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Chapter 713

After he came to Mingyang, he also heard a lot of news about Dustin Zhou, especially the two core projects that Dustin Zhou was in charge of. Even in other companies, Chang Hao had heard of it, and it was even surreal.

But now it seems that Dustin Zhou is nothing more than that. Such a small matter has stumped him. It seems that other people’s pursuit of him in the past was just false flattery.

“President Shen, at present, my plan should be the most suitable. I think no one can come up with a more suitable plan than mine.” “Mr. Zhou, what do you think?” Chang Hao said confidently. , Looking at Dustin Zhou, his eyes are full of warfare.

Dustin Zhou is a little baffled. This is the third time that Chang Hao has done this.

There is one, there is two, and there is no more three.

This Chang Hao tried so many times to find faults, obviously he wanted to make trouble.

“Hehe, I don’t think it is necessary. Your plan sounds nice and seems to be very executive, but you have overlooked one point.” In this case, Dustin Zhou didn’t need to give the vice president any more face, and immediately smiled lightly.

However, Dustin Zhou’s words are interesting. Throwing a boulder on the calm lake immediately stirred up waves.

“What? Does Mr. Zhou have a better plan?” “That is, when Mr. Chang asked everyone to brainstorm, Mr. Zhou didn’t speak, and now he’s talking like this. What does this mean?” “Mr. Zhou, can it be you? What better solution can’t be achieved?” … Many people began to ridicule.

Dustin Zhou glanced at the person who had just spoken. Most of them were younger and more face-to-face, so I thought they should be Chang Hao’s cronies.

However, when he thought that he was being ridiculed in the meeting room of the famous company, Dustin Zhou suddenly felt a little bit dumbfounded.

Once upon a time, in this conference room, Dustin Zhou faced so many people and deterred those people with very tough means, and only then did the company have its current status.

“Hehe, Mr. Zhou said that, I don’t know if there is any other good way. Otherwise, I would like to ask Mr. Zhou, shouldn’t the crisis of the famous company be the same thing?” Chang Hao said coldly .

At this time, Chang Hao was almost happy, and he was worried that he could not target Dustin Zhou. After all, if there was no reason to target Dustin Zhou,

Yang’s words will definitely cause Dustin Zhou’s backlash, as well as the dissatisfaction of those company veterans.

But Chang Hao didn’t expect that he didn’t say anything, Dustin Zhou actually stood up by himself.

Chang Hao felt that the feeling of stretching his face over and letting himself hit was very good.

“Of course not, I said that your plan has shortcomings, that is, there are shortcomings.” Dustin Zhou waved his hand and said nonchalantly.

“Your plan, everything is based on the other party’s relaxed vigilance, but, for such an important matter, the other party may relax their vigilance and not stare at our famous company?” “I’m afraid, when you come to the company, the other party They already know that we will have a meeting here today, and they are more likely to think that everything they do has been exposed.” “Does it always feel that the other party will be so stupid that they will not change anything and just wait? Are we going to wait for the rabbit?” Chang Hao’s expression turned gloomy every time Dustin Zhou said.

Indeed, his plan was too good to imagine, as if the other party was really a mentally retarded person and didn’t know how to defend the famous company.

However, other people can say this, but Dustin Zhou alone can’t.

“That’s just your opinion. You have to try it before you know.” Chang Hao was not convinced. At this time, he must not bow his head, otherwise, it would be difficult for him to raise his head in front of Dustin Zhou in the future, let alone move Dustin Zhou.

“No need to try.” Dustin Zhou suddenly reached out his hand to stop Chang Hao, and then whispered something to Sara Ye.

Everyone was far away, and Dustin Zhou spoke very quietly, so there was no idea what Dustin Zhou said to Sara Ye.

However, after Dustin Zhou finished speaking, Sara Ye put down the documents and left the meeting room directly.

In an instant, everyone in the office quieted down and looked at Dustin Zhou in surprise.

It was meeting time now, and the situation in Putuo District was so crisis now, Dustin Zhou even let Sara Ye out at this time.

Isn’t this making trouble?

Several people were already ready to speak, but they swallowed it when they spoke.

Because Sara Ye just left for less than two minutes, then came back again.

Moreover, Sara Ye was followed by a man.

“Mr. Zhou, this is what Mr. Chen asked me to investigate. They are all here, but we still need some time for some deeper ones.” The man saw Dustin Zhou and respectfully took out a document and handed it to Dustin Zhou. After that, after speaking softly, he left directly.

And Dustin Zhou didn’t seem to be surprised at all from beginning to end.

This scene shocked everyone.

Many people also suddenly remembered that this is Dustin Zhou, who was just a small ordinary and ang at Mingyang, but it was almost overnight.

