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Chapter 1160

The man’s attitude is very arrogant, but the clerk in this shop is not vegetarian.

“Sir, you are our VIP member, we can understand, and of course you will be given a lot of authority.” “For example, discounts, such as gifts, or the privilege that you can go directly to the second floor without queuing, these are our store for VIPs The right to give gifts.” “But don’t forget, this is our shop, and your special rights in this shop are also given by us. Besides, you and other guests are the same to us. Yes, we do not give you the right to bully or force others.” The clerk still said politely.

“Well said!” There was a burst of cheers around.

Dustin Zhou also nodded secretly, the clerk of this shop spoke appropriately and without losing his domineering.

And the rules of this store are clearly in place and the organization is very clear.

You have identity and wealth, we can all recognize it, there is no problem with this.

We have also given you corresponding respect, but in our store, every customer is God. Therefore, you must respect the rules of our store and respect other customers in our store.

No wonder the business of this shop is so hot. It seems that not only is it related to their authentic roast duck, but the owner of this shop is also very big.

For a while, Dustin Zhou even had a feeling for the owner of this shop.

Silk curiosity.

“You don’t fool me here, I just want to take this little beauty upstairs for dinner today, I see who of you dare to stop me!” said the strong man.

This is where the talent meets the soldiers.

There was nothing wrong with the clerk’s answer, but the brawny man made it clear that he didn’t tell you any truth, he just wanted to be scornful.

“Stop him!” Seeing this, the clerk was no longer polite, and directly ordered several security guards.

Several agile security guards acted very regularly, and only a few simple changes of positions surrounded the strong man and cut off all his retreat routes.

“Sir, let go of our customers!” The clerk warned again.

“Yeah, what is it, you dare to do something with me?” the strong man asked back.

As soon as his voice fell, the clerk cast a wink. Several security guards moved instantly, and directly knocked the brawny man’s head with a baton, and then two security guards took control of him, and one of them rescued the girl.

In just two seconds, the brawny man is under your control. The security guards in this store are of extremely high quality.

“You, you really dare to do something to me! Do you know who I am!” the strong man roared.

The clerk sneered, “Don’t care who you are, and don’t want to make trouble in our Killing Wind Pavilion!” A roast duck restaurant named Killing Wind Pavilion, in fact, should be able to tell from the name that the owner of this shop does not general.

“Call me your manager!” The strong man continued to roar.

The clerk continued to sneer, “Needless to say, I have already called the manager, because for a guest like you, we must cancel your VIP status.” “This kind of thing is naturally the responsibility of our manager.” Soon , A man in a tunic came over.

Sure enough, it is an old store. The lobby manager does not wear a suit but a tunic suit. This situation is relatively rare.

“This gentleman, your surname?” The manager said without talking nonsense, “Now we are going to cancel your VIP status. Do you have anything to say?” This neat work efficiency can be seen by the surrounding people eating melons. They were applauded.

The rich bully the civilians. If this is placed in other stores, it is likely to help the rich bully the civilians.

No way. Everyone knows that rich people can bring more benefits. If you open a store, who will have trouble with money?

However, the style of this Wind Killing Pavilion is completely different. They can indeed deal with it impartially, so they are very popular, and Dustin Zhou’s people who eat melons suddenly feel very happy.

You can be arrogant if you have money, but where are you arrogant?

You have to go to the Pavilion of Killing the Wind to be arrogant, kick it to the iron plate!

This time, the VIP status on the second floor was cancelled by the Killing Wind Pavilion. I am afraid that his business will be affected after he goes back.

People thought of gloating.

“My last name is Zhou.” But a word from the strong man made the whole hall suddenly quiet.

Everyone blinked at the brawny man, and there was a look of horror in their eyes.

In the eyes of the manager, there was also a slight surprise.

Now it’s troublesome.

Who doesn’t know the Zhou Family, the imperial capital!

The head of the four families!

The First Family in the East!

Especially recently, although the people at the bottom do not know exactly what happened to the Zhou family, what everyone knows is that the Zhou family’s recent limelight has become more vigorous.

Even many of the assets belonging to the other three major families have changed their surnames, which can fully explain the big problem.

This strong man turned out to belong to the Zhou family.

What should I do about the Wind Killing Pavilion now?

Although the Wind Killing Pavilion is powerful, he dare not compete with the Zhou family!

The manager helped his head a little, and felt a little pain in his head.

“Are you sure you want to cancel my VIP status?” The strong man broke free from the two security guards, raised his head and said pretentiously.

The two security guards did not dare to do anything to him.

