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Chapter 692

When Dustin Zhou and Liu Xue walked to the gate of Mingyang, Zhang Yong, Gu Ming, and Tong Yan had long since disappeared.

“Hehe, it seems that they also know how to measure, this is not a place to cause trouble after all.” Dustin Zhou chuckled lightly, not caring.

Soon, Dustin Zhou and Liu Xue returned to Lvjingwan City.

“Mom, we are back.” As soon as Dustin Zhou entered the house, he smelled a scent.

This is his favorite sweet and sour pork ribs.

Since childhood, until now, Dustin Zhou’s favorite is actually sweet and sour pork ribs.

However, the sweet and sour pork ribs in ordinary hotels are too crafty, and Dustin Zhou is not used to it.

, So few points.

However, Dustin Zhou has no resistance to the sweet and sour pork ribs made by Zhou Mu.

“I’m back, and Xiaoxue’s affairs are done?” Mother Zhou walked over with a smile in her apron and the kitchen utensils in her hand. She saw that Dustin Zhou and Liu Xue came back together, with more smiles on her faces A little bit.

“Just come back. Mom made your favorite sweet and sour pork ribs today. It will be fine later. You can prepare it and you will be ready for dinner soon.” Dustin Zhou said, returning to the kitchen again.

… An hour later, the three people sat on the sofa, drinking tea and digesting what they had just eaten.

“By the way, Auntie, I have to go back first. There are still a lot of things to deal with, so I will stay soon.” After talking for a while, Liu Xue proposed to leave first.

After all, she still needs to deal with her resignation while the Commerce Department of Green Bay City is not off work.

“I left so early?” Mother Zhou was obviously reluctant. It’s rare for a girl to be able to talk to her so well. Mother Zhou felt that she was a lot younger. Now that Liu Xue was leaving, she was really reluctant.

“Mom, Liu Xue still needs to deal with the resignation. Leaving from the current company and joining a famous company, there are still many things to deal with.” Dustin Zhou had no choice but to persuade his mother.

In desperation, Zhou Mu nodded and let Liu Xue leave first.

Dustin Zhou didn’t care much about Liu Xue’s resignation. After all, the other party was Lvjingwan City, which was considered a more serious company, and there were still many contacts with Asher Chen’s Mountain Mist Club.

Therefore, this time Liu Xue resigned, there should be no mistakes.

Just when Dustin Zhou was ready to take a rest, Enderia Shen called directly.

Looking at the three characters Enderia Shen displayed on the phone screen, Dustin Zhou was a little helpless. He didn’t know what Enderia Shen was calling at this time.

Didn’t the two just met yesterday, and, because of some things, it is rare to have a little unpleasantness, why are you calling yourself in such a hurry?

Is it here to admit the mistake?

Dustin Zhou thought this in his mind, but his subordinates calmly pressed the answer button gently.

“Dustin Zhou, are you there? Where are you?” As soon as the call was connected, Enderia Shen’s voice came over, and Dustin Zhou didn’t give Dustin Zhou any time to respond and react. A lot of things were said.

Dustin Zhou hurriedly took the phone away from his ears, which made it a little easier, otherwise he would really feel that he would be shocked by Enderia Shen’s voice.

After waiting for a while, I felt that the voice on the phone was a lot quieter. Dustin Zhou picked up the phone again, wanting to hear what Enderia Shen is looking for.


“Hey, I said Mr. Shen, it’s vacation time, private time, you are so anxious to find me, what’s the matter?” Dustin Zhou said helplessly. Sometimes, he really feels very helpless about Enderia Shen’s carefree character.

When facing others, Enderia Shen has always been a cool fan, and cannot approach ordinary existence.

But in front of her, Enderia Shen seemed to have become a mother. She had to tell herself about everything, and she had to inquire about what she had done.

Many things, many times, Enderia Shen did more, just bombing over with a phone call, regardless of the three or seven twenty-one, first output a loud meal to Dustin Zhou.

“Huh, Dustin Zhou, I heard that you brought a beautiful woman to the company today?” Enderia Shen’s voice was very calm, as if asking casually.

But Dustin Zhou heard a hint of resentment.

It seemed that as long as Dustin Zhou’s answer could not satisfy Enderia Shen, she might rush to the house directly.

“What’s the matter? Yes, I will take her to the company to apply for the job.” Dustin Zhou said truthfully.

He didn’t want to let Enderia Shen make a fuss because of this.

What’s more, this is not a secret thing in the first place. Many people in the company have seen it, and the personnel in the personnel department are well known. Even the deputy director of the personnel department has been accompanied all the way. It spreads throughout the company.

