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Chapter 512

For a while, Wang Wei and others all looked at Dustin Zhou. Ah, Wang Wei is right. Kong Hui is the person Wang Wei asked to participate in the performance. Now that Dustin Zhou has beaten him, he must not be able to participate in the performance. Then, the Christmas Eve activities that will start after the meeting, and the opening tomorrow For the performance of the ceremony, Dustin Zhou has to come up with an effective and feasible plan. At least, as for the people participating in the performance, Dustin Zhou always has an object and goal. Besides, now that time is tight, even if you invite some Stars, in such a short period of time, it is almost impossible for the other party to appear in a less prosperous city like Liushi. “I have my own solution to this problem, you don’t need to worry about it.

Dustin Zhou was silent for a second, and then said calmly. Wang Wei was right. Time is running out and it is difficult to change a performer. But the difficulties they thought of were nothing in front of Dustin Zhou. Take the Christmas Eve event that is about to begin. Although Kong Hui cannot play, it does not mean that the event will be cancelled or cannot go on. “Zhou, I know you have your own ideas, but there are still ten Within minutes, the Christmas Eve activities will begin. Without Kong Hui, where would you let us find someone to replace him in such a short time?

“Wang Wei sneered in his heart when he saw Dustin Zhou’s appearance. He felt that Dustin Zhou was already a poor man, and there was no way at all. And Dustin Zhou’s own method just said, so that everyone doesn’t have to worry about it, it is simply a refusal. Dustin Zhou’s performance, as for the Christmas Eve activities that will begin after the meeting, Dustin Zhou certainly couldn’t find anyone who could replace Kong Hui.

Are you questioning me?

Or, without him, Kong Hui, the immediate Christmas Eve activities would not go on?

Dustin Zhou’s eyes tightened and he stared at Wang Wei abruptly.

From Wang Wei’s tone just now, Dustin Zhou heard a hint of disdain, and a hint of jokes.

This shows that Wang Wei is not optimistic about himself at all, and is even waiting to see his jokes.

“How could I question you? It’s just that if you don’t have a suitable candidate right now, I’m afraid that the Christmas Eve activities will be cancelled.” Wang Wei’s heart shuddered, and he realized that he might be a little hasty, and he was caught by Dustin Zhou. See a clue.

However, Wang Wei is not at all worried about what Dustin Zhou will do, because everyone is currently in the Liushi branch, and the Liushi branch will be opened tomorrow. At this time, no matter who it is, I am afraid that he will not behave indiscriminately. , To interfere with the opening ceremony tomorrow.

“The Christmas Eve event will not be cancelled.” At this moment, a crisp voice suddenly sounded.

All eyes suddenly fell on the person who spoke.

Wang Wei didn’t wrinkle suddenly, he recognized the speaker, a young girl standing behind Dustin Zhou.

This girl seems to have a good relationship with Enderia Shen and Mira Xie, and she is also very close to Dustin Zhou.

Even Wang Wei knew that this girl was Asher Chen’s daughter, Chen Xin.

Dustin Zhou also looked at Chen Xin in surprise, with some doubts in his heart.

At this time, he was more sensitive. Whether it was Dustin Zhou or Wang Wei, what they did or said, it is likely to have an impact on the relationship between the two parties.

In fact, as a bystander, Chen Xin does not have much standpoint to express his opinions in such a situation.

Especially when it comes to Kong Hui and the Christmas Eve activities that will begin soon, it is impossible to express opinions casually.

But now, Chen Xin vowed that the Christmas Eve event will not be cancelled.

What is her confidence?

Not only Dustin Zhou, but everyone else was curious, looking at Chen Xin, waiting for her to continue.

Since Chen Xin chose to speak at this time, she must have her own thoughts. If so, everyone would be willing to continue listening.

However, on the court, only Wang Wei was a bit unsightly, and even slightly displeased.

Now is the game between him and Dustin Zhou. What do you mean, a little girl?

