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Chapter 1019

Hearing this person’s question, several black lines appeared directly on Dustin Zhou’s forehead.

He finally knew why these people were afraid to speak.

The feeling is because the self just now is too domineering!

Just because that Li Changhe was blocked, all these people also shivered, for fear that they would be careless and Dustin Zhou would be upset as well.

Dustin Zhou was speechless for a while, so he could only try to put on a cheerful attitude and said, “Everyone, don’t be nervous, look at me, am I like that kind of fierce villain?” “Don’t you understand? The reason why I was blocked just now? Li Changhe, it’s because he used uncivilized means of competition. In other words, it’s because of his wrong mind and trying to insult me. I will be angry.” “I promise everyone, if it is a good one.

Brothers do not stand from the point of selfishness, but speak from an objective standpoint. Even if my views are completely subverted, I will never do anything vindictive!

Dustin Zhou said vowedly, because he did think so. But even if he promised that way, the group of people below were still shivering in fright. They couldn’t believe Dustin Zhou at all! Don’t look at his hippy smile now. , Who knows if he will turn his face in the next second? You know, when Li Changhe was blocked just now, Dustin Zhou also had a hippy smile! Between the chat and laugh, he directly blocked the second giant in the cosmetics industry! Everyone felt that, Just now Dustin Zhou was killing chickens and monkeys. Therefore, at this time, no matter what Dustin Zhou said or promised, they felt that Dustin Zhou was terrible. Just like Dustin Zhou just said, he was a fierce villain, but he was wearing it. It was just a mask with a hippie smiling face. The venue was still quiet, which made Dustin Zhou helpless, shrugging his shoulders and looking at Enderia Shen. Enderia Shen gave him a white look, which meant, “Who made you so arrogant just now? , Now there is no way!

“Enderia Shen picked up a document from the table and proactively said, “Since everyone is silent, let us first read out our famous company’s decision-making plan.”

“The purpose of this industry exchange meeting, to put it bluntly, is that everyone wants to share the cake of the famous company. The influence of the famous company is too strong now. The previous two hot products made them earn a lot of money. Now, they are about to launch the third generation of explosive products, which makes the entire cosmetics industry in Donghai City unable to sit still. To put it bluntly, if this third generation of explosive products, all the rights are still famous In the hands of the company, then, Mingyang’s cosmetics industry in Donghai City will only become more and more stable, and no one will be able to shake it in the end. This meeting, to put it bluntly, was convened precisely to prevent this from happening In other words, the factions of this meeting are mainly divided into two factions. Famous companies represented by Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen. The entire cosmetics industry in Donghai City represented by others. A contest between a company and the entire industry. Now a famous company. Obviously got the initiative. Enderia Shen directly read out, “About the third-generation explosive products launched by Mingyang, because of the huge impact brought by the first two generations of products, we are in the third-generation explosive products In terms of sales, it was decided to carry out appropriate delegation of authority.

“First of all, perhaps the third generation of explosive products, Mingyang has 60% of the sales resource agency rights, of which 40% of the resources agency rights, Mingyang will pass the

The audits are given out in different quantities.