Even Dustin Zhou could guess that there might be rumors in the company that Dustin Zhou took his girlfriend to work in the company.

However, this is really just Dustin Zhou thinking about it casually. It is best not to be true. Otherwise, Dustin Zhou can’t guarantee that he will not do anything regrettable. He may find the person who spread the rumors and let the other party know. Why are the flowers so red.

“Hehe, now everyone in the company is saying that Mr. Zhou brought his little girlfriend to the company today, and the deputy director of the human resources department accompanied him throughout the entry procedures.” After a pause, it seems to be brewing. What emotions.

“Yes, Dustin Zhou, when did I find a little girlfriend? Why don’t I know? Mira knows? When will it be brought out, let us see it, and give you a check to see if it suits you.” Enderia Shen sneered. .

Dustin Zhou was shocked, then helpless, even angered.

Although he couldn’t see Enderia Shen’s face now, he could almost guess that the current Enderia Shen must have a look of anger, even facing something, treating that thing as himself, and scolding himself vigorously.

“Who said this? This is a rumor. It’s best not to let me know who said it. When I come to the company, I must let him know why the flowers are so red.” Dustin Zhou said in a cold voice, almost gritted his teeth.

He just

I was just thinking that there should be no one who can’t think about it and will spread such rumors, and no one will believe that when they hear it, they will know that it is a lie.

However, Dustin Zhou never expected that the more he thought about not appearing, the more he appeared.

Not only do people who can’t think about it spread the rumors, but the company’s people seem to have no brains, and they all believe the rumor.

Dustin Zhou is even thinking about whether to expel all the people on duty in the company today.

If you keep such people in the company, something might happen in the future.

After talking to Enderia Shen about this idea on the phone, a chuckle came from the phone.

Chapter 693

“Really a rumor? Not your little girlfriend? If you tell the truth, are you afraid that I can’t tell others? If it is really your little girlfriend, just bring it out and let my sister Mira and I take a look at it. You check and see how the other person is, and whether it suits you.” Enderia Shen’s voice relaxed a lot. Although he still said that, Dustin Zhou heard a long breath of relief.

The most important thing is that Dustin Zhou’s proposal just now was also selectively ignored by Enderia Shen, which also shows that she was skeptical of this rumor from the beginning.

“You called me, isn’t it just to ask about this?” Dustin Zhou said helplessly, wiping his forehead, really wanting to go directly to the company and teach Enderia Shen a severe lesson.

“Haha, do you think I would be such a superficial person? I don’t care about your gossip at all.” Enderia Shen chuckled lightly, in a sure tone.

After a pause, she continued.

“I just got the notice from the Ministry of Commerce. In addition to the problems with the three sales stores in Qingfeng District, there are also problems in the Putuo District, which is next to Qingfeng District. Would you like to come and have a look?” Enderia Shen’s tone changed, immediately. Become extremely serious.

And Dustin Zhou didn’t care at first. At this time, basically nothing will happen to the company.

However, Dustin Zhou was a little surprised when Enderia Shen said this.

Putuo District.

Dustin Zhou knew that it was adjacent to Qingfeng District and also had a district outside the East China Sea.

Because it is close to the East China Sea, there is actually a very famous port in Putuo District.

Therefore, Putuo District can also be said to be one of the most prosperous districts in Donghai City.

According to the previous news from Sara Ye, only three sales shops in Qingfeng District had problems.

One closed its doors and closed down, and two breached the contract to remove the products of the famous company and put the products of other companies on the shelves.

Now, even Putuo District has such a problem.

The other party stretched his hand to Putuo District


Dustin Zhou thought to himself, the expression on his face became more solemn.

If I heard Sara Ye’s report at the beginning, it was just that there were some problems with the three sales stores in Qingfeng District, Dustin Zhou could still deal with it calmly, no matter what.

So, now there is a problem in Putuo District, so he can no longer ignore it as before.

Since there were problems in the Qingfeng District and Putuo District in succession, it means that the black hand behind the scenes is probably not on the same level as Dustin Zhou thought before.

At this moment, he couldn’t help but not take it seriously, otherwise it is very likely that a mistake or negligence will be beaten by the opponent for a while, and there is no chance or time to breathe.

“Okay, you should be at the company now? Wait a minute, and you will be there in 20 minutes.” Dustin Zhou dropped a sentence, hung up the phone, picked up his clothes, and rushed out.

And Zhou’s mother who had just packed up and was about to go to bed saw Dustin Zhou rushing out in such a hurry, she immediately followed behind her.

Fifteen minutes later, Dustin Zhou drove directly to the door of Mingyang Company.