Others didn’t know, even knew, and didn’t want to say it, but Wang Wei knew it well.

You a little girl, at this time, can say such things, and, without any preparation before everyone.

Then, your only confidence is that you can take the place of Kong Hui to perform on stage.

Moreover, Wang Wei also knows a little about Chen Xin. As the only daughter of Asher Chen, she naturally learned a lot of talents.

Even Wang Wei once heard

Said that Chen Xin performed at the opening ceremony of the freshmen of Tunghai University.

Once these pieces of information were integrated, Wang Wei had already secretly said that it was bad.

If Chen Xin is really allowed to come on stage to save the field, then Kong Hui will really be useless and completely useless.

Even Wang Wei’s dissatisfaction with Dustin Zhou may make Dustin Zhou vigilant and make arrangements.

“How do you know that you won’t cancel, you are a girl, what do you know? Don’t retreat.” Wang Wei rolled his eyes and decided to preemptively attack Chen Xin.

At this time, he didn’t care that Chen Xin was Asher Chen’s daughter. As long as Chen Xin didn’t mess up, then Wang Wei felt that he could gain the upper hand in front of Dustin Zhou, forcing Dustin Zhou to admit his mistakes, or to persuade him.

“Wait, Chen Xin, if you have any thoughts, just say it. If it works, I will promise you.” However, Dustin Zhou stretched out his hand and stopped Wang Wei. He gave Chen Xin a smile and showed encouragement. .

Dustin Zhou knew that Chen Xin must have made a good plan to speak at this juncture.

And, more importantly, although Dustin Zhou has ideas in his mind, time is a little rushed now, and there are no small difficulties if he wants to do it.

“Mr. Zhou, this…I’m afraid it’s inappropriate, right?” Wang Wei’s expression instantly turned ugly, hesitated.

“There is nothing inappropriate. Since Kong Hui can’t participate in the performance, then naturally you have to find a solution, or do you have any other ideas?” Dustin Zhouman glanced at Wang Wei carelessly, regardless of what other reactions he might have. Look at Chen Xin, waiting for Chen Xin’s idea.

“Brother Dustin Zhou, I know that Christmas Eve activities are not just some singing performances, I can also go, and you have heard me sing before the freshman opening ceremony of Tunghai University, knowing that there is absolutely no problem with my level. “Yes.” Chen Xin said with a smile, took two steps forward, came to Dustin Zhou, raised her head slightly, looked at Dustin Zhou, with a smile on her face.

“Moreover, I am a girl. I know some of the girls’ thoughts on cosmetic brand selection, and I can give them better advice. What’s more, Brother Dustin Zhou, don’t you think that such an event would be more suitable for girls to perform? Is it?” Chen Xin smiled and was relaxed and lively.

As soon as the voice fell, the audience was quiet.

Even Wang Wei stopped talking quietly.

Chapter 513

(2) Chen Xin has spoken for this reason, and even bravely stood up and said that he was going to perform, what else could others say?


So can you come up with a good method?

Therefore, there is only one option for agreeing at the moment.

Enderia Shen, Mira Xie, and even Jiang Yan and Ling sister looked at Chen Xin with beautiful eyes.

Unexpectedly, I even forgot this. Our little beauty Chen Xin is so versatile. A few songs are not a problem at all. I think it is feasible. If there are no other ideas, then Xiao Xinxin. Get ready.

Enderia Shen smiled and hugged Chen Xin’s shoulders, and gently squeezed her face, a trace of joy flashed in his eyes. “Dustin Zhou, what do you think?”

Afterwards, Enderia Shen looked up again and asked Dustin Zhou. After all, everyone can see the current situation more or less. “Well, no problem, there are still a few minutes left, Chen Xin, do you need any preparations?”