“This is indeed a very big concession. The so-called sales resource agency right is a fixed quota for each company to get goods from Mingyang. In other words, the first two hot products launched by Dustin Zhou before are selling resources. The agency rights are 100% owned by Mingyang. That is to say, whoever Mingyang wants to get the goods, who wants to be an agent, can get the goods as an agent from Mingyang. Just like Li Changhe, even if You have become the largest agent, but the famous company only needs a sentence to get you out. However, this sales resource agency is different. You have this authority, which is equivalent to this third generation You can always own at least this quantity of the popular products. Even a well-known company cannot cancel it for you, and if you don’t want to do it yourself, you can also transfer the agency right. In short, this Things are the same as shares. This is indeed a way to greatly weaken the rights of famous companies. But after hearing this news, everyone still raised their brows. Although logically speaking, whether it is the first generation The most popular product is still the third-generation explosive product, which was independently developed by Mingyang. These agency rights should not be given to them at all. But it is obvious that in real life, they cannot Acting in accordance with this absolute logic. Mingyang has given out 40% of the sales resource agency rights, but in the eyes of everyone, this is far from enough. You know, Mingyang has already had two hot models 100% of the product’s sales resource agency rights! Now for the third-generation hot product, they still have 60% of the sales resource agency rights, leaving only 40% of the authority to allow the entire Donghai City All companies share one share! How many companies are there in the cosmetics industry in Donghai City? There are no 40 or 30! In other words, on average, these companies can only get 1%, less than 2%. Sales resource agency rights. As for Mingyang Company, its own company controls 26% of agency rights! Such a change does not make much sense to the overall situation. Therefore, the talented people have squeezed. But they just frowned, but no one dared to refute anything directly. What a joke, what if Dustin Zhou is kicked out of the game after refuting? Enderia Shen also looked at the group of people below with some helplessness. She was a little speechless. This decision-making plan was drawn up by her. After all, it was a plan from Mingyang. So, to a certain extent, it must be for Mingyang.

The company is more favorable.

In other words, this agreement is not actually Enderia Shen’s bottom line. She is waiting for others to bargain.

But now, because of the strength that Dustin Zhou showed just now, there is not even a person who dares to bargain!

What about now?

Do you want to continue like this?

Since there is no one to counter-offer, then this meeting is so decided.

Chapter 1020

There was silence off the court, and everyone looked at Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen quietly.

This scene seemed to be a bit harmonious. No one refuted the request made by Enderia Shen. This should be considered a good thing.

However, Dustin Zhou felt a little uneasy in his heart.

These people obeyed them on the surface, but in fact, this is definitely a hidden danger.

Although Dustin Zhou didn’t do anything wrong, the things he did were not excessive at all.

But the human mind is a very complicated thing.

Even if you are a normal human rights defender, you are doing things very reasonable, but as long as your methods are too domineering, others will inevitably be afraid of you.

This is the current situation.

These people off the court regarded Dustin Zhou as a tyrant. No matter what Dustin Zhou explained, no one paid any attention, and they did not dare to refute it.

Who knows if Dustin Zhou will turn his face in the next moment?

This situation seems to be a good thing on the surface, but with the accumulation of time, the dissatisfaction hidden in these people’s hearts will become deeper and deeper.

Finally, accumulate thinly.

This is a very terrifying thing. It seems to Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen that everyone has no opinion on their plan, but what if they are not present?

Maybe these people would unite in private, and then secretly say some bad things about Dustin Zhou behind their backs, or even formulate some resistance routines.

They didn’t dare to show it on the surface, but when they broke out, everyone was united. At that time, it was a real disaster for the famous company.

At that time, even if Dustin Zhou reasoned with them and allocated reasonable rights and interests to them, they would not agree.

Because they will feel that they have been suppressed by Dustin Zhou and Mingyang, even though this kind of thing does not exist.

But since they rebelled, they must trample Dustin Zhou to death.

People’s hearts are unpredictable, but for smart people, to a large extent, it is possible to predict the mentality of most ordinary people.

This kind of thing is called a pattern.

Obviously, Dustin Zhou is such a smart person, so he predicted the consequences in advance.

Immediately gave Enderia Shen a look.

Now Dustin Zhou’s personality has been fixed, that is, a tyrant.

Don’t mess with me, mess with me and I will kill you.

Although he is a reasonable tyrant, everyone will subconsciously ignore this.

But fortunately, Dustin Zhou alone does not actually represent Mingyang, so now there is a big chance of salvation.

Now the way to restore the reputation of the famous company is for Enderia Shen to come forward. She and Dustin Zhou can sing the red face alone and the white face alone.

After receiving Dustin Zhou’s eyes, Enderia Shen understood God’s point

He nodded, and then tweeted at everyone, “Why don’t you say anything?” “Is it because our famous company’s conditions are too excessive? Don’t have any opinions, OK? We famous company is still very sincere. .” Enderia Shen deliberately showed a little woman’s posture, this posture, in the market, may mean a good bully.