“This brat!” Zhou Feng couldn’t help but went up and kicked the brawny man.

He doesn’t know if this guy is a member of the Zhou family, but even if you are a member of the Zhou family, the new family rules now indicate that the clansmen are not allowed to be so arrogant!

This new house rule was made by Dustin Zhou himself!

This violated the family rules in front of Dustin Zhou. What is this stinky boy looking for death?

That’s why Zhou Feng wanted to teach this guy a lesson.

But Dustin Zhou grabbed him and shook his head gently at him.

It’s not that Dustin Zhou wanted to favor the brawny man, joking, that brawny man dared to violate the house rules set by Dustin Zhou himself, but Dustin Zhou was actually the most angry!

It’s just that Dustin Zhou felt that it was not the time yet. He wanted to see how he should deal with this situation.

Will you bow to Zhou’s family?

“Huh? You stinky beggar, you’re just a stinky part-time job. You really think that being a manager here is better than others?” The strong man pushed the manager aggressively, “Come on, say, do you want to Have you cancelled my VIP status?” “You cancel one for me to see!” The manager was pushed back four or five steps, but he still didn’t fight back, and the security guards beside him, including the previous clerk, didn’t dare to leave. sound.

“Sir, you apologize to the previous lady, we will continue to retain your VIP status, do you think this is appropriate?” In desperation, the manager could only say so.

But this answer is obviously meaningless.

Chapter 1161

The manager’s answer is tantamount to adding fuel to the fire.

But from the manager’s point of view, this is the only choice he can make.

The century-old reputation of Killing Wind Pavilion,

It is impossible to be ruined because of this trivial matter.

But the Zhou family, they can’t afford to offend him, it is even more impossible to cancel his VIP status.

So the best way is for the brawny man to pour a humility on the girl to preserve the reputation of the Wind Killing Pavilion, and then afterwards, the Wind Killing Pavilion will contribute his own money to please the brawny.

This is the only way, even though you are frustrated, who can make people belong to the Zhou family!

But even this aggrieved method is obviously impossible for the strong man to agree to.

“What are you talking about? What are you kidding? Let Master apologize to that lowly woman? You are not kidding?” “You don’t know who I am? Master is from the Zhou family! Who can bear my apology? Start? Even if I go to Dubai! Go to an eight-star hotel to do such a thing, then no one dares to make me apologize!” The strong man slapped the manager directly, “I tell you, today this matter wants to be resolved. , Then there is only one way, I will go upstairs now, and you will send me the woman up, and then upgrade Master’s VIP status to the third floor!” The strong man said with great precision.

But no one else can say anything.

No way, this is absolute identity suppression.

They belong to the Zhou family!

Is it possible that you really dare not beat him?

“Oh by the way, the clerk and the security guards who dared to disrespect me just now broke one of their arms and threw them out. There is no problem, right?” The strong man added another.

Look, this is the consequence of doing it!

Everyone felt sorry for the security guards and shop assistants.

But pitiful, if the Wind Killing Pavilion really did what the strong man said, these spectators would immediately spurn the Wind Killing Pavilion.

This is the reality. For the public, the transformation of emotions only takes a moment.

“Sorry sir, we can’t do any of the things you said.” At this time, the manager also spoke. He held his head high and said stubbornly, “With us, there are only two things to solve. Plan.” “First, cancel your VIP status, and our store will never accept. Second, apologize to the lady just now, you are still our distinguished guest!” The manager said, “Otherwise, you can only Talked to our boss.” The manager knew that these conditions were impossible for a strong man to agree to, so he called the boss directly.

“Could it be that Master Feng is about to appear?” “80% yes, this time the incident is a big deal, and everyone from the Zhou family has appeared. How can the matter be resolved if Master Feng does not appear!” It turned out that the boss of Killing Wind Pavilion was called Feng Ye.

The manager’s performance gave Dustin Zhou a little admiration. At the same time, he was

Also secretly recorded the name Feng Ye.

“How do you think this matter will be solved after Master Feng appears?” “Even if it is Master Feng, you have to give the Zhou family a face, right?” “Not necessarily, Master Feng is an older generation figure in this imperial capital. Decades ago, Master Feng was a master of Fengyun and created countless myths.” “Master Feng is famous for his bravery and courage, but I have never heard of him bowing his head to whom he grew up so big. !” Everyone’s discussion fell into Dustin Zhou’s ears again.

This also made him more curious about this Feng Ye.