Dustin Zhou nodded, checked the time, and asked softly. Dustin Zhou had no doubts about Chen Xin’s level. After all, Chen Xin did sing a song at the freshman entrance ceremony of Tunghai University before, and his level was very good. Not bad. What’s more, the Christmas Eve event that will begin soon is not a large-scale event. It requires a high level of competence at Chen Xin’s level. Besides, what Chen Xin said just now makes sense. A girl who performs in such an event is naturally more attractive than a boy. After all, the girl who knows girls best is still the girl. “You all have no opinion, do you?”

In that case, hurry up and prepare.

Dustin Zhou squinted at Wang Wei and the others, and then finally his eyes fell on Kong Hui. “As for this person, I don’t want to see him again in the future.”

After that, Dustin Zhou took Chen Xin to make the final preparations. Although it was only a small event, some basic preparations were still needed, especially some matching of costumes. Because the planned performer was Kong Hui, It’s a man, so the clothes Wang Wei and the others prepare are all men’s clothes. Chen Xin is definitely not suitable for this kind of clothes. But fortunately, among Wang Wei’s people, Ye Fang has her own ideas, and she is responsible The costume arrangement for the performers this time. In addition to the original Kong Hui costumes, Ye Fang also ordered some women’s costumes. Chen Xin just happened to be able to use it. In addition, Chen Xin herself was well dressed, all over her body. The match was just right, very suitable for such a Christmas Eve performance. Soon, in the Liushi branch, only Wang Wei and Kong Hui were left, and everyone else was going to make the final preparations. .

“Wang Wei sighed lightly, feeling a little depressed, but more, it was a trace of jealousy and worry. He knew that there were some confrontations between himself and Dustin Zhou just now, which may not be visible to other people, but as opponents Dustin Zhou, I must have noticed it. I just don’t know what Dustin Zhou will do, whether it will tear his face directly, like that.

In that case, Wang Wei felt that he would not get any benefit at all, and it is even possible that even this Liushi branch might fall into Dustin Zhou’s hands.

“Damn, I must let him die!” Kong Hui sat slumped on the shelf, trembling with pain. Seeing that everyone was almost gone, Ling Ran suddenly smiled and let out a sneer of Hehe.

“Help me up and take me to the hospital.” Kong Hui couldn’t help feeling a little annoyed when he saw Wang Wei still standing by.

I kindly helped Wang Wei to come to such a small place to perform, but he was treated like this.

If it weren’t for Wang Wei’s face, Kong Hui had come by himself without an assistant or bodyguard.

Otherwise, just because Dustin Zhou is disrespectful to himself, Kong Hui can let his bodyguard directly destroy Dustin Zhou.

The boss of a small company dared to point fingers at himself, and even said ruthlessly to himself, such a person would be in a hurry.

However, when he thinks of Enderia Shen and Mira Xie, Kong Hui’s heart is hot.

These few beautiful people were far beyond Kong Hui’s expectations.

Even when Wang Wei found himself and said that there were beauties, Kong Hui was half-believing. After all, Kong Hui felt that with Wang Wei’s aesthetics, it was possible that the beauties he thought were just ordinary people in his own eyes.

However, Enderia Shen and the others made Kong Hui happy.

Absolute beauty.

Even, Kong Hui secretly thought, these beautiful women are more perfect than the beauties he saw in the capital, with almost no flaws.

“Wang Wei, the man named Dustin Zhou dared to do something to me. This is his first hand. Don’t blame me for not giving you face. I must find the place back.” “As for the beauties, wait After I have taught that Dustin Zhou, you will ask them out again. At that time, hehe…” Kong Huilang laughed twice, and suddenly affected the wounds on his body. Suddenly, a burst of heart-piercing pain struck him, and he wailed. .

Upon seeing this, Wang Wei was even more disappointed.

But he did not directly explain Dustin Zhou’s strength and status to Wang Wei.

If he said it now, then after Kong Hui went back, after a little investigation, he would definitely know that he would have resentment against himself, thinking that he had harmed him.

In that case, it is better to let Kong Hui always resent Dustin Zhou.