This time, the sharp-eyed security recognized it and trot all the way.

Dustin Zhou threw the car to the opponent and asked him to stop, while he hurried directly to Enderia Shen’s office.

When Dustin Zhou pushed open the door of Enderia Shen’s office and was about to speak for some specific details, when he saw a scene in the office, his eyes were suddenly rounded, his mouth was slightly open, and his cheeks immediately showed a blush.

“You…” Dustin Zhou didn’t finish speaking, he immediately reacted, closed the door quickly, took a few deep breaths outside, and recovered his excitement.

Dustin Zhou never expected that Enderia Shen would change clothes in the office at this time, and, looking like this, when she called herself just now, she should have no clothes on her body. Even if she wore it, she would only wear it at most. A set of underwear.

Just thinking about it, Dustin Zhou felt that the tip of his nose was itchy, like a sign of a nosebleed.

When Dustin Zhou felt that he was completely calm, he knocked on the door again.

“Come in.” A seductive voice suddenly sounded.

As soon as Dustin Zhou heard this voice, he immediately thought of the scene he had just seen, and even thought of Enderia Shen’s appearance when he was talking to him on the phone, and he suddenly rolled his throat and felt a little dry.

When he opened the door and looked inside, Dustin Zhou was disappointed.

Enderia Shen had already put on his clothes, not only that, but he also treated himself like a zongzi, wrapped tightly from the inside to the outside, without a trace of spring light leaking out.

“What were you doing just now?” Dustin Zhou squinted, took a peek, and immediately looked away from Shen Bi.

Jun’s body moved away.

He always felt that after seeing what he had just seen, looking at Enderia Shen’s words now had a bad connotation.

Moreover, this is likely to cause unnecessary misunderstandings by Enderia Shen.

“What are you doing? I didn’t do anything. I just exercised for a while. I sweated a little. I took a shower and changed into a new set of clothes.” Enderia Shen said indifferently, lying lazily on his chair. Looking at Dustin Zhou with deep meaning, there seemed to be a hint of teasing in his eyes.

“It’s dazzling, dazzling, dazzling…” Dustin Zhou kept muttering, he didn’t want to do anything wrong because of his illusion, and let Enderia Shen seize the handle and become evidence of laughing at him in the future.

“Hehe, so shy? You haven’t seen it before.” Seeing Dustin Zhou’s appearance, a very timid appearance, even without even looking at himself, Enderia Shen suddenly felt a little boring and said lightly.

And this sentence immediately reminded Dustin Zhou of some things that happened before.

At that time, he was still an ordinary employee of the famous company and was ruthlessly oppressed by his boss.

However, the formula for Mingyang’s whitening factor project was in Dustin Zhou’s hands. With that formula, Dustin Zhou successfully met Enderia Shen, the president of the company’s high-cold goddess.

It was also in Enderia Shen’s office that time. At that time, Enderia Shen had just finished exercising, and his clothes were soaked in sweat, showing a good spring.

Especially, when it was summer, she had worn less clothes, and Enderia Shen, as a beauty-loving woman, wore cooler clothes.

Thinking about it now, Dustin Zhou felt that at that time he was really a little courageous.

If at that time, you were bolder and your gaze a little bolder, maybe something would happen to Enderia Shen. It’s not impossible.

“What are you thinking?” Enderia Shen’s voice suddenly became cold, and he looked at Dustin Zhou with a hint of warning in his eyes.

Chapter 694

After listening to Enderia Shen’s words, Dustin Zhou waved his hand in a slanderous manner. He didn’t want to continue talking about this topic with Enderia Shen. He was afraid that he would think too much, impulsively, and did something bad.

At that time, whether it is for Dustin Zhou or Enderia Shen, it will not be a good thing.

“By the way, didn’t you say that something happened in Putuo District? Why didn’t you notify the other people in the company?” Dustin Zhou frowned and asked.

It stands to reason that there are also problems in Putuo District at this time. Even if he is not there, Enderia Shen should convene some senior executives who are still in the company to discuss how to deal with it, and even if the matter is urgent, he should urgently talk to other companies. tube

Hold a video conference.

However, no matter which one it is, it should never be the way it is now.

Enderia Shen didn’t seem to worry at all, and he still had a leisurely mood to exercise in the office.

This has to be so leisurely, how not to worry, to do such a thing.

“No need, I have given the company’s senior executives a holiday.” Enderia Shen said lightly, and then said again.

“Moreover, this matter, even if you tell them, is useless. It will flatly increase their panic and worry, and it will have a huge impact on the stability of the company.” Enderia Shen’s tone suddenly became serious. stand up.

This surprised Dustin Zhou very much.

