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Chapter 860

In this case, six points are true and four points are false.

When Xu You came, he did seem to be very interested in some things about Dustin Zhou. Ren Feng also heard them occasionally and only secretly remembered it.

At this time, he could just use this to divert the attention of the Xu family.

Sure enough, after Ren Fengyi finished speaking, the four worships looked at each other, and their faces became a little ugly.

Ren Feng didn’t know what it was, but the four of them knew all about it.

A few people were surprised.

Is it true that Xu You got the thing and left without saying goodbye, wanting to monopolize the benefits?

However, before seeing Xu You, they did not dare to make a judgment.

“What happened to Dustin Zhou and the Su Family Alliance, please tell me in detail.” The leader of the consecration asked again.

When they came out this time, in addition to tracing Xu You, there was also the Donghai rumors that Dustin Zhou and the Su family had joined forces and threatened to destroy the Xu family.

Their Xu family has not yet been born, and they don’t know so clearly about some things about the East China Sea.

However, Dustin Zhou and the Su family alliance threatened to destroy the Xu family. There was a lot of rumors in the East China Sea. Even if their Xu family was not born, they heard a lot of rumors.

And this time, when they came out, they happened to investigate by the way.

If it’s chasing after the wind, there is no such thing, then they will

Find the person who spread the rumors and give a good warning.

However, if this matter is true, then Dustin Zhou and Su Family really want to destroy the Xu Family, then they will not be merciful, and they will definitely be solved by thunder means.

Several worshippers sneered in their hearts, they didn’t feel that Dustin Zhou and Su family could destroy Xu family by joining forces.

If it were to work, their Xu family would not have known how many times they were destroyed, how could it still be a huge hidden family standing in the East China Sea, which will not fall for hundreds of years.

“I don’t know about this in detail, I just heard others talk about it…” Ren Feng knew that he couldn’t hide it anyway. Even if he wanted to say something, he cheated. These Xu family members can’t do it at all.

It is true that Dustin Zhou and the Su family are too high-profile. Now the entire East China Sea family forces, large and small, almost know this. Everyone in the Xu family can find a family to inquire, and they can know the whole content.

Therefore, Ren Feng was not prepared to tell lies, and truthfully told some things he knew.

… It took a full half an hour before Ren Feng finished speaking.

He just finished talking about the source of the news that Dustin Zhou and the Su family jointly threatened to destroy the Xu family, and some basic conditions that day.

Everyone knows these, and it is not a secret.

Later, Ren Feng talked about Dustin Zhou and Su’s family.

Of course, in this regard, Ren Feng naturally wouldn’t say everything, and he just briefly introduced Dustin Zhou and the Su family.

After the Xu family listened quietly, they were suddenly furious.

They are the Xu family, a dignified hidden family, and even now they are threatening to destroy them, it is really looking for death!

Before the four consecrations could say anything, the others couldn’t help but yelled one by one, as if Dustin Zhou and the Su family were in front of them, they would directly do it to cruel Dustin Zhou and the Su family. Take a lesson and let them know that the Xu family is definitely not something they can offend.

“Okay, don’t say anything!” The leading worshiper suddenly got up and said with a grim expression.

As soon as everyone in the Xu family heard it, they all calmed down.

Ren Feng saw all this in his eyes, and was even more curious about the worship of this leader.

Ren Feng didn’t know much about the Xu family.

And this time everyone from the Xu family, he didn’t know anyone.

And the performance of the leading worship in front of him made Ren Feng look at him with admiration, and his vigilance towards him was strengthened a bit.

With such a person, Dustin Zhou and others may not be so easy to get things done. On the contrary, they may encounter many difficulties and setbacks.

“Whether it’s true or not

Now that we know it, it is impossible for people to leave it alone. In that case, what is the majesty of our Xu family!

The leader of the consecration gave a low voice, glanced at everyone’s faces, and then turned to look at Ren Feng. “During this period, we will deal with this matter. We still have to interrupt you for a while, you arrange Take a moment.

“The tone of the leader’s offering is very casual, and there is a faint smell of command. It is as if Ren Feng is a subordinate of their Xu family, subordinates, and they are the superior master. There is no change in expression on Ren Feng’s face. As usual, he nodded slightly, and then agreed. His relationship with the Xu family was like this more than ten years ago. Since the incident of Ren Nan happened, he has been in the eyes of the Xu family. People are almost indistinguishable, they are all roles on call. Ren Feng will not show any dissatisfaction, so that the Xu family have a reason to deal with and clean up himself. In that case, he is not worthy to become the chairman of Hengfeng Building. After that, Ren Feng immediately asked Ren Hai to arrange for the Xu family to arrange them in Hengfeng Building. … And the Xu family has come, Dustin Zhou does not know, Su family does not know, Sun family does not know, Ding family I don’t know, and Donghai’s big and small families don’t know. At this moment, the Xu family will keep secrets first, and will not easily reveal their identity until they find out the specific situation. Therefore, during this period of time, there are many Donghai families. The family powers are also booing more and more about Dustin Zhou and the Su family. Everyone thinks that they only thunder and not rain. The thunder is heavy and the rain is small. They only brag about it, and they don’t dare to be true.