After all, the Kong family is also a very powerful family in Liu City, Hunan Province. With Kong Hui’s character, Wang Wei can even guess what he will do when he returns.

“Stop talking, I’ll take you to the hospital first, oh, let you be careful, you actually acted against Mr. Shen in front of so many people, even if you say it, it’s still not reasonable for you.” Wang Weifa He said a few words pretentiously, and helped Kong Hui walk to the parking lot. He was not going to attend the waiting meeting.

Christmas Eve activities.

After all, if Chen Xin is really on stage, there will be no problems at all, and it will even be better than Kong Hui’s performance.

Time flies, and it’s seven o’clock in the evening in the blink of an eye.

At this time, the small stage outside the Liushi branch was already full of people.

At first glance, it can be described as a sea of ​​people.

Although the stage is relatively small, the people of Liushi know that the Liushi branch will open tomorrow due to the propaganda before the famous company Liushi branch.

In addition, tonight is Christmas Eve, and there are so many people coming out, so I am naturally attracted by the stage here.

“Go, don’t be nervous, I believe you.” Dustin Zhou and several people were in the background, through the small curtain, seeing the grand scene outside, smiled and cheered Chen Xin.

“Come on, Xiao Xinxin, I am optimistic about you!” Enderia Shen also hugged Chen Xin all of a sudden, and encouraged Chen Xin in his ear.

“Come on.” “Come on!” … And Mira Xie, Jiang Yan, Sister Ling, Ye Fang and others cheered on Chen Xin.

Chen Xin looked at the crowd, took a deep breath, finally set his eyes on Dustin Zhou with a happy face.

“I’m going!”

Chapter 514

“Why is there no one?” “Yes, it’s already over seven o’clock in the publicity, why no one has come out yet.” “It’s not about letting us pigeons?” “It’s impossible, right? I heard that the Liushi branch will open tomorrow. Tonight’s Christmas Eve event is just an appetizer. It shouldn’t be tricking us.” … At 7:02 pm, there was nothing on the small stage in front of the Liushi branch. one person.

Except for a few conspicuous devices, no one appeared.

All of a sudden, the onlookers fry the pot.

It was clearly stated that it would start at seven, but it is already past seven, or no one has appeared. What does this mean?

Look down on us audiences?

As one or two people complained, more and more people began to complain.

“Hush!” Some people even started booing, expressing their disappointment with the Christmas Eve activities.

However, when the time came to 7:03, Chen Xin jumped from the backstage to the top of the stage, surrounded by crowds, and instantly calmed down.

Everyone stared at the little girl who jumped onto the stage. This girl who looked like an elf did not dare to speak, or even to make any sound, for fear that it would disturb Chen Xin and startle the little girl. .

However, in the quiet few seconds, some people couldn’t help it. This girl is so beautiful, and some of the beauties they have seen before are not on the same level.

“Oh my God, what did I see!” “I didn’t expect to see such a beautiful woman here! Haha, it’s worth it!” “Brother, be careful that your girlfriend hears this, and she breaks up with you “Haha, what are you afraid of? I didn’t expect to help my girlfriend to buy things. I could still witness such a big beauty. It’s absolutely worth it. I have already decided. I must come again tomorrow to buy some cosmetics for my girlfriend. Maybe You can still see this big beauty.” “Haha, when you say this, I plan to do this too, it’s worth it!” “However, I don’t know how this beauty is singing. It depends on her appearance. She should be singing. I didn’t expect that the Liushi branch would have made such a big deal to find such a beautiful woman, and it is almost the same as their publicity ambassador.” … Everyone exclaimed, and their faces developed fanaticism.

Especially the boys, even more anxious to jump directly on the stage and take Chen Xin home.

But fortunately, everyone is still civilized. In addition, there are also many girls on the scene, watching their boyfriends, and at the same time being alert to other people around, so there is no joke and confusion.