In the meantime, he became the top of the famous company, and even took charge of the whitening factor project and the new plant project one after another, becoming the company’s second largest shareholder.

However, all of this is based on Dustin Zhou’s iron and blood methods.

Just like Zeng Datou, who was famous in the East China Sea before, was also in the hands of Dustin Zhou.

Looking at it now, Dustin Zhou clearly did something, but he didn’t tell everyone.

Many people have already seen that the man just now was probably the one sent by Dustin Zhou to investigate.

“Sister Ye, give this document to everyone present and make a copy.” Dustin Zhou didn’t read the document first, but asked Sara Ye to copy it first.

At this moment, the office is extremely quiet.

Everyone was waiting, waiting for Sara Ye to print the document, and then take a good look at what was inside.

A document that can make Dustin Zhou value so much must be very important.

Moreover, many people who know Dustin Zhou are already wondering whether this document contains information about the people who plot the layout of the nine sales stores of the famous company in Putuo District.

If it is true, then it means that Dustin Zhou has to consider more far-reaching than they have to think about, and Dustin Zhou’s words just now naturally have a deep meaning.

Sara Ye made a photocopy very quickly. In a few minutes, she copied the document to everyone, and then distributed it directly.

Everyone received the file and immediately began to check it.

When some people saw the contents of the file, their expressions suddenly changed.

Some people frowned, obviously thinking about ways to break the game.

Some people, with a look of horror, were obviously frightened by some content in the file.

Chang Hao also got the file.

However, he didn’t take it seriously. Dustin Zhou looked so serious about this document, but if it was really the information of those people, how could it be delivered at this time.

Moreover, Chang Hao didn’t know the person just now.

Chapter 714

Just a few words in the vernacular, I want Chang Hao to believe it, that would look down on Chang Hao too much.

As for the changes in other people’s expressions after seeing the contents of the file, Chang Hao didn’t take it seriously.

It is very likely that Dustin Zhou made a bluff and deliberately did it in order to scare these people.

Chang Hao casually opened the file and looked at it from the beginning.

However, in just a few seconds, Chang Hao’s brows condensed and his face became serious.

As Chang Hao continued to watch, his expression was already gloomy.

When he had read all the contents of the file, the whole person had lost the arrogance before.

Dustin Zhou saw everyone’s changes and reactions in his eyes, nodded secretly,

The content has a rough idea.

However, after Dustin Zhou really read the documents, he realized that he still underestimated those people.

He always thought that the other party was a certain chaebol, and in order to attack the famous company, he would want to buy nine stores in Putuo District.

But Dustin Zhou did not expect that the other party’s methods were so harsh, and it could even be said that it was very disgraceful.

The other party took the first store in Putuo District by persecuting the other party’s wife and daughter.

With the first tragedy ahead, the other party at the back was very relaxed and won three stores in a row.

The owner of the fifth store is a wealthy businessman in Donghai. He also has a company, and he still has business dealings with Mingyang.

However, in order to obtain the sales shop, the other party directly bankrupted the company of the wealthy businessman and had to sell the sales shop.

Especially at the eighth sales store, the other party directly stopped the other party in the dark, luring the other party’s internal rebellion, threatening the other party to submit with life and death.

… Of course, these are some of the methods and processes used by the other party to win the eight sales stores.

Dustin Zhou had anticipated it before, so it was not that surprised.

What surprised Dustin Zhou was that Asher Chen’s people only found out that the main character of the other party this time was a man named Xu You.

Moreover, according to the description on the document, that Xu You’s strength is extremely strong, very likely to be in the realm of the martial master.

Therefore, Asher Chen’s people have never dared to get too close to each other.

Moreover, there is a strange phenomenon. The other party seems to have appeared suddenly, and there was no sign of any activity in the East China Sea before.

Asher Chen’s people investigated for a few days, but did not find out the details of the other party.

Just knowing that the opponent now has only eleven people, one Xu You, with ten men who resemble thugs.

Moreover, Asher Chen’s people were unable to investigate the movement of the funds used by the other party to win eight sales stores.

… After watching, Dustin Zhou was silent.

Not only Dustin Zhou, but everyone in the office was silent.

Even Chang Hao, who choked with Dustin Zhou just now, was silent at this time.

Don’t know what to say.

After reading this document, everyone has a feeling.

That’s why these people have mysterious origins, cruel and tough methods, and unruly.

At this time, many people thought of the plan proposed by Chang Hao just now, and they suddenly sweated on their backs.

If it weren’t for Dustin Zhou’s question, if everyone really did things according to Chang Hao’s plan, no one would have expected the consequences.

Those people can even stop and kill by chance. Is there anything else they dare not do?

