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Chapter 1055

I heard the iron gate outside

Everyone looked at each other at the knock on the door.

They didn’t expect that someone would really dare to find him, wouldn’t they be afraid of death?

“They are not afraid of death, but they don’t believe that they will die at all.” Dustin Zhou said in a sad tone, “Let’s go, go out and have a look.” Before opening the iron gate, Dustin Zhou had already thought that the person who came over would be. water.

Liu Qingshi’s mother, Qiuxiang.

Qiuxiang, whose surname is Qiu, is named Xiang. When Dustin Zhou was a child, she was a woman in her early thirties.

She still had a bit of beauty at that meeting, and even Dustin Zhou had heard many small partners discuss in private, and once held her when she dreamed at night.

But now more than ten years have passed, and Qiu Xiang is probably more than 50 years old now.

When she was young, Dustin Zhou actually hated this Qiuxiang because she was very indulging in her son. When Liu Qingshi bullied Dustin Zhou, if Dustin Zhou got a little temperamental to their home, she would show a look of your children. Things I don’t mix with expressions.

And he would say ironically, “You said that my Keishi beat you, so why don’t you beat him?” “If you feel uncomfortable, then you can ask someone to beat him and call your father. Oh, I forgot, you don’t have a father.” In Dustin Zhou’s impression, Qiuxiang is such a woman, so he also hates this woman very much.

Opening the iron gate, it turned out to be the ugly face of the middle-aged woman.

It’s just that compared to the face in my childhood memories, it’s much older, and it’s also tanned a lot. After all, the living conditions in my hometown are facing the loess and back to the sky.

But this woman didn’t have any simple temperament. As soon as she saw Dustin Zhou opening the door, she immediately yelled, “Okay, you Dustin Zhou! Did you let someone take off one of my son’s arms!” Have you grown up? You dare to ask for an arm of my son! Lose money, if you don’t lose money today, this is endless!” Dustin Zhou frowned and said lightly, “You said I lost your son’s one. Just an arm, then why doesn’t your son remove one of my arms?” “If you feel uncomfortable in your heart, you can call someone to avenge you. Oh, by the way, I forgot that the people in your family are all rubbish. Anyone who can take the shot?” Dustin Zhou rebuffed him in the tone Qiuxiang had refused him when he was a child.

You should have no choice now, Dustin Zhou thought to himself.

It’s like when he was told by Qiuxiang when he was a child, he would feel so reasonable. To put it bluntly, the reason why he was beaten was because he had no abilities.

Now I use what you said to refute you, how do you answer?

Dustin Zhou thought of it silently.

But Qiuxiang was only slightly stunned

A moment, and then continue to yell, “Don’t give me those useless! You little bastard really take yourself seriously, don’t you! Lose money quickly!” “If you don’t lose money today, I won’t leave! And I will pay You have to ask many other people to come and stay in your house!” What kind of sh*t?

She Qiuxiang doesn’t understand it!

The reason why she talked to Dustin Zhou so much when she was young was just because she wanted to bully Dustin Zhou.

Now if you want to reason with her?

Sorry, she doesn’t understand.

Many middle-aged women are accustomed to the tricks, talk to themselves!

When arguing, no matter what the other party said, at this stage, they seem to be able to selectively block their hearing.

They only say what they want to say.

“Dustin Zhou, don’t forget where you grew up! Don’t think you can forget your benevolence if you have a little money!” Qiuxiang said.

“It doesn’t matter where I grew up, right? I don’t think I forgot my Ben.” Dustin Zhou replied.

“I’m telling you, if you don’t lose money on this matter today, I will scold you at your door for three days and three nights! Moreover, I will ask other folks to come and scold you at your door!” Qiuxiang said again.

“Whatever you want, if you really think this can solve the problem, then I don’t care.” Dustin Zhou replied.

“Hurry up and lose your money, give me a hard time. You are so rich now, and you have to pick up these two money. Are you still a human? Are you still a thing? You are too bad Dustin Zhou!” Said.

From here, you can probably see that the logic of this woman is…no logic!

She didn’t care what she said, and she didn’t care what Dustin Zhou answered, because she was not here to communicate, but to demonstrate for money.

Her way of thinking is very simple, scolding, the more unspeakable, the better, regardless of how the other party explains, let the other party lose money after scolding!

As for who is right and who is wrong, it doesn’t matter, the important thing is that her child is injured!

So she will do things in this way!

It sounds very unreasonable, but it is undeniable that there are not a few people who have this way of thinking in real life.

They basically don’t have much force, and they don’t speak much reason. They live in a humble life like a bug.

But at the same time, their heart is also the hottest kind of person.