“Hello everyone, this is Chen Xin. Tonight, the Christmas Eve activities of the Liushi branch of the famous company will be celebrated by me.” Chen Xin was slightly nervous from the beginning, and now feels calm. less.

Especially when she saw that the fanatical crowd under the stage had no intention of rushing up, it made Chen Xin a lot of relaxation.

But she knew that once the crowd rushed onto the stage because of excitement, so many people, even if Dustin Zhou was there, I am afraid they would not be able to stop them.

So now, Chen Xin is relatively relaxed.

Moreover, she didn’t expect that the masses would still like herself more, and they would become excited by sweeping away the previous sighs.

This atmosphere is most suitable for Christmas Eve activities.

Chen Xin’s voice is very soft and delicate, even if she keeps listening, she won’t feel bored.

Therefore, when Chen Xin spoke, many people were immersed in her voice,

Chen Xin was even more fascinated.

“As you may know, Mingyang is a cosmetics company headquartered in Donghai, and it also has a flagship store in Hunan Province. There are many people who buy cosmetics every day.” Chen Xin said with a smile, the rhythm is very well controlled. , Like a host, the emotions of the audience are mobilized very smoothly.

…… As Chen Xin said more and more, more and more people were listening below the stage. At the same time, more and more people were more curious and eager about the opening of the famous company’s Liushi branch.

Especially when Chen Xin sang two songs and then began to recommend some cosmetics suitable for young girls, the audience below was even more crazy, still loudly calling Chen Xin’s name over and over again.

“Chen Xin, Chen Xin!” “Chen Xin, Chen Xin, I love you!” “It’s too good to say, I think my skin has always been bad. It turns out that I have never chosen the right cosmetics. I must buy them tomorrow. A few sets of cosmetics, husband, you can listen carefully, and you must buy them for me tomorrow.” “Ah, no, wife, I don’t understand.” “Hmph, I don’t care, if you can’t buy it, we’ll just Divorce!” “Hey, don’t worry. I heard that there will be a lottery at the meeting. Participants have a chance to win the prize. The prize is some cosmetics. They are all things that the Liushi branch will sell tomorrow. This is a good opportunity. “…… The atmosphere on the scene is getting stronger and stronger, and the crowd onlookers is also increasing.

Even when the small stage in front of the Liushi branch was completely enclosed, the road on the side was already covered with people, one by one craned their necks and looked in, wanting to see the voice on the stage. Nice little beauty.

“Nothing will happen, right? So many people?” At this moment, in the background, Enderia Shen looked at the situation in front of the stage with some worry.

Although the enthusiastic situation was beyond her expectation, it is very likely that accidents will occur in such a enthusiastic situation.

Once an accident occurs, these hundreds of people will inevitably become chaotic. At that time, not only the onlookers, but even Chen Xin will be in danger.

With the abilities of these dozens of people, it is very difficult to protect Chen Xin under such circumstances.

If an accident does happen, then their leaders will definitely be held accountable, which may affect the opening of the Liushi branch tomorrow.

“Don’t worry, I’m ready a long time ago, do you think all the people in the crowd are passersby?” Dustin Zhou stretched out his hand and patted Enderia Shen lightly, and said with a smile, his body was extremely calm.

Enderia Shen was stunned for a moment, eyes flickering, looking at Dustin Zhou.

“What do you mean? Do you have any other arrangements? Why don’t I know?” Not only Enderia Shen, but even Mira Xie and Ling sister were surprised.

Looked at Dustin Zhou.

After all, Dustin Zhou had almost always stayed with them before the start of the activity, and had no chance to arrange some measures.

“Don’t sell it, just say it.” Seeing that Dustin Zhou didn’t intend to say it, he smiled and looked at himself. Enderia Shen beat Dustin Zhou weakly, his tone was light and his voice was a little soft.

“Look, the group of people near the stage, the row of people, do they look familiar.” Dustin Zhou shrugged and pointed helplessly at the group of people around the stage.


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