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Chapter 911

More than 70 million to buy a necklace, although Dustin Zhou could buy it in the past, he would still feel distressed.

After all, his working capital is more than one billion, and several cards are worth ten million.

If you just swipe one of the cards, then the money is probably not enough.

He felt that he should be very rich now, so he gritted his teeth and wanted to buy this more than 70 million necklace, but was told that this shop is his own!

Dustin Zhou picked up the necklace, still a bit unable to turn his mind.

“I’ll buy another bracelet,” he said suddenly.

It is also a limited edition customized bracelet, priced at more than 23 million.

When Dustin Zhou was about to pay, he was told again that the shop belonged to him.

“It’s all mine?” Dustin Zhou was a little stunned. “Would you say that this entire store belongs to me?” “This store was originally yours, Brother Yang,” Niu Chuan said with a sigh, “Brother Yang It looks like you have really amnesia, I thought you wanted to come here to experience life.” “I experience a hammer, I experience…” Dustin Zhou gritted his teeth, threw the bracelet and necklace into the same bag, and turned his head outside. Go.

Niu Chuan hurriedly followed. When they were taking a taxi on the side of the road, Dustin Zhou suddenly remembered that he hadn’t bought a car yet.

“Go, come with me to buy a car.” Dustin Zhou did not choose to see Mira Xie first, but chose to pick up a car.

“Brother Yang, what kind of car do you want to buy?” On the road, Niu Chuan asked casually, “Sports car or car?” “Car,” Dustin Zhou said after thinking about it, “Sports car is not very practical and suitable Children drive and play in pursuit of speed. I’ve passed that age a long time ago.” Dustin Zhou was once known as a blaster in the racing world, but unfortunately he stopped racing and didn’t like Ferrari Lamborghini. Sports car.

In comparison, he feels that a car like Rolls-Royce Maybach is atmospheric, comfortable and practical.

So the two went to the Rolls-Royce store.

“Hello sir, what car do you want to see?” The sales lady asked sweetly.

“Bring me the best one.” Dustin Zhou said directly without even looking at it. “Remember, you want the best and the most expensive!” I don’t know why, Dustin Zhou now has a kind of retaliatory consumption. Mentality.

He learned that he was very, very rich, but when he went to buy necklaces and bracelets, his money was not spent at all, and he was told by the other party that the whole shop was his own.

And now, since he has come to buy a car, he must pick the most expensive and best car to buy!

Fortunately, the car sales lady did not call her boss when she entered the door. It seems that this store is not her own.

The sales lady looks like

She was very beautiful and her smile was very sweet. After hearing Dustin Zhou’s words, she was slightly taken aback, and the smile on her face became even brighter.

“Sir, if you want the best and most expensive, then it must be this Phantom. There are only ten luxury cars in the world, but the price is more than 30 million…” The sales lady tentatively Said.

“Swipe the card!” Dustin Zhou didn’t give the sales lady a chance to finish talking, and directly threw the card out of his hand.

The sales lady was stunned again, she had never seen such a bold person!

But soon she reacted, and happily accepted the card in her hand and said, “By the way, sir, if you have any problems with this car, you can call me at any time, I am twenty-four. Serving you on call every hour!” “If you need it, I can go out with you for a test drive now. You can test drive as far as you want.” The implication of these two sentences is already obvious.

On call 24 hours?

How far can you test drive?

Will something happen to the car during the test drive?

Calling her in the middle of the night really is something wrong with the car?

Where is this to buy a car!

This is simply buying a car as a gift for someone!

Obviously, this condition is not the service of buying a car, but the extra service that the sales lady is willing to provide.

It’s very simple. Give extra services to this level of local tyrants and you will never suffer.

But in the face of the car sales lady’s secret gesture, Dustin Zhou didn’t care at all, “Okay, go and swipe the card.” Hearing Dustin Zhou’s words, the car sales lady was a little bit disappointed. It was obvious that she could also see that Dustin Zhou basically I didn’t like myself.

But this is also normal. A local tyrant of Dustin Zhou’s level will definitely not lack women around him, and it is not strange to look down upon himself.

The sales lady ran to swipe the card, and Dustin Zhou climbed onto the car with Niu Chuan eagerly.

No matter how rich, luxury cars will always be men’s favorite toys!

At this moment someone knocked on his car window.

Is a man.

Dustin Zhou rolled down the car window a little uncomfortably, “What are you doing?” “Ah? No, boss, I will return your card to you!” the man said respectfully.

Dustin Zhou was taken aback for a moment, and looked to the side. The car sales lady just now stood beside this man.

“Boss, I am the manager here. This car sales lady is new here, so it’s normal not to know you. Don’t be angry!” The manager kept apologizing.

Dustin Zhou was stunned by this, and it was a long time before he realized what it meant.