Don’t you see the truck overturned in the news headlines, these villains rushed to grab all the oranges on the truck.

There is no right or wrong, no pity or sympathy in their lives.

They are like a group of walking corpses, they will swarm up when they see a little bit of petty profits, and will not care about the life and death of others.

But if they suffer a little bit of harm, they will rush up to the other party to claim compensation without any reason.

What is the reason why I was hurt.

If they fall into the water accidentally, someone jumps down and tries their best to save them, and they will blame their savior for not getting their necklace up. They are probably people like them.

They will even make bad words at each other, forcing the savior to pay them a necklace.

I have to say that such people may be pitiful, but they are also really hateful.

Dustin Zhou looked at Qiu Xiang lightly, this Liu Qingshi’s mother, and sighed softly.

“I know you are a little different from your son.” “If it’s you, maybe as long as you don’t kill you, you won’t stop, right?” After Dustin Zhou said this, his murderous aura suddenly dispersed. Come!

The surrounding temperature seemed to drop by several degrees in an instant, and even a martial artist like Tiger Master could not help but shiver again and again!

All the murderous blooms of a warrior emperor, terrifying!

Although Qiuxiang is an ordinary person, she also felt the cold and fear soaking in her beard at this time.

Looking at Dustin Zhou’s bottomless eyes, he seemed to see an empty hell.

This made her tremble uncontrollably, “You, what are you going to do!”

Chapter 1056

As a middle-aged and elderly woman with little knowledge, Liu Qingshi’s mother didn’t think much about the feelings of others. Under normal circumstances, she only considered her own interests.

He doesn’t care what hurt others get, but if she wants to get hurt, then she gets excited!

Seeing Dustin Zhou’s state, a bad feeling suddenly rose to her heart.

Even if she is not a warrior, but a very ordinary middle-aged woman, she can already feel Dustin Zhou’s strong murderous presence.

She didn’t understand what murderous intent was, but she knew that Dustin Zhou was very dangerous now.

“You, what are you going to do!” “I tell you not to be foolish. If you move me, if you dare to move me, my son will not spare you!” Qiuxiang subconsciously said, after all, they are the youngest in the family. The powerful person is her son Liu Qingshi.

Liu Qingshi can be said to be the backbone of her family, so she will subconsciously use her son to threaten others when she encounters any danger.

But she seems to have forgotten that she is here to avenge her son this time.

“Really? You called him over.” Dustin Zhou said coldly, standing in front of her and looking at her condescendingly.

Qiuxiang couldn’t help but slapped a chill, her eyes trembled when she looked at Dustin Zhou.

“Does your son still dare to stand in front of me?” Dustin Zhou asked.

Only then did Qiuxiang realize that one of his son’s arms had been lost.

“Then your lord can’t touch me! If you dare to hurt me, I will, I will…” Qiu Xiang suffocated

For a long time, I realized that there was really nothing to threaten Dustin Zhou.

“What are you going to do?” Dustin Zhou asked when she didn’t say anything.

Qiuxiang gritted her teeth, “Dustin Zhou, how can I say that I watched you grow up? You dare to hurt me now!” “When you were young, you played with Qingshi until you grew up. Have you still Conscience!” If the threat is not enough, you can only play the emotional card.

Emotional card?

But a few years ago, why did Dustin Zhou go when she was bullied?

Dustin Zhou sneered and did not refute her on this point, although Dustin Zhou could have countless excuses if he wanted to refute.

But Dustin Zhou was bored, and such a woman was not worth his wasting.

“Yes, I have no conscience.” Dustin Zhou said lightly.

“Because I have no conscience, you are going to die now, can you understand?” Dustin Zhou said.

Moral kidnapping?

As long as I have no morals, you can’t kidnap me!

What’s more, Qiu Xiang wasn’t a moral kidnapping at all, it was just stubborn and unreasonable, Dustin Zhou just didn’t bother to talk nonsense with her.

Hearing Dustin Zhou’s words, Qiu Xiang fell into despair.

“Then what are you going to do, are you really going to kill me?” Qiu Xiang asked weakly.

Before Dustin Zhou could speak, she suddenly knelt down and cried and said, “No, Dustin Zhou! Don’t kill me, okay! I’m wrong, I shouldn’t ask you for money!” Dustin Zhouxin said you were wrong. Shouldn’t you come to me for money?

I didn’t owe you money either!

You are right and wrong, but he still didn’t say these words.

He was already too tired of them, these people bothered him time and time again, and everyone’s behavior was basically exactly the same, which was as disgusting as a joker.

First, they made unreasonable demands, without any basis at all, and made it clear that they would bully you unreasonably.

