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Chapter 695

This is enough to show how difficult it is to develop a product, especially an explosive product.

If it is not possible to develop new explosive products to escort Mingyang Company, then it is impossible to return to the previous state only with the existing strength of Mingyang Company.

However, if Dustin Zhou’s background and strength are added, it is not impossible.

Not to mention other things, just talk about the East China Sea, Dustin Zhou can use a lot of power.

Mountain Mist Clubhouse, Sujia, Media Industry Association, Cosmetics Industry Association.

These are Dustin Zhou’s ability to mobilize and help the existence of the famous company.

However, when fighting an unknown enemy, if you don’t know the depth, you may encounter uncontrollable factors and cause greater losses.

All this, Dustin Zhou must be considered in place.

“What happened, and why did it happen like this? Why didn’t we know the little wind before?” Dustin Zhou suddenly raised his head, looked at Enderia Shen, and asked seriously.

He believes that in a place like Putuo District, if the enemy wants Mingyang’s seven sales stores to be separated from Mingyang, the movement will not be small, and there will definitely be some disturbance.

However, in fact, the Mingyang company, or Enderia Shen, or Dustin Zhou, has never heard any news in this regard.

He didn’t know about the three stores in Qingfeng District until the results came out.

But this time, in Putuo District, the other party has to plan seven sales stores, which simply cannot be completed in a short time.

Impossible to complete in a short time?

Suddenly, Dustin Zhou’s eyes lit up, as if he had thought of some key clue, his brows were furrowed, his face was also wrinkled, and he looked very solemn and serious.

At this moment, Dustin Zhou really thought of a key thing.

Yes, the enemy wants to plan the seven sales stores of the famous company in Putuo District, so it must not be completed in a short time.

And since it’s not done in a short time, the other party must be very early

Made preparations when

However, before the incident in Putuo District, the three stores in Qingfeng District had an accident in advance.

This caused Dustin Zhou to doubt that the three sales stores in Qingfeng District were just a misty list thrown by the other party. The purpose was to confuse Dustin Zhou, confuse the famous company, let the famous company, and let Dustin Zhou believe that the other party chose to be in Qingfeng District. To do it, I just want to test the attitude and reaction of Mingyang and Dustin Zhou.

However, in fact, the other party’s focus is not in Qingfeng District at all. Even if the three sales stores in Qingfeng District are reclaimed by the famous company, the other party will not care at all.

Because, the enemy’s key target has always been in Putuo District, the nine sales stores of the famous company.

“Bang!” Suddenly, Dustin Zhou hit the table with a punch, a trace of anger and a trace of annoyance appeared on his face.

“What’s the matter?” Enderia Shen looked over, and he didn’t understand why Dustin Zhou suddenly punched the table.

“I know what the other party is thinking.” Dustin Zhou said bitterly, and then he said all his previous guesses.

He believed that his judgment was absolutely correct. The other party’s initial goal was to promote the company’s nine sales stores in Putuo District.

As for the three stores in Qingfeng District, the other party would not care at all.

On the one hand, there are only three sales stores, which is not a big loss to the famous company.

Moreover, Mingyang opened three sales stores in Qingfeng District, which itself did not hold much hope for Qingfeng District.

In addition, Qingfeng District is mixed with fish and dragons. In addition to famous companies, there are many other brands, including domestic and international brands. Even if famous companies are now rushing in, it will be difficult to beat each other.

Even Dustin Zhou suspects that after the enemy’s goal is achieved, the other party may directly abandon the three sales stores in Qingfeng District and let them fend for themselves, or let the famous company handle it, and they will not do anything. interference.

After listening to Dustin Zhou’s analysis, Enderia Shen nodded repeatedly, looking at Dustin Zhou with a pair of beautiful eyes.

At this moment, Enderia Shen even saw a trace of incomparably strong willpower from Dustin Zhou, as if no matter what obstacles were in front of him, it was nothing to Dustin Zhou.

As long as he wants, he can easily break through the mountains blocking the road ahead.

“Then what should we do now? Since the other party has already won seven sales stores, I am afraid that the remaining two sales stores will be in these few days.” Enderia Shen asked softly.

At this moment, she just believed in Dustin Zhou and wanted to rely on Dustin Zhou to see how Dustin Zhou would deal with such things.

After all, Dustin Zhou couldn’t always be by his side.

One day, he will leave himself, and at that time, he will not be able to do anything badly.