This car shop also owns it!

The reason why the car sales lady did not call her boss just now was because of the new arrival

Don’t know yourself yet!

And that manager probably knew his card, and when he heard someone buy such a good car, he discovered his identity.

“Boss, if you want it, you can just drive the car away. It’s so troublesome to pay for it.” The manager said with a wry smile.

Dustin Zhou also gave a wry smile, and took the card back with a gloomy expression.

I just want to spend some money, why is it so difficult?

Buy necklaces, no, buy bracelets, no, now you can’t even buy a car!

If you buy a house, you already have two villas. Are you still buying?

He suddenly looked at Niu Chuan beside him.

“Chuanzi, tell me honestly, how many properties do I have in Donghai City?” Dustin Zhou asked.

Niu Chuan shrugged.

“Brother Yang, if you ask me that, it will be a bit embarrassing for me.” “As far as I know, all the industries in Donghai City that can be ranked number one seem to have something to do with you.” “You have to insist. You have nothing to do. You can go to the kind of shop on the side of the road. Generally, their boss is a person, and it may not have much to do with you.” “Of course, it is very possible. Although the things they sell You have nothing to do, but the store should be your rented house.” Niu Chuan said calmly.

Chapter 912

Crazy world!

Dustin Zhou looked at the calm Niu Chuan blankly.

Niu Chuan was only calmly narrating, as if he was talking about a trivial matter.

In other words, this matter is not very small, but for Niu Chuan, he has become accustomed to it, which is understandable.

After all, he has lost his memory, and for Niu Chuan, he has witnessed Dustin Zhou step by step to today, so it is very natural to talk about this kind of thing.

But these things Niu Chuan talked about caused turbulent waves in Dustin Zhou’s heart.

It’s just joking!

Where do you still have money?

If you follow what Niu Chuan said, you can’t describe yourself as having money at all!

He simply owns an entire city, and he can’t spend it with money!

He couldn’t spend a penny on buying necklaces, bracelets, or even buying a car or a house.

Even the streets and alleys belong to his property rights. If this goes on, even if he goes to a small restaurant on the roadside to eat a meal, no one will charge him!

How can this be good?

It seemed that there was nothing wrong with it… After a brief shock, Dustin Zhou gradually calmed down and gradually accepted this fact.

“It doesn’t matter, let’s go see Enderia Shen first.” Dustin Zhou started the car.

As a former Hayate, even if he was driving a Rolls Royce, he could drive as a sports car, and soon he came to the villa where Enderia Shen was.

Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan got out of the car together, drove to Enderia Shen’s villa and pressed the doorbell.

Soon the door opened, and Enderia Shen, wearing a long skirt, opened the door.

“My dear, you are here!” After seeing Dustin Zhou, Enderia Shen looked very happy, and rushed up to give him a big hug.

Dustin Zhou was a little overwhelmed by this hug.

After all, in his concept, his relationship with Enderia Shen has not yet progressed to this point.

It was even said that neither of them had frankly explained their thoughts. In Enderia Shen’s eyes, Dustin Zhou had a wife.

In Dustin Zhou’s eyes, he liked Enderia Shen, because Enderia Shen had blocked a knife for him. He was still his boss and treated him very well.

But he never dared to speak out this feeling, because he knew that two people are almost impossible.

But now it’s different. Obviously, the two have been together in a fair manner, so Enderia Shen gave him a hug directly.

“Haha, I’m a bit uncomfortable seeing you suddenly like this.” Dustin Zhou scratched the back of his head and said, “It’s okay for you to be at home alone.” “What do you mean by seeing me like this suddenly? We are all married.” Three months!” Enderia Shen said angrily.

Obviously, she felt Dustin Zhou’s


But the two have been married for so long, so why are they so strange?

This makes Enderia Shen very unhappy.

Dustin Zhou also understood that he had said something wrong, but it would be a bit difficult for him to adapt to Enderia Shen’s acceptance of himself.

After all, he has always treated Enderia Shen as his boss!

He tried to fit into his current role, but found it very difficult.

“How could this world become like this?” Dustin Zhou sat on the sofa, rubbing his head with some distress.

“Brother Yang, this is your fault. My sister-in-law loves you so much, but you look so strange. No wonder my sister-in-law is angry.” Niu Chuan said with a smile on the side.

Dustin Zhou gave him an angry look, “You don’t know that I am having memory loss, and you still say this kind of cool talk here.” “Before I lost my memory, I and Enderia Shen were just ordinary colleagues… at best, it was better. It’s just a friend of, now the relationship between the two suddenly becomes like this, do you think I can adapt?” Dustin Zhou said as he looked at Enderia Shen who was sulking in the bedroom.