Then threaten you.

Finally found that he couldn’t fight, he knelt down and begged for mercy.

How many people are there?

It’s really easy to live this life, don’t you need any brains?

Forget it, Dustin Zhou knows that there are many such people in the world, and if he wants to take care of it, it is impossible to take care of them all.

The only thing he can do is to stay away from these people.

“Master Tiger, take care of it, don’t let her hurt too much.” Dustin Zhou dissipated the murderous aura from his body and handed the matter to Master Tiger.

After all, Hu Ye is professional!

Dustin Zhou shook his head, and when he was about to leave, he just turned around, and suddenly an iron fan flew over his cheek, hitting directly on the pillar at the door.

Dustin Zhou’s figure stopped immediately.

Standing quietly in place.

It seems that interesting people are coming?

Upon seeing this posture, Lord Tiger hurriedly moved

The Qiuxiang dragged on, handed it to the two men in black, and then returned.

And here, Su Shiming and Sun Qiankun looked like enemies.

There was a stormy sea in their hearts, and the scene just now was beyond their imagination.

There was no figure in the sight, but the iron fan just appeared out of thin air, flying towards them at an extremely fast speed.

The speed was so fast that the two ordinary people hardly saw that it was a fan, and they felt a gust of wind passing by.

what happened?

After Hu Ye returned, his face was solemn.

He probably understood that the fan was thrown out by a master, at least it must be a master of the martial arts master.

It’s just that he didn’t understand that this fan, obviously aimed at Dustin Zhou, flew past Dustin Zhou’s cheek, which was clearly a provocative signal.

But the martial master of Donghai City, who would dare to challenge Dustin Zhou?

Hu Ye looked ahead with a solemn expression.

Dustin Zhou still stood quietly on the spot, looking down at the iron fan on the ground, as if he was frightened.

These things may sound complicated, but in fact they only take a few seconds.

After the fan was thrown out, Master Tiger threw Qiuxiang to the man in black, and then stared straight ahead.

At this time, a burst of exaggerated laughter rang out, “Haha, Master Zhou, is really such a mighty prestige, are you bullying some ordinary people like this?” Here comes!

Master Tiger’s eyes narrowed slightly, staring at the small forest in front of him, which was a dense jungle in the villa area.

A figure gradually emerged from the woods, turned out to be a young man!

It is really rare, except for Niu Chuan and Dustin Zhou, there are almost no young martial masters in Donghai City.

Moreover, the temperament of this young man seems to be somewhat different from that of their group.

If you insist, it is arrogance!

The arrogance of the young man is almost undisguised, and his clothes are very gorgeous, and the whole person feels like a bohemian and rich second generation of genius.

He looked at a few people with contempt, and gradually walked over, “Hey, you guys, don’t you know what shame is?” “Who are you?” Hu Ye asked coldly.

“Are you from the Zhou family? Did the Zhou family send you here, or did you come by yourself?” Dustin Zhou also turned around.

Chapter 1057

As Tiger Lord confronted the young man, Dustin Zhou slowly turned around and asked blankly.

Hearing Dustin Zhou’s words, surprise flashed across the young man’s face.

Obviously, he didn’t expect Dustin Zhou to perceive his identity so quickly.

But this surprise only lasted a short time

In an instant, he was quickly replaced by his disdain, “You are quite witty.” “How about, do you feel excited after knowing my identity?” “You want to return to the Zhou family, right? Don’t ask me something about the current situation of Zhou’s family?” The young man said with a proud and proud face.

After all, he is from the Zhou family!

And Dustin Zhou is just an abandoned son of the Zhou family!

It is almost natural to feel superior in front of Dustin Zhou!

But before he finished speaking, he heard a cold voice, “Go away.” The young man’s expression paused, as if he was sure that what he had just heard was true.

Dustin Zhou let him go?

How dare Dustin Zhou say such a thing?

He doesn’t need to confirm, because now he and Dustin Zhou are looking directly face to face, Dustin Zhou said it again.

“Go away, no matter who sent you here, you are not welcome here.” Dustin Zhou said very seriously.

He does return to Zhou’s house sooner or later.

But this does not mean that Dustin Zhou has a good impression of the family that abandoned him.

But even so, for the sake of his mother, Dustin Zhou did not intend to directly offend the Zhou family.

If the two sides can get along peacefully, just like Asher Chen’s way of getting along, Dustin Zhou would not deliberately look at Zhou’s people.

But the young man in front of him was obviously not here to be like Dustin Zhou.

In that case, what obligation does Dustin Zhou have to give him a good face?

To put it bluntly, if there was no Zhou Mu, Dustin Zhou would not bother to pay attention to Zhou’s family at all!