Faced with the Xu family.

“Then what’s the matter with Dustin Zhou and the Su family?” “Yes, it’s been so long and there hasn’t been any movement at all. Are they really just bragging?” “This is hard to say, but the Xu family Isn’t there no reaction at all?” “Yeah, the Xu family didn’t react at all, don’t they know about this?”… Many people talked about it and kept asking about Dustin Zhou, the Su family, and the Xu family. Some of the trends.

However, so far, no one has found any news.

Dustin Zhou and Su’s family don’t need to say more, as usual.

Dustin Zhou has been working at Mingyang, and he heard that he is stepping up preparations for the third flagship product, which makes many families with cosmetics industry very excited and faintly looking forward to it.

The previous two flagship cosmetics of Mingyang Company were very popular, with huge sales, and they suddenly took Mingyang Company to become a hot star company in China.

Chapter 861

(1) The Mingyang company is located in Donghai, which makes many Donghai families very greedy, thinking about when they can reach a cooperation with Mingyang company and get a piece of the pie.

They did not catch up with the previous two flagship cosmetics of Mingyang, but now, if Mingyang really wants to launch the third flagship cosmetics, then it will be a huge opportunity for them.

Therefore, many people’s eyes are fixed on Dustin Zhou.

And the Su family is the same, as usual, nothing out of the ordinary.

As for the Xu family, few families in the East China Sea can know the existence of the Xu family, and it is even less likely to know how the Xu family reacted during this period.

Therefore, the three parties in the focus of public opinion have not had any movement so far.

And make everyone in Donghai feel anxious.

Among them, the Sun family and the Ding family are the most worried people.

The Sun family and the Ding family were still watching a good show at first, but as time went by, not only did Dustin Zhou and Su Jiamie make any movements, but the Xu family also did not respond, which made them feel that something was wrong.

According to normal circumstances, it is impossible for the Xu family to be ignorant of such a big incident in the East China Sea.

And if the Xu family knew it, they would not be indifferent, and would definitely make some reaction, more or less, have to come out and investigate first.

However, what disappointed the Sun family and the Ding family was that not only did no one from the Xu family come out to investigate, even the people they contacted the Xu family did not get any news.

It seems that the Xu family is really a hidden world, never born.

On this day, Dustin Zhou came to Mingyang to work normally.

In the past few days, he has announced in the company,

It is time to prepare for the next major cosmetics.

For a time, the entire Mingyang company became busy.

Since the launch of the second flagship cosmetics, the new strain of facial cleanser, Mingyang’s reputation has once again increased, and now it is very famous across the country.

Many employees of Mingyang Company were also very excited, and even took them back and said that they were working in Mingyang Company.

And when they say this, they often attract the envy and praise of others.

And this time, Dustin Zhou announced the preparation of the third flagship cosmetic product, which immediately made everyone excited again.

It seems that the next hot cosmetics like the first two are about to come out.

“Zhou, someone is looking for you outside.” Dustin Zhou was in the office browsing some recent company information, Sara Ye walked in and whispered.

In the past few days, Dustin Zhou has almost worked in the company, and he rarely goes back to the Green Bay City.

And when he got busy, many complicated things were almost forgotten, so Sara Ye has almost stayed with him these days.

“Someone is looking for me? You bring him in.” Dustin Zhou is a little strange. I don’t know who will come to him at this time. Could it be those cosmetic companies that want to get on the third major cosmetics car?

Dustin Zhou thought in his heart, Sara Ye brought that person in.

It was a man, very young, his appearance was ordinary, his appearance was very ordinary, he belonged to the crowd, and he would never find it.

one type.

Dustin Zhou didn’t know the other party, and didn’t know the other party’s purpose, but recently, many people came to Dustin Zhou, almost all about Mingyang’s new products, so Dustin Zhou didn’t care.

“Do you have anything to do with me?” Dustin Zhou asked casually.

He also thought that this person came to him just to ask about cosmetics, so his tone was somewhat perfunctory.

After all, in this short period of three or four days, no fewer than fifty people have come to him. The purpose of those people is the same. Even if Dustin Zhou is an iron man, he would have been annoyed by it.