It is very strange that this formerly well-known iceberg president now looks like a little girl. Even if he is angry, he does not get angry at herself, but hides in the room with a wronged look.

Maybe it’s because your identity is too high?

Dustin Zhou thought that since he suffered his amnesia, none of the people he had seen had dared to speak to him loudly.

In the past, those arrogant and domineering Xie family members only saw themselves stubbornly, now how can Enderia Shen become a little woman?

He suddenly became agitated.

Dustin Zhou, who was supposed to comfort Enderia Shen, left the villa in a ghostly manner.

This whole world is already too strange to him, he wants to go out and find a familiar feeling.

“Brother Yang, don’t be too anxious, just get used to it a little bit.” Niu Chuan followed from behind.

Niu Chuan felt that Dustin Zhou was nothing more than losing part of his memory, not all of his memory.

It’s as if you don’t remember what happened yesterday. Does it matter?

At most, I have lost the memory of half a year, and it seems that it will not have much impact on life.

Therefore, Niu Chuan did not take Dustin Zhou’s matter too seriously, and felt that Dustin Zhou’s reaction was a bit too much.

But for Dustin Zhou, everything in front of him frightened him.

Obviously everyone is still the same, very in line with their own personalities, but they have become so strange.

Unfamiliar to Dustin Zhou, he dared not know them.

“You don’t have to worry about me, I just go out and stroll around casually.” Dustin Zhou said to Niu Chuan.

“Just follow

As you said, I need to be familiar with the world.

The two were walking aimlessly on the street. Dustin Zhou looked at the cars coming and going on the street, feeling a lot of emotion. The world has not changed much. At least half a year, for the entire huge city , The change is not too big. He sat on the side of the road and asked Niu Chuan for a cigarette. “Brother Yang, why can’t you accept it? Even if you lose your memory for half a year, it doesn’t seem to be a big deal.

“Or, is there anything you can’t accept now?”

“If not, I suggest you go back to comfort your sister-in-law.

Niu Chuan said very seriously. From the moment Dustin Zhou left the angry Enderia Shen, he realized something was wrong. It was Dustin Zhou’s mood that was a little wrong. Normal Dustin Zhou, even if he was in a different mood when he knew everything. That’s great, and he will never leave Enderia Shen alone. At the very least, he will explain clearly to Enderia Shen that he has amnesia. But now, without a single explanation, he left directly from Enderia Shen’s villa. Isn’t Enderia Shen going to be even more angry? Niu Chuan couldn’t imagine how Dustin Zhou could coax Enderia Shen back.

Chapter 913

The Love of the Spiritual Guy! Niu Chuan’s words also caused Dustin Zhou’s thinking. Even he himself, I also feel that I have overreacted. Why is he irritable? Just like Niu Chuan said, but he has lost his memory for half a year. Why should he be irritable? On the contrary, he now has everything. Most of the industry in the entire city belongs to him, and now he does what he wants. Not only this Donghai City, his identity is also the young owner of the Zhou family, the first Eastern family. What is wrong with him? Satisfied? Isn’t it because he has lost his memory for half a year? Now that he has everything, what is he upset about? The more he thinks like this, the more upset he feels. There seems to be a voice in his heart reminding him. No, don’t. Don’t accept. Don’t? What don’t? Don’t accept? Don’t accept something? No one gave him anything! Dustin Zhou seems to understand. This voice is the source of his irritability. He shook his head. , Trying to wake up a little bit, and throw out the voice in his head. At this moment, a slightly wretched voice suddenly sounded next to him, “Little sister, let my brother be happy.

“This kind of thing, if your brother is happy, you will be happy too. This kind of good thing that has the best of both worlds, what are you resisting?”

The love of the spirit guy!

Niu Chuan’s words also caused Dustin Zhou to think.

Even he himself felt that his reaction was a little overdone.

Why are you irritable?

Just like Niu Chuan said, but just lost half a year of memory, why should I be upset?

On the contrary, he now has everything.

Most of the industry in the entire city belongs to him, and now he does what he wants.

Not only this Donghai City, his identity is also the Young Patriarch of the Zhou Family, the First Eastern Family.

Why is he dissatisfied?

Isn’t it just the memory of losing half a year?

Now he has everything, what is he worrying about?

The more he thought about it, the more irritable he felt.

There seemed to be a voice in my heart reminding him.

no, do not want.

Don’t accept it.


What do you want?

Don’t accept it?

What is not accepted?

No one gave him anything!

Dustin Zhou seemed to understand.

This voice is the source of his irritability.

He shook his head, trying to wake himself up a bit, and shook the sound out of his head.

At this time, a somewhat wretched voice suddenly sounded next to him, “Little sister, let your brother be happy and happy.” “This kind of thing, if your brother is happy, you will be happy too. The best of both worlds, what are you doing? What to resist?