“Well, the other party will definitely take action on the remaining two sales stores, but we don’t worry, the more anxious now, the easier it is to reveal flaws and neglect many things.” Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice.

He was a little anxious just now because of sudden changes in the Putuo District, and he didn’t expect so much.

Calm down now, especially after seeing that the other party actually took the three sales stores in Qingfeng District as the target to attract him, and secretly made a strategy for the sales stores in Putuo District.

Then, the other party’s target must be the nine stores in Putuo District.

And now, there are only seven accidents, which means that there are two more, the other side has been in contact, but there is no agreement of interest between the two.

Therefore, this time, the two sales stores chose to be silent.

As for the two sales stores that are extremely loyal to Mingyang, and remain indifferent to the benefits given by the enemy, Dustin Zhou doesn’t believe it at all.

There is no unreasonable loyalty in the world.

Any loyalty in exchange for benefits will collapse instantly after encountering greater benefits.

“We don’t want to do anything now, try our best not to startle, let the other party think that we really don’t know their true intentions, let them act according to the established plan, then we will have more chance.” Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice.

Although that was the case, Dustin Zhou also knew that it was impossible not to investigate some things.

However, this investigation naturally cannot use some of the power of the famous company.

Dustin Zhou also had some preparations and plans in his heart, but it would take a few days.

But right now, since the enemy has not reached an agreement on the interests of the two sales stores, whether it is necessary, the enemy has promised too few benefits, or the benefits demanded by the two sales stores are too high.

However, no matter what it is, it is impossible for both parties to reach an agreement in a short time.

Chapter 696

And this time, it was during the Spring Festival, it was more difficult for them to negotiate.

However, for them, it was a relatively difficult period, but for Dustin Zhou, it was a very important period.

With this period of buffer, Dustin Zhou can arrange and deploy his plan.

Next, Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen discussed some company matters, especially when faced with other company executives’ inquiries, how to answer and deal with it, it seemed normal.

Of course, for Enderia Shen, these things are all familiar things, and there is no need to care about them.

After the negotiation, Dustin Zhou left Mingyang Company directly, and Enderia Shen did not keep him.

She knows that right now

In an extraordinary period, whether or not the opponent’s conspiracy can be broken this time depends on Dustin Zhou’s arrangement next.

…… At the same time, two groups of people are confronting each other in a private room in a hotel near the East China Sea in Putuo District, Donghai City.

A group of people looked unusually lavish in their wear. On their necks, large gold necklaces, various big-brand watches and diamond rings on their hands, any one of them was sold out, which would be enough for ordinary people to spend their entire lives.

But here, for some people, it seems to be a very normal thing, just like ordinary decorations.

The other group of people are relatively normal, but if you look closely, you will find that these abnormally normal people are sitting on the chairs, full of energy.

If Niu Chuan were here, he would definitely be able to see that all these people were Lianjiazi, and they weren’t ordinary Lianjiazi with half-carried bags of water, but real Lianjiazi.

It is a skill that can only be developed since childhood, hard training for more than 20 or 30 years.

The two sides opened up and sat on one side.

Among them, the two sides have a leader sitting on a table, and on the table, there are many papers.

These papers are blank papers.

On one side of these notes, there are many pens.

“Chen San, you don’t have to take an inch, there is enough for you.” The leader of Lianjiazi glanced coldly at the man with the image of a nouveau riche and said coldly.

“Huh, Xu You, don’t look down on me either. If you don’t have my consent, it’s impossible for you to get all the nine stores in Putuo District. I really thought I didn’t know what you promised to the seven stores. What’s next? Really, I’m Chen San eating dry food?” Chen San buckled his teeth, curled his goatee, and spoke the local dialect of the East China Sea. He looked at Xu You with disdain.

Chen San knows a lot about what the other party has done in this period of time.

At least, this is not the first time he and the other party have sat here and negotiated.

The two parties have negotiated twice before, and this time is the third time.

Although I don’t know what is the use of the other party in the Putuo District who has been buying the sales store of Mingyang Company.

But Chen San knew that with the current development momentum of Mingyang’s company, the benefits that could be gained by becoming a sales store were too great.

Among other things, although Chen San originally had a little money in his hands, he ran a decent company.

But at the end of the year, I was exhausted, and the money I made was not enough to spend outside.

Later, after dragging the relationship with friends, Chen San got a place in the sales store of Mingyang Company and successfully opened a sales store in Putuo District.