In addition to what she said, almost all of them were very weak. The people below quickly found confidence.

Yes, what can he do if Dustin Zhou is a tyrant, this famous company is not in charge of Enderia Shen!

And this Enderia Shen is obviously a soft persimmon!

The minds of everyone began to liven up.

They were not satisfied with the plan just now.

Because according to the plan proposed by Enderia Shen, in fact, the overall layout of Donghai City has not changed at all.

“President Shen, I do have some opinions!” Finally, a person stood up and said to Enderia Shen.

And Enderia Shen continued to show weakness, “Ah, it turned out to be Mr. Xu, Mr. Xu, don’t hesitate to say, if there is something that our famous company does not do well, we will definitely change it!” It is only said by a very weak company.

What is the most important thing in the negotiations between the two companies?

Of course it is imposing!

Therefore, under normal circumstances, when negotiating, both parties will basically expand their aura indefinitely, even if they brag about it, but they must show their momentum.

The way of speaking like Enderia Shen is basically in the position of asking for help.

For example, for the conversation between the contractor and the developer, the contractor will use this tone to talk to the developer. The reason is too simple. You are eating with others!

Speaking in this tone basically means that you can really ask for conditions at will, as long as it is not too excessive, the other party will agree.

And when Mr. Xu, who stood up and asked for conditions, heard Enderia Shen’s words, he suddenly got up a little fluttering.

Unexpectedly, Enderia Shen, a well-known company, is so bully!

She had just stood up, she was completely frightened, and she asked herself to make any conditions!

If that’s the case, don’t you still speak loudly?

Mr. Xu, who was planning to raise a normal opinion, temporarily changed his mind.

“Mr. Shen, your plan just now is really too much. I suggest that you release 100% of the agency rights for the famous company’s products. Only in this way can we mix and eat. The market can count on it. It’s a balance!” “You want 100% agency power?” Enderia Shen squinted his eyes and went crazy.

Are you kidding, Enderia Shen is a real self-made superwoman, how could she be in the negotiation?

Are you a fool?

But Dustin Zhou, who was next to him, coughed slightly, and she immediately took back the ruthless words.

Only then did she remember that what she wanted to play was a silly and sweet female president who didn’t understand anything. This kind of overbearing bargaining would be enough to be handed over to Dustin Zhou.

If she is as domineering as Dustin Zhou, then there is really no need for this meeting to go on.

So Enderia Shen immediately put on a weak face, and said a little grievedly, “Mr. Xu, this is not good.” “If 100% of the agency rights of this product are dispersed, then what else is our famous company selling? Good, just change it to a factory.” “One hundred percent, will it be a bit more?” Enderia Shen looked at Xu Zong with aggrieved eyes.

Mr. Xu was overjoyed. He has made such an excessive request. Hasn’t Enderia Shen gone crazy?

Even, listening to the tone, it seems that there is a scene, and even the bargaining has not been cut!

So Mr. Xu smiled triumphantly, put on a big boss, stretched out a finger and shook his head and said, “No, no, no, Mr. Shen, I think you have misunderstood.” “I’m not saying that your company is the third. One hundred percent of the agency rights for the explosive products, but the agency rights for all products!”

Chapter 1021

“Including your company’s first-generation hot products and second-generation hot products, all the agency rights should be given out to everyone present!” Xu Zongyu said surprisingly.

At this time, Enderia Shen really couldn’t help it, and she couldn’t think of killing her. This President Xu had such a big appetite. This is really going to change Mingyang Company into a factory!

Only produce goods, but cannot be responsible for sales, because all the goods agency rights are in the hands of others!

What a joke!

But she still can’t go crazy, she can only put on a look of being bullied but helpless, “Mr. Xu, isn’t this a bit too much?” “We can’t accept such a condition, if we really Accepted, what will our company’s sales department do? At that time, our company has really become a factory.” “What’s so bad about being a factory?” Xu said.

He is too floating now, he is so fast that he can reach the sky, so he can’t speak his mind at all.

He felt that Enderia Shen was a bully, and with this concept, he didn’t realize that he was too much.