“Huh? You stinky part-time job! Don’t use your boss to scare me!” “Didn’t you understand? I’m from the Zhou family! Even if your boss comes, you have to give me some face, absolutely Don’t dare to move me!” Although the brawny man said so, his movements were actually a little fictitious.

“Sir, you should keep these words to our boss personally,” said the manager, neither humble nor humble.

About two minutes later, a silver-haired old man in a Tang suit walked down the stairs.

Although this old man was full of silver hair, he walked swiftly.

This is a master, Dustin Zhou saw it at a glance, and seeing the coercion radiating from his body, he should be the emperor of warriors.

And the strength definitely surpasses the three emperors of the Zhou family!

It seemed that this was the legendary Master Feng. Sure enough, Dustin Zhou had his first impression of him twice.

“What’s the matter?” Feng Ye asked in a calm tone when he came downstairs.

Coupled with the pressure on him, the whole hall was silent, no one dared to speak nonsense at all, even the strong man before it appeared to be much restrained.

The manager walked up and briefly described what happened.

“It’s you?” Feng Ye squinted his eyes and looked at the strong man.

“Master Feng, I don’t think I can be blamed for this incident? I am from the Zhou family…” The strong man tried to emphasize his identity.

“Are you from the Zhou family? The Zhou family are going to be arrogant, roll to your Zhou family’s arrogance!” Feng Ye said with no face to the brawny, “This is the Wind Killing Pavilion!” “Who allows You bullied my guest!” As Feng Ye said, he helped the girl up and looked at the brawny, “Come over and apologize! Then he lost our membership card of the Wind Killing Pavilion. There is no such guest as you either!” After speaking, Master Feng looked at the girl again, “Do you have any other requirements? We were frightened in the Wind Killing Pavilion, and we will definitely be responsible for it.” “You don’t have to worry about the future. The family will trouble you this week. If there is anything, I will take care of it!” Sure enough


Don’t give the Zhou family any face!

The girl naturally did not dare to make any more requests, and Master Feng continued to ask the strong man to come over to apologize.

“Master Feng, are you sure you want to do this?” The strong man’s face was extremely ugly. “So many people are watching, and this matter is simply overwhelming. Do you think that if this matter is resolved today, will our Zhou family give up? “You haven’t heard of it yet, our Zhou family is no longer the previous Zhou family!” “What do you mean by telling me this?” Feng Ye stood up and walked to the strong man. Are you scaring me?” “No, no, what I said is the truth!” said the strong man bitterly.

“Fact?” Feng Ye slapped the brawny man directly, “Don’t pretend to be a ghost in front of me!” “I know that your Zhou family has a masterful wizard, but what?” “If that masterful wizard in your family sees you I still come to trouble my Master Feng in this way, then he is nothing great, and Master Feng is here waiting for him!” The position of the first thousand sixty-two

Chapter 1162

This Feng Ye is really interesting.

Zhou Feng on one side poked Dustin Zhou and whispered, “Hey, he said you are nothing great, do you want to go up and do him?” This sentence was heard by the person next to him, and the person next to him looked like a fool. They glanced at it, and then muttered in a low voice, “Fatal criticism.” After speaking, they hid away, as if they were very disgusted.

“I…” Zhou Feng wanted to say something theoretical, but Dustin Zhou stopped it again.

A smile flicked across Dustin Zhou’s mouth, “Don’t worry, wait and see, don’t you think it’s interesting?” “What’s the meaning of this, I think that little girl is very interesting.” Zhou Feng curled his lips, obviously not interested in this kind of thing.

Master Feng over there is still forcing the strong man to apologize.

The brawny man was also angry, “Master Feng, you are provoking our entire Zhou family!” “Otherwise, I will tell the Zhou family about the current situation and let them decide whether to make me apologize?” Actually this brawny man There is not much status in Zhou’s family.

But now the Zhou family is very united and united, so that those who had no status before also have a great sense of belonging.

This also led to some people being unstable and beginning to drift a little. For example, this brawny man was a typical example. He now feels that he can represent the entire Zhou family.

Now they dare to do things that they didn’t dare to do before. Under such emotional control, it is easy for them to forget the family rules.

Dustin Zhou also realized that it would be a good thing for the Zhou family to unite as one to get the disadvantages in the future.

“Notify the Zhou family? Are you scaring me again?” Feng

The master snorted disdainfully, “Don’t say that I won’t give you a chance, I suggest you directly let the outstanding wizard of your Zhou family come over, otherwise, even if Zhou Hengtian comes, it won’t work with me!” “Kuang… Wonderful genius…” The strong man hesitated.

Although the Zhou family is now united, Dustin Zhou is the exception.