Apart from anything else, Chen San has relied on this family for the past six months alone

The money he made from selling the store is more than the money he made in the past ten years of running the company.

Such a huge amount of wealth suddenly made Chen Sanle unable to find North.

Chen San can’t wait to take all of such a lucrative business.

However, one person can only apply to open one of Mingyang’s sales stores. Even if Chen San has old friends in Mingyang, it will not help.

Not long ago, these people on the opposite side began to contact themselves, wanting to buy their own sales outlets at a high price, and also promised many other benefits.

Originally, for the first time, Chen San wanted to agree, but when he was about to make a decision, he didn’t know what happened, and Chen San suddenly hesitated.

Chen San was frightened, and his sales shop was taken over by the other party. What should he do if the money given to him runs out?

Therefore, Chen San refused for the first time.

Later, he learned that the other party had not only contacted his sales store, but also the other eight sales stores in Putuo District. Xu You had contacted them.

Before Chen San, Xu You had already won seven stores.

After inquiring about it, Chen San also secretly learned the price codes Xu You had set for the seven stores.

It’s okay if you don’t know it, but Chen San immediately fry the pot.

Are you Xu You looking down on me, Chen San?

Why do you charge so many more price codes for the other seven stores than you charge me.

Chen Sanyi was angry, and the second negotiation broke down directly.

Today is the third negotiation.

As soon as it came up, Chen San offered a price not lower than those seven sales shops.

In Chen San’s view, this is the punishment for Xu You’s contempt for himself.

“No, you said too much. I can only give you so much at best.” Xu You said with the same expression on his face. He took out a pen and wrote down on a blank piece of paper. The conditions were released, then rolled up and handed to Chen San.

This method of negotiation is to prevent the content of the negotiation between the two parties from being known by others and thus leaking out.

Xu You did not use such a negotiation method before, so Chen San had the opportunity to inquire about the negotiation content between him and the owner of the other seven sales stores.

But this time, in order to win Chen San, Xu You had to take extraordinary measures.

Otherwise, if you give Chen San a higher benefit than those seven sales shops, and those seven have learned about it, then each one will have to make a big noise.

Xu Youke didn’t want to see that happen.

After Chen San took the note and carefully read the benefit entry written on it, he thought about it carefully, and looked a little hesitant.

Although these benefits are more than what Xu You gave to the owners of the other seven sales shops, they are only a little more. For Chen San,

It doesn’t matter at all.

“Hmph, you want to use this to send me away, Xu You, you still look down on me. If you can’t afford the price, you can just say that we can get together well, and business can’t be righteous.” Chen San said coldly. , Directly tore up the note.

Chen San thinks a lot.

If you can’t get enough benefits from Xu You, then you just don’t move.

When Xu You took down all the eight sales stores, Mingyang would definitely respond.

There was really no response, and Chen San didn’t mind asking someone to mention it.

Chapter 697

At that time, Ming Yang looked at it, dearly, the entire sales store in Putuo District was taken down by Xu You, only Chen San’s sales store adhered to the original intention, then it must be praised and rewarded.

At that time, Chen San will not only be able to keep his own sales store, but also be able to earn a reward for nothing from Mingyang.

No matter how you look at things like this, Chen San is not at a loss.

After speaking, Chen San was ready to get up and leave.

If Xu You is sincere, he will definitely keep himself.

But if he doesn’t keep himself, then Chen San won’t care.

After Chen San led the people away, Xu You didn’t speak, but his face became gloomy, and he looked at Chen San leaving behind coldly.

And Chen San, who left the hotel, was suddenly excited when looking at the darkening night outside.

“Go, brothers, my eldest brother is in a good mood today, and I will take you to a cool day.” Although Xu You did not ask to stay, Chen San was not angry because of it.

On the contrary, it is precisely because of this that he can occupy a more advantageous position and get more benefits from Xu You.

Anyway, Chen San knew that Xu You’s goal was to take down all of Mingyang’s nine sales stores in Putuo District, and Xu You had to take one of his own.

In this way, he will have more operating space.

“That’s great, the boss is mighty!” “The boss is majestic!” “Great, I can finally take a break, the last time I saw a girl, this time I finally have a chance.” … Everyone cheered and followed Chen Sanyi headed for a bathing center in Putuo District.

At this moment, a young man next to Chen San clearly had a trace of worry on his face, which was completely opposite to the excitement on the faces of others, and naturally caught Chen San’s attention all at once.