For Zhou’s mother, he can patiently communicate with the Zhou family, but this must be based on the Zhou family’s real consideration of them as a family!

The Zhou family owed him Dustin Zhou, not Dustin Zhou owed him the Zhou family!

Don’t talk about parents, the family can never owe such things to their children.

When a child is born, parents have an absolute obligation to care for him, raise him, educate him to an adult, and have his own ability to act.

If you can’t even do this, you will be left alone after birth. Such parents are absolutely unqualified!

That’s why Dustin Zhou has such an attitude.

The young man was stunned.

He didn’t react until a moment later.

He was scolded!

Scolded by this abandoned son!

This abandoned son is so bold!

“Dustin Zhou! Do you know who I am!” the young man shouted angrily, unable to accept the fact that Dustin Zhou scolded him.

“I care who you are. If you don’t leave, I don’t mind using force to make you disappear.” Dustin Zhou said.

He is very bored and has no interest in receiving such boring people.

“I’m Zhou Feng! In terms of seniority, you still have to call me brother, do you dare to talk to me like this?” Zhou Feng was annoyed.

Said angrily.

If Dustin Zhou let him roll, he would roll in such a desperate way. Where would he put his face?

On the other side, Su Shiming, Sun Qiankun, Hu Ye and others looked at each other.

What the hell?

Where did Zhou’s family emerge from?

Where did Dustin Zhou’s brother come out?

In their impression, Dustin Zhou was the only one with no background among the top forces in Donghai City.

He has never mentioned any family, brothers or sisters, everyone only knows that he has a mother with inconvenient legs.

This is also the reason why everyone is convinced of Dustin Zhou. Let me ask, without any background, who else in the entire Donghai City can get to Dustin Zhou’s position today?

But now, what the hell is this Zhou family, who claims to be Dustin Zhou’s brother, who suddenly appeared?

“According to seniority?” At this time, Dustin Zhou also spoke, and he sneered, “But why should I follow you according to seniority, do we know?” “We haven’t even seen each other, you said you are my brother, you Is it my brother?” “Then if I say I am your father, do you have to call me “Dad”?” “You are looking for death!” If this time comes, Zhou Feng can’t hear Dustin Zhou is teasing him If that happens, then he is an idiot.

Who is his Zhou Feng?

One of the four big families in the capital, Zhou family son!

Looking at the entire East, how many people dare to be disrespectful to him?

That’s why he has such a haughty character.

No way, he became a martial artist at a young age, a super genius in the eyes of the world, coupled with his incomparable background, he is simply the top rich and handsome in the eyes of the world.

But it’s not that there is a tens of millions in the family who dare to call himself rich and handsome.

He is the genius of geniuses, the rich second generation of rich second generation!

Whether it is strength or background, he is at the top ranks. This is the reason for pride and the capital of his pride.

This time I came to Dustin Zhou, he himself came here with the mentality of visiting the clown.

I heard that this younger brother is doing a good job, so he took a joking attitude to see if this younger brother, whom he had never met, was really human.

But I was ridiculed unexpectedly!

He came with a ridiculous mentality, and turned out to be the one being ridiculed, which made him unacceptable anyway, “Dustin Zhou, since you are looking for death, don’t blame me for being impolite!” Home? Make your spring and autumn dreams. As a brother, I will educate and educate you today, what is meant by respecting the elders!” “I want to be here today and abolish you, so that you can never return to Zhou’s family!” Zhou Feng said while talking. As he squeezed his fist and crackled, walking towards Dustin Zhou with a gloomy expression.

Upon seeing this, Dustin Zhou hasn’t moved yet

Tiger Lord directly stood in front of Dustin Zhou, “Boy, this is the territory of the East China Sea!” “If you want to do something with Mr. Zhou, you have to ask our brothers if you can agree!” Su Shiming and Sun Qiankun also He nodded, and then stood behind Hu Ye.

Although the two of them are not martial masters, they are the patriarchs of the two most powerful families in Donghai City.

In Donghai City, their own identity is a symbol of strength.

Coupled with Lord Tiger, it can be said that the three people who stood in front of Zhou Feng are already representatives of the three most powerful forces in Donghai City.

Therefore, Lord Tiger is also very confident.

“Boy, if you insist, you’re afraid you won’t be able to leave Donghai City alive.” Hu Ye said lightly.

“Oh? It sounds like you are very confident?” Zhou Feng’s eyes showed a playful look.

“Xu Tianhu, your Xu family has just stabilized, do you want to destroy it again? Even my Zhou family dare to block the way!” Zhou Feng shouted harshly!

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