Dustin Zhou followed his reputation and saw a young man with a cigarette in his arms and a tattoo on his arm. This young man looked very energetic, wearing a pair of tight short sleeves, tight black pants, and a pair of feet on his feet. Doudou shoes perfectly outline his skinny figure. It makes people… nauseous. Obviously, this young man is molesting a girl. The girl looks very youthful, with long black hair in a shawl, and is dressed A long white cotton dress and a pair of brand-name canvas shoes on her feet. The girl looked very resistant to the mental boy, struggling constantly, and asked aggrievedly, “I don’t even know you, please let me go good or not!

“If you want money, leave your ID card with me, and I will give you all my wallet, but don’t hurt me, OK!”

“The girl can be said to be very humble, as if she was afraid of irritating the young man, she even suppressed her begging for mercy very low. But even so, the young man still slapped her. “Smelly woman, who are you pretending to be pure?” Too!

Does Master seem to be a poor man?

“The mental guy slapped the girl severely, then grabbed the wallet and put it in his pocket. “I tell you, I don’t need money, I just like you, so quickly follow me to open the house.” !

“As he said, the mental guy is about to take the girl’s arm and leave. Dustin Zhou threw his cigarette butt on the ground, intending to take care of this nosy. Although it has nothing to do with him, his mood was originally It’s not so good. If you are righteous, this mental guy can also relax. But before he can make a move, another girl appears next to him. She doesn’t look big, she looks like eighteen years old. This girl is with the spirit guy. A road, also wearing tight pants and beanie shoes, with pale makeup on her face, and a pair of big dangling earrings hanging on her ears. As soon as the girl came out, she immediately rushed at the girl in canvas shoes before. “Smelly woman, dare to seduce my man!

“Do you know who my eldest brother is!”

“The spirit girl shouted at the canvas shoe girl aggressively. I was slapped by the spirit guy before, and now I was slapped by the spirit girl. The canvas shoe girl stared at the two people blankly, and the grievance flowed out. Tears. “I, I didn’t seduce him.

“The girl explained aggrievedly. But this situation is obvious, just like Dustin Zhou was in Xie’s house, no one believed her at all. At least the spiritual couple didn’t intend to believe her. “You green tea, you dare to quibble. is not it?

I will tear your face!

“The spirit girl didn’t just talk, she reached out and grabbed the girl’s hair

, And then show off the nails and go to catch the delicate face of the flower girl.

Dustin Zhou looked at this scene with interest.

He didn’t plan to make a move. After all, with his reaction power, if he plans to make a move, he can use it to stop that spiritual little girl at the very moment of his hair.

The reason why he didn’t make a move was because he saw that the spirit guy had made a move.

“Quiet, don’t make trouble!” The spirit boy grabbed the spirit girl.

“You scratched her face, it’s a big deal,” said the mental boy.

But how could the little sister named Jingdi Spiritually listened in and slapped the spirited fellow backhand.

“What do you mean? Are you going to help this green tea? Are you seduced by her?” “Back then, I said I loved my old lady, but now I was seduced by others in a blink of an eye.” “Okay, you wait. Come on, you and this woman are going to be beaten, I will call my eldest brother over here!” “Man, my heart is broken, I can’t get it, no one wants to get it! I’ll send you two off! Go to the West!” The little sister called Jingdi Spiritually said, she took out her phone from her tights.

It seems that he is really planning to call him Big Brother.

“Smelly woman, do you really take yourself seriously?” The mental guy was also angry, and gave Quiet a slap backhand, and shouted angrily, “I have never loved you before, and I’ve just been with you. Just for fun!” “Don’t think that you can do whatever you want with your big brother! Even if your big brother comes, I’m not afraid of him!” Then, the mental guy hugged the girl in canvas shoes and said very boldly,” Beauty, don’t be afraid, I’ll protect you!” The girl was obviously a little dumbfounded. She looked at the scene in front of her with a little timidity. Dustin Zhou estimated that the girl didn’t understand what happened.

Niu Chuan, who was on the side, said with a bit of sorrow, “It’s so touching love.” “What?” Dustin Zhou stared at Niu Chuan with wide eyes.

Brother, where did you see the touching?

Where do you see love again?

“Boss, the eldest brother quietly called for a while, would you help the little couple?” Before Dustin Zhou could react from the shock, Niu Chuan spoke again.

Dustin Zhou was speechless for a while.

“Well, which two are you referring to as a young couple?” Dustin Zhou said silently.

“Of course it’s the boy and the girl in the skirt!” Niu Chuan said strangely, “Boss, don’t you think their love is very touching?” “You see that the boy is obviously very scared, afraid of quietly taking the big brother Called over, but he is still firmly guarding the girl’s side, isn’t it touching?”

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