This is like when you were young, there will be many children bullying the grandpa who is pushing a tricycle hard on the roadside.

The old man pushed the tricycle uphill with difficulty. Some children would go up and help push it, but some bear kids would sneak the car down from behind.

Smile after pulling

Running, you simply don’t realize how much you are doing.

Because you are not punished, because others are easy to bully, because you don’t have to pay a price for bullying others.

Now Mr. Xu is obviously in such a state.

He directly threatened, “Mr. Shen, everyone is an industry. Now the situation is obvious. You are famous for your company and you are too full.” “Your company’s products account for almost 90% of Donghai City. The market above five.” “In this case, if your company sells on its own, there is no food for us. Donghai City will leave you with a famous company.” “So, if you want to To let us live, you must give us all the agency rights. When we sell things, the profits will be shared with you. The products of the entire Donghai City are basically taken from you. , You can still make money, right?” Mr. Xu shamelessly said his robber logic.

In fact, there is no absolute fairness in the market, and neither Dustin Zhou nor Enderia Shen is very clear about this.

Just like Mr. Xu just said, Mingyang’s products now occupy more than 95% of the market in Donghai City.

With this strength, they can really sell completely on their own, knock down other companies, and then become the dominant one.

But they can’t do this, because a powerful company must assume the social responsibility it believes in, and their kind of approach will cause social unrest.

Therefore, they can dominate their families, but they must not be too big.

Don’t take the real-life company like Ah Li’s father as an example. The reason why such a company can be completely monopolized is because of an industry they created.

But in fact, other competitors appeared next to them.

Speaking of it, does Dad have the strength to suppress his two competitors?

It is absolutely impossible. If they want, they can definitely make the two competitors unable to stand up.

For another example, there is a real estate tycoon surnamed Wang among the super-rich. If this tycoon wants to speak, he also has enough strength to go all over the country and monopolize all real estate.

This kind of thing is not difficult, because in the past few years, the real estate was too hot. Before the house was built, it was possible to start selling the house to collect money. According to this logic, they had enough The strength of the company completely crushes all real estate, making any real estate unable to rise.

But they still leave a way for others to survive.

Because it is absolutely impossible for a company to take up an industry.

This is the current famous company

This situation.

Moreover, Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen are indeed doing this. They are not arrogant. They are willing to give these people a way to survive. Otherwise, today’s meeting will not be held.


Master is willing to give you a way to survive, that is out of humanitarian considerations!

That’s Master’s kindness to you, if you are like an uncle, you can’t blame Master for being rude!

The current Mr. Xu, the conditions put forward are really a bit too much, and he wants to directly cancel the sales right of Mingyang, and only let Mingyang produce products is enough!

If you really do this, then Mingyang’s position in Donghai City will definitely plummet!

For example, nowadays famous companies, because they occupy a large market, their own sales part is not enough, so they will also recruit many agents.

However, these agency manufacturers have no agency authority at all, and all the authority is in the hands of the famous company, so these people are so afraid of the famous company.

In a word, no matter how well you do, the famous company can prevent you from acting as an agent.

But if the agency authority is released, this situation can change.

At that time, no one will put the famous company in their eyes.

What kind of cow are you?

You can’t sell the things you produce!

If you want to sell, you can only rely on people like them!

For these people, if they want to expand or reduce their agency rights, they no longer have to negotiate with a well-known company, just negotiate directly with those who have agency rights!

This is the most vicious trick, which directly takes away the most powerful weapon of the famous company.

But even so, Enderia Shen is still not angry, still a weak woman’s attitude, “We can’t accept this condition, Mr. Xu, can you do it lightly?” “At least, you have to keep it for us. Is it a bit of agency right?” “Huh? Mr. Shen, what are you kidding? I just told you so clearly, are you still obsessed with it?” “The products of your famous company have already occupied too many markets. In this case, you should transform into a factory!” “Do you still want agency rights? Then you beg me, I will consider, how about giving you 1% agency rights?” Said, “Of course, only one percent of the agency rights for one of the products.”

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