Just now, he was still in a leisurely appearance, whether it was every move or the tone of speech, it was very casual, and it didn’t look like something big happened.

But suddenly, Enderia Shen seemed to be a different person, and his whole person became calmer and calmer, and at the same time he became serious.

And Enderia Shen in this state is the most terrifying existence.

Dustin Zhou also heard a hint of unusual meaning from Enderia Shen’s words.

Under normal circumstances, based on the current status of the famous company and Dustin Zhou’s strength, basically you will not encounter invincible enemies.

But now, even Enderia Shen says that if you tell the company’s executives, it will even cause them to panic and spread throughout the company.

So, this time, what happened in Putuo District is likely to be so serious that even Enderia Shen may not have the confidence to solve it.

“What happened? Is it as serious as you said?” Dustin Zhou asked in a deep voice.

It’s business now. You can’t be distracted, and you can’t get loose, so Dustin Zhou’s expression is very solemn.

“You should be aware of what happened in Qingfeng District before. That time, all of our three sales stores in Qingfeng District have nothing to do with us. This time, Putuo District has nothing to do with it. “Enderia Shen said in a deep voice.

Nothing is too late.

In just six words, Dustin Zhou already understood.

If it is said that the loss of three sales stores in Qingfeng District is a bit serious, but it is still acceptable.

So, this time, what happened in Putuo District is probably more serious than the loss of three sales stores in Qingfeng District.

Dustin Zhou knew that Mingyang had set up a total of nine sales stores in Putuo District, covering the entire Putuo District.

Since it is more serious than Qingfeng District, the number of lost stores in Putuo District will at least be more than four.

“Four families?” Dustin Zhou stretched out four fingers tentatively, but he didn’t ask directly, but there was a glimmer of hope in his heart.

The layout of Putuo District,

It can be regarded as a very important part of Mingyang’s layout in the East China Sea. This link cannot be made wrong. Once it makes a mistake, it will have a huge impact on Mingyang’s overall layout in the East China Sea, and even the national layout.

And if this time, Putuo District loses four sales stores at once, then it will be a huge loss for the company’s layout in Putuo District.

Even in the entire Putuo area, the brand effect of well-known companies will be reduced a lot.

Looking at Dustin Zhou’s raised four fingers, Enderia Shen naturally knew what he meant, and shook his head slightly.

And Dustin Zhou’s face suddenly became gloomy.

Not four, then five, and even five are up.

If it is said that if it loses four sales stores, Mingyang can barely maintain the housing run effect in Putuo District, and it can basically radiate sales in Putuo District, then if it loses five or even more than five sales stores , Then, this will be a huge loss for Mingyang.

This is indistinguishable with the naked eye.

Once again, Dustin Zhou stretched out five fingers.

Enderia Shen drooped his eyebrows, did not speak, sighed for a long time, and said directly.

“Not four, not five, not six, but seven, a full seven sales stores. Starting today, all of them have lost their relationship with the famous company.” Enderia Shen’s tone was a little low, more It is sad.

Dustin Zhou could hear this.

But what can I hear?

When Enderia Shen said that it was not four or five, Dustin Zhou knew that this time the matter was too big, and it had even faintly exceeded his own control ability.

And when Enderia Shen finally said that this time, he lost a total of seven stores in Putuo District, Dustin Zhou also fell silent.

Dustin Zhou didn’t know what to say.

Saying that there is still a chance, it is nothing to say that the seven families, if everyone works hard and starts again, can they get everything back?

Is that possible?

Dustin Zhou asked himself the same way, is that possible?

The answer is no.

If only relying on the strength of the famous company to recapture everything, it is simply impossible.

In other words, Mingyang has to develop a new product in addition to the two existing products. Moreover, this new product needs to be an explosive product. In a short period of time, it will be popular throughout the East China Sea, even It is popular throughout China.

In this way, it is possible for Mingyang to directly return to Putuo District with the general trend, relocate in Putuo District, and even open more sales stores.

However, it is so difficult to create an explosive product.

For those cosmetics companies, some even one year or two years can’t produce new products, let alone an explosive product.

Products, in addition to their own effects, more, it takes time.

Even if it is a well-known company, now it has two explosive products, it is not obtained overnight.

The first one, the whitening factor mask, the formula is provided by Dustin Zhou.

The second paragraph, the new strain of facial cleanser, is extracted from a plant newly discovered by Professor Shao Zekai.

In addition, the famous company for so long is not without research and development.

Counting it has been almost four years since Enderia Shen just founded Mingyang Company.

However, in addition to these two explosive products, Mingyang does not have any product that can be obtained.

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