“Ali, what’s the matter? What are you worried about?” Chen San said with a chuckle when seeing the worry on Ali’s face.

This Ali is Chen San’s brother-in-law. Although it is only a show, it is also his confidant.

What’s more, Ali usually turns his head quickly and often gives Chen San many good ideas.

Like this time, first

Not in a hurry to reach an agreement with Xu You, but to wait and see for a while, and then secretly explore the details of the cooperation between the other seven stores and Xu You.

These things Chen San couldn’t think of, they were all the ideas that Ali gave Chen San.

Chen San followed this method, and the effect was extraordinary.

If nothing else, let’s just say that this time, the conditions Xu You promised to him are already higher than those of the other seven sales stores.

However, these additional conditions did not satisfy Chen San’s appetite.

In his imagination, since Ali’s method is feasible, it shows that Xu You has a great desire for the sales store in his hands.

In this way, the initiative will be firmly in the hands of Chen San.

Therefore, Chen San was not worried that Xu You would not agree.

This time, the two sides did not reach an agreement, so next time, Chen San’s request will not be as much as today.

“Third brother, I’m wondering, will Xu You and the others have a back hand? I see them like this, obviously a little unwilling, if we can’t reach an agreement with them, I am worried that they will secretly attack “Ali said worriedly.

He has such a feeling, not groundless.

He didn’t know anything about Xu You’s group of people who appeared almost suddenly.

Moreover, Ali asked through some people he knew, and there was no trace of information about Xu You and the others.

It is as if Xu You and the group of people did not exist in the East China Sea before, but suddenly appeared without any signs, and then started such a big activity directly in the Putuo District.

In addition, when leaving the hotel just now, Ali noticed a slight coldness coming from Xu You.

This was a sign that Xu You was angry with Chen San.

Ali has always been a representative of stability, and he has given Chen San many ideas, but he just wants to live a stable life with Chen San.

He didn’t want Chen San to be involved.

So now seeing people like Chen San looking okay and going out to have fun, Ali suddenly felt tight, always feeling that something bad would happen in the midst of it.

“Hehe, Ali, you think too much, your third brother, who has been in Putuo District for so many years, not to mention any big achievements, but the people of this one-third of the acre will give me a bit of face.” “What’s more, the sales store is in my hands. Without me, Xu You and others would never have achieved the goal of winning the nine sales stores of the famous company in Putuo District.” “So, they could not have other thoughts at all. What’s more, even if they want to start secretly, they have to weigh their own strength.” Chen San was full of confidence and said, he also glanced at a man beside him at the back right.

And Ah

Li immediately understood it.

It is not that Chen San is not worried, but that Chen San has absolute self-confidence.

As for the man Chen San just took a look at, Ali also knew.

Chen Chong, one of Chen San’s distant cousins, is very skilled.

Ali has never seen Chen Chong make a move, but he has heard others talk about Chen Chong’s prestige.

In the past, Chen San did not have such a sales shop, but only ran his own small company.

At that time, Chen Chong came to defect, and Chen San was in trouble, and was approached by the enemy to ask for the account.

There were nearly twenty people on the other side, and Chen Chong almost solved them all alone.

Since then, Chen Chong’s position in Chen San’s mind has been increasingly elevated.

Hearing what Chen San said, Ali couldn’t say anything.

After all, Chen San himself has extremely strong self-confidence. If he says more, it is likely to arouse Chen San’s disgust and dislike.

For Ali, there is no benefit.

The group of people came to the largest luxury bathing center in Putuo District.

Royal Garden Entertainment City.

The sky has just dimmed, and the Emperor Garden Entertainment City has long been brightly lit, full of voices, people coming and going, cars coming and going, so it’s so lively.

Chen San is an old customer here, so the security guard here has already known Chen San.

Seeing Chen San bringing a group of people over with a smile, he greeted him quickly.

“Oh, isn’t this third brother, come to relax again?” “Haha, third brother, please come in soon.” The two security guards greeted Chen San with a smile quickly.

Chen San is not only a well-known master in Putuo District, he is generous, he also spent a lot of money in the Emperor Entertainment City, and is also a senior member of the Emperor Entertainment City.

What’s more, it is rumored that Chen San and the owner of the Royal Garden Entertainment City are good friends.

Although these security guards don’t know the inside story, they are not so stupid just because they have a little possibility, they will go to Chen San’s trouble.

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