come he has accumulated so many things.

The most important thing is that Dustin Zhou picked up a document casually, and just took a cursory glance, and suddenly felt a little tricky.

This is about a dispute between partners of a well-known company. The business scope of the two companies overlaps. The two sides blame each other and want the other to withdraw.

This matter is nothing at all.

However, as the famous company becomes bigger and bigger, more and more partners, and the scope of business coverage is getting wider. Although this kind of thing is not very big, it is very troublesome to deal with.

Often have to contact the two

Everyone in the dispute sits together, puts forward their requirements, and then a person from the famous company will come forward to mediate.

If mediation is possible, then the two parties will stop making peace and do their own thing.

If mediation is not possible, then both parties go to court by themselves.

I flipped through it, and there were almost ten files for things like this.

In other words, in the past few months, there has been a dispute like this that has not been dealt with properly, and has been stuck until now, and it has to wait until he comes back before it can be resolved.

Dustin Zhou immediately stroked his forehead, looking helpless.

Originally, when he came to the company today, he was just to see if there were any major issues that needed to be handled by himself. Dustin Zhou really didn’t think he would come to work.

After all, the Chinese New Year is about to take a vacation and relax at home. Isn’t this fragrant?

Dustin Zhou couldn’t wait to give himself a slap in the face. He stayed at home well, had to come to the company, and was caught by Sara Ye to deal with so many things.

“Hehe, Sister Qian, look, there are so many things, you can find a few people from the General Affairs Department to deal with it, it’s not enough, I will deal with these things, it would be a little fuss.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, The document of the eight-point dispute was picked out and placed directly aside.

The meaning is obvious. I will not do these things. I will make some fuss and find someone to do it again.

“In addition to these things, there are other things that need to have a basic implementation plan before the New Year.” Sara Ye reluctantly put away the documents, and was going to the general affairs office to deal with it.

However, for the remaining files, all the above things must be done. At the very least, there must be an implementation plan. After the Spring Festival is over, the implementation will begin immediately.

For a huge ship like Mingyang, this cannot be delayed for a moment.

“Well, I’ll take a look first, you can go to work first.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile.

He also knows that since Sara Ye said so, it means that the things in the remaining files are very important, and at least an implementation plan is needed before the New Year.

While Dustin Zhou was reading these documents, there was an undercurrent surging outside.

Not to mention Chen Zhen of the “Donghai Evening News” contacted some people and prepared to launch a counterattack against Dustin Zhou. Even the Sun family was watching from the sidelines, and they could stretch out their sharp claws at any time to severely tear off a piece of meat from Dustin Zhou.

Many people’s eyes are in the direction of the famous company. Dustin Zhou came to the company today, and he was also discovered by the caring person for the first time and spread it out.

But Dustin Zhou didn’t know it.

As time passed, Chen Zhen and the others were extremely quiet, none of them acted, and the entire plan of action had no intention of implementing it.

“Uncle, are they persuaded?” Sun Family, Sun Tian looked at

The calm East China Sea asked softly.

Beside him, Sun Qiankun sipped the black rice porridge with his eyes slightly narrowed, enjoying it very much.

On such a quiet morning, a bowl of black rice porridge has always been Sun Qiankun’s preference.

At this moment, anything outside seemed to have nothing to do with him.

“Don’t worry, for some things, the slower they happen, the more serious the consequences will be.” Sun Qiankun taught softly.

Sun Qiankun liked his nephew very much, and naturally he was willing to teach Sun Tian something.

Especially in situations like today, the parties are not in a hurry, and bystanders like them do not need to be anxious.

“And we are just bystanders, so we need more patience.” After Sun Qiankun finished speaking, wiped his mouth, stood up slowly, and patted Sun Tian’s shoulder lightly, with a serious tone.

“I understand.” Sun Tian nodded seriously, the anxious expression on his face also slowly dissipated.

At this time, the sales shop furthest away from the headquarters of the famous company has undergone sudden changes.

Famous company.

Dustin Zhou had just read half of the documents, and suddenly Sara Ye rushed in in a hurry.

“Ms. Zhou, it’s not good, something happened at the sales store.” Sara Ye’s expression was very solemn, his two eyebrows were almost twisted into one, and his tone was a little worried.

“Don’t worry, speak slowly.” Dustin Zhou smiled faintly, motioned Sara Ye to sit down first, and said the reason for the matter.

However, at this moment, in Dustin Zhou’s heart, there is some helplessness.

I don’t want to target anyone, but there will always be someone who will have trouble with me.

He had thought before that when he returned to the East China Sea from Hunan Province, he would find some people to retaliate.

However, Dustin Zhou expected that the other party would retaliate after the Spring Festival. Even if the other party is so impatient, at least it will be during the New Year. Only in this way can Dustin Zhou be caught off guard.

However, Dustin Zhou did not expect that the other party would choose to shoot so early.

It seems that my own existence does make many people uneasy.

However, the more so, Dustin Zhou will not be anxious.

The reason why the other party wanted to take action against him so eagerly was that he wanted Dustin Zhou to take a shot in a hurry, thus revealing the flaws, being caught by them and attacking.

But now Dustin Zhou doesn’t care that much, and if he slowly tries to figure it out, there will be very few flaws, or even no flaws.

What’s more, from Sara Ye’s few words, Dustin Zhou also knew that the other party also had some fears.

Otherwise, what happened today would not be the point of sale farthest from the headquarters of Mingyang, but the point of sale closest to the headquarters.

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