Is it that when everyone is implementing the plan, they will not be discovered by the other party and then be persecuted?

No one can guarantee this.

Even Chang Hao can’t guarantee that his plan just now is foolproof.

“Is this… all true?” Someone said in a low voice with a dry voice. There was obviously a little disbelief on his face, but he was worried that it was true.

“Yeah, Mr. Zhou, are the contents of this document true?” “How dare those people do this?” “Aren’t they afraid? How come those sales shop owners have yielded so much?” … Suddenly, many people began to condemn.

Although it seems that everyone has not recovered from the content of the file just now, at this time, unanimousness is the most basic and correct route, and no one will go the wrong way at this time.

“Naturally it is true. These are the results of my entrusted investigation.” Dustin Zhou nodded and said lightly.

The contents of this file are indeed not very good, but this is normal.

After all, it is impossible for ordinary people to do anything to a famous company.

But the other party adopted such a method, naturally the speed of taking down the sales store was a lot faster, and it might save a lot of money.

“Fortunately, if we followed Mr. Chang’s plan just now, would we be kidnapped by those people?” “I see for sure. Those people are so vicious and can’t do anything.” “Then Mr. Zhou, What should we do now? We can’t just leave it alone and wait for death, right?” … For a while, many people looked at Dustin Zhou, wanting to see if he had any good solutions.

“Bang!” “Enough!” But at this moment, Chang Hao, who was silent just now, stood up abruptly, hammered his fist on the table, and shouted abruptly.

Everyone was taken aback and turned to look at Chang Hao.

Chang Hao’s face was flushed at this time, his eyes were full of dissatisfaction, so he stared at Dustin Zhou, without any intention of giving in.

“Dare to ask Mr. Zhou, why didn’t you take out such a document earlier?” Chang Hao asked, in an aggressive posture.

And Chang Hao’s words also aroused the sympathy of many people.

Indeed, if Dustin Zhou came up with this document earlier, everyone would be able to prepare earlier and have more time to think about countermeasures.

Moreover, if Dustin Zhou had not produced this document just now, everyone would act according to Chang Hao’s plan, and then they would put themselves in a very dangerous situation.

And now Chang Hao’s questioning really has so much truth.

“Take it out earlier?” Dustin Zhou tilted his head, looked at Chang Hao, and smiled faintly.

He himself felt inexplicable. This was the first time he had met Chang Hao, but he had never seen more than ten times.

It can be said that the two are not very familiar at all.


Under such circumstances, there was no contradiction or conflict between the two, and Chang Hao did target Dustin Zhou several times.

In such a situation, even if Dustin Zhou has good self-cultivation, he will never tolerate it anymore.

He didn’t offend Chang Hao, for a little disagreement or something, he could just attack Chang Hao.

However, if Chang Hao is so ignorant of good and bad, then Dustin Zhou will naturally not give Chang Hao a good face.

“Don’t say, I just got this document.” “Even if I got this document a long time ago, and I didn’t take it out earlier, what does it have to do with you?” “Or, I am Dustin Zhou. Do you need to report to Mr. Chang for anything?” Dustin Zhou’s momentum instantly became fierce. Although he was sitting in a chair, he was not weaker than Chang Hao at all, and even let Chang Hao stop!

Chapter 715

At this moment, in the entire conference room, there seemed to be only two people, Dustin Zhou and Chang Hao.

Everyone looks at me and I look at you. They don’t know what happened, why at this time, two very important people in the company are facing each other.

One is Chang Hao, the vice president of the company. His position is second only to that of the president, Bijun Shen. He has been conscientious and has brought Mingyang’s performance to a new height during the six months since he joined the company. It has also improved the regulations and uniforms of Mingyang’s many aspects.

In the company, Chang Hao has been recognized and admired by many people.

One is Dustin Zhou, the legend of Mingyang Company, the person in charge of the whitening factor project, the new plant project, and one person supports the two core projects of Mingyang Company, and he is also the second largest shareholder of the company, second only to Enderia Shen, and has helped many times. Mingyang company turned the crisis into safety.

These two people, for the executives in the conference room, are existences that they can’t afford.

When Chang Hao choked Dustin Zhou before, there were still a few young executives who echoed him, but now, even they are silent, and even ignore Chang Hao.

After all, without this document from Dustin Zhou, they would definitely follow Chang Hao’s plan, otherwise they would be in danger.

Chang Hao saw the people who supported him just now, and now all of them bowed their heads, and his heart became even more angry, and Dustin Zhou was even more upset.

But he also knew that his time in the company was still too short, far from Dustin Zhou’s influence.

The most important thing is that Dustin Zhou is the second largest shareholder of the company. If he has to care about himself, he will never have a chance of winning.