His status is too high. The Zhou family worshipped him more. In fact, in a sense, they did not regard Dustin Zhou as a family like them.

The sense of distance is too strong, and Dustin Zhou is not so grounded in their minds.

But at this moment, Dustin Zhou stood up.

“No need to call, I’m here.” Dustin Zhou said calmly.

Zhou Feng also followed.

The person next to him has a question mark on his face.

what’s the situation?

Haven’t these two people been watching the show here all the time?

How could he suddenly become a masterpiece of the Zhou family?

Are they two fools?

“World, son, young master.” And the brawny man, after seeing Dustin Zhou and Zhou Feng, there was a flash of fanaticism and reverence in his eyes, and he lowered his head respectfully.

It turned out to be true!

This is a big joke!

The people who eat melon are at a loss, what kind of world is this!

Those two young masters who can be called the most arrogant in the imperial capital, just like ordinary people, stood silently beside them?

Especially the person who criticized Dustin Zhou and Zhou Feng just now felt that his mentality had collapsed at this time, and his whole person was split apart!

Feng Ye also looked at Dustin Zhou with a scrutinizing gaze, and then there was a dignified look in his gaze, and he nodded and said, “The hero is a young man.” “A great genius, a well-deserved reputation, but you seem to have been watching the show by the side?” Asked.

Dustin Zhou nodded, “That’s it.” “Then your purpose for standing up at this time?” Feng Ye asked again.

“Well… I heard you call me.” Dustin Zhou shrugged, “Of course, I also came out to solve the problem.” “Originally I thought you could solve it, but since I got my name, then I I had to come out.” “How do you want to solve it?” When facing Dustin Zhou, Master Feng also lost his previous domineering and became cautious.

Because he did feel an unprecedented pressure from Dustin Zhou, this pressure is even stronger than him!

The rumors are true, the Zhou family has an emperor’s ultimate!

Feng Ye is also very curious about the emperor’s ultimate, because his lifelong dream is to achieve the emperor’s ultimate.

But what he hadn’t been able to accomplish in his entire life was made by the yellow-haired boy in front of him.

What kind of person is Dustin Zhou?

Master Feng is looking at Dustin Zhou, and Dustin Zhou is also looking at Master Feng. Two people, one old and one young, are very interested in the person in front of them.

, Want to find out what kind of person the other party is.

“As for how to solve it,” Dustin Zhou looked back at the strong man, “apologize.” “Ah?” The strong man did not react.

“The house rules, I made it myself, it seems you have forgotten them all?” Dustin Zhou’s eyes narrowed with a dangerous light.

“If Brother Yang asked you to apologize, you should apologize! What are you doing in a daze? What’s the matter, do you want Brother Yang to teach you how to apologize?” Zhou Feng slapped his head.

Only then did the strong man react. He came to Master Feng, and just bend down, Dustin Zhou grabbed his hair.

“What are you doing?” “Aw, apology?” The strong man was frightened.

“Apologize to him? Is he worthy?” Dustin Zhou said, hating the iron and steel, “Are you sorry for him? He just slapped you!” “Then, then I…” The strong man was a little at a loss. .

“It’s stupid.” Zhou Feng on one side couldn’t stand it anymore, and he bent over the girl in front of the brawny man, “Apologize for this!” The brawny man apologized, and the girl shook her head again and again, not daring to accept it.

“There is nothing I dare not accept,” Dustin Zhou squeezed a kind smile and looked at the girl, “I pledge with my personality that the Zhou family will never make any trouble with you in the future, and will never investigate any of your personal information. “”This is my phone number. If you find anything unusual, you can notify me at any time.” Getting Dustin Zhou’s phone number is naturally equivalent to an extra amulet.

The girl finally accepted the apology, and then Dustin Zhou looked at Master Feng again.

“This incident is indeed the Zhou family’s fault, I can admit it.” Dustin Zhou said.

“It’s good if you can admit your mistakes, you’re a man.” Feng Ye’s eyes showed a touch of approval.

But Dustin Zhou smiled slightly, “However, this matter is not over yet.” “This kid, after returning to Zhou’s house, I will definitely supervise the handling of the family law.” Dustin Zhou kicked the brawny man, “But Feng Feng Lord, you just slapped our Zhou family, how should this be counted?” Everyone’s expressions suddenly changed. Why is it weird to listen to the meaning of this?

Dustin Zhou, are you picking things up this time?

Feng Ye’s face is also not good-looking, “Boy, what do you mean?” “Are you trying to say, your Zhou family, only your Zhou family can handle it?

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