“Mr. Zhou, our boss asked me to give this to you. Please read it carefully.” However, what Dustin Zhou did not expect was that the ordinary young man delivered a letter directly to Dustin Zhou. In front of him, whispered.

Dustin Zhou was a little surprised and looked up at the other party.

He didn’t expect that someone would write to himself, and it would be so mysterious.

Does anyone want to bribe themselves to fight for their family or company the right to cooperate with our famous company?

Dustin Zhou moved slightly in his heart and took the letter, but he opened it for the first time, but smiled and asked the young man about art.

However, the young man didn’t seem to know anything, he just knew that he was here to deliver the letter, and when the letter was delivered, he would go back.

Dustin Zhou had no choice but to let him go first.

Sara Ye looked at it and chuckled.

“Mr. Zhou, for a while, especially after you announced that the third cosmetic product will be prepared, there are many people who come to the company to find you every day and want to go through the back door.” “Yes, in these three or four days, just There are no less than fifty people.” Dustin Zhou felt helpless, opened the envelope casually, pulled out the letter, and read it.

“It’s not only you, Mr. Shen, and even some department leaders of the company, there are many people visiting every day, wanting to establish a cooperative relationship with us.” Sara Ye smiled and said that she was naturally very happy about this situation.

Because this means that Mingyang will usher in another stage of development in the next.

This is a very important thing for Mingyang and everyone in Mingyang.

And this will also become a wonderful

Chapter in their future resumes.

However, after Sara Ye finished speaking, he found that Dustin Zhou had no response. He immediately glanced at Dustin Zhou and suddenly became surprised.

At this moment, Dustin Zhou held the envelope in one hand and looked at it carefully, while the other hand tapped lightly on the table, making a deep “tuk tuk” sound.

The expression on Dustin Zhou’s face changed several times, sometimes cold, but solemn, and sometimes extremely confident.

Sara Ye didn’t know what was written in that letter, but she knew

Tao, to make Dustin Zhou such a solemn letter, the content must be very important.

At least, she was not qualified to ask questions before Dustin Zhou agreed.

Sara Ye immediately left the office without any ink stains and cautiously closed the office door.

When Sara Ye left, Dustin Zhou remained in the same state as before.

And this state lasted for nearly ten minutes.

Only then did Dustin Zhou calm down slightly, and after a long breath, he raised his head, his face was firm.

He had thought that someone had handed this letter over and wanted to bribe himself so that he could reach a cooperation with the famous company.

But he never expected that this letter was actually sent by Ren Feng.

In this letter, what Ren Feng said was very simple, but for Dustin Zhou, it was very important.

Chapter 862

(2) The Xu family is here!

Only a few words left Dustin Zhou stunned for nearly ten minutes.

In the letter, Ren Feng gave an introduction to how many people Ren Feng had brought to the Xu family, what their strengths were, and what they came for, and asked Dustin Zhou to be more careful.

After the last incident, Dustin Zhouxiang believed that Feng would never be conspiring with the Xu family to make peace, so this time, Dustin Zhou believed very much about what was written in Ren Feng’s letter.

So Dustin Zhou had a certain estimate in the hearts of Xu Jialai this time.

The Xu family had two eighteen people this time.

Four of the worship leaders are all in the realm of martial masters, and the other fourteen are all powerful people. The weakest ones are all close to the realm of half-step martial masters.

In particular, Ren Feng mentioned in the letter that Xu You, who came out last time, was later taken down by Dustin Zhou, but this time, Xu You’s younger brother, Xu Di, also came to investigate Xu You’s whereabouts.

Ren Feng also wrote down what he had said to the Xu family, so that Dustin Zhou had a preparation in his heart. Otherwise, when the two sides confronted each other, it would be of no benefit to anyone.

While Dustin Zhou felt solemn, he suddenly relaxed again.

Before, it was not only the large and small families in the East China Sea who wondered why the Xu family did not move or react. In fact, even Dustin Zhou and the Su family were wondering why the Xu family did not respond.

It stands to reason that Dustin Zhou and the Su family joined forces to threaten to destroy the Xu family, which has been circulated throughout the East China Sea, and almost everyone knows it.

As a hidden family, the Xu family shouldn’t be ignorant, and they are also one of the parties and their identities are more sensitive.

However, until now, there has been no response from the Xu family, as if they didn’t even know about it.

This is completely inconsistent with the Xu family’s identity as a hidden family.

Dustin Zhou had some other speculations before, but now it seems that

The Xu family probably knew about this a long time ago, and they have already sent someone to investigate.

It’s just that the Xu family is a hermit family after all, not so arrogant and domineering. They must wait for investigation and verification of such rumors to resolve them by thunder means.