Count on Enderia Shen?

Chang Hao glanced at Enderia Shen and saw that she was also lowering her head, but she was secretly looking at Dustin Zhou, the corners of her mouth suddenly twitched, and her heart felt even lower.

Seeing that Chang Hao stopped talking, Dustin Zhou would not cling to it.

Right now, it’s not the time for infighting.


Although I don’t know why Chang Hao has such a big opinion on himself, but Dustin Zhou can still tell the priorities of the matter.

Right now, the most important thing is to keep the last sales store.

“I don’t think you have any good plans. If this is the case, then I will make arrangements.” Seeing that everyone’s emotions do not seem to be very high, Dustin Zhou also knows that facing people like the enemy, especially the leader. You are a martial master.

In this office, the only thing that can handle it is myself.

However, others can still help a little bit.

“Your next task is very heavy. Of the nine sales stores in Putuo District, eight of them have fallen into the hands of each other, so now we only have the last sales store.” “And the last sales store fell into The period before the other party’s hand is our time.” “Then the last sales store, I will go to watch, not let those people succeed.” “And you are secretly re-selecting the sales store in Putuo District, this Once, in the name of the famous company, there is no need to find other people.” … Soon, Dustin Zhou set up the tasks.

Almost everyone in the office has tasks arranged, even Enderia Shen and Dustin Zhou have arranged a task for her.

Only Chang Hao, Dustin Zhou did not give any instructions, nor did he arrange any tasks for him.

“Dustin Zhou, what do you mean?” Seeing that everyone else has tasks, but Dustin Zhou didn’t look at himself, Chang Hao couldn’t help being angry.

Dustin Zhou was so ignorant of his own dignified company vice president. Chang Hao felt that if it weren’t for the company, if there were not so many people here, he could not help but rush forward and start with Dustin Zhou.

The others also looked over, with a trace of doubt on their faces.

Yes, Dustin Zhou arranged tasks for everyone present, but he didn’t arrange for Chang Hao.

As the vice president of the company, Chang Hao is naturally dissatisfied.

However, whether this was Dustin Zhou deliberate, or what other tasks he had to assign to Chang Hao, no one knew.

“What? Doesn’t Chang always have his own plan? Are you not convinced with me? I think I can give you a chance to let you try your plan.” Dustin Zhou chuckled lightly and sat down. On the chair, he dismissed Chang Hao’s anger at all.

“You! Hmph, do you really think I dare not? A mere document scared you like this. It’s shameful. I will do my own plan.” Chang Hao was furious, but now he He also understood that Dustin Zhou had no way to refute if he didn’t arrange tasks for himself.

Chang Hao left, leaving the meeting room, leaving with an angry face.

Everyone in the conference room looked at each other


They also did not expect that today’s meeting about the future development of Mingyang’s company turned out to end with a disagreement between Dustin Zhou and Chang Hao, the high-ranking people in these two companies.

After all the senior executives had arranged tasks, Dustin Zhou asked them to leave first to make some preparations.

Soon, Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen were left in the conference room.

“What are you doing looking at me like this?” Dustin Zhou found that Enderia Shen’s gaze had been on herself, and she had been staring at herself, without turning her eyes, and suddenly asked curiously.

“Is there any misunderstanding between you and Chang Hao? How do you feel like you are taking gunpowder today?” Enderia Shen blinked his eyes and asked curiously. There was a burst of fragrance on Dustin Zhou’s face.

This made Dustin Zhou’s face flashed blush for a moment, but he soon moved away from Enderia Shen, and his face returned to normal.

“I should ask you about this.” “I haven’t seen him more than ten times in total. Almost every time I nodded, there was no exchange at all, and there was no contradiction or conflict. Instead, I wanted to ask. , What hatred or resentment did I have with him? He Chang Hao is going to target me like this today?” Dustin Zhou asked back, looking helpless and blank.

Dustin Zhou really didn’t know what contradiction he had with Chang Hao. Today, the two are so tit-for-tat, he is also helpless and forced.

“I don’t know about this, I only know that you didn’t arrange a task for him just now, and he was angry, and he might really do his plan by himself.” Enderia Shen shook his head without knowing it.

However, after all, Chang Hao was invited back by Enderia Shen himself, and his talents were good. When he thought that Chang Hao might be in danger, Enderia Shen couldn’t bear it.

“Otherwise, let’s arrange a little task for him, otherwise if Chang Hao really encounters any danger, it will be a big loss for the company.” “Don’t worry, he will be fine, I I will go with Niu Chuan to stare at the last sales store. Of course, Chang Hao will be in my field of vision and nothing will happen.” Dustin Zhou smiled bitterly.

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