Dustin Zhou did not expect that the Xu family would find Ren Feng again.

After pondering for a moment, Dustin Zhou smoothed out the ins and outs of everything, and cold light appeared in his eyes.

The people sent by the Xu family this time are not so powerful, the four martial masters are enshrined, and there are 14 people who are close to the half-step martial master realm.

Such a force may already be an unshakable force in a big family like the Su family, the Sun family, and the Ding family.

But in Dustin Zhou’s view, this force is very weak.

And if the Xu family loses this power, it will be a big blow to the Xu family.

In just an instant, an idea formed in Dustin Zhou’s mind.

“Xu family, since you dare to come out, then don’t go back again.” With a secret decision in his heart, Dustin Zhou tore the letter into pieces, and then left Mingyang Company directly and headed towards the Brilliant Hotel.

Someone has already arrived from the Xu family, who is currently at Ren Feng, and now the news is completely blocked.

If it hadn’t been for Ren Feng to send someone to send the news, Dustin Zhou still didn’t know at all.

As for the Tiger’s side, Dustin Zhou believes that with the current strength of the Xu family’s main line, it is easy to conceal the whereabouts. Therefore, Tiger’s side probably does not know this.

When he arrived at the Brilliant Hotel, Dustin Zhou went upstairs to find Lord Tiger and talked about it.

Hu Ye was also taken aback, his face changed again and again.

“I’m going to contact the clan elder!” Hu Ye took a deep breath, knowing that Dustin Zhou was not a nonsense person. Since he said that, it must be true, and immediately decided to go to Xu Wei.

Soon, Xu Wei and Xu Ran came together, and the two looked solemn.

After all, dealing with the Xu family’s main line this time, their branch line, can be regarded as seeing the sun again.

And this time there is only one chance. Once they fail, their existence will definitely be discovered by the people in the Xu family’s line. At that time, even if they want to retreat, they will not be able to retreat.

Therefore, Lord Tiger came to report just now, and after talking about the news brought by Dustin Zhou, Xu Wei and Xu Ran took it seriously and rushed to see Dustin Zhou directly, wanting to hear some more detailed news.

“Dustin Zhou, what the hell is going on, please tell me in detail.” After Xu Wei and Xu Ran came in, they took Dustin Zhou’s arm and said hurriedly before sitting down.

Now, if they want to destroy the power of the Xu family’s main line, they will absolutely not allow any mistakes, because any evil mistake will make them useless or even defeated.

Dustin Zhouwu

Chennai had to repeat the contents of the letter that Ren sent over.

Dustin Zhou felt a little fussy about Xu Wei’s seriousness, but he did not object.

After all, even he himself, at this time, must be more careful.

Because the Xu family is a behemoth, even if Dustin Zhou, Hu Ye, and the Su family unite, there are two old men from the Tiandi Financial Building and Sainty Wharf outside, but if they make mistakes, they will be countered by the Xu family. , Thus losing the initiative until a complete defeat.

After Dustin Zhou finished speaking, everyone was silent for a while.

What a surprise.

Not only Dustin Zhou was surprised before, but Xu Wei and the others also felt too surprised.

They have never heard from the Xu family’s main line, and like everyone else, they think that the Xu family may not know about this.

But they didn’t expect that the Xu family not only knew about it, but had already sent people to the East China Sea to investigate this matter.

If there is no source of Dustin Zhou’s information, then all of them will be passive, and they will not know the Xu family’s plans and plans, and all actions will be held back by the Xu family.

“We haven’t received any news about this matter before. It can be seen that this time the Xu family is also serious. I didn’t expect that they sent four martial masters.” “And listening to you, the leading consecration is very likely. It is the five offerings of the Xu family, Xu Fengtian, whose strength has stayed in the realm of martial masters for a long time. His strength is far beyond that of ordinary martial masters.” Xu Wei said seriously, especially when it came to the name Xu Fengtian, Dustin Zhou clearly saw A trace of nostalgia flashed across his face, followed by anger and solemnity.

“Since it is Xu Fengtianli, then the other three martial masters should also be them.” “Xu Fenghua, Xu Fengjun, and Xu Fenglai, the four of them are all cousins, and their status in the Xu family’s main line is also extraordinary.” If it’s these people who lead the team, then I’m afraid it will be difficult for us this time.” Xu Wei looked awe-inspiring and looked very serious.

This made Dustin Zhou a little curious. He didn’t know what status and status the Xu Fengtian brothers had in the Xu family, but when Xu Wei said that, they must be very important people in the Xu family.

The key is that the powerful urban martial masters of these cousins ​​must have a very large right to speak in the Xu family’s main line.

And this time, Dustin Zhou and the others will think about what it means to let them out.

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